oh my lord. this can't be real

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Imagines Harry's reaction to baby styles saying "dada" for its first word, or when baby styles crawls or takes its steps for the first time. OR when baby styles laughs it's little infant baby laugh at something Harry does for the first time. I could go on... Baby styles favorite napping place is Harry's chest. Baby styles gazing up at its daddy with its large green eyes for the first time and Harry can't help but want to cry. Dad!harry murders me softly

I LOVE when people refer to his child as “baby Styles” like oh my god I just think that is the cutest thing.  

But LORD you know he’d just be so thrilled at every little thing that child did.  He’d be so proud, showing it off to friends and family as if no one has ever seen a real live baby before. “LOOK! She blows bubbles with her spit sometimes! Isn’t that funny?”  or “Look at the way he looks around! You can tell he’s already very smart, isn’t he?”  He’d have an incredible bond with Baby Styles right from the start, I think.  

Like, maybe one day the baby’s being fussy for you and you can’t get it to stop crying, but as soon as Harry walks in the room it stops and its sobs turn to little hiccups and then giggles when Harry leans his face in to where the baby’s head rests on your shoulder, and purses his lips and coos in a silly little voice, “Ohh, did you miss your daddy?  Hmm?” and he’d reach out and take Baby Styles from your arms and mumble “C’mere, little bug” and the baby would giggle and the whole time you’d just be staring at Harry, and wondering how on EARTH he did that.

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"Hey so I'm stopping by this stupid ass- hold up- This can't be real-" He said trying to hold in laughter as he looked at the piece of paper. "U-uhm. G-Gershwin?! Oh dear lord that is the most ridiculous name I have ever heard!" He said before busting out in laughter. (hotel-in-nightvale)

“Gershwin is my middle name, thank you very much. My name is Cecil. Cecil Palmer!” He frowned. How rude! What was he even here for?? “What exactly are you here to see me about?” He huffed, wanting to move past the whole name thing. He never had a dislike for Gershwin! He thought it was a nice name! Unique!

  • Add(Diabolic Esper): It's unfaaaaaiiir!! You and your passive MP regeneration! Plus that darn buff skill that increases MP acquisition!! IT'S UNFAAAIIIRRR!!! *throws a tantrum*
  • Ciel(Dread Lord): Says the one who uses his own DP bar as an MP bar and spams Maximum Strike, Force Finger, and Void Impact. *snerks*
  • Lu(Chilliarch): Kyuuuu, face it, we're on the same level~
  • Add: It's still unfaaaaaiiiirr!!! I want KoG RIGHT NOW!! *goes to the office*
  • Ciel: Oh no you don't! *carries the noodle and walks away from the office* We can't let you rule PvP again and cause more tyrannical destruction, you demented child!
  • Lu: Kyuhuhuhu, he called you a child~! Who's the real brat now???