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Autumn Giveaway!! 🍁

Hey again guys!! Random fact about me as that I hecking LOVE Autumn 🍁🍁🍁🍂🍂🍂🎃🎃🎃

It’s my all time favorite time of the year for me, perfect weather, colors, holidays, and just an overall nostalgic feel for me. Oh, and my birthday too. 😝

I was gonna wait ‘til later this month (when Autumn actually STARTS) But I was so eager for the season I had to do it tonight!!

So my over-excitement out of the way, here are the shiny Autumn Pokes that will be given away tonight!!


Lv: 100   | Nickname: Daphne

Ability: Sap Sipper   | Nature: Jolly

IV’s: 6   | Ball: Repeat  | Item: Balm Mushroom

Moves: Swords Dance | Megahorn | Horn Leech | Return 


Lv: 100   | Nickname: Bruno

Ability: Dry Skin   | Nature: Sassy

IV’s: 6   | Ball: Repeat  | Item: Balm Mushroom

Moves: Spore | Rage Powder | Giga Drain | Protect 


Lv: 100   | Nickname: Aurelius

Ability: Harvest   | Nature: Careful

IV’s: 6   | Ball: Premier  | Item: Sitrus Berry

Moves: Leech Seed | Will-O-Wisp | Substitute | Horn Leech 


Lv: 100   | Nickname: Persephone

Ability: Flower Veil   | Nature: Bold

IV’s: 6   | Ball: Luxury Ball  | Item: Comet Shard

Moves: Moonblast | Energy Ball | Calm Mind | Aromatherapy 


Lv: 100   | Nickname: Marigold

Ability: Compound Eyes   | Nature: Timid

IV’s: 6   | Ball: Repeat  | Item: Focus Sash

Moves: Quiver Dance | Hurricane | Sleep Powder | Energy Ball

 And if you think pokes like Pumpkaboo should have been here, don’t worry, we’ll be seeing some spooky pokes next month. 🎃🌘

To get a shiny poke:

  • Deposit a Smeargle named “MarioPaint” into the gts and ask for a pokemon.
  • Be sure to gender/level lock to prevent sniping.
  • You may have ONE OF EACH. No double dipping whatsoever.
  • The giveaway will end at 10:00pm CDT/11:00pm EST or once deposits stop.
  • Happy Trading!

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Teen Wolf S05E06
  1. malia was fucking kick ass oh my god
  2. layden were too cute
  3. scott mccall and his inhaler nostalgic af
  4. marrish scene was too sexual for my liking
  5. lydia martin and her fucking flashbacks oh my god
  6. stydia all matchy matchy in their red outfits cutiepatooties
  7. holland’s boobs are amazing tho
  8. kira and mason can be bffs and i will fucking love it
  9. kira bb what’s happening???
  10. brett + mason scene yayayayay
  11. liam has scott mccall’s inhaler can i freaking cry now
  12. stiles accompanying lydia to the hospital
  13. “its a lydia thing” oh my god stiles
  14. that claudia stilinski scene will forever be the death of me
  15. i was fucking bawling oh my god stiles bb let me give you the biggest hug
  16. maleo scenes yes yes yes yes yes 
  17. scott + maleo scenes bffs omg
  18. theo saving stiles ok ok ok
  19. theo knows about donovan ok ok ok
  20. fucking teen wolf fucking fuck