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  • Jaehee: Would you please not Luciel this into a situation worse than it already is?
  • 707: Hang on, did you just use my name as a verb?

Ok but like… imagine Alec in the future holding Max who’s like a toddler, and Max is like holding onto Alec’s jumper with his little hands and snuggling his little face into it because it’s so SOFT and Magnus was going to make Alec chuck it out ages ago because “honestly Alexander, it’s got HOLES in it!” but he can’t bring himself to do it because seeing his boyfriend asleep on the couch with their son curled up against his chest gripping onto and snuggling into the jumper like its a blanket is the cutest thing he’s ever seen!!


2016.08.04  - VS Arashi [1 / 4]

…when I think of all this I can’t help feeling that God is not rich. He has the appearance of riches, certainly, but I can feel his embarrassment. He gives us a revolution the way a bankrupt merchant gives a ball. We must not judge any god by appearances. I see a shoddy universe beyond the splendour of the sky.
—  Grantaire, Les Misérables (iv.xii.ii)
Random HC #10 (Continuation of #4 - #9)


Robbie stares at the hero. The words sink in very slowly at first, but then the meaning hits him like a baseball, thrown by the hero himself and he winces again, when Sportacus’ sad eyes meet his own. He opens his mouth, but nothing comes out at first. The other is still looking at him, obviously not so sure anymore, himself, about what to say next. “…Just to make sure, I actually…get that right now…” Robbie chews his lower lip “…You stayed in LazyTown…not because the kids asked you to do so but…because you couldn’t return home…without ME… Did I understand that correctly?” The hero nods weakly “…Of course, I also liked the idea of staying. The kids are great and EVERYBODY here is so nice and caring…” he gives the villain a light nod, signalling that HE also was included in the strongly emphasized word “…But if they had not asked me to stay…then my airship and I would’ve been homeless, that’s right.”
“So in other words… I, the guy who wanted you to leave town so badly, am actually the main reason why you stayed!?”
“In many ways. Yes,” he gives Robbie a soft smile. At once, this strange feeling in his stomach grows heavier again and he quickly lowers his eyes and mumbles “…Have you really NEVER considered to follow this order after all?…”
“Never ever?”
“No, Robbie. Not even once. Not even the first second, we met. Whatever it is, the elders would do with you for punishment, you would NOT deserve it!” Sportacus’ eyes grow sad again and even a little uneasy. “…And…what would happen to YOU if you DID return WITHOUT me one day?…” he swallows hard, feeling nervous at the mere thought of Sportacus getting actually punished or hurt, just because he intends on protecting his enemy. “I’m…not sure…” a wry smile appears on Sportacus’ face and he blushes a little, starting to play with his fingers, his voice low now “…I can’t recall a case where anybody ever dared to do so…”
“Are you…scared?…” Robbie’s voice is barely more than a whisper and a part of him - the forced villainous part - tells him to mock the hero, but the much bigger, softer part of him feels a pang of guilt and actual sympathy for the other. Sportacus just looks at him for a moment, then he shrugs weakly “…A little maybe… But what would bother me much more then, would be the fear that they’d send someone new to capture you then…”
“So you were…actually serious?! You will never even try to return home again because you…fear for my…safety?…” Robbie’s voice has gotten lower and lower and is hardly more than an unbelieving whisper at the end. Now, Sportacus’ gaze lightens up again and he gives him a happy, comforting smile “Yes!”
“But…don’t you miss…home?…” Robbie starts to feel even stranger now and his head is slightly spinning. Another pause. “…I do… Sometimes… Especially at night, I miss the beautiful light of our sky…” his voice trails off and his eyes take on a dreamy expression. And the villain feels even worse. It’s ridiculous! He wants Sportaflop out of town, but is actually the reason why he has barely any other option than to STAY. And he’s the villain of this town and at the same time, he feels horribly guilty for making the hero sad and miss home… It’s too much for him to progress right now… Sportacus shakes his head, forcing himself to return from his memories back to the present. When he looks at Robbie again, his expression becomes worried again “Robbie, do you feel well? You look quite pale and shaky…”
“Of course, I feel well, Sportaflop!” stonewalls the other at once and turns his head to look away, his fingers digging even harder into the edge of the wooden bench now “It’s just…quite an amount of information, at once and I… I need to think about this in quiet…in my lair again… So!” he pushes himself up from the bench “If you’re so kind to excuse me n-” the last part of the sentence gets stuck in his throat when he suddenly gets all dizzy, his knees give way underneath him and the last thing he hears before blacking out completely is Sportacus’ terrified call “Robbie!!!”


Celebrimbor had an almost ‘dwarvish’ obsesseion with crafts; and he soon became the chief artificer of Eregion, entering into a close relationship with the Dwarves of Khazaddȗm, among whom his greatest friend was Narvi.  Both Elves and Dwarves had great profit from this association; so that Eregion became far stronger, and Khazad-dȗm far more beautiful, than either would have done alone…

elfweek // day 01. favourite male elf


The Corinthe School for Boys by @juanjoltaire.

It’s Enjolras’s last year at the Corinthe School for Boys, a prestigious boarding school in France for the elite. He’s president of the ABC Society and he has a dorm room all to himself. Things are looking up. That is, until he finds out there’s a new kid joining their class this year. The unkempt, infuriating Grantaire, who seems to have been sent to the school simply to be a burden on Enjolras.