oh never mind haha

the signs as my daily thoughts (in school)

aries: oh look at that I don’t fucking care
taurus: im tired can I go home pls PLS
gemini: *every 5 mins* there’s only five mins until x time, which means only this many minutes until class ends from x time
cancer: thank god I have my amazing friends I hope they never leave me I NEED THEM
leo: how do you expect me to ask questions if I understand literally EVERYTHING????
virgo: no no no nO NOPE no nu UH nope
libra: how do they expect us to pick IB subjects now- I don’t even know what I’m eating for dinner
scorpio: i hate all of you assholes
sagittarius: *has an internal existential crisis*
capricorn: calm down, calm tf down, CALM-
aquarius: oOOHHhhh I HAVE AN IDEA !!
pisces: wait what the fuck we nEVER DID THIS oh never mind we did haha

So my mum bought me a wall sticker with ‘Shake if off’ lyrics on for Christmas. I thought this would be the perfect time to finally stick up the polaroids I got with the 1989 album. Im so in love with the final outcome! Although my mum isnt too happy about me cutting up her roses haha. Oh and dont mind my cat.. she never really moves from that spot.