oh natsu don't do things like this

  • Lucy: Natsu... Natsu, I love you. I've loved you for a long time now! PLEASE tell me you feel the same way, my heart can't take it...!
  • Natsu: Lucy... I...
  • Lucy: Yes?!
  • Natsu: ... Pfft. Phwwwh. I can't do it. I can't do it with a serious face...! Oh, man. (^_^) Sorry, Luce, it'd just be too awkward.
  • Lucy: Wh-Why?! I... I really thought we had something...! (;_;)
  • Natsu: I don't think I ever loved you in THAT way, but y'know, what sorta clinched the not-dating thing was the fact that your ancestor was my caretaker...
  • Lucy: ..........
  • Natsu: Yeah... Even if you're generations apart, it's like I was raised by an adult!Lucy. I wouldn't be able to look at you without seein' Anna. (^_^);
  • Lucy: B-But...! But, but, but...!
  • Natsu: Look, I'm just not into MILFs, alright? ... *ignores the far-off indignant cries of a deceased redhead* And even if I was, you're still more like a, eh... twice-removed sister. Or somethin'. I dunno how to word it, I just know it'd be weird.
  • Lucy: *triumphant gleam in her eye* But Erza's like a sister!
  • Natsu: (-_-); L-Lucy... you don't wanna go there...
  • Erza: Somebody said my name...? I swear they asserted something else, as well...
  • Lucy: OH, SHIT! (O_O) *sees that Erza dragged in some sort of medieval torture device* N-N-No! No one's said a peep about you!
  • Erza: Hnn. I swear they said something like I'm Natsu's sister... And that's strange, because it feels like we transcended a sibling relationship a long time ago...
  • Natsu: Told ya you wouldn't wanna go there... (¬‿¬)
  • Lucy: *clamps a hand over his mouth* SHUT UP!!!
  • Erza: Hmm...?
  • Lucy: HOTHOTHOT!!! *realizes her mistake in clamping NATSU'S mouth shut*
  • Natsu: Lucy's tryna compare her new situation to yours 'n mine. She wants to hook up, but I just think it'd be too weird to date someone who might as well be my caretaker's twin. (-_-)
  • Lucy: *waving her hands about frantically* NONONO! It wasn't like that, I swear!
  • Erza: Hnn. That WAS a surprising reveal... I'm afraid I can't let you cause Natsu discomfort, Lucy. It is now time for Punishment. *straps her into the medieval device and carts her away*
  • Natsu: (o_o) Well, that was fun. Who's for Chinese? >:D
  • ~*~
  • Note: So we can't ship Natza because they're siblings, eh...? How about that 529, eh, eh? I'd say that rules out Lucy, too. Get off your high horse, Nalu camp.

anonymous asked:

Hey Natsu! I really love all the information you say about your AU. You don't know how much I love it. And I was wondering if you could tell us what things Viktuuri do now that they're married and have a teenager kid; like do they go out on dates? Or how regularly do they have sex? 🌚 do they still skate just for fun?

oh thank you so much ♥ 

I am pretty sure they still do couple-like things, and they do have sex regularly (and it looks like they still like to have fun, as it’s shown in the first panels here), but maybe not as much as they used to do it before. Aside the fact that they are older now, I think sex drive would lower a lot as you age…… ahaha, well not anyone’s fault.
victor is mamoru’s coach and he choreographs for other skaters as well while yuuri is a teacher so there are moments when they are both pretty busy but often they try to go and have dinner together outside just the two of them or just do a walk by the sea and be as lovey-dovey as they were when they were younger
mamoru loves their relationship very much

How I write my ships
  • Jellal: *is sad*
  • Erza: There's always a brighter tomorrow. Don't give up.
  • -
  • Lucy: *is sad*
  • Natsu: *comes up with a million fun and goofy things to cheer her up*
  • -
  • Natsu: *is sad*
  • Gray: *all the hugs*
  • -
  • Rogue: *is sad*
  • Sting: We're a team, okay? We're partners, and I'll be with you no matter what.
  • -
  • Jackal: *is catatonic because near drowning brought back traumatic memories*
  • Lahar: Oh my God. Snap out of it already you stupid mutt. We have a job to do and I'll be dammed if I have to handle your half of the work because you're busy acting like some total drama queen.
Natza Drabble - Multi-Purpose
  • Lucy: Well... looks like the power's out. Great. >__> *puts down her pen and stretches* I guess it's time for bed anyway~.
  • Erza: Hnn. A blackout. We should get Natsu.
  • Lucy: *flips out at seeing the redhead leisurely sitting on her bed, by the light of the pale moon from the window* WHAT THE HELL, ERZA?! The power goes out and you're suddenly HERE! Are you TRYING to give me a heart attack?!
  • Erza: *unconcerned* I've been here a while, painting my nails~. I read in a book this is a common thing to do at sleepovers.
  • Lucy: Sleepovers. Are you serious!? You can't just come over unannounced! Sleepovers are SCHEDULED!
  • Erza: *pout* The book never mentioned that...
  • Lucy: It's kind of one of those things that are inferred, y'know...? Breaking and entering isn't "normal". ^^;
  • Erza: Natsu's place is open all the time, as is Gray's and Master's~. I don't see why yours wouldn't be.
  • Lucy: *huffs* I'll make you guys understand one day. You'll see... >__> Anyway, what was that about dragging Natsu over here?
  • Erza: Well~, I need light so I can finish the rest of my nails~. He's wonderful to have in a blackout. ^___^
  • Lucy: o.o Yeah, I guess he would be, as long as he didn't try to fight in the dark...
  • Erza: That's not all he's good for, though. He also saves me money so that I don't have to use the drying machine at Fairy Hills, and he's good for cookouts and barbeques~. *pause* Oh! And he makes winters very bearable!(^▽^)
  • Lucy: Do... Do you use Natsu like a TOOL?!
  • Erza: *pout* Of course not.
  • Lucy: But by the sound of it-
  • Erza: All those things are just a bonus~. (─‿─)
  • Lucy: ...
Natza Drabble - Pet Names
  • Natsu: Hey, Mira?
  • Mira: Yes, Natsu? ^___^
  • Natsu: You suck a bus~.
  • Mira: ... I beg your pardon?
  • Natsu: Erza calls you that all the time!
  • Mira: *dark aura* Natsu... hon~... That's a girl thing, to call each other "names" like that. Call me that again, and-
  • Natsu: No, no, it's okay! Erza gave me permission! She said it should be an equal opportunity sex thing! ^___^
  • Mira: *scowls, dark aura intensifies* Oh, she did, did she...? So I can call you "bastard"?
  • Natsu: If that's the guy equivalent, sure! ^_____^
  • Mira: ... *sigh* No, I won't do that to you... >__> Natsu, why don't you try out those names on Erza?
  • Natsu: *shiver* That's the one thing I can't do.
  • Mira: And why not? >__<
  • Natsu: 'Cause she said I could only call the other girls stuff like hurl-a-lot, female dog, suck a bus, which, flu-zy, slot, trample, wrench, cashew, and vex-en. But never her.
  • Mira: 0.0 You conniving bitch... I wish I'd thought of this first! Damn. He doesn't even know what these are...!
  • Natsu: Eh? I thought female dog was for you guys, and bastard was for me?
  • Mira: ......... *turns right on her heel and runs to the kitchen, shutting the door hurriedly behind her*
  • Natsu: *hears muffled laughter* Huh. Well, that put her in a good mood~. *waves at Lucy* Hey, bib-o!
  • Natsu: I dunno, but Mira's laughing harder. ^_____^