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pls tell me more about trials of apollo being the end and stuff *hands u my ear*

ooo alright, well to start off rick has literally stated this is “the end” of the percy jackson series. he won’t be writing any more installments of percy’s universe.

therefore, we can safely assume that not only is it the literal end, but it is also the end of the era that began when the lightning bolt was stolen and percy got attacked by his algebra teacher.

see i know everyone wants to think of this as a separate entity from pjato or hoo but the thing is, it’s not. it could have been, it really could have been a simple trial for apollo to deal with, but the second nero gave the well known villain statement of “i have been here all along,” that’s when this series can no longer exist by itself.

i might be a little out there by saying this, but as a writer, this is wild what rick is doing (in a good way). with nero giving us that information, we—as fans—can go all the way back into the lightning thief and start second guessing ourselves. for example, luke’s yacht, andromeda? i always thought kronos just created it with his mystical powers. no! completely and totally wrong, it was nero. there are so many surprises that are awaiting us.

in the pjato series we were given a lot of heavy material to deal with, and rick is now dragging that back to our attention. are the gods good or bad? are they worse than the titans? do they have any consequences, should they have consequences? do we blame them for it all or do we blame luke? why are they treating their kids this way, will they ever care? are people justified, unjustified? what’s it going to take for them to finally realize the error in their ways?

and nero, oh my gosh, nero. he doesn’t care about any of this, he’s been using it to his advantage. even though he knows how this works, he doesn’t care about the demigods. he wants camp half-blood gone, he wants the olympians gone. he wants to be in charge of it all. he’s been sitting low, manipulating any and every immortal who will lend them his ear, and building his own empire out of new york city. the very place the olympians call home. and when apollo sees this? i mean, come on! he’s already started rethinking his decisions. he’s already started to see how far this has gone, how blind the olympians have been, how bad things are.

and that’s why it’s the end. rick isn’t using a demigod anymore, he’s using apollo. apollo—who has just discovered this enemy that’s been lurking for centuries and has no way of telling the olympians—who can go back to olympus at the end of this series and make a change if he does go back, if he makes it out alive, if he earns back his godhood. this is why we’re rooting for him, there’s no way that you can read this series as a separate and get the full effect of it if you haven’t read the other series first. this ties up so much of what rick has already laid out and i am so excited for the rest of this series, i have so much faith that this is going to be stupendous and even if the ending rips out my heart and stomps on it (whatever rick decides to do) i’m still going to enjoy every minute of it.

every demigod we have had the pleasure to meet so far has had to deal with a shattered world in their own way, some made horrible choices, some dealt with what they were given, some saved it no matter how they felt about it.

but apollo?

apollo—with a little help, a lot of determination, and by some slight chance of a miracle—is going to fix it, even if only for a little while.

and that’s all we can really ask for, isn’t it? after all, we can’t let it happen again.

  • Nero Claudius Germanicus Agustus has stunned you with the stunbaton!
  • Nero Claudius Germanicus Agustus puts the stunbaton into the security backpack.
  • Nero Claudius Germanicus Agustus says, "Oh"
  • Nero Claudius Germanicus Agustus says, "You're not klara"

“Sherlock, give the little one to me while you read this brief–”

“No.  Mine.”

Nero’s blue-grey eyes widened.  He could sense something epic about to occur between his Papa and Uncle Minecraft.  Maybe the talking game?  Like the ones Mama and Papa played, where they talked really fast to each other and it sounded like they were fighting but they were smiling while they did it?

“Really, Sherlock, I insist you let me hold–”


Papa swung him around and away from Uncle Minecraft’s long arms. Uncle Minecraft frowned then stood up straighter. Papa scowled back at him. And when Uncle Minecraft stepped forward, Papa stepped back. Oh, a play fight! Nero always liked it when two of his favourite big people play fighted!

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“Fight! Fight! Fight!”

“Sherlock’s (rrgh), please don’t make me tell Mummy you’re not sharing.”

“Piss off, Mycroft!  Stop (ngah!) meddling in all my affairs, including my own son!!”



Poor Uncle Minecraft.  He just wants a goldfish to call his own.