oh no it became a series

oh, speaking of Lord Vetinari, i just thought about our introduction to him as a major character in Guards! Guards! and his first interactions with Sam Vimes, and the Lord Vetinari shown in later books.

yes, Terry Pratchett was fleshing out his characters as the series progressed, but I really think, that while Vetinari will always be the same character introduced in G!G!, he became a better person, very subtly so, hidden beneath his dictator mantle, because of Sam Vimes.

And not, “better person” suddenly becomes a super good guy, but Vetinari I think becomes more aware of the little people, the everyday people, through the Watch, and also in dealing with Sam, and seeing Sam become lit with very tightly contained righteous fury at all the injustice in the world.

Sam might’ve been allowed peeks into the inner thoughts and mechanization of Vetinari’s mind, and boggled at how complex and dark it was, but I think the constant vigilance of Sam against anything despotic kept Vetinari slightly more human.  Sam inadvertently, through his own very nature, kept Vetinari in check.


Actors I love and the movie/tv show that made me love them.

Anthony Hopkins in The Silence of the Lambs.


Emma Duval Appreciation Week
day four | favorite underrated moment 

N: I don’t understand. Who would kill her? I need to know.

E: Yeah. So do I.

A Little Too Late Part 25

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Title: A Little Too Late Part 25

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Castiel, Balthazar, Lucifer

Word Count: 1,190

Warnings: angst and a little fluff

A/N: I used a Lucifer gif because this is MAINLY a Lucifer part! Now with Lucifer involved, are things gonna get more complicated for the reader? Will Lucifer do anything just to get close to the reader? ;) Are his intentions real? We’ll find out soon enough <3 Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!! I love you all so much!

You can find the masterlist for this series HERE!

Gabriel sat you down in a chair taking a seat in between Cas and Balthazar.  This felt like a lecture; you weren’t a fan of lectures either.  You rolled your eyes at the three angels as their eyes locked onto you.

“Oh come on, just tell me,” you whined.  “Or do I have to ask Lucifer?”

Their expressions became tense at the mention of Lucifer’s name.  It seemed that Lucifer was a weak spot for the angels.  You were going to make note of that for future use.  Gabriel ran a hand through his hair before he spoke, “I will make this short and sweet [Y/N].  There will be a great sacrifice made to save your life.  I’m not talking about a human or animal sacrifice either.  I mean someone is going to take a bullet for you.  Or something to that extent.”

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❝i shall love you for eternity

“It’s okay,” you replied, but he was too far away now to hear your words and your sigh.

You felt a pull to walk towards him, and it took you your whole strength and mind to resist it because somehow in some way, this man became your universe (tied to you in every way possible), yet you didn’t even know his name.

You know, something that’s always amused me about the “diversity for the sake of diversity ruins things” argument is this. Let’s pretend forced diversity is a thing and not bullshit, I can think of a pretty famous example of a character included to diversify a cast.

John Stewart, in the justice league animated series wasn’t even an official green lantern at his inception into the animated series but was included in leu of Hal Jordan primarily because they felt the justice League as they had it was looking really white.

What happened with that? Oh yeah !!

It became a hit animated series and he inserted himself as green lantern in the eyes of popular culture so much that many people were genuinely confused when a white guy was cast to play green lantern in the movie some years later.

*shrug emoji*


Still haven’t touched the game, and won’t be doing so until spring break, so I really shouldn’t start deciding on the dead Nohr royals’ names yet,  but I wanted to draw this as soon as I could. Takes place post-game of conquest.

And I’m in deep trouble because now this headcanon became a series. Hahaha someone save me.

Me, writing a novel that requires 0 historical accuracy because it’s a smutty romance about the paranormal: Huh, I wonder when, if in this mythological time period which I’ve already established as being a series different centuries rolled into one for funsies, it would be realistic for this room to still be called the solar, or whether it might now be referred to as a cabinet. Wait, what if it’s a parlor or drawing Room…A closet? Well that makes no sense I thought that was a boudoirs but for masculine folk…oh I see a boudoir became a private drawing room after the French revolution, and not a private bathroom…I see…interesting…

*five hours later*

Me: …I’ll just call it the study…oh no but wait the study wouldn’t be situated in that part of the castle…

The rest of my brain not stuck in an endless loop of procrastiantion:

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This is so cute oh my god. Can we just imagine for a second this: 

A world without Voldemort, where they just became best friends and still had the same strong connection, Harry’s parents living and nobody becoming a death eater, the Marauders still being best friends and not being at Peter’s throat, the story happening normally and them having a normal life without constant death and worry. 

*chokes on tears*

How I imagine the final battle between Luffy and Teach to go down
  • Me: Oh boy! Luffy can finally beat that sonuvabitch's ass!! YOU FOOL!! I STILL HAVEN'T FORGIVEN HOW ACE DIED BECAUSE OF YOU TEACH!!
  • Oda: ....
  • Me: Mwahaha Teach you are going down!!
  • Oda: Yeah but
  • Oda: What about
  • Me: Oh no
  • Oda: a flashback
  • Me: Oh sweet jesus no plz Oda have mercy
  • Oda: Explaining how and why Teach became what he is now?
  • Me: Anything but THAT---
  • Me: *clutches chest while crying* I hate this series so much.
[Leon] Ever After: Drabbles

“A drabble is a short work of fiction of around one hundred words in length, not necessarily including the title. The purpose of the drabble is brevity, testing the author’s ability to express interesting and meaningful ideas in a confined space.”

Drabbles are… Not my forte. I tend to ramble and become very long-winded in my writing, but I wanted to challenge myself. Honestly, I’m also not very confident with my characterization of Leon, but I had this idea about how reincarnation works in SCM and wanted to portray it using him.

I actually wrote a short fanfic to follow this post, but it’s late and I want to proof read it one more time before I post it… So it’ll have to wait. :’D

For now, I hope you enjoy my series of 6 drabbles!

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underground-alchemist  asked:

Number 24 for the TES meme.

[TES Asks]

24: What makes TES special to you?

Oh gosh, it was the first game i had genuinely enjoyed for a long time and one of the first games i remember playing (Oblivion). I had watched my parents play Skyrim when i was 11, that’s when i became totally enthralled with the series. My first playthough was with a khajiit.  

Also Snow Elves. Love them.

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omg the tvd books!!!! everything is *so* different!! i stopped reading after the kitsune storyline when elena went to college because it was ghost written and took a completely different turn, did you read all of them?

oh my god yeah!!! the books are wild like so many things happened to elena it was ridiculously good. same, i read most of them except when they became ghost written but i bought two of those books anyways so it’s still on my bookshelf unopened. have you read the Secret Circle?? that series is SOOO GOOD i like it more than the TVD books. also i was so sad cause the secret circle tv show was so bad and just so not like the books.

i’ve been thinking a lot about the foxes and the undeniable fact that wymack and being on the team completely change all of their lives. and i hit a wall thinking about nicky. i was like, nicky has a boyfriend who he is in love with and a job lined up and hes a functioning adult. what does he have to gain from the foxes?

after a minute i was like oh. duh. family. nicky is almost obsessed with family throughout the series. he and neil have half a dozen conversations about it and nicky goes on at length about his special definition of family. he won’t tell the team a thing about his cousins but when neil asks it’s “you’re family, so,” when the FBI take neil away nicky says the team will talk it out later “as a family”

nicky hemmick had all semblance of family ripped away from him when his parents rejected him because of his sexuality and his home became no longer his own, and the foxes (in their special, messed up way) give him a family that would accept who he was unconditionally.

(like c’mon in the future he pins up all of the pictures the foxes’ kids send to uncle nicky on his refrigerator)

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What are your favorite quotes/excerpts between Ross x Demelza in the novels?

Oh wow no pressure just 12 books to pick from! lmao here is a small sample of my faves and bear in mind I’m already feeling super guilty for excluding some others right now but my “brief” list became super long. Also WARNING MAJOR SPOILERS FOR THE SERIES. 

She had already grown into his life, he thought.

Often now he wished he could separate the two Demelzas who had become a part of him. There was a matter-of-fact, daytime Demelza with whom he worked and from whom for a year or more he had derived certain definite pleasures of companionship. This one he had grown to like and to trust—to be liked and trusted by her. Half servant, half sister, comradely and obedient, the direct and calculable descendant of last year and the year before. Demelza learning to read, Demelza fetching wood for the fire, Demelza shopping with him and digging the garden and never still about her tasks.

But the second was still a stranger. Although he was husband and master of them both, this one was incalculable with the enigma of her pretty candlelit face and fresh young body—all for his carnal satisfaction and increasing pleasure. In the first days he had held this one in a certain contempt. But events had moved beyond that. Contempt had gone—but the stranger was still left.

Two not-quite-distinct persons, the stranger and the friend. It was unsettling in the day, in moments of routine and casual encounter, to get some sudden reminder of the young woman who could somehow call herself into being at will, whom he took and owned, yet never truly possessed. Still more odd was it in the night to see sometimes peering from the drugged dark eyes of this stranger the friendly untidy girl who had helped him with the horses or cut out his supper. At such times he was perturbed and not quite happy, as if he found himself trampling on something that was good in its own right.

He wished he could separate these two. He felt he would be happier if he could separate them entirely. But as the weeks passed it seemed that the reverse of what he wanted was taking place. The two entities were becoming less distinct.

It was not until the first week of August that a fusion of the two occurred.

‘Nothing else matters but you,’ he said. ‘Remember that. All my relatives and friends - and Elizabeth, and this house and the mine… I’d throw them in the dust and you know it - and you know it. If you don’t know it, then all these months I’ve failed and no words I can give you now will make it otherwise. I love you, Demelza, and we’ve had such happiness. And we’re going to have it again. Take hold of that, my sweet. Hold it and keep it, for no one else can.’

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