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It’s been a while! I’m so sorry that I’ve been gone for so long - I know that there are plenty of peoples waiting for requests. Unfortunately, I’ve been totally stressed out with university work at the moment. I can’t guarantee that this is me coming back for good but I did want to upload something. Thank you to those of you who have stuck around despite the hiatus. This fic is absolutely my worst work. It’s been so long since I’ve written anything that the quality has just deteriorated. Plus, this was whipped up in about an hour. Too quick. Nonetheless, it’s something to read between revision for those of you who have deadlines rn. Thanks to @mel-in-my-head​ for the request, I’m sorry it deviated. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]: can you do one where Peter Parker (CW) (if you don’t peter parker that is, if not Thor is fine) is really over protective of the reader like all the time, but the reader is 100% oblivious and one night the reader and him can’t sleep, so they go all movie marathon and they wake up to the avengers (and if you are doing peter,) aunt may finds them all cuddled up on the couch in the main room taking pics, and awing. sorry for this being long it’s my first request, I think, so yeah, thanks


“Is that…” You asked, holding up a hand. Peter looked up and around.
“Oh god, it is.”

You stared at him pointedly. “Run.”

Despite the hastiness with which you took off, you were still sopping wet by the time you reached the apartment building. Peter slammed the door shut behind you, panting. You doubled over breathlessly and laughed giddily. When you stood up straight again, you ran a hand through your hair and felt it completely drenched.
“Want to borrow a towel?” Peter laughed, holding out a hand in the direction of the stairwell.

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Imagine Chris stealing your favorite sweater.

A/N: Fluffer-nutter. That’s a cookie, right? Anyway, point is that this is so fluffy and cute that it’s going to warm your romantic heart and make you smile like a delicious cookie would.

You were searching through your wardrobe for your favorite gray sweater when you heard your laptop ring. You glanced over your shoulder and saw Chris’ FaceTime call and walked over to pick up before returning to the closet. It’d been weeks since you last saw it and you had no idea where you put it. You didn’t even want to wear it, you were just the kind of person who couldn’t let things go until you had a resolution. You blamed your mom for that trait because she was the same; the amount of times she’d turned the house upside down for an item she suddenly thought of but had no use for was insane.

“Morning, ba-” He stopped when he realized he couldn’t see you. “Where are you?” He chuckled and you poked your head out, giving him a wave before returning to your search. “Oh hey,” he smiled. “What are you looking for?” He laughed when he saw something fly out of the closet and land on the floor.

“My gray sweater,” you told him and Chris pressed his lips together, glancing over his shoulder at said sweater which was lying on his hotel room bed. “I don’t know where I put it and I’m trying to find it. It’s weird, it’s been weeks since I last saw it.” You decided to put a pause on the search so you could talk to Chris; you walked over to your laptop and plopped yourself on the bed in front of it. “I think the last time I wore it was at brunch with you before you left for LA, right?”

“Ooo…” His fingers played with his lips as he tried to think. “Um.” He pursed his lips, looking up at the ceiling as he continued to ponder. “I don’t know, I don’t really remember.” Your eyes narrowed at his strange behavior, but you said nothing. “Why do you need it? You’ve got a billion other sweaters in your wardrobe, just wear one of those.”

“I like my gray one.”

“I know,” he smiled, “it’s your favorite.”

It was because it was your favorite that Chris took it. He’d been out in LA for a few weeks now, and soon he’d have to leave for Vancouver to film ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. He didn’t know when he would see you next which was why he took- a few was an understatement- of your favorite items with him when he saw you last. Items included: your gray sweater, your favorite baseball cap, your most used perfume, your red knit scarf, your iPod with your favorite albums, your cat plush cushion, your mini Polaroid photo album, and your copy of your favorite book. He took all that among other things; some you knew about and some you didn’t- like your gray sweater. He probably should’ve told you he was taking it to save you the trouble of looking, but he wasn’t going to now that you’d already search half the house. He thought about it, then decided to shoot you a text later so he didn’t have to face your wrath over FaceTime.

“It’s fine, I’ll find it later.” You said and Chris huffed with relief. “Let’s talk about you, how’s things in LA? You and Mckenna look like you’re having a lot of fun.” You said, then smiled when you saw him smile at the sound of Mckenna’s name; he loved the kid as much as he loved his own niece. “I see you finally decided to show off your amazing tap skills to the world.”

“Yeah,” he couldn’t help his grin, “I just couldn’t say no to the kid.” He chuckled and you did the same, shaking your head. “Just so you know, you are definitely going to be playing bad cop when we have our own kids. I can assure you right now that our little one is going to have me wrapped around his or her finger,” he told you, laughing.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” you bit playfully. “And I’m sorry, our little one?” You quizzed and he nodded. “As in singular?” He nodded again and you narrowed your eyes with a confused smile on your face, “I thought you’ve always wanted a big family.”

“Yeah, I do,” he nodded, biting back his growing smile. “But I don’t know, I don’t want to scare you away considering I haven’t even put a ring on your finger yet.” You laughed like it was even a possibility you’d run from someone as perfect as Chris. “I know you’re not really a kid person, so- I thought I’d start slow by talking about having just one kid and see what your reaction is. So far,” he winked with a click of his tongue, “so good.”

“I already told you I’d have kids for you, Chris,” you reminded him and he nodded. “Not an unreasonable amount, but I’m more than happy to have a big family with you.” You said and he smiled. “You’re going to be an amazing dad, I can’t deprive you or any child from that. Plus- it’ll be different when the child’s mine,” you said then winced as you added, “I think.”

“It will,” he chuckled, nodding. “Don’t you worry.”

“I won’t, because you haven’t put a ring on my finger yet,” you held up your left hand and wiggled your ring finger at him; he chuckled in response. “I’m still young, but you’re not getting any younger. If you want kids, marry me, because we’re not having a child out of wedlock.”

“I know,” he chuckled. “Relax, okay? I’m working on it.”

“Tick tock, Chris,” you teased, tapping your watch-less wrist.

He dropped his gaze, laughing, which lowered his head enough to give you a view of his bed. Your eyes narrowed when you spotted your sweater lying on his bed. You scoffed, shaking your head in utter disbelief. You were very sure it was your sweater; you could recognize that gray heap anywhere considering it was your favorite gray heap. You crossed your arms over your chest as Chris looked up to meet your gaze. You shook your head at him with pursed lips and he raised an eyebrow at you. It was only when your eyes darted behind him that he realized you’d found out where your favorite gray sweater was.

“I see you found my favorite sweater,” you said and he winced. “Seriously?” You chuckled at his expression. “Are you kidding me? You took that too?” He nodded with pursed lips. “Chris! Why don’t you just pack me in your fucking luggage?”

“Believe me,” he laughed, “I would if I could.” You laughed harder at that because you knew that was one hundred percent true. “I’m sorry, I just- I need your things to make myself feel more at home.” You rolled your eyes. “You know we wouldn’t have this problem if you’d just left some of your things in the LA home, but no- you had to move it all to Boston.”

“You told me to!” You protested, laughing; Chris cracked a smile. “You’re the one who told me to move everything to Boston because you said and I quote, 'Boston’s going to be our home base when we get married. LA’s just a work space, so don’t worry about leaving your things here.’ You said that, did you not?”

“I did,” he answered monotonously.

“And now it’s my fault my things aren’t there?”

“Yes,” he nodded and you scoffed, chuckling. “It’s fine, I’ll just steal whatever I need.” He leaned back in his chair to reach for your sweater and pulled it off the bed in one swift movement, pressing it to his nose as he turned back to you. “Yup, it smells like you. Like if you were standing right in front of me,” he mumbled, breathing the perfume he’d spray on the soft material in.

“You could’ve had the same effect by spraying my perfume around the room, or on one of your own shirts, or your skin. I don’t see why you had to steal my sweater, and my favorite one too.” He just grinned cheekily, making you roll your eyes. “Oh my God,” you chuckled, “you’re such a dork.”

“That’s why you love me,” he kissed the air in front of him.

“Well, I’m glad I took this then.” You got off the bed to pick up Chris’ NASA hat that you’d taken out of his backpack before he left for the airport. He made his jaw drop as he tried not to smile; he’d saw you take it out of his bag and didn’t stop you because he wanted you to have it while he was gone. “Among other things, but hey, I won’t tell you what they are so you can spend weeks looking for said items.” You teased as you tugged the hat off, grinning the same cheeky grin. “Let’s see how you like it, Captain.”

“Well you know me, baby,” he winked. “I love games.”

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Title: Teasing is a Fun Game

anonymous requested: A fic with Jason Crouse and a history teacher

Character(s): Jason Crouse and Reader
Summary: After a few trysts with Jason, he shows up unexpectedly during your lecture and all you can think of are the intimate moments you two shared. 
Word Count: 2,249
Warning: SMUT!!! (and dirty talk!) 
Author’s Note: Whoever sent this in, thank you so much! I love writing Jason Crouse and I wanted to show a different side to him (that I think he hides in the TV show, but that’s just me lmao). I mean, Jason Crouse talking dirty and teasing you??? Yes, please

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“I really can’t see the reason why you have to be jealous!” Jisoo shouted to you while following you to the room 

 "He keeps on being friendly with you! and i don’t like it! the way he hug you or even the way he looks at you!“ You said while packing your things from the cabinet. 

 You accompanied Jisoo to her work and you watched her do her job. But you don’t like how her co MC Jinyoung act around Jisoo he’s too clingy

. “It is part of our job y/n! What do you want to me to do? quit my job as an MC in Inkigayo because you’re jealous?! Think y/n! Why can’t you just trust me? do you think that our relationship will work this way?! for god’s sake y/n we’ve been fighting this ever since! Every sunday we keep on fighting!”

 "I won’t be mad if he’s not too fucking friendly with you!“ You shouted back. You sat on her bed while she’s standing near the door. you ran your fingers through your hair and looked down. 

 "i love you, isn’t that enough?” she came near you and sat on the floor. 

“I’m so y/n” “You’re tired of me already?” You started to cry because you’re also tired of everything. Every sunday this is the reason you fight. Ever since she started working in Inkigayo you never stopped fighting since Jinyoung and Jisoo always on touch. 

 "I am, y/n. i’m so tired. but i’m not going to give up on you. we just need time for ourselves.“ She said to you while she’s wiping your tears. “Let’s-”

“I told you not to say that every time you’re emotional right? please no i don’t want to” You said and you grabbed your bag besides you and rushed outside the room. You heard her called you but you didn’t stopped. 

You’re walking with your head down while crying. It’s raining and you keep on bumping to other people. You’re heart aches so much when you remember that Jisoo wants to break up with you because of your childish act. You can’t stop thinking that Jisoo might have a feelings for Jinyoung already because she always get so excited when it’s Sunday and during weekdays you can see them texting each other. You keep on walking and you don’t know where you are going. You don’t even know where are you now right now. You get your earphones from your bag and put it in your ears and you played “Last Dance” by Bigbang. You keep on walking and you didn’t realize that you’re in a pedestrian lane already and it’s on a green light. You looked on your right side and you can see nothing but light until you hear a loud crash your whole vision became black.

“Y/N!” ㅡ

Jisoo saw how you got into an accident, how you roll over the car. She came running to you trying to wake you up.

“Wake up babe please, wake up” she keep on tapping your bloody cheeks, even thought you’re full of blood she keeps on hugging you saying how sorry she was.

“Call an ambulance! Please help me don’t let her die!” She keep on shouting that someone should call an ambulance.

“Please babe please wake up don’t leave me like this. please don’t just throw our 3 years relationship like this babe please wake up” she can’t stop crying while hugging a bloody body of yours until an ambulance came.

The nurses came and put your body in a stretcher and into the ambulance, Jisoo came too holding your hands while your vital signs are dropping. “Please babe hold on please, i’m sorry i love you so much don’t leave me”

You’re in the operation room while Jisoo is waiting outside. the rest of the girls came and helped jisoo changed her bloody clothes into clean one. They’re still waiting for you when a nurse suddenly came out of the operation room running to get some blood packs for you. yes, you’re in a critical condition where you lost a lot of blood, broken glass in some parts of your body and a broken ribs and worse you got you head bleeding.

It’s been 1 week since your accident and you’re still unconscious. Jisoo is totally wrecked ever since. She’s not herself during rehearsals, she’s not eating well nor sleeping. She’s just seating in the chair besides your bed holding your hand waiting for you to comeback.

“Y/n, i’m sorry baby for doing this to you, for making you jealous for hurting you i’m sorry. i love you so much y/n please don’t leave me. i don’t know what to do please. i need you my strenght my everything. the one who’s giving me the motivation to work to practice babe please” she keeps on whispering how much she loves you and how sorry she was.

until the day came…..

“Unnie you need to eat”

“I don’t have any appetite to eat Jennie stop”

“ugh…hhhhhmmmm” you’re trying to move your body but all the parts of your body is aching even your head is.

“OH MY GOD LISA CALL A NURSE” Jennie said while shaking, she saw you move and made a noise. “Babe babe babe” A voice keeps on repeating those words. you can’t figure out whose voice is it. While gaining your black vision you saw a Jennie, Lisa, Rosé and a girl you don’t know who around your bed.

“Thank you so much you’re back” The unknown girl told you while touching your face. “Who are you?” You asked. The four girls is shocked with what you said. “Me you know me?” Lisa asked. “Of course our maknae” you said with a smile.

“How bout me?” Jennie asked. “Yes of course our meanie leader” “Me?” Rosé asked with a soft face. “Yes of course my rosie” you said. “This is a bad joke y/n” the unknown girl said. “Huh?” you’re so clueless because she’s talking to you like you know her but you don’t.

She stood up and left the room while sleep is taking all over you…. Jisoo found herself crying outside the hospital her knees are weak, she’s blaming herself for all of this. Jennie and Rosie stayed inside the room while the doctor is explaining what happened to y/n. Jisoo sat in a rock and cried. She loves you so much and she keeps on thinking one of the deep conversation you and jisoo shared.


Jisoo just finished her vocal lesson, she came home exhausted. While you’re comfortably lying on the couch while watching The Vow with Dalgom. She came to you kissed your lips.

“Hi jagi” she said while she keeps on giving you kisses on the lips. She put dalgom down. and she cuddled up with you. You wrapped your arms around her waist and your chin on her shoulder. “Babe, what if i lost memories what will you do?” Jisoo asked you while looking at the tv. “Hmmm. i will make you fall inlove with me again” You said while kissing her neck. “You won’t give up?” Jisoo asked while turning her head towards you. “Yup” and she kissed your lips. ~

It’s been months since the day of your accident and jisoo is still consistent about making you fall inlove with her again. Jisoo is losing hope, because you’re getting close with Twice’s Nayeon. Nayeon is not aware about your relationship with Jisoo they really kept it a secret from others except the family and the other members. But Jisoo doesn’t know what you feel towards her.

“Nayeon, how do you know when you love someone?” You asked Nayeon while waiting for the coffee you both ordered. “When you can’t stop thinking about her… why? you think you’re inlove? who’s the unlucky girl?” Nayeon asked you with a face that’s teasing you.

“Jisoo. Damn it like i really can’t stop thinking bout her. it’s like i’ve known her ever since and it’s like we have a deep connection with each other. When i was hospitalized she was there every single day she keeps on reminding me about how cool our friendship was. but why does she’s the only one i can’t remember? …….is it because I’m inlove with her before the accident?” you suddenly became dizzy after talking and jisoo’s face appeared on your mind.

Thousands of memories flashed through your mind. The kisses the cuddles the fight the first i love you the first everything you did with jisoo you remembered everything. You remembered how much you loved her. And then suddenly everything became black.


You woke up in a hospital bed and someone is sleeping besides you while holding your hand. And it’s her. The love of your life. Jisoo. She woke up when she felt you moved and she looked at you with her puffy red eyes. You carefully reached for her face and you tucked her hair in her ears.

“I love you my everything” you whispered. and you felt a warm liquid running throught your cheeks.

super-who-lock-fan asked:

32 with anthony ramos please 😀 ( 32. Do you like me? Check yes or no)
A/N: I hope you enjoy this ^u^

“Not Bold” = Thoughts
“–” = Speaking
(Y/N/N) = Your Nickname
(Y/N) = Your Name

You and Anthony had been friends since high school, you also have had a crush on him since you got to know the adorable man that is now your best friend. You two had gotten so close that you often teased each other to try and get responses from one another.

He was tactic was quoting the romantic leads monologue from musicals (occasionally even belting out the love ballads and try to get you to do the duets) in public to get you to blush and fangirl.
You usually went to gushing over him. How cute he was and the adorable things he’d do for you, in front of random girls he’d be checking out at the mall to get payback, it wasn’t all that hard to make him blush actually.

You were re-watching 21 Chump St for the thousandth time singing along but also breaking out in giggles at Anthony’s adorkable dancing, you pause the YouTube video to go and get a drink. You then proceed to mumble-sing ‘What The Heck I Gotta Do’ on your way to your kitchen. “Naomi, you know me! Will you go to prom with me? I’ll think about it… YES!” you finish making your tea just how you like it and take a sip. “Hmm to be honest that would 100% totally work… even, or should i say especially, the dorky text part”.

As you sat back down your phone light up and your text tone, which was actually Daveed Singing the line “What did in miss”. ”Huh, i wonder who’s texting me during my chill day?” you look at the name to see it says Freckles which happens to be your contact name for Anthony. Smiling you open the message and see the lyrics that Justin Laboy texted to Naomi, lol’s included, you let out a soft chuckle before responding to him smiling the whole time.

(Y/N/N): Umm okay while i love the song (way to much tbqh) what’s the reason behind today’s random serenade? XD I’m giggling so much right now just fyi.

Freckles: Hahaha I don’t know what you mean(; I was just asking you a question(;

Your breath gets stuck in your throat for a second before you remember who you were talking to, your best friend who is known for being flirty as fuck.
(Y/N/N): Hahaha funny, but really why that song in particular?

He texts back with ‘seen at 2:00pm’ you stare at the text…… “Are you fucking kidding me? You asshole!!” you say giving the slightest chuckle at the end shaking your head.

“Well i thought it would’ve been rude to text while just hanging out with you” Anthony says from almost right behind you. You jump, turn around and halfheartedly slap his arm “You asshole! don’t scare me like that!”.

He laughs that infectious laugh of his and you join in, you both stop and you look into his beautiful brown eyes smilling, ‘Wow the way his eyes light up when he’s happy… so beautiful! Jeez louez! You are in deep, you need to stop fantasising about his soft lips on yours and pay attention!!!’ you give you head a quick shake and look back at him to contine your coversastion.

“So you are doing well in avoiding my question, why that song?” you ask giving him a soft smile, his cheeks starts to get pinker by the second “Oh… um well… okaydeepbreathAnthonyyoucandothis… Haha like i said i was asking you it, it wasn’t just lyrics haha..ha” he put on his flirty side at the end of his sentence.

You start to blush…hard. “Wha…What do you mean man?” you look right into his eyes not sure what you’re seeing back in them. He gives you a shy smile then fumbles around in his pocket for a little while pulling out a piece of paper handing it to you, you look at him confused but he’s looking anywhere but at you.

You open the paper and gasp before smiling and giggling a little, you walk up to be right in front of him and put a hand on his shoulder making him look at you. You give him a shy smile that he returns and then you give him a soft kiss on the lips pulling away to his shocked face before he grins and pulls you in for a proper kiss both of you smiling through the kiss.
Hey (Y/N),
Do you like me?
Check; Yes [   ]    No [   ]
HELL YES [   ]
Anthony X

Imagine Chris taking you to Rome for a romantic getaway. (Part E)

A/N: Part 5E! We’re so close, just one epilogue and we’re done! Thank you so much for reading, I love y'all. ❤️ You can read the previous parts here: (Little Ones - Part 1/Part 2/Part 3/Part 4/Part 5A/5B/5C/5D) and (Drunk Minds, Sober Hearts; Baby Fever; and Memory Lane - Masterlist)

Chris rose with the sun while you remained peacefully asleep in his arms. A lazy, satisfied smile spread across his face when he looked down at your pretty face, memories of the night before entering his mind. Dinner had been lovely, but what transpired after had been lovelier; there was no doubt the two of you were going to sleep incredibly well on the plane after the late night you had. Chris carefully pulled his arm around from under you, detangling his legs from yours. He sucked in his breath when you stirred, rolling over and pulling the mess of sheets with you. He quietly breathed out then gently kissed your hair before disappearing into the bathroom to have a much needed shower.

You were aroused from your sleep when you heard the shower, you rolled over and realized Chris had gotten up. You smiled and stretched, sighing when you realized today was the day your romantic getaway with Chris ended. It was a bit of a bittersweet moment; on one hand- neither or you wanted to leave Rome, on the other- both were very excited to get back to your son. As magical as the past week had been, it was time to head back to where your real life awaited- where your son awaited with photos and stories from his first proper Halloween. Checkout was at 1:30PM and the flight to take you back to Boston, Massachusetts was at 4:30PM; it was only 6:50AM so you still had plenty of time.

You could hear Chris singing in the shower; it was hard to make out what song it was, but his voice made you smile nonetheless. You stretched once more before you got out of bed, you scooped Chris’ shirt off the floor and slipped it on so you weren’t just wandering around in your underwear. As much as that would’ve delighted your husband, you wanted breakfast and you couldn’t receive room service without some form of clothing. You grabbed the room service menu then returned to sit on the edge of the bed to peruse the breakfast menu at your leisure. It was your last breakfast in Rome for- God only knew how long so you wanted to order something memorable.

The shower stopped running while you were on the phone, you looked up as Chris came out of the shower with nothing but a towel wrapped around his waist. “Good morning,” he smiled then leaned over to kiss you on the cheek. “I thought you would’ve joined me in the shower, but clearly I wore you out last night.” He teased you and you tried not to laugh as you pointed at the phone.

“That’d be great,” you nodded as you spoke to the receptionist, “thank you so much. Yes, we’re in the penthouse suite. Mm hm, room number four-two-seven.” With that, you hung up and rolled onto your stomach. “One final room service breakfast before we go home and have to cook what we want to eat.”

“Drats,” Chris clicked his fingers, smiling when you laughed. “If I’m being honest though,” he said as he pulled a pair of Calvin Klein boxers on. “I kind of miss our pancake mornings, the way Jack would clap and giggle when I flip the pancakes.” You smiled; it was pretty cute. “But hey, this time tomorrow-” he pulled a pair of Under Armor shorts on. “We’ll be doing just that.”

“Yup,” you smiled, shuffling so Chris could have his spot on the bed. “I miss our little bug.” You told him, pouting as you sat up and leaned into his open arm. “As nice as the past childless week has been, I miss being a mom.” He chuckled softly, kissing your hair. “Who would’ve thought I’d ever say that, huh?” You looked back at him, giggling. “Remember me when you first met me?”

“Yeah, but I saw past that tough exterior,” he smiled. “If you really disliked kids as much as you said you did, then I would have never made you have Jack.” You rolled your eyes because like that child lover would give up having children for you. “Don’t roll your eyes at me,” he tickled you and you squirmed, laughing. “I’ve told you a million times, you’re all I’ll ever need.”

“But you’re really glad I don’t dislike kids as much as I said I did, right?” You quizzed and laughed when he nodded. “For the record, so am I.” You smiled and pecked him on the lips. “I don’t think I can imagine a life without Jack anymore, he’s so precious and God- I love that boy.”

“Me too,” he nodded, smiling. “And I can’t wait to see and hear what he got up to on Halloween.”

Your face fell a little when you thought about having to face your son after lying to him about how you had to go because it was for his dad’s work; you may not have known going in, but you did now and you felt horrible. You could’ve been there, but instead you were off having the time of your life with Chris; talk about mother of the year.

“What’s wrong?” Chris quizzed with narrowed eyes when he saw your face.

“I don’t know, I guess I feel bad about lying about this trip being a work thing,” you admitted, pressing your lips together when you met his gaze. “The moment I see Jack’s face, I’m going to feel like a complete monster.” He sighed; he knew your guilt would surface, if he was being honest- his was too. “We’re going to need to make up for this somehow, you know that right?”

“Yeah, I know,” he nodded. “We’ve got those annual passes for Disney World, right?” You nodded, smiling when you remembered; it was your saving grace. “I’m sure we can slot something in over the holidays, I think Carly wanted to take the kids before Christmas. We can all go together as one big, happy family, I’m sure he’d love that.”

“Somehow I feel like you’re going to love it more.”

“Sounds like a win win situation to me,” he said then laughed when you did. 

• • • • • • • • 

Your flight landed at Logan International Airport in Boston at 8:41PM; a little bit behind schedule, but got you home nonetheless. The airport was a lot busier than you’d both expected, so hats and sunglasses were used to get you through without attracting a mess of fans. You were both tired and ready to get home to see your son, the last thing you wanted was to be stopped and asked to take photos.

Chris hailed a cab and helped the cab driver load the luggage into the trunk while you got into the vehicle, clutching the renaissance painter teddy bear you got Jack from a flea market in Rome. You yawned as your husband and the cab driver got back into the car; it pulled away from the curb and you were on your way home.

“Homeward bound,” Chris whispered into your hair when you leaned into his open arm. “Sleep,” he instructed, knowing how tired you were after your restless flight; you were a frequent flyer, yes, but not all your experiences were smooth. “I’ll wake you when we get home.”

The drive was a few hours and you fell asleep within the first fifteen minutes, Chris had slept on the flight so he wasn’t as tired as you were. When the cab got close, Chris texted Scott to let him know that they were in the area and that he should open the door. It was 11:39PM when Chris woke you up, informing you that you’d reached your beautiful home. You got out of the cab and smiled at the three men that had helped with your son while you were away with your husband.

“Both your boys are asleep in his room,” Scott told you, referring to Jack and Dodger. “Here,” he took your bags from you and you smiled gratefully. “Let us handle the bags,” he offered, beckoning his head at Sebastian and Anthony; they both nodded, smiling. “The two of you go see him. Just try not to wake him? It took a lot of effort to put him down, really don’t know how you two do it on a daily basis,” he chuckled.

“Got it,” Chris chuckled, slapping the guys on the back as he walked past to join your side. “Thanks, guys. We definitely owe you big time,” he said and you nodded in agreement. “If you ever have kids of your own, we are at your disposal.”

The two of you made your way upstairs to your baby boy’s room, you quietly opened the door and peeped in. His Mickey Mouse night light illuminated his room, which was empty; neither Jack nor Dodger were present. “Oh my God,” the teddy bear dropped with your hearts. “Where is Jack?” You asked Chris and he shook his head, his lips parted in shock. You were both so tired that it didn’t occur to either of you that he was somewhere else in the house, the first thought was as you said out loud, “our son is missing.”

“Scott, where is my son?!” Chris cried out, scrambling down the stairs.

“We shouldn’t have gone away,” you mumbled to yourself, feeling your eyes well with tears.

“Mama?” A child’s voice laced with sleep turned your head and you let out a huge sigh filled with absolute relief. “Why are you crying?” He quizzed when you scooped him into your arms, hugging him tightly. “What’s wrong, Mama?” He asked, wrapping his arms around you.

You heard footsteps hurrying up the stairs; Chris led the troop. They caught sight of you with Jack in your arms and all let out a sigh of relief in unison. Chris walked over, wrapping his arms around the both of you and kissing the back of Jack’s head. Dodger padded out of the room, nudging his nose against your leg and you looked down at him with a smile.

“Is that for me?” Jack caught sight of his teddy bear which was still lying on the floor. Chris pulled away and picked it up, passing it to him when you loosened your hug. “Oh wow,” he grinned, hugging it to his chest. “Thanks Mama, thanks Daddy.”

“Where were you?” You asked Jack, running a hand through his sleep disheveled hair. “Uncle Scott said you were asleep in your room, where’d you go?” You asked then answered your own question when you saw him smile. “Were you watching interviews in our room again?”

“No,” he giggled. “I knew you and Daddy were coming home tonight. I wanted to wait up, but Uncle Scott wouldn’t let me so I pretended to be asleep then hid in your room when Uncle Scott went downstairs.” He looked over at Scott, giggling when his uncle scoffed. “I wasn’t actually asleep, Uncle Scott. I was pretending so you’d go downstairs.”

“Yeah,” Scott chuckled in disbelief, “I don’t know how you two do that on a daily basis.” You and Chris chuckled at that. “He is a bigger handful than we’d expected.” Jack giggled when you tickled him. “We were discussing earlier and we wouldn’t be surprised if you told us you lied about the trip being a work thing to get some alone time. Right, guys?” He looked back at Sebastian and Anthony, who both nodded.

“Um…” Chris pressed his lips together.

“Yeah, about that…” You bit back your smile.

“Oh my God, seriously?” Sebastian chuckled.

“We’re going to make it up to all of you,” you quickly told them then turned your attention on your son, “especially you, buddy. I’m so sorry we missed your first proper Halloween, we really wanted to be here.” Jack just smiled, completely indifferent to the truth his uncles had just discovered. He had a lot of fun with the guys and couldn’t care less that you’d missed Halloween.

“I guess we’ll be expecting another Evans baby in nine months then,” Anthony teased and you blushed even though that wasn’t at all true or the reason you went away to Rome. You’d both decided to wait to have another so you were extremely careful when it came to sex and contraception, or so you thought. “Are we hoping for a girl this time, Mr. and Mrs. Evans?”

“I’m going to have a sister?” Jack gasped.

“No, you’re not,” you and Chris both shook your heads.

“You might,” Sebastian told him and his faltered smile regain momentum.

“As careful as you might’ve been,” Scott smirked, “you would’ve slipped up somewhere.”

“Okay, no,” Chris chuckled. “Stop it, guys. We’re not having another baby, not for awhile anyway.”

“Yeah,” you agreed, “our hands are already tied up with Jack, we don’t need another just yet.”

Scott, Sebastian, and Anthony shared cheeky grins then turned back to the two of you and said in unison. “Guess we’ll know in a couple months, won’t we?”

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Yes, finally! The next part is the epilogue. X

Title: Leave Her Be

Character: Jason Crouse

TV: The Good Wife

Warnings: None

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

I quickly gathered my belongings, ready to get out of work and enjoy the weekend off with my boyfriend, Jason Crouse.

Jason had finally come back home after working a long case in San Francisco. We normally talked and texted, but it was going to be awesome to see him face to face.

I had even made sure that all my paperwork was completed, so that I could make a mad dash out of the office.

My plans went awry when a male coworker named Vincent, who had it out for me, stopped me.

“Where are you going, Hun?” he asked, using my normal term of endearment that I often say to many people that I know.

I cringed, not liking how it sounded.

“Home,” I replied.

Looking me up and down while licking his lips, he asked, “Want some company?”

Internally I screamed, “Hell no!”, but I tried to be polite, “No thanks. I have plans,”

He hummed, nodding his head.

“So, excuse me,”

Walking around him, I power walked to my car, jumped in and locked the doors and took off before anything else could happen.
I spotted Jason sitting at a booth as soon as I entered the busy restaurant.

As I neared the table, Jason smiled widely and stood from his seat.

“Hey Sweetheart,” he said, wrapping me up in a tight hug.

“Jason,” I whispered his name, breathing in his familiar scent.

I tilted my head up and smiled as Jason leaned down to kiss me.

The kiss was one of longing, just our lips nestled together.

Jason pulled back, making our lips smack lightly.

When I opened my eyes, Jason became teary and pulled back to wave his fingers in front of his face briefly.

“Awww, Jase,” I cupped his cheeks, running my thumbs over his beard.

He laughed lightly, sniffling, “Sorry, Y/N. I didn’t realize just how much I missed you,”

I swear this man knew how to melt my heart!

“I missed you too, Jason. Facetime, texting and calling just aren’t enough,”

Jason kissed me again before letting me slide into the booth. With his arm around my shoulder, he was close enough that he didn’t have to speak very loudly.

“How was work?”

At that, I questioned myself whether or not to tell him about Vincent; I really didn’t want to screw things up for our weekend.

I shrugged half heartedly and picked up a menu, “Meh, it was alright,”

Out of my peripheral I could see him frown.

“Baby, what’s going on?”

“Nothing,” I replied softly, not looking him in the eye. “How was San Francisco?

Jason kissed his teeth, letting it go for now.

“Too many damn fake people, and way too warm. Not what I’d call home,”

While still studying the menu, I asked, “Oh and where’s home?”

My eyes closed the instant that I felt his lips and beard on my neck.

Jason slowly kissed my neck, his tongue sneaking out as he opened his lips and closed them, sucking gently.

He did this several more excruciating times before nipping at my earlobe.

“Wherever you are is home, Y/N,” he whispered.

I whimpered then hissed when he nipped my earlobe again.

“The mouth on you Mr. Crouse,” the sentence left me on a breath as I turned my head and kissed Jason.

Chuckling into the kiss, Jason pulled my body closer to him, his arm around my shoulder and his hand in my hair.

Pulling away from the kiss, I smiled at him, “Let’s order something to go?”

Jason’s eyes were heavy lidded with desire, “Okay… I like where this is going,”

I leaned closer so only he could hear me, “You’ll love it even more when I’m riding you,”

Licking his lips, Jason laughed, “Miss Davenport, you are bad,”

Running my fingers over his beard, I grabbed the short length of it at his chin and gently tugged on it, “I did have a good teacher,”

“Is that so?”

“Oh yes. You see, I’ll have you know,” I put my forehead to his as I squeezed his thigh, “that I have spent many nights waiting for you to come home to ravish me,”

Jason’s hazel eyes had darkened to a deep brown as he looked out into the bar.

He cleared his throat and slowly turned his head back to me, “I say that we skip dinner and just head to the house so we can have dessert,”

I kissed the corner of his mouth, “Take me home, Jason,”

He dug out his wallet and threw a ten dollar bill on the table for the two drinks that he had.

Jason got out first, holding his hand out to help me stand. With a quick kiss, he held my waist and we left the loud chatter of the restaurant.

“Hello, Y/N,” Vincent, said from behind us.

I tensed and that’s when Jason put two and two together.

“Y/N, you alright?” Jason asked, his hand on the small of my back.

I swallowed and finally looked up at Jason and barely shook my head.

“Baby,” he whispered, “ you have to tell me what is going on,”

I groaned, this not being the way I thought my evening would go, “He works at the office and obviously can’t take no for an answer,”

Jason stood at his full height and looked absolutely pissed off. When he went to walk to Vincent, I reached out and grabbed his arm.

“Jase, c'mon, don’t,”

I’ve seen Jason mad, but this was downright scary, but he used the most softest touch as he gripped my chin, “Let me deal with this,”

I clicked my tongue, but nodded.

Jason went to Vincent and stared him straight in eyes, “I don’t appreciate the fact that you’re hanging around my girl, so here’s your only warning. Leave her be. Don’t talk to her, and don’t look at her.”

“Or what?” Vincent prodded smugly.

I cupped my hands over my mouth, watching as Jason’s fists bunched up, waiting for him to lash out.

He stiffened his spine and got closer to Vincent as he stared him down.

“Don’t do something that you’ll regret… Leave her be. I mean it.”

Jason was radiating with aggression as he neared me, but his voice was in control, “C'mon baby,”

The ride home was filled with tension, Jason gripping the steering wheel tightly.

I didn’t dare to say anything, so I kept quiet and stared out the window, watching as the buildings of downtown zoomed by.

When Jason pulled up to the house, he shut the car off and sat there.


“Has he ever touched you?” he asked, interrupting me.

“What? No, Jase. I promise he’s never laid a finger on me,”

Looking at me, he was dead serious, “If he comes near you again, you let me know, okay?”

“I swear I’ll tell you,” I said, softly.

Jason nodded and got out of the car, walking around and helping me out.

I leaned against the side, watching him as he shut the door.

He sighed deeply, his hands on his hips as he rolled his lips. Hooking his finger in the belt loop of my pants, he gently pulled me towards him.

“Sorry for being short,” he said.

I bit my bottom lip, “It’s alright… kinda hot, I admit,”

Jason laughed, cuddling up to me which had me pinned up against the car.

“So… where were we?” he asked, kissing various places on my neck.

“Hmmm,” I hummed, cradling his head as I tilted mine to the side for easier access, “I do believe something about a ride was said.”

He rolled his hips against me and I could feel his excitement. With a growl and grunt, Jason lifted me over his shoulder and smacked my bottom.

“Ow!!” I giggled, the blood rushing to my head.

Once we were in the house, Jason got the ride that he was promised and I was thoroughly ravished.


Fourth place goes to the story ‘Unwritten’ by the lovely @thebloggerbloggerfun 

What can I say? This soulmate AU absolutely warmed the cockles of my heart! Also love how at the end it wasn’t immediately all sappy and rainbows, and that you instead chose a more realistic approach for their first meeting. 

You were probably one of the first people I followed on here, but everyone who doesn’t yet really needs to go check out your amazing blog! Congratulations, you rock!

Dean had heard this story a thousand times already.

“- and as soon as I saw her I said,” Sam continued with a breathless laugh, “Ma’am, I’m sorry but you can’t leave the library through the fire escape.” He looked over at Jess who smiled coyly and lifted up her pant leg to show those exact words imprinted across her calf like a tattoo.

“So then what did she say?” Anna asked, obviously enraptured by the story of how the two soulmates had met just a few days before.

Sam grinned slyly and unbuttoned the top button of his shirt to pull it aside, revealing the words “Watch Me” marked on his skin.

“Then we kind of just stopped and stared at each other for a while once we realized what had happened.”

“You don’t know how many library fire escapes I’ve used over the years trying to find him.” Jess said with a playful slap against Sam’s shoulder.

Dean watched as Sam gazed into Jess’s eyes with more adoration than he’d ever seen his brother give to anyone.

They were obviously perfect for each other.

“Excuse me,” Dean mumbled, and pushed his chair out from the bar counter. Faintly, he could hear Jess asking Sam if they’d said anything wrong as he swung the bar door open to leave.

He could almost imagine Sam’s practiced speech.

“No,” he’d say. “Soulmates are just a touchy subject for Dean. He - he doesn’t have one.”

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A Little Too Late Part 15

gif is not mine

Title: A Little Too Late Part 15

Characters: Gabriel x Reader, Sam, Dean, Castiel, Balthazar

Word Count: 1,012

Warnings: angst

A/N: Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow American followers! If you’re seeing this, that means the queque worked! So here is PART 15! I hope you all enjoy this part!! Feedback is welcomed and appreciated!

Series Masterlist

Soon Castiel, Balthazar, and Gabriel huddled around the three of you, reading the page you freaked out over.  You were worried that you had been overreacting.  However reading something like that both surprised and scared you.  You walked away from the group of men to sit down at the table farthest from them.  You rubbed your face in your hands.

Gabriel came up behind you, rubbing your shoulders with his hands.  The archangel pressed a kiss to your cheek.  He knew this had to be stressful for you.  It wasn’t every day that someone finds out they’re this special creation.  “I know this is all knew for you [Y/N].  You said we were doing this together, so that’s what we’re gonna do,” Gabriel promised.

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Kai Parker x Reader
( x Klaus Mikaelson , Caroline Forbes , Elena Gilbert , Damon Salvatore)
word count :
2 317
* not my gif

Kai couldn’t believe what had just happened. That must’ve been Klaus or one of his minions. Before he had had even the chance to react , they were both gone. He looked around the school’s front yard , trying to find them somewhere in the crowd but there was nothing. The young heretic clenched his jaw , anger burning in his eyes. There was no way he’d let anything happen to her.

In a haze Y/N opened her eyes , feeling a pain in her neck. She blinked a few times until her eyes opened noticing someone standing close by.
“Arhh… Was that necessary ?” Y/N asked Klaus who had knelt on the ground next to her. She looked around recognising instantly where they were - the old Lockwood cellar.
“No , but it was definitely fun.” he said smug smirk on his face. “Oh your phone is not here. ” he added noticing her hands trying to reach her bag nearby. “I made sure you dropped it when I grabbed you.”
Y/N rolled her eyes. Of course he had.
“What do you want with me ? They will figure out I am gone and will find me … sooner than you think.”
Klaus laughed for a second.
“I am counting on that sweetheart. Personally I want nothing with you. You are just leverage… Its quite unfortunate you’ve been dragged into this.” he sounded almost apologetic. “All I want is one generous blood donation from your mother. As soon as thats done , you get to go home…and be with your charming boyfriend.”
Y/N’s thoughts were swirling like a tornado. Klaus knew about her and Kai. He had been watching them.
“I don’t care what happens to me.” she said. “But if you touch a him …”
“Don’t worry love. I don’t plan on hurting your boyfriend … or you. Unless absolutely necessary.”
She kept thinking about the moment she had last seen Kai barely a few hour ago. At least someone knew she was missing. There was no doubt in her mind that he will be the one to find her. Until then , it was better to keep Klaus on his good side.
“Satisfy my curiosity…” she started. “How did you find out … about my mother being a human again? Who slipped up ? Caroline or Alaric ? Or was it Matt ? I know he still has a thing for your sister…”
“It’s not important.”
“OK then … Why didn’t you just ask like a normal person? Maybe if you didn’t do things like kidnapping , blackmail and what knot people wouldn’t be scared of you. Maybe you’d even get to be with Caroline. I know she still has a thing for you…”
Klaus looked amused by her words. He got up pulling out his phone from his pocket , texting someone - probably her parents or Caroline.
“I like when people fear me , love. Surely your family had told you that.” he said looking up from his phone for a second. Y/N’s gaze drifted to something behind him , noticing a step in the drit that hadn’t been there a moment ago.
“Why are you doing this ?” she asked curious. “Caroline said last time she saw you , you were different. Nicer. Why slip back to the person you were before ?”
Klaus sighed a serious look on his face. For a moment he hesitated but then took a step towards her. He started to say something and then suddenly his neck snapped.
“Let’s get you out of these , shall we.” said Kai appearing from thin air. Y/N had never seen the look he had on his face in that moment. He looked ready to slaughter anyone who got in his way. Somehow that made him look even hotter. Kai pulled the chains off her hands , breaking them in a second, hugging her before she has even had the chance to blink. “I was so worried something might happen to you. He didn’t hurt you did he ?”
Y/N’s lips found his before she answered him.
“No. I’m … I’m fine.” she smiled , her hands cupping his face. “I knew you’d be the one to find me.”
Kai smiled at her , helping her up. “Let’s go before he wakes… other ways I don’t know what I might do to him.”

They ran to her house , opening the door and getting inside. None of them expected to find someone inside , except everyone but Bonnie were there. The look on her parents’ and god-mother’s faces was pure shock. Caroline vamp-ran towards them , Kai raising his hand causing her a witchy headache.
“Hey hey… stop.” Y/N said softly.
Caroline stopped screaming in pain , her gaze shifting between Y/N holding onto Kai , Elena and Damon and back towards the surprise visitor.
“What is he doing here ?!” Elena said rushing to Y/N’s side , grabbing her daughter’s hand pulling her away from Kai.
Y/N pulled away from her mother and went back to Kai’s side.
‘What?’ Elena mouthed.
“He saved me … from Klaus. I guess he does know about my existence after all.” Y/N said. “.. and Kai is here because , he is my … boyfriend.” she said intertwining her fingers with Kai’s looking nervously around.
“Alright , that is enough. I thought we saw the last of you 20 years ago. Whatever spell you have put on my daughter , lift it NOW and run before I change my mind about setting you free.” Damon said.
“You are just not as threatening at this old age , Damon.” said Kai amused. “I haven’t put any spell on her. We met and fell in love. Strange how the world works , isn’t it ? I tried ruining your lifes and in the end your happiness brought me mine.”
Y/N laid her head on Kai’s shoulder smiling at him.
“This is disgusting… but we don’t have time to discuss it now.” Caroline said. “Thanks for saving her , but we got it from here.”
“No, you don’t.” Kai said snaking his hand around Y/N’s waist. “You are the only vampire left standing here. Even with Bonnie’s help you won’t be able to protect your friends and her. I can keep her safe like no one else in this room.”
Everyone’s eyes were on Kai , looking at him as if he had dropped a nuclear bomb in the middle of the room or something. It had been years and they still didn’t even want to give him a chance , even tho he had just saved her.
“Why should we trust you ? You have crossed us so many times …” Elena said calmly.
“Because I am in love with Y/N and I can’t think of a better way to die other than to save her life.” Kai said , his tone filled with love and making it clear it was not up for discussion. “For once in your life , put your trust in me … and if not in me then in your daughter.”
“Please ?” Y/N pleaded with her parents. “Whoever he was back then , he is not the same person. I love him and I trust him with my life.”
Elena turned to Damon who was shaking his head fiercely in disagreement.
‘No.No .. No.’ he mouthed.
Kai titled his head around , Caroline doing the same clearly hearing something the rest of them couldn’t. They shot worried glances at each other and the next second the door flew out of it’s hinges. Kai swiftly vamp - ran holding onto Y/N to the far end of the room away from the flying door. Caroline stood protectively in front of Damon and Elena.
“Klaus.” she muttered.
“Hello , love. It’s nice to see you. Unfortunately as much as I would love to stand here and chat with you , there is something I have to do first.” said Klaus vamp - running towards Y/N and Kai. A second later Klaus dropped on the ground screaming in pain , Kai’s hand raised in the air.
“Still think you don’t need my help ?” he asked , not taking his eyes of Klaus who was trashing on the floor with his hands holding his head.
Caroline quickly grabbed a wolfs pain / vervain syringe they had prepared earlier , sticking the needle in Klaus’ neck. She blew some hair out of her face looking at Kai who had wrapped his arms tightly around Y/N.
“We are NOT done talking about this.” Elena said going to her daughter to give her a hug. “Go. Now. But if something happens to her , you will be held responsible. Got it ?”
“Got it.” said Kai. “Do you need something from your room , sweetheart ?”
“Maybe just my laptop.” she said smiling nervously. “Can’t bear it if something happens to all our pictures …”
Kai kissed her forehead and whooshed upstairs to grab it. Y/N turned to her dad , running to hug him.
“You have lost your mind.” he said , holding onto her tightly. “He is a -”
“No. He is not.” Y/N pulled away. “Remember when you told me the story of what you were when you first met mom ? How she saw the good in you even though you had done some awful things ? It’s the same with me and Kai. He is not the person you knew.”
“Just be careful.” her dad said letting her go.
Caroline gave Y/N a hug too and then Kai showed up. He had picked up more than just her laptop - there was an overnight bag in his hands. At that moment Klaus started to groan , the wolfspain / vervain shot starting to wear off. Kai snaked his hand around Y/N’s waist as she turned around for one last look at her family. Elena had tears in her eyes and Damon looked as if he was in pain.Caroline gave them a small smile and then turned her attention to Klaus. Together Kai and Y/N walked outside and in a split second he whooshed them away.

“This is not how I imagined our time alone together.” Y/N said pouring herself 4th cup with coffee for the day. Kai snatched it from her hands , pouring it into the sink. “Hey ! I was going to drink that … ”
He kissed her cheek and pulled out a pack with a decaf coffee getting ready to brew a fresh pod.
“It’s been 3 days. You have barely slept - all you do is toss and turn all night. When they deal with Klaus , they will call.” said Kai softly , brushing her cheek. Y/N’s eyes had been filled with worry ever since they got to his place a few days ago. Kai had put a boundary spell on the building and on the apartment itself making sure no supernatural can enter.“We are switching to decaf. I don’t want your parents getting Caroline to kill me because you’ve died from going over board with your caffeine addiction.”
Y/N smiled for the first time the past few days.
“Ahh there it is! I missed your smile.” he said , kissing her briefly. Y/N however didn’t want a brief kiss , she wanted him. Their little moment however was cut short when Kai’s phone rang. He reached into his back pocket , checking the caller ID. “It’s Caroline. Hello ?”
“Put it on speaker…” Y/N asked in a hushed voice. Kai had clenched his jaw refusing to meet her eyes and that only got her more worried. He didn’t say much , mostly listened. “What… what is it ?”
“I understand.” said Kai , hanging up.
“What is it ? Tell me.” she insisted. Kai’s tone was so guarded it made her stomach tie in a knot. Something bad must’ve happened or he would’ve told her straight away what the phone call was about.
“It’s … um … It’s your mother….” he trailed off. “Klaus took her.”
“What … ?”
Y/N felt as if the world had darkened. After all Caroline hadn’t been able to keep her parents safe. If Klaus had her mother … Her eyes started watering , tears threatening to fall down her cheeks at any moment. Kai pulled her into a hug , gently brushing his fingers through her hair. She pulled away from him , running to their bedroom. A few minutes later she came out fully dressed , her hair pulled in a tight ponytail.
“Let’s go.” she said with determination.
“No. We are not going. Caroline called specifically to ask me NOT to go anywhere. Damon said -”
“I don’t care what my father says. We are going to find my mother , got it ? It’s not up for discussion.” she said , searching for a map in the book shelf. Y/N opened the map onto the coffee table , reaching for the letter knife when Kai grabbed her wrists. “Let go of me.
Kai wouldn’t listen to her. Y/N had a crazy look in her eyes mixed with worry and recklessness like he had never seen before. She was going to rush into danger and get herself killed. No way he’d let that happen.
“Kai. I mean it. Let. GO.” she said starring into his eyes. He sighed , letting go of her hands and rubbing his forehead with his thumb and index finger. Y/N cut her finger letting a few drops of blood fall on the map. He knew what she wanted - a locator spell.
“Y/N … I know you are worried but … if something happens to you…”
“Nothing is going to happen to me. Just help me … please.” she pleaded , tears starting to roll down her cheeks. “I can’t lose her…”
“Okay …”
He started the spell , the blood slowly moving on the map of Mystic Falls stopping near one of the back roads out of town. Y/N quickly pulled out her phone , mapping the area where a single house was located. She headed for the door only to have it blocked by Kai a split second later.
“Wait for me , sweetheart.” he said calmly , grabbing his jacket and car keys.“We are going to save your mother. I promise.”

MASTERLIST March / April 2017

Anon asked: Can u please make an imagine about Dj Rupp where you get mad at him for his new music video because there is a part where 2 girls are touching him inappropriately and he makes it up for you? Please ? 😁❤️

“Y/N, your gonna wanna check out your man’s new video” my bestfriend Maggie shouted from the kitchen, “it dropped today?” I whipped out my phone, “yeah and I don’t think your gonna be too happy.” She walked into the room with a sincere look on her face, i furrowed my brows. “Your kinda freaking me out, but okay?” I searched up Dillon’s name and the video popped up. I sat there and watched it, Maggie was completely correct. I wasn’t pleased at all. Would you be pleased if you saw your boyfriend of 2 and a half years touching females and letting them touch and kiss up on him? No. I threw my phone, “y/n… Chill” Maggie came to me, “why does he not ask me shit before he does it” I cried out. This was the 3rd time he’s done something like this and every time before he disregarded my feelings and I’ve had it. I’m a woman not an object and I’m not about to be disrespected. I sat there thinking as Maggie tried relaxing me, “he’s got one coming when he steps in that door.” I got up and sat on the kitchens island in plain view of the door.

An hour later Dillon pulled up along skate and Derek and entered the house. “Hey bab–” he stood there, he knew I was mad. “What’s up?” He questioned, Derek and Nate looked at me and knew Dillon was in for it. “You know wassup.” I rolled my eyes, “are we finna do this shit again.?” He rolls his eyes, I took a deep breath in and hit my fist on my leg. “I’m so sick of this man” I laughed out, he stood quiet. “I’m sick of the miscommunication, the fucking secrets, the disrespect and the lack of appreciation Dillon” “what the fuck are you talking about” he scoffed. “Don’t act stupid dillon, you never tell me shit no more, you kept the whole video concept away from me, you kissed some females and let them touch you and shit, you’ve done this 2 other times and when I tried fucking talking to you legit laughed in my face and said you wouldn’t do it again, stupidly I fucking stayed because I’m in love with you. I try and chill with you and have our random date nights and you never have time for me but got time to go with your boys?” My brows scrunched up as I gestured over to Derek and Nate. “I get it, I’m no longer your priority and that’s cool, I can get any one I fucking want but I only want you but I’m so done to be honest” I hopped off the counter, “you are over reacting” Dillon laughed, “bro” Nate held on to his shoulder.

I laughed to myself, “you know what, I always over react in your eyes so lemme do us a big favor, I’m done. Consider yourself single and no longer held down.” I let tears slide down my face. “Your not leaving” Dillon laughed. “Dillon I am. I hope your happy. Let’s go mags” I grabbed my purse and walked past him, he grabbed my wrist. “Where are you going?” He looked painfully at me, “that’s no longer your concern, Imma dip catch you whenever kiddo” I pulled my wrist and walked out the house. I made it into Maggie’s car and the whole time cried, I layed on her sofa and relooked over every memory. I got message after message from Dillon.

Dills ❤️✨: babe.
Dills ❤️✨: please come back.
Dills ❤️✨: I don’t wanna loose you, please I’m begging you.
Dills ❤️✨: baby, I can’t live without you. Please don’t do this to me…
Dills ❤️✨: Y/N…
Dills ❤️✨: I love you please don’t do this to me, I don’t wanna wake up without you there.

I know me and him aren’t over, but I need him to appreciate me and show me that he cares. Until then, I don’t wanna be around him. I layed there for the next 3 hours looking at every memory of me and Dillon and decided to check his Twitter. One of his tweets caught my eye, it was 2 hours ago. I clicked it and it directed me back to his Instagram, up popped up a picture of me and Dillon when we went to Puerto Rico with Nash. “11/7/2015. I’m never one to be all cakey, but this female means so much to me, y'all don’t even know. 11/7/2015 her birthday and the day I made the woman I wanna marry… Mine. I admit I’m a screw up, I do stupid shit and I question everyday how does she put up with me? Today we had a big fight because I made a stupid choice of not speaking to her. I didn’t write this for y'all to send her hate, so please don’t. I wrote this to just hopefully get at least a text back. Y/N I’m sorry for not talking to you, for lying, for not appreciating you but please don’t leave. I’m trying so hard to work on me, for us. At the end of the day none of these females have what you have, they don’t have good cooking skills, amazing humor, sarcastic jokes, a sexy ass attitude, the best lips in the world and a smile that makes me fall in deeper love with you… Every Time I see you, I get so nervous as stupid as it sounds, I turn into a child with a crush. I love you, and your attitude and everything just everything. Please respond to me, the thought of you leaving and finding someone that’s not me, kills me. It wouldn’t make everything I fucking have worth it, if your not here with me. Please baby respond or at least see me. Love your baby face dill 😔❤️🐷”

I stood there and thought,

Me to Dills ❤️✨: I’ll be home in 10.
Dills ❤️✨: oh thank god. I love you ❤️
Me to Dills ❤️✨: whatever.

I approached the house, grabbing my purse and making sure to keep my guard up. I opened the door and called out for Dillon, I had no response before making it to our bedroom. On the bed stood a big bear, with flowers and a picture of when we went on our first date. Cute if you ask me, I wanted to forgive him in that moment but I needed a little more begging. “Babe..” I heard him step in, “yeah” I sternly said, he walked over to me holding one of my hands in his, “I’m sorry…” He rubbed over it with a finger. I rolled my eyes, “okay.” “Baby, I really am. I get it I get that I’ve been acting like a fucking ass but man I don’t wanna loose you. Your legit everything to me, it would kill me to see you happy with someone that’s not me. I wake up everyday blessed to be next to you, to have the memories I have with you and to go to sleep every fucking night with you. I’m new to this being in love shit and it’s not an excuse why I shouldn’t have asked you but dammit I’m begging literally to give me another shot, I have a lot I wanna make up to you. I wanna spend the rest of my days with you and I’m gonna learn to tell you everything before I do it just please don’t leave.” He pulled me into his arms holding me tight breathing quicker than ever, I took a moment for everything he said to sink in. I pulled back, “Dillon… I” his eyes turned to the side painfully as he let my hand go. “Of course I forgive you, you think you’d loose me that easy? Hell no, I just wanted to teach you a lesson stop being an ass or next time Imma really leave” he turned back smiling brightly as ever before lifting me off the ground and planting a soft gentle kiss on my lips. “ I fucking love you and Imma make up for everything.” “I love you too and you can start making up by putting a movie and having a day to just cuddle me” I laughed “yes ma'am” he laughed placing me down before putting a movie in and lying in bed with me. As stressful as he may make me, it’s worth every tear,sweat, heart ache and headache.

IMAGINE: Harry and you have been together for a while now but ever since Dunkirk has finished production you two have been inseparable and you loved every second of it. A couple of weeks of rest and relaxation have passed and Harry had to start focusing on his next project, his music. You were upset that the “honeymoon” phase had to be cut short but you admired and loved his passion for music. The way he put his whole hear and soul into every lyric, every melody. You would just sit around watching him and think to yourself how lucky you were to have this beautiful and deeply passionate man in your life.

Once the writing and recording process was done it was time for promotion tours which meant that Harry had to travel for a while. Whenever he was away, the two of you would do everything to make it work. That meant multiple phone calls, texts and FaceTime sessions. But one day the two of you felt the homesickness for each other a little more than usual. Neither of you felt like leaving the comfort of the bed although you were both miles away from one another. But for Harry, staying in bed was not an option. Today he had a bunch of meetings and a couple interviews. On busy days like these, the only communication you two would have was through text. However today that just wasn’t enough. He needed to see you. So before his meeting he decided to FaceTime you.

Back at home you were stuffed in a comforter/ blanket burrito with your phone at hand. Suddenly the screen turned from your twitter feed to the image of you in that very moment with the Harry’s name appearing on the top. You quickly accepted the FaceTime call and in a couple seconds the love of your life’s face speared on the screen.

With a grand smile on your face you greeted him a “Hi love!”

Harry mimicked your smile and answer back.

“Im glad to see you but don’t you have a busy day today?” You asked.

“…yeah…” Harry’s smile faded as he ran his hand through his hair then scratching the back of his neck.

A worried face crept over your face when you asked what was wrong.

“Nothing, nothing. I just miss you love and I needed to see you.” He replied with a small grin.

“I miss you too. Bed doesn’t feel the same with out you” you mentioned as you cuddled further and deeper into the pillow. His pillow.

Harry let out a breathy laugh and smiled.

A voice in the background suddenly appeared, causing Harry to look away from the screen.

The faint voice mentioned that they were ready for him. Harry smiled and nodded. He then looked back to his phone with a face of sadness and a breathy sigh.

“Time to go?” You asked in a low voice, sticking out your bottom lip into a pout.

“Yeah…but I need to see you. I’m probably going to be so distracted if I don’t.”

“I know baby…it’s not like you can bring me in there though.”

Harry’s face sudden illuminated and a cheeky grin appeared on his face. “Or can I?!”

You gave him a puzzled stare “what are you up to Styles?”

“You’re coming in with me!!” He said has he flashed him his signature dimples smile. “You can stay on FaceTime and I’ll just mute you”

“H you can’t do that!”

“And why not?”

“Because you’ll get distracted”

“I will be even more distracted if I don’t see you. I promise to be attentive. I just need to know you’re there”

Letting out a little laugh “alright if it helps, I guess it’s okay”

“Yay! Thank you Y/N I love you!”

“I love you too! Now mute me and go in, you’re making them wait.”

With a smile, Harry did as instructed. Once at his seat, he placed you gently on the table enough where he can see you and you can see him. Although you couldn’t hear what they were saying, you enjoyed seeing Harry. And as promised he was being very attentive. But every now and then you would catch him sneaking peaks down at his phone looking at you and giving you funny faces. **GIF**

Oh how you loved this man and he loved you. And since then you were there for every meeting for the remainder of the trip; neatly placed on the table with the perfect view to admire the ambitious, talented, insanely dorky and deeply passionate man you were madly in love with.


Hey guys I hope you enjoy this like imagine I randomly decided to write as I wait between classes at Uni! Let me know what you guys think ☺️✌🏼️ Always -F

PONY! Again, for those of you unaware of my OTP, go check out Winter’s Flame by @imagine-that-marvel, who coincidentally, also asked for this story (@vastudent3). I combined it with the Lost Boys song that was put forward by @agentpiku, which you’ll want to play when Wanda begins to chew her lip. Enjoy, my darlings!

Prompt[s]:  KK hi you beautiful human being you- I has a request if you find the time. Wanda X reader (she’s my bae next to you) where you are told by Nick Fury to go help teach at Xavier’s School for the Gifted (to recruit for SHIELD ) and you bring Wanda with you to help with the mutants bc she has abilities. Tanks bb 

I was wondering if you would ever be okay with writing something that’s maybe inspired by “Lost Boys” by Ruth B??

“Lost Boys”

“You alright?” Wanda asked, adjusting the folds of your shirt collar.
“That’s what I should be asking you.”
“But I am not the one who is nervous.”
“I’m not-” You opened your mouth to continue protesting, until you realised who you were talking to.

“You wouldn’t have asked me to come if you weren’t.” She smiled, brushing dust off of your shoulders, before pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Don’t be afraid. You’ll be fine.”

And just like that she was pushing you into one of Charles Xavier’s classrooms.

Your presence had been requested as a mutant member of the Avengers. You were an inspiration to many, and had the ability to show them what their powers could achieve. Knowing the good that such guidance would’ve done you when your powers first came to light, you swiftly agreed, only to regret it later when your nerves got the better of you.

When you made contact with people, you were able to experience their memories as your own. By touching Steve, you felt the bite of the ice as you crashed into it; by touching Natasha, you felt your calf muscles stretch during an arabesque.

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You shoveled the food in your mouth, hungrily chomping down on the mix of your breakfast. Hoseok stared at you weirdly, holding his utensil in his hand. “You’ve been eating a lot lately, jagi.” He says, still not eating.

“I’m just really hungry,” You lift your head to sip on some juice.

“You’ve been ‘really hungry’ for quite some time now..” He said lowly, poking at his food. “Do you think..” He sighed, setting the fork down. “You think you’re pregnant? Because if you are, I’m gonna buy him or her anything and everything-”

“What?” You gently wiped the drop of juice that had dribbled down your chin. “That’s not possible, we-”

“Protection isn’t a certain thing, (Y/N).”

Before you could open your mouth again, he lunged from his seat over to yours. “Wow, you’re even getting pudgy there!” He felt your stomach.

“Hoseok, get off.” You lightly pushed him away.

“But the baby is there,” He rubbed it as if you were about to give birth at any minute.

“Hoseok,” You tore him away from you, “I can’t be. What do I tell my boss, what do we tell everyone?”

His excited faced turned into a solemn one, “Oh, yeah..”

“I’ll get fired—you’ll get fired.” You slowly broke into tears, “What will we do?”

“I’ll stay by your side no matter what,” He rubbed your leg, “If you are, then we have to be mature adults and accept the consequences; it was our decision.”

“But how?” You cupped your face, “How do we tell everyone we’ve been together for so long and kept it a secret? It’s against the rules, and now it’s worse that I might be carrying your baby.”

“We’ll work things out,” He told you reassuringly, “Just go get changed, okay?” He kissed your cheek lightly.

“What about you?” You sniffled.

“I’m just practicing today,” He looked at his clothes, “What’s the point of changing?”

“I’ll let you know when I’m ready,” You notified him, walking to your room. You tried to shrug off the worries you had, and focus on getting ready. But what if you ruined Hoseok’s life? What if he never forgives you? These questions ring through your brain as you slip on a dress. You found yourself looking in your mirror: you turn to the side and felt the difference in your abdomen. Staring intently, almost as if you’d miss it if you blinked, you watched the way the dress you had worn just a while ago draped on your newly acquired bump. “Are you really in there?” You wondered aloud, feeling yourself.

“I guess so,” Hoseok came up behind you. “I remember when I first saw you,” He wrapped his arms around you, hugging you from behind with his hands on your belly. “You were wearing this dress. You still look as beautiful as the day I set eyes on you,” He looked at your reflections, “Just that you’re sticking out now.” He felt you the way you did—careful not to hurt the fetus—as if you could’ve. “I’m not gonna lie, jagi.” He started, “You look about a hundred times more adorable with a tummy.”

You watched him in the mirror, seeing the honesty in his face. “You don’t think I’m gonna be gross when I get bigger?”

“What?!” He spun you around by your shoulders to face him, “Say that one more time—I dare you, (Y/N).”

You fight a smile, and repeat yourself very slowly. “Don’t you think I’ll be gross when I get bigger?”

“Nonsense!” He shouted upwards, “Why would I? I did that to you, you’re my girl, and that’s my baby in there.”

“But I’ll be so much bigger,” Your smile transformed to a frown. “I’m not sure if I’m ready,” You sigh, “I’m scared.”

“It’s a scary thing, I’m sure all mothers are scared their first time.”

“Aren’t you afraid?”

“Afraid?” He scoffed, “One: I’m excited. Two: I’m not scared of anything.”

“Not afraid of anything?” You grinned, “Are you sure? Because last time I checked, you can’t sit through a horror movie—oh, and don’t forget the spiders.”

He shivered, “But those things are scary,”

“And me giving birth isn’t?” You cocked your head to the side.

“Yah, don’t turn this around.” He pointed at your forehead, “The baby can’t kill us.”

“Neither can the house spiders,” You replied smartly, walking away.

“But what if they could?” He yelled after you.

“Then we’d be dead already,”


“Let’s get to work already!” You snatched a sweater from the couch and his keys.

//At Work//

“Have a good day, sweetie.” Hoseok kissed your head as if you were a small child.

“You too.” You smiled, holding your hands together.

“You know you grabbed my sweater instead of yours, right?” He played with the sleeve.

“Aish, I wasn’t looking.”

“Maybe no one will notice,” He shrugged, stealing a kiss from your lips. “You go in first, I’ll wait a little.” He pushed you to the doors of the BigHit building by your bum. You walked in coolly, just like you did everyday.

“Ah, good morning (Y/N)~” Your coworker waved, “Pretty chilly, isn’t it?”

“It is,” You admitted, rubbing your arms.

“Poor baby,” She pouted at you, “Why no sleeves in this weather?”

“I didn’t realize it was like this,” You immediately tugged Hoseok’s sweater on.

“It’s even colder in here,” She fixed up some papers.

You made your way behind the desk, hugging her lightly. She was older than you, married, and has three kids—you could trust her, can’t you? She’s been by your side since you started, and she’s told you gossip with the other workers in the building. She’s even told you some problems she was having.
“(Coworker’s/Name),” You said weakly.

“What’s wrong, (Y/N)?” Her hand went directly to your forehead, “Are you getting a fever?”

Her motherly instincts were overwhelming when it came to you. “N-No,” You set her hand down.

“Then what is it?” She stared at the sleeves of the sweater that hung past your finger tips. “Whose sweater is that, (Y/N)-ah?”

“What do you mean?” You felt nervous.

“Is isn’t yours—I can tell.”

“It’s just one too big,” You tried waving it off.

She pressed on, though. “But whose?”

“Good morning!” Hoseok walked to the front desk. “You look beautiful today, as usual.” He complimented you two. “You look extra lovely today, (Y/N).” He winked, “See you when I’m on break, alright?”

He had to do this, or it’d be odd. The way Hoseok greeted you the very first day he met you, was the way he greeted you everyday—to play it as if you still had nothing to do with each other. Flirting was an everyday occurrence between the two of you. “Okay.” You waved at him.

“Bye.” (C/N) waved. “Now back to the mystery man’s sweater,”

“How would you know it’s a man’s?”

“It smells like a man, and it’s way too big to be a woman’s.”

You clenched your fists, “Hoseok gave it to me last night when he walked me to my car.” You blurted out.

“Oh,” She nodded, “That’s all you had to say.” She turned around, fixing sign in sheets. “Unless there’s something else going on between you two.”

“What?” You popped your head up, “No, (C/N)! Of course not!”

“There’s no need to yell,” She rolled her eyes.

“That’s against the rules,” You sigh, remembering the discussion at home.

“Hm, I know.” She played with the ends of her hair, “That didn’t stop my husband and I.”

“Excuse me?”

“I never told you?”

“No.” You shook your head.

“Ah, well he worked here as one of the head people. We fell in love, and he proposed to me.”

“What happened?”

“He doesn’t work here anymore,”

“Did he get fired?” You flinched, afraid of the answer.

“He’s working for a different company because they pay better—this company doesn’t really care.” You felt relieved with this new piece of information, “But in your case, if something is going on,” She leaned forward to you, “It’s with an idol—a very popular one. He could lose his job, ruin his reputation, and probably have to find somewhere else to record music.” She leaned back, “But nothing is happening between you two, so there’s nothing to worry about.”


//Break Time//

“Whoa, I’m tired!” Hoseok said loudly, coming by your desk again. “Hello, pretty lady.” He smiled at you.

“Hey.” You waved.

“Mind if I treat you to lunch? What are you craving?” His eyes went wide when he heard what he just said, “What would you like to eat, I mean.”

“I’ll have whatever your having..” You lower your head.

“Great.” He rubbed your hand in secrecy. “I’ll be back soon.” With that he went on his way.

“I need to sit down,” You complained, putting your hand on your back.

“Feet hurting?” Your coworker asked without looking at you.

“Yes.” You groaned, sitting down.

“Lower back pains?”

“Yes..” You said slowly, watching her write down things on a paper.





“Feeling nauseous in the morning, and eating more than usual?”

“Why are you asking me this?”

“When was the last time you got your period?” She ignored your question with her own.

“About a month or so ago.” You cave in.

“Yeah,” She clicked her pen and tore off a sheet of paper from her notepad. “You’re pregnant.” She handed you it.

The paper had: “Congratulations!” On it with tons of tiny doodles all around the word.

She came back with her lunch in her hand, “I knew you two had a thing going on, and I can see that glow from a mile away.” She sipped her water bottle, “So, how long since you guys have been seeing each other?” You were still in shock, and speechless. “Oh, give it up!” She laughed, “I know I’m right.”

“Since I started, pretty much.” You say reluctantly.

“That boy,” She breathed a laugh while shaking her head. “I knew it from the moment he laid eyes on you.”

“What do you mean, unnie?” You looked up at her from your seat.

“His eyes practically budged out of his head, then after all that he just wouldn’t stop coming by to talk to you. How did he ask you out?” She was intrigued at how you kept it a secret.

“Well, he asked me for my number first.”

“I remember that, I think.” She touched her chin, “Go on.”

“We texted back and forth constantly—if we weren’t busy, we were talking.”

She giggled lightly, “Young love.”

“Then he texted me if I wanted to go out,” You smiled to yourself, remembering the difficulty you had choosing an outfit.

“That’s cute.” She said, eating her salad.

You waited a while, scrolling through your phone.
“(Y/N)-ah,” Hoseok said lowly, looking around. “I got you some food, jagi.” You stood up slowly, holding your back a little. “It’s very healthy—you know, just in case.” He whispered carefully.

You breathed a laugh while shaking your head, “(C/N) knows—she actually guessed it.”

“What? Really?” He practically dropped the styrofoam box. “Is it that obvious?” He asked.

“Well, when you act like that it is.” She walked over.

“Are we in trouble?” He frowned.

“I’m not in the position to say,” She shrugged, “What’d you get her?”

“Vegetables, meat—you know, just healthy things. I think it’s the healthiest thing on the menu.”

“Good.” She nodded, “I ate very well my three pregnancies. The only downfall there was is that I mixed in my cravings with the healthy and my second was nine pounds.”

“Omo!” You and Hosoek gasped, slapping the desk.

“Nine pounds?!” You gawked, “I can’t carry I baby that big, unnie!”

“Shush!” She scolded you, “Your baby might not weigh that much even if you ate the same way I ate.”

“I don’t wanna take that chance, but I want the baby to be healthy.”

“The baby can still be healthy if you don’t eat a lot of vegetables, but it wouldn’t hurt to do it here and there. My only problem was I wanted to eat everything I saw,” A blush slightly crept up her cheeks.

“She ate a lot at home for a while..” Hoseok spoke, “Just try to control yourself while I’m not with you, okay jagi?” He placed the food on the desk. “I gotta get back to the guys, just give me a kiss before I go.” He leaned over.

“I’ll be the look out,” Your coworker stared at the elevator. Your hand went to the back of his neck, bringing him forward. Your lips brushed against his, then finally pressed fully against him. “So cute..” She lightly squealed.

“Hyung?” Jungkook said confusedly, “Why are you kissing (Y/N)-ah?”

“(C/N),” Hoseok looked at her.

“I’m sorry, I wanted to see!” She pouted.

Hoseok sighed, “Come with me, (Y/N).”

You followed him around the desk, “Are we going to confess?”


“We have to..”

“Confess what?” Jungkook switched his view from you two as you stood on the other side of him.

“I’m a little nervous.” You admitted.

“They love you,” Hoseok said, “They’ll have no problem with it.”

“Can someone please tell me what’s going on?” Jungkook whined.

“Just wait until we tell everyone else,” Hoseok pushed him to the elevator, grabbing your hand in the process. You entered the elevator doors, and ascended to where the boys were. All the while, everyone was speechless.

Jungkook stood in the middle, awkwardly standing there. “Noona, did you have lunch yet?”

“Um, no. Hoseok brought me some food but you came before I could eat,”

“I’m sorry.” He frowned.

“I have everyone’s food here,” He held the bag with styrofoam boxes. “Including (Y/N)’s.”

“Ah, noona~” Jungkook’s eyes traced down to your stomach, “Are you feeling alright? You look bloated,”

“We’ll talk about it with the guys,” Hoseok said before you could open your mouth. You felt a little self-conscious, so you placed your hands over your stomach. “You look beautiful..” He whispered in your ear, gently putting your hands down. “Don’t hide it.” There was a ding, and you all stepped off as the double doors opened up. The two boys led you to the room the rest were in, “Yah!” Hoseok yelled to get their attention.

“He’s back with the food!” Tae clapped, beginning to stand up.

“Sit down!” He pointed to Tae. He slowly put his hands up and walked backwards to his previous spot. “Jungkook, can you please sit down as well?”

“Sure thing, hyung.” He nodded, taking a spot next to Jimin.

“Why is (Y/N) here?” Namjoon asked.

“I’ll tell you right now, just listen.” He cleared his throat, “For a while now, I’ve been seeing (Y/N). While I said I was visiting family, I was actually staying with her. I’ve been with her since,” He blew air out, thinking. “Since about a week or two after she started working here.”

“That was so long ago..” Jin said quietly.

“I know. As you all know, if word gets out a worker is dating an idol..well, you know.” He moved his hand around, “That’s not the only thing I wanted to say—not the biggest point.” He held your hand, placing it on your stomach. “She’s pregnant.”

Gasps filled the room, “A baby!” Tae jumped, “We’re gonna have a baby around!”

“Can we play games with him—or her?” Jimin asked hopefully holding Jungkook.

“Forget that! Let’s teach him how to rap!” Yoongi slapped Namjoon’s hand. “Just like us and his dad!”

“How sure are you it’s gonna be a boy?” Jin raised his eyebrow. “I think Hoseok would be great as a father, but a better one to a girl.”

“Well, that’s alright.” Namjoon said understandingly.

“There are girl rappers,” Yoongi shrugged, “Successful. No doubt she’ll be as good as her dad, and will be making a statement.”

“Can I dress her?” Jin wondered aloud, “Maybe clothes?”

“What about us? Can we just play?” Jungkook asked.

“Dress her in lots of pink!” Tae smiled.

“Of course, what else would she wear?” Jin said matter-of-factly.

“Are they more excited than we are?” You tugged Hoseok’s sleeve.

“I am pretty excited,” He informed you, “The thought of a little girl running around with pink overall skirt, rapping along to Cypher, and dancing warms my heart. But the thought of a son wearing hats, rapping, running around while yelling is also great; I can’t choose!”

“I want a girl!” Tae proclaimed, “(Y/N)-ah, have a girl!” He demanded.

“I can’t control it,” You looked at Hoseok.

“It’s gonna be a boy, duh.” Yoongi and Namjoon gave rude looks to Tae.

“So you’re okay with this?” You asked

“You two are cute together, you’re happy, and have a baby on the way!” Jimin exclaimed, “What’s there not to be happy about?”

Soon enough everyone began discussing baby names, how they baby will be, and things of that nature over lunch. “I love you,” Hoseok kissed your temple, “Oh, and you too.” He kissed your belly.

Imagine meeting Jared at a bar

Two hours more and I’m done. I’m free for the weekend, free from this miserable job and free to do whatever the hell I want.

Fridays are always busy, and today is not the exception. I run all over the bar serving beers, bourbon, even champagne to a group of friends celebrating that one of them got fired. I don’t stop until those last two hours, when the group of friends decides to go dancing, the solitary drinkers realize that it’s time to go home, and I end up with just a few customers left.

I’m finishing serving a beer to one of my regulars when the door opens once again. A solitary guy enters the bar, walking at his own pace towards one of the stools. When I get near the new guy I immediately know that something’s wrong.

“What can I help you with?” I ask him, showing the nicest smile I can provide.

“I don’t know, a beer?”

“Well, you look like you could have something nicer” I mumble, examining the man in front of me, “What about a margarita?!”

My sudden enthusiasm shocks him and I’m sure he ends up nodding just because I startled him.

“I’ve never had a margarita before” He says, and I can sense he’s a bit ashamed.

“Really? Margaritas are amazing” I say as I put all the ingredients on my side of the bar, “You have tequila, and a bit of lime. It’s the perfect combination!”

I start explaining the whole process of the drink as I prepare it. The man looks at my hands impressed as I mix everything. When I’m done, I give him his drink, wishing that he likes it.

I leave the solitary man alone to prepare more drinks for my other customers, always keeping an eye on the guy enjoying the margarita.

Half an hour passes before I get a call from the guy, his eyes have been glued to his phone for the last couple of minutes.

“Everything okay?” I ask him.

“Can I have another drink?” He asks, and I can see that whatever is troubling him isn’t good.

“Sure, you want another margarita or you wanna have something new?”

“I’m not really a bar type of guy, I’m not sure what other drinks you can make” He says, and I can feel the same shame as before on his choice of words.

“Have you tried martinis before?” He shakes his head and I provide a new big smile to him, “Great, I’ll make you one!”

I do the same as before, explaining all the ingredients that the drink has, the process and some variations you can make to it. Once I’m done, I stay with him as he tries the new drink. A smile appears on his lips as he finishes his first sip.

“Oh, that’s good” He says, with the first smile of the night, I provide my own smile as I watch him take another sip.

“I’m glad you like it!”

Most of the people have gone home, and I’m left with only two people in the bar. I leave the solitary guy alone once again as I receive the payment from the last customer. The solitary guy notices that he’s the only one left in the bar and calls me to his side.

“Do people tell you their names? Because I just realized that I haven’t said mine and I’m extremely ashamed of that”

“Only if they want to” I laugh, “It’s okay if you want to keep your anonymity”

“I’m Jared” He presents himself, offering me his hand to shake. I shake his hand, presenting myself with a kind smile. “Have you been working here for long?”

“Two years… I think”

“Wow, that’s why these things taste so great” Jared laughs, taking another sip of his martini.

Jared starts making more questions about my job, about the people that comes to the bar. When I tell him that I still got 45 minutes left at the bar he offers to accompany me for the rest of my shift.

“Why are you the only one working here? It’s Friday night and this place must have been full a while ago”

“It was” I say, raising both of my eyebrows, “And I wasn’t supposed to be alone, I work with my boss, but his girlfriend’s water broke, so…”

“Oh” Is the only things he says, and I can sense that what’s wrong with him has to do with what I just mentioned.

“Are you okay? You’ve been checking your phone ever since you arrived here”

“It’s complicated” He mumbles, fixating his eyes on his drink.

“You don’t have to tell me if you don’t want to, I was just… worried”

His eyes shift from the drink to me. He seems pretty down, his shoulders low, bags under his eyes. And let’s not forget about the fact that he’s alone in a bar.

After a few seconds of silence, Jared drinks his whole drink in a second, asking me to make him another. As I start working on his new drink, he starts talking.

“I just thought I had the perfect relationship, you know? House, dogs, engagement ring, everything” He stops for a second to catch his breath, I lift my eyes to see him rub one of his eyes with his sleeve, “At first I thought she was cheating on me”

I don’t want to interrupt him with unnecessary comments like: “What? How could someone cheat on you? I mean, come on, have you watched yourself in a mirror? You’re a god!”. I just bite my lip, waiting for him to continue.

“Do you have a boyfriend?” He asks me, it takes me a minute to shake my head no, “But I’m sure you’ve experienced that feeling of not being wanted, when your partner just… avoids you”

“Yeah, I think so. That usually means bad news” I mutter.

Jared nods, giving a sip to his drink.

“That’s why I thought she was cheating on me, but no, she wasn’t doing that”

“What was it then?” I ask, way more interested than I should. I end up biting my lip again.

Jared does not answer my question immediately, instead, he takes a second to check his phone again. A new message appears on the screen, I want to see the name on the screen, even though I know I shouldn’t. His expression does not change as he reads the text and, once he’s finished, he looks at me again.

“Sorry, it was my brother, he’s a bit worried”

I’m the one nodding this time, waiting for him to continue.

“She thought she was pregnant” He finally says, and I can feel my eyebrows raising again.

He stops again to drink the rest of his drink, and I don’t like where this is going. Jared does not ask me for another drink, but continues to play with the glass on the table.

“Do you want to be a mother?” He suddenly asks, fixing his gaze on me.

I can feel the heat on my cheeks, the way my hands start trembling as the words connect on my mind.

“So, what happened with your girlfriend?” I ask to change the topic of the conversation, “Is she pregnant?”

“No, she’s not. She was so relieved when she found out, she hadn’t even told me that there was even a possibility of her being pregnant when she appeared at my work telling me the ‘good news’. What good news?!”

“Some women think that a baby could be an obstacle in their careers, or they are not prepared. Maybe she just…”

“It was not that” He interrupts me, “It was because of the dress. A fucking wedding dress!”


My eyes open wide as I hear the explanation. I need a drink.

“'It’s Vera Wang!’ She screamed” He says in disbelief, “How twisted can her brain be if she cares more about fitting in a goddamn dress than the possibility of bringing a child to this world?”

I finish making two drinks, handing one to Jared and drinking mine in a second.

“It’s on the house” I say, as I see him looking at me confused.

Jared does the same with his drink, receiving another text, and this time his expression changes.

“Is it her?” I ask him, he just nods, starting to type really fucking fast. “Are you okay?” I ask him when he leaves his phone aside.

“Yeah, she’s asking me to come back”

“You’re leaving then?”

“No, she just want me to go home to convince me not to cancel the wedding, so she can wear her fucking dress”

“You cancelled the wedding?!” I ask, taking both hands to cover my mouth.

“I can’t marry someone that shallow” Jared sighs, resting his chin on his hand, “I should have done this a while ago, my brother even congratulated me, my mom is the happiest of all”

“She was that bad?”

He shrugs, checking the time on his phone.

“Apparently I was the only one who hadn’t notice how awful she was. Anyway, I think is already time for you to close this place”

He shows me the time on his phone, it is already 4 in the morning. Jared lends me a hand with the whole closing process, letting us surrounded by a rather weird silence. He’s looking directly into my eyes, and I can see that he got a bit drunk with all the drinks that I gave him. And it is that same drunkenness the one I blame when his hands cup my face, as if asking my permission to get even closer.

“I don’t think you should” I mutter, “You’re drunk”

“I know” He whispers.

His hands fall from my face, both getting inside his jacket. A smile takes over his expression, and I feel a weight leaving my shoulders.

“Come, let’s share a cab” I tell him, clasping my arm with his.

Jared accepts and we start walking in silence to a more crowded street.

“You didn’t answer my question” He says after a few minutes.

“Which one?” I ask him, even when I know exactly what he’s talking about.

“Do you want to be a mother?”

I sigh, taking my time to find the perfect answer. His eyes do not look away as he awaits for my answer. Out of nowhere, a smile takes over my expression, and all the cheeriness that I had a couple of hours ago returns to my body.

“Well, I am a mother”

“You are?” He asks, stopping our walk, “But you… you are so young!”

“This sort of things happen, and I’m more than happy that it did” I say, never leaving the smile disappear from my face, “Her name is Zoe, she’s five”

“Wow, does she look like you?” Jared looks amazed by my revelation.

“I don’t know, everybody says she does, but I can’t really tell”

Jared starts invading me with all sort of questions about me being a mother, and how it is to have Zoe as my daughter. I answer them all, giving this little joy to a drunk broken hearted man.

In the end, it turns out that we are going to two different places, really far from each other, so we are not allowed to share a cab. A bit much like our lives. Jared is not the kind of man who lives in my sort of neighbourhood, the one where you have to be extra careful even during the day. But Jared doesn’t leave until I am inside a car. I receive his number before leaving, and a promise of coming to talk to me again at the bar.


s u m m a r y // While hanging out wit the squad Justin decides to snapchat a little and gets excited when y/n jokingly moans.

* WARNING CONTAINS MATURE CONTENT*                                                

Your point of view

Stepping into Justin’s house, you heard laughter and weird joking a small smile appearing on your face. Taking off your black jacket, you set it down on a chair. You were wearing a navy blue long sleeved crop top with black skinny jeans and navy blue converse to go with your shirt.

Walking into the living room you said, “Hey guys,” smiling as you went around giving everyone a hug. Fredo, Za, Ryan, Kendall, Hailey, Khalil and this other girl you didn’t know were all here.

“Hey sugar tits.” Hailey joked standing up to give you a hug everyone laughed making you blush a little. Maybe you should have kept your jacket own now that you see your boobs were noticeable in the shirt even though it wasn’t low cut.

“Hey Justin,” You said, as his eyes traveled up and down your body. He was in pants and a random white t-shirt, he had a snap-back on probably because his hair was a mess but it always looks sexy to you.

“Hey,” He finally replied, letting out a deep breath. You sat down next to him in the empty spot giving him a confusing look because he was acting weird right now.

“You okay?” You asked lowly only so that he could hear you. Everyone else was going on with his or her conversations.

“Yeah,” He replied not making eye contact with you.

You could tell he was lying but you really didn’t get why we was acting like this. “Justin,” You pouted laying your head on his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?”

“Nothing y/n.”

“Then why are you acting weird?” You questioned his gaze still on his lap as he was fumbling with his hands.

“It’s nothing, I promise.” He said finally looking into your eyes a small smile coming on his face.

“You sure?”

“Yeah,” He babbled, tucking a strand of your hair behind your ear. Putting his arm around your shoulder, you shrugged the subject off finally believing what he was saying it was probably nothing.

“So y/n?” Kendall spoke making you turn your attention to her. You took your head off Justin’s chest and leaned back into his arm that was rested around you. “That photo shoot you did that came out yesterday was hot.”

“The Calvin Klein one?”

“Yeah so was that guy he was cute who is he?” Kendall giggled; she was sitting next to Hailey and Za.

You laughed then said, “His name is Damon, he was pretty nice. You want me to set you two up?”

“Yes,” She quickly said making everyone laugh.

“Damn Ken,” Za joked.

Justin’s body started to tense up as they went on about how sexy the photo shoot was so I rubbed his arm a little bit to try and keep him calm.

“I have to get going its getting late.” Hailey said standing up from the couch. We just finished watching an episode of Orange Is The New Black on Netflix we watched about two and now it was almost ten.

“Aw what? You can’t hang?” You joked, standing up to stretch your arms, your shirt moving up slightly showing you belly.

“Shit I can’t hang either, I got to go too.” Za added yawning.

“Well okay you guys want to meet up tomorrow to do something?” Justin asked standing up and taking his hat off to run his hands through his messy hair.

“Yeah we can do that hit me up.” Za agreed, putting on black Supras.

“Me too.” Everyone else said in unison.

“You leaving y/n?” Fredo asked, slipping on his worn out jacket.

“Nah I think I’ll stay and hang for a little longer. If that’s okay with you J.”

“Yeah that’s cool.” He said giving you a nod.

You said your good byes to everyone and Justin walked them out. Sitting on the couch you looked around waiting for him to come back. You didn’t really know why you didn’t leave but you weren’t really that tired and it’s not like you had anything to do tomorrow. Besides, you wanted to see what was up with Justin earlier and you had a feeling he wasn’t going to talk about it in front of everyone else. Deciding you didn’t want to stay in the living room you wandered off into Justin’s room. Laying on his bed you stared at the ceiling waiting for him to come back.

Justin walked in and plopped down on the bed next to you, giving you a smirk. “So what do you want to do?”

“I don’t know Bieber” You said scrunching your nose up trying to think of something.

It was silent for a few minutes until Justin spoke up, “So this Damon model guy?”

“Yeah what about him?”

“You like him or something?”

You started to laugh catching on to him, “No Justin. I don’t it was just work.”

“You sure?”

“Yes, I’m sure.” You smiled. You’ve kind of always suspected Justin has a crush on you but you’ve always been too shy to bring it up. Even though you two constantly flirt, you wouldn’t want to be rejected by him because it would be embarrassing.

Justin sat up and looked at you not knowing what else to say. “What has been up with you today?” You asked sitting up also.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean—you’ve been acting weird ever since I’ve got here,” You paused and straddled him taking him by surprise but hands went on your waist making little butterflies float in your stomach. “So are you going to tell me what’s been going on?”

“It’s nothing y/n.”

“It’s obviously something J.”

He remained silent starting to draw small circles with his fingers on your hip. He grabbed his phone still not saying anything and leaned back so that his back was on the bed making you roll your eyes at him. You moved your hands to his chest and he scrolled on his phone.

“Justin,” You paused leaning down so that you were eye level with him making a small smirk form on his lips.

“Yes?” He asked, oblivious to the fact that he still hasn’t answered your question yet.

“Are you doing to answer my question?” You said, your head laying on his chest a few inches away from his face.

“Nah.” He joked, knowing he was doing that to make you mad.

“Why?” You pouted, sticking out your bottom lip. He looked away from his phone for a second then looked back to it starting to tap the screen. “What are you even doing?”

“Snapchat.” He responded.

“What? What is snapchat?”

As you said that, he sat back up giving, you a confused look and looked back at him with the same look because you were just as confused as he was right now.

“What?” You laughed as he continued to stare at you starting to make you feel a little self-conscious, your hands resting in his lap.

“You really don’t know what snapchat is?”

“No.” You giggled, moving your hair from off your shoulder. He pulled you closer by your waist so that you were just a few inches away from him. He put his phone in between the two of you and started to explain what snapchat was and even though you were confused at first you soon caught on.

“So it just like texting kind of but you can only send videos or pictures?”

“Well yeah but you can chat with people too,”

“Oh okay I get it now.”

“Great hold on let’s make a video,”

“No no no no no.” You quickly said covering your face as he laid back down on the bed. Your legs still on each side of his torso.

“Yes yes yes.” He chuckled mocking you. You couldn’t tell if he was recording or not so you peaked through your fingers seeing him smiling at you then moved them back together. Justin pulled on your shirt making you lay on top of him but you didn’t move your hands away from your eyes.

“Say hi” Justin grinned, recording a little five-second video of you just covering your eyes.

“Nope,” You said shaking you head. Justin was quiet for a few seconds then suddenly he started to tickle you making you burst into laughter as he video tapped it again.

“Are you going to move your hands?” He asked stopping for a minute getting hot the fact that his hands were all over you. You two were close but never really like this. You guys would cuddle sometimes but usually on accident and when one of you would notice you would stop.

“What are you going to do if I don’t?” You teased, hiding a small smile behind your hands.

“Do you really want to know?” His hands sliding up the back of your shirt making a little moan escape your lips. Justin stopped his body tensing up again but you were hoping he didn’t hear you. He locked his phone and set it down an awkward silence rolling through the room.

Getting off him, you laid on your back and stared at the ceiling thinking about what just happened. You wished you two could be more than bestfriends but it just seems like Justin never got the hint or he was getting it and just didn’t feel that way too.


“You want to watch a movie?” He suggested finally looking over at you. He sat up straight and got out of the bed going over to his TV to turn it off.

“Sure but—“

“You can go get the snacks and stuff ready and I’ll be down there in a minute.” He said, interrupting you again. You were going to ask him what was up but instead you nodded you head and went downstairs.

Walking down his white titled stairs you went into the kitchen and opened up the white cabinets. Literally, everything in his house was almost white which was a little weird but everything surprisingly stayed clean. Getting out a bag of popcorn you put it in the microwave, pressing the buttons to put in the cook time.

Going into the fridge you grabbed two sprites and set them on the island then grabbed two bowls. You filled one with pretzels from the pantry then left the other one empty to put the popcorn in. You stood there and thought for a minute or two about any more snacks Justin would like.

You wanted to talk to Justin but you had a feeling he wasn’t going to. You kind of want to sort of bring up the topic you’ve been avoiding forever but you don’t really now how and you don’t want to get rejected by him. It seemed like earlier he was flirting back but then again his flirting is different from your flirting and probably couldn’t even tell.

The microwave beeped making you jump a little you took out the popcorn and opened the bag pouring it into the bowl. Grabbing the two sodas and the two bowls, you set them down on the coffee table. You found a movie then paused it wondering what was taking Justin so long it’s been almost twenty minutes since you’ve been down here.

Not wanting to wait anymore, you walked up the stairs nothing but silence taking over. Pushing the door open in Justin’s room, you didn’t see him anywhere. Just as you were about to call out his name you heard faint moaning coming from the bathroom. Quietly moving next to the door since it was cracked you listened as he started to talk.

“Fuck y/n.” He grunted, “Yeah you know how I like it.”

Covering your mouth your first instinct was to laugh but as you thought about it maybe he could’ve been actually flirting with you earlier and this was your chance to do what you both of you have wanted to for a while.

Slowly pushing the door open so it wouldn’t creek you looked to see Justin’s back towards you as his hand moved rapidly up and down himself. As you started walking towards him, he started to talk again groans escaping his mouth. Not really knowing how to let him know you were in here you fearlessly cleared your throat watching his bare tattooed back stiffen.

He deliberately turned his head seeing you stand behind him you titled your head. ”Shit Y/N, I told you I was coming.” He said his back still towards you as he started to zip up his pants.

“Yeah that is definitely what you were trying do.” You smirked at him hesitantly strolling towards him. “So,” You breathed pausing until you were standing in front of him, his belt hanging off his jeans. “Were you just thinking about me while you were you know?” You asked lowly your eyes piercing into his.

His gaze switched down to the floor then back to your eyes his pink lips a few inches away from yours now, “Yes,” He rather muttered his hands slyly making their way to your waist.

“Would you like me to help you finish since you said you were coming and all.” You winked, travelling your hands down his defined abs stopping at his happy trail making his breath hitch.

“Umm—I” He tried to say as kept your eyes on his.

Wrapping one arm around his neck you softly kissed it, “Just say the word and I will.” You whispered in his ear, shortly nibbling on it afterwards.

Not responding he turned your cheek attaching his lips to yours roughly your arms instantly going around his neck feeling heat began to radiate between the two of you. He started to walk backwards out the bathroom his hands roaming all of over your body, touching you in all the right places.

Lightly biting on your bottom lip he pulled away moving his kisses to your neck. His hands reached you ass pulling you up so that your legs were wrapped around his waist.

He walked into his room pushing you up against the nearest wall your hands starting to pull on his hair as he nibbled on your skin. Starting to slowly grind your lower half onto his he groaned into your neck squeezing you hip.

Moving his lips back to yours, you moaned into his mouth your tongue intertwining with his. Holding your back with his hand, he walked over to his bed setting down softly not breaking the kiss.

His hands went under your shirt brushing over the lace on your bra making you slightly shiver, breaking the kiss. You pushed him off you so that he was on his back moving on top of him you kissed down his chest stopping at the hem of his pants you looked up at him.

He grabbed your chin pulling your lips towards his once more then let you proceed taking off his belt he helped you pull his pants off tossing them on the floor. Moving yourself so that you were between his legs you could see his hard on through his boxers making you bit down on your lower lip.

Moving your hand over him, you slowly massaged him through his boxers making his head tilt back at your touch. Rubbing him through his boxers as you kissed all over his abdomen his hands grabbing onto your hair trying to move your kisses lower, you could tell he was getting impatient with you.

Giving into him you slid of his boxer his hard on hitting his stomach. You closed his legs together straddling him for the second time today. Grabbing him with your hand you teasingly flicked your tongue against the top, his hand still tangled in your hair. Feeling yourself get a little hot you let go of him you pulled you shirt over your head Justin’s hands reaching for you for you boobs but you smacked his hand away giving him a ‘wait’ look.

Leaning down so your lips touched him again, he breathing started to quicken and you felt like he was ready. Licking him up and down you put him in your mouth going all the way down until you gagged. His hands were in your hair again guiding your mouth on him as he slowly thrusted into your mouth. Adding a lit bit of teeth, you started to speed up your pace making a few curse words slip from his mouth.

“Y/N,” He moaned, as you made eye contact with him.

Deep throating him once again trying to get there since he almost was before you walked in. He started to twitch inside your mouth and you knew he was close. He pulled himself out of your mouth and you gave him a confusing lip. He brought you up to him unbuttoning yours pants sliding them off your legs revealing you blue-laced panties to match your bra.

Rolling you over so that he hovered over you his lips went straight to your chest kissing you still bra-covered breast. He reached behind you unclasping your bra tossing it onto the ground. His mouth went onto your nipple making a gasp as you tugged on his hair.

You felt his other hand move down to you panties brushing against the lace. His hand wandered into your panties sliding up and down your wet folds a few times then stuck his fingers in his mouth.

Moving off you, he reached into his drawer grabbing a condom and putting it on. He put it on and before he could get on top, you did. Sliding down onto him your mouth dropped open and you let out a loud moan. You clung onto his chest moving back and forth to hit your g-spot his hands grabbing onto your waist to guide you.

Bouncing on him, he grabbed your boobs his hips meeting yours. Putting your hands over his that were on your breast you switched between riding him in circles and bouncing making him groan loudly.

“Shit,” He spoke, moving his hips faster into yours. “Fuck, keep doing that.”

You started going faster moving your hands back down to his chest digging your nails into him at how good it felt. “Justin,” You moaned and he sat up kissing you lips while pounding into you, accidentally biting his lip.

“I—mmm.” You cried holding on to his back throwing you head back.

“You what baby?” He muttered against, your skin thrusting into you harder making you cry out.

“I—I like you,” You barely said making a smile appear on his face.

“Well I like you too,” He said flipping you over so he was on top. Pounding into you your legs wrapped around his torso, digging you nails into his back.

“I can’t any longer,” You whimpered, holding onto him.

“Just a few more hold on sweetheart.” He kissed your forehead. After a few more thrust, you both let go your toes curling and his body was now laying on top of yours.

Rolling off you he stared up at the ceiling neither of you daring to say anything yet.

“So where does this leave us?” Justin asked turning his head towards you.

“I don’t know”


PROMPT #5: Person A has given up on love. Nope. Love is not for them. Forget that…. And then they meet person B and think; “Annnd this is the asshole who will ruin everything.“

You wanted to get wasted. Trashed. Completely and absolutely drunk.

It was eleven o'clock on a Saturday night when you found yourself at a bar with one of your best friends on the planet, Wanda Maximoff.

You had been set up by a mutual friend to go out with this guy named Tony. You had been hesitant to agree at first but you eventually went with it to please your friend.

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Imagine meeting Jared at a wedding

I sit around, watching as everyone gets closer to the center stage. I should be excited, my sister’s best friend is getting married and I was able to position myself as a bridesmaid, but everything feels dull after having dealt with a fail marriage yourself. I look at my hand, inspecting the place where my ring used to be, missing the weight of it.

My eyes move to observe the place, the fairy lights hanging everywhere, the tables ready to be occupied by the guests. The music starts, and I return my gaze to my hand, feeling sorry for the bitter person I became after being dumped by my husband.

“So, you don’t like dancing either?”

I turn my head to my side, observing the man sitting next to me. Brandon’s best man looks at me with a casual smile on his face.

“I don’t like weddings” I say, even though it is not entirely true.

“Oh…” Is the only thing he says before turning his gaze to the people cheering at the newlyweds, “I can understand it; I mean, this can be really overwhelming”

“There’s too many people”

“Too many happy people” He laughs, I allow myself to smile at his comment, “I’m Jared”


“I know” He smiles, “I asked Brandon, he said you wouldn’t want to talk to me”

“I’m not in the mood for weddings” I shrug, “So, best man?”

Jared looks at his tuxedo before returning his eyes to mine. The smile does not leave his lips, even when the only thing he can find in mine is a serious expression.

“Yeah, been best friends with Brandon for years, he didn’t even have to ask me, I already knew. The same happened to you?”

“Not really” I mutter, noticing all the people starting to move from the waltz.

“Come on, we are in the same table”

Jared gets up from his seat, showing me where our table is located. I follow him, asking myself a bit late why he asked Brandon about me. We arrive to a table occupied by all the bridesmaids and the other groomsmen. I check my name in one of the seats, Jared doing the same on the other side of the table. When he finds his name, noticing he’s located on the other side of the table, takes a look at the empty seat by my side. Empty, but not for long. A man sits by my side, and I receive a kind smile from his behalf.

“Hey, Shannon!”

I lift my head, looking at Jared talking to the man by my side. They both share a look, and without saying a word, they swap seats.

I look at Jared, sitting by my side now, “What are you doing?” I ask him, confused.

“I don’t know” He shrugs, with a smile.

My sister, who just notices what is going on, gives me an interested look. I just roll my eyes at my little sister.

We don’t talk for the first part of the course. We spend the appetizer in silence, but once the soup arrives, he starts sharing comments with the rest of the people in our table. I can see him smile and laugh with the rest, but I’m too deep in my bubble to participate.

When I hear my name, we are already receiving our entrées. Everyone is looking at me, especially Jared by my side.

“What?” I ask them, startled by their gazes.

“We are talking about London” My sister informs me, a reassuring smile on her lips, “The guys want to know about it”

“How long did you live there?” The man, Shannon I think, asks me.

“Oh, five years” I answer, not really wanting to get into too much detail.

“Must have been fun” Another one says, why is there so many people I don’t know in this goddamn table?

“I guess, I didn’t go out that much” I say, after finishing my glass of wine, “Once you get used to it, is just another city”

Some of the other bridesmaids look at me like I’m crazy, just by the fact of saying that London is ‘just another city’. I shrug it off and continue with my meal now that I’m not in the spotlight.

“You are doing great” My sister whispers in my ear.

The meal is over, and everybody is walking to the dancefloor. Anne stops by my side for a few seconds to congratulate me for something that shouldn’t be celebrated. But I guess that if you are in your 20’s, with the whole world at your feet, your big sis’ problems seem too far from your own world.

“You want to dance?” She asks me, holding my wrist, “We could put everyone to shame on that dancefloor”

“The bar is waiting for me” I mutter, with a shy smile, “Go have fun, I’ll try to do the same”

She looks at me reluctantly, but leaves me alone.

Alone, at last.

I walk toward the bar, giving the barman a pleasing smile.

“What’ll do?” He asks.

“Let’s start soft”

He nods and starts preparing me a Cosmo. I wait for my drink, looking around, seeing the people enjoying the celebration. I feel like such a killjoy, but being here brings memories from my own wedding, happy memories that clove to my heart like nails in a chalkboard.

“There you are”

I turn around, meeting my eyes with Jared’s.

“I’ve been looking for you” He says, sitting by my side, again, “Too many people, too many unnecessary encounters”

“Some ex girlfriend that you are trying to avoid?” I ask, noticing how a smile escapes my lips.

“Yeah, and some that didn’t got to get the title and want to now” He laughs, “What are you drinking? I want one”

The barman hands me my drink and starts preparing one for Jared.

“Are you sure you want to stay with me? I’m pretty sure you would have much more fun with those pleading girls”

“You are in a party pooper mood tonight?” He asks, receiving his drink.

“Maybe” I mutter, “Well, definitely, why?”

“Because I need someone like you tonight”

I notice how both of my eyebrows raise at this comment, and I find myself speechless. How are you supposed to respond to something like that? Especially when the person saying it is actually really handsome and you are in the middle of a divorce. Jared plays with his hair for a second, waiting for me to say something, but I can only focus and how invested he looks. He really wants to spend his time with me, and I’m in no position to say no.

“When I asked you about the whole bridesmaid thing earlier, you were really vagued with your answer”

“There’s not much to say” I shrug, but he seems even more interested in the topic.

“Baelyn just asked you?”

“Yeah, I mean, it wasn’t even sure that I was going to be here, I arrived last night”

“Right, you were in London” He mutters, handing his empty glass to the barman, “You want another?”


I must be the most boring person in the whole party right now, but he keeps looking at me with interest.

“That dress looks really pretty on you”

“Oh, thanks” I stutter, looking at the tight dress.

We stay quiet for a couple of minutes, but I can notice how his eyes watch me from time to time. I feel uncomfortable at first, but I start to get used to his presence once the empty glasses start accumulating by our side

His comment about how pretty I look shocks me. I know I’m not unpleasant to the eye, but my confidence is so low lately, that I find it hard to believe any good comments about my appearance. My friends and family are always stating how pretty, or happy I am, even though I look like a hurricane throwed up on me. I don’t believe them, but I believe Jared, who keeps playing with his long hair, offering me honest smiles.

“Let’s play something” He says, “We’ll take turns to say an statement, and if we feel identified, we’ll take a shot”

“You want to get me drunk?” I ask, laughing for the first time in the evening.

“Well, you look like you could use a bit of alcohol, and I can’t say no to a few shots”

“So, ‘Never have I ever’, but with tequila shots?”

“Yeah, fun, isn’t it?”

We lay a row of tequila shots in front of us. I know this is probably a bad idea, but my brain’s in “party mood” and wants some alcohol. Jared volunteers to start with the game, and we turn on our seats to face each other.

“Never have I ever flirted my way out of a speeding ticket” I watch him take a shot, impressed by his confession.

“Oh, my God” I mutter, he laughs, leaving the shot glass aside, “It worked?”

“Nah” He laughs again, “She was a really professional officer, but she kinda wanted to spare me, I could sense it”

Ok, this as starting to get fun.

“Your turn” He announces.

I get comfortable in my sit, thinking about something to say. I used to play this game when I was younger; my friends always picked the dirtiest things to say, but I just couldn’t remember any. I decided to start slow, leaving it for the alcohol to make my memories come back.

“Never have I ever gone commando”

We both take a shot, laughing while putting the glasses aside. He definitely looks like the type of person who would go commando everywhere. Even now.

“That was an easy one” He grins, lifting his head in confidence, “Never have I ever called someone else’s name while hooking up”

I stare as he takes a shot, and then another. When he notices my confused expression, he clarifies.

“It’s happened more than once”

“Come on, how can you do that?” He shrugs, handing me a shot, “I haven’t done it”

“I can see, but at this rate, you’ll have to take me to the hospital before you get a tiny bit drunk. Drink”

I drink, thinking about a new statement.

“Never have I ever…” I start, but stop still thinking about it, “Never have I ever send a dirty text to the wrong person”

This time, I’m the only one who drinks. Jared laughs at me, and I end up laughing with him.

“Tell me about it” He asks.

“It was a boring day at work and I needed some entertainment. Luckily, I sent it to my sister and not my parents… or my boss”

“It was too dirty?”

“Not much, just starting”

“You have to be careful with those things” He suggests, making the barman refill our glasses, “I would literally die if I end up sending one to my mother”

“My sister almost died, it’s not only your parents that you have to be careful”

We continue with the game for what it feels like hours. I learn that Jared has played strip poker and lose just for the pleasure of showing off; lied about his age; sing on the street to gain a few coins (while drunk), among other things. He has learned that I have never kissed someone on the first date; that I dance and sing in the shower; also, about one time that I lied about being someone’s relative just to get in a party, and so, so on.

The more we drink, the dirtier the statements. Jared starts asking about sexual experiences, and I do it too. We are laughing in our own bubble, while everybody else is enjoying the party at their own pace.

“Never have I ever been with someone who was in a relationship”

Jared doesn’t drink, and I stare at him, processing the words.

“Can you excuse me for a second?”

I stand from my seat, starting walk toward the bathroom. The statement keeps spinning around in my head, making me feel dizzy. By the time I reach the bathroom, i run to one of the stalls. I feel the tears coming out, running over my cheeks, ruining my make up. But I can’t stop.

‘Been with someone who was in a relationship’

I have never done it, and after experiencing being the affected part of that statement, I was more than sure that I would never, ever, do it.

The minutes pass, and I find myself able to get out of the stall. My face does not look that damage by the tears, and I take my time to fix my make up in front of the mirror.

When I come out of the bathroom, someone holds my wrist to stop me. I turn around to see Jared pulling me toward him.

“Are you okay?” He asks, biting his bottom lip.

He looks really worried, and by the time I shake my head no, he lets go of my wrist.

“I’m really sorry, I shouldn’t have said that” He apologizes, burying his face on his hands, ‘You want to talk about it?”

“Not really” I whisper, “But I would really want to dance now”

Jared takes his hands from his face, noticing a shy smile forming on my lips.

“I can help you with that”

His hand holds mine, starting to pull me towards the dancefloor. The music is soft, and the people start holding their partners really close. Jared puts both hands on my waist, and I raise mine to cross them on his nape. We move slowly, following the rhythm of the music with our drunken bodies.

“I have never been in a long relationship” He mutters.

“Lucky you” I laugh, resting my head on his shoulder, “I have never been in a short one”

“Lucky you” He mimics my words, “I have never been in love”

“I have” Is the only thing I say, feeling the tight nod on my chest, announcing future tears if I don’t change the subject quickly, “I have never been at the beach at dawn”

“It is so… beautiful” He whispers in my ear, “I can take you there, you should watch it, it is one of the most amazing things ever”

“I would love that” I say, feeling quick shivers down my spine, “Your turn”

“I have never… I have never feel this comfortable with someone”

I stop moving as I hear his words. Jared stops too, pulling away to look at my face. A small grin appears on his face, and I’m not sure if he’s being serious, or the alcohol is starting to speak for him.

“I have never feel attracted to someone this quickly” He continues, “I have never wanted to kiss someone as much as I want to kiss you”

I wet my lips, feeling his words all over my body, sending new shivers over my spine. I fold my arms over my chest, trying not to show how his words are affecting me.

“I have never… ever been with someone as beautiful as you, someone who doesn’t even know how amazing she is” He gets closer to me again, putting his hands on my arms, “And I have never wanted to tell someone as much as I want to tell you, how unbelievably amazing she is”

A part of me wants him to kiss me, another one wants to run away from this man who has known me for just a couple of hours and is already putting the world at my feet. I decide to stay, feeling his hands caress my arms, seeing how his lips reach for my ear.

“I really want to show you that dawn” He whispers, “It would be alright if I take you?”

I nod, receiving his hug as a gift.

“And I really want to see it”

His arms hold me against him, and I can’t believe how desperate he is, like he wants me even closer, but he isn’t able to accomplish it. I do the same, crossing my arms on his nape once again, pulling him toward me.

“I have never wanted someone as much as I want you right now”.

Imagine – Meeting Jensen

Word Count – 1,634

Pairing – Single Jensen x Reader

A/N – Part 4 of Babysitting JJ with Jensen will be up sometime today. J


It was an early Tuesday morning when you rolled out of bed, sighing and rubbing your tired eyes. You got up and walked downstairs to look for some breakfast, sighing at the sight of nothing being there.


You got dressed and pulled on your sneakers, brushed your teeth and hair then went out to the store to buy some groceries alone, with no car which meant you had to carry everything back by yourself.

“Of course, it had to be raining.” You grumbled to yourself, looking up at the dark sky with rain drops hitting your face.

You pulled up your hood and kept walking, ignoring the honking sounds of people coming by. By the time you got to the store your shoes were soaking your socks, your jacket was damp along with your hair.

You walked around, looking through things that you needed and you didn’t.

“Do I want cookie dough? Yeah, I want cookie dough.” You thought to yourself, grabbing it after.

You also grabbed a few boxes of pizza, soda, chips, and whatever else you thought you needed. You paid for your things and walked out, frowning while struggling to hold all of the bags by yourself. While you finally almost got ahold of them, looking down at the ground and walking you accidentally walked into someone, knocking everything out of your hands.

“Fucking hell” You growled, looking at all your things laying on the damp gravel.

“Sorry, I’m so sorry! I wasn’t paying attention and I -!” the man said nervously, helping you pick up your bags.

“Nah don’t be sorry, I was the one not looking.”

“You really like pizza” He chuckled, looking at all the pizza boxes on the ground.

“Who doesn’t like pizza?”

“Aliens, and if someone tells ya they don’t like pizza, then they’re an undercover alien.”

“Undercover alien?” You laughed, placing all the pizza back in your bags while he helped.


“You know, your voice sounds really familiar –“ you cut yourself off, looking up at the man for the first time.

“Oh! You’re Jensen Ackles! I feel so stupid now.” You laughed, shaking your head.

He looked up at you for the first time and was star struck at your beauty. He didn’t say anything and just stared in amazement with a smile. Was the Jensen Ackles really smiling at you?

“Um…Um, sorry. What did you say?” He blushed.

“You’re Jensen Ackles, right? I’ve seen some of your movies.” He nodded.

“Oh yeah, right, yes, of course!”

“You’re a really good actor, you deserve an Oscar man! Not to mention you’re adorable as hell…I mean, shit. Sorry, I’m awkward.”

“Psh, you’re the awkward one? I’m the one who just knocked a beautiful girls groceries out of her hands! In the rain!” He snorted, making you blush at the compliment.

“Hey, let’s just call it as a blessing okay?” You winked, nearly killing him from cuteness.

“Um, well my ice cream is going to melt I should get home.”

“Oh right, yeah.” He said in disappointment, not wanting your conversation to end.

“Where’s your car I can walk ya to it”

“I walked.” He looked at you like you just spoke another language.

“You walked in this weather? What the hell you’re going to get sick”

“Whelp, I’m to broke to pay for my car right now so unless you have any flying tips this was the only choice I had.”

He frowned and gave you a hug while you gave one back, smiling against his shoulder as he held tighter. He felt warm, even in this rainy weather and he felt safe.

“I can drive ya home If you want?”

“We just met, you could be an axe murderer”

“So could you, but I’m taking the chance.” You rolled your eyes with a smile.


The ride home was full of talking and getting to know each other along with classic rock on the radio. He told you about his work on Supernatural, about his family, friends, and work in movies. You were surprised at how sweet and welcoming he was. You finally arrived home, worrying at what he thought of your tiny apartment since he probably had a huge mansion.

“I know my place might seem lame, I’m sorry.” He looked at you with confusion.

“What are you talkin’ about?”

“I mean, you must live in a mansion. My apartment compared to that is like…I don’t know just dog shit.”

He placed his hand on top of yours, giving it a small squeeze and a smirk of reinsurance.

“I think your apartment is cool as fuck.”

“You’re just saying that, but thank you.”

“Why are you so hard on yourself?” he asked with concern.

“I just think you’re really popular and famous but you’re talking to a random girl like me, why?”

“Cause you’re a sweet, adorable person. I literally just met you and I already like you a lot. Just cause I’m ‘famous’ doesn’t mean I don’t like people who ‘aren’t’.” You nodded as he got out of the car, opening the door and taking your hand after.

“Always try your best to be kind to yourself, treat yourself and be your own friend. Eat all the damn pizza you want in the world and be happy with yourself, life is to short to be hard on yourself.”

He helped you carry your bags in and helped put the things away, looking around every room with a smile. He went into your living room and smiled at the picture of you and your family.

“Cute family, is that you?” he pointed to the little girl in the pic.

“Yeah, that had to be like 2004.”

“Adorable then, adorable now.”

-4 months later-

It’s been four months since you met the adorable Jensen Ackles. You both hung out any time you could, talked all day everyday other than the times he was filming of course. He’d even call you every night to say goodnight, never missing a night no matter how busy he was.

You were lying on the couch watching your favorite show on Netflix when you heard your phone vibrate with a text coming up on the screen. The contact name “Jensen” with a pizza emoji next to his name popped up, making you smile.

Jensen – Hey y/n, can I come over for a little bit?

You – Sure, everything okay?

Jensen – Yeah, we just kind of need to talk about things. I’ll be there in about 20 minutes.

Your heart was pounding. Was something wrong? Did you do something? Was he sick? Hurt? Upset? All these thoughts running through your head, making you panic. After about the longest 20 minutes ever you heard a knock at your door, running up to open it nearly tripping over some shoes on the way.

“Hey y/n/n (your nick name)”

“Jensen, is everything okay? What’s wrong? Are you sick? Hurt? Sad? Are the boys okay? Are YOU okay?”

He didn’t answer and just planted his lips softly on yours, catching you out of nowhere. After a few seconds of being froze and stunned you finally kissed back, feeling him smile against your lips. He pulled you in by the waist and held you as tight and long as he could while you rested your one hand on his cheek and the other on his neck.

“You worry to damn much.” He smirked, making you smirk too.

“What was that? Not that I didn’t mind, of course.”

“I like you, a lot. I’ve liked you since the day I accidentally knocked those groceries out of your arms. You made me speechless when I first saw you and you still do to this day. You’re sweet, adorable, smart, hilarious, kind, sexy and so much more that I could go on but it’d take hours! I’m not good on this mushy stuff, I kind of get that from Dean but just know I like you a lot, and I need to know you like me too, y/n. Please like me too.”

You walked up to him and kissed him again, pulling away after a minute or two.

“Of course I like you too, are you blind?”

“I could ask you the same thing, hun.” Your heart melted at the name.

“Is this what the text was about?” He nodded with a dorkyish smile.

“Damn it Jensen I was worrying the whole time, you asshole.” You joked, punching him in the shoulder playfully.

“Hey how’d you think I felt? I was the one who had to tell ya all of this. But it’s okay, I’m glad I did.”

“I’m glad you did too.”


You both were laying on the couch in each other’s arms watching Game Of Thrones while eating cookie dough. You were laying in his lap while he rested his chin on top of your head along with his arms around your waist, never letting you go.

“So made you decide to tell me?” You asked, catching his attention.

“Couldn’t wait anymore, I had to make you mine it was killing me babe.”

The way he said babe kept running through your head, making your smile never leave your face.

“That’s if, you will be mine? Be my girl?”

You leaned your head back and against his neck, kissing it softly with a small nod and quiet yes.

“Yess!” He said to himself, making you laugh slightly against his chest.

“Remember how you said “let’s just call this a blessing” that day at the store in the rain?” you nodded.

“Well, it was a blessing cause it led it to me having the best girl in the world.”