oh my single life

For me the months of the year go like:

Just me January

Forever alone February

No man March

Abstinent April

Masturbation May

Just giving up June

Just my hand July

Always alone August

Sexless September

Only me October

No boyfriend November

Don’t date December

And repeat.

Victor’s and Yuuri’s Valentine Gifts

Wan~ Wan!! Haha! My Japanese bark impression is getting better ^-^

Hello everyone! Makkchin here~ Today is Valentine’s Day, a holiday for romance. I thought I would share something sweet that happened towards the end of it. After all, I didn’t want to intrude on their afternoon date in Hasetsu. I’m a pooch who knows when to give love birds their space =3=~

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kimtrain  asked:

I need your expert opinion on something, May. Should I buy myself chocolate for Valentine's day and eat it while writing something sweet and fluffy or should I buy myself chocolate for Valentine's day and write something really angsty? I'm feeling both. Mostly the chocolate, but the writing too.

Por que no los dos?

You could always buy TWICE as much chocolate, eat half while happily writing cute fluff, then sit back, look at all your life choices and the fact that you’re eating chocolate and writing fluff on Valentine’s Day, get angsty about it, and proceed to write the second one (while eating chocolate also in a rather angsty manner).

But that sounds kinda sad. Please don’t do that.

Maybe the other order. Eat chocolate, write angst, then cheer yourself up with chocolate and fluff. (But twice as much chocolate should definitely be in there somewhere).

My Life:

Quick power point:

  • Cute guy in my class *Who sits one chair down from me*
  • I wanna talk to him, but I am invisible. He doesn’t even look in my direction.

I wake up early to do my hair, make-up, nice clothes *not jeans and a t-shirt–but nice jeans and a blouse*, and boots. I get to class, and he isn’t there. 

I maybe slept 3 hours. I wake up 5mins before I have to leave or class *TEST DAY*, so I rush out of bed, throw my hair up in a ponytail, puts a ballcap on my head to hide my oily scalp, no time to shower or to wash my face, I do a 10 second brushing of my teeth, and I run out the door wearing a hoodie *my pajama shirt under the hoodie, wearing the jeans I wore the day before, and flip flops*. I get to class and sit down…as I am getting ready to take my test–I see him lean over toward me and he whispers, “Hey, do you have an extra pencil?” 

NOW! ANY OTHER FUCKING DAY I HAVE ABOUT 50 DIFFERENT WRITING UNTINCILS! ANY OTHER DAY I COULD HAVE BEEN LIKE, “Yeah! You wanna number 1, 2, or 45 pencil? Mechanical or original? Want one with a grip or no?” ANY OTHER DAY, BUT NOT TODAY!!!!

I tucked my lips in *fucking morning breath of mine could run a fucking skunk to the hills*, “Umm, no–I’m sorry.” BECAUSE I WAS RUNNING LATE..I DIDN’T HAVE TIME TO GRAB ALL MY STUFF–THAT PENCIL I HAD? YEAH, I FOUND IT IN MY CAR!

He sagged and went to the girl on the other side of me, and he asked HER for a pencil–she had a backpack full. 


To the Single people who are like ‘oh my god! I’m going to be single on Valentine’s Day, oh fuck my life!!!’ Um excuse me but I’d just like to point out that you’re/were single every fucking day before Valentine’s Day, so what’s so god damn special about Valentine’s Day?? You were single on the 13th Feb why you bitching about the 14th? It’s a load of commercialised bollocks anyway!! 😘😂 but any who happy Valentine’s Day to those who celebrate it 💕💕💕💕


All my FT3 piccys! (Please no reposting or cropping me out)