oh my gosh i love it!

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you kind of look like yuuto in that selfie you posted a few months back haha d: the "cartoon x photo" experiment one! also i love your art- good luck with everything :D

oh gosh I had to look at it again, now I cannot unsee haha

It’s not intentional! Yuuto doesn’t wear glasses normally, so this is just coincidence XD

And thank you! I will do my best!

Hello ~

I’ve reached about 1k followers… which was by some other type of “followers” that are b l o c k e d .. NEVERTHELESS thank you so much to all my lovely followers and mutuals. Like??? I am not anything special. All I do is spam and sometimes cry in the tags but yall are lovely and I appreciate you all. Therefore please please keep being beautiful, awesome, and wonderful. AND REMEMBER: YOU MATTER + YOU ARE LOVED ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎ ❤︎

Here are some wonderful followers and / or mutuals I have and I just  ❤︎ yall. If I forgot some people, I am terribly sorry. I do not mean to forget anyone.

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NCT When You Like Cuddling Up to Them

Requested by: anonymous ;))) (omg wowie it’s sure been a while since i’ve updated i hope you didn’t forget about this request omg sORRYY)

Submission: “Hi sorry for forgetting the unit! Guess I was too excited lol~ I’ll re-request^^ NCT 127 + Kun reaction to when their s/o loves cuddling up to them randomly just because they like being close! Thank you again ^-^”

Genre: fluff

961 Words


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[daily-deino mod] oh gosh, your style is so cute! Would love to see a victini x deino fusion? :3c

(I’m not gonna lie, I think this is one of my top favorites that I’ve done! Because of that I included shiny ver as well!)

Meet Deinini!

This Pokemon is actually very affectionate. It’s small size makes it very cuddly and it likes to hug the legs of its trainer. Just watch out for that mouth! If if doesn’t have anything to chew on, it might just bite whatever’s nearby! Chewy toys are highly recommended…


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apparently jin dressed exactly like jimin (during concert rehearsals) bc of the gun threat i cant even omg i love jin so much and im so thankful to him for wanting to protect jimin but at the same time theyre my top two biases and i'm super shaken by this news. bts's friendship is really admirable - little anon

Oh my gosh. he is such a freaking angel. I love him so much! <3

-Admin Kat

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Oh my gosh you older Chara with their long swishy hair is the friggin best I swear I live for swooshy


I generally love drawing older Chara, there’s something about them that’s simultaneously beautiful in an otherworldly kind of way and still more human than when they were a kid

maybe it’s the fact that they don’t pretend so much. they let themself be more closed-off and reserved instead of feeling like they have to act a certain way.

I love my child ok, I love seeing them grow up big and tough and true to themself

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so i have this gay girl dating app just for kicks but this rlly cute girl messaged me last week so we started talking & we've been talking constantly bc she's just awesome to talk to & she's in this rad local band & there's a concert at this cool old theatre & i'm gonna go see her play there!! & she's super cute & has bright red hair & a pretty voice & i've got the date of the concert legit circled on my calendar like some 80s movie shit & i can't stop smiling when i talk to her i'm in love omg

That’s so cute!!! Oh gosh, that’s absolutely adorable!! I hope everything goes well between you two, keep me posted!!! I’m rooting for you!

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Reminder that you are an amazing person that I love and I'm sorry it's been a while since I last talked to you, life has been crazy lately. I hope everything is going well with you

Oh my gosh, there’s no need to say sorry! I’m sorry that we haven’t talked in so long! Things are pretty good over here. How about you? How is school? Actually, this is silly, let me just message you. Okay, I love you and you’re the best. 

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Hi! I just wanted to say that you are so freaking talented like everything you draw is so beautiful, and also thanks for reblogging my writing bc the notes just flooded in. Love ya♥

hello!!! Thank you so so much oh my gosh <333 Excuuuuse me, I should be thanking you for that amazing headcanon plssss and love ya too ( ˘ ³˘)♥

xtaticpearl said: Wait wait wait, you got a new fic out? oh my gosh I have you on my subscriber list and I didn’t get any notif! I wanna read!! I always wait for your fics and I ALWAYS love them!! Chuck the hater out, honestly, cause you’re a brilliant writer.

I just reposted a Tumblr fic over at Ao3, so nothing exciting. :) and I mean, if I did it wrong, fair game, let me know and I’ll fix it, but when you’re excited about a comment and it’s just someone condescending at you… *sigh*

10 question tag

tagged by the lovely @mapibee! thank you so much!! 

rules: answer the questions set by the tagger, make your own and then tag some people! (this is mac answering these btw ok go!) 

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I have a really cute story that relates to Auston and his heritage, so my little brother (we are half Hispanic from my dads side) was watching hockey with me and he knows how good Auston is and I was talking to him how he also is Hispanic and my brothers eyes got so wide and he was like "LIKE ME AND YOU?!?" And I was like "yup just like us" and he got so happy and was like "I can play hockey like him!!! I wanna be just like him!!" And now Auston is this huge role model for him and i love it

oh my gosh, that’s amazing! i’m so happy you’re brother sees a role model in auston!! this is why it’s so important for people to know his heritage, it’s about what it means to kids like your brother! i love this!! thank you for sharing this absolutely adorable story, oh my god ☺️

tag ten people you want to get to know better

the beautiful @fallxng-stars tagged me in this (bless you)

name/nickname: nadya. i dont really have a nickname,, someone started calling me nads but it didnt really stick, so oh well

relationship status: single as heck

favourite colour/s: dude, i love so many colours! there’s grey and blue and pink and green and peach !!! theyre all so pretty

last song i listened to: currently listening to the les mis soundtrack bc im obsessed again oops, 

favourite tv shows: oh my gosh we [my family] just finished watching dickensian and holy moly it was amazing but dudeee,,, the feels. honestly heartbroken even though i knew what was gonna happen bc its in the book. but honestly it was amazing and i highly recommend watching it!! also thoroughly enjoyed firefly and starnger things, definitely watch those if you haven’t yet

first fandom: probably sounds ridiculous but mum would play the les miserables soundtrack and we’d watch the movies when i was like 4 years old and id be singing along to it (to mum’s horror - specifically lovely ladies bc its about prostitution) but yeah, that was probably my first fandom? before i even knew what fandoms were hahah

hobbies: i love to read (even though i barely do it nowadays), also love baking. im super into art and drawing and writing poetry as well, so yeah. ((also love talking to my friends bc i love y’all))

books im currently reading: about to start all quiet on the western front bc its the reading book we’re gonna do in english next term

worst thing ive ever eaten: i am such a fussy eater, so this list could go on for a while hahaha, but i absolutely hate banana and coconut and broccoli and ew there are loads more stuff but im too lazy to type them all out

favourite place/s: YO you know its art galleries and museums, oh my gosh, my happy places :) also i love bookstores and libraries

okay so im gonna tag @troublish @tomorrown3verdies @weshallbefree-together @am-i-blue @grodey @shneighjeffery @angelr0se @lhsk-sanches @s-yr @yuongii  ((if you dont wanna do it thats okay :) ! ))

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haha oh man i just had a flashback to the fact that one of my favorite recent dc comics characters was first introduced in one of the supergirl series. they team up and then kara goes home and tells her best friend "so i met a girl today" and his gaydar goes off like 150% and is like "TELL ME EVERYTHING"


simsparadise3  asked:

Son! When is your birthday?? (I'll probably ask this a lot so bear with me aha) Top 3 characters & also I heard you like cosplay yes? Wanna see mine~?

LESBIAN MOM! My birthday is April 7th! It’s okay if you ask multiple times (just means you care enough to ask honestly so I’m thrilled ehe, thank you for asking in the first place!). And ooo gosh top three??? That’s so hard but Kanna, Sonico, and Madoka are probably among the top three from the top of my head anyways. I like so many TT u TT akkkaesntgkljnmgr…. 

AND YES OH MY GOODNESS COSPLAYING IS SO FUN AND I WOULD LOVE TO SEE CUTIES IN COSPLAY! Please! Send me your pics! This is almost as good as receiving nudes tbh aaaa I can’t wait to see you and @enby-gaymer in cosplay.. if yall ever wanna send me your cosplay pics I’d love to compliment and fangirl over ya