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alrighty, i know i was only asked about supercorp fics but this quickly turned into my end all be all list of recs. this got long and i’m not even sorry. disclaimer that i am Soft and don’t like Angst or smut

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Some Previews! Caste Heaven #15 Coming Soon!

Hii peopleee~
First of all, I want to apologize for the people who were waiting for the new chapter of “Blue Lust” I was going to update it last Sunday, but not time…..

My apologies also to the translator @namasuki, since she translated volume 2 completely. And we havnt updated it yet. I talked to my editor, and if she cant edit it. Personally I will take over this project~

Well, on the other hand. We already have the scans of the new chapter of caste heaven! Waaaaah!!!! I’m so reallyy happy, guys! I was waiting for this new chapter for a long time T-T So thank you thank you, and thank you again #Anonymous for sharing with us your scans!!! She sent it to me yesterday and I almost jumped and shouted for joy. LOL

That’s why our Spanish group works all her mangas. In English, not so much, as there are many groups that love her as much as I do! :DD

And so, I show you a preview of the new chapter. Apparently people blame Azusa for the commotion. And they have to call his tutor….(his mother does not believe in his innocence either.) -3- And on the other hand, Karino defends Azusa! Oh God! OH MY GOSH (also appears new character)

My translator will send me the translation of the new chapter of Raveled tomorrow, so as soon as she sent it to me, I’ll tell her to translate it as fast as she can!

Well, that’s all! Thanks Namasuki and Nomi for translate this preview for us! :) I ask them yesterday XD I’m so sorryyy!!!! 

Life of the Zodiacs #2

Didn’t Get a Chance to Read Part One? Go Read it Here :)

“What do you mean the wait is forty minutes?!“ Aries screeched at the frightened waiter facing opposite of her.

He gulped and nervously tapped his fingers against the podium in front of him, "W-Well, we’re very busy tonight ma'am, and your group is just so large we don’t have the room for all of you at the moment.”

“Let’s just go Aries,” Taurus leaned against Libra. “I’m hungry and we obviously aren’t going to be able to eat here. Let’s just go somewhere else.”

“Fine,” Aries glared at the waiter one last time before storming out of the restaurant.

Cancer sighed, “Where are we going to eat now? That was the only place left with decent food.”

Everyone stood in silence. They had already visited multiple restaurants that night, but to no avail. Everywhere was either full or the wait time was too long. Capricorn had been so busy that day he hadn’t had the time to make a reservation anywhere, something he was cursing himself for.

Aries’ face lit up, “How about-”

She was cut off by an unanimous “No” by everyone else. Despite what her fit figure would suggest, the only places Aries ate at were fast food restaurants.

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high-lady-of-velaris  asked:

Lysandra and Amren jewelry kink


Okay SO, Amren loves her jewelry but she loves it on Lysandra even more. She likes to take off all of Lys’s clothes in a rush just to slowly put every bit of jewelry on her and lick and bite the exposed sin without disturbing her artwork. It’s torturous for Lysandra and HEAVEN for Amren. 

But one night Amren switches it up. She tells Lys to be very still and not to say a single word. Lys goes along with it thinking it’ll be the same deal, but then once she’s naked and on the bed, Amren pulls out a small glass of… glitter? No, dust. Gold dust. Lys starts to speak only to close her mouth at Amren’s glare. Slowly, horribly slowly, Amren grabs a feather light brush and dusts the gold all… over… Lysandra’s body. Lysandra’s bites her lip sore from trying not to moan at both the feel of the dust and brush on her skin but also the dark lust glittering in Amren’s eyes. 

Once she’s dusted all over, Amren pulls out her most expensive gold jewelry and anoints Lysandra in it like usual. Then she pulls out a fucking gold tiara and places it ever so lightly in Lysandra’s hair. She pulls back and surveys her creation, breathing heavily and looking more unhinged than Lysandra has ever seen her. 

“You’re a goddess,” she says hoarsely. 

Lysandra can’t hold back anymore, she surges forward and presses her gold covered lips against Amren’s, the gold dust transferring between their bodies and leaving handprints in their wake. They find gold dust in their hair for weeks. 

CURRENT AESTHETIC: BEAUTY AND THE BEAST. Like, the whole thing. Literally.

But if we are gonna get specific here: Spoilers!

-that adorable blue dress

-Emma Watson Emma Watson

-Gaston was literally perfect. His character was so spot on it was painful


-Belle is an inventor what?!

- EverYThing Is So pReTTy

- That disgusted face the beast makes when describing Romeo and Juliet

- Later calling King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table a manly story with swords and fights and stuff and just lol

- *nose wrinkle* too touristy?

- “I don’t have tastebuds but I can tell that is exquisite*

- Lumineer trying to stay in his wobbling spotlight

- THAT LIBRARY OH MY GOSH im gonna set up and bed and a fridge and just stay there forever thanks


- on that note, mom backstory was totally sob worthy



- You GO Lefou ditch that jerk and spray people with tea i like this very much

- oh my lord of heavens the prince is literally worth staring at for ages I just want to watch that funny little, shocked smile over and over again he is practically bleeding personality Uuughh

- And that growl at the end *faints*


So, I really liked that movie. Like, a lot. Go See it if you Haven’t

anonymous asked:

could you do a newt x reader drabble based on the song "When He Sees Me" from the musical Waitress? i think its cute, tho it might be too long to be a drabble. but i would be delighted to see you work your magic into this :D

“You could just ask him on a date. It might be less creepy than staring from behind the blenders.”

You yelp in surprise and drop from the tips of your toes, scowling at your manager’s raised eyebrows. “I don’t want to ask anyone anything.”

“You sure?” He reaches for the cream beside you. “If you don’t, your behavior is even creepier and I may have to consider sending you into the back to work lest you disturb our customers.”

You stick your tongue out at him for a second before glancing back to the seating area. “Newt doesn’t – I mean,” your face heats up in a flash, “the customer-“

Jeremiah doesn’t let you finish as he stirs a drink as he breaks out in a laugh. “You know his name? Heaven help you,” He glances at the jingling bells over the door, “And me. Ms. Rooker is here. Ready the cups.”

You stutter some joke about her at his back, trying to defuse the embarrassment tinging your cheeks and knowing the entire time he’s already tuned you out, so you look back to the reason you’re a stuttering, stumbling, clumsy wreck at work now.

You used to be the star employee. Not that that’s necessarily saying much given the effort some of the other workers put in, but it was still a point of pride for you. Then that stupid boy (he actually makes quite witty jokes) with those stupid green eyes (that remind you of that one family trip) and that stupid accent (that really you can’t get over because oh my gosh who speaks so elegantly) walked in and ruined your life. He has shown up every day for the past two weeks and spent them glancing at you and, sometimes, if you’re lucky, he stands at the counter, making jokes as you work. His laugh always crinkles the skin next to his eyes and the freckles spattered across his face scrunch together if he laughs hard enough. Occasionally, he even snorts when you make your own shy joke.

You set six cups on the counter in front of you as you watch him read. His chin is in his hand, two fingers tapping slowly against his lips as he reads some book propped open in front of him. His auburn hair curls around his ears, an apparent nuisance that he keeps trying to brush back with his free hand. You fidget with the receipt you shoved in your apron’s pocket as he focuses on the pages in front of him. Oh, he’s just so cute, you can’t help yourself. And when he talks, he’s always sweet, always a gentleman. He once commented on how the drab color of the apron did nothing to take away the beautiful color of your eyes. You swear you almost died right then and there when he said that.

Jeremiah sidles up next to you again, pouring plain, decaf coffee into one of the cups. He follows your gaze to Newt. “Why don’t you just say something? He obviously fancies you.”

You heart soars at the words, but you just reach down and grab a plate to place a scone on. “You think so?”

Jeremiah scoffs. “Please, if I’ve ever seen two smitten people, it’s you two. Why don’t you say something?”

As if he hears you, Newt looks up, meeting your eyes and smiling as he flips the page in his book. You smile back and raise a hand in a small wave.

“What if he thinks I’m just a friend?”

Jeremiah rolls his eyes as he starts on the third drink. “Please don’t be so ridiculous.”

You frown and place a muffin on a second plate. “It’s possible.”

He just shakes his head. “Next excuse.”

“What if he doesn’t like dogs? There’s a nosey one in the apartment next to me. He’d never be able to come over.”

“You go to his place. Next.”

You wrack your mind quickly and blurt out whatever comes to your mind first. “He’s from another country. What if he’s a swindler?”

Jeremiah actually stops making the fifth drink as he laughs, actually smacking the counter. “That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard you say.” He straightens, shaking his head. “And I have heard you say some dumb things.”

You frown at the counter, ignoring Newt’s questioning eyes when he looks up at Jeremiah’s ruckus.

Jeremiah notices your red cheeks and hunched shoulders. “Oh, come on, I didn’t mean anything by that. I’m serious, I just wish you would be too.”

“I am.” You grumble through clenched teeth, setting a turnover on a plate.

Jeremiah starts on the last drink. “What’s wrong? Why won’t you just ask him out?”

Your eyes wander back up to the man sitting at the metal table, shoulders curved as he continues reading his book. His thumbnail hangs in between his teeth as he focuses, gaze not leaving the page anymore. His head is tilted the slightest, and the cup of coffee you made him sits half full in front of him, napkin you wrapped around it shredded into tiny pieces.

He seems to feel your gaze. He looks up and smiles again, eyes darting to Jeremiah for a half second.

You smile back as your stomach flutters. He’s perfect and you, while you’re…

“I’m not as great.” You whisper to Jeremiah.

He stops his work, scoffing at your words, but you don’t see any malice in his face. “As me? Sure. But for a coffee shop worker, I guess you’re okay.”

You say nothing, just watch Newt.

Jeremiah sweeps up the tray of drinks. “Don’t let him get away because you’re scared, okay?”

You nod, and when Newt comes up half an hour later, you start to try to ask him out, but he stops you with a raised hand.

“I don’t mean to be so upfront,” his eyes dart to Jeremiah again, “but I was wondering if when you finish, I could perhaps take you to a pastry shop I know?”

He raises his eyebrows and leans forward, forearms against the counter, confidence rolling off him in waves you never expected to come from him.

You stutter out a yes, wishing you could say something better.

Newt just chuckles and bites his lip, pushing away from the counter and nodding his head. “I’ll be back at eight to pick you up?”

You nod, fingers pinching your arm through your sleeve. Oh goodness, this isn’t a dream.

Newt pauses, hand in his hair. “I can’t wait.”

You smile, heart flying at his adorably crooked grin. “I’ll try not to make you.”

Jeremiah was right. Heaven help you because you won’t be able to make it through this without help.

When Newt leaves with a final wave, you drop your head against the wall, ignoring Jeremiah’s finally. Oh Merlin, what have you gotten yourself into?

Jack is in Hufflepuff

Fight me on this 

Okay so imagine pureblood legacy magical prodigy Jack Laurent Zimmermann tiny little eleven year old anxious child, wanting to be in Gryffindor because his Dad was and not wanting to let him down, but secretly he doesn’t because he doesn’t want the pressure of living up to his Dads legacy. 

Jack’s mother was in Ravenclaw but he doesn’t want to be in Ravenclaw because he doesn’t feel confident that he’s smart or clever enough. 

Jack believes he belongs in Slytherin because he believes (fathers prejudice) that Slytherins are all bad people and he doesn’t think very much of himself, and thinks beyond all reason that he’s going to be in Slytherin and he’s made his peace with this. 

But then the sorting hat is like…hello adorable sad smol child. smol hardworking child who’s worked so hard his whole entire smol life…so dedicated and honest and loyal you are so bright and full of potential but you are too afraid too ask for things you want and too humble to believe you could be in ravenclaw and just oh my gosh what in heavens am I going to do with you my adorable anxious wizard child…you don’t want to show off, you don’t want to be reckless, you just try so hard…you need a house that makes you happy and fosters you in the best way possible, I know… Hufflepuff, you smol perfect anxious child. 

And then everyone is like, oh okay well thats okay, Hufflepuff is okay, that’s not a bad house, I mean, nothing wrong with Hufflepuff…and Jack is just like ?? Why are you trying to make me feel better?? this is amazing??? this is the best?? Everyone is the best?? Nobody cares who my dad is?? I’m so proud of myself I feel so good about myself?? No pressure at all?? Like…so happy?? what is this feeling I’ve never felt before?? 

and then like, Jack flourishes in Hufflepuff and becomes Quidditch Captain and loves Herbology and knows about all these magical herbs that help with anxiety and and brews like teas in his spare time and hands them out to stressed out Hufflepuffs during exams and things, Professor Sprout has him over for tea every Saturday. And he has this close group of friends and loves them all and is so loyal to them and they are so loyal to him and never doubts whether they really like him and he is so comfortable there. 

And then like, he meets Bitty in the kitchens, and he’s like a few years younger, and so happy and wonderful and of course he’s in Hufflepuff and just like feeds Jack pie and chats with him all night and then Jack is like…how did I??Get so lucky?? Best House??Best House Ever??

*ttoba screams in delight*


THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR LETTERS! I am in heaven right now, oh my friggin’ gosh! 8u8

I’ve compiled all the answers into one post bcz it’s pretty long, haha!

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oh good heavens for those art dead months I managed to forget the bullshit surrounding my photo sets being 80% flagged nsfw

oh my good fucking gosh

Is it my url???? Too many sarcastic “tag your porn” tags??? I don’t??? Fucking know???

Legit tho is it my url

Digibear Drabble: Like Us

RivamikaWeek, Day 1: Iridescence - Like the colorful effect of the inside of a seashell
Word Count: 1844 (short; reason for no Read More is because you can’t read at all on my blog grr) 

Like Us
a rivamikaweek fanfic by a rivamika fangirl
“That’s… a shit ton of water.”

“…That’s one way to describe it.”

Mikasa watched in minute fascination as the liquid expanse seemed to stretch towards their feet. All around them, clear water as far as the eye could see clashed with the white sand under their feet. For a moment, she feared that the mass of blue would take her, swallowing her whole and filling her lungs. But it couldn’t—not when they got this far. Not when they finally reached the end. Mikasa hesitated on instinct, one foot inching back in the sand.

A hand grasped her shoulder, stopping her. “Don’t,” Levi ordered just as the water tickled their feet. Swirling around their ankles, the freezing water sent chills to their spines and splashed little droplets onto their bare shins.

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Pot in Space
DJ Tendads
Pot in Space

The Ultimate Blank Space Remix



My ex man brought his new girlfriend she’s like oh my God, oh my God, oh my God, oh my God

(Oh myyyy gosh)

Verse 1:

Nice to meet you, where you been?

I can show you incredible things

Magic, madness, heaven, sin

I can show you The Incredibles

Oh my god, look at that face

You look like Magic Johnson

Love’s a game, wanna play?

(Do you want to play a game?)


Suit & Tie, Suit & Tie

(Imma leave it all on the floor tonight)

I can read Time Magazine in space

I’m dyin’, you’re dyin’, I’m dyin’, you’re dyin’

Dyin’, dyin’, dyin’, dyin’

I can make the bad guys die for a month


So it’s gonna be forever

Or it’s gonna be forever

Or it’s gonna be forever

Or it’s gonna be forever

They’ll tell you I’m drunk, they’ll tell you I’m God

(Oh myyyy gosh)

Got a long list of sins ‘cause you know I love torture

'Cause we’re young and we’re reckless

We’ll take this meat lover’s pizza

You got nasty breath

Get Listerine®

They’ll tell you I’m drunk, they’ll tell you I’m high

(Smoke weed everyday)

But I got pot in space, baby

and I’ll get high

Verse 2:

Cherry lips, cherry pie

I can show you incredible things

Stolen kisses, stolen pie

You’re the King, baby, I’m your queen

Find out what you want

Be that girl,  be that girl, be that girl

Who’s that girl?

It’s Jess! Oh no!

Screaming, crying, perfect fucking

I can turn all the tables gay

Pot garden filled with thorns

Keep you second guessing like “Oh my God, who is sheep?”

Baa, baa, baa, sheep

Baa, baa, baa, sheep

'Cause darling, I’m a nightmare dressed like a 

nightmare dressed like a nightmare (repeats into chorus)



We are never ever ever getting back together

We are never ever ever getting back together

You go talk to your friends, talk to my friends, talk to me

But we are never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever (repeats into Chorus)


anonymous asked:

oH MY GOSH I FOUND THE PERFECT SONG FOR LADY ZEDKIEL (sorry if I spelt it wrong ghuh) but have you heard "Good n' Evil" from the musical Jekyll and Hyde??? Oh my gosh it suits her so well

How do you tell evil from good?
Evil does well - good not so good!
Evil’s the one that is free everywhere -
Good is the one that they sell!
You must decide which is heaven -
Which is hell!

Good maintain evil’s a curse! -
But it is plain good’s even worse!
Evil’s the one that they tell you to shun -
Good is the one to embrace
Say that and Satan will laugh right in your face!

The lyrics certainly fit, and the woman singing, her voice is a very good fit for Zadkiel. Thanks for showing me this song!

platonic - aomine daiki

a/n: pointless fluff and crack. crappy writing. someone help me. thanks

words: 642

It was a rare thing to see him in your bedroom at 7 AM in the morning because it was usually the other way around: you barging into his room – not caring if you would be interrupting his beautiful slumber – in order to wake him up for school. The happening was too good to be true that you had to rub your eyes twice to make sure that Aomine Daiki was really in front of you, wide awake, at 7 AM.

“Hey, (f/n), I bet you haven’t eaten breakfast yet,” he smirked as he stated the obvious. You didn’t know what the hell he was up to and you were sure it wasn’t really something good. Oh no, not another shenanigan, please, you thought as you prayed to the heavens above that your best friend was actually up to something good.

Not wanting him to notice your doubts about his current actions, you decided to sass him off. “Duh? I know you’re pretty stupid but, oh my gosh, don’t tell me you’ve actually gotten worse!”

“Hey, hey! Don’t ignore my first statement!”

“Okay, fine. I haven’t eaten breakfast yet because obviously, I just woke up.”



He scowled the moment you finished yelling and throwing pillows at him. Thank goodness they were soft like marshmallows, as he would put it, and they didn’t hurt that much. “You’re pretty unfair, you know? I have never yelled at you whenever you do the same for me.”


“Okay, okay. I just dropped by to tell you: if you’re hungry just tell me because I got some buns for you…”

“Really? You actually bothered to—”

Your hopes for a better day were gone as you weren’t able to finish your reply the moment he lifted his shirt up and pointed towards his abdomen and mumbled, “yeah…here.”

And with that, you finally kicked him out of your room before screaming in irritation.


Just great.

Such best friend.

Much care.


After doing your usual morning routine (which was by the way moved to an earlier time this day in courtesy of your best friend), you went down and decided to actually grab some real breakfast. You didn’t want the rest of your day to be ruined so you thought that maybe you should just treat what happened earlier like a dream. Besides, Aomine would never be awake by 7 AM or earlier, especially on a Sunday. Well maybe unless something bad happened, but obviously that’s not exactly the case today.

While you were about to get a glass of milk from the fridge, you noticed a note with some pretty messed up handwriting, which you were sure about who owned it, placed on the silver door of the appliance.

‘I actually bought buns. Check the cupboard. They’re custard-filled ones. Don’t ask me how or where I got them. Also, don’t ask me later how the hell was I awake at such an early hour because here’s the answer: I wasn’t able to sleep last night until now. But I might try sleeping again. Good morning. Have a nice day, (f/n).

P.S. Please let me sleep the whole day. I promise to wake up during the evening so that you can help me with my homework.’

Maybe it was really too good to be true, but you were more than grateful that it actually happened. Humming, you went towards the cupboard to check the buns he bought for you and thought that he probably deserved additional hours of sleep for this day.

Disney world (Tyler Seguin for pucksluuuuuut)

“TY C’MON LET’S GO ON THAT—WAIT NO, I WANT TO GO ON—OH MY GOODNESS LOOK AT THOSE HATS AND—OH MY GOSH IS THAT GOOFY?!” You yelled out all in one sentence. You couldn’t help but freak out, it was your first time at Disney and you were in heaven. You heard a loud chuckle from behind you and a pair of strong arms wrap around your waist and soft lips kiss the side of your face.

“Babe, don’t worry, we’ll get to do it all…” Your boyfriend mumbled in your ear. Since Tyler had a break now for off-season, the first thing he did was book an amazing 4-day vacation with you to Disney world. You were staying in the nicest room of the nicest resort with the best boyfriend ever.

“I cannot believe you have never been here before… it’s like… like I can’t even describe it.”

You smiled and turned around to face Tyler. You kissed his lips softly before smiling.

“Can we please go ride the tea-cups?” you asked him with puppy dog eyes.

“You know how sick I get on those spinny things…” he said crossing his arms over his chest, staring at the tea-cups that were spinning way too fast for his liking.

“Pleeeeeeeeeeease?” you begged him kissing his cheek in the process. You felt him sigh against your skin before he looked down at you and licked his lips.

“You’re lucky I love you because I wouldn’t do this in a million years for anybody else…” he said grumbling and beginning to walk towards the short line-up to ride the cups.

“I am lucky… extremely lucky.” You smiled as you grabbed onto his arm as you both waited in line. After you had waited about 30 minutes, it was finally your turn. As the Disney worker opened the gates, you immediately sprinted towards the big cup in the back. You hopped in and began squealing before realizing that Tyler was not behind you. You looked around only to see him taking his sweet time walking towards you. You could tell he was nervous, but he was trying too hard not to show it. He crossed his arms over his chest as he stepped into the cup and sat next to you. He buckled both of you in before leaning his head against the bar that was holding both of you in the ride.

“I cannot believe I am doing this…” he said looking up at you, trying to hide the smile from creeping up his lips. You grabbed his hand and gave it a squeeze.

“C’mon babe, just get through this one and then we’ll do anything you want to… even if it involves eating everything in the concession stand.” You said while chuckling. He smiled and looked down at your entwined fingers.

“I love you… so much.” He said.

“I love you too, and thank you for taking me here.” You said looking into his eyes.

“It’s my pleasure, but fair warning, you might not want to say that now, because you might get off this ride with vomit all over you, so…”

You started laughing at his remark, which made him smile. He looked a bit calmer now that you were talking, but then the cups started moving. You heard many younger children squealing from where they were sitting. This made you yell out in excitement. You looked over at Tyler who was looking rather tense and holding on to the security bar for dear life. You gave his shoulder a quick massage before mumbling,

“Just relax, let lose and I promise it’ll be fine!”

He took a deep breath before letting go of the security bar, and taking your hand in his. Once the ride started, you were having the best time of your life. There was just something about how spinning around in circles made you feel. You wished you could say the same about Tyler, but it wasn’t as bad as you thought it would be. He was screaming and yelling at some points, but at others, he looked sick. After a short 45 seconds or so, the ride ended and the spinning stopped. Your head felt light and spinny, almost like you were on clouds. You let out a laugh and looked over at Tyler who was just sitting there. You tapped his cheek quickly causing him to look at you.

“You good?”

“Yeah… I just uhm I need to sit down.” He said taking short, quick breaths.

You nodded and undid the seatbelt and security bar. You stood up no problem, but you offered your shoulder for Tyler to lean on as he couldn’t really stand on his own.

“So, how you holding up?” you asked as you both walked slowly to the nearest bench. He fell onto it, and you next to him. He looked down at you and sighed.

“Never, again…”

“Fair enough, at least you tried it…” You smiled

“Anything for you…”

You smiled and spent most of the rest of the day lazing around taking it easy as it took Tyler the whole night to get over the impact of the little kids ride.

“Alright, now it is my turn to chose a ride…”

“Ty, you could barely stomach the tea-cups how do you expect to do anything else?” 

Hope you like it:)