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Aaron has been waiting so long to be his own man. Be an adult. Grow up. He was getting a bit left behind what with Adam and Vic being all grown and domestic. Say what you want about Robert. But knowing him and loving him has given Aaron that independence and courage to strike out on his own. Without Paddy or Chas hovering behind him to catch when he falls. Mr Sugden is Aaron's bravest and most mature incarnation.

………………………………………….ok so im dead now

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I am really super happy when you say that you imagine my Bill and Dipper in ffs, really it’s a big big honor for me ;w; <3 
Oh and i start to read Stitches in my Heart too!! Thank you for letting me know that fic because, even if my own…. head canon (i don’t know if it’s called like this omg. Anyway THE WAY I IMAGINE THEM IN AN UNIVERSITY urghhh) is quite different, i enjoy a lot this fic!! They are reeeeally cute <3


can we agree that this is still one of the best songs precure has ever had


I was doing a quick shop run at @regenerationwho for tonight and I saw…a pouch with my pattern?? I almost cried I was so, so excited. The shop runner and I had a great time talking Whouffaldi and things and it turns out I’ve drawn things she was thinking of and also she’s bought a print from me before. |D

Again I’m just like, frick. It takes balls to have the conviction to sell that stuff because fans are fickle creatures. She’s selling them and a lot more cute stuff on her shop at marfdazestuff.storeenevy.com





AMBAR’S PAST?! WHAT THE?! WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • Ram: NO! I'm not letting you get us killed just because Heather makes you feel insecure in your masculinity!
  • Kurt: In my-- Look who's talking!
  • Ram: *scoffs* Kurt, when I was ten years old, I killed a bear.
  • Kurt: Nuh uh! Really?
  • Ram: With a bow. Then Daddy made me take a big ol' bite out of its heart...
  • Kurt: Oh my god! That's....horrible!
  • Ram: No shit, I was bawling my eyes out the whole time.

actually holdup let me just say this …it comes as no surprise to anyone that these boys are incredibly beautiful in real life but like GOD oh my god??? like OH MY GOD you guys i truly from the bottom of my heart hope that each and everyone of you gets to see them at least once theyre so incredibly beautiful i was in awe and not only thy but theyre FUCKING AMAZING PERFORMERS tireless and just KNOW HOW TO DELIVER THE BEST POSSIBLE SHOW theyre are…theyre IT u know? like BTS are IT nothing compares thats it


Mission: Steal Your Heart

“I don’t have to do anything, you’re already mine.” Hoseok said while smirking. “What?” You questioned while tilting your head slightly. “I’m not yours.” You said while making quotations around Yours. “You’re mine either now or later, there’s nothing you can do, you’re going to be mine.” He said. “Go ahead and try, there’s nothing in the world that would make me give you my heart.” You responded. “Oh, I’m not gonna make you give me your heart, I’m gonna steal your heart.” Hoseok said then flashed her a smile. “See you in class.” Hoseok said with a wink then walked out of the garden.


‘Should’ve Held On’ English Lyrics

Should’ve held on
Should’ve held on

I miss you, my heart aches
It was a snowy winter night, oh no
I couldn’t do anything
you don’t cry cry cry
My turning heart is aching, yeah

You say you understand me but you’re turning around
You’re not even shedding tears
I hate you so much
Whenever I think about that
I hate you so much
But I keep thinking about you

I should’ve held on, should’ve held onto you
I’ll understand even your greed, come back
I wasn’t good enough to handle you
So now I finally realize why you left

Alright girl, we used to talk all night
We fell asleep together
I bought you medicine when you were sick
I texted you to meet you in front of your house
I can only feel better if you’re not sick, baby
When I pass by places I used to go with you
I just stand there, quietly
When memories of you pass like a film
I miss you even more, sadly

It was like that rainy scene
From the movie we last watched together, oh no
You said goodbye with a stony face
never say goodbye
I can’t believe it, it hurts, yeah

On my way back
Memories of us together float up like a movie
When I think about that, I feel like such a fool
Tears keep falling

I should’ve held on, should’ve held onto you
I’ll understand even your greed, come back
I wasn’t good enough to handle you
So now I finally realize why you left

The small present you gave me
Is that everything about me has changed
I couldn’t even say my last goodbye
If I have one more chance
Baby please take my hand

I should’ve held on, should’ve held onto you
I’ll understand even your greed, come back
I wasn’t good enough to handle you
So now I finally realize why you left

I should’ve held on, should’ve held onto you
Where did it go wrong? Our goodbye
When did this break up start? From our love

I should’ve held on, should’ve held onto you
When did love start? From our destiny
Where does this destiny stop? From our love
When did this break up start? Our love

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Anybody catch themselves using kid language when talking to other adults? I was just talking to my co worker and referred to the toilet as a "big kid potty" lol 😂

Oh be still my heart 😂😂😂