oh no im actually proud of the way this looks

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i just wanted to say abt ur posts on skincare and stuff - im going to school without makeup on for the first time in 3 yrs bc it always made me break out and i want to take better care of my skin, so thank u for posting abt it!

yes go for it!! im proud of you good job!! i used 2 do a full face to school every day 2 years ago until i actually started focusing on my well being instead of on how people would view me. along the way i found out that people really dont care about the way you look, everyone is tired and wants to go home, and if someones staring at your acne its because theyre thinking “oh they have the same thing i have but theyre not insecure about it? Nice i guess acne is normal”
also that extra hour of sleep i get every morning….