oh my my they could never shut us down

I’ll Wait

Hey love ur writing was wondering if you could possibly do an Andy one shot where u are the dancer in Ed sheerans thinking out loud music video but you are also Ashley’s sister and Andy doesn’t realize he likes you but the whole band does and they get invited to see the filming and tge whole band teases him during filming Andy is there fuming and talks to you after because he think you like Ed but you don’t

Y/N’S P.O.V.

Screw my short ass arms.

“I need help!” I say as I walk out of the dressing room holding up my top, the back of my dress still open seeing as I can’t zip it.

I look around, see the camera man, the lighting guys, the girls that do hair and makeup and finally, Andy, Ashley, CC, Jake and Jinxx.

From what I can see is that they’re kind of playfully shoving Andy who has a smile on his face, yet shaking his head as if denying something.

I saunter over to them, practicing the walk I do in the beginning of the video we’re suppose to film as I do so.

“Hey guys!” I say, catching their attention as I walk up to them.

“Andy, can you zip up my dress for me? My short ass arms can’t reach.” I ask. I specifically asked hi to though because I may be slightly rushing on him.

“Yeah sure, I got it.” Andy says and I smile at him, turning around as I hold up the front of my dress.

I hear snickering and some whispering as the zipper is finally tugged into place, my dress fitting snugly now.

“Thank you, Andy.” I tell him as I turn around, standing on my tip-toes and placing a kiss on his cheek.

It’s always something I do when I say thank you, or when I’m meeting someone for the first time. Call it weird, it’s a habit.

I can barely make-out the blush on his cheeks before someone grips my arm, pulling me away a few feet.

I see it’s Ed and I’s choreographer. He twirls his finger, signaling me to spin in my outfit.

I roll my eyes playfully before doing the spin in the beginning where I get to whip my hair around.

“Marvelous!” The director calls out before clapping his hands, “okay places everyone!”

I turn towards Andy, Ashley, CC, Jake and Jinxx, smiling so wide my cheeks hurt.

“Wish me luck, guys!” I say excitedly.

Ashley wraps his arms around me, going to ruffle my hair playfully but pulls back knowing that he almost got an ass whopping by my hairstylist the first time he did it.

“Good luck baby sis.” He says, going for pinching my cheek lightly instead of ruffling my hair.

“I’m not that much younger!” I protest before I get pulled away onto the set.

I don’t even know how much time had gone by until we were done.

Ed was an amazing dance partner for this, and we had to listen to ‘Thinking Out Loud’ the entire time we were dancing.

My feet hurt know and I’m dizzy from all the spinning we’ve been doing.

I did notice though that the entire time I was dancing with, especially when the more… intimate, dance moves were going on that CC, Ashley, Jake and Jinxx were smiling like idiots, saying things that I could tell made Andy annoyed and irritated.

I wonder what that’s about…

“Okay that’s a wrap you guys!” The director calls out and we all cheer, papers being thrown everywhere.

I give Ed one last hug, “Thanks for choosing me to dance with you.”

“I’ll let you know if we have any other music videos where we need dancing, because you were amazing.” He compliments me.

I blush and smile before saying goodbye and sauntering back over to the guys. But before I make it over there, Andy stomps away and out the back door.

“What was that all about?” I ask Ashley, referring to Andy’s small tantrum.

“Maybe you should ask him about it.” He says, giggling to himself like a school girl. CC, Jake and Jinxx all have grins on their face and I narrow my eyes at them.

“What do you know that I don’t?” I ask suspiciously.

They shrug it off, acting like they don’t know.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about. Now, go talk to Andy!” CC exclaims, shoving me lightly towards the door Andy went out of.

I look them over one last time, trying to think what they know but I ignore it eventually, walking out the back door.

I see Andy leaned against the brick wall with a cigarette in-between his fingers, the end between his lips.

“So what was that about?” I ask him, startling him.

“What was what about?” He retorts, tossing the cigarette to the ground and stomping it out, blowing out the smile that he inhaled.

“You know. The stomping out of the room with a pissed off expression on your face.” I say in an obvious voice.

He shakes his head, stuffing his hands in his pockets, “it wasn’t anything.”

I look at him doubtfully, “Andy. I’ve known you long enough to know when you’re lying. You can tell me.”

He looks down, seeming to have an internal debate with himself.

I sigh, “fine I’ll wait.” I say, leaning against the wall besides him.

Time ticks by and I start to hum to make it go by faster. Andy then chuckles shaking his head.

“You’re not going to let this go, are you?”

I shake my head, “nope.” I say, popping the 'p’.

He laughs lightly and I smile, knowing he’s going to confess.

“You really want to know? Fine. I was jealous.”

Oop. There it is.

“Seeing you get so lovey dicey with Ed in there, it made me realize something. It made me realize, that I like yet I can’t have because you like Ed. I knew deep down I never would have had a chance with anyway. I mean, you’re Ashley’s sister and although he did say he’d set us up I could never to that to him. I mean, if I ever accidentally hurt you he’d never let it go and I-”

“Oh my god just shut up and kiss me.”

Before he can respond to that I rest my hands on his cheeks, standing on my tiptoes just so I can kiss his lips.

His arms wrap around my waist immediately, pulling me closer to him as our lips move in sync.

I don’t know how but I ended up against the walk, my legs wrapped around his waist with my hands in his hair while he was holding me up by placing his hands on my ass.

I really like this position.

We both pull away from each other, breathing heavily. His lips were red and swollen from the kissing, and I bet my lips looked the same.

Only one word escaped from both of our mouths at the same time.


Sammy imagine ( Nates sister part 3)

I woke up in sammy’s arms. Smiling I pushed his arm off me and got up. Walking to the bathroom and running the shower I strip getting in. About 5 minutes after I’m in there I hear the door open I figure someone just has to pee and shrug it off.
“Y/N is that you?”
“Yea Sammy.”
I then heard his belt and pants hit the ground. Not thinking I just figured that he was going pee. But sure enough I was wrong. Not even two seconds later he gets into the shower.
“What are you doing in here!”
I cover my chest and turn to him.
“What? You’re the only one who can be clean??”
“You know that’s not what I meant!”
“"What did you mean?”
“Shut up Sammy if Nate hears us both in here he will for sure kill you! And plus you should be being punished not rewarded for your mean behavior from last night.”
“Baby if we are supposed to be quiet why won’t you shush your mouth?.”
He turned me around and put some shampoo in my hair.
“I already did that!”
“Well it’s good to repeat they say.”
He laughed and I giggled.
I started rubbing the soap in. He grabbed my waist and pulled me closer to him.
“Ew Sammy knock it off nasty.”
“What I can’t hug my baby girl?”
“Fine no hugs EVER again.”
“You can just not in the shower!!”
“But they are the best hugs!”
“Sammy!!! I don’t want to feel your.. Thing…. Against my butt as I’m to have a relaxing shower.”
“Would you put some conditioner in my hair please baby.”
“Any thing for my princess.”
He did as I asked and massaged the conditioner into my head. I leaned my head back and smiled.
“Feel good?”
“Anyone who isn’t seeing this would have taken that out of context haha.”
“Shh babe..”
I turned to face him leaned up to kiss him. He kissed back and held my waist. I smiled and then backed away putting some shampoo in his hair.
“Man you played me. Haha”
“No I didn’t baby… I have no idea what you’re talking about.”
I smirked and winked getting out of the shower and wrapping the towel around my body and hair. I could hear him groan and hurry up to wash up. I walk into the room and began to get dressed into a pair of light blue skinny jeans and sammys green sweater. I go and lay on the bed listening to music. I look up to see Sammy standing over the bed with his towel rapped around his waist.
“Baby what are you doing?”
“Admiring you in my clothes..”
“Stop it haha put some clothes on.”
“No you like it.”
“Shut up hah. Just put some clothes on baby.”
He went and got changed. We went downstairs and sat down at the table as my mom served us food.
“So y/n.” My father stated
“Yes dad?”
“How are your grades.” He asked while stuffing eggs in his mouth.
“They are okay. Mainly A’s and some b’s I have a C in Spanish though.”
“Well you’re better than that. So you better get that up darling, and Nate.. How are your grades?”
“They are uh. Fine I guess. I have B’s and C’s.”
“Well until you get A’s and B’s you can’t see Brittany.”
“Dad! She’s my girlfriend!”
“And she’s a distraction.”
“What the hell!”
“Watch your mouth young man!” Our mother yelled at him. I could tell where this was heading . He was going to bring up Sammy and I. Before he could I excused myself from the table and walked outside. Sammy got the hint because 2 minutes later he was outside with me.
“Hey.” I said putting my head on his arm. Still being able to hear Nate and my parents arguing.
“It’s getting pretty heated..”
“Yea I guess so. But at least we got out before he blew our cover..”
“So why don’t you want your parents to know about us?”
“Because they would say that it was wrong that we are together since you’re older than me..”
“Only by a year.”
“I know. But they want this perfect angel. And I’m just not that.”
“Oh trust me I know.”
He winked and laughed.
“Oh shut up haha.”
“Let’s go back to the table to finish the breakfast.”
We walked back in and everything seemed to be settled. Sitting back down I began to eat my breakfast. I moved my hand onto sammy’s knee. He looked at me I could tell but I never looked at him. Smirking slightly I move my hand up a bit higher. He coughs and the smirk on my face grows…

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this sounds very satinist of me but what are your top 5 saddest larry gifs/moments??/???//?? like the moments where they want to say something but they know they can't uGH BYE SOBBING SRY

These moments are sad but I think they are so powerful

He remembers he can’t touch him :(



And this video is soooo important. It’s during Rock Me and Harry sings “oh my my they could never…” AND HE GIVES LOUIS THE MOST INTENSE LOOK and doesn’t sing “shut us down” it is so important and powerful I still can’t believe he did that and Louis can’t either.

-Sara x

Don't Move, Honey

-Luke Hemmings Smut-

“Did you think that was funny Y/N?” Luke spoke with a displeased voice. The door slammed shut behind him and I turned on my heels.

“Did I think it was funny? Luke, it was you dancing with those sluts in the first place.” My voice was as angry as his was. Our dancing at the club tonight had been less than acceptable for a committed couple; grinding on other people and accepting numerous shots from lust driven friends.

“You know that that’s not true.” He shook his head as he walked towards me. In all honesty, I did know that it wasn’t true. I’d started the whole (initially) light-hearted charade, just looking for a bit more attention from Luke. But when he’d retaliated by acting the same way, it’d pissed me off too. So on the night went with us making each other unbearably jealous until he’d called it and dragged me out, the ride home almost completely silent. And now here we were, taking out our frustration on each other; just not the way that I’d expected for us to.

“Whatever.” I dropped my purse to the floor and kicked off my heels, Luke then towering over me. “I’m tired, and horny, and hungry, and my feet hurt. I’m going to bed.” I went to walk away, cringing at having unintentionally admitting how turned on I was.

“Stop.” He ordered from where he was behind me. “What did you just say?”

“Luke,” I whined, turning to face him once more and moving to rest my head against the wall. “I said I’m tired, and I don’t want to fight ab-”

“You know bloody well that that’s not what I meant…nor is it that ‘you’re hungry’ or that ‘your feet hurt’. What else did you say?” His voice grew hushed as he approached me, as if he was trying to pry the so obvious truth about what he did to me from my unwilling lips.

“I-I’m horny.” I didn’t meet his eyes, intimidated by his height and dominance.  But the same rush that had come over me in the club returned, and I pulled my shoulders back a little as I looked up into his blue orbs. “So what if I am though? I can probably take care of it better than you could anyway.” My fleeting surge of confidence soon faded as his eyes narrowed slightly and he moved even closer to me.

“Is that right?” He backed me up further until I was pressed against the wall and my breathing grew fast and unsteady. “Because I’ll bet I can prove otherwise.” I dared not challenge him and simply mumbled out an ‘okay’ before swallowing hard. With that, Luke’s hands hastily ran up the outsides of my thighs, his thumbs hooking under the hem of my dress once he reached it and hauling it up my body and over my head. It was then that I was reminded of my sluttish choice in lingerie for the night, as I’d planned on some intimacy between Luke and myself; however vanilla in comparison to what ensued. I’d paired a black lace half cup bra with a matching g-string, a small bow adorning the middle of the waistband in line with my navel, and another in the centre of the bra over my sternum.

Y/N…” Luke almost growled. He’d not seen the set before, as I’d only bought it last week. But from the visible tightening of his pants and the widening of his eyes, he was obviously a fan. He squatted down to hover just over my heat, my heart rate quickening as he kissed up the fronts of my smooth thighs before using his teeth to remove my panties. I was beyond turned on by his actions at this point, and wanted nothing more than a bit of relief from the throbbing between my legs.

“Luke.” I moaned as an encouragement for him to speed up. I laughed from below me.

“Getting there baby.” He smirked. “Put your leg over my shoulder.” His words hit me hard and I let out a whimper, then biting down on my bottom lip to silence myself.

“What?” He questioned. “Does that turn you on Y/N?” His tone was serious again.

“Yes.” I admitted with a weak voice. He assisted me to lift my leg up, the bend of my knee resting on his shoulder as I relaxed into the position.

“Good.” He smirked. “Don’t move, honey.”

As soon as his mouth was on me, I instantly gave myself over. No more games or dominance rivalries. He was mine and I was his. Boy was I his.

Luke started with long, slow licks over me, gauging how ready I was for him (quite). He moved on to swirling his tongue around my clit, then sucking and kissing and continuing to alternate between the three.

“You’re soaking.” He spoke onto me, the vibrations causing my legs to tremble and my hands grab onto the wall.

“God, Luke. Do that again.” I pleaded as his skilled mouth kept working me.

“Do what again? Oh, talk? Tell you how good you taste?” He purposely dragged out his words and sentences, driving me crazy and him having to hold my hips up. He maintained both the pace and constant alternation of his actions, never once giving me a chance to catch my breath or relax. I then felt two of his fingers at my entrance, playing and teasing before he pushed both in, stretching me slightly. He took the opportunity to pull back for breath for a moment as I adjusted to the girth. He pumped them slowly in and out, my arousal being more than enough lubrication for his long digits.

“Fuck.” I gasped as he curled them towards my front wall, hitting my spot with enough strength to make my body convulse. He then reattached his mouth to me, my resolve quickly crumbling, and my ability to stay on my feet lessening as well. Both his tongue and his fingers worked faster and harder, the knot in my abdomen tightening and my chest heaving.

“Luke, oh my God.” I cried out as I felt myself about to come apart.

“Don’t come until I tell you you can.” He commanded with his lips sucking just around where I needed him before granting me the intense pleasure and sucking on my clit. He continued his work until I was relying solely on the support of his right shoulder and left hand to keep me up, both of my legs shaking uncontrollably, one of my hands on the wall and one tugging on his hair.

“I can’t hold it.” I whimpered when I truly could not hold off any longer, my vision blurring as I held my breath.

“You can come.” He permitted. That was all it took for my orgasm to hit, everything going black as his fingers kept curling inside of me and his mouth pushing me through. The knee of my grounded left leg buckled from the pleasure overload ,but Luke held me up without fault, almost as though he’d been anticipating it happening. A euphoric tingling and numbness surged through me as I struggled for breath, my release seeming to last for longer than it had before.

I couldn’t even say how long I was out of it for, only coming back when I felt Luke remove his fingers from me and lower me to the ground. My eyes fluttered open just in time to see him lick his fingers clean and smile. My haze was foggy and tiring, however in not too long I was able to keep my eyes open and support my head again without the wall behind’s assistance.

“Now,” Luke spoke, breaking the deafening silence that had filled the room. “Could you really have taken care of yourself better than that?” The smug confidence that laced his voice was annoyingly attractive.

“Hmm…” I hummed pensively.

“Oh, shut up. Your legs have never shaken so much. And you’ve never been that loud before.”

I rolled my eyes as a light blush rose to my cheeks and I looked down. I was suddenly strangely insecure about him having seen me at my most vulnerable; which was stupid, as he had done many times before.

“Hey,” He chuckled, using his finger under my chin to tilt my head up. “You are so beautiful. Let’s get you up to bed babe.” His voice was velvety smooth and his facial features so soft and comforting. He moved to my side and picked me up bridal style, his arms bulging as we walked to the stairs with ease. I groaned at the thought of the night ending already.

“I don’t want to go to sleep. I’m not tired anymore.” I pouted as we made it to the bedroom.

He dropped me to the floor at the foot of the bed before turning me so that my back was against his front. Pulling me into him and holding my body close with his strong arm, his erection pressing against my bum, Luke leant down to whisper in my ear.

“…who said anything about sleep?”

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wow remember last year when they were performing Rock Me in Birmingham and Harry just stopped singing in the middle of the "they could never shut us down" and looked pointedly at Louis, that was so weird, what even was that, major shade throwing at modest or what i have no answers i don't know i wonder what went down that day to cause that reaction

A year ago nearly to the day! March 23.  xx

Oh my my they could never…..

Stops mid-lyric and turns to look at Louis

And Louis looks right back

That was a really REALLY obvious thing you just did there Harry!!!! I like when they get reckless on stage :)

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top 5 saddest larry moments? like where they want to hug but they cant or they want to kiss but know there's cameras please im dying heLP

I did a post like this a while ago but I’ll do it again because these moments are so sad but important

He remembers he can’t touch him :(

Louis’ face literally drops when Harry purposefully touches him like WHY


And this will always be one of my favorite moments. It’s during Rock Me and Harry sings “oh my my they could never…” Looks straight at Louis and gives him the most intense look and doesn’t sing “shut us down” it’s so intense


The Signs as One Direction Songs

Aries: “Lying on the beach as the sun blew out Playing this guitar by the fire too loud Oh my, my, they can never shut us down” - Rock Me

Taurus: “I have loved you since we were 18 Long before we both thought the same thing To be loved and to be in love And all I could do is say that these arms were made for holding you, oh”- 18

Gemini: ”Yes, I like the way you smile with your eyes Other guys see it but don’t realize that it’s m-my loving There’s something about your laugh that it makes me wanna have to There’s nothing funny so we laugh at n-n-nothing”- Same Mistakes

Cancer: “And all those sleepless nights and daydreams where I pictured this,
I’m just the underdog who finally got the girl And I am not ashamed to tell it to the world” - Truly Madly Deeply 

Leo:” Let’s pray we stay young, stay made of lightning” - Girl Almighty 

Virgo: “Does it ever drive you crazy Just how fast the night changes?
Everything that you’ve ever dreamed of Disappearing when you wake up
But there’s nothing to be afraid of Even when the night changes It will never change me and you” - Night Changes 

Libra: “There’s a lightning in your eyes, I can’t deny Then there’s me inside a sinking boat running out of time Without you I’ll never make it out alive
But I know, yes I know, we’ll be alright”- Ready To Run 

Scorpio:‘Cause you, you’ve got this spell on me I don’t know what to believeKiss you once now I can’t leave 'Cause everything you do is magic- Magic

Sagittarius: She’s not afraid of all the attention She’s not afraid of running wild
How come she’s so afraid of fallin’ in love

Capricorn: “Said I’d never leave her Cause her hands fit like my t-shirt
Tongue tied over three words, cursed” - Over Again 

Aquarius: Shot me out of the sky, You’re my kryptonite - One Thing 

Pisces: “Baby you and me Stumbling in the street Singing, singing, singing, singing Midnight memories, oh, oh, oh, oh” - Midnight Memories

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Just adding to that post about the 4 legit media sites posting about H&L this past month: James Bourne, Julian, and Jamie Scott all tweeted something involving Larry in the past month too. Regardless of their intentions, it just shows how prevalent & wide-reaching the Larry fandom (and the idea of Larry) still is. After all this time, all the "denials, it's still there. I just think it says something. H&L together is just something magical & unforgettable to so many people.

[Harry voice]: Oh my my they could never shut us down

Catch Fire pt. 4

Luke Hemmings Soulmate AU

summary: In a world where one can enter the dreams of their soulmate until they finally meet, Nikki soon finds out these aren’t just regular soulmate dreams because Luke has a dark secret that changes everything.

word count: 1.8K

a/n: I know this is so late, I’m sorry!!  I struggled writing this part a lot and I kinda totally hate it but whateverrr.

Pt. 1 || Pt. 2 || Pt. 3 || Pt. 5 || Pt. 6 ||

Nikki looked down at her hands in her lap still trying to wrap her head around what happened half an hour prior. Luke was sitting beside her on her bed, their backs using the wall for support. She hadn’t said much since the discovering that the lanky boy beside her was her soulmate. It still didn’t feel real to her.  Until she started having the dreams she barely even thought about the day she’d meet her soulmate. Even though she knew this day would come eventually as it came for everyone.

Only if there was an unfortunate accident, such as a mate dying before meeting their other half would things go awry; in those circumstances the person left without just simply carried on, never experiencing soulmate dreams. They could still find love, but it wouldn’t really ever be enough. It would be lacking that special spark, that feeling of being whole with their soulmate.

She had so many thoughts buzzing around she didn’t know where to start. She had never questioned the whole “soulmate system” before. She didn’t need to. Everyone knew they wouldn’t find theirs until at least the age of eighteen so a silly little high school fling when you’re sixteen with raging hormones wasn’t seen as a big deal. Nikki had a boyfriend when she was a teenager and while her relationship was never anything serious and relatively short lived, barely lasting six months, it definitely was not a good one.

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