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OK so I’ve seen these posts and LOVE them. So I wanted to add a contribution. Im sorry if anyone’s done this one already but.. Yeah. I’ve been thinking about this.

How would they react to abuse.

Like, aliens are always hearing about how us humans bond with just about everything. How we protect our own. But there will always be those sickos who abuse their children, their lover. How would they respond to that? Like, one day, this scrawny, introverted, sad little guy of a human joins a crew. Aliens now understand some of us humans are introverts, but this human is different.

He flinches at any contact, always gives these frightful glances, and always makes these scared little noises. He apologizes for any and everything. He barely eats, never asked for anything, and looks so horrified if he does one thing that could ever be considered wrong.

So one day the aliens ask “ So what’s up human-Jasper? Why do you flinch at everything? Why do you act the way you do? ”

And Jasper slowly starts to tremble, and starts breathing quickly, and whimpers constantly. The aliens freak out until one of them yell “ I know what this is! Its a panic attack! He’s very afraid, and might be having flashbacks! He probably doesn’t even realise where he is! ”

So ya know, they all slowly back off, but not to far just in case he needs them. And once he calms down he quietly whispers an apology. They can see his tremers and hears his small, forcefully muffled sobs, which they have learned are signs of distress.

The bravest approach and try to console him, Jasper himself flinching away at first. Although, as one of them hugs him, he just sinks into it, because of my gosh he needs this comfort so badly, wheather he deserves it or not, and he just knows they’ll be disgusted wierded out of SOMETHING like the others had once they found out, since he knows he’ll have to explain.

And then he just starts. He starts talking about what happened to him, why he reacted like that, because obviously they deserve to know. He tells them about all the verbal and physical abuse brought on by his single father. Then, how his girlfriend abused him in even more ways, his small details horrifying them.

’ Why? Why would a human do this to one of their own? One their supposed to love and protect? ’ Is a common, or at least thoughts that are similar, running threw their heads.

He mumbles about how he understands if they want to kick him off the crew now, because he’s obviously real messed up and could be a real liability. And even though he knows he should back off he just tightens his grip on them.

But instead of yelling or anything, more of the group approach and hug him, and its just sooo nice.

He hears one of them mumble “ I’ve always heard of how strong humans are, but now I know how true it is. Humans can survive the most horrible of things. You, being one of the strongest.. You have been strong long enough, allow us to protect you human. We will never kick you out, simply for reacting to those horrible things logically.. We are here for you, human-Jasper. ”

And Jasper now breaks down in relieved sobbing. At first the aliens fear they did something wrong, but when they see his smile, they relax.

They swear if they ever see his abusers, they will have revenge for their human Jasper.

Because he is now apart of their family, and unlike his other, they will treat him right.


2016.08.04  - VS Arashi [1 / 4]

“Say you love me”

“I love you”

So yeah, it’s been a week and I’m not a dash closer getting over Jasper’s death. That scene totally wrecked me and I won’t shut up about it for a while. I therefore decided to paint this and try to cope, but honestly it only made me feel more sad. So now I’m posting it, and you guys can hopefully suffer too muahahah. (btw this is actually the first time ever I post art -if this can be defined art lol- on tumblr and I’m kinda nervous hahaha)

So, during the Flight of the Noldor when Mandos pronounces the Doom of Mandos, it is stated that all the elves who died in exile (save Finrod and Glorfindel) would not be re-embodied and Feanor and his sons would not be forgiven for what they did.

But I have this headcanon that they are all eventually re-embodied and forgiven (because my babies need love that’s why), but they won’t be reborn, they’ll just walk out of the Halls in physical appearance of how they were before they died. (Maedhros without his hand and Celebrimbor with scars from Sauron’s torture and so on.) And they don’t show up all together, but in order of how they died.

Maedhros, Ι imagine, would be the last one because I think he was the one who felt the Oath more heavily and the profound guilt form their deeds. Someone had gone and picked Maglor form Middle-earth years ago, so basically the only one missing now is Maedhros.

And I like to imagine him walking inside the Feanorian household where Finwe is seating with Feanor and Nerdanel and their sons, and someone comes and announces

“Lord Maedhros is here.”

And Feanor and Nerdanel are thrilled because their boy is finally back, but then Maedhros walks in, and his right hand is missing and there are ugly scars covering his face and body; beautiful Maitimo who now looks so fragile and broken in his mother’s eyes.

The rest of his brothers aren’t shocked by his appearance because they know about Thangorodrim and they’ve seen him like this before; they’re used to this appearance and they’re just happy he’s there.

But Feanor and Nerdanel haven’t. Neither has Finwe.

Nerdanel brings her hands to her mouth in silent horror, and Feanor is just starring at his son, his beautiful boy who’s now a broken man; dumbstruck with horror and rage towards him who dared hurt his son like this. Finwe behind them is silent, not being able to fathom that someone would be capable of such despicable and cruel deeds.

Meanwhile Maedhros is standing in front of his parents with his head held high, radiating a confidence he doesn’t feel, because he’d be damned if he let someone, anyone, see how broken he is. His brothers know, he knows they do, but he was never one to display his feelings -okay, maybe he broke down once or twice in front of Fingon, but it was Fingon so he could- and he doesn’t want his father to think he is weak.

But Feanor’s expression changes as he regards his eldest’s facade, and his face softens as he looks at the boy- no, the man his son has become. He’s not stupid, he knows perfectly well what those scars mean and the amputated limb just confirms it, and even though he’s never been in that position himself, he knows how much determination and strength it takes to live with the scars -both mental and physical- torture leaves behind. And his chest tings with pride as he carefully approaches Maedhros and wraps his arms tightly around him, tucking his son’s head under his chin even though Maedhros is a little taller than him, and he runs his fingers through the red hair and whispers words of comfort like he had when Maedhros was still an Efling and he could cradle him in his arms; because he knows it’s what Maedhros needs to hear.

“You are home, tis over now, tis alright, no one can hurt you here, I have you Nelyo, tis alright, I am so proud of you.”

And that’s when Maedhros breaks.

He lets out a sob and clings to his father’s tunic, burrowing himself deeper in the fabric and breathing in Feanor’s scent he thought he’d never get to see again; because Feanor’s last words hit home. All his life, all Maedhros sought to accomplish was to please his father, to make Feanor proud of him; always doing what he said, taking the oath, leaving Valinor…

But it never seemed to be quite enough. He knew his father was a person very difficult to please, but somehow, no matter what Maedhros did, it was never enough to Feanor. He always tried his best, but his best was nowhere near enough. And after Thangorodrim, after Maedhros walked right into that trap, he was certain he had eternally disappointed his father.

Feanor would never do something as foolish as this, he’d never be stupid enough to fall for that trick. And then it seems that everything Maedhros does after that is just one disappointment after the other. Jumping into that volcano and leaving Maglor alone was something he would definitely never forgive himself for -there’s a list but this is at the top- letting Maglor down like this, Fingon, Feanor, his mother…

But now Feanor is here, holding him close and whispering soothing words Maedhros had never realized he needed to hear until now, telling him how proud he is of his eldest son, and it’s too much and Maedhros breaks and he sobs shamelessly into his father’s shoulder.

He hasn’t been this exposed and vulnerable since before Nirnaeth Arnoediad; when the memories of the merciless torture he received seemed too much, when he would wake up from a nightmare, terrified that it had all been a dream- that Fingon never came to rescue him and he was still inside Morgoth’s fortress in Angband. When Fingon would be there to hold him close as he cried and offer countless assurances.

None of his brothers say anything, but his mother comes next to them and wraps her arms around him too.

And suddenly they’re all squeezing in a family hug, Finwe and Feanor with Nerdanel and all of their sons and it’s over, it’s finally over. Things will be alright.

They’re home now.


The Corinthe School for Boys by @juanjoltaire.

It’s Enjolras’s last year at the Corinthe School for Boys, a prestigious boarding school in France for the elite. He’s president of the ABC Society and he has a dorm room all to himself. Things are looking up. That is, until he finds out there’s a new kid joining their class this year. The unkempt, infuriating Grantaire, who seems to have been sent to the school simply to be a burden on Enjolras.

…when I think of all this I can’t help feeling that God is not rich. He has the appearance of riches, certainly, but I can feel his embarrassment. He gives us a revolution the way a bankrupt merchant gives a ball. We must not judge any god by appearances. I see a shoddy universe beyond the splendour of the sky.
—  Grantaire, Les Misérables (iv.xii.ii)