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devils-lament-deactivated201505  asked:

could you recommend me any good horror games? I've played mad father dreaming Mary so far as horror goes

gosh yes of course i can!!!! i’m not totally up to date with all of the current popular ones right now but i do have some i really love and want everyone to play!!! I hope at least some of this is helpful in your search but I love these games too much to be able to have coherent thoughts about them! ^o^;;

1. The Witch’s House!!! The one game I always recommend people is The Witch’s House!!! Definitely play it if you haven’t because the twist is something that I have still have not gotten over!!! It’s pretty popular so if you are tired of people talking about it i am sorry but gosh!!! It is the best!!! I played it such a long while ago and I’ll never forget how totally creepy it is!!! Not only is it scary, but the atmosphere and endings are very memorable!!!! The deaths are ridiculous in number and if you’ve ever wanted to feel totally heartbroken and scared at the same time it is definitely the cute pixel game for you!!! Please play it because it is definitely my favorite spooky rpg!!!! It was the game that got me into these games and got me started drawing lots of spooky rpg fanart!!! ^O^

2. Re:Kinder!!! This game is so cute and incredibly SADDDD!!!! and definitely silly sometimes and oh my gosh i love it so much i do not even know how to talk about it properly because ahhhh!!! this is a very important game for me. It’s not really that scary but it does fit the genre!! It’s a game i love enough to recommend to people so please look into it sometime!!!!

3. Mermaid Swamp! This one totally fits the horror genre! Definitely the scariest of the games im recommending to you! It spooks me out just thinking about it!!! i’ve been meaning to draw fanart for like ever but oh my gosh is this game spooky dooky and neato too! The Yaobikuni ending of this game is probably my favorite endings in any spooky rpg game ever too! I also love all of the Ophelia paintings in the game!! If you want something horror it is definitely for you!!

4. Cloé’s Requiem!!! I only played this recently but it is incredibly heart wrenching and if you want to cry? and you want to rip out your own heart and throw it away? this spooky game is definitely for you!!! gosh i love it so much and wish more people would play it so i could talk to them about it!!!

5. Fantasy Maiden’s Odd Hideout!!! Made by the same group as Cloé’s Requiem, this one is just as enjoyable (and painful)! Its cute atmosphere at the beginning of the game quickly turns into something incredibly creepy for the player the longer they play! Based on your icon I assume you dig vampires and cute boys (Bernd is so cute in this game and I want to pinch his cheeks off!!!) so gosh I think you’d like this game a lot too!!!! Not a lot of kiddos have played this one so I definitely feel the need to push it into your face!!! I definitely want more people to appreciate it!!!!!