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Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban - Chapter Twenty-One: Hermione’s Secret

“What we need,” said Dumbledore slowly, and his light blue eyes moved from Harry to Hermione, “is more time.”

“But —” Hermione began. And then her eyes became very round. “OH!”

“Now, pay attention,” said Dumbledore, speaking very low, and very clearly. “Sirius is locked in Professor Flitwick’s office on the seventh floor. Thirteenth window from the right of the West Tower. If all goes well, you will be able to save more than one innocent life tonight. But remember this, both of you: you must not be seen. Miss Granger, you know the law — you know what is at stake… . You — must — not — be — seen.”

Okay rant time:
I DONT LOVE THIS AT ALL!! Not even a little.

•Don’t get me wrong, I adore the Reyna x Annabeth bromance, I think it’s absolutely great but there is just so many things wrong with this specific interaction.
•When Percabeth fell into Tartarus they did it going in to survive as a unit. They depended on each other but still had their independence as individuals.
•We know Percy isn’t as smart as Annabeth but that doesn’t make him immediately and irrationally dumb.
•Annabeth didn’t know anything about Tartarus either; both her an Percy fell into that pit blind to the dangers that lay ahead.
•percabeth are great together because they make each other stronger. Percy is not dependent on Annabeth to tie his shoes and keep him alive and same applies to Annabeth— Percy is not there to keep her protected and shelter her from anything that may cause her harm.
•they work because they understand that they can protect themselves and do things for themselves and when they’re together it makes two strong forces unstoppable
•Reyna made Percy a praetor on his third day?!? Why on gods green earth would she do that if she thought Percy was a dumbass
•I’m sorry this interaction makes me so mad because Percy is more than an impulsive little adhd, dyslexic kid who fights monsters and is constantly getting into sh*t
•he’s such a complicated character who figures things out in his own way.
•Annabeth researches The Labyrinth and tries to figure out a way to maneuver through it; Percy knew Rachel could guide them.
•Annabeth used smarts and wit to defeat her enemies and complete her journey following the MOA; Percy used impulse and instinct to work his way through battles and to get through the SON
•I mean there’s a reason that Hera chose Percy to be the link between the camps. It could have been Annabeth, she was smart, she was a quick thinker but Hera didn’t.
•it makes me so mad when I see Percy being portrayed in a “dumb” or “not-smart” kind of way?!?
•where did we get this idea??
•please can we abolish it right now!!!!!!
•you too Uncle Rick

Okay some of y'all are getting seriously touched about this post and how I don’t understand that it’s “just a joke.”

•Firstly: I know this scene was a joke, probably tons of them are. I chose this situation simply because I found this picture. I was not about to search through fan fictions, and scenes where the idea of “dumb- Percy” wasn’t a joke, when this was here already. It just so happened that this picture was a very intended jokey interaction and was unfortunately subject to my rant. Most of what I say is a generalization as to how we should stop calling out Percy as a dumbass.

•Secondly: Yea yea I should probably chill but I don’t have any of that. I am not a calm person. I freak out over everything, happy sad, annoying, amazing— doesn’t matter. So the likelihood of me “calming down” or “talking a chill pill” is slim.

•Thirdly: Yes guys I know what teasing is, I know how to take a joke, I have friends and we tease each other all the time. This was not meant to portray that teasing is wrong and that they can’t have fun being friends and doing what friends do. Oh my gods this was just AN EXAMPLE. I love the PJO/HOO series because of how close and fun the relationships between the characters are but I needed to make a post about this idea of Percy being dumb and how that’s not the case it just so happened that it was a jokey scene that became the root of the post.

•Okay thanks for your time. I love y'all and I love this blog but damn this post caused controversy. Hope this edit cleared my intentions up a bit :)
From the Makers of Sherlock

Just had the “Meet the Makers” panel with Mofftiss and Sue, which was kinda….anti-climactic? They were a bit more subdued, maybe because they took LIVE QUESTIONS randomly from the audience. They were aware that people suspected the questions were vetted to be softballs, so they went back to live, which yay them, I think it was brave. I’m not snarky here, I love and respect them for making Sherlock.

The only answers which were illuminating were 1) that season 4 was always going to be about Mary’s death, because John being a widower is an important part of canon, so she has to go. Thus the series became about grief. How John handled it, how Sherlock handled it. paraphrasing here, because they loved Mary so much.

Two, as Steven put it, you shine a light where you want it, you don’t paint the whole backdrop. Meaning, what they left out of the story doesn’t matter. This arose when a girl asked what happened after John got shot by Euros, and Steven made it into a bit of a joke … oh well Sherlock called the police, and followed the tracker he put behind John’s left ear, etc. etc. So there’s your answer for a lot of things like, how do they survive huge explosions, or what’s on that note? Doesn’t matter, blank background.

Three, all three of them together have a project greenlighted at BBC that has nothing to do with Sherlock but could be considered a, quote, stablemate. A later answer implied that it was updating a classic.

Someone asked about Garridebs, which I had personally also asked Steven about, and he gave the same reply again, that the important part of it was the personal moment when John is shot, BUT, we don’t need to see that from our John and Sherlock because everyone knows Sherlock would be upset. So he just used the name cuz he had three bodies to drop into the sea, why not call them that? Umm, ok.

Four, the decision to make Redbeard a child was made during TAB filming. According to them, It had become something of a joke, Sherlock mourning a dog so much, but what if it was a child? And they named him Victor Trevor from the canon.

I know some people are convinced they are lying liars who lie, but in person they are very genuine. Of course they are going to leave some loopholes open in case they need to come back to them, but I RRREEEAAALLLLYYY think they love Mary, think she’s not evil, and she’s dead.

You're Cute When You Blush (Evan Hansen x Reader SMUT)

You’re Cute When You Blush (Evan Hansen x Reader SMUT)

Some blushy Evan smut,

Requested by: Anon

A/N: I changed the location of the party because Jared is lame and you know he wouldn’t have a party at his house.


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Explained: X can’t come to the phone right now
  • On 24 August 2017, the American singer-songwriter Taylor Swift released the song “Look What You Made Me Do”. This song has been considered a stark departure from Swift’s previous style.
  • The song and accompanying music video have become quite popular but also a source of many mixed reactions among critics and those on social media.
  • In the music video for the song, Swift is seen speaking into the receiver of a telephone. “I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now,” she says. “Why? Oh, ‘cause she’s dead!”
  • Many users have found a humorous quality in the melodramatic nature of those lines and started referencing them in memes.
  • It became particularly popular on Twitter to make reference to those lines with an accompanying image. One tweet from 24 August 2017, for example, states, “I’m sorry, the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now / why? oh! because she’s…. / d o g” along with a photo of a dog on the phone.
  • Soon after, it became popular to to use a specific format in which a before-and-after image of a person or character is presented along with the quote from “Look What You Made Me Do”. For instance, one tweet from 31 August 2017, states, “I’m sorry, the old Danny can’t come to the phone right now. Why? Oh, cause he’s dead!” along with a before-and-after-type image of the character Danny from the American animated series Danny Phantom.
  • This meme has spread to Tumblr as well, and instances of the meme frequently take the format of before-and-after images of people/character/entities/etc. with captions that reference the Taylor Swift song.
  • Click here to see examples of the X can’t come to the phone right now.
Let’s talk about the Chosen Children’s Careers in the Epilogue for a second

Okay so out of the 12 I’m actually very happy with 5 of them and can tolerate 3 of them

Jyou becoming a doctor - okay duh we all knew this was coming, A+

Koushiro becoming a digital world researcher - This is basically the only job they could have possibly given him, A+

Miyako becoming a stay at home mom - sort of an unpopular opinion but I love stay at home mom Miyako. I think it’s really cute and she’d be really good at it. I also think it is a huge step forward for her character. Throughout the show she is seen to be kind of selfish. She indicates that she’d like fewer siblings and doesn’t want to help out at her families business, but then she grows up to give everything she is and has to her family. I think that is really wonderful and honestly it’s one of my favourite Chosen Children Career Choices! A+++

Ken becoming a police officer - this kid has a strong sense of justice and a very strong desire to protect people from evil. This job makes a lot of sense for him. In my opinion it also gives a nice conclusion to his relationship with Iori. Iori did not like Ken and could not forgive him for what he had done because he also had a very strong sense of justice which came from the history he had with his father who was a police officer, A+

Iori becoming a criminal defense attorney - this career is actually very well thought out. Iori has a very strong sense of justice and really dislikes people who have done wrong. He is unable to forgive them or see how they could have been corrupted and show sympathy for them. However this begins to change as he gets to know Ken and really changes once he learns Oikawa’s history. He is the only one who stays back to try to help Oikawa reach his dream of entering the digital world after the battle with MaloMyotismon. To have him end up as a defense attorney shows how much this child’s views of the world have changed, they are no longer black and white & good and evil. A+ 

Hikari becoming a teacher - this seems perfectly reasonable

Daisuke having a Ramen Cart - He says he wants to do that near the end of 02 and who am I to argue with him… 

Takeru becoming a novelist - I know a lot of people dislike this one but his mom is shown to be a journalist so I don’t think it’s too weird to have her son follow in her footsteps after growing up watching her write for so long… plus you can’t say he doesn’t have endless amounts of material to write about… also he was the youngest of the original seven so it makes sense that he would be the one to write about the digital world since he was looking at it with the widest and most innocent eyes… I’m not saying it’s perfect but I don’t hate it either

As for the other four, I honestly don’t hate the careers but feel they have been horribly mismatched with their respective children. Like somewhere in the writing process there was a game of broken telephone and the wrong careers ended up with the wrong kids

Taichi becoming an ambassador to mediate between the Digital and Human worlds - this should have been Sora’s career! She spent most of the show mediating between Taichi and Yamato and calming everyone down, she is pretty perfect for this position 

Sora becoming a fashion designer - pretty no brainer that this should have been Mimi’s career

Mimi becoming a cook - Ya this should have been Yamato’s career… he’s been shown to be a good cook and that he enjoys cooking

Yamato becoming an astronaut - This should have been Taichi’s career!!!! He was the one with the telescope in Adventure, he was the one with the pilot goggles indicating an interest in flying and piloting an aircraft. Plus he has a huge love for exploring which is seen pretty clearly in Adventure. This job, in my opinion, is absolutely perfect for Taichi and I will forever be upset that they gave it to Yamato, fucken Yamato, are you fucken serious, fucken Yamato

Just wanted to get this out there. It mainly stemmed from the fact that I’m really annoyed that Yamato became an astronaut instead of Taichi, seriously never ever getting over that. Never ever ever!! Seriously if Taichi had of ended up an astronaut that would have been so wonderfully foreshadowed throughout the series, because he could lead his crew into unknown worlds and discover new things and just AAAAHHHHHHHH he’d be like fucken Captain Kirk OH MY FUCKEN GOD

Tango Through Thick Air

Based off of one of @theprojectava​‘s fanarts for Luro. I literally couldn’t resist.


Kuro convinces Lance to teach him how to dance- neither expected where it would go from there…

(I’ll be honest its straight stream of thought. Fast paced. and I’m happy with it.Roxanne de Tango is absolutely the ending song)

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3x03: Bon’s Midnight Screechings


[typos will abound]

  • That dame Blanche reference in the previously-on gave me legitimate chills. GIMME THAT WITCHY GOODNESS
  • I AM INORDINATELY EXCITED ABOUT THE SMOKY TITLE CARD!!!!!!!! Look at this good canon-nod doggo!!!!

Boston, 1956

  • Frank’s Full English breakfast. Statistically proven to be 99% less filling/fulfilling than Jamie’s Ginger Snaptacular variety 
  • The attire for all Randall breakfasting is : Tennis Whites 
  • …not gonna lie, Frank looks hella cute, as far as Frank goes 
  • In all seriousness, I LOVE Frank’s genuine laughs. Very warm and lovely
  • Awwww, Claire asking frank out on a date. That’s so sweet. 
  • “…I’ve seen them both” 
  • “we agreed we were free to”  To WHAT NOW>>>>>>>??????

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So I’ve been pretty gung-ho on meta and vocal about Sherlock theories for the last three days and I gained 52 followers from doing so, which goes to prove there are many people out there who are looking to research meta and talk/read about this kind of stuff even though the theory community has greatly diminished or quieted since last year at this time. I remember gaining over a thousand followers in the week after The Final Problem just because so many new people went “wait a sec, something’s wrong, I’m suspicious now too, let me in” and that’s the time when the older meta community started itself on fire. We assumed theories were over just because some of ours were. That is definitely not the case. All these months past series 4 and still new people are going “wait a sec, something’s wrong, I’m suspicious now, too” and they’re coming with theories we’ve also worked on, all of us simultaneously uncovering similar things. This is a PSA alerting everyone that there are a LOT of people out there with that nagging sensation in the pit of their stomach, that even though it may seem only 500 people care about this topic, there are many, many more people than that hanging on the edges of this conversation. The original content I create is 95% subtextual fan theory and 5% fanfic and I have almost 18,000 followers. I could be wrong, of course, I could have only 500 Sherlock followers and 17,500 porn blogs following me. You never know.  But the point of this is no one is following me for things other than theory. It would be maddening putting up with my content solely for the non-theory stuff I reblog or the once-in-a-blue-moon fanfic I write. I used to get messages from people who refuse to follow me but love reading theory so they keep my page bookmarked so they don’t forget to refresh it every once in a while. “Thanks?” I would say. To each their own.

Sure people might not be as loud or as excited or as certain now as they used to be, but that is directly related to the aura of the fandom. I’ve had at least 9 people tell me that my last few days of excitement has made them excited, which goes to show many people are just waiting for the fandom aura to stabilize before letting themselves be vocal about the things they like again. Because after series 4 we as a group became a snarling, viscious monster that didn’t allow anyone to like anything ever again. For me that walking-on-eggshells period is over. I came here to have a good time, and the best fandom time for me was August 2016 – February 2017. The theories were wild! The memes! Oh, the memes! It was like watching the world spontaneously combust with thousands of your closest friends waiting to find some humor in it. It was like confidently going into battle with your comrades by your side and then watching the opposing army unexpectedly mutate from their human form into a plague of flying cockroaches. Some of your friends ran, some shielded you, some got out super-soakers full of bugspray, but 100% of us went “what the FUCK is happening?!?!”. Those six months were the most fun I’ve ever had. 

Tl;dr There are more people out there than you think who like BBC Sherlock, who like hashing out theories, and who are ready to fling themselves back into the fray. 

Namjoon (Rap Monster) as your bff:
  • You commenting on #KimDailywhat’s that thing you’re wearing?
  • and then sending him a message “that’s really the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen
  • messages 24/7
  • I have a video of you dancing and it’s so funny…” he’d text you
  • and the next Bangtan Bomb would be a video reaction of your dancing video
  • I’ll kill Kim Namjoon!
  • and then you post a pre-debut photo his mother showed you
  • I’m not in Korea and I’m trying to sleep, stop texting me.”
  • he being such a smart ass and correcting your pronunciation
  • You know that it sounds like you’re cursing at me, right?
  • and you would be like “But I AM cursing at you.
  • trying to take a look at his lyrics
  • but when he doesn’t allow you, you start dissing him
  • Oh, since when you became so good at dissing?
  • Just learned with m’a boy Agust D
  • he talking to you about some deep shit
  • midnight texts about the meaning of life
  • and soul
  • and life after death
  • always looking for him when you need advice on something
  • he being the best friend you could ever ask for
  • You’re so weird
  • What the fuck, Namjoon. Did you just broke my laptop?!
  • broken laptop
  • broken fry pan
  • broken earphone
  • You got zero jams, Y/N.”
Don’t Look Behind You - Part 3

Part one  / Part two 

Summary: Stiles saw you the first time when he was void and became insatiable of you. Even when Stiles was free from him, he still found himself pining over you and wanting you to be his.

Prompt belongs to the greatest @sincerelystiles

Pairing: Void!Stiles x Reader

Word count: 6777

A/N: Woot, woot surprise! Part 3 and also final part of this mini mini series that wasn’t supposed to be a series but oh well, here you go! I hope this part is okay, I worked on it all week whenever I had breaks and some time. Really. There’s no hot smut in this chapter and I’m sorry. I really don’t know about this chapter so maybe some feedbacks to help me cheer up? I have so much trouble writing recently it would light up my day… Also thanks to @maddie110201 who checked it and proofreaded it, you’re the best. This chapter got the inspiration from this song if you’re interested, and yes, some of the quote are lyrics from the song. Okay bye have a good reading!

Tags: @multilovee @rosecoloredshawn @iloveteenwolf24 @x-mitch-rapp-x @rememberstilinski @forevermieczyslaw @nerdyalienhybrid1987 @5sospoplikerock  @chloboww2001 @parislight (Tagged the ones interested in the two other parts sorry to bother if you’re not!)

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Knock, knock

My hands came over my ears, staring at the front door from where I was hiding, behind the kitchen counter a little further, diagonally from the entrance, allowing me a good view from where I was.

“I know you can hear me, open up the door I only want to play a little…” His voice didn’t just ring on the other side of the door, the only barrier separating us, no. I could hear his voice in my head, feel it vibrate inside me and the bond that united us made it unbearable. Because the more his words resonated in me, the more they pierced my eardrums with their soft tone despite my hands placed on my ears, the more the desire to leave my hiding place, to open the door and let him take me became impossible to ignore.

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oh, speaking of Lord Vetinari, i just thought about our introduction to him as a major character in Guards! Guards! and his first interactions with Sam Vimes, and the Lord Vetinari shown in later books.

yes, Terry Pratchett was fleshing out his characters as the series progressed, but I really think, that while Vetinari will always be the same character introduced in G!G!, he became a better person, very subtly so, hidden beneath his dictator mantle, because of Sam Vimes.

And not, “better person” suddenly becomes a super good guy, but Vetinari I think becomes more aware of the little people, the everyday people, through the Watch, and also in dealing with Sam, and seeing Sam become lit with very tightly contained righteous fury at all the injustice in the world.

Sam might’ve been allowed peeks into the inner thoughts and mechanization of Vetinari’s mind, and boggled at how complex and dark it was, but I think the constant vigilance of Sam against anything despotic kept Vetinari slightly more human.  Sam inadvertently, through his own very nature, kept Vetinari in check.

My boyfriend definitely loses his shit watching Yuri On Ice - Part 4

He’s convinced he now became an interet sensation.

Episode 10:

(sings the whole intro trying to open a Nutella jar with his teeth)

“I’m so hyper hyper hyper” (intro has not ended yet)



“I’m now convinced Victor and Chris banged at least once. And it’s disgusting.”

“Why in the world no one ever SLAPPED this kid in the face??” (Yurio)

“Is there a compilation of the faces Yurio does through all the series, please, because honestly”

“JJ’s girlfriend is as annoying as her boyfriend”

“Undercut dude (Otabek; he’s struggling with names) is even more friendly than that Korean one”


“Does Phichit need a bathroom? Ah no, Sagrada Familia selife”

“Yuri is antisocial and I like it”

“Poor boy”


“Yuri does puppy eyes and Victor falls for it, tsk, unbelievable” (sarcastic)

“Victor has these really elegant outfits I wonder how rich he is”

“This kid literally has hundreds of girls dying for him and he never tries to bang one? What the fuck is wrong wih him”

(whole scene with Otabek happens)

“Oh he’s gay too, that is why”

“Oh my god Mister Funny x Mister Funny 2” (Yurio and Otabek)


“They’re fighting like us lol”

“… Did he buy rings”




“He’s blushing so hard”


(he paused the episode and watched the scene again)


(he paused to go to the bathroom. it took him several minutes)

“can we watch that again I need to understand”

(I explained the snowflake thing during rewatch numer 3) “holy jesus fuck”


“Oh they’re all together look”


“WHAT? EH??”


(he laughed for ten minutes straight)

“well can’t blame him champagne is good”



“but what about the videos”

“Lol Yurio’s reaction is priceless”

“Oh wow bringing the gold medal up defintiely killed the mood”


“Nice coat Victor wow” (I’m afraid he’s developping a crush on Victor’s clothes)

“Of course Yurio must ruin it”


(credits start)




“So that is the moment Victor sold his soul to Satan?”

“Yurio do not wear bright blue suits ever again”


“I can’t. Stop it. I can’t.”



“Victor is so easy. Just like you”

“I’m speechless. SPEECHLESS.”

(I wish he truly was)

Episode 11:

“I’m so tense. So tense. Look, I’m SHAKING”


“Where is the intro I want it”

“Does Giacometti wear eyeliner”



“Michi keep it in your pants”


“I’m anxious”

“Lol any reason is good for Victor to jump on this kid”

“Victor is Yuri’s nr. 1 Fangirl”



“I just noticed he’s wearing a new coat”

“HE’S CRYING OOOOH SWEET HEART. He’s as devastated as I am after Christmas dinner”


“How many fucking hamsters does Phichit own but most important question where are they now”


“Selfie with Celestino of fucking course”


“Oh so if you keep your arm up it’s more difficult? How many things I’m learning”



“lol fuck no Chris’ programme is hilarous”

“Those rings are so cute I keep forgetting they’re there”

“Yurio cheering for Undercut dude is suspicious”

“YURIO IS ACTUALLY PROUD? What is going on here”

“Still happy to be in the first place of course. Little shit”

“We can’t skip JJ can we?” (he really can’t stand JJ)


“Yurio I feel you”

“I need a break before the last episode. I do not feel emotionally ready”

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 5

I’ll have him watch the last episode and Welcome to the madness by the end of today lol. Stay tuned


NAME:Jeon Jungkook

NICKNAME(S): Kookie, Nochu

DOB: September 1st 1997

PLACE OF BIRTH: Busan, South Korea


Born to a 17 year old rape victim Jeon Jungkook had it hard from the start, being abandoned and thrown onto the streets as soon as he could walk. Like Jimin he had to learn how to be street smart, making weapons out of whatever sharp objects he could find in the trash and fighting and killing people in quiet streets as to be able to afford food and clothing. He is the only gang member to not have attended a school prior to joining - he was found by Yoongi on the streets one night. Yoongi was out on a job hiding in an alleyway when he heard a scream down the other end. Quickly taking care of his business he went to investigate the sound and found young Jungkook, who was only around 11, holding a bloodied knife standing over the fresh corpse of a 20-ish year old man. Blood spattered his clothing and exposed arms yet the child bore a ruthless grin as he took the wallet from the man’s back pocket. Sifting through the contents he chuckled in glee; “I’ll be eating good tonight!” That’s when he realised Yoongi watching him curiously. Anyone else would be scared upon getting caught but he just smiled - “That’s a cool sniper rifle.” He smiled, extending his hand to the stranger. Yoongi was so confused by this kid, who was so confident despite just having killed someone in front of him but shaking his hand anyway. Jungkook introduced himself as did Yoongi and when Yoongi asked what he was doing Jungkook explained his backstory. Sympathetic and intrigued Yoongi took him to Namjoon as for an induction and so at such a dear age, Jungkook became Bangtans youngest and penultimate member.

He’s known as the ‘Cold Killer’ due to his ruthlessness and lack of emotion when killing and otherwise as he’s pretty desensitised to the world. He’s fearless and lacks empathy, though he often shows intense feelings of protection and care towards Jimin which never fails to befuddle the other members. Feeling it’s his duty to safeguard and look after the mentally troubled Jimin he spends most of his time around him and in conflict he always ensures he’s by his side. Despite being pretty devoid of emotions at other times he obviously cares a lot for the gang as he generally jumps at every chance to help them. Namjoon often takes him to big events he has to attend with him as quiet model student Jungkook always goes down a storm, and he’s held in high esteem by the other members for his talents. He enjoys playing video games with the other assassins (known as the assassin line by the elders) and practicing martial arts in the training facility, and is known to be a bit of a clean freak, cleaning and maintaining his guns often. An essential part of the team he’s an all around talent and helps everyone in their fields where he can.

AND that’s the last one!! Sorry they became so irregular but hopefully you like this and are all as excited for this series as I am! Chapter 1 in the works ^^ ♥

-Admin Belle

The Ball.

Titled: The Ball 

Pairing: (eventual) Gaston x reader 

A/N: Part Two! Only one more part to go…this was such a fun series to write! Here is the link to Part One! 

Word Count: 2,704 

Warnings: angst, prince!Gaston, Gaston/Luke Evans feels, fluff, etc. 

Cast of Characters: Y/N, Stepmother, Celeste, Bianca, Gaston and Lefou and Fairy Godmother. 

Tagging:  @girl-next-door-writes  @captainemwinchester @little-red-83@impalaimagining@sherlocks-timetraveling-assbutt@hobbithorse19@feelmyroarrrr@lefouismylife@redimagines@letowolfie@ciaprincess@speedycatbluebird @haniiix33 @mademoiselle-lanielenawrit@pancake74433 @certainasthesvn@with-a-hint-of-pesto-aiolishiroyuki18@ironicallyimnotamouse@ciaprincess@erreneous@gawston@benedictcumberbatchstolemyheart@pureawesomeness001@ronijdubb@norrihiddleskittycap@oh-snap-its-mildred @milleniumxhan bobateaandchocolatepudding @blackxthexbeast @blueinkblot   xxqueenofisolationxx  @dracsgirl @my-whataguythat-gaston @iamtotalgarbo @undertakers-witchy-mermaid

The sun streamed through your tiny attic window, your only source of light in the room. You breathed in through your nose and nuzzled your head deeper into your pillow as you groaned internally. The bell that was attached to the main clock of the village was set to ring in any moment. The start of a new day. Even that thing was ordering you around. You hated that thing with a firing passion. But then you suddenly remembered something about today. Today was unlike any other ordinary day. Why, tonight was the Prince’s Ball! Oh Joy! 

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Happy Fanfiction Writers’ Appreciation Day!!!

Even tho I’m probably late haha. And I think I got the name wrong. But meh. The thought’s there. This for all of you writers out there, be it if you’re popular or not.  You should be proud of what you do since you keep us, readers, entertained and satisfy or thirst for scenarios that might not happen in real life. You manage to make another beautiful and original piece each time you put your thoughts into words, and we are lucky enough that you post it so that we could read what you make. I hope you know that you are very much appreciated in this community and in the fandom you write about. 

I’ll be naming a few of the writers that I absolutely love and most of these people are people that i’m still working up the courage to befriend. I may or may not put messages depending whether or not I’m extremely shy to talk about you or if I want to spread my love for you haha. Also all of the writers I’m about to mention are bts writers sooo.

Here it goes:

@inktae aaAAA!! Mari, what do i tell you? Where do i start? you are like my idol here and I love you and all of your works. I have reread everything on your masterlist countless of times and I still manage to feel the same emotions I did when I first read your fics. I’ll be waiting until you would write again hehe. Idk if you’d ever read this but i really want to befriend you but I’m still too shy and try to actually talk to you.

@stuckinthekookiejar I may not have talked to you in a while but I want you to know i absolutely love you and I’m in love with all the angst fics you make. I do not regret talking to you and I’m really sorry for the lack of talking between us haha. As you know, I’m an awkward smol bean.

@underthekookiejar aaAA– QUINIE. I told you that you write really well!!! I’m so proud of you and tell me when we could start on that collab we planned haha. You are an amazing writer and I can’t wait to see more from you.

@perpetually-jungshook Goldilocks was… I absolutely love your fics and How to change a fuqboi was a ride I will never forget. I’m always completely speechless whenever I read what you make haha.






@jjkfire  one of the very first writers that I found here haha. You are an absolutely talented writer and I’ll be waiting for your semi-hiatus to end and I’ll quietly supporting you through it. 




@xforeverweareyoungx I LOVE YOUR TEXTS AND YOUR WORKS. I cried, I squealed and I became addicted to all of the fics you made haha. I love you and please know that you are highly appreciated.

@jeonjagiya Where do I begin? Transference. That series makes me thirst for Hoseok more than I should and oh god, I’m still waiting for the Working Man Bangtan fics. Once they’re made, I’ll probably be screeching haha. You are a very talented writer and I’m glad that you get noticed for your works since your works are too good to not be noticed.








@noona-la-la-la I’m going to die an early age due to all the beautiful and exciting fics you make. Like I think you were the first blog i followed that focused mainly on smut and I do not regret it at all hehe

@btssmutgalore Dee, all the fics you post are a whole new level of smut and I swear i catch myself breathless after finishing each work of yours. My face heats up more than I do normally whenever I read your works and ajsgduygf I just love you and what you do and I’m hoping that I could finally grow the courage to actually talk to you since you sound like a fun person.






@texting-bangtanbts KIM. PLEASE KNOW THAT I STILL LOVE YOU AND I MEANT EVERYTHING THAT I SAID TO YOU. Also your fics and fake texts are just mmmm– I’m still going to stalk your blog on a daily basis and I’ll remember to keep in touch haha.


@avveh Room for dessert got me choking and I love and hate you for that fic. Like jfc why? have? I? not? found? this? before? You make your readers thirstier instead of satisfying their thirst haha. I’ll be waiting ‘til you post again hehe. 


@ellieljade Holy shit have I mentioned that your smuts are legit the first bts smut I have ever read here and i have been thirsty ever since. I love your blog and I have never regretted going to the not-so-pure side bcus of you haha. 




@jiminie-chim-chim95 MOCHI!!!!! Your fics are da bomb. Your fake texts are rlly good and aaAAA I’m so proud of you even if we’re not that close yettt. I love you btw. Hahaha idk if you’ll ever see this but I cant wait to see more promising works from you hehe


and finally, 


So Hiro Mashima wants his next series to be all about love...

Well on the one hand I can’t fault him for trying to focus on the thing thats resonated with audiences a lot more, but I have a few things I wanna say.

If you told me Hiro Mashima was going to do a series about love 5 years ago. I’d be okay with it. Afterall, I think Haru and Elie was one of the best done romances in manga. But aalso looking at one of the issues of FT is that Hiro could not balance multiple romances. So the idea of him having a series focusing on it seems off.

Before someone sites Rave’s multiple romances, lets look at the others. Romances like Let x Julia were already together in the series. Shuda x Cattelya got together off screen, Musica x Reina was handled over 2 arcs then concluded with her death, Musica x Nagisa was in one arc that got dropped after a while, and Musica x Belnika didn’t get any real resolution. What I’m saying is that as much as Hiro can do one romance really well, he still can’t do multiple.

As for FT, we all could get into essay long arguments on “Why this ship works” or “Why this relationship is abusive” etc. Look lets get one thing straight, whether you like the “big 4″ or hate them, you can’t deny a lot of them were not given enough time. In fact, the reason why Gajeel x Levy does work out of the 4 is due to both being a side cast so it makes sense that they might not get all the attention, but Natsu x Lucy resulted in either akward moents that either will be called “Romantic, Platonic, or plain intrusive” out of all the big 4 I haven’t a big problem with this ship, but if there was love, then it was definitely more ambiguous than the others. Gray x Juvia is a can of worms that has no gray area, either you love it or hate it. For me my problem is that Juvia eventually just became “I’m in love with Gray” which is something I have issue with Jellal because that was all his purpose was in the story. Oh sure he had a narrative purpose of “Fight Zeref” but in reality all he was was Erza’s love interest.

Given that we now know that Mashima had no idea what he was doing with the series, I think it’s fair to assume that he came up with a lot of these romances too late and didn’t give them enough time to justify them.

Now on to the big question, will this next series be about FT or a new universe? Well, I’m hoping it is about a new universe, not just because I want Hiro to actually write something that isn’t about FT, but because a lot of the “Big 4″ were concluded. Gajeel and Levy got together, Gray gave a pseudo confession, Erza and Jellal have mutual feelings for each other, there’s not much more you can do. The only ideas I could come up with that could possibly work with FT and romance as a continuation of the story is: it’s a jerza story that concludes their romance (Though again, we kinda now their in love), make it more of a slice of life manga about them as couples, or do the same slice of life thing only instead with their kids. This is the best I could come up with, and even I think these would be trite pandering.

Before you get the wrong impression, I actually like romance in series. In fact, one of my top 5 favorite series is a romance. What I want is a romance done well and it seems Hiro would be a lot more capable of doing that with new universe than trying to rework characters hes already had to work on with so much establishment. I personally also think that transferring to another universe allows him to make the switch of genres a lot easier. At the end of the day, FT was not a romance, but an action adventure shounen. Trying to do a sequel where it’s genre has changed could be tougher than it sounds. With a new series, he can start from scratch. I also hope it’s a new series because doing a story solely focused on romance would a call experiment. Mashima can see what he’s good at or not outside of action shounen.

That’s my thoughts on this whole thing. I still standby look forward to Hiro’s next original work and now that I know it is about romance, well that’s good to know it won’t be an after thought.

Me: *typing that shklance thing i’m doing* Ah time to rest a bit.
Me: *hanging out in the shance tag and suddenly seeing Shallurance*
My curious ass: hmm I’ve never seen Shallurance content before… *reads the whole thing*
Brain: Hmmm
Me: No. DON’T. YOU. DARE. Don’t you fuckin dare! Stop. STAH-
Brain: Werewolf AU
Me: Fuck you. Fuck you that’s brilliant. Agh I hate you BRAIN!

the Shallurance I’m talking about by @fratboyshiro

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Dumb Dumb

Originally posted by amemericans

Genre: bookstore!au, fluff, slight comedy

Summary: Mingyu is an awkward bean and doesn’t know when to stop until he’s found out.

Word Count: 2.1k

Edited: no

A/N huge thank you to @choco-seventeen for helping me proof read and edit this! This is lowkey based off of what I want to happen to me while working at the library but *sigh* there are never any cute guys there :/


     Your keys jingled in the lock of the store. It was too damn early in the morning for this, but bills weren’t made to pay themselves. Finally, the key twisted in the lock and pushed through the door, switching the closed sign to open. With a heavy sigh you dropped your bag behind the counter and began to sort through the new shipment that arrived the previous night.

     A gasp left your lips once your eyes settled upon the latest issue of your favorite manga. Placing it in a new pile, you decided you’d save it for later as you still had a lot more sorting to do.

     Right as you placed the final book on the shelf, the sound of an opening door broke the silence. You rushed to the store’s front and sat behind the counter to greet the customer.

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scribescribe  asked:

Hi friend TAKE TWO ON THE RIGHT BLOG THIS TIME! So I've been slowly listening to the podfic of World Ain't Ready (which is amazing, btw, go fulldaysdrive! \o/) and I have just arrived at the Coming Out Car Scene and I have a burning need to know about the offscreen moment in this universe when Enjolras first went OH NO I'M INTO HIM. I think you may have actually answered this before for someone, but I couldn't find it, so here I am asking again. :D

Heyyyy friend! :D

(oh man fulldaysdrive did such an amazing job, right??)

This week has been a little rough (nothing noteworthy, just, you know, living on the planet in 2017) so I’m gonna go ahead and take the opportunity to really luxuriate in one of my favorite topics: Teen Enjolras and his ridiculous feelings!

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