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Future Family of Four.


Characters: Spencer Reid x Reader

A/N: This still involving a baby but I decided to change it because the one I had written up didn’t turn out so good so I have no made the genius’ baby grow older into a cute, little preschooler. So this is about the reader taking the child to see Spencer when he arrives home from a case BUT OF COURSE, there is a little surprise. WARNING: MAY CONTAIN CUTENESS!

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Yes. When I was 4 I was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukaemia, it attacked my platelets. It was the reason my mom made us move and I was bullied hardcore. At 6 years old I wanted nothing more than for the cancer to kill me, I was angry when they told me I was a survivor. I had the wish for years and this year I celebrated 15 years cancer free yet that childish wish will always live in the back of my skull. I'm suffering with health problems now and sometimes it's all I can think about.

Oh my gosh.. I really don’t know how to respond to this dfjkhfgkskj I am really.. I’m really sorry to hear that you wish you had died.. I hope you can find peace and eventually not want that anymore.


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Happy Birthday to Mob!! You’ve made a lot of friends this year, here’s to another good one!! :DDD