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"Chat, I just really REALLY want to braid your hair. Can I?"

Chat, I just really REALLY want to braid your hair. Can I?” Alya asked eagerly. Chat groaned, still dazed from his fall.

“Alya!” Marinette scolded.

“What? It’s not like I asked to take nude pictures of him… Wait can I-” Alya began.

“Alya!!” Marinette practically screeched.

“Wh-waht happened?” Chat groaned from his place on Marinette’s bed where the two girls were leaning over him.

“You fell off of Marinette’s roof and hit your head pretty heard on the banister of her balcony,” Alya giggled.

“Marinette?” Chat asked confused looking towards the girl with pigtails.

“Are you okay Chat?” Marinette smiled gently before placing a hand on his arm. Chat’s eyes suddenly rolled into the back of his head.

“Chat! Oh my gosh! Chat! Chat!” Marinette’s voice sounded farther and farther away into the abyss of his unconscious.

I want your boyfriend,
I’m not gonna lie.
I’ll be his girl when
he tells you goodbye.
Don’t worry I won’t take him,
cause I ain’t that low
I want your boyfriend,
Just thought you should know…

That he and I go back so far.
Oh my gosh, we lived in his first truck.
First time we heard Shania Twain.
And I know you think he loves you now,
But I’ve seen so many girls
come in and out.

Can’t you see it in his eyes?
You must’ve known it all this time.
But I want your boyfriend
to tell you the truth.
I’ll be right there
when he gets over you.


THAT YOUNG RICK????????????????? WITH BB MORTY?????????


Only You - Bruce Banner x Reader

Originally posted by jaeger-kisaragi

Words: 1347
Pairing: Bruce Banner x Reader
Featuring: Natasha Romanoff, Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Warnings: hulking out.
Requested by @captainamericasinnocence
Hiiiiiiii could i request a bruce banner x reader where bruce kinda hulks out and only the reader can calm him down and just flufffffff (sorry to add more to your requests hehe) ALSO I LOVE YOUR BLOG SOOOO MUCH X
Authors Note: so this one was kinda longer and I hope this is what you were thinking cause I kinda forgot the prompt halfway through XDD (IM SO GLAD YOU LIKE MY BLOG IT MEANS A LOT!)


You knew Tony had made a bad decision when he let some SHIELD interns visit him in his lab for a day. These said interns were getting a hands on experience to see who was the most fit for the job at SHIELD- and Tony volunteered that he would test them out.

You knew it felt weird. That off feeling was in your stomach when you saw them walk around the Avengers base. And Natasha could tell that you were put off by it, so she started talking to you as you headed to the lab Tony and Bruce shared, just to check up.

“Since when does SHIELD like, actually have interns that get to do this stuff? Doesn’t it seem weird?” You asked in a hushed tone.

She shrugged. “I think they’re trying something new to make sure that we don’t have something like we did a few years back. You know, at Washington.”

“But letting them in the facility just seems, really weird.” You sighed.

“It’s Tony, he can take them down if he has to.”

You shrugged as you and Natasha approached the lab. You saw the few interns sitting down, looking at a notebook. No sight of Tony, but Bruce was standing at his desk.

“Hey, Bruce.” You smiled as you walked in. Natasha was about to come with you, but she got a call from Steve and had to go.

“Oh, h-hey, (Y/N).” Bruce smiled, caught off guard by you coming in without him knowing. “What’s up?”

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a scenerio with hoseok please, it doesn't matter how it is i just want a story with him in it :P



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You were at the Art Museum with your class for School. You had to do a school activity on your own and you just couldn’t find the answer to question 11 on the paper.

Your classmates hadn’t found the answer yet either so they were no help. You were running around to find it with no luck.

Not looking where you’re going you turn the corner fast and bump into someone dropping your paper.

“Oh I’m sorry. I wasn’t looking at where I was going”, you gush out.

You drop down to pick up your paper and apparently the person you bumped into had the same idea because you ended up bumping heads together.

Honestly this couldn’t have gotten worse you thought as you both groan out in pain. Clutching your heads you get up and meet deep brown chocolate eyes.

Your breath catches in your throat as you stare at the masterpiece in front of you.

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Tired (N.G)

|based on the request: Can u do a Nash imagine please? Possibly where he’s being clingy and tired and cute?|

|literally so effing short at 700+ words, masterlist is in my description bbys|

“Oh my gosh,” Nash puffs as he sits in the car, laying his head back on my shoulder. “I am so tired.”

I grin down at him and lightly kiss his mildly sweaty hair. We’ve been down at the lake with his family all day and it’s been a very active few hours on the boat and the jet skis.

“Man, was today a good day!” Hayes exclaims as he climbs into the seats behind us, clapping his hands and whooting.

“Don’t be too loud!” I hiss, snapping my head around to quiet him down. “There are two very sleepy babies in the car.”

Skylynn was fast asleep the minute Elizabeth put her in her seat and Nash is pretty much asleep on my shoulder. I’m pretty tired too, we’ve been sat in the sun all day and it’s been awfully tiring. I’m a little sunburnt on my legs and chest, as is Nash on his face.

“Y/N, you’re so nice and cuddly.” Nash sighs as he cuddles my shoulder. “I don’t want to leave your shoulder. Ever.”

“Aw, babe,” I grin and lay my cheek on his head in a way to cuddle him back. “I have to go home though, I’m sorry.”

“I’ll ask my mom if you can sleep over, that way, I don’t have to leave your side.” He’s so clingy when he’s tired, he’s incredibly cuddly, it’s adorable.

“I guess I could sleep round-” A huge smile breaks out over his face and he whispers a little cheer. “But! It has to be okay with your mom and my parents and it has to be innocent.”

“Do you really think I’d do anything like that when my entire family is home?”

“No, but it’s just a reminder.”

“Hey guys, do you mind keeping your sex conversation down? It’s not the nicest thing to hear.” Hayes butts in, pushing his head between the chairs and on Nash’s head.

Wow, we’re all within a close proximity of each other right now. I feel oddly uncomfortable.

“Put your damn headphones in and stop listening boy!” Nash laughs and swats his brothers head away from us.

Hayes laughs along with Nash and leans back in his seat. “I’d really appreciate it if you two kept it down tonight too… We would all appreciate it.” I playfully roll my eyes and sneak a glance down at the sleeping Skylynn, she can sleep through anything and everything.

Nash goes to make another comment but his mom finally climbs into the passenger seat and they both go silent, typical.

They are both such mommas boys and they don’t even try to hide it, and because Elizabeth is such a religious woman, she does not appreciate swears and crude language in her home and around her so the boys have to be so careful about what they say sometimes.

Elizabeth immediately buckles up before pulling her sunglasses onto the cap of her hat. She pulls the mirror down in front of her and looks straight at me in it. “Hey Y/N, are you staying for dinner? We’re gunna get takeout.”

“Yes!” Nash moans out in joy, another huge grin spreading across his lips. “I need a good burger so bad.”

“I don’t know, I mean, I can, if that’s alright with you.”

“Of course it’s alright! It’s been such a lovely day and you’re as much a part of this family as Nash is.”

She’s so welcoming and kind, I don’t understand how anyone couldn’t like her.

Nash looks up at me with a small smirk, but with majorly tired eyes. “Could she spend the night too, mom? Please?”

“You’re meant to be going to grandmas tomorrow but I’m sure she’ll be fine with Y/N coming, so if it’s okay with her parents, she definitely can.”

I’ve only met Nash’s grandparents a few times over the course of a year but they’re pretty nice. They’re like the stereotypical grandparents that overfeed you and bake you delicious treats and give you some cash every time you go round.

I wish my grandparents were like that, the only ‘gifts’ they give me are life tips and lessons and twenty dollars on my birthday and Christmas.

“And stay in the same room?”

Elizabeth smiles and pushes the sun shield back up. “I trust you two.”

“We trust you too, mom.”

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How would Sole's first kiss with the companions go? Would Sole make the first move or would the companion do it? I LOVE your blog by the way!! I could sit and read it for hours and hours!!

Ah, a classic! Thanks for the prompt anon! I am always happy to be of service to you, and I am glad you like the blog! ^.^

Cait: “Oh shite Sole! I’m so sorry!” Cait awkwardly hovered over Sole with her hands close to but not touching their face. “Argh! This is what happens when ya challenge me to a fight you idiot! You know I can’t back down from a challenge!” Sole doubled over, heaving air through their mouth as blood flowed out of their nose like a faucet. “Aw, geez Sole, d’ya have any paper or bandages on ya? Gah, where’s Curie when you need her? Here,” Cait lifted up her foot and ripped of a piece of her pants, “Let me try and stop the blood.”

Cait clumsily dabbed at Sole’s face trying to stem the flow. Sole delicately took control over Cait’s attempt at nursing and patted her on the shoulder to reassure the ex-raider that they could take care of themselves.

“Yu ah cu when yu ah wuhwied.” Sole remarked in one of those deep, holding your breath voices.

“What’d ya say now?” Cait asked.

Sole couldn’t help themselves and removed the bandaging cloth for a second to quickly kiss Cait.

“GAH! Sole that’s disgustin’! Now ya got blood all over me!” Cait rubbed furiously at her face with her forearm, then muttered, “Clean up and we can try again later.”

MacCready: Neither person released their breath, the dull thump thump of Deathclaw footsteps shook dust off the floorboards and onto MacCready’s back as he hovered over Sole. The only things separating them from death were the creaky floorboards of an abandoned shack and a moth worn rug. MacCready could just barely distinguish Sole’s nervous grimace form the dirt below their head; this could be it for them. He started shaking, or maybe he had been but just now noticed. As the mercenary’s life played over again in his head, he realized the massive amount of regrets it has piled up to be. He didn’t want to add “withholding his feelings for Sole” to the growing pile, so as he stared down into their eyes with sharp, cutting fear, a shaky “hell” escaped his throat.

He let his head drop, and their teeth crashed together uncomfortably from behind their lips. Sole gasped and MacCready darted his tongue inside their mouth to hush them. Shaky breaths left their mouths as he parted for a moment, and then went back in. Thump thump went the footsteps; thump thump went their hearts.

Soon the Deathclaw had wandered off, and finally the two partners parted. Panting, MacCready suddenly realizes what he just did.

“S-Sole, I-“

Sole hushed him with a finger.

“It’s okay MacCready. Me too.”

Danse: “Ugh, why did you have to enlist me for this assignment Sole?” Danse made an unpleasant face as his feet made gross slopping noises every time he picked them up out of the bog. Sole had apparently gotten word from Preston that somewhere in the far south of the Commonwealth was a promising spot for a settlement. Danse wasn’t so sure of that himself. And of course, the one time he needs it most, his power armor is sitting in Sanctuary with Sturges, getting repaired. He can see Sole forcibly holding in their giggles every time he complains.

“W-woah!” The paladin’s foot caught a submerged tree root and sent him flying into Sole. They both splash into the boggy water and get absolutely drenched.

GROSS!” Sole shouts, and when they quickly sit up to escape the swamp’s grimy clutches, they accidentally ram lips first into Danse who’s been on top of them this whole time.

Both freeze, perfectly still, their eyes wide and staring at each other. Tentatively, Sole brings and hand to the back of Danse’s head and closes their eyes. Danse breathes a sigh of relief through his nose and lets his eyelids slide close too. They spend the next few minutes kissing in the cold bog water, and Danse figures Sole’s kiss was worth  getting wet over.

Deacon: They were just messing around. A radstorm had blown through their path and forced them to hunker down an old abandoned bunker. To pass the time Sole flipped on the PipBoy’s radio. “Care to dance?” Deacon asked them, cocking a playful eyebrow at Sole who simply giggled and offered their hands for a dance. Deacon grabbed Sole’s tentatively outstretched hands in his and started waving their arms around in exaggerated, goofy motions. Sole just let him do what he wanted since they had already gone mostly limp from laughing too hard. Suddenly he spins them around and dips their body low over the concrete floor. He’s grinning wildly, face close enough to feel Sole’s breathy laughs wash over his cheeks. He knew then he just had to do it, so he kissed them.

Sole froze for a second in shock, then threw their arms around his neck, pressing in, wanting to go deeper. Deacon tilted his head as he slowly stood them up. Tighter and tighter he pulled them in, parting his lips and hoping they’d part theirs too. They did, and both partners slid their tongues over each other’s, melting into the kiss.

When it finally ended, Deacon was smiling and looking down at Sole. He took off his glasses: just this once, he thought, just for them.

They gaped at him.

“Like what you see boss?”

Piper: Sole bemusedly observed Piper as she attempted using chopsticks for the first time to eat her power noodles. With each new attempt the slippery pasta continually escaped the grip of her utensils and plopped back into the broth. Finally the reporter managed to catch the noodles with her mouth about an inch above the rim of the bowl before they had the opportunity to slip away again. Slowly, she raised her head, a long train of noodles still hanging from her mouth. Proud but perplexed, Piper was unsure about how to finish getting the entire bit into her jaws. Helplessly she looked to Sole.

“He’p a gir’ ou’ here?” She pleaded through pressed lips.

“Haha! Sure! Here Piper, let me help you with that.” Sole picked up their own pair of chopsticks with perfect technique and scooped the other end of Piper’s noodles into them. “Bon apetit!” Sole exclaimed before shoving the pasta into their mouth. Piper watched Sole with unbelievably wide eyes as they inched their way across the noodle strand towards her. At the end of the line, Sole pressed their lips into Piper’s before biting off the noodle strands. The survivor then reclined triumphantly back in their seat. Piper’s face now matched her coat,


Preston: Preston thickly swallowed back his anxiety as he gripped the hubflowers behind his back. His mother taught him to always be a gentleman, but his nerves were really getting the best of him at the moment. Oh no, there they are! Sole was standing on an elevated outpost, facing away from him, watching the sun set over Sanctuary’s humble little lake.

“G-General…” Preston stuttered. Sole turned to look at the minuteman, a smile blooming across their face when they recognize it’s him. Preston smiled too, out of reflex at seeing Sole happy. He almost tripped up the steps to get to them, and blushed whenever Sole made a quiet giggle.

“Hey Sole! I um…”

“…Yeah Preston?”

He took a deep, quieting breath. “I wanted to give you something, to show you h-how much I appreciate you, and-“ He handed Sole the bouquet who gently took it from him. “And, I just thought I should let you know that… I admire you… as more than a General and… as more than a friend.”

Sole beamed at his confession, and relief flooded Preston’s veins. And what a pleasant surprise when Sole popped up on their tiptoes to kiss him.

Nick: Nick admired Sole’s silhouette against the backdrop of Magnolia’s performance, a cigarette slowly smoking up the bar from between his fingers. Yellow eyes study the outline of Sole’s nose, its delicate bumps and curves. The survivor didn’t notice the synth, intently focused on the singer onstage, watching her with mirthful eyes.

Nick didn’t need to think much about doing it. Maybe it was the dim lighting and pervasive chem-laced atmosphere that impeded his servos inhibitors. Regardless, he catches Sole’s chin between his thumb and forefinger and pulls them gently in for a kiss. Sole was surprised, but quickly dissolved into Nick’s lips, feeling his mouth move in tandem with theirs. When it ended, Sole asked,

“What took you so long Nick?”

“I don’t know doll… I don’t know.”

Hancock: Of course Hancock had been joking when he suggested they share the bed roll for the night. He would’ve been completely fine spending the night on the floor; he’s woken up on more than enough of them in his lifetime. But there he was, laying next to Sole in a flimsy excuse for a sleeping bag. He rolled over,

“You asleep yet Sole?” He asked.

“Nah, it’s kinda hot in here to be honest.” They confessed. Sole decided to roll over too, wanting to chat a bit more; but after finishing a complete one-hundred and eighty degree turn, Sole and Hancock perfectly lip-locked with each other. They both immediately pulled away; neither of them really expected… well, that.

Hancock cautiously went in for another kiss, this time intentionally. He stopped just before reaching Sole’s lips and let them choose whether or not to close the rest of the distance. He smiled against their mouth when they connected with him. Hancock wrapped his arms around Sole to keep them close, and for the rest of the night they enjoyed dwelling within the comfort of each other’s embrace.

Curie: Curie frowned furiously at Sole while dabbing an alcohol-drenched cotton ball to their busted lip. “How many times must I take care of your before you shape up and stop getting into ridiculous bar fights. You weren’t even drinking! How could you engage in something as ridiculous as zhat while still sober?” The rest of her grievances the scientist rattled off in French. Sole just smiled dreamily at her, still a little out of it from being decked in the head.

“Y’know, kisses makes things heal quicker Curie.” Sole slurred, eyes half-open.

“W-what!? Sole, I think zhat punch did more damage than I originally calculated.” Curie frowned.

“Please!” Sole begged, pouted, and pointed to the cut on their puffy red lips.

“Agh! Alright, I guess if you will finally allow me to continue the evaluation afterwards, I shall do it.”

Red-faced, Curie cautiously leaned forward and pressed a quick kiss to Sole’s lips.

OW!” Sole whimpered and held their hands over the now agitated lesion.

“AHA! Zhat is what you get for interrupting me! Now, move your hands! I must continue zhe examination!” Sole frowned as they removed their palms, but inside they thought totally worth it.

X6-88: “You want to do what?” All at once Sole wished they’d kept their stupid mouth shut. X6 was now staring straight at them, his stern face belying his genuine curiosity.

“Nevermind. It’s not important, let’s just focus on the mission alright?” Sole turned to stalk off in the direction of their latest assignment when X6 roughly snatched them around by the shoulder.

“It was important. Now tell me.” The courser demanded.  Sole screwed up their face at X6. There was no way they could ask him for this kind of thing! The way he acted, he’s probably never even thought about it, much less ever wanted it. He was still staring down at Sole expectantly, and Sole began to tremble a little. They couldn’t force the words to come out again; the first time was stressful enough.

“Tell me.” He prompted again.

“Fine. W-would you… kiss me?” Sole grimaced after finishing the statement, waiting for the inevitable rejection and complimentary condemnations.

“Alright.” X6 agreed with Sole, and then he was on their lips. A lifetime of Institute living made X6’s lips soft against their wasteland-chapped pair, but the kiss was more than Sole or X6 could have ever hoped for. The chaste kiss ended soon, maybe too soon, and X6 only had one comment to make,

“Can we do that again?”

Its On Me (2) (Mark)

Plot: you bump into Mark again after your initial convenience store run-in

Length: 973 words

Genre: Fluff/Angst/Chaptered Fic

*A/N: Part One // casually writes a sequel 10 months later… I hope you guys like it! I know I had various people within the past 10 months asking me to write the sequel, if you’re still around, I hope you guys like it too!!!! 

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And the winner is…’ The Royal Albert hall fell silent, as the audience anticipated the presenters words. Jaron literally sat on the edge of his seat, biting into his finger nails. He’d been nominated, once again, for best actor in a musical for here lies love. The show had been a huge hit back in 2014, and had just recently opened up again in The National Theatre in London. ‘Jaron Rivers’ The audience clapped, cheered and whistled as Jaron squealed with excitement and jumped up from his seat, hugging and kissing those who he shared his table with, before bouncing his way towards the stage. He shook the presenters hand and held the award in the other before taking position centre stage. He looked out into the audience with the biggest, most goofiest smile, as everyone continued to cheer him on. “Oh my gosh..” Jaron giggled. “I’am totally lost for words uh.. When David came to me about a year back and asked if I wanted to play the part of Ninoy again I was like, duh.. like, hell yeah!” He giggled, again. “Um.. I’am so proud to say that I’am apart of such a huge and meaningful musical.. uh.. being Filipino myself, it’s great to be able to tell such an amazing story about the Philippines and uh.. what we, as a country, had to fight for, what we had to do.. um..” Jaron paused, admirering the award in his hand for a moment. “So, I’d like to thank both David Byrne and Alex Timbers for creating and producing such an amazing piece of art and uh.. the most amazing actors and actresses that I get to share the stage with every night at the national theatre and uh.. just, all the hard work that goes into making here lies love so special. Also um, my friends who have been so supportive of me over the years, my best friend Elliot who is like, stuck to my side..” He giggled, and held his award up. “I just.. love you all.. thank you.” With a nod and a wave, Jaron exited the stage in a celebratory dance, before joining those back at his table. “Oh my gosh, I’am like.. shaking.” He breathed, and settled himself back down. Jaron placed his award onto the table, before picking up his champagne glass and chinking it against his friends. “Cheers…” 

I wish my crush would promposal me, but he’s too shy and awkward to do nice shit like that. And it’s so cute, he’s so cute. And his hair is growing back from his hair cut and oh my gosh 😍 fuck

He asks you on a date (SEVENTEEN)

S.Coups: -he smiled as he sat down across from you, he’s done this a few times already and you already knew where he was going with it- “wouldn’t this be good if you and me went on a date you know just us and we wouldn’t have to deal with the boys. Hmm sound good?”

Jeonghan: -he had been trying for a long time to get you to go on a date with him but he was yet to get one because you thought it would ruin your friendship- “I know you’re uncomfortable with it but I mean the worse that could happen is that we both could be very awkward, you know more than we normally are”

Joshua: -he blushed when you blushed. He didn’t mean to blurt out his request but it flew out of his mouth before his brain could catch up- “oh um I didn’t want it to go like this. I’m sorry if I just made you uncomfortable”

Jun: -you laughed at him thinking he was joking and when you saw his serious look you said ‘but you’re Junhui’ and he got offended- “I don’t see what’s wrong with that? I like you and I wanna take you out. Why is that so hard to believe?”

Hoshi: -you blushed heavily when you heard him, he kinda waited for you to saw something so you told him that you were gonna need to think about it- “oh alright then let me know when you’re ready”

Wonwoo: -he let out an odd laugh as he looks at you and sees your look and begins trying to play it off- “ha you should see your look on your face. Heh I’m kidding”

Woozi: -your eyes opened wide you were shocked by the fact he asked you out- “oh come on you should have seen this coming”

DK: -he tried it as smoothly as he could before you kinda looked at him weird but had to think about it- “so what do you say Y/N?”

Mingyu: -he thought it went better than he thought he would but it still was really bad- “I know it was bad and could have been asked better but you know I had seriously way worse ideas on how to ask you”

The8: -you said yes pretty quickly when you finally got what he was saying because he was speaking faster than normal- “oh my gosh that worked? It really worked”

Seungkwan: -you patted his back and told him to do more romantically than yelling it at you- “well that could have gone much much worse. I’m glad she’s giving me another chance”

Vernon: -you kinda look at him confused because he’s never once hinted at liking you more than a friend would- “well I’m been hiding the feelings I’ve been having for awhile and you know finally got the courage to say something” 

Dino: -you told him one date after he asked you more than once. You told him that he should try his best because you were hard to impress before walking off- “don’t worry Y/N you won’t regret it!”

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Hey could you pleeaase do a conor maynard imagine where he gets all like jealous and protective over you and its fluffy & cute, feelin' the conor feels lately haha xx

Similar request: Hiya, I was wondering if you could do a Conor Maynard image of him being jealous

“So today I am doing the brother vs girlfriend tag,” Jack spoke into the camera while Conor looked across at me and made a face behind Jack’s back. I’d pretty much moved into the Maynard-Pieters household, I had a toothbrush here and all, and in that time I’d got to know Jack Maynard pretty well. So when he asked Conor and I to help him with a video we said yes. And then we found out what it was..
“I have my brother Conor here on my left and Y/N on my right. She is a girl and also my friend so pretty much comes under the heading of ‘girlfriend’-”
“Even though she’s my actual girlfriend,” Conor said, making it clear to the camera.
“Alright, alright,” Jack replied. “Don’t rub it in.”

“How do you not know that!?” Jack yelled at his brother as I scored yet another point.
“I don’t tend to go around smelling you!” Conor argued in his defence. He looked to me. “How do you know what his favourite spray is?”
“Seeing as I’m the only one who knows how to use an iron-” I gave the two boys a look. “-I took his clean clothes into his room and saw the can on his desk.”
“Oh my gosh!” Conor fell back into the sofa cushions.
“That means Y/N wins! How does your girlfriend know more about me than you do? My own brother!”

I could feel something was wrong. In fact, I knew something was wrong. I didn’t have an arm around my waist and a tummy pressed against my back. I rolled over to see Conor staring at the ceiling, flat on his back. The street light coming in through the curtains made his eyes an incredible electric blue.
“Hey.” I cupped his face with my hand and turned his head to look at me. “What’s wrong?” He rolled over so he was facing me but still nuzzled half his face into the pillow.
“Sometimes-” His voice cracked slightly and I knew he was really upset. Gently I molded our fingers together. “Sometimes I feel like you’re more Jack’s girlfriend or Josh’s girlfriend than my girlfriend.” 
“Conor.” I stroked my thumb across his cheekbone, I could feel his skin becoming hot under my hand. “Please look at me.” He didn’t move but his eyes flickered to mine, now turned a dark blue. “Believe me when I say I don’t love anyone more than I love you. Never have, never will. The feelings I have for you and the feelings I have for the boys are completely different.” He was quiet, just staring at me with his pupils wide. “Please say something.”
“Sorry, I just can’t get over how beautiful you look right now,” Conor giggled, making me laugh too. He opened his arms and let me snuggle against him. “I love you so much.”
“I love you too. And please don’t ever forget that.”

Sooo last night I decided to binge watch Jack Maynard videos until like 2am and I feel like I’ve seen enough of him to write his bloody biography but maybe we’ll start with imagines? Send your requests in!

Camouflage Love || Cameron Dallas Imagine *Requested*

“Cam? Babe, can you come help me with these groceries please?” Oh my Lord Jesus these were heavy. Where is he?

“Cam?!” I put the bags down and went to look for him. I found him on the back porch talking to someone on the phone.

“Yea. Hell, yeah I’m going to come? When is it? Alright Bro, talk to you later. Alright, bye.” 

“Hey Babe! I really needed your help bringing in the groceries.”

“Oh shit. I’m sorry, I didn’t hear you. Is there more to bring in?”

“It’s fine and no, I got them . Who was that on the phone?”

“Jeremy! He’s stationed in San Diego for motor pool. He’s here until the 18th.”

“What?! Really!? That’s awesome! I haven’t seen him since high school graduation. Wait, what is motor pool?” I asked as we walked back into the house.

“It’s where you repair damaged humvees.”

“Well that sounds safer than Herat.”

“Haha, yeah. I wanted to go to his base, they are having like a family/friends day. Play games, eat, just hang out. Plus some of his new Army friends are going to be there. You wanna go?”

“Yeah! That sounds really fun and I really want to see him,” I told him as I put the groceries away.  

“Cool! Well it’s tomorrow and it starts at 1 pm.”


*Next Day*

“Hey Cam, I went out this morning and got Jeremy a welcome home card. Did you want to sign it?”

“Yeah, sure!” He signed the card with a heartwarming paragraph about how they grew up together. I couldn’t help but smile.

Oh I should probably date this. Hell what is the date? I looked at my phone and saw that it was the June 14th, 2016. I put the card in the envelope and licked the nasty seal. 

“Hey! About ready to go?” Cameron asked as he grabbed the drinks.

“Yes, just let me grab the fruit real quick.”

“Okay, I’ll go get the AC going in the car.”

“Alright, I’ll be out in a sec.” I finished what I was doing and grabbed the fruit, locked the door and headed to the car.

The car ride went faster than I thought, but I guess the traffic being good helped with that. We arrived at the base at about 1:10 and there weren’t that many people here. I turned my head when I heard someone call out Cameron’s name.

“Jermey! Holy shit bro, are you whole? No missing body parts?” Cameron asked as he playfully inspected his best friend.

“Haha! Nah man, I’m good! I see you’re good too. How you been?”

“Great, man. Holding down work.”

“Yeah I see you on the internet! Do it for the vine!”

“I ain’t gon’ do it! HAHA!”

“HAHA! So I see you and Y/N are still friends. How is she?”

“My girlfriend actually.”

“WHAT!? Why didn’t you ever tell me that? Oh man, I always knew you two would end up together.”

“Yeah, me too.”

All I could do was smile as I watched Cam talk to his lifelong friend. Even though we were all close in high school, none of their other friendships could beat the one they have with each other. 

I was at the food table when I get a pair of arms wrap around my neck and embraced me in a hug. I turned around and saw that it was Jeremy.

“Oh my gosh! Hi! How are you?” I asked as I hugged him back.

“Good! Busy, but good! How are you?”

“Pretty good. I sometimes tour with Cam and the other members, but most of the time I’m holding down the house.”

“Wow, same old Y/N. Always making sure people are taken care of.”

“Haha, yeah.”

“You know he’s lucky to have you. Are you okay with the time you guys are going to be apart?”

“Yeah, I’m okay. I mean we talked everyday.”

“I’m just glad you’re going to be here when he comes back. He’ll have something to look forward to besides family. I was actually shocked when he told me that he was going back with us to Afghanistan in four days. I was just glad that I’m going to have my best friend with me everyday for the first time in 3 years, you know? Oh! Thank you for the card by the way, that was really sweet.”

My smile dropped immediately after the words fell from his lips and before I could even get a word out, the announcement was made that Family Day was over.

I said goodbye and walked off to the car.

“Whoa, Babe! What’s the rush? You didn’t wait for me back there,” Cameron said after we got in the car.

I ignored him then and when he asked what was wrong. We were driving by the beach when I couldn’t be alone with my thoughts anymore.

“Pull over.”

“Are you okay?” I just gave him a glare and he finally pulled over.

“What’s up? Why were you ignoring me?”

“You know, just practicing not talking to you for when you go off to Afghanistan IN 4 FUCKING DAYS! HOW COULD YOU NOT TELL ME THAT?! DO I MEAN NOTHING TO YOU?!”

“You mean everything to me and I was planning to tell you-”

“Wha- When?! When exactly were you planning on telling me? On a fucking post card from all the way around the world?!”

“No! I wanted to tell you tonight. I thought that you seeing Jermey and how he was okay and came back home would make you a little more comfortable with me going.”

“Cameron, do you not know me well enough to know that I will support EVERYTHING you do?! YOU are wrong for doing this to me! Did you not think I would be pissed when you told me you leave for God knows how long in 4 DAYS?!” I was so angry with him that I couldn’t even cry. 

“I don’t know. I panicked and I stalled for as long as I could. Y/N, I am so sorry and I’m so sorry that you had to find out like you did.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because if I did, it would be real. And the reality of me actually leaving you and my mom and my sister and everyone I love and care about would set in.” He was crying and I wanted to hold him. The tears I had been holding in were finally falling.

I leaned over the dashboard and took hold of his face, “Cameron, I love you and I don’t want to lose you, but if you feel you need to go, then go, Baby. I’ll be here when you get back. Because you WILL come back.” He looked into my eyes and kissed me. This one was filled with love. The love I knew he had for me.

We spent the rest of the night on the soft sand of the beach. 

*4 Days Later*

“Is that everything?”

“Yeah, I think so. I love you so much, Y/N. I really need you to know that.”

“I know that, Cameron. I do. I love you too. Come one, everyone is already at the airport waiting for us. We should get going.”

“Yeah, okay.”

We finally arrived at the airport and I didn’t want to leave him. I went through security even, just so I could be with until he boards the plane. We got to his terminal and saw that his friends and family did the same. Seeing his mom gave me some hope. He’ll be okay.

“We will now begin boarding flight 324 to Dubai. We will start with any Military or veterans boarding the flight, then go through letters A-C. Thank you for flying with Emirates.”

“Well I guess that’s me.”

“You have a layover in Dubai?” I asked.

“Yeah, so expect a call from me in 21 hours. You too mom! I’ll be calling you as well, so answer your phone, haha.” I could tell he was trying to hold it together in front of everyone, but be broke when he hugged his family.

He hugged all his friends and stopped when he saw me.

“You are my everything, Y/N,” he said as he pulled out a package from his bag. “Don’t open it unless you have to.”

“I won’t. I promise. I know I won’t have to open it. Ever. Cameron, I love you with every fiber in my body. Come back to me. To all of us.”

He gave me hug and a long kiss. He gave a last wave and boarded his plane. 

Best Friends

Summary: You and Jungkook are best friends, but one fatal fight could end all that.
Member: Jungkook x Reader
Type: Angst/Fluff ending
Length: 2,332 Words

I think that having a falling out from a close friend is really sad. But I also think that everyone has that one friend who is their soul mate (friendship wise) and once you meet them, nothing will separate you. Anyways, I hope you guys like this scenario <3

-Admin Kat

[pt. 2]

Originally posted by jengkook

Probably the worst feeling in the world to you was the feeling of sweat on your back. You hated how it pulled your clothes tight against your skin, made your hair stick to your face, and especially the way it dripped don to every last crevice of your body. You reached up, wiping the sweat off of your forehead before it could roll into your eyes and cause the annoying stinging. The sun that beat down on your back, making it impossible to escape the continuous sweating. The grass beneath you were beginning to cause your legs to itch. You plucked at the grass at your feet, throwing it in the pile with the rest of it.

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Make Me

bloombloomyt asked:roughest Dan smut you can write ;) with daddy!dom!Dan x sub!reader

So this kind of fitted this request, and I tried to put Daddy!Dan into in it but it made me really uncomfortable, sorry! Anyway, here’s part 2, hope you enjoy!

The whole party you hung around Phil and Dan actively tried to stay away from you, for the majority of the night. That is until you got ahold of him and took him to a quieter spot.
“What the hell was that?”
“What was what?”
“That kiss. You hate me, why would you kiss me?”
“I never said I hated you.”
You stared at him with an obviously confused look on your face.
“And I know you don’t hate me, because you wouldn’t have been so into it if you did.” He smirked, the leaned next to your ear, “besides, you were right. I’d love to hear you say my name like that…”
You took a step back, “Holy shit, Dan.”
He then chuckled lightly, “Yeah, that’s exactly what I want to be hearing.”
From there on you could tell the sexual tension was unbelievable, of course you had always thought Dan to be pretty hot, but because of the “rivalry” between you, you’d never thought to act on it.  
Another hour passed and you couldn’t help it anymore, you found Dan talking to some other YouTube friends and approached him. “Dan, I haven’t seen Phil in a while, will you help me find him?”
“Yeah, sure.”
Dan of course knew what was happening, he led you out of the party and hauled a taxi.
“I texted Phil that you were feeling sick so I’m taking you home.”
Even though it might have seemed calm, and to the cab driver we looked like any normal two people looking for an excuse out of the club. In reality, there was heat, and a massive amount of sexual tension, neither of you feeling patient enough to get home before taking your clothes off.
What should you be thinking right now?
What does this make us?
Is this Hate-Sex?
Does he actually like me?
Do I actually like him?
Those were thoughts for later.
Finally getting to his apartment, you two wasted no time.
Dan pushed you against the closed door and pulled down the zipper on your dress. When he pulled away take off his shirt, you slid the dress off. He began to kiss you again turning you around and walking you backwards toward his room, then to his bed. He began to unbuckle his belt and pull down his jeans, leaving him in only his boxers. He laid over you, supported on his elbows, kissing your neck.
“If you want to stop, just say so, okay?”
“And you’re sure you want to do this?”
“Shut up, Dan.” You said wishing he’d get on with it.
“Feisty…” He whispers, traveling a hand down your body to your covered core, stroking circles over it.
“I have one rule.”
You let out a breathy laugh, “Excuse me?”
“You don’t cum until I say so.”
He pulled your panties to the side and stuck a finger in, slowly bringing it in and out.
“So wet…”
He added another finger, and began to pump a bit faster, earning a moan from you. He continued to finger you and suck on your clit right up until you were about to cum.
“I’m really close,” you said, that’s when he pulled his fingers out and stood up taking off his boxers.
“Tsk, tsk. It’s my turn now, on your knees.”
You did as you were told. You hated how desperate you were to feel him, this was a guy you thought you couldn’t stand until a few hours ago. He rubbed his tip on your lip, “Open up.”
He tried to put his whole length in your mouth, but at some point your gag reflex kicked in and he let you go at your own pace.
“Ah yes…shit…” He moaned, holding on to your hair so it wouldn’t get in the way.
“Get up,” he said while he sat on the edge of the bed, then brought you to sit with one of his thighs between your legs.
You were practically soaking and still hung over from when he wouldn’t let you cum, you had no idea he was serious about that.
He started grinding you on his thigh, slow at first than sped up gradually.
You couldn’t stop moaning, “Fuck, fuck, fuck…”
This was turning Dan on, as he couldn’t stop looking at you. Actually, he never took his eyes of your face, even when he took one of your nipples in this mouth, or sucked on parts of your chest, leaving small pink bruises.
“Are you about to cum, baby?”
You wanted to say no, say no and keep this going, but you knew that you couldn’t hold back much longer.
“Y-yes…” As predicted he took you off his thigh.
“Face down, ass up now.”
You could hear him unwrap and put on a condom.
When you did put yourself up in the air like he asked, “And you’re still okay with this?”
“Yes, Dan.”
With that he pushed into you.
“Now you’ve been so quiet this whole time, I want to hear you.”
He pulled your hips back to match his quickening pace.
“Oh my gosh… Dan.”
He pulled your hair so your head arched back.
“Do you like it, baby? You like when I fuck you like this?”
“Yes, holy shit yes!”
“And who do you want fucking you like this?”
“You, Dan! You!”
“Are you gonna cum for me, princess?”
“Ah shit, y-yes…”
He pulled out.
Fuck. No, no, no…
He laid on his back and pulled you on top of, “Ride me, sweetheart, I want to see your face when you cum.”
“Wait. I can-?”
“That’s right, release for me…”
Without another second passing, you came, not but a minute after, Dan started to thrust sloppily and released into the condom.
“Fuck, Y/N…”
You pulled off of him and sat next to him.
“We should do that more often,” you laughed.
“Damn right.”
A bit of silence as you both took in each other’s appearance, sweaty with a serious case of sex-hair.
“You were right you know…I have always kind of liked you.”
“Then why the fuck did you treat me so terribly,” you questioned.
“Afraid of rejection. Suppose I don’t have to worry about that any more,” both of you were laughing now.
“Dan! Did you take Y/N home?” Phil screamed from the other side of the door.
“No, she’s staying here, but she’s re-” Dan couldn’t even finish before Phil busted in getting a full view of what had happened while he was gone.
He looked terrified, but casually closed the door and went back to his room.
You and Dan looked at each other and bursted with laughter.

A Gesture of True Love

Summary: Ford takes a bite of an apple and falls into a deep sleep. Luckily, Mabel has some ideas for how to awaken him, but Dipper can’t help but wonder what possessed his great uncle to eat something from the enchanted part of the forest.

Based on this picture from @agent-jaselin‘s Ford in Peril month of drawings.

(Note: Do NOT tag ships for this. It is all platonic, familial love.)

“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh.” Dipper wrung his hands together as he paced back and forth. “Oh my gosh. Mabel, what do we do?” He turned to his sister who was studying the situation.

The situation being their Great Uncle Ford asleep on the forest floor, the incriminating apple laying innocently next to him. She leaned over him, eyes drifting from his face to the apple and back.

Dipper had thought that Mabel was bad when it came to sticking things in her mouth that she wasn’t supposed to, but somehow Ford was worse. What on Earth had possessed Grunkle Ford to actually bite into an apple from the shiny, sparkling tree they had found in the enchanted part of the forest?

“Oh, come now, Dipper.” Ford had said, picking an apple and rubbing it on his sweater to clean it. “I’m sure it’s perfectly safe.”

And then he’d taken a bite.

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anonymous asked:

what's hunter!jake's story? how'd he get into hunting?

Oh boy. Okay oh my gosh, sit back and get ready. I haven’t posted his ref sheet officially yet (i was trying to get jane’s done first) but i love you anon so i will do this fOR YOU though the final product may be tweaked.

(you can find a rough summary of john and jade here!!)

All right lovely listeners, as thrilling of a butt our dearly loved jake can be, long story short it’s frankly the family business. Not only was it because his grandparents and other elder family members once part of the head council that ran the underground society of hunters, but because his other siblings turned out to be more than exceptional for it. In short, they were terribly useful.

However, for Jake, that wasn’t initially the case because he was the only one of the four that didn’t show any aptitude for any sort of magic or gift. In short, compared to the others, he was rather normal.

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