oh no i have a flower crown on

Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers
For a couple of hours on a beautiful day 

A peaceful moment in between cases

Lana Del Rey: Wild At Heart

Courtney Love: Is this the mysterious Lana Del Rey?

Lana Del Rey: Is this the one and only Courtney Love?

Lana Del Rey: So, we could just talk about whatever… Like those burning palm trees that you had in the ‘Malibu’ video. I didn’t think they were real!

Courtney Love: Back when rock’n’roll had a budget, you mean? Oh my God, Lana, setting palm trees on fire was so fun. You thought they were CGI?

Lana Del Rey: Yeah.

Courtney Love: God, you’re so young. I burned down palm trees. In my day, darling, you used to have to walk to school in the snow. So, since I toured with you, I got kind of obsessed and went down this Lana rabbit hole and became – not like I’m wearing a flower crown, Lana, don’t get ideas – but I absolutely love it. I love it as much as I love PJ Harvey.

Lana Del Rey: That’s amazing because, maybe it’s slightly well documented, but I love everything you do, everything you have done – I couldn’t believe that you came on the tour with me.

Courtney Love: I read that you spend a lot of time mastering and mixing. Is that true on this new record?

Lana Del Rey: Oh my God, yeah, it’s killing me. It’s because I spend so much time with the engineers working on the reverb. Because I actually don’t love a glossy production. If I want a bit of that retro feel, like that spring reverb or that Elvis slap, sometimes if you send it to an outside mixer they might try and dry things up a bit and push them really hard on top of the mix so it sounds really pop. And Born to Die did have a slickness to it, but, in general, I have an aversion to things that sound glossy all over – you have to pick and choose. And some people say, ‘It’s not radio-ready if it isn’t super-shiny from top to bottom.’ But you know this. Whoever mixed your stuff is a genius. Who did it?

Courtney Love: Chris Lord-Alge and Tom Lord-Alge. Kurt was really big on mastering. He sat in every mastering session like a fiend. I never was big on mastering because it’s such a pain in the butt.

Lana Del Rey: It is a pain in the ass.

Courtney Love: I think my very, very favourite song of yours – you’re not gonna like this because it’s early – is ‘Blue Jeans’. I mean, ‘You’re so fresh to death and sick as ca-cancer’? Who does that?

Lana Del Rey: I have to say, that track has this guy Emile Haynie all over it. I remember ‘Blue Jeans’ was more of a Chris Isaak ballad and then I went in with him and it came out sounding the way it does now. I was like, ‘That’s the power of additional production.’ The song was on the radio in the UK, on Radio 1, and I remember thinking, ‘Fuck, that started off as a classical composition riff that I got from my composer friend, Dan Heath.’ It was, like, six chords that I started singing on.

Courtney Love: You have that lyric (on the song), ‘You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip-hop.’ Did you really grow up on hip hop?

Lana Del Rey: I didn’t find any good music until I was right out of high school, and I think that was just because, coming from the north country, we got country, we got NPR, and we got MTV.

Courtney Love: What I hear in your music is that you’ve created the world, you’ve created a persona, and you’ve created this kind of enigma that I never created but if I could go back I would create.

Lana Del Rey: Are you even being serious right now? I don’t even know if your legacy could get any bigger. You’re one of the only people I know whose legacy precedes them. Just the name ‘Courtney Love’ is… You’re big, honey. You’re Hollywood. (laughs) Touring with Courtney Love was, like, an Elizabeth Taylor diamond (for me).

Courtney Love: You know, I met Elizabeth Taylor. I was with Carrie Fisher at Taylor’s Easter party and she was taking six hours to come downstairs.

Lana Del Rey: I love it.

Courtney Love: I looked at Carrie and I said, ‘This is not worth it,’ and Carrie said, ‘Oh, yes it is.’ So we snuck upstairs and, Lana, when you go past the Warhol of Elizabeth Taylor as you’re sneaking up the stairs and it says ‘001’, you start getting goosebumps. And then you see her room and it’s all lavender, like her eyes. And she’s in the bathroom getting her hair done by this guy named José Eber who wears a cowboy hat and has long hair, and I’m like, ‘What am I doing here? I’m not Hollywood royalty.’ And the first words out of her mouth are, like, ‘Fuck you, Carrie, how ya doin’?’ She was so salty but such a goddess at the same time.

Lana Del Rey: She was so salty. The fact that she married Richard Burton twice – and all the stories you hear about those famous, crazy, public brawls – she was just up for it. Up for the trouble.

Courtney Love: You know what, darling? I started real early. I started stalking Andy Warhol before I could even think about it. And you kind of did the same, from my understanding. That ‘I want to make it’ thing. And there’s nothing wrong with that.

Lana Del Rey: No, there’s not. There’s nothing wrong with it when you do the rest of it for the right reasons. If music is really in your blood and you don’t want to do anything else and you don’t really care about the money until later. It’s also about the vibe, not to be cliched. And the people. I think we had that in common. It was about wanting to go to shows, wanting to have your own show – living, breathing, eating, all of it.

Courtney Love: Can I ask you about your time in New Jersey? Was that a soul-searching time?

Lana Del Rey: Oh, I don’t even know if I should have said to anyone that I was living in that trailer in New Jersey but, stupidly, I did this interview from the trailer, in 2008.

Courtney Love: I saw it!

Lana Del Rey: It’s cringy, it’s cringy. (laughs)

Courtney Love: You look so cute, though.

Lana Del Rey: I thought I was rockabilly. I was platinum. I thought I had made it in my own way.

Courtney Love: I understand completely.

Lana Del Rey: The one thing I wish I’d done was go to LA instead of New York. I had been playing around for maybe four years, just open mics, and I got a contract with this indie label called 5 Points Records in 2007. They gave me $10,000 and I found this trailer in New Jersey, across the Hudson - Bergen Light Rail. So, I moved there, I finished school and I made that record (Lana Del Ray A.K.A. Lizzy Grant), which was shelved for two and a half years, and then came out for, like, three months. But I was proud of myself. I felt like I had arrived, in my own way. I had my own thought and it was kind of kitschy and I knew it was going to sort of influence what I was doing next. It was definitely a phase. (laughs)

Courtney Love: But you have records about being a ‘Brooklyn Baby’. You can write about New York adeptly and I cannot. I tried to write a song about a tragic girl in New York, going down Bleecker Street – this girl couldn’t afford Bleecker Street, so the song made no sense, right? (laughs) I did my time there, but it chased me away. I couldn’t do it because I wouldn’t go solo. I had to have a band.

Lana Del Rey: I wanted a band so badly. I feel like I wouldn’t have had some of the stage fright I had when I started playing bigger shows if I had a real group and we were in it together. I really wanted that camaraderie. I actually didn’t even find that until a couple of years ago, I would say. I’ve been with my band for six years and they’re great, but I wished I had people – I fantasized about Laurel Canyon.

Courtney Love: I wanted the camaraderie. The alternative bands in my neighbourhood were the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Jane’s Addiction. I knew Perry (Farrell, Jane’s Addiction frontman) and I went to high school for, like, ten seconds with two Peppers and a guy named Romeo Blue who became Lenny Kravitz. I remember being an extra in a Ramones video and he stopped by when he was dating Lisa Bonet from The Cosby Show and it was a big deal.

Lana Del Rey: See? You didn’t really see that in New York. When I got there, The Strokes had had a moment, but that was kind of it. LA has always been the epicenter of music, I feel.

Courtney Love: LA is easier. People have garages. And then as you go up the coast, in Washington and Oregon people have bigger houses and bigger garages, and people have parents. I didn’t have parents, and you – well, you had parents, but you were on your own.

Lana Del Rey: Yeah. You know that song of yours (Awful) that says, ‘Just shut up, you’re only 16’? I think there are different types of people. There are people who heard, ‘What do you know? You’re just a kid,’ and then there are people who got a lot of support from the line, like, ‘Go for it, go for your dreams.’ (laughs) And I think when you don’t have that, you get kind of stuck at a certain age. Randomly, in the last few years, I feel like I’ve grown up. Maybe I’ve just had time to think about everything, process everything. I’ve gotten to move on and think about how it feels now, singing songs I wrote ten years ago. It does feel different. I was almost reliving those feelings on stage until recently. It’s weird listening back to my stuff. Today, I was watching some of your old videos and this footage of you playing a big festival. The crowd was just girls – just young girls for rows and rows. I was reminded of how vast that influence was on teenagers. And – going back to enigma and fame and legacy – you know, those girls who have grown up and girls who are 16 now, they relate to you in the exact same way as they did right when you started. And that’s the power of your craft. You’re one of my favourite writers.

Courtney Love: You’re one of mine, so, checkmate. (laughs)

Lana Del Rey: What you did was the epitome of cool. And there’s a lot of different music going on, but adolescents still know when something comes authentically from somebody’s heart. It might not be the song that sells the most, but when people hear it, they know it. Are you a John Lennon fan?

Courtney Love: When I hear ‘Working Class Hero’, it’s a song I wish to God I could write. I wouldn’t ever cover it. I mean, Marianne Faithfull covered it beautifully, but I would never cover it because I think Marianne did a great job and that’s all that needs to be said.

Lana Del Rey: I felt that way when I covered ‘Chelsea Hotel (#2)’, the Leonard Cohen song, but when I was doing more acoustic shows, I couldn’t not do it.

Courtney Love: I don’t have your range. I’ve tried to sing along to ‘Brooklyn Baby’ and ‘Dark Paradise’ and this new one, ‘Love’. You go high, baby.

Lana Del Rey: I’ve got some good low ones for you. You know what would be good, is that song, ‘Ride’. I don’t sing it in its right octave during the shows because it’s too low for me. But I’ve been thinking about doing something with you for a little while now. Then after we did the Endless Summer tour, we were thinking we should at least write, or we should just do whatever and maybe you could come down to the studio and just see what came out.

Courtney Love: When we were on tour, our pre-show chats were very productive for me.

Lana Del Rey: Me too. That was a real moment of me counting my blessings. I just wanted to stay in every single moment and remember all of it, because it was so amazing.

Courtney Love: Likewise. It was really fun coming into your room. My favourite part of the tour was in Portland, getting you vinyl that I felt you needed. (laughs)

Lana Del Rey: When you left the room, I was just running my hand over all the vinyl like little gems, like, ‘I can’t believe I have these records that Courtney gave to me, it’s so fucking amazing.’ And we were in Portland, too. It felt surreal.

Courtney Love: Yeah, I don’t like going there much but I went there with you. We have this in common, too: we both ran away to Britain. If I could live anywhere in the world, I’d live in London.

Lana Del Rey: If I could live anywhere in the world other than LA, I’d live in London. In the back of my mind, I always feel like I could maybe end up there.

Courtney Love: I know I’m going to end up there. I know what neighbourhood I’m going to end up in, and I know that I want to be on the Thames. I subscribe to this magazine called Country Life which is just real-estate porn and fox hunting. It’s amazing. OK, so, if you weren’t doing you, what would you do?

Lana Del Rey: Do you have a really clear answer for this, for yourself?

Courtney Love: Yeah, I would work with teenage girls. Girls that are in halfway houses.

Lana Del Rey: That’s got you all over it. I’m selfish. I would do something that would put me by the beach. I would be, like, a bad lifeguard. (laughs) I’d come help you on the weekends, though.

Courtney Love: Do you like being in Malibu better than being in town?

Lana Del Rey: I like the idea of it. People don’t always go out to visit you in Malibu. So there’s a lot of alone-time, which is kind of like, hmm. I’m not in indie-rock enclave Silver Lake but I love all the stuff that’s going on around there. I guess I’d have to say I prefer town, but I’ve got my half-time Malibu fantasy.

Courtney Love: The only bad thing that can happen in Malibu really is getting on Etsy and overspending.

Lana Del Rey: Oh my God, woman… (laughs) Tell me about it. Late-night sleepless Etsy binges.

Courtney Love: Regretsy binges. OK, so, lyrically, you have some tropes and one of them is the colour red. Red dresses, scarlet, red nail polish… I kind of want to steal that.

Lana Del Rey: You need to take over that because I think I’ve got to relinquish the red.

Courtney Love: Well, I overuse the word ‘whore’.

Lana Del Rey: You take ‘red’. I’ll trade for ‘whore’. I’m so lucky.

Courtney Love: I love this new song ‘Love’.

Lana Del Rey: Thank you. I love the new song, too. I’m glad it’s the first thing out. It doesn’t sound that retro, but I was listening to a lot of Shangri-Las and wanted to go back to a bigger, more mid-tempo, single-y sound. The last 16 months, things were kind of crazy in the US, and in London when I was there. I was just feeling like I wanted a song that made me feel a little more positive when I sang it. And there’s an album that’s gonna come out in the spring called Lust for Life. I did something I haven’t ever done, which is not that big of a deal, but I have a couple of collabs on this record. Speaking of John Lennon, I have a song with Sean Lennon. Do you know him?

Courtney Love: I do, I like him.

Lana Del Rey: It’s called ‘Tomorrow Never Came’. I don’t know if you’ve ever felt this way, but when I wrote it I felt like it wasn’t really for me. I kept on thinking about who this song was for or who could do it with me, and then I realized that he would be a good person. I didn’t know if I should ask him because I actually have a line in it where I say, ‘I wish we could go back to your country house and put on the radio and listen to our favourite song by Lennon and Yoko.’ I didn’t want him to think I was asking him because I was namechecking them. Actually, I had listened to his records over the years and I did think it was his vibe, so I played it for him and he liked it. He rewrote his verse and had extensive notes, down to the mix. And that was the last thing I did, decision-wise. I haven’t mixed the record, but the fact that ‘Love’ just came out and Sean kind of finished up the record, it felt very meant-to-be. Because that whole concept of peace and love really is in his veins and in his family. Then, I also have Abel Tesfaye, The Weeknd. He is actually on the title track of the record, ‘Lust for Life’. Maybe that’s kind of weird to have a feature on the title track, but I really love that song and we had said for a while that we were gonna do something; I did stuff on his last two records.

Courtney Love: Do you have a singular producer or several producers?

Lana Del Rey: Rick Nowels. He actually did stuff with Stevie Nicks a while ago. He works really well with women. I did the last few records with him. Even with Ultraviolence which I did with Dan Auerbach, I did the record first with Rick, and then I went to Nashville and reworked the sound with Dan. So, yeah, Rick Nowels is amazing, and these two engineers – with all the records that I’ve worked on with Rick, they did a lot of the production as well. You would love these two guys. They’re just super-innovative. I wanted a bit of a sci-fi flair for some of the stuff and they had some really cool production ideas. But yeah, that’s pretty much it. I mean, Max Martin –

Courtney Love: Wait, you wrote with Max Martin? You went to the compound?

Lana Del Rey: Have you been there?

Courtney Love: No. I’ve always wanted to work with Max Martin.

Lana Del Rey: So basically, ‘Lust for Life’ was the first song I wrote for the record, but it was kind of a Rubik’s Cube. I felt like it was a big song but… it wasn’t right. I don’t usually go back and re-edit things that much because the songs end up sort of being what they are, but this one song I kept going back to. I really liked the title. I liked the verse. John Janick was like, ‘Why don’t we just go over and see what Max Martin thinks?’ So, I flew to Sweden and showed him the song. He said that he felt really strongly that the best part was the verse and that he wanted to hear it more than once, so I should think about making it the chorus. So I went back to Rick Nowels’ place the next day and I was like, ‘Let’s try and make the verse the chorus,’ and we did, and it sounded perfect. That’s when I felt like I really wanted to hear Abel sing the chorus, so he came down and rewrote a little bit of it. But then I was feeling like it was missing a little bit of the Shangri-Las element, so I went back for a fourth time and layered it up with harmonies. Now I’m finally happy with it. (laughs) But we should do something. Like, soon.

Courtney Love: I would like that. That would be awesome.

one thing i find concerning is how everyone, even outspoken hux-haters, seems to overestimate hux’s screentime. like, oh, the fandom’s making such a big deal out of him, i can’t remember exactly how long he existed but he must have had a significant amount of time onscreen…right?

various estimates i’ve heard from friends:

  • fifteen minutes
  • twenty minutes
  • six minutes
  • eight to nine minutes
  • “like, i can’t remember, not that long, but his first scene was near the beginning and his last scene was near the end, so… he had the whole movie for screentime opportunities, so it can’t have been less than, like, ten minutes, right?”

the actuality of it is that hux was onscreen for three minutes and fifteen seconds. 3:15. and a large portion of that was him giving that nazi-like speech as his mass-murder weapon slaughtered billions of people instantly, which leaves a very, very small amount of time for him to develop any sort of actual characterization or depth to the extent that he would somehow become the most-loved character in the fandom? i’m sorry, what? like, you do realize why yall like him, right? no matter what you tell yourselves - “oh, he’s a blank slate, we can characterize him as a cinnamon roll if we want uwu” - you are uplifting a white, male character whose central imagery and dialogue is very clearly based on the third reich, while simultaneously demonizing the non-white, non-male characters. 

in each of the previous protagonist trios, there have been two white men for yall to ship together; now that there aren’t any, you latched on the the literal only white men in the new franchise, who happen to be vile murders, one of whom is such a minor character he has less screentime than wicket the ewok from rotj, but lol who cares LET’S DRAW A CLEARLY NAZI-CODED CHARACTER IN A FLOWER CROWN!!!

this is why i try to avoid interacting with the majority of the sequels fandom. there are a lot of good people out there, don’t get me wrong, but the majority have bought into this racist shit without even realizing it. no matter what we say, you’re going to come up with some flimsy argument about, oh, well, i’m sure there are other people who only like hux because they’re racist but my personal motivations are entirely different, it’s not like you can see inside my head so you have to accept what i tell you about the reasons i like hux which are totally not racist :).

oh, by the way? half of those “not-racist” reasons are overtly racist anyways. and, to anyone who’s thinking of telling me again i should just shut up and accept that the fandom has been overrun with white male content and that nobody cares about finn, poe, or rey: good luck with the rest of the trilogy, jackasses.

stupid voltron headcanon from my Discord chat with @kalicofox :“ SOmeone needs to write Pidge finding that. Like a whole fucking fan base for gladiator Shiro. They start making money by selling photos of Shiro working out” well here we are

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Happy Singles Awareness Day!!!

Tamaki: Welcome, ladies! As your host, I would like to honor each of our guests for helping us celebrate our first annual Singles Awareness Day Ball!

Haruhi: *aside* Why are we doing this again? Won’t this just upset the guests rather than made them feel good? 

Kyoya: I wish you had mentioned that beforehand. Our princely idiot could not be persuaded out of spending all this money on a rather awkward party. 

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Kaoru: Yeah… How the heck are we supposed to dance with ALL of these ladies? 

Hikaru: Not to mention you and I are in charge of the kissing booth… I don’t think there’s enough Chapstick for that. 

Tamaki: The Host Club couldn’t possibly shower you with the attention you all deserve, so this year we decided to do things differently. Rather than have a few meager minutes with each of you, we decided to spend the whole evening with all of you! We have a plethora of refreshments, activities, and dancing! There’s no room for any lonely girls on my watch! 

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Honey: ACHOO!!! 

Mori: Bless you *hands him a kleenex* 

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Haruhi: Honey Senpai, are you alright? 

Honey: Oh, yes, Haru-chan. I’m just a little sniffly from collecting all the flowers. Takashi and I are supposed to make flower crowns with all the girls. ACHOO!!!! 

 Haruhi: Oh… Well I hope that goes well! 

Tamaki: … And I’d love to dance with all of you, but remember I only have two hands. So to fix that problem… *cue music* 

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Tamaki: we dance with the queen!!!! *strips down to leotard*

Offerings to Cernunnos

Warning: this post contains a fair amount of UPG (they will be italicized). He seems to like it when I give Him certain things that aren’t necessarily mentioned in the sparse history we have on him. So, it’s really just a list of my successes through trial and error.

  • Coins. Particularly valuable ones. Don’t be stingy. He’s a god of wealth and finances. He’ll pay you back with interest.
  • Oak leaves and pine cones. He’s also associated with the Wilds. Outdoorsy things are nice to have.
  • Antlers. Loves them. Probably because…you know, the antlers.
  • Sex and/or pleasure…What? He’s got fertility too. He is a god of many colors. But gods typically associated with fertility approve of consent and pleasure. If it’s not fun for you, it’s not fun for Him. Make sense. Oh goodness, I’m a little red. Let’s move on.
  • Flower crowns. This is a recent discovery. I have no idea why He loves it so much. Real or fake flowers seem to work just as well, either way.
  • Trees. This one is a bit complicated, I guess. Whether you buy a baby tree or just use one in your yard, simply dedicate it to Him. Bring offerings and things to the base of the tree. Nurture it. Love it. It basically becomes an outdoor shrine/altar.
  • Wine. I didn’t find anything that says this was a common offering to Cernunnos specifically, back in the day. So, I’ll just put it in as UPG just in case. But good, red wine is a pretty nice gift on occasion.
  • Food. I’m pretty sure this is a jack of all trades type offering. Everyone likes food. Just a matter of preference. Cernunnos is a hunter so, venison, rabbit, some kind of game bird, etc. These are all good to give. Best done with outdoor shrines. And don’t worry about stray dogs or scavengers coming around and eating it. I was told that that was just one way the gods accept offerings. Maybe not do it too often, though. Wouldn’t want to develop a problem with the local coyotes, now would we?
  • Hunting weaponsYou don’t have to actually use them for hunting, but the sentiment is nice. Personally, I’m saving up to get Him a bow. I plan on giving him an offering out of the first buck I kill. 
  • Animal Pelts. Following previous logic, dear pelts and things make lovely altar cloths. 
  • Bones. He’s got life and death in His jurisdiction too. Skulls are probably a favorite of mine to give.

Aside from the usual things that pretty much every being likes, this is about it. At least, from what I’ve gathered through research and experiments. Pretty much anything you gather from outside, with respect to nature, is good in His book. Also, I feel I should probably mention that not everyone who worships Cernunnos has to go out hunting every season. It’s not for everyone. So, no pressure.

I hope you all found this rather helpful. Feel free to add to the list, too, if I missed something.

spicyboikeith  asked:

Hey! Okay so in your Sheith Fam house tour you mentioned that Keith likes to garden sometimes! Do the kids ever help him? I can totally see lil Hunk wanting to help his dad plant flowers, and just have a pleasant and wholesome time.

[The Voltron Family] Little Hunk woke up early on a Saturday morning to pee. It was 6:50am according to the big clock in the hallway. He decided to go to the master bedroom to give his daddies morning kisses when he saw that the room was empty. Puzzled at the scene, the little boy slowly went down the stairs to look for his daddies. They were not in the living room nor were they in the kitchen. Then he heard voices outside the garden. “A little to the left, love. Yeah, that’s it. Perfect.” Hunk smiled. It was Daddy Keith’s voice.

He quickly climbed the couch to look outside from the window and he saw Daddy Shiro and Daddy Keith (definitely not wearing pyjamas). Daddy Shiro was moving a big tree trunk with branches, all lined up with the rest. Hunk had no idea what for. He climbed down the sofa and opened the door that lead to the gardens.

Keith: *spots Hunk* Oh, baby. You’re up very early. *smiles*
Hunk: *walks over to his daddies* Whacha doing?
Shiro: *raises an eyebrow* Questions before morning kisses? I say you’re being rude today, sweetheart.

Hunk gasped and quickly apologized by giving his daddies the morning kisses they deserved. Then he asked the same question again.

Shiro: The flowers your Daddy Keith and I ordered just arrived last night and he thought of gardening today. I’m trying to help him out before 8am since the hospital called me today.
Keith: Like I said, it’s fine, baby. *smiles at Shiro* No need to beat yourself up for it. *muses* You should go back inside now and take a bath or else you’re going to be late. I can handle all these gardening myself.
Hunk: *shifts in place* *plays with his pyjama top* I… I can help! *raises hand*
Keith: *turns to the boy* *gasp* *places a hand on his chest*
Shiro: *smiles and squats so he’s eye level with Hunk* I’ll leave it to you then, buddy. *pinches Hunk’s nose* 

When Shiro left for the day, Keith and Hunk were geared up for gardening. Matching Daddy and son overalls because honestly, Shiro was just sappy he wanted to take a photo of it himself. “First Gardening Adventure” he told Keith and Hunk as he sniffled while looking at the photo on his phone. They both had straw hats because it was going to be sunny outside and they had to protect themselves from the heat of the sun.

Pots and sacks of flowers were in a corner and Hunk just stared at them while smiling so wide because they were all so beautiful and he didn’t even know their names. Daddy Keith grabbed Hunk’s hand as they made their way to the tree trunks with branches that Daddy Shiro placed. 

Hunk: What are these yellow flowers, Daddy Keith?
Keith: They’re called Dancing Lady Orchid.
Hunk: *softly touches the flower* *giggles* They do look like dancing ladies.
Keith: *chuckles* They do, don’t they? *hands on hips* Now where do you think we should put them? 
Hunk: On the tree trunk? *tilts head*
Keith: *nods* Yeah.
Hunk: *rubs chin* Maybe on top? Cause they’re small so they might not be seen if they’re going to be at the bottom. *looks at Keith*
Keith: *smiles fondly* On top it is then. *ruffles Hunk’s hair*

A few hours later, Keith and Hunk went inside to eat breakfast with Lance and Pidge. They asked what was going on and when they found out, they asked if they could join the gardening. 

Lance: Pidge, can I borrow the shovel?
Pidge: It’s called a trowel, Lance. The shovel is the one Daddy Keith is using. *points at Keith digging a hole with a shovel* *gives Lance the trowel* 
Lance: *blinks* Oh. Huh. That’s so big and it looks heavy.
Keith: *smirks* It is heavy, buddy. Would you like to try it? 
Lance: I don’t think my tiny arms can even carry that thing, Daddy Keith. *makes a face* You’re asking too much from a six year old. What kind of father are you?! My other father will hear about this! *gasps dramatically*
Keith: *shakes his head in amusement* Oh, but imagine if your Daddy Shiro found out that you used a shovel to help me dig the ground. Imagine how proud he will be… *grins at Lance*
Lance: *perks up* *pulls his sleeves up* *stands up and approaches Keith* Give it to me. I can do this.
Keith: I’m just joking, captain. *laughs* Go back to your chair and continue planting. 
Pidge: *rolls eyes* You’re such a show off, Lance.
Hunk: Daddy Keith, can I put these blue flowers over here?
Lance: Blue flowers?! Where?! *snaps head to Hunk*
Keith: They’re called Hydrangea. We’ll put them all in one row after I’m done digging, Hunk. You can help me with that later. 
Pidge: They’re so pretty. Like little flowers in a ball. *laughs*
Hunk: Okay, how about this one though? The red ones.
Keith: They’re West Indian Jasmine. *smiles and approaches Hunk* Check this out. *plucks one flower* If you take the nectar out, you can actually taste it. *places it inside his mouth* Really sweet.
Three kids: *gasps* *plucks a flower each and tries it*
Lance: Oh my gosh. *giggles*
Keith: Now, give me all your flowers. *takes them* If you connect them together… *connects the flowers* you’d get a bracelet.
Hunk: *places hand to cover his mouth* That’s so pretty!
Lance: Can I make a crown, Daddy Keith? *tugs Keith*
Keith: Sure you can, buddy. 

The kids made their own bracelets and flower crowns when Shiro texted Keith.

Takashi Shirogane [09:05AM]
How are my little gardeners? :D

Keith Shirogane [09:06AM]
They’re making flower crowns now and bracelets lol Here’s a photo.
[pic of the three kids being busy with Keith photobombing doing a peace sign]

Takashi Shirogane [09:08AM]
I have fallen and I can’t get UP. OH MY GOD. You’re all so cute!!! Give them my kisses please! And you of course. ;) Wish I could just ditch work tbh.

Keith Shirogane [09:10AM]
Takashi, NO.

Takashi Shirogane [09:11AM]
Takashi, YES.

Guys, if any of you ever doubt me about how dave strider has effected me in my life. I just want you to know this.

Today while hanging out with some friends, we past by this preteen in the mall, who is oddly yelling something at us. My friends couldnt really make out what they was saying, so we walked past them. But i stg ,i swore i hear them say “dave strider”, so obvs im either going crazy or this random ass kid just looked at us and was screaming about the rap master dave. At this point, two of my friends had to go get water real quick and ki and I see the kiddo who was yelling at us, waving their hands and motioning us to go over to them. The other two come back and we start going over to the kid to see what’s up. Apperently they thought that I looked like dave strider and really needed to tell me. I’m freaking out like hecc, cus none of us had any homestuck merch on. Nothing that says “we read homestuck at one point of my lives”. But somehow??? They freaking k n e w. I stg god guys, I turn red and everyone is asking them questions and shit. You know wanna hang, are you coming to the local con, how do know homestuck.
Now one of us asks them if they have any social media account. Snapchat? Tumblr? Facebook? Nah nah this kid doesn’t have any of them (which is weird af cus this teen looked tumblr, the flower crown, short hair, choker, you know the whole package) oh nono the only thing they have
Is a god damn movie star planet account. Like what the fuck man. Out of all the social media you had to choose you had to pick movie star planet. How in the world did you come in contact with homestuck if all you had was a movie star planet account man??? Like??,
Anywho long story short. They had to leave and they game me their username on the site. Today was fucking rollarcoaster alright and I have so much other cool things to talk about. But today, just frosts the cake okay

I simply want to be dead.
Weeping she left me

with many tears and said this:
Oh how badly things have turned out for us.
Sappho, I swear, against my will I leave you.

And I answered her:
Rejoice, go and
remember me. For you know how we cherished you.

But if not, I want
to remind you
…and beautiful times we had.

For many crowns of violets
and roses
…at my side you put on

and many woven garlands
made of flowers
around your soft throat.

And with sweet oil
you anointed yourself

and on a soft bed
you would let loose your longing

and neither any… nor any
holy place nor
was there from which we were absent

no grove
no dance
no sound

—  Fragment 94 by Sappho

corvinsky-deactivated20170515  asked:

I'm just going to jump right to my point: I thought about flower crowns and the Grisha rankings during the day and I was originally going to ask you about certain flowers you'd associate with the different characters, or with the more broad Grisha divisions. And I still want to ask that, but then, and I must have missed it before, I saw a MacMillan email about The Language of Thorns and I have to say, flower meanings are my JAM and I'm very excited to read this just from the tagline! So excited!

Oh I love that! There’s a wonderful little mystery by Agatha Christie entirely based around the language of flowers. The Four Suspects. Okay, it’s actually kind of weird but it’s also wonderful because the former head of Scotland Yard is like THIS CASE HAS BAFFLED ME LO THESE MANY YEARS AND I AM SURE IT WILL NEVER BE SOLVED. And then the two old ladies at the table are like, well, if you pay any attention to gardening or Victoriana, it’s pretty obvious, fella.  


welcome to the league of flower crowns. → 2/???

super spooky purple void edition. look at those monsters. look at how they can give you nightmares and visions of horrible things and silence you from ever saying a thing about it. aren’t they cute? :)

(as requested by anonymous + @voidreaver-khazix. credit not necessary, likes/reblogs appreciated.)

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(I can't stop help) luna x ginny "I made you a flower crown."

[for the @hprarepairnet‘s ship spotlight : relationship headcanons]

“I made you a flower crown,” Ginny said, holding the carefully crafted ring of violets, jasmines, and bellflowers in her hands, but Luna’s back remained to her. 

She’d just spent more than a couple of hours hunting down the right flowers and constructing it, and now Luna was ignoring her. She cleared her throat, but to no avail. Luna was still bent at the waist with her face in the bushes. Ginny sighed, this wasn’t how she’d planned it out. She marched around to Luna’s left and tapped her on the shoulder. 

Luna let out a little yelp and stood up straight, looking around wildly with her giant, homemade magnifying goggles. Finally her eyes, giant behind the bulbous lenses, landed on Ginny and she smiled. “Oh, Ginny, hi!” She went in for a hug but was much closer than she realized and ended up crashing into her, knocking the crown to the ground. 

“Luna,” Ginny sighed, though she couldn’t help but laugh. “Take these off,” she murmured, reaching up to fiddle with the buckle on the side. Luna gasped as Ginny set the googles on top of the bushes.

“A flower crown!” Luna said, reaching down to retrieve it. “Oh, the Thistle Imps must have left it! It’s so beautiful.”

Ginny brought her hand to her mouth, torn between letting out a laugh or an aggravated sigh. “Luna, no,” she said softly, gingerly taking the crown from her. “No, I made it.”

“Even better! It’s very well done! And these colors will look so wonderful with your hair. Though, I think maybe if you could find some baby’s breath-”

“I made it for you.” Ginny’s tone was a little more clipped than she intended, but Luna didn’t notice.

“For me?” Luna asked, sounding as touched as she would have if Ginny had built her a house made of gumdrops. She reached for it, but Ginny held it back. 

“I made it for you but… well-” Ginny swallowed and took a deep breath. “If you wear it, that means you’re my girlfriend.” Luna’s eyes widened for a moment and Ginny waited for what felt like a year before Luna smiled and ducked under the crown. She softly lifted her head into it and stood up, pushing her self onto her toes so that they were face to face, and kissed Ginny quickly on the lips. 

She smiled. “I kind of thought I already was,” she chirped. Then it was Ginny’s turn to kiss her. 

They don’t know - Yugyeom scenario (fluff, requested)

Originally posted by ofsunandstars



Members: Yugyeom x You
Genre: Fluffy 
Word count: 1384

“Oh Yugyeom get out of here. You can’t feel that way“ Bambam laughed looking at him
“Don’t even say that in front of other hyungs. They will make fun of you” he added laying down on his bed

Yugyeom licks his lips, looking down at the ground.
“It was just a different feeling. I can’t help it.” He spoke
Bambam looks to the side at him and sits up.
“Listen. She’s a fan. What if you will never see her again. Like maybe she was beautiful and you just felt the rush and felt that way.” He explains
“I know what I feel.”
“Yugyeom. You never had a girlfriend.” Bambam looks at him
“Did you ever have one?” Yugyeom raises his eyebrows and leaves the room


— Few hours before —

“Hii everyone!” Jackson said to the microphone and waved smiling. All the iGOT7’s started to scream and wave back.
“OPPA!” fans were shouting

Yugyeom smiled, talking to a fan. She hand him a cute flower crown.
“Do you want to put it on?” Yugyeom looked at her and leans his head down and she smiles and puts the crown on his head.
“I am pretty, am I?” he laughs, so does she
“I love you Yugyeom” she said as she moved to next member
“I love you too” he smiled

“JINYOUNG OPPA! Hi” fan said from the crowd
“Jinyoung oppa, hi? Jinyoung oppa HELLO” he said to the mic
Fans sent him hearts and he flicks them away and laughs.

Yugyeom takes the album.
“Hi” you said feeling super nervous and you wanted to cry how much excited you are.
“Hi-“ Yugyeom looks up at you, and stops for a moment. Staring at you. You felt like your face is super red.
His eyes observed your whole face. You were just too beautiful.
Him realizing he’s staring he chuckles and looks down sighing the album.
“Can I hold your hand” you put your hand over your mouth
“Of course” Yugyeom takes your hand in his, and two of held hands.
“You are very beautiful” he spoke looking up at you
“I..I.. Thank you” you blush
“I got you something” you add and take the flower crown
“Oh, but you already have one” you make a sad face
“It’s okay, put that one too” he leans his head down and you without taking your smile off put the flower crown on top of another one.
He slowly lifts his head up
“Is it falling?” he tried to look up and you laugh
“It’s steady for now” you smiled and two of you kept looking at each other, actually enjoying the silence.

He felt his heart racing, it was just something so different about you. He never wanted you to go. He wanted you to stay, that he gets to know you. Already talking to you he sees how great personality you have.
But you had to move forward.
“I’ll see you again, right?” he quickly asked
“I hope so. Yeah” you smiled, letting go of his hand and moved to Jaebum.

There were no words to describe how happy you were. No matter if they don’t come to your country, you’ll go anywhere you need to just to see him again, see them again and talk to them.

Yugyeom would always look to the side, and look at you while you’re still there.
Admire that smile and how cute you are.

After the sighing, boys come to the front of the stage. To talk to everyone who came.
“I LOVE YOU” Yugyeom did aegyo and made a heart with his arms

They would do a sexy dance off, make jokes, do aegyo, and just sit down and talk to everyone.
“We will come back hopefully again. I will miss you a lot” Youngjae said
“You were so beautiful today, all of you! Bambam winks and dabs
“I want you to come back home safely, and get a lot of rest okay?” Jackson asked
All of you shout “Yes”

For the end all of you get to hug or high five them.
Seeing the line, Yugyeom couldn’t wait for you to walk by.
As you did you smiled and hugged him tightly.
“I’ll see you soon” you said
“I love you” he smiled and let go of you and hugged another fan.


“Hey Yugyeom I heard something” Jinyoung sat down on the couch in their practice room
Yugyeom danced and stopped, looking at him in review of the mirror.
“Did BamBam say something?” Yugyeom asked with his heart racing. He didn’t want anyone to know how he feels and what he feels.
“No, I just saw couple of pictures and videos online. On that last fan meet you were constantly looking at one fan” he explains
Jackson jumps on the couch next to Jinyoung.
“I likeee to hear that” he laughs
“It’s nothing. She was just pretty that’s all” Yugyeom turns around, towards them
“All iGOT7’s are pretty, they are beautiful” Jackson smiled
“Why were you staring at her?”
“I said. She was pretty” Yugyeom looks away and sits on the ground
“Oh come on. Did you feel somethinn” they started teasing
“Yeah. I did. So what?” Yugyeom looks up, his voice cold and serious

Jinyoung and Jackson look at him for a moment with a serious face on. Slowly their lips form into a smile then they let out a loud laugh. They clapped hands, grabbed onto each other how much they thought it was funny.

“Wait. You don’t even know her and you fall in love or something. Oh God” Jinyoung laughed
Jackson wiped off his tears
“Oh damn, that was funny”

Yugyeom kept looking at them, coldly and just calmly. He didn’t want to care what they think or how much they laugh about it, but he did in a way and it bothered him.
But he knew how he feels.
As he stood up, taking his stuff, Jackson and Jinyoung stopped laughing.
“Oh come on are you mad now?” Jackson asked
“Like you care?” Yugyeom just looks up at him and walks out of the practice room, shutting the door.


For months boys were preparing for another comeback. Working on their songs, choreography’s, and MV filming. 

Next comeback was “Never ever” era.

Even though it was long time ago when Yugyeom saw you, he still gets excited of a thought of you. And of a thought seeing you soon hopefully.
Still he was more focused on the comeback and wanting to work hard.

As the comeback era started, they started to perform and soon they had a fan meeting.
It was the same city where he saw you. The more and more the fan meeting was close he was getting too excited.
Bambam pushed him a bit.
“Think you going to see her again?” he smiled at Yugyeom
“Yeah. I have a feeling she’ll be here”

They came out on stage and sat down, waved, greeted everyone.
It was like all over again. He was sighing an album just talking to a fan.
He took something and began to poke Jackson with it. He laughed and took the album, sighing it and he looked up, and saw a familiar face.
It was you.
His smile grew bigger.
“It’s you again” he said
“You remember me?” you were surprised and blushed
“Yeah, of course I do. You were the most beautiful girl in here” he looked at your eyes

You put your hands on your face.
“Yugyeom, I can’t stop smiling” you laugh
“Don’t cover up that pretty face. I want to see your smile” he placed his hands on yours and moved your hands away
“Theree you are” he chuckled
“What is your name?” he added
“Y/N” you smiled looking at him while he was writing something, you could notice how he was smiling
“That is a beautiful name… I really wish we could be friends” he spoke and your face went shook
“I mean- I’m sorry” he laughs shaking his head
“No, I am just like. You are and idol and I am just a fan.”
“That doesn’t matter. At least to me.” He said

You had to move next.
“I’ll see you again soon Y/N” he smiled and waved
“I’ll see you” you smiled and waved back to him

World Poetry Day

I have a question for you all. What’s your favourite poem, and what’s your favourite line from that poem? If your favourite line of poetry is from a different poem, tell me that as well!

You’ve all been such absolute bbs lately and I have an idea for some COOL POETRY FUN that I want to do for you all as a little lexical thank you!

My favourite poem is probably Fragment 4 of Sappho:

I simply want to be dead.
Weeping she left me.

with many tears and said this:
Oh how badly things have turned out for us.
Sappho, I swear, against my will I leave you.

And I answered her:
Rejoice, go and
remember me. For you know how we cherished you.

But if not, I want
to remind you
]and beautiful times we had.

For many crowns of violets
and roses
[…] at my side you put on

and many woven garlands
made of flowers
around your soft throat.

And with sweet oil
you anointed yourself

and on a soft bed
you would let loose your longing

(tr. Anne Carson)

but my favourite line of poetry is ‘Pack up the moon and dismantle the sun’, from Funeral Blues by WH Auden. It just absolutely encapsulates the dull ache of grief for me. I remember when my grandad died. I was 18, and the pervading emotion for the first few weeks wasn’t really sadness, but emptiness. It was an experience more than a feeling, like living on a different plane from everyone else, walking through the world and wondering ‘why hasn’t everybody stopped? Don’t they know that the world has ended?’ and feeling absolutely isolated and numb. So, that’s my favourite line. Cheery.


anonymous asked:

Oh my! How would ut and uf sans plus us and sf papyrus react after having a flower crown almost violently put on their by their crush? (Idk if you can answer this but plz it's so cute xP)

Alright, so. I know it’s been a while, but you do not know how much I’ve been wanting to do this request, so I hope you like it



He is confused.

He wakes up from a nap to see you running at him from a distance. So he’s about to wave hello when you jump over his sentry station and chuck a flower crown onto his head.

He basically just sits there for a moment before going back to sleep.



He yells at you.

Like. He’s just trying to relax for once in his life and you jump up out of nowhere screaming and slam dunking a flower crown onto his head.

He’s gonna chase you yelling about how he’s going to kill you.

((He won’t though. Because you’re his crush and he actually likes you))



He doesn’t really react much.He’s dealt with Blueberry on a sugar rush before. This is nothing to him.

That being said, the most he’ll do is look at you before calling you cute and going back to sleep.



hoLY S H I T.

Are you trying to give this anxiety boy a panic attack?

The one time he’s able to somewhat let his guard down and you bust in yelling at the top of your lungs, smacking a flower crown onto his head. 

When you leave, he’s staring after you in a mix of confusion and slight fear.

From RDC1, Katharine looking a gajillion times better than me.

Dear Journal,

Today McGonnagall was coming for dinner. It’s been a long time since we saw her but she sent us a few letters to congradulate us on being parents. She also wanted to see Lily, Harry and James so we are having a lot of people over tonight. I woke up early and set Teddy on the couch so he could watch the teletubbies while drinking his bottle of milk. I already started working on dinner so it would cook slowly, all day. I could hear Teddy giggle from the near by living room. Since it was an open space, I could watch him while cooking. Regulus came downstairs a few minutes later, wearing only a very long band t-shirt that went up to his thighs.

“Goodmorning!” He said, streching his back.

“Goodmorning! Want some eggs?” I asked him.

“Oh yes please. Have we got any mail?” He asked looking around.

I smiled and handed him Sophie’s letter. He smiled and blushed, looking down at the small enveloppe.

“Wegulus?” Teddy said, as if he was asking Reggie to join him.

“I’m coming ted!” He said.

He quickly opened the letter and i looked at his eyes move across the paper. He had a sad smile on his lips.

“God I miss her..” he said, bitting his lip.

“When will she come back?” I asked, knowing that she was on his way to surprise him.

“In another week..” he said.

“You can make her a flower crown like Lily showed you.” I smiled.

“Yeah I could! I made one with blue flowers and wore it all day long!” He laughed to himself.

“You’ll have to show me how to do them!”

He wrote back to his girlfriend on the couch with Teddy cuddled against him. I couldn’t wait to see his face when she would show up!

Sirius woke up and we all cleaned the house. We wanted to impress McGonnagall! Lily and James showed up a bit early to help with the cooking and cleaning. Both kids were on the couch watching some more muggle baby tv shows while we worked around. Sirius and I went for a shower while Lily was baking some cupcakes with Teddy and while James, Regulus and Harry were watching the quidditch game.

“Should I shave?” Sirius asked, examining his “two days beard”.

“Hum.. no I think it look good like that. It makes you look even hotter.” He said kissing his neck.

“Okay, c'mon let’s hurry! We don’t want McGonnagall to know that we have showers together.. it would be awkward.” He giggled.

Everytime we shared a shower, Sirius always asked for me to wash his hair.

“Can you wash my hair please?” He said, blushing.

“Are you not able to do it yourself babyboy?” I joked.

“Hey for all the times i did it for you, and i’m not complaining i kind of enjoy it.. but pleaseeee?” He said with his puppy face.

“Okay..” i smiled.

So I did. His hair were full of shampoo as my finger brushed against them. I made sure to massage him behind the ears just where he liked it. It must be a dog thing. His eyes were closed and he was bitting his lip.


I smiled to myself continuing my work.

After our shower, we dressed up really nice. We had bought Teddy this cute navy blue shirt for the occasion. And McGonnagall arrived at the exact time she said she would.

She hugged everyone, even Regulus. She was happy to see him on the right side. When it was time to meet Teddy, he was pretty shy. He cuddled up in Sirius’ arms and his hair turned black.

“Oh Merlin.. His he?” Minerva asked.

“Yes, he’s a metamorphagus.” Sirius smiled.

“It’s okay Teddy. Can you say hi? Padda won’t let you go, just say hi.” I said.

“Hi.” He said, waving his little hand, still a bit shy.

“Well hello Teddy! You look like you are going to be a great wizard just like your fathers!” She smiled.

“Oh Minnie, no need to flirt with me.” Sirius winked jokingly and she playfully hit his arm.

“My dear Sirius you haven’t changed a bit!” She laughed.

We them all had dinner. I received a lot of good comments on my cooking. We talked about everything and anything. Regulus wasn’t even left out. He talked about Sophie and how he couldn’t wait to come back to Hogwarts for his last year. Everyone was happy.

April 22nd 1978

Glory and Gore (Seventeen As Greek Gods)

Jeonghan: Aphrodite – beauty, love, lust. He would be oh so perfect in a flower crown and flowing white outfit, ensnaring everyone with his god-like beauty, being in charge of love and lust and having many lovers himself because of this. Tell me that you can imagine him being birthed from the sea.

DK/Seokmin: Apollo – manly beauty, music, arts, healing. The arts and music had to be a member of the vocal unit, singing sweet songs from the top of Mount Olympus, and healing reminds me of his smile and his all around sunshine. And I find that there is something particularly manly about his looks. He would likely have many falling for him with his beautiful singing voice and gorgeous looks, but would spend his time looking out for people and healing than dealing in love and lust.

Woozi/Jihoon: Ares – war, bloodshed, violence. People often associate him with being so small and angry and I love the idea of him being in control of war and violence. I imagine him being the calmest god, reining over such terrible things. He would think of it as a hobbie to deal in the affairs of violence, knowing that humans are so easily riled up and will go to war over anything, and would enjoy winding them up and watching the results of the disasters that he could create. But he would also love holding back, knowing that he had the power to keep the peace and that he was the only barrier between the people and chaos of the entire world.

Joshua/Jisoo: Hestia – the virgin of hearth, home, chastity. Bringing in his wholesomeness and purity. Him being a beautiful and pure god no matter what, always having the highest morals and best ideals, wanting the best for the other gods and the humans down on earth. He would never argue, always being entirely pleasant and calm, sometimes getting on the nerves of the other gods with this trait of his personality.

Seungkwan: Hera – marriage, women, childbirth. (This is going to sound entirely strange) but because he loves his own mother so much, I love the idea of him caring for all mothers in general. Him taking on this pure and caring role, using his passion to vouch for people and look out for what’s best for them. He would see the purity in children and want to protect it, and see the strength in mothers and families and want the rest of the gods to see that too.

Seungcheol/S.Coups: Poseidon – seas, rivers, floods, earthquakes. He controls things that are so chaotic, yet essentially to all life. Water being the key to all life. He is calm and in control, being a good mater to the essential life and making it a calm and beautiful element to earth. He would be incredibly humble and peaceful, well-rounded as a god, but during the rare times when his temper would break, would see the earth’s worst disasters, the marks of his emotional breakage leaving scars on the earth.

Wonwoo: Athena – reason, wisdom, knowledge. The goddess herself was rumored to have been born fully armoured, and the idea of that roughness balanced so perfectly with the calmness of intelligence and reason. He would seem incredibly tough and brooding, would intimidate the other gods with his presence, and when called to war, in times when he would have to fight, he would dominate. But he would also be incredibly calm and reasonable, being the highness of intelligence and knowledge.

Vernon/Hansol: Hermes – travel, communication, language, writing. Him as a scholar, showing his colours as a brain. He is more of a bridge between the gods, he helps them communicate and resolve the conflicts that come up with their larger than life personalities. He is incredibly important because of this, but his presence is taken for granted. He lets his emotions fall on the back burner, and lets logic lead him where he needs to go. He is the great neutral here, on the scale of chaos, evil, and good.

Jun/Junhui: Dionysus – parties, festival, madness, ecstasy. In the realm of gods, he is essentially the sex-crazed, partying, drunk frat boy. He doesn’t give a fuck about having any real responsibly, and just wants himself and everyone around him to have ‘fun’.

Hoshi/Soonyoung: Artemis – animals, harvest, wilderness. Him being more wholesome and pure, caring and bright. Having the responsibility over nature and being on the peaceful side of side. Showing his goodness.

Minghao/The8: Hephaestus – metalworking, fire, crafts. Ruling over something as power and destructive as fire, having a severe and incredibly destructive temper, but being able to control it. He himself not being controlled by anger, rather being able to do something good with it and create. He would seem grumpy and intimidating to others, but he would simply just have a passion for his craft. Playing an incredibly important role among the gods, creating both armor to protect and weapons to sway the fate of their fights.

Dino/Chan: Hades – the ruler of the underworld, death, lost souls. I genuinely believe he has a dark side and he could make the move to make such a serious betrayal to end up as ruler of the underworld. And he would love this role so damn much. He would brood and get every ounce of enjoyment out of being evil. He would make his presence fill a room, going to every possibly extent to make sure that people knew he was the baddest motherfucker around.

Mingyu: Persephone – described as Hades’ “consort” in the underworld. He also has some darkness in him. And tell me that you don’t love the idea of the maknae ruling over someone in hell. But just the both of them committing crimes together, soaking up in all their evilness. It’s the best part of this whole AU.  

(A/N: me and Jaycen were discussing this yesterday and I came up with this. I thought you guys might enjoy this as well, so I wanted to post it. -Tanisha<3)

Crown Princess Wanted


Princess needed to help Crown Prince get his life together.


  • Hang around him constantly.
  • You may need to temporarily change lodgings and employment; arrangements will be made to help you with this process.
  • Get his best friend who also happens to be his employee to like you but not in a like-like way
  • Induce feelings of strong affection, emotional confusion, and pining upon separation.
  • Success indicated when he realizes he needs to man up for you and his country. 


  • Must be of common birth.
  • College student studying in Charles preferred.


  • Heart-pounding romance* with a Crown Prince you’d never have met otherwise,.
  • A party dress you couldn’t possibly afford on a student income.


  • Help an elderly man cross the street at indicated location (he’s a bit weird but has passed our background check and is a cool dude).
  • After this, go to the flower shop at the location provided and wait for a car to splash mud on you. 
  • We will contact you to discuss further details if you qualify. 


*happy ending not guaranteed.