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NG S6 Ness Rambles

I finally have the time to binge-watch New Girl Season 6 again, and maybe I can write some reaction about Nick and Jess (because I miss writing about them).

1. House Hunt

Season 5 ended with Dr. Sam making Jess realize that she’s still in love with Nick even though she doesn’t realize it.

But then, Reagan comes into the picture and whisked Nick away from her again.

Instead of doing something about her newly-realized feelings, she tried to distract herself. But then, Nick returns to the loft earlier than expected because he was excited to show Jess that he finished writing his book - The Pepperwood Chronicles - and it was because of Jess. He even dedicated the book to her “for all they’ve been through”.

Just look at them. Nick saluted Jess because, let’s face it, if it weren’t because of her, Nick wouldn’t have the drive to finish the book. Winston once commented that Nick wasn’t a finisher, and maybe Nick wanted to prove to Jess that he can actually accomplish something. Remember in Quick Hardening Caulk, Jess told Nick that it turns her on when she sees Nick actually trying at something. This time, Nick doesn’t only try, he finishes writing the book.

I love the thought of Nick devoting most of his time in New Orleans writing a book (and probably thinking about Jess because - hello, Jessica Night IS Jessica Day) instead of spending quality time with Reagan. No wonder their relationship is too volatile.

Look at this hug. I can feel all the longing on both sides after not seeing each other for a month.

“Get in here. Give me a hug.”

“Look at you, you got jacked.” - because Nick Miller knows Jess’ body and he knows what changed in the 4 weeks he hasn’t seen or touched her.

“I need some Jess.” Oh Nick Miller. You love her so much.

To see and hear Jess acknowledge that she still loves Nick but she couldn’t do anything about it is heart-breaking.

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“Some kisses are gentle and simply social; no more than a greeting, a brush on the cheek. Some exist only as a prelude to other activities. But our first kiss had a life and a meaning of its own. I felt that it marked the beginning of something important.”