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Honestly, it’s so bizarre looking at Nintendo’s two biggest badasses side-by-side.

6-foot intergalactic mercenary. Armed to the teeth, incredible athleticism, can run and jump in full-body armor at lethal velocities. Regularly combats nigh-invulnerable apex predators that completely suck the life force out of everything in the universe in one touch. Typically only rivaled by two things: an armored space dragon, and herself.

8-inch soft boy. Determined, round, makes superpowers out of his food. Regularly combats godly and godless abominations alike. Befriends most of his rivals because they know he wouldn’t have a problem shutting them down if they acted up again. Once helped the first badass take down several of the aforementioned nigh-invulnerable apex predators. They’re friends.

okay but the only marichat i can genuinely see is the kind where it’s not 2am balcony visits but just two people trying to find out what the other is like (in a non-romantic way more like who the hell is this person and what makes them them)

like marinette saying an off hand comment about chat being looked over all the time in favour of ladybug saying things along the lines of “they’re a team ladybug cant fight without chat” and adrien just being touched that his awkward school friend sticks up for chat?? 

like he wants to thank her but knows if he turned around and told her in class it wouldnt quite work out so well. but he’s curious as to what she’s like since she rarely gets a full sentence out around him when he tries to have a conversation

when chat knocks on the bakery door one day whilst her parents are out she’s curious about her partner. (don’t try to tell me people would talk because I present you the evillustrator ep where he just stood outside her door talking and no one saw) so she invites him in for some croissants or something.

at first its just like “a cat told me that you talked highly of me today i just wanted to extend my purrsonal thanks, princess.” and she just brushes it off like it’s no big deal but she’s also curious about what her partner is like. when hes not trying to show off for her or impress “his lady”.

at first it starts off as casual visits to the bakery timed when her parents are gone but when that proves hard they progress to afternoon/afterschool balcony visits. the visits are just two friends hanging out, laughing about any mutual interests they have (chat confessed he liked anime and mari confessed she liked cheesy tv shows and they each watch the other’s suggestion to get to know each other better). 

their interactions start to ooze into their other personas. adrien casually referencing a tv show she had suggested to chat and she barely even notices. ladybug mentioning to chat that she agreed that sunsets were the best time of day, even though he had only told that to marinette as chat.

slowly things start to trickle in about each other and only then do they put the pieces together. cue suspicion of identities on both sides. their visits becoming flustering messes because “the coincidences are too similar this definitely might be their crush it might be adrien/ladybug” but also hesitant because what if theyre wrong?

it all comes out of the bag when marinette and adrien are working on a school project together (they were paired up by ms bustier) and marinette casually goes “chat can you pass me that book over there?” adrien complies, not noticing for one moment she used the wrong name. 

five minutes pass before both realise what they had done. adrien is freaking because he’s like “oh no i let the cat out of the bag” punning even in the face of disaster when tikki lets him off the hook and reveals mari after she becomes too flustered with the words to say

they then are red in the face and bursting with happiness when they go to school as boyfriend/girlfriend

i’m out of my head
of my heart and my mind
‘cause you can run but you can’t hide
i’m gonna make you mine
out of my head
of my heart and my mind
'cause I can feel how your flesh now
is crying out for more

i find myself continually thinking that there is not enough Russ (sf pap) content out there, so… i spent a ridiculous amount of time making some.

all i want is some quality russ content where he’s his own individual and not just a doormat for blackberry is that too much to ask TvT

dropping in on an episode of boruto
  • ino: so, sakura, does sasuke ever like...call you or communicate at all
  • sakura: well no
  • sakura: but it's totally fine
  • sakura, later: this is where we had our first date! it was like two minutes long and I bet he doesn't even remember it... *nostalgic smile*
  • me: what
  • Russ in Episode Three: Oh, hey Doug. How am I going to be possessed today?
  • me: *says I don't like a popular song*
  • me @myself: oh look it's an edgelord!!! wow!! it's the edgiest edgelord who has ever edged!! you must be so deep,, and special,, and superior to all of those normies who listen to boring, mainstream music!!