oh my sweet alien!


I’ve been away from Tumblr for more than a year and I want to find some new followers and make friends! 

I am really into Dragon Age and Mass Effect, atm. 

I also watch/play: Outlander, Fall Out, Avatar the Last Airbender, Legend of Korra, anything Marvel, Wonder Woman (my wifeeee). 

Current Ships: Solavellan, Cullen x Inquisitor, Rydaal, 

A little about me: My name is Sarah (or Vir) I’m 23. INFJ. I really want to fangirl over Solas again. Oh and Jaal. My sweet alien cat.

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anonymous asked:

I recently typed myself as an ISTP, and it's a relief to have it set. But it also makes me a bit sad since this type is just the 'stupid adventurer' (especially considering one of my best friends is an INTP, 'the alien cool' one).

Oh my sweet summer child, 

It makes so sad that internet stereotypes have made you think this way, I know that it can get you down when all the N stereotypes are about being awesome and all the S stereotypes are about lame/stupid/boring. I especially hate that ISTP are stereotyped to be awful in school and can’t sit still. I find that most XSTP are based on almost purely Se with a tiny bit of Ti thrown in. It especially hate it when people compare INTPs and ISTPs and say that INTPS are so much smarter than ISTPs, someone actually told me that they didn’t think that I was an ISTP because I was too smart and that I probably was an INTP. MBTI doesn’t determine your intelligence, and even if it did (it doesn’t though) ISTPs’ Ti is in the  same position as a INTP’s. 

ISTPs are awesome and amazing. All types are. ISTPs are especially good at thinking things through quickly and acting quickly which can make people think that were are reckless and not thinking at all but we aren’t reckless and we do think things through. Stereotypes also try to make it seem like ISTP are not able to be analytical but our Ti-Ni makes us extremely insightful and analytical. ISTPs are awesome and you, Anon, are awesome. Try not to pay attention to the bad stereotypes (especially the one where every ISTP is a mechanic, what’s with that anyway) and focus on how amazing you are and if you ever want to talk feel free to put a message in our inbox!

-Madeleine the ISTP