oh my lady

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Name: Lukas (everyone just calls me Salsa tho)

Gender: Trans male (he/him)

Height: 5′5 I think was the last time I got measured?

Where I live: I live in Oklahoma, which is okay but sometimes I can’t wait to leave

Time/date: 27/08/15 10:53pm

Average amount of sleep: about 2-3 hours in a restless night, but usually 14 hours since school and band have me up everyday at ridiculous times

Most recently watched and enjoyed movie: Probably Jurassic World since it was a great movie that I went to watch with Matt, but I haven’t really gone out to watch anything else recently

My favorite band: I think SHINee is my current favorite!

One thing that ticks me off: Williams yelling at the guard for no reason cause he doesn’t pay attention to us anyway

Favorite drink: I don’t really drink a lot of anything other than sweet tea and some powerade every once in a while but I guess any kind of sweet fruit juice is great

Meaning of my URL: I got super into Harry Potter and I wanted a funny name but lordmoldywart was taken and moldybread was too (I just liked the sound of moldybread and I don’t know why???) but I thought of lordmoldymort and here I am!

Favourite movie soundtrack: Uhm I don’t really know a lot of movies with soundtracks other than musicals cause I don’t really watch movies I guess, but right now I’m really digging Little Shop of Horrors

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Sorry if you didn’t want to be tagged, I can remove you from the list if you would like and you don’t have to do this if you do not want to. Thank you for tagging me and I hope you guys learned a bit about me being a bigger loser than ever lol ^-^ I hope you all have a wonderful day


Favorite Friday: Romantic Comedies

These are my personal favorite Romantic Comedies. You may or may not agree with them, and that is okay. I have strange taste. Be aware that I havent seen every romantic comedy ever made since it might be my least favorite genre of a drama. These are though ones that didnt get on my nerves and I found to be rather enjoyable. (Note these are all not simply Romantic Comedy/Romantic, Comedy genre shows, they may or may not have other genres along with them) *Dramas are in no particular order.* CLICK TITLE OF DRAMA TO WATCH ^^

Oh! My Lady: This drama was pretty good. I really did like it, it has been a while since I last saw it but I still have to give it props. It may not be one of my highest rated dramas but I still found it enjoyable and when I look back on what I have watched since then, I find that this romantic comedy had just the right amount of cheesiness and not an overdose like a lot of the romantic comedies I have tried to watch in resent times.

Secret Garden: What can I really say? Its like a Korean Drama classic (a new classic). Its one of those dramas you tell someone who hasnt eve watched a Korean drama, to watch. Something that brings people in and makes them more curious about Korean dramas. It had the right amount of laughs and tears to even out. The romance is cute, and we all know that deep down this couple is probably one of all of our favorite OTPs. 

My Girlfriend is a Gumiho: The first time I had ever heard what a Gumiho was when I watched this drama, and form that moment on I have heard so many mentions of Gumihos that it might drive me a little crazy. Its a cute drama, that makes you have a good time with the characters, and you get to know them and root them on. It brought a lot of smiles and laughs to me while I watched it, and I can say that its one of my favorites.

Protect The Boss: A hilarious drama that I was really happy I watched while it aired, so nothing could be spoiled for me. I found it heartwarming and belly bursting. The characters are all like-able, even the “evil” girl in it, is likable and happens to be one of my all time favorite second leading females. The story is a little bit on the simple side, but has a lot of punch in it, with great laughs and heartwarming moments.

The Greatest Love: I am pretty sure I peed myself when I watched this drama from laughing so hard. I loved every second of it, and was so upset when I finished it. It was one of those Drama hangover moments where you cant get over the fact that the drama is over. The characters are all unique and funny and you fall in love with each of them for different reasons. The main couple is to die for and they are pair of pretty odd characters that cant help but put a smile on your face.

Rooftop Prince: A great drama from 2012 that had me addicted to it. Though a lot of people say that Micky cant act, I loved every moment with him in this drama. Him and his posse of time traveling historians made me laugh. From the funny moments to the mysterious ones, to the ones that made you bawl like a little baby, this drama was all around a good time for me and I loved it. It left me feeling good and while wiping away the tears, I could say that it made me laugh more than it made me cry.

Wild Romance: Though a lot of people didnt like this drama, I found myself oddly attached to it. I mean I loved all the characters, except for Jessica’s character. There was something about her personality and the how Jessica portrayed her that really annoyed me. If you can get over the fact that she cant act, and that her character exist, you may find  yourself watching a pretty hysterical drama with a lot of really cute moments in it as well. 

Reply 1997: Obviously one of my favorite dramas of 2012. This drama had me laughing so hard that I woke my  parents up from sleep. No joke. The behavior and characters of these teenagers are so true to reality. The awkward teenage moments that we all go through are really funny, when we look back and realize we too have experienced these sorts of things, and thats what makes it even funnier. The characters themselves are great and funny and all around this drama showed bright colors and was pretty darn amazing in my opinion. 

My Lovely Kim Sam Soon: A classic in its own right, this drama is pretty funny. I loved it, and I found myself laughing all the time. The relationship between the two leads might not always be peachy and happy but when they are you find yourself smiling from ear to ear. And another reason to love this drama is that the main lead isnt the average size of a Korean woman, and which makes her more realistic to the Western audience. We can relate to her, and though she is called “Fat” in this drama I found her to be beautiful and curvy  All the angst and what not that happen in this drama makes it great and one of my favorites.