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Don’t You Forget About Me (Part Two/?)

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Peter Parker x Reader

Part One//Part Two//Part Three

“You’re staring at her again.” Ned spoke up, snapping Peter out of his creepy stalker-like stare. He glanced towards his best friend before sighing grumpily and leaning his head on his crossed arms, eyes going back to you. “Dude! She’s going to see you staring.” Ned exclaimed once again, slapping Peter’s shoulder.

“Would that really be a bad thing?” He questioned, ripping his eyes from your frame. “I mean, it’d either go as ‘wow, he’s a stalker’ or ‘does he have a crush on me? I can dig it.’” Peter brought his head up and took a sip from his milk whilst Ned stared dubiously at him.

“I doubt she would ever say ‘dig it’ unless it was ironically.” Ned stated, narrowing his eyes at you. A book was in one hand and an apple was in the other; you’d glare at anyone who walked by your table for fear they would sit by you and annoy the shit out of you. Soon both Peter and Ned were staring at you in all of your dark glory.

“I’m going over there.” Peter suddenly spoke up, packing up his backpack and picking up his tray. Ned watched him with saucer eyes, too shocked to even try and stop him.

“Oh he’s going to get a wedgie.” He muttered as Peter tapped your shoulder. You turned around quickly, hands curled into fists as you dropped your book and apple on the table. When you realized it was just your annoyingly cute English partner, you rolled your eyes and pursed your black colored lips.

“What do you want from me, nerd? Money? Someone to hold you while you cry?” You snapped, turning back around and not objecting when he sat down across from you. “I’m giving you neither of those things, homie; you’re going to have to hug yourself in the storage closet while you cry and look for spare change.” Peter gave you a look of amusement before shoving a piece of pizza towards you.

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ASOIAF AUSThe Love Club (a Love Actually AU)

It’s Christmas season in London and everywhere you look, love is causing chaos. From the bachelor Prime Minister of the United Kingdom who on his first day at 10 Downing Street is taken by his extremely handsome (male) deputy chief of staff, to the young graphic designer who’s fallen hopelessly in love with his cousin’s bride. From an aging rock star and his struggling ex-wife (with some skeletons of her own); to a just-dumped writer who goes abroad to nurse his broken heart only find solace in his tough-talking housekeeper; to two literature professors with a legendary feud who just happen to settle their differences in the spirit of the holidays–love arrives in many forms, shapes, and sizes.

Two best friends fall in love at university only to be torn apart by demands of family holidays; a MP and his wife rediscover their undimmed love for one another; the head of one of Britain’s top corporations struggles with his new role as a single father and has to come to terms with his new and surprising dependence on his second-in-command. Ten stories of love all progress through Christmas to lead up to a dramatic, romantic climax on New Year’s Eve.

Read it on AO3 [rated teen, 100K words]
[written by: roseroadkingsroad and actuallyhawkeye]

This is a graphic for a fic we wrote earlier this year. It just seemed (belatedly) seasonally appropriate to post this now!