oh no i have a flower crown on

Daydream, I fell asleep amid the flowers
For a couple of hours on a beautiful day 

A peaceful moment in between cases

“Why do you always do that?” Persephone asked one evening.  She was failing once again to grow him a crown of flowers. “Why do you turn away the platters of food?”

“It’s food of the Underworld.” Hades replied slowly.

“And?” Persephone shrugged, “Does it taste of dirt? I wouldn’t mind, I’ve tasted my fair share of that before.” Oh, her laughter!

 “It changes you. Traps you. Take even a single bite and you stay in this realm forever. I do not ask you to make that choice just yet.”

“Have you ever tasted it?” Persephone watched the servants bear the trays away.

There was a long silence before Hades answered.

“I was the first.”

—  The Illustrated Hades and Persephone, Megan C. Lloyd

Here’s your comission, @jenhedgehog !

I really had fun doing this :3

Oh and see Lapis’ flower crown ? This was my 5yo sister’s idea :’) She basically started to look at the picture while I was inking and we had this conversation :

“-What are they doing ? Who’s the blue girl ?
-They’re dancing ! And huh, well idk what to say but they’re living together
-*continues to stare at the picture* Why doesn’t she have a crown ?
-Wait why would you want her to have a crown ?
-Well she should have a crown.”

And she walked away to draw. I tried to see how a crown would look and it looked nice so I kept it
(Oh and she watched SU after this and I’m kinda proud of what happenned but I don’t want to turn this post into a long story lol so this will be for later)

Anyway hope you like it !!


welcome to the league of flower crowns. → 2/???

super spooky purple void edition. look at those monsters. look at how they can give you nightmares and visions of horrible things and silence you from ever saying a thing about it. aren’t they cute? :)

(as requested by anonymous + @voidreaver-khazix. credit not necessary, likes/reblogs appreciated.)

Offerings to Cernunnos

Warning: this post contains a fair amount of UPG (they will be italicized). He seems to like it when I give Him certain things that aren’t necessarily mentioned in the sparse history we have on him. So, it’s really just a list of my successes through trial and error.

  • Coins. Particularly valuable ones. Don’t be stingy. He’s a god of wealth and finances. He’ll pay you back with interest.
  • Oak leaves and pine cones. He’s also associated with the Wilds. Outdoorsy things are nice to have.
  • Antlers. Loves them. Probably because…you know, the antlers.
  • Sex and/or pleasure…What? He’s got fertility too. He is a god of many colors. But gods typically associated with fertility approve of consent and pleasure. If it’s not fun for you, it’s not fun for Him. Make sense. Oh goodness, I’m a little red. Let’s move on.
  • Flower crowns. This is a recent discovery. I have no idea why He loves it so much. Real or fake flowers seem to work just as well, either way.
  • Trees. This one is a bit complicated, I guess. Whether you buy a baby tree or just use one in your yard, simply dedicate it to Him. Bring offerings and things to the base of the tree. Nurture it. Love it. It basically becomes an outdoor shrine/altar.
  • Wine. I didn’t find anything that says this was a common offering to Cernunnos specifically, back in the day. So, I’ll just put it in as UPG just in case. But good, red wine is a pretty nice gift on occasion.
  • Food. I’m pretty sure this is a jack of all trades type offering. Everyone likes food. Just a matter of preference. Cernunnos is a hunter so, venison, rabbit, some kind of game bird, etc. These are all good to give. Best done with outdoor shrines. And don’t worry about stray dogs or scavengers coming around and eating it. I was told that that was just one way the gods accept offerings. Maybe not do it too often, though. Wouldn’t want to develop a problem with the local coyotes, now would we?
  • Hunting weaponsYou don’t have to actually use them for hunting, but the sentiment is nice. Personally, I’m saving up to get Him a bow. I plan on giving him an offering out of the first buck I kill. 
  • Animal Pelts. Following previous logic, dear pelts and things make lovely altar cloths. 
  • Bones. He’s got life and death in His jurisdiction too. Skulls are probably a favorite of mine to give.

Aside from the usual things that pretty much every being likes, this is about it. At least, from what I’ve gathered through research and experiments. Pretty much anything you gather from outside, with respect to nature, is good in His book. Also, I feel I should probably mention that not everyone who worships Cernunnos has to go out hunting every season. It’s not for everyone. So, no pressure.

I hope you all found this rather helpful. Feel free to add to the list, too, if I missed something.

the tumblr experience
  • sixteen year old girl making a joke: why do people swim in the ocean? like, ever heard of frostbite? sharks?
  • overly aggressive tumblr vegan: oh you hate sharks, b*tch? you hate innocent creatures who have never attacked ANYONE EVER just because you watched jaws? stop fucking fearmongering, you worthless piece of shit. do your parents even love you? is that it, c*nt? is that it, b*tch? also have i mentioned im vegan
  • superwholock blogger who's somehow still active in 2017. either 12 or 38, nowhere inbetween. icon varies, but it's always unsettling and often involves a flower crown: OK WHATS UP FUCKERS LET ME LEARN YOU A THING!!!! SHARKS ARE SMOL PRECIOUS BEANS AND HERES WHY: [information copy-pasted from wikipedia] !!!!!!! SEE????? THIS IS HAPPENS WHEN TUMBLR GETS THEIR INFORMATION FROM THE INTERNET AND TV AND MOVIES!!!! READ BOOKS!!!!! MY FAVE IS JOHN GREEN!!!! ALSO HAVE I MENTIONED IM SAPIOSEXUAL
  • reylo blogger with a red and black theme who's hoarded more hamilton URLs than lin-manuel miranda himself: it's people like OP that make me know i was born in the wrong generation -_-
  • that one feminism blog that adds unnecessary comments to everything: ^^^^THIS!!!!!!!!
  • 60 different people who dont know how to use the tag function: [various gifs]
  • meninist butting in for no goddamn reason: not all men
  • aesthetic blog that's entirely reposted instagram art: hey im tyler promo my art [flower emojis]
  • the post is nine miles long and only halfway converted into the new format. it has 800,000 notes. you've seen it thirty four times. OP deactivated

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YOUR CAPS EXCITE ME… *cough* I mean let’s do this. I also made Dan wearing shorts…


- Dan knew he looked extra cute today. He was wearing baby blue booty shorts and a pale pink jumper. He had on white thigh-highs that had bows on them along with high tops. He had his favorite flower crown on, to top everything off. He was currently sat at a lunch table with his friends Cat, Louise, Pj, Felix, Marzia, and Jack. Oh, and his punk boyfriend Phil.

- Some people found it amazing that he and Phil were dating. They were polar opposites. Dan wasn’t complaining though. Except right now, they were having a stupid argument at the table, during lunch, and in front of their friends. And the topic they were arguing over was priceless.

- “Dan, just accept the fact that you have a daddy kink! I heard you mumbling it during your nap yesterday,” Phil chuckled, along with everyone else.

- Dan was about as red as a tomato. This was so embarrassing. He swears to god that ever since his nap the day before that the only thing coming out of Phil’s mouth was “what he thought he heard”. And well, Phil did hear correctly. Dan was calling Phil daddy in his dream. And boy was it fucking amazing. But Dan wouldn’t admit it to Phil. Dan was actually mad that he was saying this in front of their friends.

- “You must’ve heard me wrong! So shut the fuck up!” Dan snapped back, making Phil have a double take of what his baby just said to him.

- “Oh shit. Danny’s getting defensive about it!” Pj laughed, along with everyone sitting around them.

- Dan didn’t think it was possible to get any redder, but apparently he was wrong. Dan glanced over at Phil and saw the pissed look on his face. Dan didn’t really feel guilty about it though. Phil did bring this upon himself.

- “Aw, is Danny too embarrassed to speak? It must be true,” Felix mocked jokingly.

- Dan was about to make a smart ass comment back when he felt a big pressure on his crotch, making him gasp audibly. Everyone looked up from their food and gave Dan a strange look. Dan tried to speak, but he couldn’t. He tried his best to glance down without making it obvious. Phil’s hand was in his crotch, palming him roughly. He looked at Phil and saw the smirk on his face as he felt Dan grow hard very quickly.

- This was mortifying. They were sat at a table with their friends for fucks sake! And now Phil’s hand was in his crotch, rubbing quickly. Dan was now slightly squirming in his seat, he then heard a small chuckle come from Phil. Phil then leaned over and brought his lips to Dan’s ear.

- “That’s not a very nice way to talk to Daddy, baby boy. I should punish you for that. Bend you over my knee and spank that cute little bum of yours. But you would like that wouldn’t you? You’re such a dirty little slut. Daddy’s little slut. My little slut,” Phil whispered into Dan’s ear.

- Dan whimpered and bucked into Phil’s hand on accident. He doesn’t think he’s ever been more turned on in his life. He could’ve cum just by his words. The whole table was looking at the both of them oddly now. This just made Phil chuckle and grin. Dan knew pleasure must’ve been all over his face right now, so he crossed his arms on the table and buried his face in it.

- “You’re close already? Wow princess, Daddy’s words must have quite the effect on you. I’ll tell you what, Daddy is gonna fuck you so hard when we get home that you won’t remember your own name,” Phil leaned down and groaned into the squirming boy’s ear.

- Dan was done for, and he knew it. Phil’s hand had sped up even more now. Dan knew he was leaking heavy amounts of precum into his panties, showing a visible wet spot on the front of his cute shorts. Phil’s thumb had found it’s way to Dan’s clothed cock head and was rubbing it hard.

- “D-Daddy- fuck-” Dan whined, just loud enough for Phil to hear.

- Phil knew that in this instance that he himself was harder than he’s ever been. But he was focusing on his baby boy right now. And how close he was to ruining those god damn shorts that show of his amazing ass so well. God, Phil wished he could rip them off and fuck Dan on this very table. Fuck.

- Dan could feel the heat in his lower abdomen and his balls tightening. He was gonna cum. In front of everyone. He knew that everyone at the table was probably aware of what was happening. So, Dan shamefully started grinding up into Phil’s hand.

- “What a little whore. Grinding into my hand in front of our friends? You’re gonna cum like a good boy, aren’t you? I can tell by the way you’re breaths are getting faster and your thighs are shaking,” Phil breathed into Dan’s ear.

- Dan just nodded and gripped Phil’s thigh hard as he felt himself let go. Wave after wave of pleasure went through Dan’s body. Also filling up his panties in the process. Leaving a huge wet spot on the front of his shorts. Dan was basically panting as his high slowly faded away. He glanced up at the others at the table and two of them coughed awkwardly. Dan was not going to recover from this.

- “So what was that about not having a daddy kink?”


~ Oliver

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Happy Singles Awareness Day!!!

Tamaki: Welcome, ladies! As your host, I would like to honor each of our guests for helping us celebrate our first annual Singles Awareness Day Ball!

Haruhi: *aside* Why are we doing this again? Won’t this just upset the guests rather than made them feel good? 

Kyoya: I wish you had mentioned that beforehand. Our princely idiot could not be persuaded out of spending all this money on a rather awkward party. 

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Kaoru: Yeah… How the heck are we supposed to dance with ALL of these ladies? 

Hikaru: Not to mention you and I are in charge of the kissing booth… I don’t think there’s enough Chapstick for that. 

Tamaki: The Host Club couldn’t possibly shower you with the attention you all deserve, so this year we decided to do things differently. Rather than have a few meager minutes with each of you, we decided to spend the whole evening with all of you! We have a plethora of refreshments, activities, and dancing! There’s no room for any lonely girls on my watch! 

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Honey: ACHOO!!! 

Mori: Bless you *hands him a kleenex* 

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Haruhi: Honey Senpai, are you alright? 

Honey: Oh, yes, Haru-chan. I’m just a little sniffly from collecting all the flowers. Takashi and I are supposed to make flower crowns with all the girls. ACHOO!!!! 

 Haruhi: Oh… Well I hope that goes well! 

Tamaki: … And I’d love to dance with all of you, but remember I only have two hands. So to fix that problem… *cue music* 

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Tamaki: we dance with the queen!!!! *strips down to leotard*

stupid voltron headcanon from my Discord chat with @kalicofox :“ SOmeone needs to write Pidge finding that. Like a whole fucking fan base for gladiator Shiro. They start making money by selling photos of Shiro working out” well here we are

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one thing i find concerning is how everyone, even outspoken hux-haters, seems to overestimate hux’s screentime. like, oh, the fandom’s making such a big deal out of him, i can’t remember exactly how long he existed but he must have had a significant amount of time onscreen…right?

various estimates i’ve heard from friends:

  • fifteen minutes
  • twenty minutes
  • six minutes
  • eight to nine minutes
  • “like, i can’t remember, not that long, but his first scene was near the beginning and his last scene was near the end, so… he had the whole movie for screentime opportunities, so it can’t have been less than, like, ten minutes, right?”

the actuality of it is that hux was onscreen for three minutes and fifteen seconds. 3:15. and a large portion of that was him giving that nazi-like speech as his mass-murder weapon slaughtered billions of people instantly, which leaves a very, very small amount of time for him to develop any sort of actual characterization or depth to the extent that he would somehow become the most-loved character in the fandom? i’m sorry, what? like, you do realize why yall like him, right? no matter what you tell yourselves - “oh, he’s a blank slate, we can characterize him as a cinnamon roll if we want uwu” - you are uplifting a white, male character whose central imagery and dialogue is very clearly based on the third reich, while simultaneously demonizing the non-white, non-male characters. 

in each of the previous protagonist trios, there have been two white men for yall to ship together; now that there aren’t any, you latched on the the literal only white men in the new franchise, who happen to be vile murders, one of whom is such a minor character he has less screentime than wicket the ewok from rotj, but lol who cares LET’S DRAW A CLEARLY NAZI-CODED CHARACTER IN A FLOWER CROWN!!!

this is why i try to avoid interacting with the majority of the sequels fandom. there are a lot of good people out there, don’t get me wrong, but the majority have bought into this racist shit without even realizing it. no matter what we say, you’re going to come up with some flimsy argument about, oh, well, i’m sure there are other people who only like hux because they’re racist but my personal motivations are entirely different, it’s not like you can see inside my head so you have to accept what i tell you about the reasons i like hux which are totally not racist :).

oh, by the way? half of those “not-racist” reasons are overtly racist anyways. and, to anyone who’s thinking of telling me again i should just shut up and accept that the fandom has been overrun with white male content and that nobody cares about finn, poe, or rey: good luck with the rest of the trilogy, jackasses.


One time Dad and I accompanied Mom on a diplomacy trip. According to local custom, we had to spend the entire day decked out in floral glory. We weren’t too keen on the idea. 

“Oh, suck it up, you two. I didn’t raise my boys to have such fragile masculinities,” Mom sighed as she crowned us. “Don’t worry, Mommy thinks you’re manly no matter what you’ve got on your head.”

It wasn’t as embarrassing as I thought it would be…until I found out I had allergies.

…Needless to say, it’s hard to be an ambassador when you’re sneezing on every single person who shakes your hand.

The Pastel Boy With A Tattoo

Summary: Dan and Phil are total opposites but they don’t hate each other. Dan is the quiet, pastel boy while Phil is the punk boy who likes to cause trouble at school. Phil discovers Dan has a small secret that makes them realize that they have more in common than they thought.

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 3,185

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Biblical-Scale Distractions // A Phan One-Shot

Genre: fluff, pastel/religious!danxnormal!phil, high school AU

Words: 1.2k

Relationship status: together

Warnings: swearing, mentions of sex

Summary: Dan is trying to read for bible study, but his boyfriend has other ideas.

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OMG - so I'm sitting at work and I just randomly think about your story the FrozenTimeTravel one and I THIS COMES TO ME: [Later in the AU] Okay so Obi-wan is healing, slowly, and goes out into the fountain room to meditate and he starts CRY'N cause everything is so beautiful, so pure, and a kid comes over and sits with him and asks why he;s crying. So he tells 'em. And then the kid is like, well duh, and crawls into his lap and Obi-wan tells story of him and Anakin against the universe. Cue Fluf

Obi-Wan is a wraith in the temple.

Fleeting and fleeing as he moves through its halls, his shields durasteel tight around him as Jedi reach out to him in an attempt to help or get to know.

Their time traveling, broken Jedi Master is not like them.

There are scars that even younglings seem to spot in the man who will freeze at times then flee, either back to his medical room or to the Gardens, one of the few places that seems to carry no negative memory for the man.

Words spoken so softly they could have been a whisper from time to time when the masters managed to coax something from him as gently as they could.

This was a Jedi swimming the ocean between faltering into the shadows of his mind or treading up to the surface of light and warmth.

“We honestly aren’t sure what to do Qui-Gon.” Mace finally sighed, leaning a bit against his friend to let their shoulders bump. “Sometimes he tells us things that seem… impossible yet its clear he’s experienced. A General on a battlefield. Jedi as General’s.” The Korun shook his head.

Watching the other, Qui-Gon frowned lightly. “There has been growing unrest in the galaxy, you have to admit that. It would take one hell of a mighty push to make the Jedi general’s but it is doable if the Senate and the Republic demanded it of us.” He looked away. “But the implications are horrifying.”

The Korun sighed and rubbed his hand over his scalp. “Yes but there’s not much we can do about that then continue working, though Yoda has been speaking more with Obi-Wan then the rest of us. He’s been sending of Jedi to missions not requested by the Senate.”

“Oh?” Raising bushy brows, Qui-Gon watched his friend.
Nodding, Mace hummed. “He says that the Senate tells us where to go and who to help, that it was not always like that and that it shouldn’t be so when unrest is growing as it is. He’s sending us around based on requests the Senate does NOT send us.” Mace frowned a bit. “And the results have been…disturbing.”

“In what way?” Qui-Gon questioned as they turned onto the hall towards the Gardens.

“In the way that we are actually doing good in these places the Senate do not send us. Peace prosper in the wake of Jedi intervention.” Mace breathed out. “Places that might have seen violent upheaval or war if we didn’t.”

“That is…distressing.” Qui-Gon mumbled, stroking his brown beard slowly as they stepped into the Garden’s primary garden. Tahl had actually hinted at something like that, telling him that she had been sent of on several missions that didn’t seem to be Senate sanctioned yet had benefited from Jedi intervention.

“It i-oh.” Mace froze, staring at something.

“Wha-oh.” Qui-Gon joined him in staring.

Obi-Wan was sitting beneath a tree, a little wookie on his lap as a weequay boy was placing a flower crown made out of small blue and pink flowers in his hair. Around him in a wide circle sat different younglings from the creche, looking at him in excitement.

“Thank you Uini. Now where was I-”

“Knight Skywalker was flying!” One of the Rodians gasped, leaning forward. “And the droids were following!”

“Ah right, thank you Bunta.” Obi-Wan smiled meekly and then launched back into a PG rated version of the story he had been telling the children, both Qui-Gon and Mace listening in. For all that the shields around the redhead were still durasteel tight, for all that he still looked like he wanted to bolt, he was sitting with the children, telling them stories.

It was hope for improvement.

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Okay so, idea. I know that everyone says that Damien would be a vampire if he was a supernatural being but. Please consider. Damien is a pacifist flower demon who was heavily summoned in the Victorian Era. Mary summons him while drunk off of her ass because she's pissed at Joseph but then she ACTUALLY SUMMONS A DEMON. But Damien is a Pure Cinnamon Roll. When he's happy, flower crowns pop up onto head and wildflowers bloom behind him and orange lilies on thorny vines come up when he's mad.



Agh and then once Mary summons him he’s like do you have a contract for me? Something you want me to do?? and she’s like “well I didn’t really have a plan beyond this so like why don’t you just chill here until I can think of something” so Damien moves in next door and they become BFFs… PLEASE

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(I can't stop help) luna x ginny "I made you a flower crown."

[for the @hprarepairnet‘s ship spotlight : relationship headcanons]

“I made you a flower crown,” Ginny said, holding the carefully crafted ring of violets, jasmines, and bellflowers in her hands, but Luna’s back remained to her. 

She’d just spent more than a couple of hours hunting down the right flowers and constructing it, and now Luna was ignoring her. She cleared her throat, but to no avail. Luna was still bent at the waist with her face in the bushes. Ginny sighed, this wasn’t how she’d planned it out. She marched around to Luna’s left and tapped her on the shoulder. 

Luna let out a little yelp and stood up straight, looking around wildly with her giant, homemade magnifying goggles. Finally her eyes, giant behind the bulbous lenses, landed on Ginny and she smiled. “Oh, Ginny, hi!” She went in for a hug but was much closer than she realized and ended up crashing into her, knocking the crown to the ground. 

“Luna,” Ginny sighed, though she couldn’t help but laugh. “Take these off,” she murmured, reaching up to fiddle with the buckle on the side. Luna gasped as Ginny set the googles on top of the bushes.

“A flower crown!” Luna said, reaching down to retrieve it. “Oh, the Thistle Imps must have left it! It’s so beautiful.”

Ginny brought her hand to her mouth, torn between letting out a laugh or an aggravated sigh. “Luna, no,” she said softly, gingerly taking the crown from her. “No, I made it.”

“Even better! It’s very well done! And these colors will look so wonderful with your hair. Though, I think maybe if you could find some baby’s breath-”

“I made it for you.” Ginny’s tone was a little more clipped than she intended, but Luna didn’t notice.

“For me?” Luna asked, sounding as touched as she would have if Ginny had built her a house made of gumdrops. She reached for it, but Ginny held it back. 

“I made it for you but… well-” Ginny swallowed and took a deep breath. “If you wear it, that means you’re my girlfriend.” Luna’s eyes widened for a moment and Ginny waited for what felt like a year before Luna smiled and ducked under the crown. She softly lifted her head into it and stood up, pushing her self onto her toes so that they were face to face, and kissed Ginny quickly on the lips. 

She smiled. “I kind of thought I already was,” she chirped. Then it was Ginny’s turn to kiss her.