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One part of my brain is like "maybe nothing else all happen today and you're gonna stay up all night for nothing" and the other part is like "BINCH MAD SHIT MAD TEA THIS MEANS SOMETHING"

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:honestly I’m so nervous of waiting, I need them to shoot now and end with this anxiety lol

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I just woke up. Fuck I saw Louis’ tweet and insta notification on my lockscreen and my heart skipped a beat!!! Now I’m so nervous oh my gosh

I’m just…… dead again lol 

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I’m crying so hard rn, it just hit me they’re only going thru this shit because.. they fell in love 😭

Anonymous said to shadyshit91:I really think he did this to send a public message that it will ALWAYS be Harry. If you see the timing, doing that in the middle of the Oscars, he didnt want to get too much attention to it. But he still wanted to pass along that message, to state loud and clear how it has and will always be Harry. So it does it in tthe middle of the Oscars, so fans will see, but it will be mostly overlooked by the media.

technicolourlove said to shadyshit91:Honestly Blue, I’m not gonna pretend like tonight’s shenanigans don’t mean anything but if you think of the sheer amount of SHIT they’ve been through and how they’re love it still so real, it’s all gone be okay. It’s gonna suck for a while longer but we are so much closer to the end than we’ve ever been. I just remember back in 2012 wondering if things were ever going to be okay, and while I never imagined it would come to this, truly something is going to come out of all this.

Hm…. rude lol but yes, things will be ok. I trust Louis and I trust them 


Everybody who I’ve talked to about the show loves it and has great things to say about it. And that’s really amazing to be part of. Also, it takes some getting used to. Living in New York, especially: The week before it came out, I was walking down the street, going to my normal coffee shop and the week after, I’m getting recognized. ‘Oh my gosh, are you Nancy?’ It’s a crazy turn of events. I could not have expected this. 

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Okay so this is kinda random but I had a dream the other night that I was watching an animated Rhett and Link movie (they were in space and Barbara was lost on Mars or something), and while watching I kept thinking to myself “Dang, this style looks so familiar!” So the credits start rolling and I saw your name! It was your movie! :D When I woke up I was so upset that it wasn’t real….

Oh wow, that sounded like a really awesome dream! I would love to watch that movie~ (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧
And oh my gosh, I’m so surprised I was a part of your dream wow ;o; !!
I’m sadly not an animator, so I made this movie poster kind of thing about your dream. Thanks a whole bunch for sharing your dream with me, I got so inspired to draw something to it ♥

Nobody Needs to Know || Pt. 2

Pt. 1 || Pt. 3

Pairing: Jughead x Reader


Prompts: #93 “But, I said I love you.”

Warnings: A singular swear, some sad times, a very stupid Juggie

A/N: Let me know how you feel! If you’re interested in a part three, message me! Requests are also open for other imagines!

“You have feelings for me?”


You go slack-jawed, unable to understand exactly what had transpired in the short time it took you to go to the restroom. Jug still hasn’t blinked or made any sort of indication that he’s alive, frozen just as you are. The heat seeps from your hands, making them clammy which ,you take a ridiculous moment to think, is probably the grossest word in existence. You feel the missing heat from your fingers move up to your neck, making its way up your face until the heat makes you feel light-headed. 

Still, no one has said anything. You throw a quick glance to the friends across from you, seeing equally dumbfounded expressions. All three meet your gaze, with Betty shaking her head apologetically. Your face falls and you look back to the boy that still has not moved.

“I, uh, I just,” you pause, taking a deep breath in and blowing it back out again. 

He started to look angry. His fists ball, veins becoming more defined as his skin pulls taut. “Well?” He looks away from you, finally, moving his gaze to the friends across from you two.

Archie tugs on Betty’s sleeve, pulling her and Veronica out of the booth. “I, uh, think we should go.” He looks meaningfully at B and V, giving you a supportive smile as he drags them off.

Once the bell rings out, signalling their departure, Jughead’s hands relax and he sinks against the sticky vinyl of the booth. 

Well, if there was a time to try and explain, it must be now.

“Okay, Jug. Here it is. Here’s all of it.” You turn to fully face him in the booth, crossing one leg under the other and setting your fidgeting hands in between them. You try to look him in the eye, but seeing his face once again devoid of expression is too much. Instead, you settle on watching your hands betray your nerves. “I have feelings for you. Not… not like feelings we have for friends, for Archie or Betty or V. As in, sometimes I want to kiss you but also sometimes being too close drives me crazy feelings.” You look up again, only to find no reaction. Back to your hands. “I’ve know for- well, I was going to say forever, which is just blatantly incorrect. I’ve felt like this for almost our entire friendship, but I didn’t figure it out for a couple years after. I didn’t intend to develop feelings, and I really don’t want to lose you.” You look up once more, and finally there is something behind his eyes. Confusion, mostly, but it’s something. Your gazes stay on each other as you continue. “I love you, Jughead Jones. As more than the best friends I know we are.” The side of you mouth quirks up, but quickly drops again as your brow crinkles. “But, if you want to stay friends, I understand. Just, please Jug. Please,” you untangle your hands to put one on his bicep,” don’t let this ruin anything. Ruin us.”

Silence. Your hand slips away, and while you had not noticed yourself leaning forward during the speech you are now very aware of the miniscule distance between you two. Collapsing a bit, putting some distance in between, you see Jughead turn to you with determination and apology written in every line of his face.

“I’m just-” he shakes his head. “I’m sorry, Y/N. I don’t feel the same way.” His face crumples, but you don’t let him see yours do the same. 

Instead, you take another deep breath and give another smile. “That’s okay! We can just go back to how we were. If you want, we can call everyone back and just have a normal night?” As much as you want to hide your emotions, you hope he hears the plea hidden in the question. 

He looks away from you now, taking your earlier trick of staring at his hands. “I really don’t think that’s the best idea.”

Your heart feels a little twinge, but quickly you dispel it. “Y’know, I am a little tired. It’s pretty late, I’ll just walk home.” You stand from the booth, slinging your bag across your shoulder. “But we’re still on for tomorrow, right? All of us meeting at Twilight?”

He shakes his head. “I don’t think we can be around each other for a while, Y/N.”

You logically knew your heart couldn’t drop into your stomach, but logic never applied to your feelings for Jughead Jones.

“But, I said I loved you. And I meant it, in both the feelings way but also just the best friend way. That’s gotta count for something, Jug. You can’t push me away just because we’re a little uncomfortable right now.” You begin to worry. “If we don’t try to get past it now, we probably never will! It’ll just get worse over time and then our entire friend group will dissipate and they’ll drop me because I’m the youngest and everyone knows the youngest is cast out in major friend debates and-”

“Y/N!” Jughead pleads, “Please stop. I just need time. We’re okay, I promise, but I think we both just need a little time. Just, just go home.”

He doesn’t look at you, hands once again clenching. Instead of making more of a fool of yourself, you turn on your heel and walk out of the door to Pop’s.

It’s chilly, but you expected as much. What you did not expect was the trio that had left earlier, standing there expectantly. 

“What are you-”

“Did you honestly believe we wouldn’t watch through the window, Y/N/N?” Veronica gives you a sad smile, and Archie opens up his arms and walks towards you with a matching expression. 

Warmth envelopes you, and before long you feel sobs wrack your body. Archie just holds you, and you swear you hear a sniffle or two from him as the two girls join in your comfort session.

You aren’t sure how long you stand out there, taking strength from the friends that stayed in the cold to prepare for any outcome. What you are sure of is that Jughead watched the entire exchange, seeing him turn away through the window just as the group dispersed and started the trek to Archie’s house.


Everybody who I’ve talked to about the show loves it and has great things to say about it. And that’s really amazing to be part of. Also, it takes some getting used to. Living in New York, especially: The week before it came out, I was walking down the street, going to my normal coffee shop and the week after, I’m getting recognized. ‘Oh my gosh, are you Nancy?’ It’s a crazy turn of events. I could not have expected this.

One of my favorite Kai headcanons

One of my favorite Kai headcanons that I like to imagine is that he doesn’t get sick too much since his body’s hot, so he tends to kill anything that tries to get him sick before he feels anything.

However, it’s when he gets sick, that’s when its horrible.

His body temperature raises higher than usual to try and burn it out, but that often requires it to be so high that he’s so out of it, has to be in bed, is sweating, getting dehydrated, and tends to have the hallucinations you get when the tempt is too high. He isn’t really right in the head during the times whan he’s sick; he does a lot of mumbling and can’t really form sentences well.

Sometimes his body will even flare up in bursts of flames since his body may be really hot, but he just FEELS so cold so he tends to flare up since he mentally believes that he’s actually cold so he tries to warm up. The whole flaring thing doesn’t happen too often, a lot of times when he’s unconscious. They have to get fireproof blankets and clothes for him during that time.

Kai doesn’t get sick often, but when he does, it’s pretty bad but doesn’t last for too long. (He doesn’t really remember what goes on when he’s sick, but the others do since it’s pretty freaky to see how messed up he gets.)

“jenna’s only with tyler for his money smh”

it’s not like jenna started dating him before twenty one pilots released vessel, which was their first well-known album, or before tyler became remotely famous or successful financially. 


“jenna needs to stop showing off her ring gosh we get it, you own tyler”

i guess i forgot the part where jenna forced tyler to propose to her.

“jenna is so selfish with tyler like back off he was josh’s friend first”

“jenna needs to share her husband with us too”

not really, no. but she does anyways. 

“jenna’s evil and i wish tyler would just divorce her already, she doesn’t deserve him”

right, okay. 

nursey finds out dex is gay and develops a huge, ongoing high-school-movie-esque Plan™ to make him fall head over heels in love with him

dex of course is already in love and every time nursey executes part of his plan it goes wrong. dex thinks it’s hilarious

Forgive me Father - Priest!Dean Winchester x Reader - Part 2

Title: Forgive me Father

Pairing: Priest!Dean Winchester x Reader

Word Count: About 3,150

Warnings: Breaking of Vows, Priest!Dean, implied smut, heated moments

Prompt: Reader is the daughter of a preacher herself but she finds herself unable to stop all those sinful thoughts when she meets the newest priest in town. And it all gets so much worse when it turns into love. Will it be the kind of love that will destroy her or not?

Read Part 1 here!

“Do you see that back?” the voice whispered “Gosh the way those muscles flex under that black shirt.”

“Oh I know I’d give everything to just rip it off of him and have him walking topless around.” another whispered.

“But he’d keep the collar one.” another one whispered with a giggle.

“Topless? Are you kidding me?” another scoffed and you started tapping your foot in annoyance “More like naked! Oh my gosh, can you imagine that perfect ass of his in full view?” she let a low moan and you pursed your lips.

“His ass?” the fourth one asked in a hushed voice tone “More like something else.” she said and all three of them giggled hysterically- until someone whisper hissed at them tobe quite. You couldn’t be more thankful to them but unfortunately your happy moment of what you could call silence was soon over.

“I don’t know about you-” the first voice spoke again “-but I could stare at those lips for hours.”

“Well-” the third giggled “I certainly wouldn’t just stare at them mhm.” she moaned and they all giggled again.

Go to the Church today your father said. It will be fun he said. Something to calm you down he said. A moment of peace he said. Yeah right.

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I love it when my autistic friends start telling me about how the world works as part of their special interests.

One of my friends has a special interest in linguistics and whenever they start talking about it… oh my gosh. I learn so much! So many great facts! Nuances I never would have figured out on my own!

So, yeah, autistic infodumps are the best.


oh my gosh, every time he goes up he looks at the camera!! SO PRECIOUS (part 6 of those weird videos of sportacus exercising while staring into your soul)

and he also did this sorta thing in 1993!!

at 1:48

Don’t Give Up (Faded Part 2)

Pairing: Barry x Reader

Characters: Barry Allen, Cisco Ramon, Caitlin Snow (briefly), Joe West (briefly), Wally West (briefly), Reader

Warnings: none… I’m finding it odd that I don’t have any warnings to put up… ever…

Words: 1566


“Part 2 to Don’t Forget? I need more! :)” -Anon

“Can you write a part 2 to Don’t Forget? I need more. XD” -Anon

“oh my god, you need to make a part 2 of Dont Forget !! It can’t just leave off to that!!” -Anon

“OH MY GOSH. Part Two of don’t forget pleases!!!!!!!” -Anon

“Please please please do another part to don’t forget, I love it” -Anon

A/N: I find it much easier with a provided prompt for a sequel to a part, so thank you for the help, barnesgasm. And it took me forever to get the second gif blurry, so I hope you all appreciate that. XD

I’ve decided to title this series Faded, so don’t get confused for that title up there! ENJOY!!!

Tag(s): @barnesgasm

“Barry, I- We can’t do anything more,” Caitlin declared. “We didn’t even know where to start! Yeah, it feels like someone is missing, but we don’t know who. We don’t know what they look like or sound like. There’s no way we can work under these circumstances.”

Barry huffed in annoyance. “I know this is impossible, but we’re known to make the impossible possible. Caitlin, we can’t give up. I refuse to give up. Not on…” He trailed off, lost for words. He didn’t know who they were looking for - male or female - and he wasn’t going to jump on conclusions.

“You don’t even know who you’re giving up on, Barry,” Caitlin snapped, annoyed. “There are greater things to worry about, like other metas, and we all know metas aren’t going to stop once they set their mind on being evil.”

“I hate to say it, Barry, but Caitlin’s right,” Joe declared. “I can’t throw out an APB if we don’t have any solid information on who the person is. The Chief isn’t going to go with it based on a hunch.”

“How about we just all sleep on it before we start jumping to conclusions?” Cisco said before any more words could be said. “It’s already past one in the morning and I’m sure we’re all just tired.”

“I’m gonna have to agree with Cisco,” Wally offered. “Let’s just give it a break for now and see how we’re all feeling about it afterwards.”

“What do you know?” Barry sneered angrily at Wally, glaring in his direction. “You just got here. You don’t even know who this person is, so why are you here? Why do you care?”

“Barry,” Joe declared, shocked at Barry’s sudden hostility.

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oh my gosh, lgbt+ people of color are lovely and good and brilliant and totally terrific! being a person of color is awesome and being a part of the lgbt+ community is awesome so by extension, lgbt+ people of color are doubly awesome! we’re so glad to have you as a part of our community!

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Don't get me wrong get me wrong, I love Allura. She's an amazing dynamic character. I just feel like the fandom puts her on a pedestal of perfection/can do no wrong, which is very untrue. Mistakes are what make characters grow. I want to see Allura grow, not be stuck in the black/white and good/evil that tumblr seems to think. I hope that makes sense

Oh my gosh, I feel you completely, nonnie! Fanon!Allura honestly isn’t accurate to her actual character. I mean, yes, she is definitely badass and yes she is extremely smart and capable, but she’s also scared and lost and makes bad decisions or can be rash or hurtful to others. That’s part of why I love her so much! 

I really, really relate to her I guess - like Allura, I lost my father very abruptly when I was young, and like her it put me in a position where I had to grow up a lot earlier than I should have. Allura is in that same boat. She lost someone that meant the world to her in the middle of an already difficult, vulnerable time in her life; it forced her to have to abruptly grow up and fill his shoes and become a leader in an intergalactic war. And she did an amazing job of it, but she’s still “human” (so to speak, I mean this in the colloquial sense, in that she’s still a living, breathing creature with emotions and flaws and feelings) and is still still hurting over the loss of her father. 

She makes mistakes, she wants to be back in her father’s arms, she wants life to be the way it used to be. But it isn’t and it won’t be. This is why Crystal Venom is still one of my favorite episodes, because it really shows this flawed, scared, unsure side of Allura. 

This girl is broken and hurting and having to make choices that she never should have had to make in the first place. And yes, she’s badass, and yes she eventually makes the correct choices, which is why we love her. But she still falters and fears and makes mistakes. 

Her unwillingness to let her father go, her rash decision to put herself in the hands of the Galra and literally toss Shiro out, her poorly-thought out decision to abandon the castle because she was scared Zarkon might be tracking her (just like Keith feared about himself) and thought the paladins might be better/safer if she weren’t there (like Keith thought about his own presence in the castle),  her skepticism about Keith’s loyalties after she finds out he’s part Galra, these are all such real flaws that could literally happen to anyone. And the fact that so much of the fandom just… ignores all that for the sake of putting her on a pedestal of imperfection is such a shame… it’s ignoring a HUGE part of who Allura is. 

She’s good overall, she’s a good person - but she still does bad things sometimes, she still makes bad decisions, or behaves rashly, just like any of us might - and the true showing of the good in her is how she overcomes these hardships, how she learns. 

[it’s worth noting that the other characters on the show similarly have very complicated and multifaceted personalities and behaviors, too, just like Allura, which is part of why this show is so amazing - I just didn’t delve into them here because this post was about Allura and not about the rest of the team :) ]

Puppies (Newt x reader)

Request: Newt and the reader walking threw the mall and then they find the pet store and they spend the rest of the day looking at the puppies. ( also can we add a part where Newt is looking at a puppy and it puts it’s paw up on the glass on top of Newt’s hand and he just sequels and goes OH MY GOSH IT CHOSE ME!!) Summary: I’m lazy so just read the request

____________________________________________ Newt and I were just walking around the local mall. It was full of different muggle shops. Newt saw that there was a muggle pet store and dragged me in to the store. I reluctantly followed because I knew that we would be leaving with a new pet seeming as Newt loves animals. We were looking at the golden retriever puppies when Newt put his hand on the glass. A puppy that was supper small put it’s paw on the glass over his hand and Newt squealed. “Oh my goodness it likes me” he said in an oddly high pitched voice. I just rolled my eyes while he bagged me to get it for him. I tried to tell him he had a whole case of creatures, and if they saw a puppy they would probably eat it. He kept bagging for ten minutes so I gave in. We talked to the person at the counter and adopted the tiny golden puppy. We asked what we need to buy for it. We bought a little more than we need to. Newt got the most expensive dog bed, dog food and toys for the puppy. After we left the store we went back to our shared apartment. I asked Newt what he wanted to name the small puppy. He replied with “ Charlie”. Ok so that was quick. After we got a corner set up for Charlie we sat on the couch with him and talked for hours. ____________________________________________ A/n: thanks for the request sadly the imagine is not that good be cause I wrote it in class. Also I want to thank @deepfriedninja for giving me names for the puppy. Also sorry it’s so short.

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I follow a lot of Lazytown blogs because honestly it's beautiful, but I'm not actually a part of the fandom. I'm curious, however, about the (proclaimed, though obviously not exclusively) children's show. In your opinion; Should I try watching it?

oh my gosh yea!! it’s super adorable and fun to watch, especially like… every scene with robbie. there’s a lot to love about it, and i’d defiantly recommend it because it’s so lighthearted and cute and so funny (there so much meme material and things that make you go ???? because they’re just so Extra). and if you join the fandom and take part in the Sportarobbie Experience™, take a look at the icelandic plays and see all the really cool art and fanfics, it becomes even more fun. i hope you decide to give it a try! 

Holidays are the best because Tome gets to do what she loves in pajamas, at home: laze around and game <3

For @friendbot as my part of the Mob Psycho 100 Holiday Gift Exchange 2016! I hope you like it and have a happy and peaceful winter! @christmas-shou