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  • Someone: You've watched Friends?
  • In my head: Watched?? WatCHED??? I've seen every episode of that show ten thousand nine hundred and forty two times. Not only have I watched Friends, I am Friends. Friends defines me. I could recite every episode to you five thousand times and I know the length of Chandler's left eyebrow better than you know your own name. Give me an episode and I'll tell you the exact air date and the season and the director, GO ON I DARE YOU. UNLESS YOU'RE TOO SCARED THAT I KNOW FRIENDS BETTER THAN YOU AND YOU'RE AFRAID OF ME BECAUSE YOU CAN TELL THAT I'VE MEMORISED THE SPEED AT WHICH THE APARTMENT DOOR OPENS IN SEASON SEVEN EPISODE EIGHTEEN.
  • Me: Yeah I've seen a few episodes. It's good.

jenniferjuni-per  asked:

Fic authors self rec! When you get this, reply with your favorite five fics that you've written, then pass on to at least five other writers (◠‿◠✿)

1. Flatmates is definitely my favourite story that I’ve written, and it seems to be pretty popular with other people too which is always lovely

2. Take My Place I was very proud of because it actually has a plot, and that is not something that comes easily for me 

3. Anna Begins because I think everyone remembers the first time the fandom turned on them as one and demanded that they fix it

4. The Cloths of Heaven came together just as I wanted it to, after much faffing

5. Of Night and Light and the Half-Light is a story I was writing for probably a couple of years, coming back to it every now and again and fiddling with it and adding bits, and then finally I could see how to finish it and I did


Fun fact: The drawing of Robert and Talia for Laura’s 1st birthday was inspired by a picture on our fridge of my mom and dad with my brother on his 1st birthday in 1985. 

Friends Again Pt. 2

“Yo pls Jen. I need Lucy going to a party with Natsu and gray right and then Lucy gets drunk because erza is like you must drink and then loke is trying to flirt with drunk Lucy but protective Natsu has none of it. And then the next day Lucy apologizes and they just hang out and watch movies or something PLS

It’s rushed and rough idk if it’s what you wanted, but.

She was nervous, to say the least. When Natsu first asked her to visit him, she hadn’t realized that it meant meeting all of his other friends. But, here she was at a party with Gray and Natsu. She and Gray got along well and she’d actually been helping him understand his feelings for a girl named Juvia. Lucy was convinced that he loved her, but Gray wasn’t quite so sure.

Juvia had thrown herself into his arms the moment they stepped into the house and Lucy watched as he smiled slightly.

“Lucy, this is Juvia. Juvia, this is Lucy, Natsu’s friend.”

Juvia looked her up and down for a moment. “You’re the one who got to spend the whole summer with Gray-sama.”

It wasn’t a question and her tone left Lucy feeling like she’d somehow done something wrong.

“You are my rival in love!”

Lucy stared, wondering if this girl was serious. So far, she hadn’t had a single glimpse of the girl Gray had described. Maybe Juvia only acted that way with him. Which, in its own way, was sort of sweet.

“Juvia, chill. Her and Natsu are a thing.”

“We’re not!” Lucy protested. Speaking of Natsu, where the hell had he gone? They hadn’t even been here ten minutes and he’d already left her.

She’d never been to a party before, not that she’d told them. Her nerves left her when Gray introduced her to the rest of their friends, a rambunctious group that welcomed her with open arms.

Erza handed her another drink and Lucy tossed it back without protest. She decided then that she liked Natsu’s friends. They were nice and bought her drinks. Cana slapped a hand on Lucy’s back, grinning.

“Y’know, for a girl who says she’s never been to a party, you’re sure tossing those like a pro!” Cana grabbed another mug for herself, sipping the amber liquid. Lucy wasn’t even sure what she’d been drinking, but she did know that she was having fun, even without Natsu around. She had no idea where he’d run off to, but his friends were taking care of her. A new song started blaring over the speakers and Cana quickly downed the rest of her drink and snatched Lucy’s hand.

“Let’s dance!”

Lucy was in no mood to complain and let Cana drag her away. She tossed her head back laughing when Cana did a sultry wiggle of her hips, raising an eyebrow at Lucy. She couldn’t even remember the last time she’d had this much fun. Maybe next time she could get Levy to come along. If anything, she could at least see Gajeel while she was here. Lucy had only met Gajeel a few times. He was rough looking and had at least thirty piercings that she could see, if not more. She’d asked Levy one time, but her friend had only stuttered and blushed.

Halfway through the song, Lucy felt a pair of lips against her ear. She shuddered, automatically assuming it was Natsu. He’d never done something like—

“Hello there. Has anyone told you that your beauty radiates like a thousand stars? I feel as if I need sunglasses just to look at you.”

That wasn’t Natsu’s voice. Lucy pulled away from the male, turning to look at him. He was a ginger, that was the first thing she noticed. The second was that he was fairly attractive.

He was waiting for a response.

Lucy flushed, embarrassed both by the compliment and by the fact that she had honestly believed it to be Natsu.

“Oh, um, thank you.” She took a step toward Cana, but his hand fell on her waist and pulled her closer. Lucy glanced over her shoulder for help, but Cana was facing away from her, dancing with a dark haired guy she’d had her eye on all night. Bacchus. That was his name.

“Do me the honors of dancing with me, princess.”

She placed her hands on his chest, fully intending to push him away when he was ripped away from her. She saw a fist fly towards his face, watched him reel back in response. He cupped a hand to his nose and Lucy didn’t miss the trickle of blood that ran from his nose. She was shoved behind someone, her face pressed against their back. She was ready to pull away from them, to run to Erza, when they spoke.

“Keep your damn hands off’a Lucy!”


She rested her head in between his shoulder blades, her hands curling into the fabric of his shirt. She smiled, finding the warmth of his body soothing. She didn’t hear anything else that was said, but she assumed the guy had walked away when Natsu suddenly turned around, startling her. His hands were cupping her face and he was staring at her intently.

After a few seconds, she started to wonder if she had something on her face, but then he let her go, grabbing her hand instead.

“I think it’s time to go, Luce.”

She nodded.

Lucy didn’t remember going to sleep the night before, but she woke up with Natsu’s arm thrown across her waist and for a moment, wondered what else she didn’t remember.

She quickly shook the thought away. Natsu wasn’t that kind of person and they didn’t have that kind of relationship.

She sighed in relief, rubbing at her temple. Her head ached. Was this what it felt like to be hungover? She didn’t know. Maybe she shouldn’t have accepted every single drink that Erza had offered.

“There’s some medicine on the table.”

His voice startled her. It was low and gruff and laced with sleep. Lucy muttered her thanks and pushed his arm off of her. She swallowed the pill and drank half the water, leaving the rest for Natsu if he wanted it.

She should have been embarrassed that they had slept in the same bed, but for some reason the fact that it was Natsu made it okay.

“I’ll shower first, then.” She told him.

He grunted in response, his face still buried in the pillow. He was already moving to take up the empty space on the bed. She almost laughed.

Somehow, she didn’t notice the paintings until she was freshly showered and headed back to Natsu’s room to grab a brush out of her bag. Leave it to Natsu to not even own one. She halted just inside his door. There was canvas upon canvas leaned against the far wall. The one that caught her eye was huge. It was breathtaking.

It was them.

Natsu was holding her, one hand on the small of her back, the other resting on the back of her head. His expression stern and looking at something out of view. Lucy was crying, her arms pinned between them. The background looked like a warzone and Lucy recognized the scarf around his neck as the one Igneel had given him. There was some sort of mark on his right shoulder and she had a matching one on her left hand. They were both bruised and battered.

“Lucy! I made food!” Natsu shouted from the kitchen. She quickly ran the brush through her hair before going to join him.

They were watching a movie when she asked him about the painting. She’d never seen anything like it at Igneel’s house. Most of those had been landscape pieces. Natsu blushed slightly, rubbing his nose.

“Ah. I told you that I didn’t actually forget you, weirdo.” 

She didn’t think that meant he painted her. She hadn’t had a chance to look at the rest, but she was sure they were just as detailed. She knew Natsu had talent, but she didn’t realize he had so much. 

“Natsu, those painting are really good. I didn’t know you were that good.” She pointed a finger at him, leaning close.

“You could have told me! I want you to paint me something now!” Maybe he could do something of her mom. Or maybe the two of them and Igneel. She wanted one so bad she nearly ached, but she wouldn’t force him. 

“You can have whichever one you want.” He wasn’t expecting her eyes to light up at his words, or for her to suddenly look so damn cute.

“Really? I can?” She smiled at him before throwing her arms around him in thanks. He didn’t push her away. He did, however, push strands of her blonde hair out of his face. It had gotten so long that it always seemed to be all over the place. 

“Now shut up so I can watch the movie, Luce.”

She stuck out her tongue, but curled against him, focusing her attention back on the movie.

Natsu wondered what the hell he’d been thinking not calling her back three years ago. If he could go back and change it, he would. There was just something about being lazy on a Saturday and watching movies with his best friend that made everything, like deadlines for school, seem less important.

Happy jumped onto Lucy’s lap and she didn’t hesitate to delve her fingers into his fur, laughing at something on the screen.

Yeah, Natsu thought, this right here was the most important thing.