oh no am i making a meme

Intimidation Meme

Sometimes it’s difficult for people to seek contact with each other because they can feel intimidated by others. Using this meme, you can send the symbols to my askbox that represent to you how intimidating I am to you. This way, it could be more clear to both sides how things are based on these feelings.

😀 - I’m not afraid of reaching out to you.
😃 - To me, you are easy to approach.
😊 - I think you are a really friendly person.
😶 - I’m not sure if I can reach out to you.
😐 - You seem a little distant from others.
😓 - I feel like you would not really like me.
😲 - I’m afraid of reaching out to you.
😟 - I wish I had the courage to start talking to you.
😥 - I am very intimidated by you. I wish it wasn’t that way, because you seem cool.
😫 - I admire you from the sidelines because you seem cool and I’m just a dork.
😧 - Senpai, notice me????
😦 - I feel really insecure when I want to reach out to you.
😨 - You intimidate me….a whole damn lot.
😭 - I wish I could be your friend but to me, you are so hard to reach out to.
😱 - I am so incredibly intimidated by you, it even makes me a little anxious sometimes.


Let’s start off with how it looks when he’s debating on something.

When he stares at the ceiling and you can see how defined it looks and how it accentuates the beauty of his neck

How delicate it can look at times


How his masculine  jaw contrast with his adorable face # can just jump off now

and how it’s perfectly showcased when he brings his sexy out in performances




His manly yet soft edges that makes him look so ethereal

but then he frees the holy forehead and that jaw suddenly becomes your next sin

you just want to run your fingers gently on that good sharpness # don’t lie to yourselves

When his jaw suddenly has that cute/sexy boy next door vibe #tf am I saying now

How perfectly sculpted it looks when he sheds a tear

How mature it makes him look  when he makes those oh-so-not-fetusey-faces

When he literally flaunts the goods like : “ You wished you could touch me”

When he’s focused on work and that jaw screams at you : “I’m about to look sexy in a few seconds, just wait for it”

When he’s jealous and does that tongue thing ,and his jaw suddenly becomes sharper for no coherent reason #yeah fml

When he’s all skeptical about something and his jaw looks extra defined

how about when he frees the forehead and is focused on something too?! CAN I JUST DIE NOW.

Don’t smile at me ,you son of a fetus. YOU’RE ILLEGAL AND I DON’T DO ILLEGAL SHIT!



Hamilton lyrics I will never not relate to

“Inside he was longing for something to be apart of”

“Poppin’ a squat”

“You’re making me mad”

“Bwuh bwuh bwuh bwuh bwuh”

“I forgot my dang name”

“Why are you upset?” “I’m not”

“Awesome. Wow”

“Useless as two shits”

“I’ll make a million mistakes”

“I hadn’t slept in a week”

“A mess, she looked pathetic”

“They don’t like you”

“You fat motherfucker”

“I’m a little nervous but I can’t show it”

“Sweet Jesus”

“I’m sorry, what?”

“Oh shit”

“I am more than willing to die”

Meme War

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has invited Sam, Steve, Bucky, Wanda, Nat, Bruce, Peter, Thor, Vision and Scott.

Tony: Okay so, me and Bruce worked real hard on this one.

Nat: Bruce and I, just FYI.

Tony: We created a special program that should keep anyone out that we don’t want in.

Tony: So they shouldn’t be able to get in.

Tony: Oh fuck off.

Scott: Wait who can’t get in and why?

Bucky: So how sure are you they won’t be able to get in?

Thor: Sir Ant-Man, I believe they are discussing Lady Y/n and Sir Clinton.

Bruce: I am hundred percent positive they can’t get in.

Peter: Um guys, I am a little bit confused. What did they do?

Sam: Well Thank Goodness.

Steve: I had enough of that nonsense.

Tony: Nope, just me and my buddy Bruce.

Vision: Peter, I believe it’s called a meme war.

Wanda: My buddy Bruce and I.

Tony: Will you stop correcting my grammar?

Steve: Will you start making proper sentences?

Tony: Oh you too, Steve?

Scott: Seriously, so that’s why you blocked them out?

Scott: Party breakers.

Sam: Well Tic-Tac, you don’t see memes all around the tower.

Wanda: I wouldn’t mind seeing them, if they didn’t suck.

Peter: Well some of them were good.

Steve: On who’s side are you now Peter?

Tony: Hey leave the kid alone.

Peter: I am just saying.

Y/N has entered the chat.

Y/N has added Clint.


Vision: I am not fully sure how this happened.

Vision: My computer doesn’t acquire that kind of information.


Bruce: But how?

Nat: I will seriously kill you two imbecilic.

Nat has left the chat.

Bruce: There was a special password that they need to guess before entering, and it’s not that easy.

Clint: Oh you mean “Y/N and Clint aren’t allowed in this chat”?

Clint: Pretty easy to me.

Wanda: Typical Tony.

Wanda: Now you should create a program that’s not gonna allow Tony to leave the chat.

Steve: Seriously Tony?

Thor: Interesting thinking, Lady Wanda.

Scott: Yeah, let’s torture Iron Man.

Scott: Who’s with me??

Bruce: I swear to God, I’m going to strangle you.

Bruce: Without turning green.



Tony: Alright there buddy, calm down.

Vision has left the chat.

Tony has been disconnected

Bruce has left the chat.

Wanda: Someone’s gonna get their ass beaten.

Clint: Hey Vision

Vision: Yes, Mr. Barton?

Clint: How’s your vision?

Clint: Because


Vision has left the chat.

Thor: Humans.

Thor: I would rather be stuck whit my idiot brother Loki, than you two.

Thor has left the chat.

Peter: Huh, good one.

Steve: I don’t get it.

Sam: This is so stupid.

Bucky: Lame.

Peter: I mean, buu, it sucks.


Clint: Hell yeah, Y/N, hell yeah.

Peter has left the chat.

Y/N: Yaiks, think I got him too hard.

Y/N: Poor little baby.

Sam: Then go suck his dick for comfort.


Clint: Shit Y/N


Bucky: Y/N can I film it when you kill him?

Wanda: I’ll hold your hair so you don’t mess it.


Scott: I will bring popcorn

Steve: I’ll plan a funeral.

Clint: I’ll bring memes.

Bucky: Oh dude, you know you’re going down.

Wanda: Harder than titanic.

Bucky: But not the way you’d like to.




Bucky: GO Y/N, GO Y/N.


Scott: Look guys what I’ve found.



Steve: What is this?

Bucky: This is life

Y/N: Yasss Scott.

Clint: Good one.

Steve: I don’t get it.

Sam: Hilarious.

Steve: You gusy suck.

Steve has left the chat.



Wanda has left the chat.

Sam has left the chat

Scott has left the chat.

Bucky has left the chat.

Clint: what the heck?

Y/N: They think their cool.

Clint: Let’s do something

Y/N: what?

Clint: Okay meet me in the training room in 5.

Clint: I have something great planned out.

Y/N: Can’t wait.

Clint has left the chat.


Y/N: Just had too.

Y/N has left the chat.

I dont even know anymore.

Avengers tumblr fandom circa 2012

Don’t judge, but I’ve been thinking back fondly a lot lately about the epic bounty of old memes and trends we had back in the day. A guide for those followers of mine who weren’t around yet, or a Throwback Friday for those of you who were, remember:

  • The Avengers gag reel
  • Assvengers
  • Seriously the equal-opportunities fanservice and fixation on butts was a thing to behold
  • “Caw caw motherfucker”
  • Okay there were a lot of Hawkeye-bird jokes (this was before we met Sam Wilson) but that was probably the biggest one
  • Renner Stretches
  • The Hawkeye Initiative
  • “That’s my secret, Cap. I’m always angry.”
  • Thor loves Pop Tarts
  • “This _____, I like it! ANOTHER!
  • Major ships: Stony, Clintasha, Thorki (aka Thunderfrost which, lbr, is the arguably the most badass ship name ever), Frostiron, Capsicoul
  • Also a LOT of people shipped Coulson and Hawkeye even though I don’t even remember them having screentime together? I’ve seen that ship referred to as Phlint like…once, but not at the time.
  • Chris Evans and his ridiculous shoulder-to-hip ratio
  • Left-boob grab (this one might actually still be a thing)
  • “I recognize the counsel has made a decision. But given that it’s a stupid-ass decision, I’ve elected to ignore it!” (this one I KNOW is still a thing)
  • “I understood that reference”
  • Crying forever over that deleted sequence of Steve learning that All My Friends Are Dead But Oh Hey Peggy’s Still Alive But I’m Too Afraid to Call Her and then going through the city being Forever Alone
  • The Superfamily AU where Steve and Tony raised a smol Peter Parker
  • Lokimania
  • holy
  • fucking
  • shit
  • I could probably make a separate post just for that but here goes
  • That famous Twitter convo where Tom Hiddleston and a Loki RPer were challenging each other and popularized “I DO WHAT I WANT”
  • I think like half his actual lines in the movie became memes on some level actually
  • “I am burdened with glorious purpose” and its many MANY remixes
  • “Tom sits like a whore” (aka what we called manspreading before that became A Problem)
  • L O K I ‘ D
  • The Loki’d Outtakes
  • Loki’d 2: The Return of Steve (like actually this was a real thing that happened)
  • Wendy
  • People coming together to make a fan book about Wendy for Tom’s birthday
  • That one picture of Tom in full Loki getup while holding Mjolnir and Cap’s shield
  • Loki and the Loon, the webcomic about Loki and Tom being roommates that spawned similar blogs for EVERY Avenger rooming with their actor. Almost none of them actually went anywhere, but the original Loki and the Loon was pretty great.
  • For real though, I’ve never seen any fandom obsession with an actor reach quite the fever pitch that we had with Tom Hiddleston, my god. Bendytoots probably came close though (this was before Ben’s Fall From Tumblr Grace. Tom is still well-regarded, but I think that part of the fandom has finally chilled out).
  • And lest we forget:
  • Tom in-character as Loki for SDCC (okay I’m pretty sure this one was later than 2012 but it was still a big fuckin deal when it happened)
The Difference
  • Yoongi: *Does something stupid*
  • Yoongi: *Makes an excuse*
  • Rest of BTS: Oh well I guess that makes sense then.
  • Yoongi: I know, I am a genius after all ;)
  • -
  • Taehyung: *Does something stupid*
  • Taehyung: *Makes an excuse*
  • Rest of BTS: But you were caught on camera.
  • Taehyung: Dammit >:(
Astrology Meme Time

Oops it’s half past grill your sign


  • Why are you dressed like a grandma “It’s my ass kicking outfit, bitch”
  • Surprisingly nimble and dainty
  • I sure am going to make this big mistake oh ooch ow it hurts so bad oh no  this is awful Im not stopping tho owie wowee
  • Best friends with like 8 famous people, and humble about it
  • Never really not pissed at someone


  • How many layers of mistakes that you’ve made and not talked about are you on right now “I don’t know my dude like 5 or 6” you are like a little baby
  • Germaphobe- gets really upset if you joke about it
  • Gives everyone a shot even if they are literally going to shoot Taurus in the face kind of shot like with a gun
  • Smells lightly floral at all times even in humid gross weather
  • 3 a.m. texting full conversations 


  • Essentially a very drowsy social butterfly
  • No chill but on mute
  • Would you like to go out sometime? no? okay do you know where I can get some drugs
  • Dressed to RepressTM
  • Majors in  a e s t h e t i c 


  • Not actually a mom friend like everyone thinks- more of a frantic aunty figure that stuffs strange bracelets and candies in your pockets
  • Cries when puppies appear, or really any baby animal (even just saying ‘baby animals’ can get it goin)
  • Collects things that are junk but if you call them junk you’re basically not allowed in their house anymore
  • Fiscally responsible
  • If you forget your manners they will forget you


  • I am feel uncomfortable when we are not about me?
  • Cat lover and walking cat mom stereotype
  • Cries if the food is too good
  • Secretly very responsible
  • Minor inconvenience- “Guess I’ll die”


  • Cries during a fist fight
  • “I hate that I work all the time” they said, picking up several extra shifts and taking over other people’s tasks
  • Paid and laid and not ur maid
  • Not as neat or tidy as expected and a lil scatterbrained 
  • Hair fetish


  • Thesaurus but also a potty mouth
  • They’re proof ppl can still be romantic even without a heart
  • *Taps head* “can’t be proven wrong in an argument if you don’t actually argue”
  • Will still show up at crucial events even if they got stabbed on the way (and on time)


  • “There will be a very slight delay-” *blinking guy gif meme*
  • Usually armed with a weapon even at the grocery store
  • “Ghosts don’t exist” they said, summoning Satan
  • With the band
  • Problematic sex life


  • “I got this” they said, and then didn’t and also died
  • Either amazing or fucking awful gift givers no in between
  • Depression is in Session
  • Wasted away again in Margaritaville
  • Tried something for the first time and totally killed it while it took everyone else years- “whaaat it’s so easy”


  • Accountant Dad
  • Knitted stuff even in summer
  • Great at most any things except handling critique
  • wtf are words do
  • Secretly loves to do risky chance taking


  • Overly forgiving of shitty exes
  • Picks up other languages like it’s no goddamn thing
  • Puts up with lots of bullshit
  • “Y'know when *describes intrinsic and esoteric construct no one can relate to* ? Haha right??”
  • Likely the gayest of the signs


  • *Internal screaming*
  • Late for stuff bc petting ppls dogs
  • Points out uncomfortable truths on the reg
  • “If you can’t summon the emotions directly from inside, store bought is fine”
  • Dirty jokes
The Real Infinity War

A/N: Enjoy this alternative to Infinity War with less feels.

Tony has created a chatroom.

Tony has added Bruce.

Tony: I have a science bro.

Tony has added Stephen.

Tony: I have an awesome facial hair bro.

Tony has added T'Challa.

Tony: I have a billionaire bro.

Tony has added Peter.

Tony: I have a kid bro.

Tony has added Y/N.

Tony: I have a best friend bro.

Tony has added Natasha.

Tony: I have a traitor bro.

Tony has added Vision.

Tony: I have a grankid bro.

Tony has added Steve.

Tony: I have an old bro.

Tony has added Rhodey.

Tony: I have a bro bro.

Tony: Get it, Rhodey? Because you’re like family to me.

Rhodey: Bro.

Tony: Bro.

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I made the mistake of mentioning my birthday is coming up and Die Kinder from drawing 101 (who are mostly first-semester freshmen and *barely* 18) wanted to know how old I am going to be.


“Oh WOW!  You’re as old as my STEPMOTHER.”
“I thought you were like, 40.”
“Can you buy me beer?”

and my favorite: “Shouldn’t you have graduated by now?”

Thanks kids.

So I spent the rest of class intentionally mis-using memes to make them cringe ( “Your shading is so Bae” etc.) and complaining about my arthritis.

Murder starters
  1. “Are they dead?”
  2. “Oh my God, you KILLED a PERSON!”
  3. “Am I next on your hit list?”
  4. “Calm down, it’s just a corpse.”
  5. “Do you act like this every time someone kills something in front of you?”
  6. “You can’t go around killing people- that’s illegal!”
  7.  “Don’t be ridiculous; you just ran a red light so that makes you just as guilty.”
  8. “Give me a minute to process the fact that I just witnessed you murdering someone.”
  9. “Are you sure they’re dead?”
  10. “They had it coming.”
  11. “It’s like they were asking to be killed.”
  12. “If it wasn’t me, it would have been someone else.”
  13. “If it upsets you that much, then don’t look.”
  14. “How can you eat after what you just did?”
  15. “Just because I killed one person, it doesn’t mean I’m about to go on a murder spree!”
  16. “Why must you make a big deal out of one little corpse?”
  17. “If it makes you happy, I’ll notify their family.”
  18. “How do you expect me to sleep after that?”
  19. “I killed someone.”
  20. “What if they had a family? Did you ever think about that?”
prompts based on things my friends say to/about me
  • “We don’t even have to look behind us, if we hear a weird noise, we know they haven’t wandered too far off.”
  • “How have you survived this long?”
  • “Oh, don’t even act like 3 AM is ungodly for you, just the other day you sent me a message at 4:20 AM that just said ‘blaze it’.”
  • “Why am I friends with you?”
  • “You’re like that picture of Steve Buchemi saying ‘howdydoo fellow kids’.”
  • “Oh, I’m sorry, too adult for you?”
  • “Don’t tell me you’re asleep.”
  • “I don’t know if we’re blessed or cursed.”
  • “No one said memes, go to sleep.”
  • “I’d be careful if I were you, they can be surprisingly decent when they want to.”
  • “Stop making a meme out of me.“ 
  • "You will die quickly if you keep up these puns.”
  • "Look at them, all growing up and learning to be a bitch, I’m so proud." 
  • "Can we kill them? I can make it look like an accident.”  
  • “You are literally a child." 
  • “Did I just go along with your reference? …Oh god, you’re infecting me.”
  • "Oh god, shield their eyes." 
  • “Hey… stop.”
  • “You are God’s greatest mistake.”
  • “I worry for your sanity.”
  • “Our love may be strong but you’re still an idiot.”
  • “I got a notification from you and I knew, I knew it’d be a picture of that stupid bear again.”
  • “What in the hell did you even say?!”
  • “Oh don’t get your hopes up, you’re going to screw up soon to even it out.”
  • “I saw this funny old man and immediately thought of you.”
  • “I’m surprisingly proud of you.”
  • “New cryptid 2017: You.”
  • "Oh no, I’m not telling you, it’ll traumatize you for life." 
  • "Are all your senses just… dead or something?”
  • “You disgust me.”