oh my single life

oh my gosh can you believe harry put out a life changing single yesterday and he broke the record for fastest track to reach #1 on us itunes and he went #1 in over 90 countries and radio stations all across the globe were playing it hourly and he’s been compared to music industry LEGENDS like david bowie time and time again and there’s been so many reviews saying the song has the potential to be a timeless classic and it’s so good that it’s literally indescribable and that it was a risk but he took it and it turned out phenomenally and that he’s unlike any artist that’s out on the radio now??? like,,,, HE DID THAT


It’s been 3000 years since i didnt draw anything undertale related so ya here’s shitty ddl

Let's Be Honest Here

We’d all much rather prefer a guy/girl in a marching band uniform than a knight in shining armor.

A Sister’s Place

Prompt: the deep desire to write an Eliza fic

Words: 10,697 (wow… I’ve honestly never written this much for a single fic in my life.)

Author’s Note: Oh my goodness. This has been my little baby pet project for a while, and I am so proud to have actually finished it. I hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

“You can’t just leave me here, Alexander!”

 “Please, Charlotte. You, of all people, know that where I am going you can not follow.”

 “I can aim a pistol at a redcoat just as easily as any man you’ll be fighting with!” 

 “That is not the point being argued, Charlotte. A woman’s place is not in the middle of a war.”

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For me the months of the year go like:

Just me January

Forever alone February

No man March

Abstinent April

Masturbation May

Just giving up June

Just my hand July

Always alone August

Sexless September

Only me October

No boyfriend November

Don’t date December

And repeat.


a wip of my Chimera!Ed au i was dying to get on paper

an d also
psst just so yo u know
go check out my side blog @shut-up-and-let-me-art look i tried putting the link to it in my bio but mobile sucks ass okay, ok

also dont tell anyone, but this was inspired from a couple of @jeminy3 ’s au’s and (art)works bc they rock okay ngl

romance is like crack to me…… sometimes im living my life, being normal, and then suddenly im just like….. i need to read something where theres two characters and they kiss at the end

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Relationship Status: oh so very single

Favorite Colors: hmm lets go with pink

Lipstick or Chapstick: does vaseline count as chapstick cause that

Last Song I Listened To: What Have We Become by The Sweeplings and 10/10 would recommend

Last Movie I Watched: Star Wars 

Top Three TV Shows: The 100, Superstore (I binged this last weekend @ world watch it), current obsession is The West Wing

Top Three Characters: rude. just rude. the #1 love of my life Richard Campbell Gansey iii, mah man Bellamy Blake, Harry Potter the og

Top Three Ships: Bluesey, Bellarke, Kanej 

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oh!! i didn't realize that you also have apwh,,, i suffer every single day of my life

Oh hell yeah AP is a handful. Im v thankful that it’s my only AP class this year (in part because of the workload, and also because I really like to learn about history).
However, next year I’m planning on taking AP US History, AP Chem, AP Eng, and AP Pre Calc.
Aaaa why am I a glutton for punishment :,^)