oh no he's fine

The things Ianto has to deal with!
  • Ianto: He's taking a long time.
  • Gwen: Oh what are you worried about? He's fine. They were fine, he and space octopus. All fine. Getting along.
  • Ianto: Tell me about it.
  • Gwen: Seriously Ianto? You're getting twitchy cause you think he might be getting off with a space octopus?
  • Ianto: Curanian, they're called Curanians...
  • Gwen: SPACE OCTOPUS. It's huge!
  • Ianto: So's his...
  • Gwen: ...don't go there...

Hellooooooo Dr. Fitz


As much as I don’t want to look at him I can’t stop…like OH MY GOD HE IS SO FINE. Why does he look this good. 😢😭

This is why I'm the charismatic one

(So me and a few other friends were doing a Fallout-4 scenario, and the rest had died leaving me, a raider with max charisma, my friend (we’ll call him Morgan), a vault dweller with max intelligence and the DM. We were searching for the Institute but we were attacked and robbed. We did all this with a six sided die)

DM: You arrive at the Institute, with no weapons or protection. What do you do?

Morgan: I commit suicide.

Me: Wait what?

DM: Ok but you have to roll a six, or you’re stuck in the game

*Morgan proceeds to roll a six*

DM: OH MY GOD- fine whatever, you’re dead now,
*he turns to me*
DM: what do you want to do

Me: I try to befriend the Institute

*rolls a 6*

Morgan: I want to convince Ryan to join me from beyond the grave

*rolls a 3*

DM: You consider his offer, before deciding against

Me: I roll to shoot the DM

*rolls a 5*

DM: you do realise i’m just like, a voice in your head right

Me: oh shit

DM: You proceed to shoot yourself in the head, dying instantly

Morgan: are you serious Ryan


As much as I don’t think Mace truly understands how much Fitz means to Jemma, I do think it’s true that pretty much every agent on that base knows about their relationship.

Think about it, a lot of them probably came into the fold after they were dating so they would know that they were dating but imagine the first time something goes down and they watch them just cling to each other like they’re scared for their lives. Imagine older agents seeing the looks of confusion on their faces and going “Don’t you know about those two? They’ve got like this crazy epic love story” and then proceeding to tell them all about it. 

Because let’s be real, everyone knows the stories of how he dragged her from the other side of the universe and how she pulled him up from the ocean floor and so no one questions why they react the way they do because they don’t even understand how they are still alive. 

Kiddo reacts to Episode 11 of Yuri on Ice

They were quiet for most of the episode just watching the performances intensely.

In the end they had this reaction:

Kiddo: “I just want Yuri and Yurio to win. I just…they need to both win.”

Me: “What did you think of the ‘let’s end this’ comment?”

Kiddo: “What about it?”

Me: “What do you think Yuri meant?”

Kiddo: “Clearly ‘lets end this’ meant ‘let’s end not being married’ so it’s fine.”

Me: “Oh?”

Kiddo: “He just wants the wedding as soon as the final is over. That’s all.”

Kiddo has faith.

Leo: So, does Reyna ever talk about me when I’m not there?

Jason (smirking): Oh, all the time. 

Leo: What does she say?

Jason (trying to keep a straight face): She says, “Oh, Leo, he’s so fine-looking.”

Jason: And then she turns all red and makes me swear not to tell.

[Piper is trying hard not to giggle]

Leo: I KNEW it!

Oh dang

Chicken nugget is doing fine he’s happy and healthy but I have to go to Saturday marching band hell, so I won’t be home!! I really hope that I’m able to be there when he evolves… I’m so sorry the suspense is killing me but my band director will kill me more if I miss this practice,,
I’m on mobile now, I’ll try to answer asks when I can. Feel free to message

I’m worried about him! Though my bathroom door is closed, so things should be ok in the event that he does evolve without my being there.

One of my favorite Kai headcanons

One of my favorite Kai headcanons that I like to imagine is that he doesn’t get sick too much since his body’s hot, so he tends to kill anything that tries to get him sick before he feels anything.

However, it’s when he gets sick, that’s when its horrible.

His body temperature raises higher than usual to try and burn it out, but that often requires it to be so high that he’s so out of it, has to be in bed, is sweating, getting dehydrated, and tends to have the hallucinations you get when the tempt is too high. He isn’t really right in the head during the times whan he’s sick; he does a lot of mumbling and can’t really form sentences well.

Sometimes his body will even flare up in bursts of flames since his body may be really hot, but he just FEELS so cold so he tends to flare up since he mentally believes that he’s actually cold so he tries to warm up. The whole flaring thing doesn’t happen too often, a lot of times when he’s unconscious. They have to get fireproof blankets and clothes for him during that time.

Kai doesn’t get sick often, but when he does, it’s pretty bad but doesn’t last for too long. (He doesn’t really remember what goes on when he’s sick, but the others do since it’s pretty freaky to see how messed up he gets.)

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Companions and advisors reacting to teenquisitor coming out as trans to them?

Cassandra: She’s a little surprised and confused, but if this makes them feel more secure in who they are, she will do her best to support them. She does ask how they’d like to be referred, and respects their wishes.

Blackwall: “Oh, so you’re like Krem, then? Alright.” He shrugs. “That’s fine with me. Do what feels right for you.”

Iron Bull: He smiles at them reassuringly and nods. “Thanks for letting me know. What pronouns do you want me to use, and do you want me to keep referring to you by your current name or by a different one? Also, let me know if anyone gives you shit. I’ll kick their ass for you.”

Sera: She’s befuddled, and asks a bit of an inappropriate question at first, but she sees it upsets the Herald, so she apologizes and tries her best to be understanding. She pokes around, later, trying to learn more about it, but eventually decides that, shit, if that’s how the Herald feels, that’s how they feel, and she’ll respect it.

Cole: He knew how they felt prior to coming out, and he encouraged them to start transitioning. “You are you. You shouldn’t have to hide it. The parts don’t define you. You define you.” He had always referred to them by their preferred pronouns prior to coming out, much to the befuddlement of the others– save for Bull and Solas, who started to catch on.

Varric: He offers a sympathetic smile. “That’s fine with me, kid. Thanks for telling me. Go ahead and tell me what pronouns you want, and do you still want me to call you by your name? Your nickname? Do you want me to change either? Oh, and if you need anything to help you transition, you let me know, and I’ll get it for you at no charge.”

Solas: He figured it out when Cole called the Herald, consistently, by what pronouns fit them, even prior to coming out. He gently tried to prod them a few times about it, but eventually decided to let them decide what to do on their own. When they finally come out, he shrugs. “I knew as soon as Cole started calling you by your preferred pronouns. It is not an issue to me, and I hope you feel more comfortable with yourself now.”

Vivienne: She takes the knowledge in stride, and merely asks what pronouns they’d prefer and what name they’d like to be referred to. She also asks if they’d like magical assistance to transition, and will either help or drop the subject, depending on the Herald’s response. If she overhears anyone saying anything remotely transphobic about the Herald, she will shut them down and thoroughly humiliate them.

Dorian: “Oh! Well, that makes sense.” He smiles kindly at them. “Good for you. You should never have to pretend to be someone you’re not, though I know very well it’s easier said than done… good on you. You should never live a lie. If you need any assistance with transitioning, I will try to help to the best of my abilities. Oh, and do tell me what pronouns you’d prefer. I will do my best to accommodate you.”

Josephine: She’s surprised, of course, but she’s respectful about it– she just asks to know their preferred pronouns and preferred name, so as to address them correctly, and to write their name and pronouns correctly when writing letters about them. The first few times she does it, she receives a few confused and sometimes transphobic letters in response– which she responds to with a very stern lecture.

Leliana: She’s not surprised at all. She just calmly thanks them for telling her, and reassures them that nothing has changed between them, and that she won’t tolerate anyone who treats them with disrespect due to their gender. To the Herald’s surprise, she immediately starts using the correct pronouns, but they never ask how she knew– the Spymaster seems to know all.

Cullen: He’s not sure at all how to handle it, but he tries to be understanding and respectful. He reassures them that it’s fine by him. He asks what pronouns to use and leaves it to them. He’s just glad they’ll feel more secure in their identity, and he vows to support them.