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Christmas Cough

Connor x Reader

On the eighteenth day of Edmas, Captain Kenway gave to me…

It was happening again. Last year Connor had gotten a rotten bout of the sniffles a week before Christmas. What he presumed to be a cold had progressed as the days went by, landing him a spot in your own personal care on Christmas day. He hadn’t meant to ruin such an eventful day, but he still felt guilty all the same. He’d made a personal vow after last year to make this Christmas the best one you’d ever had just to make it up to you, but it was happening again.

It started with a cough here or a sneeze there throughout random intervals during the day. Then his throat started hurting and his skin was warmer than usual. His head hurt and his nose was stuffed. By Christmas Eve, he was an absolute mess; coughing, sneezing, sniffling, and wheezing all through the night. But this wasn’t about him, this was about you, and he was not about to ruin Christmas again because of a little illness.

So he trooped on. Late into the night he snuck out of the comforting warmth of your arms into the cold, dark sitting room. He worked quietly, careful to be sure not to wake you before he was finished. Though it got a little hard at times, he continued to work through the long hours of the night, the sun bringing the joy of Christmas as it rose. Christmas was here, now all he had to do was make it through the day without ruining everything. Yes, he could do that for you.

He admired his work for a moment, taking a minute to give himself a pat on the back. The room was ready, now all he needed was you. No doubt you’d be waking up soon anyways. You always did get too excited on Christmas…

His gentle, long strides brought him back to your room, sweet eyes looking upon your resting figure. A little ray of sunshine peeked in through the curtain, glowing upon your smooth skin. You looked like an angel, his angel. He smiled, a soppy curve of his lips. Your eyes were closed peacefully, no signs of tension in the relaxed state of your muscles. Connor puffed a breath between his lips, his heart beating faster at the sight of you. Oh, but how he loved you.

“(Y/N),” he whispered, his voice raspy with sickness.

You let out a soft groan, flipping onto your side so you were fully facing him. One bleary eye after another popped open, looking curiously to your lover.

“Connor?” You inquired on a yawn, eyes half closed as you stretched the disused muscles in your arms. “It’s Christmas.” You smiled, settling back down into a more comfortable position.

He nodded, kneeling down in front of you so he could admire your features. From the slope of your nose to the curve of your jaw, Connor’s loving gaze was drinking it in. You bit your lip to keep your grin from engulfing your face, taking his hand in yours instead. His skin was warm, more so than usual.

“Are you okay?” You asked.

He’d been sick all week, something that he’d claimed was perfectly normal. He said that he didn’t need to go see a doctor and that he’d be fine in the next few days. But his skin felt awfully hot for a little cold.

“Fine.” He replied, tugging on your laced hands.

You furrowed your brows in concern, sitting up so you could take a better look at him. His cheeks were flushed and his nose was red, no doubt from rubbing at it. His hair was messy, sticking to his forehead from sweat. He clearly was not as well as he tried to act.

“Connor.” You warned, leaping up before he could pull you away. The back of your hand connected with his forehead, a heat rising from his skin. He was burning up.

“I feel fine.” He pouted, resting his large hands on your hips. They were dancing along the prominent bone there, almost enticing you to forget about what you’d felt.

“You are not fine.” You argued, brushing a few strands of his dark hair back into the messy disarray. “If you are sick, don’t pretend you’re not.”

“I have a cold, it is nothing to concern yourself with.” He tried weakly, hoping to get on with the day. He was not going to ruin this for you, no matter how much he’d rather just drop down into the bed and cuddle with you.

“It’s more than that.” You pointed out, challenging him with a gleam in your eyes. “And besides,” you leant forward, resting against his chest and rubbing the tense muscles in his back, “I will always concern myself when it comes to your wellbeing.”

Affection swelled in his heart, guilt following soon after. He’d already ruined so much for you, he couldn’t do it again this year. He didn’t deserve to have someone like you love him so much if he was just going to mess it up year after year.

“Don’t you dare think like that.” You muttered, breathing in the lingering scent of gingerbread and candy cane on his shirt. You knew him well enough to know exactly where his thoughts would be at this particular moment, and he had absolutely no reason to be thinking along those lines.

“Sorry.” He mumbled, his breath against your neck, running down your spine.

“Now, get back in bed and I’ll make you hot chocolate. We can worry about Christmas after you’re better.” You stated, nudging him in the side for good measure.


“I don’t want to hear it.” You deadpanned, removing yourself from his arms. “You’re not ruining anything.”

His gaze dropped to the floor, shame playing across the frown on his face. You sighed, knowing that he probably still felt guilty after last year.

“Connor,” you began quietly, brushing your fingertips across his bicep. The muscle flexed beneath your touch, his big, brown eyes moving to meet your own. “Sweetheart, you need some rest. Working so hard isn’t good when you’re sick.”

He nodded, sending a half-hearted smile in your direction before sinking down onto the soft bed. His eyes moved back to you, looking for some sort of disappointment he was sure he’d find there. He found none.

“I love Christmas.” You said. “But I love you more.”

The smallest of smiles began to tug at the corners of his lips, the gloomy attitude he sported fading at your words. He would never get used to hearing you say you loved him, even if he heard it a million times. And each time he’d be a little more happy than the last.

“I love you too.” He spoke quietly, his voice hoarse.

You smiled in response, turning to leave the room. Just before you made it fully out of the doorway, you stopped to add one more comment over your shoulder.

“Besides, nothing’s ruined when I have you here.” And with that you left.

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Why is levi so mean to eren oh my gosh he wanted to make him fee better ;-;

It’s not mean, it’s… Levi. What would you expect Levi to say if he was being overwhelmed with love and care when all he wants to do is rest? “Oh thank u my precious bby i lub u so much now be a sweetie and lemme take a nap?”  😂

Eren doesn’t take it personally, he knows how Levi is. 

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For the first time i feel like the winner isn't at the level to be called smtm winner. I like him,but Nucksal is way better and Wonjae has better lyrics then him. Using Zion.T and Dean was a good move. I hate this 'omg, don't be salty just because your fave didn't win, he slayed with Zion.T and Dean' yeah, true. Song that the public enjoyed because of this 2, let's be honest,If the song was a solo, people would still talk like this? One good rapper, but def not the best out of 12000

lol I respect your opinion and I kinda see where you’re coming from but I would have to disagree on some accounts. So this is a bit long winded but I wanna cover all of your points fairly ^-^

For one thing. His song WAS a solo. So to say that people “enjoyed it” solely because Dean and Zion. T is kind of inaccurate. I think it did well because some of the crowd knew it already. Hangzoo dropped it three years ago. Much like a couple songs on SMTM people end up reusing or remixing old songs because since they’re going by crowd votes it’ll go over better if the crowd is somewhat familiar with it. (Vasco and Cjamm did that for almost all their songs on SMTM3, Basick did it was Ganzi and Blacknut did it with M.I.L.E, and Maniac did it with Killin’ It this year)

Also having a producer on his on stage wasn’t exactly a trump card. It’s not really mind blowing to see Dean on a stage and I kind of thought his appearance on the stage was underwhelming. Now if they got Crush on that stage I would have been like “Wow! Plot twist that was surprising!” Although Zion. T was a nice surprise.

This year I thought the top three for SMTM was incredible. You had Woo Wonjae, the rookie rapper that wowed everyone with his lyrics, Nucksal the old school veteran that everyone was betting on, and Hangzoo; the underdog.

By all accounts, Hangzoo was the underdog. Because of that automatic reaction of “Well, Nucksal is Nucksal and he’s more experienced and a better rapper. He’s Korean hiphop personified” or “Wonjae is a precious bby that needs to be protected and oh my god look at his smile and his lyrics are so deep, he loves his mom” And Hangzoo honestly can’t even get lines in Rhythm Power songs. (Seriously look at the line distribution in Horangnabi and Bangsaneung Hangzoo literally gets just back vocals and the hook in a three member group. He was the least popular amongst the three and out of everyone in rhythm power no one was betting on Hangzoo to pass the first auditions since his teammates did so well previous years. 

Which puts me in a weird place. I personally wanted Nucksal to win. I’m a big fan of veteran-ship, and experience over all. I’m a huge fan of that old school hiphop. Straight up boom bap, and lyricism. Which Nucksal does so well. And he only lost by 50,000 won that’s less than $50 USD so that’s how close the voting was so honestly it was anyone's game. I wanted Nucksal to win, but I’m not mad that he didn’t. Because it doesn’t mean he isn’t a good rapper it just means that it wasn’t his time, and Hangzoo brought something that people wanted more. It could be the fact that CoDean has mastered trendy trap/hype songs and they’ll always get votes for a lit song.  And Dynamic Duo tends to lean more toward old school.

And although Wonjae has won my heart with his style and lyrics. Many of his songs have the same “vibe” and don’t really allow much room for variety. To each his own on that account because some people dig that. But for an audience voting, they could tire of it. 

Now to bring it to my last point. I think SMTM is a great show. It test rappers and forces them to come out of their comfort zone. I believe it was Junoflo that referred to it as “Rap Olympics” Due to situations rappers had to be cut and in the end there is only one standing. Do I think that Hangzoo is genuinely the best rapper out of the 1200 people that audition? No lol I don’t. But I do think that he’s a good rapper, with solid form, punch lines, experience, and fundamentals. A trait that I thought was shared amongst all the semi finalist. I think it’s fair to respect the winners but take it with a grain of salt. 

Because if we go back a couple years and look at when Bobby won. I call shenanigans. Because personally, I don’t think Bobby is a better rapper than Olltii, Vasco, or Cjamm. But situationally some things fell in his favor and he won. So I do understand where you’re coming from when you’re like “I don’t think he’s the best out of 1200″ 

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I keep thinking about how Remus thinks he doesn't deserve love and I'm dying please take care of my bby he's so precious to me

Oh dear. Oh no.

  • Remus, without warning, sort of… shuts down.
  • Sort of folds in on himself.
  • He hugs his books tight to his chest and keeps his head down so his hair flops into his face.
  • He walks from class to class soundlessly, and with hunched shoulders, allowing the world to happen around him but taking no part in it.
  • And Sirius feels as though he can’t breath properly, like someone is squeezing his heart too tightly.
  • He just wants to cry as he watches Remus flinch away from his touches
  • Make up excuses to sleep in his own bed - ”’m just… tired. Think I just need to spread out tonight, y’know?” Or even worse, “No, I’ll be up late. You go ahead, I’ll be up in about an hour, okay?” - Only Sirius wakes in the morning, alone.
  • He especially hates when Remus moves his hand away from Sirius’ waiting palm - hates the feeling of Remus tugging his fingers away from his own.
  • He hates the one armed hugs, the turning of his head so Sirius’ lips land on his cheek instead.
  • He hates it all really… But he gives it time.
  • Well, he tries to give it time.
  • But a week proves too much.
  • So Sirius finds himself wrapping his hand around Remus’ wrist one day, catching him by surprise as he shuffles to potions.
  • He feels the resistant tug that has seemed to become a reflex of Moony’s of late, but Sirius has already pulled them into an empty classroom, locking the door.
  • He hears a sigh from behind him, “Sirius, I have class.”
  • “And I,” He turns, tugging his bag from his shoulder and letting it drop to the floor, “have something to say.”
  • Remus isn’t looking at him, his eyes on the bag that made a rather harsh noise when it hit the ground - Sirius reckons his books will now be covered with ink but he can’t bring himself to care all that much.
  • “Well, go on.”
  • And Sirius swallows thickly because he didn’t actually expect to make it this far. He expected Remus to mumble some excuse and leave as quickly as he could. He doesn’t know what to say.
  • “You- You haven’t kissed me in a week.”
  • Remus remained silent, kicking the toe of his shoe at the floor.
  • Sirius’ teeth tug into his bottom lip, “Remus.”
  • Still not a sound.
  • “Re, please? Please?”
  • Sirius felt his feet carry him forward before he realized it and he’s suddenly cupping Remus’ face, thumbs stroking his cheeks, whispering, “Remus.. Look at me-”
  • But Remus jerked his chin away, “No.”
  • Sirius tried to bring their eyes together. God, he just wanted to cry, “Please, Moons-”
  • “I said no!” And Remus was tearing out of Sirius’ reach, storming over to the abandoned teacher’s desk on the other side of the room. When he stopped in front of it, he practically threw his bag down, his knuckles white as he gripped the wooden edges.
  • His shout rang in the air like a gun shot.
  • “I said no.. No, no.” He was mumbling, to himself more than to Sirius, “I can’t. I can’t.”
  • “Can’t what?”
  • And Sirius whipped angrily at the wetness on his cheeks. He shouldn’t be crying, he should be trying to help - but he couldn’t help it. He was frustrated and alone and so, so scared that the best thing in his life was about to walk out on him.
  • “Can’t what? Remus, what can’t you do?”
  • But Sirius just watched the back of Remus’ head shake back and forth, and he didn’t say a word.
  • The silence seemed to stretch for all eternity, before Sirius dared to voice his fears out loud,
  • “Can’t… Can’t be… with me?” His voice shook, the lump in his throat making it nearly painful to talk. 
  • Still, radio silence.
  • His lip quivered, voice unable to go above a whisper, “God… Remus just say it then. Just fucking say it. Just say something!”
  • The rage that was building up in Sirius’ chest came out of no where but was suddenly burning white hot. He picked up the nearest thing he could, his hand moving of it’s own accord.
  • He hurled the box of chalk, and it smashed into the wall near Remus’ head,
  • “Can you even fucking hear me? Remus-”
  • But he froze mid-sentence.
  • Because Remus’ shoulders were shaking, trembling, and he was breathing too hard.
  • “R-Re..”
  • And Sirius was dashing across the room, tugging Remus to spin him around and once again, cradling his tear stained face.
  • Remus let out another sob, shaking his head frantically,
  • “No, no no, leave. Leave, Sirius. It’s what you’re meant to do. Leave now.”
  • “No… No. What’s wrong? Please, Moons… Please tell me what it is..”
  • Sirius tried to  use the sleeve of his sweater to wipe as best he could at Remus’ cheeks, but Remus’ hands closed around his wrists, pulling his hands away and holding them both in his own.
  • “You have to.” He was staring pleadingly at Sirius with large, amber eyes, “Please, Pads.. I can’t- I’m not- I’m not good. God, there’s just- there’s… there’s someone better out there for you… I know it-”
  • “No, no one’s better than you, I love you-”
  • “You can’t. Sirius, you can’t.” Remus was the one gripping Sirius now, hands gentile on his face. He swallowed a few times, seemingly trying to find his voice again.
  • It came out soft, trembling, “You know what I am…”
  • “Re-”
  • But Remus pushed on, “And you know how they treat people like me out there. Merlin,you just- you have to see that it’s one thing in here. In here no one has to know but out there… Out there I’m a registered monster. And that doesn’t just affect me Sirius-”
  • “I don’t care about-”
  • You should.” Remus blinked and fresh tears fell. He looked at Sirius, trying to memorize his face, trying to take in every detail, before finally,
  • “I won’t drag you down with me. I won’t.”
  • And now Sirius was clutching onto Remus’ sweater, trying to stop him from pulling away, “No. No, no stop. Stop it, shut up.”
  • “Sirius let me go, you have to let me go-”
  • But, after all, Sirius is the stronger one.
  • And Remus finds himself trapped between a warm body and the desk. Sirius is staring him dead in the eye, breathing uneven,
  • “Listen to me right now or I swear to Godric-” Sirius inhaled deeply- a shaky breath, “Look, I don’t know where this came from. I don’t want to know. But you’re forgetting one thing in this little plan for the future of yours and that’s that I’m not leaving. I’m not going anywhere no matter what you think.You’re a registered monster out there?” Sirius cupped Remus’ cheek, turning his face back to look at him, “Well, then I guess I’m the registered fucking boyfriend of the registered monster. Got it?”
  • But Remus could barely move. All he could hear were Sirius’ words ringing in his ears, his thumb stroking his cheek.
  • And he shouldn’t.
  • He should leave right now right now right now
  • Finally, he unfroze. 
  • And his arms were throwing themselves around Sirius’ neck, face burrowing into his neck and tears leaking down his cheeks as he felt Sirius’ palms span his back, pressing their bodies together,
  • “I don’t deserve you…” Remus mumbled out, “I don’t deserve any of this..”
  • Sirius’ voice was soft in his ear and accompanied by a kiss, “You’re wrong, Moons. So wrong.. 
  • You deserve the world..”

Gender: Male
Pronouns: he/him/his
Height: 6’3”
Weapon: Scimitar Sword
Gem Type: Rhodochrosite
Likes: Flirting, strawberries…and cats :’D
Dislikes: Loneliness, and small spaces
Hobbies: Knitting, cleaning
Talents/Skills: Able to sense the location of other gems/beings by using from the crystal on his chest. HOWEVER, the only downside to that ability is that he has to have actually MEET them in person before for it to work. Otherwise, that power is no bueno. :P Also is able to sense their emotions and control them to his will. Rarely ever uses it since it’s not really in his nature to control someone UNLESS it is absolutely necessary like fighting an enemy.
Personality: Rodney is a very happy laid back gem that loves to flirt whenever he gets the chance. A really big sweetheart that always tries to lighten serious moods or situation with jokes (and terrible puns). He’s also a bit of a clean freak. If he sees a mess, he will freak out and clean it up, lol. Rarely would you ever see him upset, but if you do (for example, hurt someone dear to him) you better run…
Fusion Preference: Depends :3