oh my what a marvelous queue

Marvel Post, incoming! Fair warning.

So, I’ve figured out why Spider-Man Homecoming was a disappointment, for me. I’ve been saying it’s because Holland’s Peter Parker isn’t a photographer, but I realized, recently, that that isn’t it.

I’m disappointed because Holland’s Peter Parker isn’t a photographer that takes pictures of Spider-Man. 

Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, taking what amounts to batches of low-tech selfies, and selling them, as a source of income is my favourite thing about Spidey! It’s like a celebrity taking selfies and then selling them to a magazine under an assumed name. I love it.

First of all: hell yeah, I’d be my own photographer if I was a superhero! That’s hilarious! Second of all: Petey just isn’t my Petey without his camera.

TL;DR, if they were just going to take away my favourite part of the Peter Parker Spider-Man, they should have just gone with a different Spider-Man. I love me some Miguel/Spider-Man 2099, and I wouldn’t complain if Miguel didn’t have a camera.


“Oh no,” Peggy scolded and stood in front of you, blocking your field of vision. “I don’t think so (Y/N). He will play you and leave you alone.”

“Peggy I wasn’t even thinking about that.” You defended. He was so dreamy though. The way his hair was slicked back, the trim of his moustache and the mind that possessed endless ideas. What wasn’t to die for?

My favorite thing of X-Men: Apocalypse
  • *meanwhile in Cairo*
  • Apocalypse: *talking with low,intense,life-threatening voice* Join us, my child. I am an ancient being with all the gifts and powers, people had worshipped me, feared me, knelt before my feet for centuries. I was your God, the lord of darkness, the legend of the legends, I have returned, and together,we will destroy this rotten and weakened world, and build a better one for our fellow people. Now, Charles, I need you to send a message to the world-
  • Charles: *busy talking,flirting and having eye sex with Erik the whole time while side-eyeing Apocalypse occasionally, clearly annoyed by his presence* Look my guy I really don't know who the fuck you are but as you can see I'm busy talking with my boyfriend over here so if you would excuse us you might want to shut the fuck up for about 30 seconds
  • *proceeds talking to Erik, after realizing he was still a dick*
  • -*finally transferring 0.01%of his attention to Apocalypse*

just a lil update on my writing

so as some of you may know, I’ll be gone for a little holiday in london starting monday 9th to 16th. I’m gonna try to be as active as I can but just in case, I will be writing different blurbs and prompts (maybe 500-1k long?) and queuing them up. my goal right now is to queue one every day until the 16th and a few posts here and there just to keep this blog active.

and to the person (I’m writing this on my phone so I can’t look up the username ugh) who gave me some ideas for the rogue, thank you so much!! I’ll work with what you’ve given me and hopefully y'all will see a new chapter of the rogue up next week. :)

oh and, requests are open BUT only for marvel related stuff. I may do an exception for the twins if I get anything that really gets my inspiration going, but I can’t promise anything.

thank you for reading, keep being awesome!!! x

It’s My Party (Steve Rogers x reader)

Request:  Hi um I’m sorry to disturb, I’m just feeling really down now and I really love your writing, it cheers me up all the time. Can you maybe just write one where it’s the reader’s birthday and no one wishes her and she’s just kinda sad, the avengers find out and cheers her up by throwing a small party where they all just cuddle on the couch and watch a movie

I know this request is out of order from the others, but I hope you guys understand!  This anon had their bday yesterday and I wanted to cheer them up!  I used a female character, not knowing for sure how the anon identifies.  Love you guys!

It had been a really long day; a painfully long day that couldn’t end soon enough, and you just wanted it to be over already.  Stepping into the lobby of your apartment building, you fumbled with your keys, finding the right one to slide into your mailbox.  Turning the key felt like a monumental effort.  You sighed, knowing that you would likely be disappointed by what was inside, but slowly turned the key and pulled the small door open.

One pink envelope. Only one.

Sliding the envelope out, you turned it over to see the address of your childhood home in the top left corner, in handwriting that made you long to be there today.  The familiar sting of tears began to fill your eyes as you carefully peeled the envelope open and pulled out the card inside.

To my beautiful daughter on her birthday

Not even reading the words inside, you grabbed the annual fifty-dollar bill from within and shoved it into your purse along with the unread card.  It was a customary tradition that your mother had upheld since you moved to New York three years ago.  She never fully believed that you could make it on your own, and this was her small way of ‘helping’.

Pulling your tired body up the four flights of stairs to your apartment took forever.  When you finally arrived you threw your shoes off and dropped onto the couch, exhausted.  Since you had no plans on your birthday this year, you had decided to work a double shift and at least make some money, if nothing else. Grabbing your phone, you decided that you should at least thank your mom for the card, or face her unending calls tomorrow to see if you’re okay.  

Your call history was empty.  No recent texts.  No birthday wishes.  

Throwing your phone across the room with a groan, sad and frustrated, you covered your eyes and let your tears lull you to sleep.


“Hey, (Y/N), you in there?”

The firm knock on your door jolted you awake, almost falling off the couch as you jumped up to see who it was making all that racket.  Looking thru the peephole into the hall, you saw your friend Steve, trying to peek back in.

“You know, that little hole on the door doesn’t work that way,” you said as you opened the door to greet him.  Leaning your head against the door, you yawned as you spoke.  “What’s up, Steve?”

“Oh, did I wake you?” He looked at his watch, not really sure what time it even was.  “It’s only six o’clock.”

“I worked a double.  I was napping, but it’s okay.”  You pushed the door open to allow him to walk past you and into your apartment.  It was dark and silent, but you made no move to turn on any lights.

Steve looked around, the streetlight outside giving him the only illumination to see you.  “Um, well, I was just gonna ask if you had plans for dinner.  But if I’m disturbing you, then-“

Rubbing the sleep from your eyes and running your fingers thru your hair, you shook your head, “No, you’re not disturbing me at all, Cap.  Never.  And sure,” you paused, finally turning on a small table lamp, “dinner sounds nice.”

“Hey, are you okay? Have you been crying?”  He was concerned now, stepping towards you to get a better look.  He offered a hand to you but you quickly lifted yours to stop him.

“Nah, probably just over tired, I suppose.  Don’t worry about it.”  Looking at the clock, you were deciding how long it would take to make yourself presentable.  There was no way you were going out half asleep and still in your dirty uniform. “Say, can you give me like a half an hour?  Just to freshen up?  You’re welcome to stay and watch TV or something.”  You began to pull your hair down and walk towards your bedroom so you could take a quick shower.

“Absolutely.  Take your time, (Y/N).”  As you walked away, Steve spied the card sticking out from your purse.  He looked down the hall to be sure you weren’t coming back as he slowly pulled it out to read.  

Baby girl,

I know its been hard to make friends since you’ve been to New York, but I hope that you’ve found a way to enjoy your birthday.  My wish for you is that you’ve found someone who could brighten your day, and that you make the most of it.

Happy Birthday, sweetie.  I love you.


Steve knew immediately that he was right; you had been crying.  That was why you were working all day, to avoid your birthday altogether. He quickly put the card back in your purse the way he had found it and grabbed his phone to send out a group text.

Guys, I need a favor.  I need it fast.


Pulling on a pair of jeans and a button down shirt, you didn’t think you needed to put a lot of effort into your ensemble.  You had been to dinner with Steve many times, usually to a café or a diner, spending the time talking about nothing and everything well into the late hours of the night.  With a small amount of makeup and your hair in a loose braid, you were ready to go.

When you walked into your living room, Steve was sitting on the couch with the TV off,  appearing to frantically text someone.  “Hey, are we still on?”

Startled by your arrival, he thrust his phone into his pocket and stood to face you.  “Yes, ma’am.  You look great.”  He offered his arm to you and held the door as you grabbed your purse, and made your way to the stairs.

“So, where are we headed tonight, Cap?”


“Up?”  You were clearly confused now, knowing there was nothing on the roof of your building other than vents and electrical boxes. “What does that mean?”

“You asked me ‘what’s up, Steve’, so we’re gonna find out.”  He smirked as he looked down at you, his expression full of excitement. You decided to trust him, because he was Captain America after all; how much trouble could he get into?         

Reaching the sidewalk, he grabbed your hand and pulled you along, walking quickly towards the destination, but you still weren’t sure where until you rounded the final corner. Your mouth hung open in awe as you stopped abruptly and looked up at the massive Avengers tower.

“Steve.  No, Steve, I can’t go in there.”  You released his hand, now nervous and apprehensive about his plan.

“Why not?  You know everyone.  It’s about time you finally do this.”  He grabbed your hand again, pulling you along.  “Come on.  Don’t make me carry you.”  You begrudgingly followed, your nerves worsening.

As you reached the elevator, he could feel the slight tremble in your hand as you squeezed his tighter, still apprehensive about what was happening.  “Hey, you trust me, right?”

“Of course, Steve.” You gave a small sigh as the elevator doors began to open.  “Of course.” You were only a few steps from the lift when you were stopped in your tracks by the sight before you.  Steve jolted at the sudden halt, looking back at you, then slowly moving to stand behind as you took in the scene.  The team had set up the bar with streamers and balloons, music was playing, and Tony was setting up a large screen next to the couch.

“Hey,” he leaned down to whisper in your ear, “happy birthday.”

Your hand shot up to cover your mouth, tears now easily flowing down your cheeks.  “Oh my god, Steve.  This is incredible.  You didn’t have to do this.”

“It was a group effort. That’s what friends do.  Come on, let’s grab a drink before the movie starts, yeah?”  He stepped in front of you, putting his hands up to wipe the tears from your cheeks. “None of that.  It’s a party!”

Steve swiftly grabbed you and easily swung you onto his back, both of you laughing as he carried you to the group, ready to make your most memorable birthday ever.