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Michael Nesmith on SiriusXM
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Michael Nesmith on SiriusXM

Here is audio of an interview that Nez gave on SiriusXM Radio on May 18th, covering a variety of topics from the Good Times! album, Monkees concerts back in the ‘60s, his new book, and more. Click above to listen! (With thanks to Todd Nemphos for recording the audio.)

Personal favorite quote:

Interviewer: “Did the other guys take offense, that you wanted to do this [”I Know What I Know”] in the studio on your own?”

Nez: “Oh, no, no. It was all very good-natured. They said, ‘Why don’t you want me in there?’ I said, ‘Because, Peter, you bother me.’” 

Thinking about that quote from Michael Nesmith that we posted yesterday…it’s so interesting how Nez always seems to focus more on his (perceived) failures and missteps than on his successes. This goes all the way back to the Monkees screen tests, when he’s asked what he did before coming to L.A. and doing music, and his answer is, “I was a failure.”

Nez seems to concentrate most on this side of himself–a side no doubt augmented by his perfectionist tendencies. He could’ve said “I almost contributed to the score of Easy Rider, but they decided to go in a different direction” and left it at that. But instead he underplays his abilities and places a strong (negative) emphasis on the idea that what he came up with was “terrible” and would’ve screwed up the entire movie. Nevermind that the compositions/things Nez tends to think are “bad” about his work tend to be thoroughly enjoyed by everyone else.

It is true, though, that we are all our own harshest critics…but Nez is hard on himself to the point of not believing that people actually wanted to see him perform (as evidenced by a conversation he had with Micky a few years ago, that Micky hilariously retold at the Monkees Convention in 2013–starts at the 4:53 mark):

It can’t be easy to hold yourself to such high standards, or to exist mentally in a space where memories of (again, perceived) failure from a young age create an insecurity that never fully goes away. Especially when said insecurity is telling you that you have to keep working, that nothing you’ve done is quite good enough or exactly right. His is a mind that never rests.

Michael Nesmith has been described as a “genius” and “visionary,” and while his numerous accomplishments do speak to that, at his core he is a man like any other. His music and role in the Monkees mean so much to so many of us, even though for him, they are small pieces of an ever-growing whole. Nez is a flawed human being searching for answers, just like the rest of us. 

alexlifesonofficial  asked:

Hey NP! It occurred to me that this year marks the 20th anniversary of the '97 reunion special. Have you heard any rumors that it may be rereleased on DVD/BluRay/digitally, and if not, how likely do you think the possibility might be?

Christina! This is an excellent question. Nez actually just mentioned the ‘97 special in an interview he recently did on a Monkees podcast (which you can listen to by clicking HERE). He basically says that he might release a few clips on the newly-created Videoranch Youtube channel, but that’s as far as he’s going to go with it without talking to the other Monkees. Nez actually seemed to think there wasn’t/isn’t much interest in the ‘97 special (informally known as A Lizard Sunning Itself on a Rock), so if folks perhaps make a little noise and clue him in…who knows? We can keep our fingers crossed. If nothing else, it would be nice to hear some audio commentary to explain any/all of the following…

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