oh no! doom

More than sparring

Pairing: Pietro/Reader
Words: 1129
Warnings: Steamy, near smut. But not yet.

I saw the movie and I wrote this so fast I can’t believe it.

I don’t know when it started, or how.

I just found myself one day, staring at him with a smile on my face and soft laughs at him. I knew I was doomed.

Oh yes, Pietro Maximoff was going to be my death.
Not only in a sentimental way, no, but also because I would literally take a bullet for him, or his sister. It was ridiculous how fast I had started to like him, and by now, I was sure it wasn’t just ‘like’ anymore.

“Daydreaming of how amazing the Avenger’s tower is?” Tony asked, interrupting my not so casual stare at Pietro’s particular direction. “Maybe, enjoying the view?” I laughed sarcastically, opening one cabinet with my mind so it would hit him. Tony made a slightly pained expression but went on, “That was unfair. I do not use the suit with you, besides, I don’t punch women.” I snorted. “Go on, use the suit. I would still kick your ass.”

“I doubt you would if you keep staring at-” Cabinet again, he did the same expression but it lasted a little longer this time.

“Hey,” Pietro’s voice behind me startled me. “Speaking of the king of Rome.” Tony muttered softly, I glared at him but didn’t say anything else. “Hey, Pietro.” I said, doing my best to not overflow with emotion.

“I was going to train,” Once again Tony spoke while he filled a cup with coffee, “Thanks for the news report.” A little bit of coffee fell over his shirt. “Really (Y/N), was it necessary?” I put my hands up in surrender. “It wasn’t me.”
“I was wondering if you would spar with me.” I lifted an eyebrow at Pietro. “You think you can keep up with me?” He smirked, “I think I can do more than that.

Pietro and I walked towards the elevator, Tony still feeling the need to say something funny. “Come on guys, they just painted that room! You are going to destroy it!”

We arrived to the training room, well, one of the many this tower had. We prepared ourselves and then stood in the centre of the room.
“No powers.” I said and he nodded.

I decided to be the first one to attack, kicking him in his abdomen but barely pushing him back. He moved towards me, sending a punch to my face that I barely managed to block, pushing it away, and quickly I tried to punch him but he also blocked it.

We continued with several punches and blocks for a while, and even an attempt to kick his face at some point.

I had stumbled backwards when he had been too close to hitting me, Pietro quickly took his opportunity to kick me, just as I had done in the beginning, but his kick was harder and managed to push me back and make me fall. He ran over to me and tried to smash his feet in my abdomen, but I caught it and pushed him up and then back, making him fall, a loud noise was made when he hit the ground.

I jumped up and quickly moved to straddle him, my knees trapping his body as I sat on him, a grin on my face. “I win.” Pietro groaned and covered his eyes with his arm, both of us panting softly.
But Pietro didn’t move, aside for his chest moving up and down. He scrunched his nose and I frowned, it hadn’t been that tiring! “Pietro are you-?” I moved my face closer to him, my hips lightly moving forward.

He groaned.

I blinked in surprise. Was he hurt?

“Pietro?” I repeated the same action, moving a bit forward once again. And he did the same, a groan escaping his lips.
I placed my hand on his forearm and tried to pull it since he was hiding half of his face with it. I struggled with hi, trying to pull it away but he wouldn’t let me. I started to do it a little bit harder and he moaned.

He… He moaned!?

Pietro quickly used his free hand to grab my hip, taking me by surprise, and held it tightly to keep me in place. “Don’t move.” He heaved.

“Pietro are you…”

And the I felt it.
I felt him.

So that was why he hadn’t moved, and didn’t want me to move.
But how does one go from fighting to this!?

Pietro was still below me, muttering something under his breath and covering the upper side of his face with his arm.
He look, so, so good.

Although his hand was still on my hip, it was no longer holding me tightly and I took it as a chance to grind forward, earning a moan from him. I repeated the motion slowly, wanting to hear it again. Needing to hear it again.

(Y/N).” He moaned, still covering half of his face.

I grinded against him again, only this time he bucked his hips against me, and I moaned his name, “Pietro

That was all he needed to snap back to reality.
He moved his arm away from his face to look at me, my face flushed while I moved against him to find the friction I needed, we both needed. His hands quickly found my hips and held there, pressing me even more against his hardening member.

“Pietro.” I kept moaning as we moved, his mouth half open. I leaned down and kissed him, which he gladly accepted and kissed back. His hands reached for my ass and squeezed, making me open my mouth. He took the chance and slid his tongue in my mouth, our tongues moving together before I leaned back for air, a bit of saliva dripping from the side of his mouth.

Then the intercom rang, “Yes to all Avengers,” Fuck, it was Tony. “I would like you all to come to the lab. No matter how busy you are,” I could hear the smirk in his face. “Got that (Y/N)? Eh, Pietro?” I heard Pietro groan, only this time it was in frustration.

I stayed on top of him. “Guess we should go.” He nodded and I got up, him doing the same.

I sighed in frustration while we walked to the door.
Pietro tried to open it, but he couldn’t. He pushed, pulled, but nothing worked. He looked back at me, “I think it’s locked.” He stated. I smirked at him, and walked closer.

He got the hint and wrapped his arms around my waist, lowering his head so he was at my ears level. “Since we have some time here,” His voice was low and his breath was hot. “I’ll go really slow on you.” Pietro said before sucking on my neck.

Tony could wait.

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Judging by the past episodes, Cas seems to like fiddling with books to avoid awkwardness? In 4x01, Cas knocks Bobby out, tells Dean they need to talk, but Dean ignores him and checks on Bobby. Awkward Cas starts to look through books on the table. 4x18, Dean yelling at Chuck for not telling him about the prophet thing. Meanwhile, Cas is all 'Ooh my fav book!'. 8x08, Cas starts to leaf through the journal when he's left alone in the room with Dean. Cas would probably fiddle with BotD, too xp

Cas, do not touch the BotD. >.>

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I didn't even known Wanda/ Doom was a thing!! Oh the humanity!! Thanks, and your Wanda is teriffic. Cheers, fyccb

Oh yeah, she was with Doom after House of M happened. AND SHE WAS GONNA MARRY HIM.

Sigh. I will go down with this ship. 

The Day of the Businessmen on Flickr.

This is my second piece for the Adventure Time with Oh No! Doom show opening tomorrow night in Chicago. I really loved this episode (“Business Time”). The businessmen were hysterical. Especially when they charged into battle with business suits and armor. It also didn’t hurt having Brian Posehn voicing the lead businessman.

16"x"12" Dr. Martins Inks on 140lb Canson Montval Watercolor paper.

There are some amazing artists participating in this show, so if you’re in the Chicago area you should definitely get down to 1800 N. Milwaukee Ave Saturday evening.

If you’re not in the Chicago area, you can join the Oh No! Doom preview list HERE to see all the pieces in the show.


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im honestly really upset

Dean getting worse from the MoC makes me worry about both boys on Supernatural. Dean would never hurt his Sammy, right? RIGHT??? — JJ
I would really like to calm your worries, because thinking of Dean hurting Sam is unbearable—but let’s not forget that Demon Dean is not the Dean we know and love. And according to Misha Collins, the finale will not only “deliver,” but it will leave viewers with a serious case of whiplash. “There’s going to be a moment when everyone breathes a collective and triumphant sigh of relief,” he says, before ominously adding, “followed by a horrific ‘oh shit’ moment.” Translation: The finale will probably make you cry.








but along the way they meet a lot of fakos

those corrupt priests and churches and junk

Money, rape, murder, conspiracies; that sorta thing

and it turns out the pure one isn’t even apart of the church

it’s just some innocent person who has a really weird sunny disposition


no one is 100% bad to them

even the corrupt holymen

i haven’t exactly figured out what’s wrong with the world to make it doomed