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thoughts on trimberly?

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Also today really sucks being ndn bc like why do yall expect latin and black ndns to spend all of our time teaching yall and explaining shit yall hate non ndns do ??? Or why do yall still gas yall self so much abt how ndns “proctect xy and z for future generations” when yall womt proctect the youth of today??? In fact why the fuck was the only people trying to procect the youth several years ago just fucking me and other minors at the time? Why the fuck was all yall fake ass acivistes just sit by when we were (and still are) talkimg about our experience and trying to break the assumlation within our own communities and yall still targert minnors and try to liken them to chirst as in a sacrifice???

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Keith and Lance, the earth shop at the space mall


keith looked around at all the earth junk in the unilu mall store, “okay, but lance, remind me again why we are here? everything here is junk.”

lance, who was digging through every section of the store, replied, “last time i was here i bought a game console with pidge, but we didn’t have a tv, if we can FIND an earth tv here, we can play!” lance said excitedly.

“well, why didn’t pidge go with you then? because i’m pretty sure nothing here is going to pique my intere-” keith stopped breathing for a moment, “oh. my. quiznak,” keith walked slowly forward, before him stood a studded leather jacket in mint condition, keith, now crying turned back to lance, “the tag says it’s from hot topic! this is the best day of my entire life!”

ask me for terribly written 3 sentence fan fic by leaving two (or more) voltron characters + a location either from voltron or real life in my ask

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Ok but any good space prince Finn fic recs to go with your stunning art?!

OH HECK YEAH, I GOT YOUR BACK. here’s a post I made a few months ago with my favorite space prince finn fics!

however, there might be more out there by now! I’ve been so busy with work that I haven’t had the chance to peruse the tag in a long while 。゚・ (>﹏<) ・゚。

if there’s any fics missing that y’all love, I’m always open for recs!


Some quick messy sketches of the player characters from @digitalized-nightmare‘s 1920s Call of Cthulu game for Geeks4Good. I’m not sure what the other folks tumblz are or if they have them but if tumblz exist I will tag for sure. I love all the characters and want to draw them forever.

Anyway, here’s Audley the World’s Worst Private Eye, first looking very dramatic and then pulling a Conspiracy Theorist Charlie Day. He’s adorable and his player plays him very straight which just makes all his failures lovely to watch. He has A Past. Poor Audley is probably the one driven most insane by the various cosmic horrors but. Y’know. It’s fine. He is always drinking Not Whiskey because y’know prohibition. He’s meant to look like Gene Wilder which uh. I tried. He did get CRAZY HAIR which is the most important part.

Also Keelan, who is getting the romanized spelling because I’m weak. She is Irish and the owner of a hair salon called Shamlocks (delightful name) and she’s a short kinda sassy mom witch with a flintlock pistol in her garterbelt and she does tarot readings and will give you a Mom Lecture if you do a dumb and I just adore her.

Then there’s Luke who is a 6′4″ fifteen-year old street punk with a heart of gold. His parents died under MYSTERIOUS HORRIFYING CIRCUMSTANCES and the world seems very much against him but he means well and always does his best to look out for people and do the right thing. But also if you cross him he’s a badass. Luke stop smoking you are fifteen and it’s the 1920s and nobody realizes how bad it is yet but you gotta stop my dude. He’s a sweetheart and I know he never used that autographed baseball bat for anything but it made for such a cool image.

I love all of them and could rant forever but the point is the campaign was great. Also pretty short, you can get the whole story and enjoy all the characters in five episodes so. Y’know. If you like D&D consider watching the thing or be like me and treat it like a podcast, haha.

Geeks 4 Good streams a lot of games for charity and all their streams and games are pretty great, I highly recommend them! Everyone involved is very talented and super cool, the CoC characters just really spoke to me because they’re so damn charming.

I’m planning on testing out some ink work with these characters and I’m working on a few other pieces with them (like I have so many ideas for Spoopy Woods and the Diner and I really like the idea of maybe a Nighthawks parody???), but I told myself I’d start posting art every day so here we are!

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A concept that was brutally ignored in the recent Flash ep (not that I've actually seen it): future Team Arrow helping Barry fight Savitar and being there for him, or at least trying to be, when Iris tragically dies. I feel like it would have been a great moment to reference how Oliver for example had tried to be there for him and comfort him after Iris, because you know he 100% would have been there even if future!Barry hadn't wanted anyone's comfort.

Oh, but here’s the tragedy: Team Arrow finds out. It’s unclear who should go – Dig, Felicity, and Oliver all have a strong working relationship with Barry – but in the end Oliver decides to scout it out first. He shows up in Central City within twelve hours of Iris’ death. Barry’s already gone.

They don’t know where he goes. Not for a long time. But when he comes back shoulders-hunched-in and heart filled with impotent rage (sixty-one failures, sixty-one attempts that couldn’t save her), the first thing he does is change all the locks, trash his own home, and drive everyone out before hunkering down like a post-apocalyptic animal in the shell of STAR labs.

By the time Oliver visits, Barry’s not Barry anymore. Barry doesn’t have a word to say, doesn’t want to be touched at all, forces him out of the room when he won’t leave after an hour because he refuses to let Barry stay here.

Barry breaks the elevator behind Oliver to lock himself in, and Oliver gets the message, loud and clear.

(If Cisco hadn’t fixed the elevator [scarce days before The Incident], he would’ve starved.)

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"Once you get this, please say 5 things you like about yourself, publicly, then send this to 10 of your favourite followers (this is non negotiable!!!) Let's SPREAD POSITIVITY!!!!!!!"

Oh man oh man, I’ve sat on this for a bit because I’m not great at them but here goes!

1) I like that my art can make people happy
2) I like that I’ve made an effort to combat my anxiety and reach out to people!
3) I like my eyes? They’re a pretty shade of green 
4) I like that I try to keep a positive outlook on people
5) I like my hands–I’ve got spindly spider fingers with long nail beds that are easy to paint

[[ One of the food pages I follow on FB just posted a recipe for ‘sweet tea fried chicken’(as in, fried chicken dunked in sweet tea) and oh my fuck, I have never seen so much Southern rage in one place. I’m not sure what offended them more, the terrible excuse for breading, the fact that they added the sugar AFTER they already put in the ice(and SALT too, like why??), or the fact that the maker of the recipe is from Massachusetts. :’D

And my Midwestern ass is just over here being conflicted as hell because I love fried chicken but I hate tea. :U ]]

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a - age: early second decade

b - birthplace: the US

c - current time: shit, man, i’m not cogsworth, i dunno

d - drink you had last: water because i’m basic

e - easiest person to talk to: some of the people on here have turned out to be really easy to talk to. :) fandom buddies!

f - favorite song:  be………our………………g̜̮͒u̫̥̪̜̣͍̼ͯ͊ͮ̃̆e̹̱͎ͦ͆͋̽̍̄͐s̟̲̻̞t̳̙̘

g - grossest memory: oh man uh no

h - horror yes or no: no thanks

i - in love? yes always.
j - jealous of people? sometimes

k - killed someone? YOU’LL NEVER CATCH ME ALIVE

l - love at first sight or should i walk past again? first sight

m - middle name: “fucking.” Lumiere’s Fucking Wig tbh

n - number of siblings: like………why do you guys want to know some of this stuff? like i’m flattered but these questions seem more intended to crack my security measures on financial accounts than anything else

o - one wish: THAT IS A BETTER QUESTION. assuming typical wish rules apply, i’d wish i could go on magical adventures to the world of my choosing whenever i want

p - person i called last: mum

q - question you’re always asked: c a n  i  t o u c h  y o u r  h a i r

r - reason to smile: i’m gonna rewrite that fucking fanfic tumblr deleted

s - song you last sang: waaaaaasting in my loooooonely towerrrrr

t - time you woke up

u - underwear color

v - vacation: ah the SEA the glorious SEA

w - worst habit: writing lumiere fics instead of coping with life’s problems

x - xrays: yeah, my foot

y - your favorite food: i’m like lumiere. i love eating everything ever. except enchiladas, fuck those

z - zodiac sign: split between leo and virgo

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This week’s episode in a nutshell 


In case you haven’t watched Wizards of Waverly Place (you missed out), but there was a magic necklace that glows only if you’re in love with the person who put it on you. And of course my heart was screaming klance. So here’s Keith being insecure about Lance’s feelings about him but feeling really happy that his bf loves him.


It’s like every week something weird happens.