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All this Duckfeels reminds me on when I first read about the theory that Della disappeared during an adventure with Scrooge and Donald or so... That same night I had a dream where Scrooge and Donald had a bad fight, and Donald got real mad and accidentally slipped out that he "wished he was the one who disappeared so Scrooge wouldn't have to have a failure around"... Then I woke up. I can't escape the Duckfeels, not even in my sleep


We’ve attained a higher level of DuckFeels here, guys.

To Build a Fire (brought to us by @parisbautista)
  • Ralph, Simon, Jack, Roger, Piggy: *camping*
  • Ralph: Guys
  • Ralph: We need a fire
  • Jack: Not this shit.
  • Ralph: We need the full camping experience!
  • Piggy: I agree. A fire would be a very good thing
  • Roger: But we don't even know how to build a fire.
  • Ralph: Eh...we'll figure it out.
  • Ralph, Piggy, Simon: *goin to get firewood*
  • Roger: *looks at Jack*
  • Jack: *looks at Roger*
  • Roger: This is stupid.
  • Jack: I know! I just wanted to explore man. Why are we being forced to make a fire???
  • Jack, Roger: *reluctantly join the others*
  • Ralph: I can't! Get the firewood!! Out of the plastic wrap it came in!!!!
  • Roger: You fool
  • Roger: *runs over with a knife, cuts the wood out*
  • Piggy: *has stolen the marshmallows* *does not give a shit about sharing*
  • Simon: *trying to light matches*
  • Simon: HECK- *doesn't like it when it actually lights*
  • Jack: *watching everything* Lmao you guys are crazy
  • Ralph: *finishes stacking firewood* THIS FIRE IS READYYYY
  • Roger: *still holding the knife very tight*
  • Jack: *begins to sweat* Roge you wanna put that down?
  • Roger: No
  • Piggy: *lights a match* SHIT *is startled, throws it*
  • Jack: That's not how you do it
  • Jack: *runs over, lights match* *throws match onto firewood* See?
  • Simon: Guys I think we should get some newspaper to kindle it
  • Piggy: On it *throws paper in*
  • Fire: *throws paper right back out*
  • Piggy: Oh heck *picks up paper, tries to place it* AGH ITS HOT
  • Roger: *laughs* *places newspaper in correctly* I'd survive in the woods guys
  • Piggy: Oh, would you really now?
  • Jack: You'd survive lord of the flies?
  • Roger: ...
  • Piggy: ...
  • Ralph: ...
  • Simon: ...
  • Jack: ...
  • Roger: I can't survive the fourth wall, apparently
  • Piggy: It's okay, not many people can
  • Simon: *tries to throw more newspaper into the fire* *misses*
  • Jack: wHY
  • Simon: Hey Roge, give me that sharp stick you're holding
  • Roger: No way. This is my Fire Poking Stick
  • Simon: Just give it
  • Roger: *reluctantly listens to his lover*
  • Simon: *poking the fire*
  • Roger: Si you're putting the fire out!
  • Jack: It's all embers now dude
  • Piggy: I think we need to focus on the real problem. We have nothing comfortable to sit on
  • Jack: *showing Simon how to properly tend the fire*
  • Roger: Where did Ralph go?
  • Ralph: *appears, eating all the s'mores chocolate*
  • Roger: Dude!
  • Jack: What the FUCK Ralph?!?!
  • Ralph: Guys why is the fire only on one side of the pit???? I leave you for two minutes and you completely screw up the fire, jeez
  • Piggy: If we put in smaller branches for kindling, we can work on spreading the fire
  • Roger: What a GREAT idea! You should get them
  • Piggy: Fine... *grabs sticks from a nearby bush*
  • Jack: Put in the green leaves
  • Piggy: *S C R E E C H E S*
  • Ralph: ?????
  • Piggy: I think I saw some bugs on the sticks
  • Jack, Roger, Simon: *doubled over, cackling*
  • Ralph: You good, man?
  • Piggy: Yeah
  • Roger: *points to the entire bush* Why don't you try and put this WHOLE THING in the fire???
  • Ralph: Guys, let's not fight. We have to get along
  • Ralph: *starts blowing on the fire*
  • Simon: What are you doing???
  • Ralph: Oxygen helps fire!
  • Roger: Are you stupid?
  • Ralph: ...Are you?? I know what I'm doing guys. I just took a course, I'm a certified pyromaniac
  • Roger: Whatever, I'm not talking to you
  • Jack: Ralph you liar, you never took a course
  • Ralph: Yes I did!
  • Jack: *doubtful laughter* Chill out Ralph, you're so tense all the time
  • Ralph: At least I don't go around punching people
  • Jack: RUDE
  • Ralph: Let me concentrate on my fire now! You're gonna make me make it go out
  • Ralph: Also I'm gonna eat all the chocolate, and there's nothing you can do about it
  • Jack: *huffs in anger*
  • Roger: *looming menacingly over Piggy*
  • Piggy: Hi
  • Roger: *looms*
  • Piggy: *shrinks*
  • Simon: *poking at the fire with Roger's Fire Poking Stick*
  • Jack: *cackling* Ah I love the Discourse
  • Santa: "Somebody better tell me something. Elias? You better speak up. The stable is your responsibility so as far as I'm concerned, you got my fucking reindeer killed."
  • Elias: "Ey, Santa, look. On some real shit, the stable not even my post. I was covering for Luca so if anybody need to go down for this shit, it needs to be him."
  • Luca: "You are the bitchiest elf I have ever met! I wasn't even clocked in this motherfucker! Santa, look. This what happened. I was posted up in front of the shed, ready to die. You know what's on my mind every night that I'm out there?"
  • Yukiya: *playing on his phone*
  • Luca: "I wish a motherfucker would. Cuz ain't a motherfucker alive getting past me, god damn it. And if he do, he lost both them nuts on his way in. Next thing I know, I start feeling lightheaded, my vision is blurry. I said, 'Oh shit! Must be my diabetes kicking in! I can't whoop a motherfucker's ass like this!' So I get bitch elf right here on the walkie talkie, tell him to watch my post. I'mma about to run across the street real quick, grab me a root beer. My blood sugars low! I come back. Everything locked down! I couldn't even get back in the bitch! That's when Yukiya tells me motherfucker shot Rudolph! I said, 'WHAT? OH LORD! NOT MY REINDEER! NOT MY REINDEER, SON!'"
  • Santa: "So you ain't seen nothing, Yukiya?"
  • Yukiya: "It was dark, okay? I heard shots, I got low, I hit the button. That's all that I was trained to do. Luca might be ready to die. Motherfucker, you don't pay me enough."
  • Santa: "...Unbelievable."

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Imagines Harry's reaction to baby styles saying "dada" for its first word, or when baby styles crawls or takes its steps for the first time. OR when baby styles laughs it's little infant baby laugh at something Harry does for the first time. I could go on... Baby styles favorite napping place is Harry's chest. Baby styles gazing up at its daddy with its large green eyes for the first time and Harry can't help but want to cry. Dad!harry murders me softly

I LOVE when people refer to his child as “baby Styles” like oh my god I just think that is the cutest thing.  

But LORD you know he’d just be so thrilled at every little thing that child did.  He’d be so proud, showing it off to friends and family as if no one has ever seen a real live baby before. “LOOK! She blows bubbles with her spit sometimes! Isn’t that funny?”  or “Look at the way he looks around! You can tell he’s already very smart, isn’t he?”  He’d have an incredible bond with Baby Styles right from the start, I think.  

Like, maybe one day the baby’s being fussy for you and you can’t get it to stop crying, but as soon as Harry walks in the room it stops and its sobs turn to little hiccups and then giggles when Harry leans his face in to where the baby’s head rests on your shoulder, and purses his lips and coos in a silly little voice, “Ohh, did you miss your daddy?  Hmm?” and he’d reach out and take Baby Styles from your arms and mumble “C’mere, little bug” and the baby would giggle and the whole time you’d just be staring at Harry, and wondering how on EARTH he did that.

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"Hey so I'm stopping by this stupid ass- hold up- This can't be real-" He said trying to hold in laughter as he looked at the piece of paper. "U-uhm. G-Gershwin?! Oh dear lord that is the most ridiculous name I have ever heard!" He said before busting out in laughter. (hotel-in-nightvale)

“Gershwin is my middle name, thank you very much. My name is Cecil. Cecil Palmer!” He frowned. How rude! What was he even here for?? “What exactly are you here to see me about?” He huffed, wanting to move past the whole name thing. He never had a dislike for Gershwin! He thought it was a nice name! Unique!

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nESSSS i was not supposed to have hiro x excalibur as a crack ship NOW hErE I AM OMG why haha

Mak. Mak no. it’s a real canon ship. it’s no crack ship, it truly exists.

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We can try to deny and we can try to hide away the truth, but Hirolibur is REAL