oh no he's hot

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Something totally off subject: how sexy is Matthew's voice in 'Lost Boys' when he sings "...We're oh, so..." MATE. Come on.

V v hot. Although - I’d have to say my ultimate favourite is the mid part of I Can’t Believe We’re back on Emerald Hill, where his voice drops real low and it’s all rasped. Or else the little scream in Love Without Sleep.

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oh no, he’s hot

Where Arthur wanted a break from the endless council meeting and went to “check up” on Merlin doing his chores. Arthur hasn’t realized that over all the years, Merlin isn’t so tiny anymore. Cue Merlin being flushed from working hard and Arthur doing a head-desk to hide his blush. Merlin hums away, clueless. 

Two words. Season 5. When Merlin all of a sudden became super buff! Like never forget Merlin washing the wash and his amazing arms, chest, and forearms just kind of humbly showcased. Well, Arthur noticed too, dammit! Along with everyone else *heart eyes emoji*


”You still want to kill me?”

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