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His punishment

His punishment

Pairing: Thor x reader

Request : Thor-but I want me to be the dominate one. Like I have special handcuffs that he can’t break, and I tease the crap out of him. I touch myself before I pleasure him, and maybe the whole day I had been teasing him with touches and such. I want him to get really rough and dirty with it. Go all out, nothing is too far for me. And he cums inside me for all, but I want him for the sex to be so steamy and rough. At some point you can have him be released and he just pounds me at a speed like Pietro. I want this to be extremely dirty, and steamy

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Revenge. That was the only thing that was on your mind as you smoothed out the skirt you were wearing. You were planning on teasing the crap out of your boyfriend Thor. The reason behind your action is that five weeks ago he left right in the middle of sex. Sure he had a valid excuse, he had to go on a mission with the rest of the avengers but he left you at the edge of your orgasm. He as apologized profusely but you just weren’t having it and you’ve been ignoring him since.

“Ms. y/n you should hurry up, the meeting is about to start” Friday announced.

“I’m on my way.” you replied before you exited your room and made your way towards the conference room.

Once inside you noticed everyone except for Steve was already gathered around. “Damn y/n you’re looking good this morning” pietro commented and earned a glare from your boyfriend.

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Me reading Lady Midnight
  • Me: Emma my queen, my love, my life
  • Me: Julian: my son, my love, my life
  • Me: Cristina, my child, my love, my life
  • Me: Mark, my son, my love, my life
  • Me: Ty, my child, my love, my life
  • Me: livvy, my queen, my love, my life
  • Me: dru, my child, my love, my life
  • Me: tavvy, my smol son, my love, my life

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Hi Alice!!! I just read your Edmund and Caspian friendship hc and loved it! And I was just wondering if you have some hc's about Edmund's infamous suitors? We always see Susan with her suitors but not so much as Ed with his :) Thanks ❤️

Hehe, thank you!!! And yesssss, oh my gosh, can you imagine? 

  • Edmund’s first suitor appeared when he was only twelve 
  • He had a bit of a growth spurt, and puberty was starting to hit
  • And he caught the eye of this princess who was 11 
  • There was only a year difference, but she had a hopeless crush on him
  • She would follow him around EVERYWHERE 
  • During important meetings, she would attend despite not having the need to just to stare at Edmund 
  • Edmund didn’t actually know what was up until he told Peter how this girl was creeping him out, and Peter just laughed 
  • He told Edmund exactly what was happening, and Edmund had never turned so red from embarrassment 
  • Thankfully, Peter was more in the spotlight and his next suitor didn’t appear until he was sixteen 
  • She was a lady from another smaller province and she had a very…peculiar way of complimenting him 
  • “Oh, Edmund…your brown eyes remind me of the twigs in my garden.” 
  • “My lord, your skin is as white as paper…it makes you so beautiful and fragile.” 
  • “King Edmund, your ears are quite outstanding aren’t they!” 
  • He was never quite sure if she was insulting him or complimenting him
  • Edmund tried to squash her advances by pushing one of his knights onto her 
  • Turns out his knight was far more interested and actually ended up courting the girl 
  • His next notable suitor came when he was eighteen
  • He had just come of age in Narnia, and a ball was held in his honor 
  • He got the usual attention from young ladies, but at that point he had learned how to politely decline 
  • Or sick Lucy and Susan on them–both were effective 
  • One widow in her forties seemed to wave them off and give him some peace at the ball 
  • She was really sweet to him, and Edmund pitied her since she had just lost her husband and never had the chance to have children 
  • She extended her visit at Cair, and she and Edmund actually got along well 
  • He thought of her as a mother figure…but she–er–had some other intentions 
  • It wasn’t until Susan gently broke the news to Edmund 
  • He was sooo horrified, and slightly disgusted
  • After some help from Peter, the lady finally left Edmund alone 
  • After the initial shock died down, his siblings had a good laugh about it…and he couldn’t help joining along 
  • When he was in his early twenties, he had one suitor that nearly caused a fire
  • She was not very nice at all, but she appeared to be in front of Edmund 
  • She flirted with him horribly…honestly, she was very bad
  • Edmund tried so many things…gently letting her down, bluntly letting her down
  • He tried to get Susan, Lucy, and even Peter to discourage her 
  • He got so desperate, he asked one of his good lady friends to act as his suitor for a short while 
  • Not even that pushed her off 
  • In the end, he went to her father and told him what had happened 
  • His suitor came storming in a horrifically ugly dress with so many feathers and claimed that she would start a war based on unrequited love
  • Of course, the others in the room chuckled at her expense
  • Her hand motions grew more animated, and she didn’t see the lit candle that caught fire on the feather from her sleeve 
  • She started running around wildly, and would’ve caught the room on fire if Edmund didn’t throw a glass of water on her singed sleeve
  • She was SOOO angry, but everyone in the room started laughing at the ridiculous situation 
  • Her father apologized to Edmund for her behavior, but she never visited Cair again
  • None of the Pevensies could say they minded 

Sorry ya’ll. My brain came up with some strange things just now. Haha…but I hope it made you laugh a little. 

Can we have a long post with Edmund’s suitor stories? Cuz honestly they would be hilarious.

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Imperial Problem Child-verse. Luke and Ahsoka keep getting into joking arguments about what Luke should call her. It escalates to the point where someone com-calls Vader to ask if Ahsoka is Luke's older sister or his aunt. It's the first time most have heard Vader laugh. It takes him a good five minutes to stop laughing. "Ask Obi-wan," he finally gasps out.

ahahaha oh my gosh yesssss

“Well, SkyGuy, which am I? His aunt, or his sister?” Ahsoka drawled, idly stroking the cooing convor on her shoulder. 

There was a very alarming sound somewhere between a wheeze and air leaking out of a hole in the bulkhead. Both Jedi jumped, and Luke peered down at the hologram a little nervously.

“…..are you alright?” he asked awkwardly.

The sound continued, and then they realized he was laughing. “Ask Obi-wan,” he finally gasped out, leaving them both baffled.

“I mean, okay? I’ll try?” Luke shrugged and closed his eyes. A few minutes later he opened them, looking more confused than before. 
“He said “yes, or a cousin.” That’s it. What does that even mean?!”


Written by Viktor’s-booty
Relationships: Viktor Nikiforov x Yuri Katsuki
NSFW content

If you don’t enjoy it don’t block or report just unfollow.




Outside the snow is coming down hard, but in here it’s a different story. Snow is St. Petersburg is not the same as in Hasetsu, it’s heavy and there’s no end in sight. Being so high up in this building is weird because you can’t even see the ground or 10 feet ahead of you.

Yuri had never seen it snow quite this hard, yeah they would have blizzards in Hasetsu but nothing as intense as this. But to Viktor it was normal and quite comforting.

The two were in Viktor’s apartment, the skating season had come to a halt and Yuri wasn’t ready yet to go back home without Viktor. Although Viktor would love to go back to Japan with Yuri, his mother had fallen ill and he decided to stay in Russia with his family. That’s why Yuri stayed as well.

“Yuri, what are you cooking?”
Viktor asked from the couch, he was lying with his boxers on and bath robe wrapped around him, watching the storm blow by.

“Fried Rice, why?”
Yuri replied, almost yelling over the sounds of the wind tearing around the building.

The older sat up,
“Smells really good love. Is there enough for two?”

“There always is silly”
Yuri laughed and looked over at his partner sitting on the couch. He shook his head “God I love you” he smiled at him.

“But I love you more!!”
Viktor exclaimed, almost challenging Yuri. Viktor got up and began to make his way towards the kitchen. Yuri had gone back to cooking and hadn’t noticed the other get up. He jumped slightly when two strong arms wrapped them selves around Yuri’s waist. A hot breath caressed Yuri’s ear,
“Surprise!” Viktor whispered.
“I have an idea I’d like to try out after dinner” he smiled.

“What is it?”
Yuri’s asked turning his body slightly to face Viktor more.

“Not telling!” Viktor answered giddily and pranced away from Yuri, but not before giving his butt a flirty squeeze. Yuri whipped back quickly but Viktor had run away and hid behind the couch.

“I can see you, dumby”
Yuri announced with a chuckle.

“Crap” Viktor let out and stood up in defeat. “Well at least I didn’t actually run away!” He laughed.

The couple ate dinner and watched the storm grow stronger. Viktor had turned the thermostat up so high that they were beginning to get sweaty. Yuri would go to turn it down but when he wasn’t looking Viktor would turn it up again. It was all a part of his brilliant idea.

After dinner, the two of the were in Viktor’s bedroom. It was incredibly cozy, candles were lit on shelves and lights hung from the ceiling creating cascading shadows on the walls and floor. Romantically decorated just how Viktor liked it to be. It was still snowing outside but Viktor kept it hot inside. He was sitting on his bead with his boxers on and bath robe wrapped around him, it draped lazily off his shoulder. Yuri stood near him by the bed looking around his room.

“Viktor, I don’t get it. I’ve turned down the heat so many times now and it hasn’t gotten any cooler in here!”

“Well maybe it’s just you Love” Viktor winked at Yuri.

“Seriously! I feel like I’m melting!”

“Well it would help if you weren’t wearing a shirt” Viktor smirked.

“Well, I mean I guess you’re right” Yuri winked back. Viktor looked at him suggestively and began to stand up grabbing on to Yuri’s shirt by the bottom and pulling it off of his sweat glistening body. He stopped before it came off his head and Viktor kissed him through the shirt then resumed taking it off.

Viktor sat back down on the bed to take a good look at Yuri. And man was he hot. Yuri’s chest and abs were chiseled to perfection almost as they were painted by the gods. His arms were muscular yet soft, as though they could be the most graceful to exist. He radiated with this glow that was indescribable to Viktor. All he knew is that he never wanted to let him go.

Viktor eyed him up one more time, stopping at Yuri’s full lips, Yuri could tell he was looking at them and bit his lip enticingly which made Viktor look to his eyes, to see Yuri wink at him. Viktor reached out and tenderly grabbed Yuri by the hands, rubbing his thumbs gently along the back of hands. He pulled on them slightly causing Yuri to step closer to him. He was gorgeous standing there, Viktor couldn’t help but touch this master piece in front of him.

His hands moved from Yuri’s up his arms, then ventured onto his stomach and waist. Viktor leaned in towards him and his lips trailed behind his hands. The younger placed a hand on Viktor’s shoulder and one on the back of his neck. He twirled his finger through the soft locks of his lovers hair. Viktor worked his way up to Yuri’s neck, kissing and nibbling on the sensitive skin making Yuri squirm and turn his head, lightly pushing into Viktor’s lips. Viktor’s fingers trailed down his lovers body stoping before his pants, he slowly scratched his way back to his chest, leaving red streaks behind each finger.

Viktor moved down Yuri’s neck, sucking and caressing his pulse with his hot lips, he kissed down his shoulder and his collar bone. He sucked hard on it, Yuri let out a gasp and a quiet moan escaped his lips as Viktor lifted his head with a satisfying pop, revealing a dark hickey which would last for days. He looked up and leered at Yuri who’s head was thrown back in pleasure.

Viktor trailed his tongue down from his prominent collar bone to Yuri’s chest, slowing to a halt in the middle. His soft hands slid up to his chest tracing circles the way there. His delicate fingers stopped at Yuri’s nipples, he drew around them with his forefinger, watching them perk up with arousal. Viktor lightly pinched and brought his head closer to his hand. Yuri was fidgeting, trying to contain his moans but the soft flick of Viktor’s tongue over his nipple sent him over the edge. Yuri’s hands raced down Viktor’s back trying to hold on to this pleasure. Viktor’s tongue twirled around flicking frequently over his nipple. Yuri jerked every time, moans slipping through his lips. His breath grew intense, “ah-aahh ohh Vik-Viktor”

Viktor turned Yuri around quickly and pushed him demandingly onto the bed. He looked down at his man, all flustered and heated up. His face was a red as the first time Viktor ever kissed him. Viktor’s eyes got caught on the generous bulge under Yuri’s pants, he licked his lips enticingly and made a move for Yuri’s thighs. They were scorching hot to the touch, Viktor massaged his hands into them, keeping eye contact between him and Yuri. Viktor winked and brought a hand to his crotch grasping it tenderly, Yuri’s head flew back with a loud moan.
“Yuri, we haven’t even gotten started. I still have to give my my surprise”
Viktor smirked at his man who was just over the moon with bliss.

Viktor unbuttoned Yuri’s jeans and pulled them down under to his knees, his boxers already stained wet with precome.

“Oh Yuuuuuri, you really wanted this don’t you?” Viktor’s hand took hold of Yuri’s cock through his boxers. Yuri pushed his hips up towards Viktor pleading for him with every breath.
“Yes yes oh yes” came out quietly. His hips grinding into Viktor’s hands. Viktor slowed down and looked up at Yuri.

“Here comes the real surprise” Viktor said crawling over Yuri pulling a strip of fabric from his bathrobe pocket.
“Are you going to tie me up?” Yuri asked quickly.
“Oh no no no, tonight I’m going to be playing to your senses. Close your eyes love.” Viktor reached out and tired the fabric around Yuri’s head, covering his eyes. “Can you see me?” He asked. “No, but god do I want to” Yuri replied.

“I’ve got to go get the surprise,” Viktor said beginning to slide down Yuri’s body on the bed “I’ll be right back” he smiled kissing him between every word, moving from his mouth down to Yuri’s cock. Viktor quickly ran out of the room to the kitchen and grabbed from what he had been waiting for. He ran back in and set it on the bed next to Yuri.
“Are you ready?” He asked
“Never been more ready” Yuri smiled.

Viktor went between Yuri’s legs and moved aside his boxers revealing Yuri’s throbbing cock. He took hold and moved his hand rhythmically over him, spitting on him to ease the process.
“Ohhh yeahhh” Yuri let out in a boisterous cry. Viktor moved faster, bringing his lips to the tip of his member. He took him in, all of him and Yuri let out the most intense howl he had ever before
“oooOOOOOHHHH!!! VIKTOR!! OHH! OOOOH MY- AAHHH FUCK OH MY FUCKING YESSSSS” Yuri was crying out, his body shaking from the shock. Viktor bobbed his head faster, and in his mouth was the surprise. Crushed Ice. The difference in temperature shook Yuri. He fell into a trance of pure amazement. It was burning hot from Viktor’s tongue grazing over his cock but the ice was freezing. This stimulation was something he could have never even imagined. Yuri was grabbing onto the bed as tight as he could his hips rising and falling vigorously with the rhythm of Viktor’s head.
“VITYA!!” He couldn’t control him self “OOHHHH FUUUCK” Viktor had never heard him like this. Never seen him so enthralled with pleasure. Yuri’s jaw was open, dropped with astonishment from this intense feeling. His breath was sporadic, he breathed in heavily his moans grew louder and louder
“VITYA OOH FUCK” Yuri still hadn’t come to what was happening “AAAHH MY GOD-OOOOHH”

Viktor grabbed an ice cube in one hand and began doing figure eights on the inside of Yuri’s thigh. The shock of cold to his scolding hot thigh pushed him even higher. He wasn’t even saying anything anymore. His body was shaking his legs outstretched with all the energy possible. Yuri was grabbing the bed sheets so tightly that they ripped under his nails. Viktor hadn’t stopped or even slowed down one bit, but he knew Yuri was almost there. He pulled away from Yuri’s throbbing cock and took an ice cube, he ran them over Yuri’s chest circling inwards towards his nipples.
“Viktor no! Keep going!! Please!!!” Yuri was begging shamelessly for Viktor to take him again.

Viktor was over him, hips aligned and arms pinning Yuri down to the bed.
“Yuri, you’re all mine. You’re all fucking mine tonight.” Viktor said plunging in for a steamy kiss. Yuri kissed back passionately and to his surprise yet again Viktor slipped an ice cube from his mouth to Yuri’s. It was cold against Yuri’s tongue he passed it back to his lover who crushed it between his teeth. He then moved down to Yuri’s neck trailing his cold tongue down his body back towards his dick. He kissed and nipped him, leaving him with bite marks down his torso.

Viktor could feel Yuri’s cock asking for attention again, he grabbed another ice cube and crushed it in his mouth. But before pleasing him, Viktor swiftly took off Yuri’s blind fold
“Don’t take your eyes off me” he commanded.
Viktor went down, deep. Swirling his tongue around Yuri’s hot cock. “Fuuuuuck” Yuri moaned while Viktor’s head started to bob and twist. Viktors hand grabbed yuris cock too, copying the motion of his head with pleasing pressure at the base of his dick. Yuri was going to peak soon his moans were everywhere. Yuri screamed “OOOH MY GOD!! FUCK!!!!!” Viktor’s finger slid into him, curving and hitting Yuri right where he knew it would completely shatter him. Yuri was twitching uncontrollably with the overdose of pleasure. He screamed, Viktor held him in as Yuri let go of his whole self in Viktor’s mouth.

Yuri’s body calmed down and his breath slowed “Viktor, oh my god” he kept repeating. Viktor looked up at him and swallowed devotedly he gave Yuri’s cock one last kiss before crawling up beside his lover in bed.

“Surprise” Viktor smiled and kissed Yuri who was still in shock about what had just happened.

“Viktor… I- I oh my god. Wow” Yuri didn’t even know what to say.

“I’ll clean up, you go to sleep” Viktor told him and kissed Yuri on the forehead. “Goodnight my Katsudon”

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Otayuri headcannon: Otabek sucks at ballet, Yuri excels at it. BUT. When it comes to hip hop style dancing, Otabek dominates and Yuri can't get the hang of the rigid movement but prefers to watch Otabek dance anyway. (I'm doing a 6 second rotoscope gif of Otabek dancing to Wiggle by Jason Derulo :D)

you have to share that gif. it’s the law.

But oh my goSH YESSSSS oh my fucking god please allow my son Otabek, who can’t touch his toes, to be a fucking boss at hip hop

imagine how many videos he’d have on youtube, dancing to his own mixes and you know yuri would be entranced by how fucking cool he looks

So this is really late...

So everyone knows that kiss between Andrew Garfield and Ryan Reynolds? 

Originally posted by mycutegaycouple

Well it got me thinking about an au where all the superheroes and their identities are known and stuff like that and they have awards ceremonies for them. And nobody but the heroes know that Spideypool is a real thing so Wade and Peter are getting ready for the ceremony. Wade turns on his image inducer to look normal and hot and Peter seems really mad about that but they don’t say anything.

So they get there and Peter turns around and says if Wade wins funniest superhero he will kiss him. Wade agrees and wouldn’t you know it… Tony stark wins. Peter turns around and kisses him and while doing so turns the image inducer off and Wade starts to freak but then Peter stands up and the camera is on him and he starts to ramble. 

This is a Wade Wison otherwise known as Deadpool and he is my love of my life and the most beautiful man ever and did I mention I love him and he also is so cute I ne d to tell you about the time he cried because his daughter was happy yeah I love him and I love her, Wade can I marry you pretty please?! 

At the end Wade is sobbing and is so happy and he just hugs him and says oh my gawd yesssss please Spidey!

(Iron man is mad that the show was stolen from him but whatevs his son is happy.)

When Nagisa kissed Kayano

NagiKae shippers: YES OH MY GOD OH MY GOD YESSSSS *Crying and punching a wall in happiness*


KaruShuu shippers: Yes now that Nagisa is out of the way Karma will go running to Gakushuu and my ship shall sail and YEEEEEEEET

Falling in love

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Wanda maximoff

Plot: falling in love, but also very fluffy?

A/n I absolutely love this request so much ! !

Bucky Barnes was an extremely broken man who firmly believed he was never going to happy like he used to be in the 1940’s. That all changed after he came out of cryo and started hanging around Wanda all the time. Although tony forgave Bucky for killing his parents he could sense that he wasn’t wanted on the team by him and Rhodey. That’s when Wanda decided to step in and tried to reassure him that he was wanted on the team.

With Steve busy training the new recruits every day for hours on end Wanda felt like it was her duty to keep Bucky busy so he wouldn’t feel lonely. She wanted him to keep his mind distracted and meant them going out to art museums or having movie marathons in her room. Bucky loved when they had movie marathons because he found himself smelling Wanda’s hair every time she buried her face against his neck when they watch scary movies.

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happy mchanzo hc; obvs jesse has an oral fixation of some sort, but hanzo only really notices is (when jesse is suckin his dick *cough*) is when jesse is doing something sweet like trying to braid dvas hair and hes got bobby pins between his teeth and "oh my god mcree why do you need bobby pins to braid my hair??" but either way hanzo isnt a big person to show obvious affection, but when mccree goes into one of his weird quirks he cant help but smile and watch him all sappy and gay aaaa

AAAAA OH MY GOD YESSSSS I 100% subscribe to the headcanon that McCree has an oral fixation CLOSES EYES!!! THAT’S SO GOOD!! THANK YOU FOR THIS, ANON

Hanzo notices it when they kiss. McCree’s teeth and tongue on his mouth is enough to make Hanzo weak at the knees. McCree strokes the roof of Hanzo’s mouth with the tip of his tongue, making his toes curl, and swallows the quiet whimper that Hanzo is unable to hold back. McCree can kiss for hours. But outside the bedroom, too, Hanzo notices small things– McCree’s fingers always tugging at his lips, the cigar he tongues thoughtfully, movements in his jaws as he phantom chews. It’s as if McCree needs his mouth busy 24/7. If Hanzo isn’t careful, he will get caught up in watching. Will get so absorbed in his own thoughts of those lips at his throat, or those teeth at his nipple, or perhaps that tongue on his dick, that he’ll end up embarrassing himself.