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Internet meltdown!

Anon asked for a Dan imagine where the reader is a really famous singer that Danhas a celebrity crush on and they meet at a party and get flirty then louise accidently vlogs them kissing and the world melts down. Lets go!

Y/n Pov

I walk off stage, wiping the sweat off my forehead before chugging a bottle of water. I could still hear the crowd screaming my name, wanting me to sing one last song. I sigh, knowing I couldn’t give them what they wanted and started walking towards my dressing room. “Y/N!” I heard someone yell from behind me. Turning quickly, I see a familiar head of blonde and pink curly hair being held back by security. “Wait let her through!” I call. The guards look at me but let go of the young woman. “Thanks Y/n.” Louise laughed as she looked at me. “Louise my dear childhood friend, may I ask what you are doing here?” I question as we embrace each other. After not seeing each other for about 4 years, getting to hug one another was like a gift from what ever higher power rules over us. “I wanted to see you! And I was wondering is you were busy right now because I am throwing one of our old fashioned parties so I was wondering if you wanted to come?” I grin in excitement as she said ‘our old fashioned parties’. We used to throw the best parties when we were in high school and some of the best clubs couldn’t beat them. I nod frantically and she squeals with the excitement of having a party together again. Realising I am still in my stage gear, I grab her hand a haul her into my dressing room. “Why are we here?” “I need to change Lou! Halp!” She chuckles mischievously and walks over to the rack of clothes. After 5 minutes of scrutinizing my clothes, she grabs something then drags me into the bathroom. She locks the door behind us and  thrust the cloth into my hands. I hold it us and it unravels to show she had picked a very short black dress with a deep v neck. I give her a disapproving look but she just stares back at me impassively. I roll my eyes skyward and start to change.

——After changing clothes——-

I gaze at my self in the mirror and realise it was actually really pretty. I look surprisingly sexy! “Ooooohhh look at you ya sexy biatch!” Lou teases. I shake my head as I giggle at her. “Sit here.” She grabs my shoulder and forces me to sit on the toilet. “Close your eyes.” “What are you doing?” “Your hair and makeup.” I close my eyes and relax a little so she could work her magic. She starts to wipe something liquid on my face and then come the questions. “So are you still a YouTube fan girl?” I want to nod but I know if I do she will smack me for ruining her master piece. “Yeah deffo. I’m more like a phan girl if ya know what I mean.” She laughs as she dabs my eyelid with a fluffy brush. “You like Dan and Phil?” “Yeah who wouldn’t? I mean they are both really attractive men making videos about their lives.” She lets out a breathy laugh and mumbles under her breath but I don’t quite catch it  even though she was very close to my face, applying eyeliner to my eyes. “What did you say?” “Keep still!” She scolds me as she wipes some sort of lipstick on my lips. “Okay! Your face is complete!” My eyes flutter open and I stare into the mirror. The woman staring back at me was breath taking and didn’t look like me. She had dark smoky eyes that seemed to hold lots of secrets, dark red berry lips and contoured cheeks with highlighted cheek bones which gave her a dangerous look. “I said that its cool you like Dan and Phil considering Dan has a celeb crush on you.” “I am his what?!” She grabs a teasing comb, hairspray and clips before starting to style my hair. “You heard me. They are both gonna be at the party tonight so don’t tell Dan I told you that. He will kill me if he knew you know.” “Does he know we are friends from school?” She teases the under layers of my hair and spray then pins it in place with a few bobby pins. She shakes her head at me in the mirror and continues to tease, spray and pin my hair all the way around the my head. “And we are done!” She claps her hands and beams at me. My hair is in perfect place and my make up was pristine.  “You look perfect! Lets get going!” She links our hands together and we walk outside, jumping in the taxi she had called 10 minutes prior.

—–Skipping the journey to Louise’s house.—–

We stand outside the house which was pulsing with an exciting vibe. Louise grabs my wrist and we head to the front door. As we enter the house, I am greeted by the faces of YouTuber’s who I had only ever seen through a screen, techno music and faint lighting. “Lets go find them!” She yells over the music and I furrow my brow. Find who? She see’s the confusion on my face but simply gives me a sickly sweet smile. As she guides me though the mass of internet famous people, they say hello to her to which she replies brightly while I keep my head down, feeling a little out of place. We stop in what seems to be the kitchen and that’s when I hear an all to familiar northern voice yell Louise’s name. “Louise! Hi!” She lets go of my arm and embraces the tall, dark haired man in front of us. “Phil! Hey!” They pull away and he looks to the side at me. I keep my head down, feeling shy as he scans me, most likely trying to figure out who I am. “Phil this is my best friend from school, Y/n! As in THE Y/n!” I take a deep breath before looking up into the bright blue eyes which seemed so surprised to see me. “Oh my gosh! Hi Y/n! I’m a big fan! Your music is really amazing!” I laugh at his hyper tone. “Thank you! It so good to meet you! I love you video’s! You make me laugh a lot!” I wink at mine and his jaw drops open. “No way, Seriously?! That’s crazy!” I nod and we laugh about it. “Sorry to break this up but Phil wouldn’t you say we should introduce Dan and Y/n?” Louise yells over the sound of 'Muse’ playing in the background. “Yes! Defiantly! He has a huge celeb crush on you Y/n!” I blush and Louise laughs. “Well Y/n kinda has a crush on Dan too. Quickly! Go get him!” Phil Nods and rushes off, disappearing into the gaggle of people. I glare at Louise but she just laughs and pulls out her camera. “Hey guys! So I am throwing a party tonight so I will vlog it and show you guys all the craziness we get up to! Oh and say hi to my child hood friend Y/n!” I smirk and wave meekly at the camera. “Anyway guys I will continue this later!” She waves bye to the lens and stops the recording. “Louise!” Phil yells as he once again approaches us, Dan following behind him, appearing like he didn’t want to come with Phil. I look down again, my face on fire. He was even better looking in person, dressed all in black, fringe in perfect place and brown eyes sparkling in the low light. “Hi Louise!” His beautiful voice shouts. “Hi there Dan!” They embrace while I stand awkwardly off to the side, not knowing what to do with my self. “Dan there is someone who me and Lou want to introduce to you.” Phil say gesturing to me. “Who is this?” I can feel his chocolate eyes looking me up and down. “Mr Howell allow me to introduce one of my best friends in the entire world, Miss Y/n!” I hear him gasp and look up. Our eyes connect and its like time stops. He is speechless as we stare at each other. “H-Hi Dan. I’m a err I am a big fan.” I mutter. His eyebrows raise and he holds out his very large hands. “H-H-Hey t-there. I am a- ummm- a fan of yours too.” I giggle. He is incredibly adorable when he is nervous. “Yeah Phil and Lou told me you had a little bit of a crush on me.” He turns his head an glares at them. “With that I am gonna go get us all a drink, wanna come Louise?” Phil asks and she nods and they take off.  “I’m gonna kill them.” Dan shakes his head in shame and pay attention to the frown on his face. “Don’t worry about it. I kinda like you too.” I shrug and look at the floor. “You do?” He stands in front of me and stares down at me. I nod but can’t look him in the eye. His hand rises to cup my chin and he pulls my face up to meet his. “Then I guess I can try this.” HIs whispers but I barely register this as our lips meet, creating butterfly’s in my tummy and that is the last thing I remember before my world goes black.

—-The next day (Don’t kill meh!)—-

I groan as I wake up, uncomfortably shifting on what seems to be a couch. I open my eyes as my head pounds to see that I was indeed on the couch in Louise’s living room. I place my head in my hands as I remember last night. Oh last night! I had got drunk and danced with all the people who I had watched on the internet and it had been the most fun I had in years. I gently touch my lips with my fingertips as I gaze at Dan sleeping on the other couch. We kissed. I kissed Dan. Oh my God! I shared a kiss with THE Daniel Howell! A grin stretches across my face from ear to ear. I reach for my phone on the coffee table and see that I had tons of notifications from Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.  Oh gosh, I hope I didn’t post anything embarrassing. I go onto Tumblr first and my eyes bulge out of my skull. There were multiple pictures of me and dan kissing with the caption. 'Party antics! From Sprinkle of glitter’s vlog!' . Oh no. Louise vlogged the kiss! And she didn’t cut it out of the video! Oh she is so dead! She made the internet melt down!

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