oh my planet this is hilarious

I still think it’s hilarious that the reason nobody ever figures out Superman’s secret identity or where he lives or what he does when he’s not saving the planet, is because he already told them all the Kryptonian stuff that can’t be tied to any of his human friends or family. I guarantee you the in-universe wikipedia article on Superman lists his name as Kal-El and the “personal life” section says that he lives full-time at his private fortress of solitude at the north pole. Nobody in the world looks at Clark Kent and thinks “oh my god, maybe he’s superman!” for the same reason nobody ever starts to suspect that their coworker who looks KINDA like Barack Obama is actually secretly Barack Obama – They know who Barack Obama is and know what he does and they know their coworker Greg is Greg and not Barack Obama. They have no reason to assume Barack Obama secretly moonlights as Greg The IT Guy at their workplace even though they’ve never seen Greg and Obama in the same place. At best, “Greg is secretly Obama” would be a running joke at the office, and the same is true at the Daily Planet. “Kal-El of Krypton, who lives in a CRYSTAL PALACE at the NORTH POLE and whose dayjob is SUPERMAN, sometimes puts on a suit and pretends to be a clumsy reporter and lives in a one-bedroom walkup in Metropolis” is a ridiculous concept to anyone who doesn’t already know it’s true

  • keith, about to confess his galra heritage: there's something i need to get off my chest
  • lance, without thinking: is it your shirt?
  • lance, internally: oh my god why am i like this now he knows i like him this is the worst thing to ever happen to me oh god what is he going to say back oh no he probably hates me i cant ever show my face--
  • keith, unphased: no ??
  • lance, internally: of fucking course he didnt get it honestly its like hes from a different planet or something i swear
Shit i really liked and kinda didn’t like about Ragnarok

I recently saw ragnarok and became so rejuvenated that i brought my marvel blog back but i wanted to seriously talk about like things that i liked and really didn’t just to get shit out there. 

Things i really liked (like so much that i am obsessed)

-Thor’s new hair cut/outfit, i think its actually super suitable. Gives that sort of cool ass warrior refugee look. Plus, Chris Hemsworth is beautiful. 

-The humor, oh god it was hilarious, i’ve never laughed so genuinely and so much in my life and it made the movie so charming and relatable. It was also such a departure from The Dark World and the first Thor, which dealt with so much emotional baggage for not only just Thor, but for Loki, who basically suffered throughout both movies. 

-Hulk being an actual toddler/Bruce Banner being so fucked up and anxious because WHEN DID HE GET ON AN ALIEN PLANET. 

-”You’ve been on other planets before i assume” “Yeah, one!” “well now it’s two” 

-Valkyrie. Her entire everything gave me so much to love and adore. Tessa Thompson has stole my heart yet again. 


-The little tiny glimpses of Loki and Thor’s childhood, aka the snake story, get help. It really showed how much time Loki and Thor had spent together, which i assume is a lot because age in Asgardian years work differently probably? Like imagine that, Loki and Thor spending time together and being inseparable for 100 years. It showed that they were always close despite loki feeling different or alienated, which explains why its so hard for Loki to just leave thor for dead. 

-”You’ll always be the god of mischief, but you can be so much more” See that shit destroyed me. Thor acknowledges that Loki is not like him. He’s a trickster, manipulative, and selfish. But he also acknowledges that Loki is so much more than his tricks and lies, which shows so much character growth in Thor, who sees loki as more than just an asgardian prince that was raised the exact same way opposite of Thor, but as his own fucking person.

-Thor actually not being stupid and falling for Loki’s tricks, aka his magic projections of himself/his petty, stupid betrayals. Tom mentioned that Thor was evolving and that Loki was finally starting to realize that he’s the only one not growing. Scenes like the betrayal scene and the snake scene, although meant to be hilarious, point out that Thor isn’t that idiot that just was too trusting of his brother, he sees through Loki’s tricks, he’s seen them for years, and it really shows that Loki’s getting predictable with his fake deaths and betrayals, which might hint at him changing? 

-IT FIXED THE INCONSISTENCIES. The main reason i didn’t like Dark world, though i did see it as amazing for its ability to mix the emotional darkness between Loki and Thor along with the humor throughout the movie, was because it pointed Loki out to be the type of cold blooded monster that would murder his own father. I mean I’m no Loki apologist, i love the kid but he’s killed, he’s manipulated, he’s hurt everyone around him, but i doubt he could ever kill Odin, no matter how much of a shitty father he is. Also low-key hated the whole “Loki if you betray me, ill kill you” Thor bullshit. We all know thor wouldn’t be able to do that, he still hopes Loki is his brother. 


-”I thought the world of you Loki.” Ouch. 

-Hulk and Val’s bromance. 

-The entire Valkyrie v. Hela scene. It was so beautiful and ethereal i actually nutted. 


-Loki’s face when odin called him his son. 

-Loki’s face when Hela told him to kneel. 

-Loki refusing to let Thor go back to Asgard. “Are you serious? you can’t be thinking of going back there, that’s madness!” is that? Loki cARING? 

-Loki’s character development. 

-thor in a jean jacket and hoodie in new york. 

-Thor spilling beer everywhere. 

-Loki letting Thor take the orgy ship. 

-Jeff Goldblum. Thats it. 


-”Hello father” “OH SHIT” 

-The entire play. Loki’s rule as a benevolent god/king in which, before everyone feared him for a dictatorship militaristic form of ruling he could have, but in reality he just like ate grapes and watched plays. 

-Thor wanting to be a Valkyrie. The crowned prince of asgard, wanting to be an elite team of woman warriors. 


-Val kicking Loki’s ass. 


-Loki in a suit. 


-”I thought you didn’t want to talk about it” “heres the thing” 

-”Hello!” “Hi” *blasts everyone in room with giant laser guns* 

-”What are you? Thor, god of hammers?” 


-”i swear i left him right here” “where? on the street? Or in that nursing home thats being torn down?” 

“I’m not a witch” “Why do you dress like one then?” 

-Loki rolling his eyes when thor is approached by fans. 

-Loki calling stephen strange a shitty sorcerer and going at him with stabby hands. 

-Confirmation of loki’s love of stabbing. 

-Confirmation that Loki is a snake, and also Thor’s favorite snake.

-Loki reciting Thor’s prayer to odin with him mY SON. 

-The avengers parallel. “He’s my brother!” “adopted.” 




-”Where? the devil’s anus?” 

-Bruce fighting evil with fireworks. Good job sweetie. 

-Bruce flopping like a fish on the bifrost. 

-Thor and his sparkles. 

-Lightning eyes. 


-*Loki on a death trip* ‘this is a terrible idea” 

-Loki somehow reciting a spell to bring surtur back. what a weirdo. how did he know that. 


-im here. 



-Thor and Bruce’s bromance. 

-Jane not being there. I mean it makes sense she dumped him, he left her for two years chasing down infinity stones and constantly almost dying while she had no way of contacting him because Thor’s ass didn’t know how to use fucking email. Also i just really honestly never liked her character to begin with, i mean sure i love that Jane is a strong, smart woman but tbh i just wanted to Fast forward every time she was on screen. 

-The cute death wolf. 

-”THATS HOW IT FEELS!” “sorry i just really like the sport” 


-Val being there as a cool as member of the team rather than just the love interest of Thor. Protect her at all cost even though she probs doesn’t even need it. 


-Stan Lee’s cameo as the dude who cut Thor’s hair. Thank you for doing all of us a giant favor. Please do the same to Loki. 

-loki beating someone up with his horn hat. 

-Loki twirling his horn hat. 

-Loki being such a self serving, extra asshole that he came from the fucking fog screaming “YOUR SAVIOR HAS ARRIVED” 

-Bruce asking where tony was and then complaining about his tight crotch pants. 


-Loki’s costume being mainly blue, black, and gold :-)))))))

-Loki being 100% done with everything that happens. 

-Val knocking Loki out when he makes her relive her trauma why do people ship this you go honey that was a dick move

-Thor throwing various things at Loki to make sure he’s not a mirage. 

-he’s a friend from work, something a kid from make a wish that met chris suggested, being in the film and all of the trailers. I hope that made that kid smile. 

-”In return, i wish to be granted safe passage through the anus” 



-Loki being genuinely worried about and double checking if Thor really wants to bring him back to earth after what he did kill me honestly that would probably hurt less. 

-Loki’s face when thor said that going their separate ways was what Loki always wanted bc in reality that is the opposite go back. 

-Hela not being Loki’s daughter because 1) it proves that ya’ll should stop hoping that a comic soap opera about rich petty alien boys with daddy issues would be anything like classic norse mythology, and 2) when the fuck and how the fuck and why the fuck 

-Loki suggesting that he and Thor both rule over Sakaar together lmao ouch. 

-Loki just being really cute and quirky. 

-Thor being so fucking amazed by Val all the time. 

-”You’re late.” 

-”I saw you coming” “course you did.” 


What i didn’t like much; 

-Hela. I loved her character, but honestly here is where i think there might’ve been some failure despite how much i loved that movie. She seemed so out of place as a villain, and i feel like the whole related shit tried to mimic Guardians vol. 2, but honestly the fact that Thor didn’t care much about her made her feel so out of place. But i did like some parts, like how she was so disappointed about not being remembered or what her existence and disappointment did to how loki was raised. 

-Dr. Strange? Ok that was weird. It makes sense and it was funny to see him but to be honest i wasn’t into it. 


-tbh was not fond of frost master, don’t hate me. 

-Loki possibly taking the tesseract????? And hinting that he might turn evil again??? don’t do this to me marvel. 

-loki possibly being turned into the quirky sidekick of his brother. Loki is Thor’s equal, not his annoying little brother/wacky sidekick. I didn’t get that vibe often, but sometimes i did honestly. 

-RIP thor’s hammer. 


-Hela’s entrance. it was so quick and like out of place i was like what wait, Loki and thor didn’t even have time to prepare or even mourn. 

-the comedy. It was its best and worst part of the movie. Sometimes it was tasteful. Other times it was too much. Thor and Loki didn’t even get to mourn for their dad who tbh was an asshole but still their dad before there was a annoying joke about kneeling. It took away from the story sometimes.

-the lack of hugging between thor and loki.

-The way they glossed over the warriors three’s death like they weren’t Thor’s closest friends and the only ones there for him when Odin tried to banish Thor to earth :-))))) I mean after all that shit he went through I’m pretty fucking sure it probably hasn’t caught up to him but ya bitch still pissed. 

-The way, Thor, who basically admitted that Loki actually meant the world to him and was the only family he had left, didn’t ask where he was after asgard exploded? Like tbh i get it, he trusts Loki, his brothers capable and strong and most of all really fucking smart, but i’d still be like :-) the fuck is Loki. I think this is a directing error though rather than like the characters fucking up but i was freaking out, i mean asgard was literally pebbles and everyone was out BUT my son. 

-No sif, i mean i get it Jaime Alexander was busy but like y'all could’ve explained smh. 

-Loki not getting a hair cut. When will his emo phase end. 

-Not getting that one flashback to 80′s asgard with mullets and emo loki. 

Overall it was pretty fucking cool, one of the best movies of the trilogy. I fell in love with the marvel cinematic universe all over again. But it wasn’t perfect. 

Star Trek: DS9 Notes - S7, Vol. 7

I didn’t even love Deep Space Nine at the start. That may be one of my favorite things about this now, here at the end. I got attached gradually, more and more, a love that built over time until I’d grown so fond of it, so close, that at times it would almost seem we were completing each other’s frickin sentences.

Oh my show, my sweet space show, so strong and sure in its storytelling. It has been a steady hug when I needed it most, during times when the world and my own days were both filled with distress and despair. The people on this station experienced great traumas too, but it was boundlessly comforting to watch them navigate each tricky pass with such care and wisdom and heart. Their hope gave me hope, too.

I actually really like watching shows that have already concluded. I like the feeling of having seen the whole thing, and now having this complete world to play in. A show that’s no longer on the air is like a novel — you can look at it as one thing, hold it in your hands and see what the shapes of all the narratives truly were. It’s once I’ve finished a series that the most imaginative parts of my fan-mind finally let loose, spilling light into unexplored corners, drawing plans for how to shore up weak spots, bring a few pieces a bit tighter together, add a haunted attic, etc.

So this is the sort of space I was just tipping over into when Deep Space Nine gave me an ending. A capital letter Ending, achingly realistic. The series ended because the characters’ time together ended. The course of people’s lives change, they take new opportunities, they move away — and so ends the run of months, years if you’re lucky, when you were all together.

The finale is sad, oh it is so sad, and god I love it, I do. I love it for being so sad, and for being so natural, so recognizable, that now this is just my ending. No matter what else my thoughts will go back to fill in, all roads lead to the sea. To goodbye.

Which is probably what has landed me in just a very a tender sort story hangover with this one, walking around sheltering this warm, full, broken heart. 

So I do hope you sweethearts will stick around as I feel I’m going to be in quite the state for a while!!

Tarra Treks: The Final Set of Watch-Notes

7x24 ‘The Dogs of War: Part 8’
- O’Brien: “Running a little late.”
  Sisko: “This is no way to start a relationship.”
  me: “do it”
  Julian, slipping into frame: “Hi Ezri.”
  haaaahahaha, they did it
- Miles just keeping a steady eye on Julian awkwardly circling Ezri, oh Chief
- Worf: “He is an overgrown child.”


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helooo, could you hint me to good Sam/Jack fic? i finished reading "the dreams we left behind" which i saw you shared a couple of days ago on here and i kinda figured you're the right person to ask for more? thxxxx

I bet you thought you were asking me a simple question with a simple answer, right Anon? Ha! I am generally incapable of brief answers. If a normal person would write three paragraphs, I will probably write three pages. That’s why this ask took me so long to answer. I’ve been working on this post on and off for weeks!

So…I might be able to point you in the direction of a few good Sam/Jack fics. ;-) Check my Stargate fic rec tag, for starters…

And now, FINALLY, here is a superlong list of my favorite Sam/Jack authors and stories, in no particular order. Note that for every one of these authors, I recommend pretty much anything they’ve written; the stories I mention here are my favorites.

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The Year of Intelligent Tigers

Some A shit ton of highlights of the last EDA I’ve read (The Year of Intelligent Tigers). Probably my longest post so far.

I took these screens while reading, along with my reactions. As usual, this is full of spoilers.

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Can I hear a beautiful empowering HP quote? Thanks!!! Love your blog. -HalfBloodPrincess

 "Oh, Professor, look! I think I’ve got an unaspected planet! Oooh, which one’s that, Professor?“
“It is Uranus, my dear,” said Professor Trelawney, peering down at the chart.
“Can I look at Uranus, too, Lavender?” said Ron

Oh my - for a good laugh, go into the anti-Tony Stark tag, where the mewling and roiling jealousy is on mini-boil amid the rapidly shrinking ranks. Of course "Spider-Man: Homecoming" - just on the strength of the few scenes in the trailer - looks poised to become one of the MCU's biggest hits and make Iron Man even more of an icon for kids and the adult crowd. Marvel does these things wisely - they know RDJ is the most popular movie star on the planet and will draw legions of fans to see the movie. The scenes of Peter with Tony are adorable and hilarious, and the father-son vibe will increase audience engagement exponentially. Mentoring Peter, a new young superhero with zero baggage and tons of genuine optimism, will work wonders in healing Tony from the scars of Civil War. It's so brilliant I can't even...(and when *I* can't even find words, you know it's something!). Tony mentors Peter; Peter's guileless enthusiasm brings new life and hope to Tony. I love it so much. It's all we hoped for! Haters can suck on it - this will skyrocket Tony's popularity off the charts (especially since Spidey is Marvel's best-loved character - who better to pair with the founding father of the MCU? It couldn't happen to a greater pair of heroes.

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i headcanon shiro as a total player and ladies' man during his garrison days, imagine him putting the moves on allura omg

like admittedly it’s hard for me see this bc shiro is so collected (and also I myself am Not Smooth and my own attempts at flirting are like beating someone over the head with a pool noodle) but like, thinking about him maybe having really rusty skillz is hilarious, so!

They were in the lounge, snacking on something that Hunk had brought back from their last shore leave planet and had insisted tasted a lot like graham crackers (they did, but like all things in space, were just slightly off the norm), when Keith suddenly sat up straight, a very rare grin on his face, and leaned forward, saying, “Oh, this is gonna be beautiful.”

Surprised at Keith the Enigma’s sudden expression of anything but stoicism or irritation, Lance followed his eyes to see Shiro walking over to where Allura was waiting for the dispenser to fill her cup with some weird space tea or something.  Something was off, though, and Lance eyed Keith.

“What’s—“ he began, but Keith clapped a hand over his mouth.  

Quietly,” he said, putting a finger to his own lips.

What’s going on,” Lance stage-whispered.  Keith rolled his eyes (uncalled-for, Lance had totally been quiet, had they been at dinner with his family he definitely would have gone unheard) but leaned over.

“An unstoppable force is about to meet an immovable object,” he said.  By now their whispering had gotten the attention of Pidge and Hunk, too; Pidge apparently knew what was about to happen as well, because she shared a significant look with Keith, and they both bit their lips to keep something, probably laughter, inside.  

Lance wished Keith wouldn’t do that.  It drew attention to his mouth.  

He couldn’t hear most of whatever they said, but he knew the unimpressed expression on Allura’s face all too well.  Lance could sympathize with Shiro here, at least; he knew, all too well, the pain of being completely and utterly shut down by Allura.  But she’d never been flushed like that when she’d stomped away from his advances, so maybe… and he’d never blanched, then run after her like Shiro was doing, so… maybe there was something to that.

Pidge cackled.  “Swerve.”

“Rough,” Hunk agreed.  “Keith, you gonna…?”

“Nah.”  Keith sat back, breaking off another section of space graham cracker.  “It’ll work itself out.”

Block B reaction: He thinks you're cheating only to find out you aren't


A/N:This is complete and utter trash but I’m not about to break my pinky promise so here’s my post for today, I’m tired so I’ll edit tomorrow


He stormed into the house and threw a magazine in front of you that had a picture of you walking with some guy. He was so mad he couldn’t even look at you.

“I know you were with him so who is he?”he said as he glared daggers into the floor

You gave him a confused look and checked to see what he was talking about. You started laughing which of course only made him angrier

“Oh so you think cheating’s funny?”he scoffed while beginning to walk away from you

“JIHO LOOK CLOSER THAT’S MY BROTHER I’M WITH”you yelled after him causing him to freeze in his place

He had never felt like a bigger idiot

“Wait what?”

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You had gone to the bathroom and he had grabbed your phone to play games while you were gone.

Everything was good until you got a message from someone that you labeled with a cutesy nickname asking when you could meet up later.

You came back and asked him if he wanted to go get something to eat.

“No thanks why don’t you go with that guy that’s texting you he seems to be waiting for you.“ he said obviously annoyed

You were surprised by his attitude and grabbed your phone to see who he was talking about.

“Taeil that’s my cousins phone number, his flight barely landed and I wanted to introduce him to you later, I can’t believe you don’t trust me” you said as you stormed off

He watched you walk off and tried to figure out how to fix what he did

“Damn I really messed up this time ”

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He walked into you apartment since practice ended early and noticed there was a jacket on your couch that wasn’t his and was definitely to big to be yours

His jealousy got the best of him and he called out your name, not wanting to believe that there could be some other guy here.

You ran down the steps and looked at him with a worried expression

“Jae what’s wrong?“

“I’ll tell you what’s WRONG is there someone else here that I should know about?” He said as he gestured to the jacket.

You gave him a look and grabbed the jacket from him.

“Jae this is my brothers jacket do you not remember…”

“What? How am I supposed to kno-“


His face slowly started to come to realization as he felt a little embarrassed at himself

“I did?….”

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He was on his way to get some take out when he noticed you from outside a cafe window. He stared at you confused as to what you’d be doing here alone  until he saw you hug some guy and sit down with him in a booth.

A look of anger flashed across his face and he walked in a found your table to confront you immediately. You had canceled on him all week and he finally knew why.

He didn’t even give either of you the chance to speak

“So you’ve been going out to meet this guy all this time?” he said as he gestured to the guy with anger in his voice 

“Ukwon what are you doing here? This is my-” 

“Did you know she has a boyfriend” he said as he glared at the boy 

“UKWON THIS IS MY COUSIN” you yelled at him while looking around embarrassed at all the customers that began staring at your table.

Ukwon backed up a bit as he was thrown off by your statement. “What?”

“Don’t you remember? I told you last week he was coming to visit and we might not be able to hang out as much because i wanted to catch up with him..”

A look of realization crossed his face and he started apologizing immediately.

“Oh you’re…..the cousin i was hearing about…” 

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Kyung looked over at you for what seemed the billionth time today. You were giggling to yourself as you answered yet another text message from someone.

This is how it’s been all week

He would try talking to you and you’d either completely ignore him or give him short answers before returning to your phone

It was okay at first but now it got to the point where he couldn’t take it anymore and he peeked over slightly at your screen and reading a male name at the top.

“You’re texting a guy“ he stated

You looked over at him to see his serious expression and the first thing you noticed was that it more of a statement then a question but you decided to ignore t

“Yeah” you laughed again at the message on your screen

“oh” was all he told you

“Is there something wrong?” you asked him sincerely

“No I just find it weird that you’d rather talk to another guy then your own boyfriend, is there something else going on?”he asked

“What do you me– wait are you seriously thinking that in cheating on you or something?” you said, finally putting two and two together

He looked you in the eyes and tried to remain as calm as possible

“Well you’ve been ignoring me all week for some other guy, what am I supposed to think?“he said somewhat snappy, his jealousy was getting the best of him and he felt it

You put your phone down, clearly there was a misunderstanding, but you also felt bad at the way you have been ignoring him

“I’m not cheating on you jagi, I’m texting my sisters husband because he has no idea what to get her for her birthday second of all we’re thinking of what to get her for her birthday and he’s recommended some pretty hilarious stuff look”

you said as you handed him the phone

Kyung gave you an apologetic look and he felt like the biggest idiot on the planet

“oh well that explains everything doesn’t it?” 

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He noticed you had been working a lot more recently and you wouldn’t be home until really late at night. he found it a little strange at first but he decided to shake it off

It wasn’t until you were less frequent in return if his calls and messages that he started to worry a bit

He wondered if work was really where you were going to but decided not to ask you about it

One day before you were headed of to work you popped in the shower and left your phone on the dresser

He debated on whether or not he should but he decided just to check just to be sure

He unlocked your phone and saw that you had a message from some guy named Brian talking about how he can show up around 4

He noticed that you had loads of messages from him about meeting you at different times and he threw your phone on the floor angrily as he got up and paced around the room.

You came out of the shower and noticed his distressed state

Minhyuk are you alright?“

“No I’m not ALRIGHT, let me ask you something (Y/N) are you cheating on me?”

he said in disgust as he gestured to the phone he had thrown on the floor

“What are you talking about?”

you asked genuinely confused as you reached for your phone from the floor

“oh you and Brian know exactly what I’m talking about, staying out later than usual (Y/N) how could you do this? he scoffed

It immediately clicked in your head what he was taking about and your eyes watered a little at the fact that he thought you would actually cheat on him

“Minhyuk I’ve been coming home late because I’ve been working more hours so that I could have the week off next week like you do and we could spend some time together, Brian is the new intern and I’m trying to fit him into the schedule that’s all

You sniffled a little and he felt like a complete jerk. He came closer to you and tried his best to say how sorry he was

“You know I love you right?

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He noticed how much more you were dressing up and he thought it was a little weird since it was so different from what you normally wear.

Don’t get him wrong he absolutely loved how pretty you were dressing but he wanted to find out the reason.

He didn’t really want to question it that much but he also noticed you were also going out a lot more than normal.

He started to get thoughts he shouldn’t have and he got a little frustrated not really knowing what to think

The possibility of you dressing up and going out more to meet someone else made him extremely jealous

He stopped you before you were leaving one night and his curiosity got the best of him and he asked you outright.

“Jagi where are you going?

The question threw you off seeing as you weren’t expecting him to ask

“I’ll be back in a few don’t wait up for me” you said as you threw him a warm smile

You were almost out the door when he shouted after you

“Who is he?”

you turned to look at him incredulously, you had absolutely no ideas who he was talking about.

“What are you talking about?

“You’re always leaving all dressed up and you never tell me where you’re going, I just want to know what’s going on” he said

“So the first thing you assume I’m doing is cheating?” you said angrily, you tried calming yourself by admitting that you haven’t been completely honest with him

“Look jagi, in trying to get a new promotion at work so I’ve been trying extra hard to get it, me and my boss meet up and she’s interviewing me for the position, I didn’t tell you about it cause I was gonna be embarrassed if I didn’t get it..” you said shyly

He stared at you and wished he hadn’t said anything. He felt like an idiot for not trusting you.

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-Admin S

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dude that strip about shepard meeting garrus' family is the fucking funniest thing on this planet

Oh my fucking god, YES! I am still not over that comic. Every damn part was hilarious and perfect. I especially loved the crew and how it was split up into sections!! 😂 Everything was so in character and SO WELL DRAWN. My shakarian heart is very happy now that I’ve seen that comic. 😌💕

My brother said that Final Fantasy was just as bad as the Fast and the Furious because of how long the series has been running. Oh yeah? Well you don’t see jam packed sword fights, Chocobo races, or a rush to save the planet from destruction in the Fast and the Furious. My point is, Final Fantasy is awesome and even though it may be running for 30 years, it keeps us coming back for more. 

The plot changes with each game and it doesn’t constantly use the same character over and over again. (Unless we’re talking about FF7 then yes) But the fact that he compared the Fast and Furious to Final Fantasy is hilarious. That’s like comparing Spongebob to Dragonball because of how long it’s been running. 

Tom Hardy and Kelly Marcel who cowrote Saving Mr Banks attend the BAFTA’S in 2014. Kelly a very talented writer was as a nominee for Saving Mr Banks in the Outstanding Best Film category that year.

Kelly Marcel talking about how terrific and lovely and funny Tom Hardy is:

“He’s hilarious! He’s the funniest man on the planet, and people don’t think he’s being funny, but he is. He’s very ironic and a sarcastic little shit. And I love him. He’s one of my closest friends and I adore him and I’m so glad he gets the recognition he deserves because he’s always been such a fantastic actor. It was just like, ‘Oh, Tom, break through,’ and he did, with Bronson actually. He’s all about the art. He loves theatre. He’s an artist. That’s Tommy. We work together a lot. If ever Tommy’s on a film that needs fixing, I’ll always fly out and go and help him. And Tommy will always look at anything I write. He was there at the premiere in London of Saving Mr. Banks. He’s my biggest supporter. We’ve known each other for about ten or 11 (more) years now. It’s a really beautiful, lovely relationship that’s creative and has lasted a really long time.”


6 Movies You Didn’t Know You Should Be Watching on Prime Video

Prime Video has something for everyone so it shouldn’t be surprising that these recommendations span across multiple genres, themes and moods. We’ve got something for the indie lover, music fanatic, foreign film connoisseur and stand-up junky. Enjoy.

The Kings of Summer

Coming-of-age, Indie film fantasticalness, that’s what The Kings of Summer is. What happens when three teenagers have had it with how their lives are going and head out to live off the land? Well, you’ll just need to find out. The young talent in this movie is fantastic with an off-the-wall standout performance from Moises Arias. The scene of him dancing is worth the price of admission. Oh yeah and the supporting cast features the always amazing Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally and Alison Brie.

Only God Forgives

Gosling! We thought that might be enough. Only God Forgives was Nicolas Winding Refn’s follow up to the critically lauded Drive and we don’t care that it didn’t get the same kind of critical response. It’s damn good and violent and cool and beautiful to look at, no not just Gosling, stop it. Watch it and make the call yourself.

Slow West

Michael Fassbender, need we say more. Sometimes all you need is one of the best actors in the world as a reason to watch. Slow West may indeed be slow for some but it’s a different take on the classic western that follows a young man on a quest to reunite with the girl he thinks is his true love. 

The Skeleton Twins

The brilliant Bill Hader and Kristen Wiig show a different side of their talent as estranged twins who are both clearly screwed up, each in their own way. Don’t get us wrong, it’s still hilarious but it will also force a tear or two. And it has one of the greatest lip syncs ever put on film.

Louis C.K.: Oh My God

OK, maybe not a ‘movie’ but you should still watch it. Every Louis C.K. stand-up special is great so we aren’t picking favorites but the funniest man on the planet works some of his best material in Louis C.K.: Oh My God. You probably want to send the kids out of the room, or not, we won’t tell you how to parent. Louis might.


Yes, that’s right we are recommending a Russian language thriller, fantasy, horror movie about the battle between light and dark, because it’s awesome. So don’t be so closed minded and say snarky things like ‘I don’t like to read my movies’ because if you really feel that way you’re probably not seeing most of the best movies being made every year. OK, off the soapbox. Watch this visually rich film and then watch its sequel Day Watch, no not Bay Watch, wise guy.

To check out more Prime Video has to offer go here.

And to get started with Prime Video go here.

In the Name of Cleanliness

Pairing: Ten/Rose
Rating: light M (probably?)
Warning: blatantly sexual but not overly explicit
Summary: In which the Doctor has to wank for their freedom and Rose wants a proper shower. 

Notes: This fic is pure and utter crack and also ridiculous. I’m so sorry.

“I’m not going to do it.”

“Yeah, I can tell by the way you’re pouting your lip at me,” Rose says, rolling her eyes. “But honestly Doctor we’ve been here for over a week, which is almost two and half weeks in Earth time and quite frankly I’d like to get back to the TARDIS at some point, yeah?”

“Well, now, if it was you they wanted to-to-” He flaps his arms at her wildly, his face pursed up.

“I’d pop one off and we’d be on our way.”

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Best morning ever - Matt Espinosa imagine



I slowly opened my eyes and rubbed them. (Y/N) wasn’t lying beside me. I propped myself on my elbows and yawned. Then I saw her standing at the dresser looking through her clothes. I chuckled. "Babe, what are you doing there?“ (Y/N) turned around. "Good morning to you too, Matt.”, she said giggling. "I’m sorry. Good morning, babe. But what are you doing there? Come back to bed, I want to cuddle!“, I whined and she shook her head. "I have a really important meeting today and I don’t know what to wear!" "Please!”, I begged. "You look good in anything. Please come back to bed.“ (Y/N) chuckled, but didn’t move. I quickly removed the blanket, jumped out of the bed and walked up to her. I grabbed her waist and spun her around. (Y/N) squeaked in surprised. I laughed and picked her up. "Matt! Put me down!”, she exclaimed and I threw her onto the bed. “You didn’t want to come yourself, so I had to get you.”, I explained and she groaned. I hovered over her and looked at her. God, I loved this girl. She was my everything. “Now what?”, she asked chuckling and I smiled. "Now I’m going to kiss you.“ I leaned in to peck her lips, but she quickly turned her head so I my lips hit the pillow instead. "Hey!”, I whined. "No kisses until you tell me I’m the hottest and funniest girl you’ve ever seen!“, she said laughing and I shook my head. "I refuse.” (Y/N) shrugged. "Okay, no kisses.“ I pouted. "Just say it!”, she giggled. "No!“ "Oh, come on!" "No, I don’t want to." "Just say it!” I sighed. "Fine. You’re the hottest and funniest girl I’ve ever seen.“ (Y/N) smiled satisfied and wrapped her arms around my neck. "Thank you.”, she whispered before pressing her lips to mine. We pulled apart and I grinned at her. "Your turn. Tell me I’m the most handsome and most hilarious guy on this planet.“ Suddenly she pushed me off her and ran out of the bedroom. "NEVER!”, she shouted and I could hear her laughing. "OH REALLY?“, I shouted back and ran after her. She ran down the stairs and I quickly followed her. I was way faster than her so I had caught her pretty quick. I pressed her against the wall, held her waist and brought my face close to hers. We were staring into each other’s eyes breathing heavily. "So…”, I said. “You wanted to tell me something?” Her mouth curved into a smile. God, she was so beautiful. "I don’t think so.“, she said and I groaned. "Really? I’m sure you wanted to tell me how good looking I am.”, I said grinning. She wrapped her arms around my neck once more. "Matt. You’re the most handsome and most hilarious guy on this planet.“ "That’s what I wanted to hear.”, I said and smiled widely. She rolled her eyes. "You’re such a dork.“ "I know.”, I said and kissed her.

Someone requested a Matt Espinosa imagine and I felt like writing a really cute one *-* Hope you like it <3