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Ok like I know we're not getting a Blackstairs baby anytime soon but I really want a Blackstairs baby


A Million Eyes You Are The Brightest Blue - A CrissColfer Fic

Loosely based on this prompt: “You broke into my apartment drunk thinking it was your friend’s house and I should call the cops but my cat kinda likes you so we’re good” AU

Bc I can’t seem to stop writing, and was suddenly inspired to write a NYE fic. 

Word Count: 2215 AO3

*Title from A Great Big World’s This Is The New Year 

This is the third New Year’s Eve Chris has spent alone. He’s actually gotten so used to it that he no longer feels that sorry for himself. Living in downtown LA should’ve meant that he’d have made at least some friends, but clearly that hasn’t happened yet. Maybe it’s the fact that he’s a struggling college student slash writer who holes himself up in his too-small apartment, and gets his groceries delivered to his doorstep.

Maybe. Probably.

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Flintwood and 144?? :D

144. “You’re proud of me?”

Oliver sat in the abandoned classroom on the fifth floor, their usual meeting place, thinking this had all been a very bad idea. They had agreed to meet up today no matter who won the Quidditch Cup, but Oliver knew that when they made that arrangement neither of them actually thought they would be the one to lose. But Marcus and his team had lost – that was a fact Oliver had almost overlooked in the euphoria of his own team winning. There was no way Marcus was going to show.

Restlessness getting the better of him, Oliver stood and started pacing the small room. He’d wait another ten minutes– no five minutes– then he would leave. He wondered vaguely if he’d ever see Marcus again. Sure, maybe in the halls or in class, but if he didn’t show up now Oliver had a feeling they were over. 

He stopped pacing. That was a weird thought. And one that didn’t seem to sit well in Oliver’s chest. He had never been sure what to make of this… thing that had developed between him and Marcus after so many years of mutual animosity, but the thought of it coming to an end was… Oliver didn’t want to think about it. He started pacing again.

Unfortunately, when he promised himself he’d only wait another five minutes, Oliver had forgotten to check the time. Now he had no idea how much time had actually passed; just that it felt like forever. 

He groaned. This was ridiculous. Marcus wasn’t coming and Oliver was just wasting his time pretending the guy was going to. Oliver started making his way towards the door.

But when he reached out to grab the handle, it met him halfway, and the door was pushed open from the outside. Standing behind it was Marcus Flint.

Oliver just stared. Marcus stared back. Then his eyes looked over to where Oliver’s hand disappeared behind the door. He looked back up.

“Leaving?” Marcus asked. Oliver let go of the door handle.

“N-no,” he stammered, retreating back into the classroom. Marcus followed him in and closed the door behind them. Oliver started pacing again.

“Look, I know you’re pissed,” Oliver said, alternating between wringing his hands and running them through his hair. “I would be too. I know you’re going to punch me and fine, whatever, but it was a fair match. Well, our side played fair. Mostly. Okay, maybe not a fair match. But our Seeker outflew yours and–”

“I’m proud of you.” 

“–even after that dirty stunt that–” Oliver stopped and turned to Marcus. “Wait, what?”

Marcus looked embarrassed now that Oliver’s attention was on him. He avoided eye contact and gave a little cough. “I’m not repeating it,” he muttered at the ground.

“You’re proud of me?” Oliver said, unable to keep the shock from his voice as he repeated Marcus’ words. He expected Marcus to be feeling a lot of things towards him right now. Pride wasn’t one of them.

“I mean,” Marcus said, chancing a quick glance at Oliver who was now approaching him, “I know how hard you worked for this. Do I wish I could have left school on a winning season? Of course. But we threw everything at you and you still came out on top.” This time when Marcus looked up, his eyes stayed fixed on Oliver. “Did you really think I was going to fault you for that?”

“I didn’t– I mean…” Now it was Oliver’s turn to be embarrassed. He realized now that he hadn’t given Marcus enough credit. Somewhere along the way – between the rivalry and the sneaking off and the stolen kisses and the late nights – Marcus had matured without Oliver noticing. He thought he had gotten to know Marcus after all these years, but he had just been scratching the surface.

“You thought I was coming here to punch you,” Marcus said. Oliver expected him to be offended, but instead he just sounded amused. Even more proof Oliver didn’t know Marcus as well as he thought.

“Sorry about that,” Oliver mumbled. Marcus extended him a hand.


Oliver slid his hand into Marcus’ and let Marcus pull him closer.

“I wanna know what it’s like to kiss a Quidditch Cup winner,” Marcus said with a crooked grin. Oliver smiled back.

“That can be arranged.”

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Okay but what about both Enjolras and Grantaire staying in hogwarts during the Christmas holidays and they finally talk to each other without arguing and Enjolras tells R that he came out to his parents and R tells Enj about his family and they slowly start to fall in love with each other I made myself sad and happy at the same time

oh my god, jules, this speaks to my heart, I’m Emotional

and yesss, they spend such beautiful christmases together in hogwarts and as they get older, they start spending christmas with the rest of les amis occasionally 

they eventually start dating and one day enjolras turns up to class wearing grantaire’s hufflepuff tie accidentally and everyone is like ???? is this a statement?? 

OH and grantaire loves his owl but his owl is a piece of shit that bites everyone Apart from enjolras, like the owl Loves enjolras, probably more than grantaire. there have been numerous occasions where the owl will give enjolras, grantaire’s letters