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“What did you do for seven years?”
“We entertained your daughters.”
“What happens now?”
“Some of them will remember, some of them will forget, and some of them, years from now, will tell their daughters about the stories we told.”
“And that…”
“That’s immortality, my darling.”

                               -Joseph Dougherty, writer/executive producer


Spencer Hastings & Toby Cavanaugh S05E02 “Whirly Girlie” Original Script

OH MY FUCKING GOD , ITS HAPPENING 🙏🏽 WHAT WE’VE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR , THAT WAS SO BEAUTIFUL IM LITERALLY UNCONTROLLABLY SOBBING 😩❤️ as much as I hate Paige with a burning passion , I actually didn’t mind that she got Ali to talk about her feelings for EMILY, we know emison is going to be endgame and I’ve never felt so many emotions before in my life 😰💜👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

How the fuck does Alison have the least screentime but every storyline revolves around her & her family bye


Ok, so despite the shade I have thrown at the writers responsible for the last 5 seasons, there’s 9 episodes left now, so f*ck it let’s revisit 2011 me for a short while. This programme may not be the show it used to be but despite the show itself getting lost along the way, the viewers/fans have always been very sharp and i’ll be damned if they get the better of us!!