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im never attracted to anyone ever either n it makes me feel so broken honestly :// everyone is like "oh yeah i love my crush lmao" and im ???? what is a crush???

omfg i relate so hard i feel like every time someone comments on a crush they have or how attractive someone is i just stare into a camera like on the office

Imagine stumbling on Jensen on the red carpet of People’s Choice Awards and photos being taken, making the fans ship you after that. Although it is a first meeting you too are attracted to each other.

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“Oh my gosh I’m so terribly sorry!” you squeaked clasping a hand over your mouth as you realized your mistake.

“No, no it’s alright.” he laughed slightly joking but it only made things worse. It just wasn’t enough that he was your celebrity crush, it just wasn’t enough that you admired his work this much but he also had the kind of smile that made you weak on the knees immediately.

“Honestly, I am so sorry mister Ackles.” you shook your head, brushing down on your white dress.

He laughed shaking his head in a way that only let you see how his smile got so much bigger “Mister Ackles is my father. I am Jensen.” he gave you a boyish grin and you giggled.

“Jensen” you said the name softly, loving how it sounded although you had said it numerous times before. But this was completely different because you were now actually standing in front of him.

“And what would your name be? Just to know what name to put on the beautiful face.” he said with a small chuckle and at that very moment you couldn’t help your own grin.

It was such a rare occasion to find someone that didn’t know you because practically everyone did. Someone would expect you to want to be this famous and at the beginning of your career you wanted it but at this point you didn’t really want it. You in fact wanted people to not know the superstar or famous you but actually the person you. And the fame sometimes didn’t let them see it. But now someone could. And you wouldn’t want it to be anyone else but him.

“(Y/n). It’s a great pleasure to meet you.” he took your hand and grinned softly, leaning down to do something that made you blush.

“Pleasure all mine.” and he kissed the top of your palm as yet another flash was seen. Well this was going to be interesting.

Being a Mikaelson would include...

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  • Oh my god where do I start??
  • Being 100% done at any given point of any day ever
  • Arguments daily hourly
  • Actually being really attractive let’s be real
  • Wanting to kill your siblings at least once a day
  • Joining a family support group called ‘I was stabbed by Klaus Mikaelson’
  • Being really close to all your siblings despite your issues
  • Feeling bad for Finn despite the fact that he tried to kill.. everyone
  • Teasing Elijah about his suits
  • Comforting him because he falls in love too easily and sometimes he can’t compartmentalise as well as he thinks he can
  • Him protecting you when it came to your Father
  • Sticking up for Klaus when all your other siblings blame him for things…
  • …Blaming Klaus for things
  • Teasing him by saying that the only good thing he’s ever made is Hope
  • Him agreeing with you
  • Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You wouldn’t do it often but if you hugged Klaus or Elijah you would literally feel like your world is complete
  • Teasing Kol about everything
  • Him teasing you back
  • You and Kol would be sass-masters 
  • You’d argue a lot and probably even get a little physical
  • But you’d definitely agree on a lot too
  • Pranking the rest of your siblings with him
  • Blaming it on him afterwards because your siblings love you 
  • Being best friends with Rebekah
  • You and her would just get each other 
  • Sticking up for her when it comes to Klaus and his over-protectiveness
  • Giving her ‘the talk’ about Marcel and also casually mentioning that it’s slightly creepy that they love each other when she watched him grow up
  • Being close with Henrik until he died and you looking back on the things you felt then and thinking of how small it is now
  • Being the first to accept Freya
  • Making her feel like part of the family again because what happened to her wasn’t her fault
  • Getting matching t-shirts that say ‘I hate Esther Mikaelson’ because she’s the actual worst
  • All of you just being so good with Hope
  • You would be uncle/auntie Y/N and you are very much mistaken if you think that you don’t have contests with Kol, Rebekah, Freya and Elijah to see who’s the best at that
  • Accepting Hayley as one of your own
  • Taking Finn’s death really hard
  • Being there for Klaus after Cami
  • Trying to keep Davina alive for Kol’s sake 
  • Trying to keep the family together after Davina
  • Just trying to get your family together again
  • Reminiscing about when you were human
  • Always and Forever

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Oh my god I love all of your fics! They're all amazing! I was wondering if you could do a over-protective/jealous zimbits? Idc who is the possessive one or if it turns to fluff or nsfw but I'd just love a happy ending. You're great btw!

!!!! You’re too sweet!  Here’s some jealous zimbits with just a hint of [redacted] for you <3

Eric is not the jealous type, which has definitely been in the best interests of his and Jack’s relationship.  The way attraction works for Jack is just so slow that by the time he gets around to dating someone, they’re usually friends too.  Which leads to things like standing lunch plans with Camilla Collins whenever she comes to visit her sister at Brown or hanging out at alumni events together.  Even he and Kent have finally started to be friends again, a development largely facilitated by Eric himself.  Add to that the amount of time Jack spends with beautiful people hanging on him at bars after a win or at Falcs events, it’s enough to drive a lesser man mad, but Eric can always brush it off.

“Oh baby, I don’t mind.  I know you’re as loyal as they come.  And besides, why would I be jealous of someone talking to you at some boring fundraiser when you’re coming back to our bed, hm?”

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  • Zen: I still can't believe you two are dating. The more I think about it, the more I shake my head. Like, how...?
  • Yoosung: To be honest, at first I didn't think it'd work. But, hey, Saeran is amazing, he's smart, he's funny... sometimes... he's ridiculously attractive, and he's always there when I need him.
  • Yoosung: (looks expectantly at Saeran)
  • Saeran: Oh? Yeah, what he said. Plus, uh, the sex is great, because, eh, he's got a big dick.
  • Zen: ...
  • Yoosung: ...
  • Saeran: I'm sorry. Yoosung said all the things that I too wanted to say and I, kind of, you know, panicked.

jim, uncertainly: hey spock? do you think i’m, uh, attractive

spock: i think you are very aesthetically pleasing, jim

jim: but are you like, you know, attracted to me?

spock, smoothing his hands over jims hips and chest: i am 98% more attracted to you than i have been to anything else i have encountered. i find the shape of your body very.. compelling

jim, blushing: oh, oh why. thank you mr. spock. i think you’ll find i find your body very, uh, compelling too

spock, letting jim roll on top of him, with a tiny smile: i have no objections whatsoever to this course of action

Stop it illustrators.

You can’t make extremely attractive and flawless figure serial killers okay your confusing the shit outta millions okay make them ugly and creepy as Fuck not sex gods please god I hate myself get the holy water like….

Oy but true is good lesson, hot guys are killers too. Now i look suspiciously at attractive people they say hello and im like get the fuck away no i dont wanna see ur basement
Just started dating AUs
  • “I came over for dinner and tried your cooking for the first time and you’re such a good cook I’m practically having an orgasm over here oh my god………. stop laughing at me!!” au
  • “We were about to have our first bath together and I was feeling a bit self conscious but then I noticed how much freaking bUBBLE BATH YOU HAVE HOLY SHIT WHAT IS THAT FOR……………. actually please can we have bubbles I’m secretly just a kid okay” au
  • “I’m really REALLY attracted to you and the first time we had sex I came way too quickly and got super embarrassed about it but you just found it endearing and now you won’t stop smiling at me omg I need to bury my face in this pillow for a thousand years” au
  • “You had no idea that I am allergic to X food/medicine/flowers and now I’m pretty sure I’m having a reaction and we’re gonna have to go to the emergency room like I’ll be fine but just fucking kiss me rly good in case I die okay, okay” au
  • “Why did you pick THAT emoji to go by my contact name oh my god you beautiful weirdo” au
OTP Prompts- Family Edition

“You’re my landlord, and sometimes you come into my house and do repairs without warning me. Today, I came home to find you at my kitchen table, talking with my mother, who I totally didn’t realize was in town. Lovely, now she thinks we’re dating.” Au.

“My father has talked about a co-worker quite a bit, but I thought you were around his age, not… My age. And attractive. But I was very wrong.” Au

“I’m at a family reunion, and I’m pretty sure I’ve never seen you before, but I have a big family, so I’m not too worried about it. Only, now you’re flirting with me, and THAT concerns me a little. Oh, you’re just my cousin’s best friend? By all means, continue.” Au

“You’re my neighbor, and I have a huge crush on you. I’ve managed to keep it hidden, but you came over while I was babysitting my little sister, and she told you I loved you. Well, this is awkward.” Au

“This is really cliché, but you’re my brother’s best friend, and I’m always hanging out with him just to spend time with you. I’m pretty sure he’s told you how I feel, but you’re still nice to me, and that really isn’t helping my crush.” Au

“My aunt keeps setting me up on blind dates, and you’re apparently going to be my latest disaster.” Au
Alt. “My aunt keeps setting me up on blind dates. Will you pretend to be my S/O? I don’t think I can handle another disaster.” Au

“My parents and yours have been best friends forever, and they’ve always assumed we would get married. We made a pact when we were kids that we never would, just to spite them, but now… I think I really like you. A lot. Please don’t hate me.” Au

Do You Remember Me? (Newt Scamander X Reader)

Requested: No

Word Count: 1 103

A/N: This is my first imagine, so bear with me and I hope you enjoy! :)


“Oh, so sorry,” a man says, apologizing for bumping into your sister, Tina. He was wearing a peacock blue overcoat and carrying a very battered looking brown leather case. You frown, knitting your eyebrows together. The man seemed awfully familiar and he was very attractive too.

Tina just glares at him and continues to munch on her hot dog, with you standing awkwardly next to her, listening to Mary Lou Barebone’s rant about witches, trying not to draw any unwanted attention to Tina or yourself. You have been listening for at least 10 minutes now and you were starting to get restless. You knew that this was a bad idea to follow Tina, this could get you both into more trouble than you already were!

You were the youngest of the Goldstein sisters, actually being adopted into their family at a very, very young age. But it didn’t matter, they were the best and only family that you could’ve asked for and you loved both Tina and Queenie dearly.

“You friend!” Barebone screams at the young man in the overcoat, startling both you and him.
“What drew you to our meeting today?”

You sigh, rolling your eyes.This is pathetic, you thought. Just leave the poor man alone.

“Are you a seeker? A seeker after truth?” Mary Lou continues.

“Uh, more of a chaser actually.” the man answers and you take a sharp intake of breath. The accent, it was so clear. He was English. And his voice, so familiar but you couldn’t put your finger on it. Did he also just make a Quidditch reference?

You continue to stare at him closely and soon notice that he seemed very frantic all of a sudden.

“Excuse me,” he mutters softly before running up the steps of the bank.

Mary Lou seemed confused for a second but her face soon relaxed once more and she continued as though that never happened.

“That man is suspicious,” Tina suddenly whispers in your ear making you jump. “Let’s follow him.”

“He looks very familiar.” you whisper to her and she looks at you with mustard smeared across her upper lip. You smirk to yourself and decide not to tell her, after all, what are sisters for? She gives me a, I don’t know what you’re talking about, look before shrugging and running up the steps, eager to follow the man. You sigh and follow her, sometimes you felt like the older sister. How much more trouble could we possibly get into?


“Who are you?” Tina asks the man after we Apparated into a brick alleyway. The man who let a crazy beast into the bank. The man who used magic in front of a No-Maj. The same man who you thought looked familiar.

“I’m sorry?” he replies with that adorable British accent.

“Who are you?” you repeat for her, getting a little irritated.
I don’t care how cute you are, don’t try to avoid the question by looking at us through your gorgeous hair.

“Newt Scamander. And you two are?”

As soon as he said his name it hit you and burned like a shot of Firewhiskey.


“Newt, you can’t leave!” you cried, holding back tears that were trying to escape. “It wasn’t even your fault! I’m coming with you!”

Newt comes over and hugs you tightly before looking at you dead in the eye which felt odd to you, he usually avoided eye contact. You couldn’t believe it, your closest friend was leaving you. One day you even hoped that you’d become more than what you were then. But it was never going to happen, not after this.

“Look, (Y/N), you need to stay here and finish your studies at Hogwarts. This is your dream isn’t it? That’s why you came here in the first place, you could’ve went to Ilvermorny with your sisters but you didn’t because this is where you belong. I promise we will meet again.”

But you knew it was impossible. He was two years older than you and you both knew that you would have to return to New York as soon as your studies at Hogwarts were complete.
You nod and finally let out the sob you’ve been holding back. He hugs you tighter and you wished that the moment would never end.


“What’s that THING in your case?” Tina inquires, breaking your thoughts.

“That’s my Niffler.” Newt answers nervously. The two of them continue to bicker and you notice that Newt sneaks glances at you, with a look of faint recognition in his eyes. You turn blush and turn away. Oh, how much Newt has grown.

Tina says a couple of things before taking out her official ID card. She nudges you gently, telling you to take yours out too. You reluctantly do.
Newt’s eyes skim the cards and his eyes widen with realization.

“What are you two, some kind of investigators?” Newt asks nervously.

“Uh-huh, yep.” Tina answers without hesitation.

Oh the lies Tina, the lies! I’m so nervous…

“Can you please tell me you took care of the No-Maj?” your sister asks desperately.

“The what?”

“The No-Maj! No-magic - the non-wizard!” she nearly screams in his face.

“Oh, sorry we call them-”

“Muggles.” you cut him off.

Tina looks at you incredulously.

“(Y/N)?” he finally bursts out, unable to keep it in any longer. “Is that you? Do you remember me?”

You nod and he breaks into a smile despite the mess he’s made. You smile back and before you knew what you were, doing you were embracing him in a long, overdue hug.
Startled, he blushes beet red before gently wrapping his arms around you.
You didn’t care that you haven’t seen him in years, Merlin’s beard he could’ve changed so much, but he was still Newt.

“I’ve missed you,” you murmured into coat.

“Me too,” he says gently, putting his finger under your chin and lifting up your head so you could meet beautiful eyes. You could tell that he was blushing madly and you probably were too. You knew he had feelings for you. You felt giddy with joy.
Your nose brushed against his and your lips were so close, almost touching…

“Ahem!” Tina clears her throat, starling both of you, causing you to fall apart from each other.

“I, for one, don’t know who you are Mr. Scamander and even though it seems that my little sister fancies you, you have broken the law. That’s a Section 3A, Mr. Scamander and you’re coming with me.”

Newt gives you an alarmed look and mouths, Help me!, before she takes his arm and Disapparates.

You blink and then smile like a giddy child on their birthday. You let out a happy, yet exasperated sigh and Disapparate, following them.
This was going to be a long day, but who said that it was going to be boring or bad?


Thanks so much for reading and I hope you enjoyed! I’ll be posting more soon! Notes and reblogs are greatly appreciated!

*some quotes are from the movie*

Imagine The Tenth Doctor Carrying You Away From Jack Who Flirted Way Too Much With You

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“Just stop it!” The Doctor growls out for the tenth time this evening.

Captain Jack Harkness, You, and obviously the Doctor just came back from an adventure of saving planet Earth as per freaking usual. Jack took the “goodbye” time to pull out his heavy flirts. Oh yeah, he’s attracted alright and the Doctor does not approve at all. 

“Wanna play a game? Sit on my lap and let’s see what pops up.” Jack winks at you and you blush.

“Alright that’s it.” The Doctor slings you over his shoulder and you squeak out from the sudden move. “Nice seeing you again, Jack, but we gotta go.”

“Whoa! Is this a new type of foreplay I never heard about?”

“BYE!” The Doctor yells out.

The Doctor walks away with you thrown over his back towards the Tardis. You didn’t say anything because you felt incredibly small right now since you had no idea the Doctor was strong enough to pick you up like that. Come one, he’s just a thin streak of something hot, but thin incredibly thin.

The tumbles click and the Doctor walks inside closing the door behind him. The Doctor sets you down onto the seat and crosses his arms. His eyes burrowing into your soul with his intense glare. You sheepishly look away.


“He flirted with you and you flirted back. Don’t flirt with him. I don’t like it.” The Doctor said.

“Why does it matter?” You ask.

“Because… You’re my companion and under my responsibility. I can’t have other men flirt with you.”

“Why cause they’re not you?” You ask.

“… Where do you wanna go now?”

“Is there something you’re not telling me?”

“Let’s go to New York! How does that sound? We can… Do stuff there…” The Doctor trails off.

“Do you have feelings for me?”

“The roaring 20s! Come on! Who can say no to that?” The Doctor asks nervously. He scratches the back of his neck and looks at you. A light blush creeps among his cheeks. You walk over to him and give him a quick peck on his cheek.

“I know I do.”

The Doctor kisses you passionately for a long time and you wouldn’t see New York for awhile. 

i get annoyed when people are like “everyone on tumblr self-diagnoses with depression/anxiety/adhd/etc they’re doing it for attention”

i’m not saying everyone’s diagnosis is correct or that everyone is 100% telling the truth - but have you thought that maybe the reason there’s an inordinate amount of ppl like that here is because ppl with mental illnesses don’t cope well irl social situations and are particularly drawn to a medium that allows them to speak to each other and not feel so lonely? that blogging platforms like tumblr might attract these kind of individuals more? also, it might seem to you like there’s an “unrealistic” number of people here with mental illnessess, but just so you know most ppl with these illnessess are very wary about sharing it with other people irl because of the ugly stigma surrounding it. the most revealing thing is when i do happen to tell someone about my condition and like 1/3 of people are like “oh shit, me too” and it’s so eye-opening to see that there’s so many people who you didn’t know were also coping with these things in silence.

Cheeky Kitten

(An amazing anon send me a hilarious headcanon that I just had to share with the daddybek community, because oh my god. Sit back, relax and enjoy xx)

(1/6) So I was thinking about Yuri and Kitty Play a while ago and this idea popped into my head and this probably isn’t going where you think it is, but I wanted to share this with you.

(2/ 6) So they talk about it, and they agree to find someone who would be willing to fuck Yuri while Otabek watches So they find this guy who is dominant in bed and attractive and not too weirded out by having sex with a guy who has a boyfriend while said boyfriend watches The thing is, he’s one of those asshole dominant guys who thinks they’re better than submissives So Asshole shows up and apropos of nothing just starts giving Yuri orders Doesn’t ask for safe words, doesn’t even ask his name

(3/6) (which Otabek mentioned, but still, rude), and just says “Ice Tiger of Russia, oh? Well, kitten, why don’t you strip for me?” and Yuri is just like “EXCUSE ME?” because he literally JUST MET HIM (and Otabek is the only one who can call him kitten). Otabek tenses up and is about to jump in, but Yuri waves him off because he may be submissive in bed but they both know he can hold his own.

(4/6) And Asshole Dom is just like, “you heard me slut, give me a show”, completely unaware of the fact that he’s thisclose to being castrated by a very angry Otabek. But Yuri just gives him this saccharine smile that sets of alarm bells in Otabek’s head. And Asshole Dom is just “there’s a good kitty” and so Yuri tips his head to the side innocently and “you want this kitty to give you a show?”

(5/6) And he gets to his knees and slinks off with the feline grace that he has. He goes over to the coffee table, looks Asshole Dom straight in the eye, and fucking bats everything off the coffee table like a fucking cat. And Asshole Dom just looks so confused and Yuri starts hissing and knocks over a vase and Asshole Dom is just SO SHOCKED that Otabek can’t keep it together and he’s literally holding his sides laughing.

(6/6) Yuri grabs their coats and they leave but Otabek is still laughing and Asshole Dom is freaking out about the mess but isnt about to mess with someone as big as Otabek. And they go and get food because any hope of sex between Yuri and Otabek the rest of the night is shot because the mood is ruined and Otabek keeps busting out in bursts of laughter at random intervals throughout the night.

(Thank you so much for sending this in, I’m still laughing about it euhfurfeg)

Best of Friends

Pairing: Harley x Reader x Joker (at the end)

Warnings: mentions of abuse, murder

Words: 1,065

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Over possessive boyfriends, that’s who I attract. Is it my innocent looking, chubby cheeks? Or maybe my lack of muscles?

“We’re not done until I say we are.” My ex-boyfriend denies my break-up with him.

“Oh, yeah we are.” I boast, “I was done with you way too long ago.” I finish, turning around to walk away.

He grabs my arm tightly, “Come back here.” He demands as he pulls me into his chest to try to control me.

“Let go of me, you creep!” I scream, slamming my fists against his chest. I manage to free myself from him, but only for him to try to reach for me again. I see from behind him, the one and only Harley Quinn swinging her famous bat behind her before slamming the hard wood against his head, knocking him dead instantly. After he falls to the ground, she pretends to use her bat as a gun as she cocks it and aims.

Is it all right to feel relief instead of sorrow?

“Come on,” Harley encourages me with her thick Chicago accent, pulling me away from the evidence.

“Thank you.” I thank Harley with obvious relief.

“No need, sweet thing,” She says, “Us girls gotta stick togetha’.” She explains, popping her pink bubble gum loudly.

“I don’t know how to repay you.” I say as she leads me around a corner.

Harley turns around with a wide smile, “Be my friend.” She offers as she holds her bat on top of her shoulders.

I smile back, with a warm feeling in my heart that this is going to be a great friendship between Harley and I.

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BLACKPINK - Playing With Fire [ENG TRANS]!

(A: R.TEE | C: Teddy & R.TEE | L: Teddy)

[JEN] My mom told me every day
To always be careful of guys
Because love is like playing with fire
I’ll get hurt

[JI] My mom might be right
Because when I see you, my heart gets hot
Because rather than fear
My attraction to you is bigger

[ROSE] I can’t stop this trembling
On and on and on
I wanna throw my all
Into your world

[LISA] Look at me look at me now
You are burning me up like this
I can’t turn it off

[ROSE] Our love that’s like playing with fire

[JEN] My love is on fire
[LISA] Now burn baby burn
[JI] Playing with fire
[JEN] My love is on fire
[LISA] So don’t play with me boy
[JI] Playing with fire

[LISA] Oh no, I’ve already come too far
Suddenly, none of this is a game anymore

[LISA] Love is like red fire
Blow, wind, so the fire will grow
Is this medicine or poison? Not even my mom knows
There’s a robber in my heart but why don’t the police know?

[LISA] Pour out your oil in my burning heart
kiss him will I diss him
I don’t know but I miss him
This is past addiction, this love is crack
The color of my heart is black

[ROSE] I can’t stop this trembling
On and on and on
I wanna throw my all
Into your fiery path

[JI] Look at me look at me now
You are burning me up like this
I can’t turn it off

[ROSE] Our love that’s like playing with fire

[JEN] My love is on fire
[LISA] Now burn baby burn
[JI] Playing with fire
[ROSE] My love is on fire
[LISA] So don’t play with me boy
[JI] Playing with fire

[JEN] I can’t control it
This fire path is spreading too quickly

[ROSE] Don’t stop me
So this love can burn up this night

Translated by: popgasa.com

Bisexual person: Yeah I’m dating someone of the same sex


Bisexual person: Oh no, I find the opposite sex attractive too

Tumblr: So…you lied? You’re straight?

Bisexual person: *deep sigh*

On SebaCiel and other things

I am greatly surprised that nobody had written about this before. To be honest, I’m even more surprised at how some SebaCiel shippers simply take the blame when they are called pedophiles, rape apologists, and abuse supporters. So I thought it was time already to clarify some misconceptions that those antis have burned so strongly in their own minds.

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my all time favourite shipping trope is “i hate you so much but shit you’re also very attractive so i guess we can make out some but tell no one” and that sort of works until they fall in love and suddenly it’s “oh shit now we have to tell people because if someone hits on you again i might just break something”

Tgre 107 reaction
  • Me: oh my god my baby higemaru. Ishida I swear to god you already made Kaneki blame him for shirazu don't mess Urie up pls *ugly sobbing*
  • Also me: ok but doesn't Donut look a bit too attractive for an old man. And oh my god don't get me started on Kaneki, or tsukiyama. Did you fucking hear Nishiki call Kaneki "his highness" someone just kill me already oh my god- *ugly sobbing for different reasons*

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Lance is clumsy so he stumbles a lot but Keith always catches him and one time Lance asks how he does it and Hunk is like "well you weigh ten pounds at most" and Lance shoots back with "or maybe Keith just has really good arms" before he can think and then realizes his secret attraction is Revealed(tm) (can I just send you headcanons whenever pls)

oh my gOD rip lance the poor boy is too fucking into him

and bruh headcanon away!