oh my jen

so i’ve seen things here and there about other adults as campers and,,,,,, i have no self control

i didn’t do david and jasper for obvious reasons, and daniel bc he’s just a recolor (i did jen bc gwen didn’t have a camper design)


Curiosity and the Flock

Curiosity is a very old, weary, and mute Exo Warlock who lost their Ghost and their voice back at Six Fronts. Since then they have wandered the world, escorting unpaired Ghosts to find their Guardians and giving them a lift back to the City. They’ve gained a reputation as the Silent Mother, being the kindly first face dozens of newly rezed Guardians see.

lhsajbfjalf here take this i’m growing tired and uninspired by the minute

this is for that au i made lil sprites? for i guess anyways i’m gonna put some stuff under a cut bc it’s just character stuff

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Dear fandom,

You are responsible for what you decide to consume. No one is here to hold your delicate little hand through life like mommy and daddy did.

If something triggers you black list it. If you’re going through the search area of your favorite show or otp and read a tag that is one of your triggers than YOU KNOW WHAT THAT POST CONTAINS. IT IS NOT OPs JOB TO KEEP YOU HAPPY.

Don’t like don’t consume.

Ghost Fragment: Mercury 2

Listen, this may save your life.

If you fall into a dream, do not lose your humanity. Be you a mother or a daughter -human or Exo, Awoken- do not lose sight. To be human is to be tenacious, unpredictable. They want to predict you, hide away from their eyes.

And there will be eyes. They will be red and unyielding. They may surround you, they may hide in the shadows. Preadyth said they were always there, but I saw none until the end. I believe him.

There will be a flower. I saw a flower. Pujari saw a flower. I, a Titan, speak literally. He, a Warlock, I cannot say. I do not know the appearance your flower will take. Look for your flower, pluck it. Kill it. This is your escape. They will tell you without words that your garden is sacred, that your garden should be protected and admired. Destroy it to anger them, and set yourself free.

Humans kill, humans destroy. History tells us so, though we wish not to believe it. Believe it, use it, this is your salvation.

-From the learnings of Sunbreaker Iona Asej, on the Vex powers of simulation

i was watching coraline and i felt guilty,,,

So glad to be finished these. XD Prolly some mistakes that’ll haunt me, but least I fixed the worst one, so for now, I am content. lol

if no one else is gonna make good healing content for these girls,,,,, then i’m gonna take matters into my Own Hands,,