oh my life is really fun these days :'d



•4/100 days of productivity!•
I had my first cheer practice yesterday and oh boy, oh boy - I can’t dance to save my life HAHA. But cheer is still sorta really fun so I’m just going to have to practice till I get the routine right :D

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Your analyses have been one of the best parts of my involvement in this fandom. You're always kind and positive, with an excellent handle on the characters and their personalities. However, you have a really nice stash of them built up, with almost every topic you could possibly analyze covered. STICK WITH YOUR DECISION. KEEP DOING THEM WHEN IT'S FUN, BUT PUT YOUR REAL LIFE AND CURRENT OBSESSIONS FIRST! I'm really glad you're doing this! :D Have a lovely day and stay awesome. :)

Oh my goodness!!!! <3 <3 <3

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THANK YOU and everyone else for the extraordinarily kind, supporting responses you’ve given me about my decision to scale back on tumblr analyzing!!! These messages have really made my day and touched my heart. I’m really thankful to be a part of this fandom and have such amazing conversations. While the busyness of my life means I can’t spend an incredible amount of time on tumblr in the future, I’ll always be happy to be here among awesome people like you. So thank you so much for your words! Don’t make me cry, haha! ^^ You are very encouraging and touching!

Take care and stay awesome, too!

KuroFai Week, Day 2- Gender  Agebent!

I thought: ‘You know what we need? Some Kurofai kiddies…’ and so I drew them! I drew Kuro and Fai as little kiddies! Maybe they traveled into a world where they had the chance to turn back into children and do fun stuff!

But really, I actually just drew this out because I turned them into kids on tomadachi life. xD Oh well, I hope you guys like it! I just want to cuddle with both of them~♥♥

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36 & 37 !

36: Tattoos and piercing i have
I currently don’t have any tattoos but I do have just your regular old ear piercing

37: Tattoos and piercing i want
Oh man I could go on for days about tattoos I want!! I really would like a few band inspired tattoos and a tattoo of a lil minimalistic cat in memory of my cat who died last year bc she was apart of most of my life and I miss her terribly!! I’m obsessed with @g-stringofsuburbia ’s flash tattoos I’d kill to get one of those done!! I would like to get my nose pierced also lmao fun fact about me I used to want to get my hips pierced (it still looks hella fuckin cool but I don’t think I’d get them done)