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Glory and Gore (Seventeen As Greek Gods)

Jeonghan: Aphrodite – beauty, love, lust. He would be oh so perfect in a flower crown and flowing white outfit, ensnaring everyone with his god-like beauty, being in charge of love and lust and having many lovers himself because of this. Tell me that you can imagine him being birthed from the sea.

DK/Seokmin: Apollo – manly beauty, music, arts, healing. The arts and music had to be a member of the vocal unit, singing sweet songs from the top of Mount Olympus, and healing reminds me of his smile and his all around sunshine. And I find that there is something particularly manly about his looks. He would likely have many falling for him with his beautiful singing voice and gorgeous looks, but would spend his time looking out for people and healing than dealing in love and lust.

Woozi/Jihoon: Ares – war, bloodshed, violence. People often associate him with being so small and angry and I love the idea of him being in control of war and violence. I imagine him being the calmest god, reining over such terrible things. He would think of it as a hobbie to deal in the affairs of violence, knowing that humans are so easily riled up and will go to war over anything, and would enjoy winding them up and watching the results of the disasters that he could create. But he would also love holding back, knowing that he had the power to keep the peace and that he was the only barrier between the people and chaos of the entire world.

Joshua/Jisoo: Hestia – the virgin of hearth, home, chastity. Bringing in his wholesomeness and purity. Him being a beautiful and pure god no matter what, always having the highest morals and best ideals, wanting the best for the other gods and the humans down on earth. He would never argue, always being entirely pleasant and calm, sometimes getting on the nerves of the other gods with this trait of his personality.

Seungkwan: Hera – marriage, women, childbirth. (This is going to sound entirely strange) but because he loves his own mother so much, I love the idea of him caring for all mothers in general. Him taking on this pure and caring role, using his passion to vouch for people and look out for what’s best for them. He would see the purity in children and want to protect it, and see the strength in mothers and families and want the rest of the gods to see that too.

Seungcheol/S.Coups: Poseidon – seas, rivers, floods, earthquakes. He controls things that are so chaotic, yet essentially to all life. Water being the key to all life. He is calm and in control, being a good mater to the essential life and making it a calm and beautiful element to earth. He would be incredibly humble and peaceful, well-rounded as a god, but during the rare times when his temper would break, would see the earth’s worst disasters, the marks of his emotional breakage leaving scars on the earth.

Wonwoo: Athena – reason, wisdom, knowledge. The goddess herself was rumored to have been born fully armoured, and the idea of that roughness balanced so perfectly with the calmness of intelligence and reason. He would seem incredibly tough and brooding, would intimidate the other gods with his presence, and when called to war, in times when he would have to fight, he would dominate. But he would also be incredibly calm and reasonable, being the highness of intelligence and knowledge.

Vernon/Hansol: Hermes – travel, communication, language, writing. Him as a scholar, showing his colours as a brain. He is more of a bridge between the gods, he helps them communicate and resolve the conflicts that come up with their larger than life personalities. He is incredibly important because of this, but his presence is taken for granted. He lets his emotions fall on the back burner, and lets logic lead him where he needs to go. He is the great neutral here, on the scale of chaos, evil, and good.

Jun/Junhui: Dionysus – parties, festival, madness, ecstasy. In the realm of gods, he is essentially the sex-crazed, partying, drunk frat boy. He doesn’t give a fuck about having any real responsibly, and just wants himself and everyone around him to have ‘fun’.

Hoshi/Soonyoung: Artemis – animals, harvest, wilderness. Him being more wholesome and pure, caring and bright. Having the responsibility over nature and being on the peaceful side of side. Showing his goodness.

Minghao/The8: Hephaestus – metalworking, fire, crafts. Ruling over something as power and destructive as fire, having a severe and incredibly destructive temper, but being able to control it. He himself not being controlled by anger, rather being able to do something good with it and create. He would seem grumpy and intimidating to others, but he would simply just have a passion for his craft. Playing an incredibly important role among the gods, creating both armor to protect and weapons to sway the fate of their fights.

Dino/Chan: Hades – the ruler of the underworld, death, lost souls. I genuinely believe he has a dark side and he could make the move to make such a serious betrayal to end up as ruler of the underworld. And he would love this role so damn much. He would brood and get every ounce of enjoyment out of being evil. He would make his presence fill a room, going to every possibly extent to make sure that people knew he was the baddest motherfucker around.

Mingyu: Persephone – described as Hades’ “consort” in the underworld. He also has some darkness in him. And tell me that you don’t love the idea of the maknae ruling over someone in hell. But just the both of them committing crimes together, soaking up in all their evilness. It’s the best part of this whole AU.  

(A/N: me and Jaycen were discussing this yesterday and I came up with this. I thought you guys might enjoy this as well, so I wanted to post it. -Tanisha<3)


welcome to the league of flower crowns. → 2/???

super spooky purple void edition. look at those monsters. look at how they can give you nightmares and visions of horrible things and silence you from ever saying a thing about it. aren’t they cute? :)

(as requested by anonymous + @voidreaver-khazix. credit not necessary, likes/reblogs appreciated.)

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Oh my! How would ut and uf sans plus us and sf papyrus react after having a flower crown almost violently put on their by their crush? (Idk if you can answer this but plz it's so cute xP)

Alright, so. I know it’s been a while, but you do not know how much I’ve been wanting to do this request, so I hope you like it



He is confused.

He wakes up from a nap to see you running at him from a distance. So he’s about to wave hello when you jump over his sentry station and chuck a flower crown onto his head.

He basically just sits there for a moment before going back to sleep.



He yells at you.

Like. He’s just trying to relax for once in his life and you jump up out of nowhere screaming and slam dunking a flower crown onto his head.

He’s gonna chase you yelling about how he’s going to kill you.

((He won’t though. Because you’re his crush and he actually likes you))



He doesn’t really react much.He’s dealt with Blueberry on a sugar rush before. This is nothing to him.

That being said, the most he’ll do is look at you before calling you cute and going back to sleep.



hoLY S H I T.

Are you trying to give this anxiety boy a panic attack?

The one time he’s able to somewhat let his guard down and you bust in yelling at the top of your lungs, smacking a flower crown onto his head. 

When you leave, he’s staring after you in a mix of confusion and slight fear.


Post 4 selfies with Snapchat filters

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Hello! It is the mystery anon from before, that told you that I was attempting to draw Lexacoon with a flower crown that little Aden made. I tried my best and this is what I could come up with. I didn’t want to outline or color it yet, I will outline it soon. As you can (maybe?) see, I had to redo the eye part a lot haha… ignore it. I hope you like it! I will post another picture once I have outlined it (and hopefully not ruined it, again)(Oh, sorry that this is long, I tend to write a lot when I am ‘nervous’ . And sorry for bad quality…) @immochiball

the signs as things my friend kassandra has said
  • aries: get your nipples out of my snapchat
  • taurus: can you buy me plastic carrots?
  • gemini: did i ever tell you my middle school blocked me on twitter because i retweeted something with "oh my god that's my ass"
  • cancer: do your boobs ever confuse you?
  • leo: *applying purple lipstick* yeah you should probably do it because right now it looks like you just gave barney a blowjob
  • virgo: *at 10pm* i have a milk fact
  • libra: "the flower crown is overrated" shove my flowers up your ass
  • scorpio: this dog has a higher sex drive than i do
  • sagittarius: i got white leather vans, i can finally be damn daniel
  • capricorn: don't you dare salt me you crumb
  • aquarius: can i be "the hottest goose" in your phone?
  • pisces: babe, can you cream cheese my bagel?

So! I’ve decided something! Every hundred followers (I might change the number, depending on popularity) I will draw a different character with an appropriate flower crown! I chose Hunk first because oh geez he’s so great!!!! I hope this is okay with everyone! This idea was rushed and I probably could have done better ),: but I still love it!

Naughty List

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“Junhong, you look so cute! Oh my god, I’m dying, this is precious.”

Junhong rolled his eyes and snatched the flower crown from his head. “Shut up,” he huffed as he unzipped his jacket and tossed it onto the back of a chair, “I’m not cute.”

“You’re so cute. Just accept your fate. I’ve accepted mine. Us baby-faced kids have to stick together, you know?” you retorted as you stood from your spot on the couch and crossed the room to grab his damp jacket. “Besides, being cute isn’t a bad thing. It’s easier to get your way when you’re cute.”

“Ugh,” he groaned as he fell onto your couch, “quit calling me cute! I’ll fight you. Just because you’re ant sized doesn’t mean I won’t.”

“Please, Junhong, fight me. I might be a good foot shorter than you but I can so take you.”

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I showed a few Haikyuu Characters to my mom and she told me her opinion about them
  • Hinata: "He looks so friendly! ...and he looks like he would run around making....flower crowns probably."
  • Kageyama: " *deep sigh* *silence for a minute* ...he looks like he doesn't have a clue what's going on in his life."
  • Tsukkishima: "Oh my god he looks so nice and cute!" *me showing her a picture where he looks grumpy* " No he's still cute he's just...stressed and uncomfortable."
  • Yamaguchi: "awww.....aaaaaaaaw I would love to spend time with him he's so cute."
  • Tanaka: " He's scared. He just doesn't know that he's scared yet."
  • Nishinoya: "He looks like he really has to poop."
  • Asahi: "He reminds me of someone I know ...* silence for a minute* NEXT ONE"
  • Suga: " *sighs and laughs* He looks like he wants to change the world. He just can't."
  • Daichi: "I don't have a opinion about him."
  • Ukai: "This is what i call victim of society."
  • Kuroo: "...He looks like a rapist i'm scared of him."
  • Kenma: "He fell of the table when he was a baby and now he's awkward and a victim because he's shy."
  • Lev: "He looks like an alien."
  • Oikawa: "Why is his hair so weird. He's rly stylish tho."
  • Iwaizumi: *laughs for 3 minutes straight*
  • ______________________________________________________
  • Stuff I learned: My mom rly loves tsukki.

froggiekirby10  asked:

:0 I WANNA ASK QUESTIONS WHY DIDNT I SEE THIS! Q: What is your favorite movie? Is it recent, animated, tell me the deets! Fact: I'm secretly a frog in real life, shhhhh! Request: oh fuck, requests. I've been loving Arin a lot recently, could you draw him in a flower crown? If not, do your favorite Huniepop ship (if you have one) and let them have a coffee date :>

yay finally getting to other requests woooo. Also to answer your question:

My favorite movie has always been Back to the Future (specifically the first one, but I also enjoy the second and the third is Okay). I love it because it deals with time travel in literally the least confusing way while also still explaining it and also making it fun instead of this big dramatic deal. Also it has some great lines in it such as

“I am your density”

“Make like a tree and GET OUTTA HERE.”

“Where are my pants?”
“On my hope chest…”

Plus I have a major crush on Michael J. Fox tbh especially in that movie. It’s a really funny movie and just a generally good experience so I just love that movie tons and tons.


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Opposites Attract

Summary: Dan is the school’s bad boy while Phil is the shy nerd who likes to wear flower crowns, and things take a turn when they both end up in detention.
Genre: AU, Fluff
Word Count: 1,904
Warnings: very slight bullying but nothing too graphic!
Beta: thanks again to @luminescentlester who helped beta this fic! ^__^ <3

A/N: I probably could have done this better but *shrugs* oh well

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