oh my man i love him soooo

But Chanyeol hates Chanbaek
  • Gril: Stop being disgusting, Chanyeol hates CB the most, he hates fags!
  • Wearing a gift from CB fandom.
  • B&C Smiling to a same love banner in New York.
  • C watching a CB banner and going to Baek to tell him. Both of them smiling.
  • C screaming CB*
  • C's "I think that love is not something just between a man and a woman"
  • C having love rings with B
  • Sehun pushing C to B
  • Me: Oh yes, he hate it soooo much and he's soooo homophobic. You're totally right, my bias totally is like that :)

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Request: Hi i was hoping I could get a Peter Parker x Reader request and this would take place during the Civil War and the reader would be Tony’s niece? She always hangs out at The Avengers Tower and lives there with Tony since she interns there and helps Bruce and her uncle out in the lab. She also goes to school with Peter and she finds out that he is Spider-Man from Tony and she gets really mad that Peter didn’t tell her himself. He really likes her and the rest of the avengers get him to ask her out Oh! Maybe Peter could be overprotective? I would love to see an overprotective Peter!

A/N: THIS IS MY FIRST PETER PARKER IMAGINE!! It’s soooo long… There were a lot of things I wanted to add and I always feel like I should explain some stuff in the imagine so you understand what’s going on. Hopefully you’ll like this! The timeline doesn’t fit perfectly with the movie so… i hope it’s fine.

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Words: 6,030 (TOLD YOU IT’S LONG)

Warning(s): Fighting, that’s kinda it.

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I love Isaiah soooo much😩. He's truly such an amazing man and a compete dork. I'm really ready to wax poetic about him after a silly shark week video.

Please get Isaiah😭😭😭😭(why does he’s dog look so used to it 😭😭😭😂😂)

oh god he’s so ridiculous, waking up to that video was truly amazing!! i love ONE MAN, he always makes my day. ALSO HIS DOG BYE

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Imagine Winston has an s/o who loves peanut butter just like him. Pleeeeeaaaaaaaase!

* Oh man this soooo does not help him get over his addiction, in fact I’m pretty sure you made it about 10x worse :P

* Like oh my gosh, he’s getting double his regular amount now to satisfy the both of you since both of you eating what he normally gets is eaten in about 2-3 day maximum (but it’s usually cleaned out in less time then that)

* While you split the treat equally between each other, if one finishes before the other 100% they are sneaking into the other ones stash just to satisfy their cravings

* If they get caught, ohhh there’s gonna be a a war

* And by war I mean tickle war (not a fight, it’s to intense to be just a fight) they will tickle the other relentlessly until either they give in and hand the jar back or they surrender and let them have it

* This leads you both to falling over laughing at one another for how ridiculous you both were acting

* Afterwards you both get comfortable on the floor since you are both exhausted (and there is no way you’re getting back up after that) and proceed to gently cuddle one another.

* If that wasn’t all, you two usually end up sharing the delicious confection mixing it with all kinds of fruit (mostly bananas though)

Geez I used to be completely obese asked with Nutella. I mean, I could finish a jar in about 2 day or a week depending on the size so I can relate XD

This is the cutest thing ever! My friend surprised me with this because she knew I wasn’t able to attend the shows in Lyon and Strasbourg! I love this man so much he just brings so much joy and happiness in my life! I am so thankful for his existence! He’s soooo cute oh my god I’m dying ! I’ll forever cherish this video and I really hope I’ll meet him one day he became such a big inspiration of mine I owe him a lot!

To the gods: What do you think of Percabeth?
  • Athena: Oh no, Zeus please don't-
  • Athena: Yes, Zeus, we know. But I think the boy should be despended with. I tried to push him into Tartarus but I got my daughter in there as well. Hopefully he dies of the fall.
  • Ares: I agree with Athena, the little brat should rot.
  • Zeus: You guys :( why are you hatin' on Percabeth?
  • Ares: We don't hate Percabeth. We hate Percy.
  • Aphrodite: Yeah, Zeus! Stick it to the man!
  • Zeus: PERCABETH.
  • Aphrodite: YEAH!
  • Zeus and Aphrodite: We love you, Percabeth!
  • Percy: I have never felt so loved and so hated before in my life.
“IN RETROSPECT---” Hannibal 3x13 Again

**Warning: rewatch live-blogging, written with knowledge of the full series and wait do I even need this anymore since this is the last one? Scratch that then! Though keep “live-blogging,” that is still the SITUATION.


Season 3, Episode 13: “The Wrath of the Lamb”

I have lit all my candles and have poured a recklessly large glass of Chartreuse.


Aw hell I forgot that I had to deal with this uncomf Dragon nonsense first up.

REAL SKIN-CRAWLING that Dolarhyde checks in with Reba to make sure she knows where she is in the room and in his house, because he has corrupted something that would in other circumstances be considerate, but right now he’s just toying with her.

Actually, I feel like the fact that there are two (2) murder-suicides in this episode goes surprisingly unmentioned.

I am sorry, but if we’re being honest, the shot where the camera pulls back through the hole that is that guy’s head is one of the most Pushing Daisies things this fellow Fuller show ever did.

This is the image that blazes into the credits. INCRED.

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