oh no it's a tiarasaurus rex run

wrt to that last post (dreamscape!Luna), apparently I got a loooot more wrong than I thought and while I don’t normally delete stuff just for being bad or in need of adjustment it was kind of painfully bad, on the level of “yes you really should be embarrassed to show this to people”, so I’ll repost it after I make it better! Thanks for the crit everybody!


I have a beautiful Element of Flowercrownpretty, you may all be jealous now.

…no but seriously I love this thing it is gorgeous and befitting of the prettiest of pretty princesses! it was made by Keiliy of cuckoocrowns (/plug) who some of you know as the cool Disney lady from the streams! (Keiliy can now tell me that I’m wearing it completely wrong and it’s actually supposed to be a cummerbund or something but for now it will stay on my head.)

I was also sent a birthday Tim by the two best princesses in all the land, but sadly he did not make the journey intact and arrived in a jumble of Timbits. :( …also he smells like chocolate for some reason. It may just be Tim’s natural fragrance.

tl;dr Winter and Keiliy are cool people, thank you guys for being so rad! ♥