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2016.08.04  - VS Arashi [1 / 4]

“Say you love me”

“I love you”

So yeah, it’s been a week and I’m not a dash closer getting over Jasper’s death. That scene totally wrecked me and I won’t shut up about it for a while. I therefore decided to paint this and try to cope, but honestly it only made me feel more sad. So now I’m posting it, and you guys can hopefully suffer too muahahah. (btw this is actually the first time ever I post art -if this can be defined art lol- on tumblr and I’m kinda nervous hahaha)

…when I think of all this I can’t help feeling that God is not rich. He has the appearance of riches, certainly, but I can feel his embarrassment. He gives us a revolution the way a bankrupt merchant gives a ball. We must not judge any god by appearances. I see a shoddy universe beyond the splendour of the sky.
—  Grantaire, Les Misérables (iv.xii.ii)
Killing Stalking chapter 22

The hiding the body aside, can we just talk about Bum’s thighs? Because even Sangwoo couldn’t resist touching it?? And also Seungbae being hot af in his sexy little fanservice scene???


The Corinthe School for Boys by @juanjoltaire.

It’s Enjolras’s last year at the Corinthe School for Boys, a prestigious boarding school in France for the elite. He’s president of the ABC Society and he has a dorm room all to himself. Things are looking up. That is, until he finds out there’s a new kid joining their class this year. The unkempt, infuriating Grantaire, who seems to have been sent to the school simply to be a burden on Enjolras.


Parting Words from an “Unfit Parent”

Seeing that he was on his last legs, Levi tries to get a few more answers from his former guardian before he can pass on, starting with whether he knew anything about the former King before Rod, and his reason for not wanting mankind to survive by caging them in these walls.

Unfortunately he really wasn’t able to acquire such knowledge from Uri, even though they had a fairly close relationship as friends. However he did know that that reason was the cause of the bad blood between the Royal Family and the Ackermans; which is probably the closest clue that they will have until they manage to find something on their next quest that will give them more introspective answers to the truth.

And before he could let him slip away for good, Levi ((possibly for the first time)) gets into more personal questions with Kenny as he asks what kind of relationship he shared with his mother, Kuchel, and in finding out that he was in fact his Uncle follows this with a doleful and lonely question of why he had abandoned him back then if their blood ties ran that deep between them.

While he may not show it since he knew how to keep a good poker face, I bet Kenny felt sadden at the idea of deserting Levi that day, especially since he was his kid sister’s only child and his last living blood relative that he knew of.
But being filled with the insecurity that he was not worthy of ever being a parent with the kind of life he led, he thought that what he was doing for him was in his best interest so that he could pursue his own life without being burden with the reputation of scum like him.

Yet despite having abandoned him and claiming to be someone unfit to be a parent, when it comes down to it Kenny didn’t completely desert him to a despairing fate when he could have, and even took it upon himself to at least teach him what he knew to survive this brutal and unforgiving world.

And if that wasn’t already enough, he even leaves to him the serum that he had stolen from Rod as a form of both redemption and an inheritance of his will in the hopes that Levi will be able to create the future that he desires for mankind.

He may have lived all his life thinking he was scum, but Kenny ended up dying a real man in the eyes of his nephew. 

Ok but like… imagine Alec in the future holding Max who’s like a toddler, and Max is like holding onto Alec’s jumper with his little hands and snuggling his little face into it because it’s so SOFT and Magnus was going to make Alec chuck it out ages ago because “honestly Alexander, it’s got HOLES in it!” but he can’t bring himself to do it because seeing his boyfriend asleep on the couch with their son curled up against his chest gripping onto and snuggling into the jumper like its a blanket is the cutest thing he’s ever seen!!