oh my gosh shes so cute

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((Message to thy artist: You seem to have too many compliments! But here's another, I really do like your art and your personal character. (Not referring to Bendy) They look so gosh darn cute!)) Hi. Its me again. Found some markers on my own no thanks to you. Anyways! What do you think about Betty Boop? Have you ever heard of her? This is the only time I'll bother you again.

(( Thank you so much!! ;w; If anyone wants to they can follow my personal/art blog @pippop-art ))

Betty? Oh gosh, she’s a doll face. I adore her~.

I haven’t seen her in ages.

OH MY GOSH during newsies i was sitting next to this little 5-year-old year girl and she was singing along to EVERY SONG and her mom kept having to shush her and during intermission her mom told me that her daughter was so happy that I knew all the lyrics too and so I highfived the little kid and she goes “I’m the king of New York!!!!” to prove her Superior Fansie Status and honestly? my heart has been warmed. who'da thunk? she’s the king of New York!!!

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I don't know why but the idea of Kim picking Alix up and throwing her over his shoulder whoever she's getting really angry at somebody would be really cute in your fabulous art style *hint, hint*

“Hey, I’m gonna give him a head start.”

“You’re gonna need the head start after I’m done with him!”

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Ainbo is an animated film by José Zelada at Tunche Film (Peru). Ainbo is a girl born in the Amazon rain forest. She is protected by Motelo Mama, a gigantic turtle and the most powerful spirit of the forest. Her life changes when Yacurunu, an ancient demon, threatens her home. The project will be presented in Berlin for international sales, but the delivery date is still unknown.

Oh my gosh, it looks SO cute! 

Check it out!

Me: Just wants female characters to be treated with some basic respect and decency

The CW: Ok….we hear you but what about a cute boy instead?

Me: No..I Just….

The Fandom: Is he a murderer? Abusive? Toxic? Offensive?

The CW: You know it girls!

The Fandom: OMG so cute!?

Me: But the female character deserves better!

The CW: She is a girlfriend now!

The Fandom: Oh my gosh she better treat him right! That poor boy is so misunderstood!


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Vixx Reaction || Short Girlfriend Being Unable To Reach Something And She Climbed On The Counter To Get It And Jumped Off Casually
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“Baby, you know you can bother me all you want”


*Realizing you did not need his help he’d feel a bit flustered since you didn’t need him at all*


“Oh my Gosh! You’re so cute!”


“Huh. Well that’s interesting”


*Stares at you sweetly, appreciating your cute independence*


“You don’t need my help? What am I supposed to do now?”


Imagine having to dress up for a hunt and Gabriel realising he loves you

Word Count: 1289

Request by: @mrs-winchester-novak

 I love your writing! I was hoping I could request a gabrielxreader? It’s where the boys and the reader (who lives with them) have to go to a black tie event for a hunt and so the reader gets dressed up and asked Gabriel to be her date (cause she likes him) and so when they see each other they are baffled bc they both look so good and it’s super fluffy and cute bc they both are telling each other how good they look? They also confess their love for each other and it can lead on if you want:) 

Warnings (I guess): Implied sexy times boiii!

A/N: OH GOSH! I have a astronomy test tomorrow for GCSE’s and instead I’m writing fanfictions. Priorities, am I right?! Wish me luck on my test guys, cause Chuck help me I’m gonna need it. 

“No! Nope, no way!” You repeated as you paced back and forth.

Sam and Dean had both just told you that for the next hunt you needed to be used as bait as the ghost you were currently fighting only attacked girls and that the next location they would strike would be at a fancy ball meaning you would have to dress up sophisticatedly.

“I don’t think the Ghost would even go for me anyway!” You murmured to yourself yet due to the quiet room, the Winchesters heard you.

The idea of you wearing a dress and heels made you feel slightly insecure as it had been years since you had worn anything close to an outfit with such elegance, usually you would be most comfortable in a flannel jacket and some hunter’s boots they’re more practical anyway.

“Who would I even go with?” you questioned. Sam and Dean would have to fight the ghost when you lured it meaning nobody would be there to escort you to the ball, you would look out of place if you were alone-

You were cut out of your thoughts as the familiar sound of flapping wings filled the room.

“What’s this I hear about a party?” Gabriel snapped his fingers causing a sucker to appear in his hand before placing it in his mouth.

“It’s not even a party, it’s a ball,” You groaned still annoyed that you knew you would have to do this for Sam and Dean, “The Winchesters want me to act as bait at this fancy, shmancy dance but I have to get dressed up meaning dresses, heels and makeup and I’ll have nobody to go with which makes it extremely awkward and suspicious…” you continued to ramble on about all of the problems with this plan.

“I’ll go with you,” Gabriel simply said, pulling you out of your mini rant, “I mean, think about it, you won’t have to go alone, I’ll be there to protect you and also you’ll get to see how ravishing I am in a suit,” he added whilst wiggling his eyebrows at you causing a slight smile to appear on your face.

You knew that you could be in almost any situation with Gabriel and feel completely safe/calm next to him due to the slight crush you had developed on the archangel when you both first met almost a year ago, you had quickly become good friends and as that friendship progressed you tried your hardest to push away any feelings you had for him as you knew that he could never love you back but the feelings always seemed to resurface every time you saw him.

After what felt like an eternity of getting ready in the bathroom you were finally done. Your dress was black, tight and slimming and your high heels lengthened out your legs and height (even though you still wouldn’t be as tall as Sam or Dean in them) and your hair was curled giving it volume and a bounce as you walked. You turned and looked into the mirror and you were definitely pulling the outfit off.

“Ughh, Y/N are you done in there? It’s been ages, come on we have to go,” you heard Gabriel childishly moan from behind the closed bathroom door.

You chuckled to yourself at his impatience before opening the door to the bathroom and walking out.

Gabriels face dropped from all emotion as did his jaw as he took in your beauty.

Gabriels POV

She was beautiful; exceedingly beautiful. Her dimples made pretty craters on her skin as she laughed. Her lips seemed made to be kissed – and in no doubt, they were and she had the brightest most enticing eyes you would ever see. No words could describe how beautiful she was.

Snap out of it Gabriel, she could never fall in love with you. You’re an archangel, she’s a human. Why would she want to be with you when she could have a normal life?

Gabriel quickly replaced his jaw dropped, expressionless face with the smug smirk everyone knew him for.

Back to Y/N’s POV

You almost immediately noticed Gabriel’s shocked face at your appearance. Was it too much? Did I go over the top? Your thoughts ran frantically wild but calmed as you noticed what Gabriel was wearing and by gosh did it make the room feel instantly ten times hotter.

He was dressed in a sharp looking, well fitted suit which accentuated all the right parts of him. A black tie was hung from his neck and his hair was slickly pushed back. To say that Gabe looked amazing was a serious understatement, how the hell would people believe that I was seriously going out with him for this hunt.

“Y-,” Gabriel tried to speak but his voice wouldn’t allow him to, “Y/N, you look absolutely amazing,” his eyes roamed your body causing a heat to rise instantly to your cheeks.

“Me amazing? Have you seen yourself, you’re like the hottest person on the Earth right now,” you spoke without thinking. Gabriel’s eyebrows raised at what you said. If you weren’t blushing before, you definitely were now.

“I didn’t mean that- well erm, I kinda did, I mean-“ as you stuttered around and fumbled for the right words to say, a new found confidence overcame Gabriel and he stepped as close as he could to you, his arms wrapping tightly around your waist and his body pressing against yours.

You tried to look down as you were extremely nervous but Gabriel lifted one of his hands to your face, his thumb and finger pressed gently against your chin pulling your face so that you were looking directly into each other’s eyes.

“I have no clue how I’m going to keep my hands off of you during this hunt,” Gabriel leaned down and whispered into your ear sending a wave of pleasurable shivers down your spine.

Your heart slowed down to an almost stop as Gabe leaned in closer towards your lips until eventually, as cliché as it sounded, fireworks exploded in your stomach as you both locked lips. Your hand moved up to his head as you wrapped your fingers within his golden hair. Your pulse beat fast as you were drunk on emotions, his soft candy coated lips moved perfectly with yours. It felt like it would last forever but eventually it ended and you both pulled away.

Gabriel’s arm was still tightly wrapped around your waist and his body still impossibly close to yours, leaving you only wanting to lean in to taste his soft lips again.

“I suppose we should go on this hunt then, Sam and Dean are waiting for us,” you said with a slightly sad tone to your voice which Gabriel instantly picked up on.

“Nah, I have a better idea,” he said before clicking his fingers then scooping you up into his arms causing a shocked gasp and a slight giggle to escape your lips, “they think we’re with them in the back of the impala.”

He gently placed you down onto the bed before crawling on after you, his hand placed on your thigh as he looked lustfully into your eyes.

“Meaning we have plenty of time alone,” he nuzzled his face into your neck as he placed gentle kisses down it.

“You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for this,” Gabriel murmured in between kisses.

“Oh trust me, I do,” you replied smugly before pulling his face into your hands and locking lips with his once again.

You could practically feel the love radiating off of both of you and you knew in that moment that the love you both felt would last forever.

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Marinette accidentally picking up on Chat’s flirtiness and using it towards Adrien is my aesthetic

Like. One day she just sees him and she’s like “oh my gosh he’s so cute i love him.”

And she just casually winks at him. 

And she doesn’t even realize what she’s doing until after he looks at her weird. And she’s just like “WHAT AM I DOING AAA” 

And then one day he does something and she just is like “look at him he’s so darn cute I love him so much.”

So she smiles to herself and grabs his hand and kisses it.

And looks up at him and says in a very Chat way,

“My Prince~”

And Adrien’s like, ???

Alya is screaming

Everyone is screaming

Then Marinette realizes what she did and she’s just dead

And just.

I really need this

Riverdale Episode 4
  • She is just a general bitch, but she also invaded Betty’s privacy and is so damn controlling
  • But Betty standing up to her about Archie and Polly is my life.
  • Veronica calling Betty “B” made me smile.
  • I’m glad that Grundy is gone because based on the last scene of her, I think that her whole story was bull. I mean she was actively egging on those young guys, and that’s basically how she and Archie met.
  • With all the kid drama I kind of forget about parent drama, but Hermione Lodge what are you doing?
  • I feel like when the new building goes up at the drive thru it’s going to have “Lodge” on it somewhere and Jug will be pissed
  • Kevin is so cute with his new boyfriend, and I love how chill his dad is about the whole thing
  • “Jason always adored the drive-in” the looks that Ronnie and Kev gave OH MY GOSH lol
  • Betty breaking into the car and the box (which she only knew how to do because of Nancy Drew) and Veronica looking so impressed. Like no one loves each other more in that show, than Veronica loves Betty.
  • And finally the cutest person, Jughead who fought for what he believed in, and has the biggest freaking secret ever! Like he’s homeless, and his dad is part of a gang, and he MUST BE PROTECTED.
  • Another goodie.

I’ve been seeing this guy for a few weeks now. He’s nice and kind and interested, what else could I want?

Why do I not feel attracted to him at all? I should see where this goes - sparks are a myth, I can surely develop some attraction to him at some point! Doesn’t matter that I get a panic attack every time I’m about to see him and have to force myself out of the house!

We kissed and I didn’t feel anything at all? That’s okay I was just nervous, surely it will be better next time!

This girl on the bus is really pretty! Oh gosh she’s actually so cute, I love her face, I wish I could kiss her! Oh my god, what if I’m actually gay?! That would make so much sense!

Lol no, I’m surely just overthinking things because I’ve got commitment issues and I’m scared of getting into a relationship with that guy! Straight as a ruler!!!

Is It Still Cheating?
  • Nino: Babe I need to come clean. You remember that akuma attack yesterday? I was saved by the fox hero Volpina and for like two seconds I... I thought she was pretty.
  • Alya:
  • Nino: Super pretty.
  • Alya:
  • Nino: And then I went home and I felt bad.
  • Alya:
  • Nino: But it didn't mean anything!
  • Alya: Hey, I believe you! Don't sweat it. I'll see you later, okay?
  • Nino: *miserably* I'm sorry.
  • Alya: Seriously, don't be. *waves as he walks off*
  • Trixx: *pops out of Alya's bag* Oh my gosh, he is so cute.
  • Alya: Isn't he??

aesthetic: plankton and karen at the end of the best day ever

So, I dressed up as Marinette for Halloween.
  • Me: *Handing out candy outside my house*
  • Little Girl: *Dressed up as Dorothy, gasps, and comes running up to me*
  • Me: *Smiles and hands out candy*
  • Little Girl: I think I know who you are.
  • Me: *Kneels down* Really? Who?
  • Little Girl: Your Marinette!
  • Me: *Slightly squeals* Yes!
  • Little Girl: From Miraculous Ladybug! I watch that show.
  • Me: Me too!
  • Little Girl: Yeah! *Smiles and waves, running off*
  • Me: Happy Halloween! *Later dies of eternal joy*

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Hi!Can I have some headcanons of Shiro having a crush on a smart and perceptive girl except when it comes to people having a crush on her. What would he do to make her understand? What advice would the other paladin's give him?

// Oh my gosh, this is so cute! I’m actually like this smh - mod chay //

- She will nonstop probably be like: what is love? baby don’t hurt me? (Sorry this was stupid)

- When you’re trying to bring up a crush to someone who might be oblivious, you always need to give it a little extra push, and in Shiro’s case, he literally has four other guys ready to give that little extra push

- His best bet at the moment to make her understand would probably be to be very upfront, even if it makes his stomach do flips

- our v v tired space dad™ needs to take it by the horns and speak up for something his heart probably needs to scream out, but he subtle about it

- at one point, if he has the chance to offer her a note, if you guys have ever heard of that math love equation where you just erase a little bit off the top and it says ‘i love you’… Yeah. That’s perfect. (“Top 10 anime love confessions.”)

- Lance, being the obvious ‘ladies man’ he is, would try to offer all the 'amazing’ information he can, when really he’s just probably making it worse without knowing

- Hunk needs to step in and place a bandaid or two over those mistakes before they get worse- Giving Shiro real advice in a way that could grasp the girls attention and give him a legit chance compared to Lance probably being like: ok first you need to get her up against a wall-

- Keith and Pidge aren’t really big on relationship advice in the first place, but at least they can offer something on the table, like “maybe just ask her out and explain yourself” or “don’t do what Lance wants you to do I don’t even trust him and we share a room” - Keith 2017/forever

So, I got a package today

Which is strange, because I never get mail. Well, let’s open it!

Oh, purple tissue paper! That’s fun! I wonder what’s under-


IT’’S MY SON!!!!!

Yeah, so, I bought the last original Marik design from the Beamie’s Buddies shop, and he arrived today well, technically Saturday but I didn’t pick him up til today

He’s so frigging cute!! And very well crafted! Every part of him was sewn together very well.

He also came with this adorable note from Jackie (the doll creator.) Serious, look at that Marik doodle!! She drew marik better that I do no fair

Thank you so much @beamiesbuddies !!! I promise to give him a loving home!!

And now that Marik’s flown to his new home from Canada, he’s ready for a nap.

Goodnight Marik ♥