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GUYS UPDATE ITS HAPPENING. Sidney is not even an hour away from me right now. He left last night at 10 pm and rode the bus for 18 hours to come be with me forever. We’ve waited four years for this moment…♡ GUYS another update this was last year and seriously this guy fucked up my life so bad. Don’t let anyone come live with you that you’ve never met irl. Meet with them first. Get to know the real them. This guy stole money from me, vandalized my belongings, abused me, and so much more. He’s an asswipe and I’ll never forgive myself for making the mistake of letting him into my life.

Sleeping Natsu

Part 1 - Here’s the first part!

Back by popular demand by all of my lovely followers, here is part two!  I don’t know if “Sleeping Natsu” is really appropriate for the story title since that was the central focus for the first chapter but, we’ll see where things go.  Hope you enjoy this chapter as much as the first!

   “Hrrmm…” Natsu gurgled out as Lucy elbowed him in the stomach.

   “Get.  Up.  Now.” Lucy commanded still feeling his body assaulting her back.  “Oh my god this is unreal…”

   “Ugh, Lucy, what the hell?” Natsu muttered out slowly blinking his eyes open.

   “You’re asking me ‘what the hell’?  What the hell to you!  Why don’t you evaluate yourself right now, and, you’re on top of me again!”  Lucy whispered furiously as Juvia and Gray were still dozing.

   “What’s wrong…?” Natsu dragged out sighing then, his breath caught in his throat, and he sprung away from her body.  “S-sorry!” He choked out and Lucy actually ended up feeling kind of bad, it wasn’t really his fault…

   “Um, can’t you try to control that?  Also, why must you end up hugging me so tightly, I said that no one can pass this area!” Lucy finally awkwardly stated, looking anywhere but Natsu’s face.

    “I-I, it’s…  It’s not my fault!  Sometimes we wake up like…  You know…  This?  I didn’t mean it.” Natsu offered, his face a bright red.  “And I guess while I’m sleeping I’m just drawn to you, I don’t know…  Sorry…”

   “Tonight you better have something more on than just boxers.” Lucy commanded, her eyes squinting at him.

   “But, Luce, I get hot!”

   “Are you seriously giving me ‘buts’?  You don’t get to, not after this morning!  Because now I feel really awkward…” Lucy felt flustered and she knew her face was beyond just a little blushing.

   “I said I’m sorry…  But speaking about butts, maybe this wouldn’t have happened if you were the one to wear a little more!  That thing is so short each time you brushed against me or the bed, it got sent up higher!”  Natsu defended and Lucy gasped realizing that her nightgown was now fully exposing her lower half including her underwear.  

   “That is besides the point!  At least I’m wearing something appropriate for bed!”

   “This is appropriate for bed!” Natsu gestured to his underwear.

    “Not when you’re sleeping with your best friend!  Speaking of which, why are you even getting like this if you’re sleeping with me?” Lucy whispered back furiously.

    “Guys can’t control their…  Stuff!  How am I not supposed to get like this when I’m sleeping with you?” Natsu huffed, looking at her as if she were the crazy one.

   “What does that even mean?” Lucy retorted.

   “It means that if I’m sharing the bed with an attractive girl and she’s been continuously rubbing against me all night and has pajamas that shows everything basically, then my body is probably going to respond to it!” Natsu whispered out matter-of-factly and Lucy found her insides squirming at his words.  They may not have been the most gentlemanly words but they still made Lucy feel something she had been repressing for a while now.

   “You think I’m attractive?” Was all that Lucy could practically choke out and Natsu looked taken off guard.

   “Well…  Clearly you are Lucy.  But that doesn’t mean anything!” Natsu quickly got out, his cheeks burning brightly.

   “Gee, thanks.  It’s not like I meant it that way anyways.” Lucy pouted sourly, attempting to cover up the rejection that she felt.

    “Um, I didn’t mean it in an insulting way…” Natsu tried to console her but Lucy wasn’t going to let him, this was exactly why she had ignored all these emotions when they were younger.

    “You’re not.  Just please promise that you’ll wear proper pajamas tonight?  I’m going to take a shower…” Lucy trailed off, roughly yanking the hem of her nighty down and swiftly walking to the bathroom all while feeling Natsu’s burning gaze on her back.  

    Feeling refreshed after a shower and putting on clean clothes, Lucy felt a bit better and conversed with Levy and the others about what their plans were for the day.  Lucy found herself avoiding Natsu slightly but he didn’t seem too eager to go up and talk to her so, she just brushed it off determined to have fun that week.  It was an eventful day that they mostly spent on the sunny beach soaking up the great weather.  Lucy had a great time and eventually she and Natsu were ultimately back to normal by the end of the day, both of them laughing and enjoying the company of each other.  The group decided to go to dinner at one of the many seaside restaurants that dotted the boardwalk, sitting down to have a meal and a few drinks.  After a few drinks, Lucy felt the warm sensation spread through her and her eyes got sleepy.  They were all tired from the days activities and were wrapping up their meals, ready to head back to the hotel for another restful night.

   Back at the hotel, Lucy giggled with Levy, remembering how early in the day Gajeel had fallen flat on his face in the water thinking that something ‘big’ had brushed against his leg when it had just been seaweed.

   “Gajeel the big scaredy cat, who would’ve known!” Lucy chuckled out as Gajeel scowled at the two.

   I still think there was somethin’ in that water…  Tch…” Gajeel grumbled out folding his arms over his larger figure.

   “I’m sure, Gajeel.” Levy smirked up at him.

   “You’re too funny Gajeel, I’m sorry.” Lucy giggled out simply and headed for her room.

    “Please no flirting tonight, Juvia and I would like to get some sleep.” Gray called over to where Natsu and Lucy were headed making Lucy freeze in embarrassment.

    “What did you just say you stripper?” Natsu growled out.

    “There was no flirting going on.” Lucy piped in, her voice high.

   “Lu, are you sure you don’t have anything to tell me?” Levy snickered and Lucy frowned at her.

   “N-no, definitely not!” Lucy denied and scurried into her room.  “Gray shut it!” She called back and glared at the black haired young man grinning impishly at her.  Leaving the room of her laughing friends, Lucy quickly changed into her shorts and a tank top, she was going to try and avoid her night gown for the rest of the trip just to be safe.  Snuggling deep into the comforter of the bed, she started to feel the effects of the alcohol she had consumed just a short while ago.  It made her feel slightly dizzy but very comfortable and relaxed.

   “Lucy, we are going to go to the pool for a little while before bed.” Juvia informed her, gesturing to Gray, both sporting their swim attire once again.

   “Okay, have lots of fun!” Lucy giggled out slightly and Juvia gave a small wave with Gray leading her out.  Lucy’s eye lids were getting heavy until she felt a depression on the other side of the bed as Natsu got in.  He was now wearing sleeping shorts and a tank top, much more covered than he was the first night.

   “I didn’t think that you’d actually listen to me.” Lucy pointed out making Natsu jump.

   “Oh, Luce, I didn’t think you were still awake.” He answered back sounding a little startled.

   “Are you going to break the rules again tonight, Natsu?” Lucy questioned referring to her bed rules that she had laid out the night before.

   “I’ll try not to, but sometimes I like to hold on to things at night when I’m sleeping…” Natsu laughed lightly, turning over to face her.


   “Yeah, it helps me sleep.  And you’re right there so…  I’m sorry that it’s you.” Natsu apologized awkwardly.

   “I’m sorry it’s me too…  Clearly you don’t want it to be me.” Lucy pouted, her current state of mind not allowing her to have a filter over her mouth.

   “That’s not true!” Natsu shot back and took Lucy by surprise.  “Er, what I mean is, it’s not like you’re a bad thing it’s just…  I made you uncomfortable.” 

   “Well, what made me the most uncomfortable is your ‘happy stick’ poking me in the back.” Lucy stated bluntly.

   “Lucy!” Natsu gasped in embarrassment.  “Geez, how much did you have to drink?”

   “It’s true, how would I not get uncomfortable when my best friend’s…  Thing is resting against me.”  Lucy pointed out.  “And I had no more to drink than the rest of you!”

   “Again, it’s not my fault that you’re pretty.”  Natsu sighed as if what he said meant nothing.

   “See, how can you say stuff like that and then…” Lucy clamped her mouth shut, not wanting to finish her thought.

   “And then what?” Natsu breathed out and suddenly their proximity made Lucy even more uncomfortable.

   “And then go and say that you don’t like me.” Lucy whispered almost inaudibly.

    “You’re my best friend, I don’t want to make things awkward between us.  You mean a lot to me Luce.” Natsu answered her simply, avoiding her gaze.

    “Yeah well, don’t bother saying anything like that anymore if it’s just you being friendly.” Lucy hissed out.

    “What’s wrong with you?” Natsu looked taken aback by her words.

   “Nothing, you wouldn’t get it, you probably wouldn’t even really care anyways.” Lucy sighed sadly.  She hadn’t wanted to show her true emotions but it seemed the wine was getting to her.

   “Did I do something wrong?  I thought we had a good time today…”

   “Yeah, we did but that’s not the point.  Clearly anytime you compliment my appearance, it won’t “mean anything” to you.” Lucy whispered, not really knowing where she was going to go with this.

   “Do you want it to mean something?” Natsu asked sounding surprised.

   “I’m going to sleep, Natsu.  I’m really tired, I’ll talk to you in the morning.” Lucy decided she was going to sleep everything off and hopefully everything would be normal again in the morning.

   “But Lucy, I think we should talk about this.” Natsu protested but Lucy turned on her side away from him.

   “Goodnight, Natsu.  Sorry…” She snuggled into the covers, shutting her eyes tightly.  The last thing she heard before drifting off to sleep was Natsu letting out a sigh and shifting his body in the sheets.

Oh god I don’t like this chapter, I’m sorry, it’s kind of bad!  I hope you guys like it thought, I don’t really know where this is going lol…  Thank you for reading though!!



if any of ya’ll wanna know what game design finals are like, it basically consists of a conglomerate of students all taking the same course and yelling angrily at computers while simultaneously yelling at each other for help. and it usually goes along something like this:

“oh my god i fucked up the sun in unreal how dO I FIX IT”
“where are the target layers???? why don’t i have target layers??? guYS WHY DON’T I HAVE TARGET LAYERS????”
“what is even going on with my uv maps what the fuck is this shit”
“i never wanna look at this shit ever again”
“are you even going to have time to–” “no”
“GUYS MY MOUSE IS BROKEN” “did you try unplugging it and then plugging it back in?” “YES” “well you’re fucked.”
“it’s 8am i’m done i give up well guys we tried goodbye i’ll see you in 2 hours”

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