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I can be your teddy bear (fluff fanfiction)

A/N: this is my first fanfic so don’t expext much.

Troye and Connor have arrived at Zoe’s house from their flight. They ate pizza and watch tv for a while but then Connor announced that he was jet lag and wanted to sleep.

“Could you show me my room Zoe?” Connor asks.
“Oh yes! Just a second.” Zoe shows him the first room to ghe right. It’s big and there’s a king sized bed in the middle, and most importantly the view from the window is breathtaking.
Connor can already see the stars shining in the window, and he rushes to look at the moon when he hears Troye asking Zoe where to put his things.
“Right here, silly boy!” She says ruffling his hair. Connor can see Troye being annoyed by her touching his perfect hair, but he doesn’t say anything. After all, she’s taking them into their house.

Connor doesn’t notice where Zoe told Troye to our his things but he’s quite surprised to see him rolling his bag into his room.
“You guys don’t mind sharing a room right?” Zoe asks.
If Connor is to be honest, he minds. He knows that he likes the boy with deep blue eyes and amazing eyes, and even though it should be his dream to share a bedroom with him, he gets very nervous. He blushes deeply, and even though he knows that Zoe has more rooms, but is probably trying to fulfill her fangirl fantasies, he shakes his head.

Troye shakes his head immidiately, and Connor thinks of it as a tiredness reaction. Troye can’t like him, he’s too plain.

Connor falls asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow, and he starts snoring lightly.
Troye, on the other hand, takes a shower first.
He then unpacks his backpack, looking for his blue teddy bear, the one he can’t sleep without.

Troye itches his head with frustration. “I swear I put it here!” He whispers, afraid to wake Connor up.
He calls Tyde’s number to ask him if he messed with his stuff.

“Tyde, have you seen my blue teddy bear?”
“Your teddy bear? No I haven’t, are you sure you packed it?” Tyde has already gotten over teasing Troye over sleeping with a teddy bear.
“Yes I’m sure.” Troye almost yells in frustration
“Oh well, think again, cause here it is, on your bed.”
“Oh man, I’ll figure out, thank you Tyde.”
“Just get a pillow and cuddle with it.” Tyde suggests before hanging up.

But what Tyde doesn’t know is that a pillow doesn’t work like a teddy bear. A pillow isn’t in the correct shape, or size, just how Troye isn’t correct for Connor.
He’s too thin, he has too many birthmarks, and he’s pale.

Troye decides to try sleeping without his teddy bear, but he just keeps moving in the bed.

“Troye,” Connor’s hoarse voice says.
“Sorry, I didn’t mean to wake you.” Troye scratches his neck in embarrassment.
“That’s okay, what’s wrong?”
“Nothing, I just can’t sleep.”
Connor turns around to look at Troye, and their shoulders touch. Connor’s green-blue eyes are lit by the moon light outside, and Troye can’t help but stare.
“I forgot my teddy bear,” he mumbles. He has never told anyone other than hi gamily that he sleeps with a teddy bear, it’s just embarrassing as it is. But he doesn’t know why the words came out of his mouth without any control from his side.
Connor laughs, but it’s not a teasing laugh, it’s a genuine one.
Connor thinks that he’s dreaming and he decides to take advantage of it. If he can’t be brave with the real Troye, he will be with dream Troye.
“Oh Troye boy, I’ll be your teddy bear.”
“What? Really?”
“Yeah, just put your hand over here.” Connor takes Troye’s hand and puts it on his waist. He can tell that his breath is hitting Troye’s skin but he doesn’t care. He flips to the other side, his back facing Troye’s chest.
“And your other hand over here,” he grabs his other hand, forcing Troye to spoon.

Troye stays tense for God knows how long, and then he falls asleep.

Connor wakes up to find his legs tangled with Troye, Troye’s warm breath on his neck, and his hands squeezing around his body tightly.
It wasn’t a dream after all…

“In this season, we span over 20 years — we go to Scotland, Jamaica and England and also end up in North Carolina, so it’s a real adventure,” he says, adding that they filmed a few scenes the crew didn’t even know about. “I was like, ‘Oh my God. What are you doing?’ So there’s going to be some surprises and really dramatic, epic scenes.”

But what’s not surprising? The show’s true star — Jamie’s long, luscious ginger curls, which won’t be going anywhere, anytime soon, says Heughan. 

[Caitriona and my] hair is very much a part of the show,” he says. “It’s all about big hair. Claire’s hair is very unkempt. And same with Jamie. His hair is very much a part of who he is — the color and the look to him. It’s an honor playing this character for over three years now. It feels like a part of me. It’ll be a sad day when I’ll have to lose it [the hair].”

—  source
names 1/?

Acacia scrambled up on his lap, all knees and elbows. She was almost getting too big to do this, Dipper thought at first then put that thought out of his mind. Nope never too big.

“Uncle Dipper?”

He smiled down at his nibling. “Yes Pole Star?”

“What’s your real name?”

“Dipper- you know that already silly billy.”

Her aura turned pink and she giggled.

“Nooooo, your REAL real name!”

He let his hat fly further above his head so that he could scratch his hair in befuddlement.

“Oh, THAT name! Well, it’s a secret but you’re my nibling-”

“AND the oldest AND the tallest,” Acacia pointed out with all the pride a seven year old could muster.

“Indeed. So I don’t see the harm in telling you. It’s Abel.”

Acacia gaped at him.

“ABEL?! Like Mommy is Mabel and you’re-”

“Your grandparents have much to answer for,” Dipper agreed gravely.

Acacia rolled off his lap laughing.

She wasn’t laughing that night at dinner when she told everyone’s Dipper’s secret.

“Hate to break it to you kid,” Stan grunted between mouthfuls of mashed potatoes. “I saw your uncle and mom in the hospital. Didn’t see any Abels.”

Acacia gaped at her Grunkle.

“Yup, sorry sweetie but no rhyming names for us,” Mabel confirmed. She looked at Dipper for a minute and said, “Though that didn’t stop us from trying in kindergarten remember?”

Dipper usually tried to forget that but he nodded, tearing away another bite of raw steak as he did so.

Acacia opened her mouth but before she could speak Stan said, “You’re on your own on this one kiddo.”

Mabel beamed. “Yup! Neither of us are telling!”

Acacia’s head whipped over to Henry.


“When you find out, let me know,” he said, a smile escaping on his face.

Acacia turned to glare at Dipper. There was fire and fury in her gaze as she stared daggers at him. Dipper gave her a bloody grin and returned to his steak.

This should be fun.