oh my poor darling

Mr Graves heals his hands, heals his back, heals his legs. He takes him to diners and repairs his clothes with a swish of his wand. When Credence still has a quarter-stack of pamphlets in his grip and the shadows of the skyscrapers shroud the streets, Mr Graves appears with a swirl of misplaced air to take them from him so Credence won’t get into trouble.

“Please,” Mr Graves begs one night, as he runs the tip of his wand along the rungs of Credence’s ribs, “Come with me. If she does this again – if I couldn’t get here in time – “

The waist of Credence’s trousers is sodden with his blood.

Live Blog Of Game Of Thrones 7x02 Stormborn

# It doesn’t feel like a homecoming Dany because it’s not the house with the red door and lemon tree

# Wow, I really loved that Varys and Dany speech it was both powerful and honest. It also says what a good queen she is when if she is cruel to the people to confront her about it.

# Dany and Jon hearing about each other and feeling a bit of intrigue

# Cersei telling blatant lies about Dany to the lords

#Randyll comparing Dany to Aegon the conqueror

# oh my poor Jorah, you look horrible my darling baby

# Sam trying to fight to heal Jorah, my hero

# Robert using the dragon heads as a kink, gross

# haha Qyburn that was ages ago, Drogon won’t be so easy to hurt anymore

# Dany coming to Tyrion’s defense, I love it. Such a great team.

# I won’t be Queen of the ashes

# “Be a Dragon” I don’t know if Olenna is helping Dany or manipulating her for her vengeance

#Grey Worm, I love you so much, you deserve so much.

# oh my god, Grey Worm and Missandei are so pure and beautiful. Please don’t let this be the last time they see each other.

# omg Jorah writing Dany a goodbye letter, is breaking my heart

# “Your not dying today, Ser Jorah” Sam my hero

# omg Jorah oh my poor baby, this is grotesque you deserve better

# Arya listening about dragons

#Arya and Hot Pie together again, I love it

# Arya becoming a alcoholic lol

# Arya hearing about Winterfell and Jon and going omg stuff revenge, I’m going home

# Hot Pie calling Arya pretty aww

# Jon deciding to go to Dragonstone

# We can’t fight them alone, damn right

# Only a King can meet a Queen

# Sansa completely changing her tune once Jon names her Queen until his return and looking humbled by it

# gross Littlefinger wanting to keep it in the family talking about loving both Cat and Sansa to Jon

# Another Jon and Ned parallel love it

# Littlefinger secretly going choke me harder Jon lol

# Jon riding away on his way to Dany yay

# Arya terrified of being surrounded by wolves

# Arya recognizing Nymeria, Arya begging Nymeria to go with her but Nymeria walking away omg

# haha the sand snakes being typical sisters

# yara and ellaria getting it on in front of Theon

# oh no Euron coming for Yara and Theon

# my baby Theon fighting

# Yara watching her ship burn, before killing some assholes.

# Euron and Yara going toe to toe

# All the brutality on the ship bringing up Theon’s PTSD from Ramsay making him jump into the water leaving his sister Yara in Euron’s hands. It absolutely broke my heart this scene.

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What if Even kissed Mikael but Yousef was actually talking about himself when he said "he is really religious and totally flipped out."It would explain why Yousef felt so strong about the whole situation that he re thought all his beliefs. Because something isn't adding up.Why would Yousef say what happened and not Mikael?What if something happened in Yousef's past that made him not understand homosexuality.Like Isak's ignorance with MI at first. Even used Sonja/fake leg story to explain his MI.

Anooooon I actually have been thinking this. Like seriously thinking it but then I try to not think it and tell myself nei because ahhhh I love Yousef and if that’s what happened then I have another one of my little suns to worry over because can you imagine how much guilt and pain he is harbouring from that? To feel like he essentially led Even to that mindplace? oh no my poor darling. 

and that is why I kinda believe it because it makes sense that the story was told by Yousef and not Mikael, and why he is so strongly affected by it while the boys don’t appear to be as much. 

But at the same time why would Yousef lie to Sana? 

But it explains him wanting to take out the bad stuff of Islam, because what if he concluded that Islam made him not be the person he wanted to be because he was focusing on those kind of things and not the perspective Sana has. 

I don’t knoooowww. It is so possible though, cue more drama with Sanasef…..and everything is misunderstood….but then what is Mikael’s role in this if that’s the case? 

I don’t know ahhhh. I think maybe we should just believe everything we’ve been told until something tells us we shouldn’t. 

but damn I can see this tho….

Larking about with her daughters outside Princess Margaret’s country cottage. Prentending to be at an opening ceremony, the Queen Mother holds a bucket over her head and Princess Margaret a jug- instead of tiaras. The Queen looks unamused.

The Queen Mother’s legendary sense of fun frequently enabled her to use humour to dispel many an awkward situation. This was never truer than during a family holiday north of the border, as one of her great-nieces remembers.
 It was a cold, wet day in August. For what seemed like weeks the rain had been teeming down in Scotland and the grouse shooting season had been wiped out. With no guests at Balmoral because there were no birds to shoot, the family kicked its heels and waited for more clement times. An air of boredom and frustration hung over the castle. Then the Queen suggested that despite the weather, they might have a picnic in one of the royal lodges built by Queen Victoria and her Consort Prince Albert. The idea was enthusiastically embraced and instructions were given that hampers, dogs and children should be got ready. The Land Rovers were packed, the family loaded and the convoy set off. Miles of muddy, potholed track separated them from their objective and the journey seemed to take hours. All became restive. Then, at last, the lodge was in sight. Everyone scrambled out of the cars and headed for the front door. But the front door was locked and who had the key? The family looked from one to another and recriminations began. ‘I thought you told me…’ and ‘I never did!’ resounded through the air as the bedraggled, rain-sodden group squabbled about whose fault it was and who would take the long road back to fetch the key. Suddenly, a large car drew alongside and the beaming face of the Queen Mother appeared at the window. An irritated Queen explained to her mother what had happened. ‘Oh, my poor darling,’ she responded. ‘But I thought you were Queen and all you had to say was “Open Sesame!”‘ Everyone laughed…

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"Oh my goodness...you poor dear, what happened to you? Come with me darling, let me see what I can do for you.~"

(Oh, boy. Now he kind of thinks he’s in trouble and that he’s being a bother, but his mouth won’t work and his tongue’s all tied up so he’s just going to do as he’s told and go with Enoch.)

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How deliciously awkward would it be if the boys' crushes had the dirtiest, darkest sense of humor? Like they've never in a million years think such a pretty little thing could spew such filth. Or introducing them to some of her favorite stand up comedians, and they're like 'He's talking about eating ass and you can't even breathe wtf?' Do you think it would take long for them to get used to it, or would they be forever caught off guard by her potty mouth?



Totally caught off guard. The first few times, he is SHOOK. 

“Hey! Don’t be a penis dude!” HOLY SHIT oH MY GOD WHAT DID THEY JUST SAY??!!!! 

He cannot handle. You just have such a potty mouth, and it was mind boggling. He staggered to the side at one point when Mikey was having a playful argument with you, and you just let ‘im have it. [And ironically you kept saying Jesus Christ, which at the time he was thinking about how you were in dire need of said man] 

He would get used to it eventually. You’re bold and say what’s on your mind, and he admires that! But if you could cut down on saying ‘dick me down’ as a joke, he would greatly appreciate it. 


Doesn’t care. He rivals you in the pottymouth area. You and he will have so many dirty ass inside jokes, leaving Donnie and Leo horrified when you pull out the ‘Rumpleforeskin’ joke. 

Both of you will share a favorite comedian and it’s more than likely that you showed them to him. The moment this guy mentions vagina or pulls out a dick joke, the both of you are roaring with laughter, wheezing and physically assaulting your seats. 

So yeah, he’s good with your potty mouth. 


Like Raph, he doesn’t care about all of that. They’re just words, so what’s the big deal? 

You two always come up with the worst jokes, seeing who can get dirtier and test how far you can get. 

[Which highkey leave Raph snorting and the two older brothers in a state of 'Oh my diddly damn Jesus Christ on a whole wheat cracker’]

 COMEDIANS! Yall two are connaisseurs of the best [and lowkey worst] dirty comedians. Mikey’ll blast the chosen show over the speakers and you’ll come running, and leap into his lap. Yall end up wheezing and gasping for air. 

[Im makin myself giggle at this agsgsgsfd] 


Oh?? My GOD??? He is so MORTIFIED. 

This poor darling canNOT believe you have such a potty mouth. 

The first time you cuss; he jerks up and almost hits his head on the nearest surface as he stares at you. 

He’s the one whose never gonna get used to it. Every time you cuss he’s gonna jump slightly or his eyes will widen and his lips will press together. 

Even though you have such dark humor and a mouth fit for the grittiest sailor, he’s still crushing like no tomorrow.

[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter Thirty Two)

All Chapters

An Apple ringtone wakes me up with a start. Mark shifts next to me, tightening his arm around me. Is it mine? Who is it? I groan.

“Sorry, baby.” Mark murmurs before kissing my hair, and he gets out of bed. Oh, it’s his. He walks in the bathroom and takes his call. I can’t hear what he’s saying, but he leaves his bedroom not to bother me. I stretch, feeling stiff. Oh, what a nap. My mouth feels like I’ve slept for a century. While Mark is on the phone, I brush y teeth. My clothes are scattered on the floor, reminding me of our intense lovemaking. I flush on my own. I get out of the bathroom in a hurry; too many good memories. I need to calm down. I lay down on the bed, and Mark walks back in. His hair is ruffled, and I don’t know if it’s the sex or the sleep, and he looks yummy in just his sweatpants.

“Who was it?” I ask him.

“My mom.” He says. Oh, Dorice!

“How is she doing?” I ask, truly interested.

“You’ll ask her, she’s coming.” He says, sitting down at the end of the bed.


“I don’t know, I let it slip that you were coming today and she wants to check up on you.” He explains. Awww.

“Your mom is adorable. When is she coming?” I reply.

“She’s on her way.”

“Oh.” I say in surprise. Mark smirks at me.

“It means we don’t have a lot of time.” He says, crawling up to me. His eyes dancing, he towers over me, a wicked smile sprawled on his face. Feeling cocky?

“To do what?” I tease, feigning innocence. He chuckles.

“Miss Kraige, don’t be so coy.” He says before kissing me. His lips close themselves over mine as he kisses me tenderly, slowly. His tongue caresses my lips, and I reply with mine. Our tongue dance together, a slow, passionate dance.  Desire unravels deep inside of me as his hands caress my skin. My naked thighs, my backside, my stomach, he itches my shirt up, his lips finding my scars. He suckles on my scars and I sigh, the feeling traveling straight to my center. His hands travel higher, and he cups my breasts, his expert touch making me moan.

“I’ve missed you so much.” He murmurs, kissing me down my throat. I groan at his words.

His fingers dig in the flesh of my breasts as he fondles them. My nipples are alert, carving for his touch. His lips head south and his hands are gone as he kisses me between my collarbones, between my breasts. His tongue traces the outline of my nipple, but he never touches it. He teases, frustrates me, and I writhe beneath him, his erection rubbing against me.

His tongue still torturing me, he grabs my wrists and pins them on either side of my head, trapping me, and I buck my hips desperately, wanting to feel more of him. His tongue flicks against my nipple, and I beg, pulling on my wrists. I want to pull him closer, feel more, feel all of him. His lips close around my nipple, and he swirls his tongue around it, and I throw my head back, relishing the sensation. He nips at breasts, teasing me, pushing me. I’m longing, dizzy from the pleasure, and Mark pulls away to admire his work on me.

“Abigail, you sure are a mighty fine sight.” He says appreciatively. He scans me scrupulously, his hot stare making me uncomfortable. This is so erotic, I flush, pulling my shirt down. Why do i feel so shy around him? Mark frowns down at me.

“You’re still ashamed of being naked in front of me?” He leans in, his eyes luminous with concern.

“Don’t stare.” I breathe, making him smirk.

“But I want to stare.” He kisses me below my ear.

“I want to touch,” His hands caress my thighs, my sides, my breasts… I sigh in dear, dear pleasure. I love feeling his hands on me.

“I want to kiss,” He kisses my scars, my collarbones, the valley between my breast, my belly button, and stops at my navel. I squirm in anticipation.

“I want to bite,” He bites the apex of I inner thigh, and it feels like an electroshock.

“Ah!” I cry out, bucking my hips. Satisfied with the noise I made, Mark sits up. He grabs the end of my shirt, and I sit up letting him throw it above my head. Enough with the foreplay. Grabbing his face in my hands, I wrap my legs around him and kiss him passionately, pulling him down on the bed with me. Catching him off balance, I make him collapse directly on top of me, and his body is pressed against my wound. I hiss in pain, letting go off him. The pain is gone just as it came.

“Abby, behave!” He scolds, immediately lifting himself off me. I giggle beneath him, trying to lighten his mood. I put my finger on his bottom lip and trace a tortuous line down his neck, between his pecks. He looks down as my finger slides down his abdomen, between his abs, down to the dangerous zone. He watches me, bemused. I stop at the waist line of his boxers, tracing my finger along it from hip to hip, then I slip my finger in it, feeling his light stubble of hair against my finger. What’s in there is yummy, I bite my lip at the thought. Mark’s pupils dilate.

“Foolhardy.” He mouths, his lips curling upward. He kisses me once more. Foolhardy? That’s me.

“You like?” I ask against his lips, snaking my hand down to squeeze his erection. He groans.

“Can’t you tell?” He pushes against my hand. I bite my lip and shake my head. Damn, he’s really hard, so hard just for me. I like touching him like this.

“Show me.” I tease, giving him a hard squeeze. Mark smirks down at me.

“Oh, Abby, you just have to ask.” He murmurs, running his nose along mine. He kisses me hard, fumbling with his pants at the time, and he slams into me, and makes love to me again.


Mark lays on top of me, and I’m exhausted from our steamy lovemaking. He’s still pulsating inside of me, as breathless as I am. The sound of the doorbell comes and disturbs our silence. What? Mark raises his head, confused.

“Shit!” He whispers, pulling out of me and rising from the bed. He pulls up his sweatpants. I stretch, feeling stiff. I can’t bring myself to the same panic as him

“Your mom?” I ask, enjoying the show. Mark proceeds a T shirt from his drawer and throws it on.

“I didn’t think she was that close to here when she called.” He mutters.

“Can you tell I’ve had sex?” He asks me.

“You’re asking me?” I smirk.

“Get dressed.” He rolls his eyes and hurries out of the room.

In the bathroom, I wriggle in my panties, my shirt and my jeans rapidly.. I check myself in the mirror; my hair is falling around my face like a reddish brown cloud. My cheeks are more pink, and my face has more colours. I look sexed, happier. I flush on my own. This is the Mark Tuan effect. All that sexing… I could get used to it.

I walk into the living room. Mark and Dorice still are at the door, hugging each other.

“Abigail!” Dorice exclaims, letting go of her son.

“Hi, Dorice.” I smile at her. She gives me a warm Dorice hug.

“Oh, my poor darling girl. Are you okay?” She says, holding me at arm’s length, inspecting me.

“Yes, I’m fine now.” I reassure her.

“Oh, what a crazy story. I called Mark as soon as I saw the news, he was out of himself.” She says. I look at Mark, and he lifts his eyes to the ceiling.

“Can I see?” Dorice asks me, her hands joined. I lift my shirt enough to reveal my bandage.

“Does it hurt?” She asks, tracing the outline of the square material.

“No, I’m on painkillers.” I explain. Mark reaches for me and pulls my shirt down. I frown at him.

“I brought you my special injury dish to help you heal.” Dorice distracts me from Mark as she ruffles through her bag. Mark hums loudly, her words ringing a bell.

“Her special injury dish is the best. She would always cook us one whenever me or my brother broke a bone or something.” He says, a nostalgic smile on his face.

“Oh, really?” I ask, the idea making me smile. Injury dish? What a cute idea. Dorice pulls out a Tupperware box.

“Yes, it’s just a pasta oven dish.” She says.

“The best pasta oven dish ever.” Mark looks excited. I want to stick my tongue at him. It’s my special injury dish, not yours! I open the lid, and the smell of well cooked meat and maternal love invades my nose.

“It smells delicious.” I murmur. There’s everything I love in there; cream, meat, and green vegetables.

“I hope you’ll enjoy it.” Dorice says, hopeful. I close the lid and beam at her.

“Thank you, Dorice. I might get shot more often.” I say, waving my Tupperware box in front of Mark’s eyes. He frowns.

“You’re going to share, right?” I laugh, loudly. No, Mark, I’m not.


Mark and I are sitting on the couch in front of the TV, helping ourselves to our special injury dish. Mark managed to get Dorice to leave after half an hour, and as much as I love her, today it’s just me and my man. Her cooking is simply perfect, it’s really delicious, I’ll have to get that recipe.

“Can I ask you something?” I prompt, eating my last mouthful of pasta. Mark hums, his mouth full.

“How long did you date you exes for?” I ask, absent-mindedly. Mark stops chewing, his brow knotted together.

“Why do you want to know?” He asks, his tone wary. I raise my eyebrows at him. Is it weird that I want to know?

“You don’t like when I talk about my past.” He says. Damn, he’s right. But I hate being kept in the dark.

“I want to know.” I murmur. Mark sighs deeply.

“I don’t know, Abby.” He says, collecting my plate. I watch as he rises and walks to the kitchen.

“The shortest?” I ask, leaning on the back of the couch to watch him.

“Two months? Maybe three?” He mumbles, putting our plates in the sink.

“The longest?” I ask.

“Two years and a half.” He replies. Holy shit!

“Which one was it?” I ask. He smacks his tongue, exasperated.

“Abby, please, let’s not talk about this.” He pleads, turning and facing me. He leans against the sink, grabbing the edges.

“Mark, I want to know.” I repeat. He sighs, giving in.

“It was the sixth.” He says.

“The one before me?” I can’t help the point of genuine horror in my voice. So he just got out from a 2 years and a half relationship?

“Was it, like, a sexual relationship?” I ask despite myself. I shouldn’t have asked that, even if I do wonder.

“What?” He frowns, not understanding. This is your chance to back off, Abigail. Do I repeat my question.

“You’re asking me if I like fucking older women?” He reformulates it for me. I flush.

“I’m just wondering.” I shrug.

“Gee, thanks! You think I’m that fucked up?” Marks says, walking back to the couch.

“No!” I reassure him. He leans on the back of the couch and gazes down at me.

“But that Mrs Cooper, she guided your life for ten years.” I say.

“No she didn’t.” He kisses the corner of my mouth.

“Yes, she did. You became a maths teacher because of her when you could literally be anything you want, and you only dated older girls until me.” I argue.

“So you’re assuming that I have some granny kink.” He frowns.

“No, in your case it would be a Cooper kink.” I snap. Mark’s jaw drops in shock, and then he bursts out of laughter.

“Abigail, these relationships were romantic relationships, I had feelings for these women, okay?” He says, his eyes dancing with amusement.

“You loved them?” I ask, and he frowns.

“With hindsight, I think none of the things I felt before I met you was close to love.” He says. Woah! Oh, I want to believe that, but would he become, i don’t know, a veterinarian if I asked him to?

“But, Mrs Cooper.” I murmur. He runs his nose along mine.

“Only you, Abby. You make me feel… alive.” He whispers. Only me… Mark pulls away from me and walls around the couch, sitting next to me.

“Penny for your thought?” He asks me.

“You start to look more and more younger to me.” I say, making him frown.

“I told you, I’m a teenager.” He says. Yes, he is sometime, but still not a complete teenager. I think he’s in between the adult and the kid.

“But you should be like the guy in Ted, you know, irresponsible and stupid. You’re none of that.” I argue.

“Even if I am still a teenager in my head, reality is, I’m twenty six, and there’s a world out there I need to fit in.” He replies. So he’s always acting, pretending to be someone he isn’t. I already know that. But why? How? What made him like that.

“Is it all because of your dad?” I ask him.

“Abby, you don’t really like happy subjects, do you?” He says, exasperated. Woah! Mood swings. I do not want him mad right now.

“You remember Dallas?” I grin at him. His eyes soften, and he smile like a fool.

“Yes.” He murmurs. His knuckle gently stroke my face as he gazes down at me. He leans down and kisses the corner of my mouth.

“It was on a Wednesday.” He kisses my cheek.

“January.” He kisses my nose.

“The nineteenth.” He kisses me on the lips. He remembers the date! I grin at him.

“I was so nervous.” I murmur. When he asked me to go to his room, I was just expecting sex, but I found myself caught up in something else.

“Me too.” He replies. I raise surprised eyebrow at him.


“I was afraid you’d reject me.” He says shyly. I frown.

“But you knew I wanted you.” I say.

“For sex, yes. That was before.” He replies. Oh.

“After that day in Dallas, I was in complete awe of you.” He murmurs, his eyes tender. I smile at him. We had such a chaotic relationship at the start.

“I really don’t know how we got together. I thought I hated you.” I shake my head at the memory.

“Why?” He asks, amused but not surprised.

“Because you were making me horny and frustrated.” I reply.

“I like you horny and frustrated.” He leers, proudly giggling. He looks truly happy with himself. I slap his arm, scolding him, and his face falls.

“Did you just…?” He utters, offended. Oops. He’s going to attack me, either he’s going to tickle me or he’s going to chase me, and then tickle me. I move away from him, putting my feet on the couch and using my legs as a shield. Mark gives me a wicked smile. Crap!

He grabs my ankles and pulls them towards him.

“Ah!” I shriek, falling back on the couch. He reaches for me, and I squeeze my arms to my ribs, protecting myself, giggling like the schoolgirl I am. I yelp as I think he’s going to tickle me, but he grabs my hands and pins them above my head, his lips closing themselves on mine. Woah…

He kisses me tenderly, pushing his skilled tongue inside my mouth, caressing mine, gently. I’m breathless as he pulls away.

“We’ve come such a long way.” He murmurs, running his nose along mine. I sigh against his lips.

“Who thought I’d ever have you like this?” He says, a point of admiration in his voice. Yes, who thought? Me, lying under him, my hands pinned down, completely trapped, but not scared at all. I didn’t like him insisting to be on top of me, but remembering how amazing our first time was, I’m glad he did. I like feeling his weight on me.

“Abby, our first time… it was magical.” He whispers before kissing me.

“For me at least.” He adds quickly, gazing down at me. He frees me sits back on his heels as I drag myself up.

“For me too. It was everything a girl could have dreamed of. I’ll never thank you enough.” I murmur, curling my arms around his neck, and he wraps his arms around me.

“Thank me? Oh, Abby.” He kisses the corner of my mouth, and my lips find his. I kiss him with all of my heart, desire unraveling once more. Oh, Abigail, what kind of monster did you become? Mark groans in my mouth, and I find the sound very encouraging. Maybe he’s a sex monster too.

“Let’s go to bed.” I whisper against his lips. I nip at his earlobe, and suckles, feeling him shudder against me.

“Abby, we’re supposed to work.” He breathes. I feel a pang of disappointment. Okay, maybe he’s not a sex monster, but I can make him become one. I want him, now. I trail my tongue down his throat, dropping kisses here and there.

“Abby, baby.” He cajoles disapprovingly. I cover his mouth with mine as I kiss him passionately.

“Bed.” I whimper against his lips. He tangles his fingers in my hair and tugs so I pull away.

“Work.” He snaps, gazing at me. If you want to pay it like this, Mister. I throw my shirt over my hair and stare at him in the eyes. His mouth twist in amusement.

“Miss Kraige, you are, as usual, very challenging.” He cocks his head to the side and gazes at me in adoration. Gah! This is not the reaction I was expecting.

“Make love to me.” I purr, wrapping my arms around his neck.

“Enough for today, sweet.” He leans in and kisses me below my ear, the feeling traveling straight to my core.

“You know I’d love to go to bed with you, I always want to.” He nibbles at my earlobe and tugs. I whimper softly. He kisses my jaw, my neck, and my lips.

“But I planned a big test for next week, and you’ve missed three classes. Be reasonable.” His eyes, tender, he gazes at me.

“Okay.” I sigh, giving up. You’ve had him twice already, give a man a break. Mark grins.

“Good girl.” He says appreciatively. All the muscles in my belly clench.

“Don’t call me that if you don’t want to make love to me.” I mutter petulantly. Mark raise an amused eyebrow at me.

“It turns you on?” He looks at me intently. I flush.

“Big time.” I whisper.

“Ill keep that in mind. Let’s get to work.” He prompts.

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shit son

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Benny for the kidnapping prompt, please!! If it's not too much to ask, maybe with a little extra angst? ;)

(Want to change the name? Use this!)

The band of royals burst into the fortress, leading an anxious group of soldiers with them. Among them was your husband, Benny, who gripped a razor sharp lance in one hand, and a bloody, crinkled ransom note in the other.

It had since been ripped in two, after Benny found it tacked on the war council’s tent that morning.

His gentle demeanor evaporated as he trailed your captors, sprinting as fast as his heart pounded in his chest. It took hours to find the fort just outside of Mokushu. As soon as they did, all your family was on the case.

But they were running out of time. They may have found the place you were held at, but how much longer did they have? According to the royals, not much.

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True Love Will Always Find A Way

@hookedemma Hi, Janine! I’ve been your Secret Santa this year and it was great getting to know you! You’ve asked for an Enchanted Forest AU, featuring our favourite princess and pirate, and I hope I deliver on that :) Here is part 1 - this story has inspired me so much, I couldn’t get it done in just one part. 

Merry Christmas!

True Love Will Always Find A Way

Ladyhawke AU / Princess!Emma & Pirate!Killian Jones


Emma is one of the most beautiful princesses in the Enchanted Forest, and Killian Jones is one of the most cutthroat pirates to sail the seven seas. When Emma refuses to give Baelfire any hopes he might win her heart, a set of events is set in motion, one that will forever entwine the fates of the princess and of the pirate.

 Part 1

Rumplestilskin has never, in all his years as the Dark One, cast such a horrible curse. But this is no ordinary trespassing, so it warrants drastic measures. A slight to his son is a slight to him, and he will never forgive anyone stupid enough to do that. No one dismisses his son, especially a young, foolish princess, and expects to live happily ever after.

Princess Emma of Misthaven may be one of the most beautiful royals this corner of the Enchanted Forest, but that is of little consequence now. Born out of True Love, she has captured the heart of many a prince since she’d made her social debut, but no one has managed to win her heart yet. And now Baelfire has become infatuated with her.

The Dark One snarls. She should not have dismissed Baelfire’s affections like that. As the most powerful wizard’s son, he is quite the catch and the little royal should have jumped at the chance to have all the power and wealth that is associated with his son. Instead, she had chosen love.

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Lorna Dane (Polaris) & Remy LeBeau (Gambit) // All New X-Factor #1

I wasn’t originally going to word vomit about this, I was just going to sit back and bask in the magic of it, but holy shit no I can’t hold myself back.  I had no idea about All New X-Factor because I’m kind of out of the loop unless it’s about Thor lately (I know, I know, shame on me) so seeing the panels of Pietro popping up here yesterday were a complete surprise to me!  Which means I knew about it before picking this issue up, but it in no way lessened my joy to read about it because ♥ ♥ ♥ LORNA AND PIETRO OMG. ♥ ♥ ♥

Literally, the only way this could have been better is if you’d dropped Magneto or Crystal into the picture.  Or Wanda!  But the heart of what I really wanted was Lorna and Pietro interaction because PAD is pretty fucking magical when he’s on the ball, when he does that sibling dynamic that works so well for them.  One of the comics that I think stands the test of time more than anything are PAD’s run on the first volume of X-Factor, back in the ‘90s, where he did so very much to define some of those characters, including Lorna and Pietro.  And that was even before we officially knew that Lorna was Magneto’s daughter!

The thing about the writing when PAD’s on the ball is that he does his homework and pays attention to detail, which will come up in his writing.  He likes experimenting with their powers, he likes creating new definitions for them, but he does it in a way that’s building on what came before.  Even in this issue, he’s already referencing things that happened recently with the characters (Remy’s interactions with Joelle, the last time Pietro and Lorna saw each other, Pietro’s falling out with the Avengers, etc.) and will build forward from those things.

But he also establishes the characters on their own.  Already Lorna’s doing amazing in a leadership role and it’s so great to see my baby girl just being totally badass.  The scene on the plane where she casually takes out an air missile without thinking about it, the absolutely confident way she carries herself in the conversation with Remy, both in charge and still warm-hearted, THAT IS MY GIRL.  Almost nobody has Lorna feelings like I have Lorna feelings and this issue was great for me as a Lorna fan.

It’s also great for me as a fan of the Magnus family fuckery because you don’t understand how great it is that Lorna is cool and calm and collected and in charge for everything we see of her… until Pietro shows up.  Until her brother shows up and then it’s immediately snapping into that kind of banter that siblings have, the way only family can just totally wreck your cool.

And that’s why I love Pietro, too.  Oh, my poor precious darling, he really wants a family but he’s so screwed up that it keeps getting wrecked for him and he really is trying, but in a lot of ways he doesn’t know how to take responsibility for his actions and that’s why he’s had all these falling outs with people, why he’s so distant from Crystal and Luna.  Not that I really blame him for being at odds with the Avengers because I don’t care how sympathetic your reasons are, you can’t expect to be forgiven for being the “good guys” and yet they were going to kill his sister.  Maybe their backs were against the wall or whatever, but I am 100% okay with Pietro not being able to stand being in the same room with anyone who voted for that and that it eventually eats away at any teamwork they might have had.

And, yeah, House of M wasn’t justified and he definitely spiraled out of control after that (though, it’s interesting how little attention is paid to all the times Pietro has been mind-controlled and nobody says anything about how that affects his actions and mental state), but I think it’s interesting that they’ve clearly shown that Pietro has been dealt some pretty bad hands.

That’s why I love this line-up, because Pietro has a sense of family here and it's good here.  It’s ouchy, because they are family and they do have the ability to hurt each other, but they also both know that their bio-dad is a piece of shit (look, I love him and I find him fascinating, because he’s incredibly complicated and has his reasons, but from their point of view, he’s a piece of shit) and yet part of them craves that approval, even as they rebel against it.  Pietro and Lorna understand each other so well, which means seeing them on the same team again is really great for me.

But also I just really love this because OMFG PIETRO YOUR ENTRANCE IS THE GREATEST THING I HAVE EVER SEEN.  Thank you for coming in crotch first, you are a gift for me.  And then there’s Remy’s snarky comments along the way and it’s just.

Bless you, PAD, for a team with Pietro, Lorna, and Remy on it is the greatest gift I could have ever asked for.