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Distractions + Bonus Chat

Pairing: T’Challa x F!Reader


T'challa x Reader where she wants to ask him out but the others find the most random things to ask to distract them     

A/N: The bonus chat is at the end of this. And Wade is in it, so as always, language.

Wanda has created a chatroom.

Wanda has added Y/N.

Wanda: So, how’d it go? Did you ask T'Challa yet?

Y/N: Something came up and he had to leave for Wakanda. It’s fine, I’ll ask him when he gets back.

Wanda: It could be months, Y/N. You shouldn’t wait. Ask him now.

Wanda: I know what you’re doing, and don’t you dare!

Y/N: Huh? I’m not doing… whatever it is that you presume I am.

Wanda: So you’re not searching for quotes on being patient as an excuse to not ask him now?

Y/N: Dammit, you know me too well!

Y/N: How would I ask him now, anyway?

Wanda: If only the Avengers had some secure, private means of communicating with each other…

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i'm a bit new to larry (only like 3 months) but i just finished reading Love Is A Rebellious Bird... and I HATE YOU (love you) !!!! I WAS SOBBING IN MY BED FOR 3 STRAIGHT HOURS AND DIDNT SLEEP UNTIL 4-5am IM A MESS!! I AM A COMPLETE MESS!! oh my god i absolutely loved the fic! thank you and @100percentsassy for being amazing <3

Ahahahaha oh my gosh. Well, I’m sorry about the crying and the late night, but I’m really glad you like it! Thank you!!

We are working on something new that I’m pretty excited about, so keep an eye out! :)))

[Naked Noises]

Ash’s Writing Challenge (3) - President Negan 

Negan x Female Reader  

A/N: oh gosh I’m super nervous to post this lol  I am actually really excited to participate in this challenge! The work I’ve read so far has been so so amazing, there’s a lot of wonderful talent in this fandom! – Thank you to the lovely @flames-bring-a-ton-of-ash for bringing us all together and inspiring us all to write & read such awesome works! xoxo : ) — FYI I’m not quite sure if my political facts are accurate I apologize in advance *I appreciate any & all feedback! hope you like it xx :) 


(gifs by @vivienvalentino)


Six long months of sacrifice finally paid off. 

After working excruciating hours at an internship that weeded out the rest, it left you as the last woman standing. Now, you were going to be working right under the most powerful man in the whole world. 

You had to admit, this job did not sound ideal in the beginning. In fact, you even questioned your own feminist beliefs for even entertaining the thought of serving a man. However, your ambition was driving you to see past the title of your position, reminding you that you were working deep in the roots of the White House. Only a few people will ever see this kind of power first hand, and you were one of them. You had the rare opportunity to make contacts and connections along the way; connections that will surely help your own political career one day. 

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A Genius Idea {Peter Parker x Fem!Reader}

I’m sorry my requests are coming out so slow. I am never home this time a year. Requests are open!

Prompt: @sassybasiliskvenom : So I want a peter parker x reader and the reader is Tony’s daughter! Also if not too triggering the reader is bullied at school and Peter tells Tony who gathers the Avengers and they come to the school and kinda get really mad at the kids after the kids get really excited because ‘oh my gosh the Avengers are here!’ (oooo and can you please mention them referring to her as like their niece when they come to the school?!) Thank you so much!!

A/N: Honestly my favorite thing is Peter falling for Tony’s daughter so this is perfect. And I tried to work the niece thing but it didn’t come out the way you asked but it’s there.

I also took the liberty of putting the Avengers back together so a little disclaimer

Warnings: bullying (very minor), language, cheesy

Originally posted by gryffinclaw-in-wilde-times

You sat in the parking lot for 15 minutes. You were still trying to muster up enough courage to walk into school. There was no way you were going to be able to survive the day without one of them coming over and attempting to ruin your life in increasingly creative ways. 

Finally, after 5 more minutes of trying to convince yourself, you walked into school. The day was going well, too well. And gym class was the perfect time to have it ruined. Now gym class was never a horrible class for you until you met the ever famous gym stars. A gym star is someone who may or may not be an athlete who tries super hard to be impressive in gym class. 5th-period gym was not only filled with overachievers but also the two girls that hated you most. Luckily they spent their time away from you today and you could quietly enjoy a game of volleyball on the opposite side of the gym. The side away from the locker rooms. 

You were unaware of their strike until you open your locker. Your gym bag was full and didn’t fit in your locker so you set it to the side. Giving the girls their chance to ruin your day. MJ walked over to you with a wadded up ball of paper towels. 

“You’re gonna need these,” she said once she passed them to you. You stared at her confused until she pointed towards the toilets. 

“Are you fucking kidding me?” your voice was too calm. MJ put her hand on your shoulder trying to calm the storm raging inside. Your shoulders slumped and you went to retrieve your clothes. You literally had to wring them out they were so wet and you couldn’t help but feel a tear run down your cheek. 

You made your way to lunch as bravely as you could. First, it had been words, simple insults nothing you were going to let bother you. But it escalated quickly, honestly, you were starting to believe you deserved it. But at the same time what did you do to deserve any of this?

You slid across the bench next to Peter. He looked at you a frown.

“You do know it’s 15 degrees outside?”

“Yeah I’m well aware,” you snapped at him. He looked at you with concern. You opened your bag and pulled out your soaked jeans. 

“Again?” he asked with sadness in his voice. You nodded slowly. Peter gritted his teeth and sat up straight. “I can’t believe you just go on with your life. How can you let them get away with that? You’re (Y/N) Stark for God’s sake!”


“(Y/N), I am not going to sit here and let them take advantage of you!” Peter stood up and scanned the cafeteria. You just tugged on his shirt, begging him to sit down. He sat down in a huff. You leaned on his shoulder and he wrapped his arm around you. 

“It’s ok. I promise,” you said with as much confidence as you could muster. Peter didn’t believe a word but he had a plan.

That evening at the Avenger’s Tower, Peter devised the ultimate plan. He sat down with all of them and explained the situation. Tony was the first to have an outburst.

“And she didn’t tell me!” Tony was pacing. Everyone else looked just as concerned. You were family and they were going to do anything to help. 

“What are we supposed to do? Beat up a bunch of teenage girls?” Natasha asked completely serious. “I’ll do it just tell me who to punch.” Peter shook his head ‘no’, Nat frowned.

“Um, yeah let’s not do that. I was thinking you could just scare them. I know it’s not what you usually do, just do what you do best: protect.”

The next day was great, relatively speaking. You had no idea of Peter’s crazy plan until you pulled into the parking lot that morning. All the Avengers were standing in a pack in front of a crowd of teens. All the kids begging for photos and autographs. Even the people who relentlessly bullied you stood there begging for photos. If only they knew. Sure they knew you were a Stark but they had no idea that you were so close with the others. 

Peter kept walking a huge smile on his face. You, on the other hand, made your way to the crowd. Your dad caught you out of the corner of your eye. Your eyes widen to the size of basketballs. 

‘What are you doing here?’ you mouthed to him. His mask was down but you know he saw you. Kids continued to ask for autographs and photos while Peter walked over to you. Your dad lifted his mask.

“Now you’re probably wondering why we’re all here. Our job as the Avengers is to protect people the evil of the world,” you rolled your eyes, but he kept talking. “Some people here need that protecting from certain evils such as being stuffed in lockers or having their clothes flushed down the toilet. Those who commit such acts will have to deal with us and I really don’t think you want to do that.” Your dad smiled at the girls who had been causing your anguish for the past couple months. They shrunk away, trying to leave unnoticed, while other students looked uncomfortable. Some kids cheered as they watched certain people leave, their guilt apparent. Peter squeezed your hand, you hadn’t even noticed him standing there. He was beaming with happiness and pride.

The Avengers stood and talked with some lingering students. But you began to walk away with Peter still holding your hand.

“Did you plan this?” you asked with a smirk on your lips. 

“I don’t know who planned it but it was definitely the work of a genius.”

“Thank you,” you said quietly. Peter stopped walking and turned to face you.

“You’re very welcome!” he sounded so happy, the pride in his voice evident as well. You leaned in to give him a hug and you rested your head on his shoulder. 

“I love you,” you whispered. But the bell rang and you quickly kissed his cheek. “See you later Peter!”

“See ya- wait what- What was that?! (Y/N)!” he called after you but you were already inside. Peter smiled anyway and whispered to you even though you were already out of sight, “I love you too.”

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Hi there! Could you please draw Racer Boyfriends or Racer Family or KOBB & Roddy/Drift with puppies? I've saved a pup and taken him to take care of him for a week and tomorrow I'm gonna have to give him to my classmate, and it's kinda hard 'cause he's so wonderful and I fell in love with him. Also, I'm planning something special concerning KOBB and I'm sure it'd help me get it done. Love you and your art, and I hope you feel better <3

This is probably the purest thing i’ve drawn

Alec after kissing Magnus at his wedding..
  • Alec : (excited) I can't believe I did this!
  • Alec : ...I can't believe I did this.
  • Alec : (worried)...Mother would be so furious. Well, that's okay! I mean, what she doesn't see won't kill her, right?
  • Alec : (rocking around on the floor of Magnus' loft) Oh my gosh...This would kill her!..I am a horrible son. I'm going back.
  • Alec : (cartwheeling) I am NEVER going back.
  • Alec : (facedown on the bed) I am a despicable himan being.
  • Alec : (running around Magnus' loft screaming and whooping) WOO-HOO! BEST. DAY. EVER.

Oh my gosh you don’t know how excited I am about this drawing!! I mean is my very first time drawing this two but I really love how  they turned out (?) I had a really great time drawing this cutie crows <3

But anyway this is not about me is about yooouu people!!! Thank you so so much for all the new followers, for your likes and reblogs, for being so nice in your tags too (I try to read all of them) and for those that take a minute to watch my gallery or my pieces, I’m really grateful to you all! 

Hope you have a great day/night!

No gif version here 

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I was at the Steven universe panel at kawaii kon in Honolulu yesterday and deedee and zach mentioned you and how talented you are! I got really excited and told my friends "omg I know who she is!! I follow her on tumblr!!" :D

Oh my gosh really??? 😭 That just made my day, I love them so much!! I didn’t realize that the con was today, I am so jealous! I have been to Hawaii before and it is so so beautiful, everyone is so nice and everywhere you drive it smells like flowers 😭 I only went to Oahu though, never gotten to go to Honolulu, so I hope to visit one day!!! Thank you so much for telling me!! I hope you have fun the rest of the weekend!

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ellyyyy, are you excited about V route? What do you think is going to happen?

I am excited! Very much so! Yesterday was so overwhelming oh my gosh and I wanted to post something about it before now, but to be honest I wanted to say something coherent and I spent a good 7 hours on rabbit yesterday after getting the news. I woke up at 4am and it’s like I had radar that something was afoot.

In any case, here are my full thoughts on the topic:

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The Only Reason I Got Into Hello Neighbor
  • Internet: Have you seen this horror stealth game called Hello Neighbor? You should check it out! Looks like good animation, and your favorite Youtube gamers are playing it!
  • Me: Eh.
  • Internet: ...It has a groundbreaking advanced AI
  • Me: Sold!

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UT/UF/US skells SO works at an animal shelter and comes home with a carrier full of newborn kittens/puppies that need to be fostered! How do the boys react/help out?

//hoo boy. long one. but i do love puppies and/or kittens!! let’s do this B) 


  • He likes puppies/dogs. Thinks they’re amusing and he loves the fact that they always just seem ready to snuggle and play.
  • But he seems to favor the kittens more and they all pile up on top of him. It’s actually kind of weird how much they like him? Lots of catnaps.
  • (Buh dum tisss)
  • Do not expect any help. The most this lazy butt will do is keep the kittens out of your way for a while and sleep with them snuggling up to him.
  • Ok maybe he’ll help feed them (And give them baths and take the pups for walks) but otherwise he just loves giving you a hard time.


  • “MORE DOGS?????”
  • “WAS THAT BONE STEALER WHO STOPS BY ALMOST TWICE A DAY NOT ENOUGH FOR YOU???” ( even though he leaves the annoying dog food on the porch everyday)
  • He actually loves the puppies. Will protect them with his life and cuddle them to death.
  • Helps out with every single thing he can. 


  • “the fuck is this?”
  • Tries to act all cool and aloof.
  • A kitten comes up to him and nudges his hand and he doesn’t know what to do.
  • “the fuck you lookin’ at??”
  • He ends up snuggling every single one. They trample him.
  • Upon being caught napping with all of the baby animals: “uh…s’not what it looks like .”
  • Will probably only help with feeding them. He loves giving the kittens milk and watching the puppies scramble to the food bowl. It makes him laugh.
  • Almost cries when you have to give them back but puts on a brave face and only sniffs and wipes his nose angrily.
  • “yeah whatever..don’t even care.”


  • He bends down cautiously to pet it. He’s not sure yet what it could be capable of.
  • “CAN I WEAPONIZE THEM?”   “No…”  “I SEE…”
  • He’s kind of quiet about the whole thing and keeps asking you questions.
  • He’s actually  little afraid to mess up but will do what he can to help…only because you asked though!!
  • He does like how soft their fur feels though.


  • He is ECSTATIC
  • He wants to help with EVERYTHING
  • And he is so excited to play with them oh my gosh.
  • He lets them steal one because he just can’t say no to those little fuzzy faces.


  • uh…babe?
  • They are so tiny he’s honestly afraid of hurting them….
  • He handles them super delicately
  • He’s always sleepy warm (i mean always) and they snuggle into him.
  • He melts, oh my god
  • If you go out of your way to ask him for help he will but he usually just chills and sleeps with the tiny things cuddled on his chest and torso.
  • He loves to give tiny tummy rubs and chuckles at all the little antics they get up to.

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Hello, I've told you before, but I have to tell you again: You're Voltron Family AU is amazing! One of my friends want's to ask you a question but they're too nervous to ask because they think you are so awesome(as do I)! so I hope you don't mind but I'm going to ask in their stead. Anyway, this was their question: What if Pidge came home with a platonic (male or female) friend but the whole family assumed that it was like when Hunk and Lance brought over Shay and Rax?

Thank you! And oh my gosh! Tell them no need to be nervous and just send away the Voltron Fam prompt XD

[The Voltron Family] To say Shiro was nervous was probably the understatement of the century because Shiro was fricking nervous his hands were sweating nonstop and he could hardly tie his fricking tie properly. 

The cause of Shiro’s anxiety was that his baby girl said she was bringing someone home to their monthly formal dinner and that could only mean one thing: Pidge’s special someone. And if Shiro was just being honest, he’d rather be Pidge’s special someone forever—she said so when she was 5 “Daddy Shiro will always be The One for me” and Shiro might have cried at that and now he was crying for a different reason. There was no way someone was going to take her baby girl away from him.

Keith: You’re practically producing your own private pool.
Shiro: *blinks repeatedly and stares at Keith* *gapes*
Keith: *rolls his eyes* Let me do that for you. *does Shiro’s tie*
Shiro: Keith… *looks awfully miserable*
Keith: Relax, will you? *gives him a peck on the lips* It’s not going to be the end of the world.
Shiro: It’s the end of my world though.
Keith: Stop being so dramatic.*snorts*  Sometimes I feel like you should’ve gone to Broadway instead of going to med school.
Shiro: Haha. Very funny. *makes a face*
Keith: Why, thank you. *smiles* I’ve been told I’m very funny a couple of times. So it’s no surprise really. *shrugs*
Shiro: Keith… *frowns*
Keith: *cups Shiro’s face* She’s no longer a baby girl, Shiro.
Shiro: She’s still my baby girl. *pouts*
Keith: *smiles in amusement* *kisses Shiro’s pout away* If you behave, I’ll give you a prize.
Shiro: *eyes widens* *blushes* Keith— *gasp*
Keith: I’ll bake you whatever you want. *chuckles*
Shiro: *deflates* Oh.
Keith: *squints suspiciously* What were you even thinking, you pervert?!
Shiro: *shock* I.. I was thinking you’d treat me to a… a m-movie!
Keith: *rolls eyes* Nice save, champ.

The doorbell rang and it was Keith who opened it. In front of him was a girl in a black cocktail dress. 

Girl: *eyes widens* *flushes* Oh my gosh. *containing herself* *clenches her hands in excitement* Y-you’re Pidge’s Daddy!
Keith: Y-yes, I am. Well, one of her daddies anyway.
Girl: *beams* You’re very very very handsome tonight, Mister Shirogane.
Keith: You look lovely and beautiful tonight…
Girl: Alice! 
Keith: *smiles* Alice. Why don’t you come inside?
Alice: Thank you! *enters* *looks at Keith* I’m actually excited for tonight. It’s the first time I’ve heard of formal dinners at home. Usually they’re done outside  in such fancy restaurants but looking at your house now, I can understand why you’d rather have it here. So when Pidge told me her family was having one soon—*gets distracted by a family portrait* Oh my gosh. *coos* Is this them when they were kiddies?
Keith: *chuckles* Yeah. They were such cuties, weren’t they?
Alice: *looks closely* *giggles* I am so blackmailing Pidge with this. Look at her! How precious is that?!
Keith: *smiles at Alice* *loves her energy* You’ll definitely get along with my husband. *chuckles* Which reminds me, I should introduce you to him. C’mon, he’s in the kitchen.
Alice: *takes Keith’s arm and let’s him lead her* Lead the way, Sir. *smiles*

Keith was shocked by the gesture of the younger girl but somehow found it endearing how comfy Alice was with him since usually people tend to have a hard time warming up to him. They enter the kitchen and Shiro was there trying to make everything look perfect.

Shiro: *spots them* Oh, hello. *eyes widens*
Alice: *beams* Hello! *looks at Shiro then back at Keith* You, sir, have such great taste in men. 
Keith: *chuckles* Oh gods. *shakes head in amusement*
Pidge: Alice? *enters* You’re already here?
Alice: *turns around and sees Pidge* Pidge! Look at you looking so cute in that tux! *hugs her tight*
Pidge: *giggles* Thanks, man. I should show you my room! 
Alice: Yes! Let’s go! *turns back to Shiro and Keith* It was so nice to meet you, Pidge’s Daddies! 
Pidge: *grabs Alice’s hand* If you’ll excuse us, I’ll have to show her my new project. Just call us when dinner’s ready, yeah? See yah! *waves and drags Alice away with her*

Once the two girls were gone…

Shiro: A girl. Pidge’s special someone is a girl. *shock* Oh my god.
Keith: *rolls eyes* She’s a lovely girl though.
Shiro: I lost to a girl. *looks at Keith* I lost Pidge’s affection to a girl, Keith.
Keith: You’ll get over it. *chuckles*

During dinner, something rings…

Alice: Sorry! *looks at her phone from her purse* It’s my boyfriend. *looks apologetic* I’m sorry if you’ll excuse me I have to answer this. He’s calling internationally and they’re rather pricey and if I don’t—-
Pidge: Just go, dude. *shakes her head in amusement* The sushi won’t go anywhere. If it makes you feel better, I’ll make sure Hunk doesn’t eat everything and save some for you.
Alice: You’re such a gem, Pidge. This is why you’re my best friend. *laughs* Alright. BRB. *waves at the family in the table* *leaves*
Shiro: *gapes* Best friend?
Pidge: *looks up* Yeah. Alice is my best friend. She’s really nerdy despite being such an extrovert and energetic. *looks at Shiro suspiciously* Why?
Lance: *giggles* Daddy Shiro might’ve thought Alice was your girlfriend!
Hunk: Oh my god. *laughs along* 
Pidge: Oh my god. Daddy Shiro! What the hell?
Shiro: What? You didn’t tell me you were bringing your friend!
Pidge: I did though! I said I’ll bring my friend. She’s really interested in our formal dinners. She likes playing dress up and would like to see me wearing something formal to take pictures of. Which she really did. *rolls eyes*
Shiro: How was I supposed to know about that? *defensive*
Pidge: I didn’t know we’re not allowed to bring friends. *pouts grumpily*
Shiro: No, sweetheart. Of course you are. *smiles apologetically*
Hunk: I think this is partially my fault because I brought Shay to meet the family. *looks at Shiro* I’m so so sorry, Dad.
Keith: *smiles* Then the Rax thing happened with Lance. I guess you can’t really say you blame your Daddy Shiro on this one, Pidge. 

When Alice came back and she saw the family laughing…

Alice: *smiles* What did I miss? I leave for a few minutes and you’re all having fun without me. *pouts* 
Shiro: *smiles at her genuinely* Why don’t you sit down Alice and I’ll go get Pidge’s baby pictures.
Alice: *eagerly sits back* oh my god. This is gonna be good. I have my camera ready for baby pigeon. *beams at Pidge* 
Pidge: *groans* *looks at Shiro* Daddy Shiro nooooooo…..

Well, the beginning stages of the new design are going well! I really need to paint this sketch and post it properly. But I am SO EXCITED to work with these fabrics! Such beautiful silks! Oh my gosh, but this gown is gonna be amazing, if I do say so myself.

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Harle' O' Quinn: Olive! Mon Julie, are you going to pony prom, this will be my first and I will be honored if you'd go with me ;)





Mod : “ Okay so I didn’t want to do pony prom because I hate my pony art and yada yada BUT ! When I saw this message I got so happy and motivated and excited ! 

@ask-paintsplatter is one of my favourite blog ! The art and the characters are just so unique and lovely ( you good crebs should totally check it out ;v) ) and Harle’ is my ultimate fav and she makes me so happy and drawing her with Olive is so fun and relaxing !

So yeah ! Hope everything goes well ! ;w ; “

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evan and you at prom (like him asking you and then the actual prom and stuff)??? i love your writing so much!! :)

criES I LOST THIS ENTIRE THING THE FIRST TIME SO I’M SORRY IF THIS IS REALLY CHOPPY !!!! Also, I’m not sure if this was supposed to be HCs or an imagine, so I can totally make it an imagine later o:  And thank you sososo much!! <3 c:

-Evan totally asked Jared and Zoe

-And Zoe gave a legitimate response !!! And it even helped him calm down a bit

-…Jared probably just told him something along the lines of ‘Don’t say anything stupid and you won’t be forever alone. Good luck, Evan!’ and walked away. (But totally actually helped him later)

-Evan just decided to ask you out and go on a nice lil date like the two of you typically do!!

-A walk in the park - as normal - and you guys stopped for ice cream. When you were there, you could tell Evan was fidgeting more than usual and his face was really red.

-You look at him and are like ???? ? babe r u okay ? do we need to go home ??

-And he just kinda panics

-What am i okay? Yeah, I’m fine, don’t worry… Just uh… Never mind, its fine!

-You 1000% thought he was going to break up with you right there, and it scared you to no end.

-Evan ended up bringing you to a really big tree in the middle of the park. You had your head on his shoulder. You were both eating your ice cream and holding hands. The only thing the two of you could hear were the occasional squeals of children, and birds chirping.

-You feel Evan gently squeeze your hand and you end up being kinda freaked out because oh no is he really going to break up with me

-Ohhh no, the poor boy sits up, a lil lopsided grin and says something along the lines of

-Y/N, so, uh, the prom is soon, right? And… I was just curious if you maybe wanted to go with me? As a date? I mean, w-we are dating, but we don’t have to go as a date if you don’t wanna… O-or you don’t have to go at all! I don’t want to pressure you!

-You just giggle and gently smooch him, whispering that yes, you would love to go with him as your date and totally want to dance with him.

-His eyes light up !!! And he peppers your face with little kisses !!! Evan gets all blushy and hugs you!!

-The two of you kinda just stay there hugging before you go back to your homes and tell Zoe and Alana!!!


-The two will not allow anyone else to go with you. THis is going to be a surprise!! However, you two will match in some way.

-Alana finds a really pretty outfit that brings out your eyes, but isn’t quite your style, and Zoe finds a dress that is totally your style, but not the right color (and it isn’t as fancy)

-The three of you finally find a really nice outfit that’s a dark blue, with light blue highlights!!

-The night of prom, Zoe and Alana pick you up! They’re super super excited and talk about how adorable you look!!

-When you guys get there, Evan ends up opening the door and he f r e e z e s

-He’s just think oh my gosh?? How are you so stunning? I am dating this person, and at the prom? How the hell did this happen??

-Evan gently takes your hand as you step out and he’s a stuttering, blushing mess.

-He kisses your cheek and leads you into the place where the prom is held, he stays as close to you as he can. Mostly because a ton of people are look at the two of you because oh my gosh how cute are you guys.

-Evan tries to stall for a little while because he’s so afraid he’ll mess up the dancing. He isn’t totally sure where to put his hands, even if he has danced with you before. He wants this night to special.

-A slow song comes on (probably the fifth slow song), and Evan finally asked you to dance with him (after much encouragement from a few friends)

-He kinda just holds out his hand, and quietly asks if ‘he could have this dance’

-You almost cried, it was so cute…

-You take his hand, and Evan leads you out on floor. He kinda just, tries to keep a small distance, and fumbles with his hands a little.

-Eventually, you end up resting your head on his shoulder,your body pressed against him, and the two of you just sway to the beat.

-The two of you talk a little bit, mostly about future plans and what you two will do after this. Evan keeps his voice down and stutters the entire time.

-You look up at him at one point to talk to him and he just has his mouth slightly open, and his eyes are sparkling and are just filled with pure love.

-At that moment, he completely decided that he wants to spend his life with you, and just continue to admire your beauty. Everything about you was perfect in his eyes, and the lighting made you look so enchanting.

-He almost screamed when the slow song ended and was replaced with a loud, fast paced song.

-The rest of the night, you messed around with your friends, but each slow song, you and Evan would just stay as close as possible and get lost in each others eyes because everything is just so perfect.

-The prom could not have been any better

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How do you think they would react to MC being like on a national level swimmer who dreams are the Olympics? Or state level (which is huge where i am from. Im australian and a swimmer and those are my dreams hahaha. Almost there tho!) - do RFA + V and Unknown along with them. ;--;

Oh my gosh, how exciting! When I see you’re famous and I see you on TV one day I’ll be like ‘Yeah I know them, they asked for a request on my Tumblr!’ Although I’m going to have to say I really don’t know much about swimming. All of my swimmer knowledge comes from watching Free! and like two Olympic matches so I’m sorry if the swimming terminology is incorrect! I still hope that you enjoy and good luck my friend!! :D 


  • Yoosung is so incredible hyped when you tell him that you’re a professional swimmer
  • He has a little bit of knowledge of swimming but he’s extremely eager to learn from you
  • Really enjoys watching you practice and cheers really loud for you
  • Yoosung is always waiting at the end for you with a towel in hand ready to wrap around you
  • When you tell Yoosung that you’re trying to become an Olympian swimmer he’s so shocked
  • He becomes one hundred times more supportive and will try to help out in any way that he can
  • Yoosung is so proud to call you his girlfriend and won’t stop supporting you until he sees you with that gold Olympic medal around your neck


  • Zen first thinks that by you being a swimmer you mean just like a casual swimmer
  • Oh no, you explain to Zen that you’re a professional swimmer and he’s so happy for you
  • He honestly just wants to see you succeed so he becomes your fanboy
  • Loves watching you practice and always gives you a huge hug afterwards because he’s just so happy for you
  • When you tell him that you’re trying to get to the Olympics, Zen think he might explode of happiness
  • He’s always there for you and even though he’s not a very good swimmer, will always encourage you Zen firmly believes that everyone should follow their dream and you’re no exception, so he decides to be there for you every step of the way until he sees you on the winner’s podium


  • Jaehee loves the fact that you’re a swimmer!
  • She watches swimming on her off time so when she finds out that you’re a swimmer she’s so excited
  • Starts asking you a millions questions and honestly, it’s so cute to see her so excited
  • Jaehee almost fainted from excitment when you told her that you were trying to go to the Olympics someday
  • She helps you with a training regiment and basically becomes you’re new coach
  • Every single practice she’ll be there as well as your swim meets
  • She’s always waiting for you at the end and will hug you, jumping up and down when she sees your times
  • Watching you swim gives Jaehee something to be happy about and since seeing her happy makes you happy, you tell her that one day you’ll be standing on the podium with a gold medal with her at your side


  • Jumin is pleasantly surprised to find out that you’re a swimmer
  • He’s actually quite knowledgeable about swimming and even offers to hire a personal coach and trainer for you
  • He’ll rent out an entire swimming stadium for your to practice with and one of his favorite things to do is to bring Elizabeth the 3rd with him and watch you practice
  • When you tell Jumin that you’re trying to become an Olympic swimmer, he’s got his phone out trying to call the Olympic committee to get you in
  • You have to explain to him that you want to get in because you worke hard and not because of his status
  • He understands and makes sure to schedule his meetings around your matches since he loves watching you swim
  • Always waiting for you at the end to wrap you in a towel and tell you how proud he is of you
  • Jumin becomes extremely supportive of your swimming goals and promises that he won’t give up until you’ve won gold


  • Seven can hardly believe it when you tell him that you’re a swimmer!
  • He’s never really been into sports, but he’s always enjoyed watching swimming so now he’s hyped
  • Seven wants to hack into the Olympic committee’s system to get you in when you tell him that you dream of being an Olympian swimmer
  • You tell Seven to chill and if he wants to help, he can cheer you on instead
  • He agrees and goes to all of your practices and matches, making up ridiculous cheers but they’re actually pretty cute
  • Like when you’re doing the backstroke, Seven will yell “My girlfriend’s got backstroke for days!”
  • He always waits for you at the end and screams about how amazing you swam and how proud of you he is
  • Seven said that neither himself or you will rest until you become the most decorated Olympian swimmer


  • V absolutely loves the fact that you’re a swimmer!
  • This boy is really interested in whatever you do, but becomes especially excited to hear that you’re a swimmer
  • He can’t really see well enough to try and give you advice but he’ll tell you that he’s sure that you always do an amazing job
  • V took a photo of you swimming the breaststroke and it’s now his favorite picture ever and he keeps a copy with him at all times
  • Tries his best to go to every single one of your matches and always gets excited and cheers for you it’s the sweetest thing ever
  • He gives you so much encouragement when you tell him that you’re trying to become an Olympian swimmer and promises to always be there for you to cheer you on
  • V sincerely wants to see you succeed and promises that one day he’ll take a picture with you and your gold medal


  • Saeran is really interested and somewhat hesitant to hear that you’re a swimmer
  • He’s not a great swimmer himself so he can get nervous around a huge pool of water
  • But seeing how happy you are when you talk about swimming makes him curious enough to watch your practices
  • Saeran’s eyes light up the first time he sees you swim and at that moment on, he becomes your number one supporter
  • He actually approaches you on teaching him how to swim better to which you happily agree of course
  • He gets super pumped when you tell him that you’re trying to become an Olympian swimmer and says that he’ll be there with you every step of the way
  • He’s always there at the end of each match to tell you how good you performed and to glare at the other swimmers
  • Saeran genuinely wants to see you succeed and tells you that he’ll stay by your side until you become a gold medalists

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Thank you @yuna-the-autumn-witch for being there with me as I freaked out as the price kept getting RAISED.

BUT I WON. Kingdoms of Amalur means so much to me and to own an official deck is just–ahhh!!!! I’m so happy and excited!

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