oh no i forgot charlotte!

PLL 7x19 Review

Hello welcome back to what could be my last review, I don’t know if I will do one after next week, it all depends on if I watch live or not. OR if you guys really want me to do one last one while I cry my eyes out I can. Enough about that here are my thoughts and theories on 7x19, as always they aren’t in any order and may be confusing, but you guys have managed to watch 7 years of confusing so it should be easy to decode me.

 *Just realized this post is over 1500 words long so its under the cut.

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Oh I forgot to post this, but I went to Charlotte feis last weekend. After a year of getting sick all the time / being very allergic to Irish weather (lol going back to school with ALL the inhalers next semester) I finally went to a competition where I didn’t die at the end of my rounds. It’s feels great to be healthier and to be so close to the recall! (Also if you try really hard you can *almost* pretend my hair isn’t awkwardly growing out!)