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Bloodied (Nolan Holloway)

Fifth Installment of the Broken Series

Broken, Bruised, Burned, Battered

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“well hello again.” The familiar voice of Tamara Monroe rung out.

Remember how I said Nolan was going to get me killed? I think he just did.

I looked up glaring at Monroe. It was only Monroe and one other guy but, they both had their guns pointed at me. I could take them, I just needed a distraction. She put the barrel of the gun right between my eyes.

“you know I always thought of myself as a bit of a psychic, I had a feeling you were going to die, and well it looks like my prediction came true.” Monroe said moving her finger to the trigger.


The other hunter turned his attention to where Theo stood waving his arms. He  aimed his gun emptying his rounds on him. I took this time to grab the barrel of the gun that was pressed to my head before head butting Monroe in the face. She fell backwards grabbing her bleeding nose.

“I thought you were a psychic, bitch.” I growled before kicking the gun away from her.

The man, realizing what was happening, struggled to reload his weapon. I pulled out my belt clicking it in place. I swung it in one swift motion and the hunter fell to the ground.


His head separated from his body.

I killed him.

Monroe looked in horror, as did I.

“oh my gosh.” I breathed looking at what I had just done.

A arm reached out pulling me away. I looked up at Theo dragging me back to the car we came in. Liam was in the backseat passed out. The tires squealed as we pulled away from the zoo. I stared straight ahead lost in my thoughts. That man probably had a family and I took him away from his family. Nolan was right, I really was a monster now. So many thoughts were going through my head I barely heard Theo speak up from beside me.

“are you okay?” Theo asked glancing at me.

“I killed him. I killed a man.” I said looking at him.

“you get used to it.” Theo said.


“if you don't calm down you can join Liam in the back seat.” Theo growled.


“It was self defense, theirs a difference.” Theo said.

“YOU KILL PEOPLE NOT ME!” I said breathing heavily.

“I haven’t killed anyone today. Can’t say the same for you.” Theo smirked.

He thought it was funny. This most definitely was NOT funny.

“I’m going to add you to my list if you don’t shut up.” I growled finally slowing my breathing.

“are you finally calm?” Theo asked.

I shook my head yes not really believing it myself. An awkward silence filled the car.

“oh god I’m going to throw up.” I said causing Theo to pull over.

I threw open the door releasing everything I had eaten for the past few days. The images of the man's decapitated head filled my mind making me throw up again.

“what’s going on?” Liam asked finally awakening.

“Y/N killed someone.” Theo shrugged like it was no big deal.

“YOU DID WHAT?” Liam asked shooting straight up.

“seriously would you both chill out. He was going to put a bullet through your head if you didn’t take his off.” Theo said.

“I have to tell Scott.” I said looking at my hands.

Theo sighed before making a right turn to Scott’s house. I didn’t know how I was going to tell him but I needed too. I didn’t mean to kill him, I wouldn’t want to hurt anyone. Theo pulled in to Scott’s driveway giving me an annoyed look. I got out of the car taking deep breaths. I walk inside to see Scott, Malia, Lydia, Mason, Melissa, and Chris crowded around a map.

“Scott.” I started causing everyone to look at me.

I wanted to tell him but nothing would come out. He walked over putting his hands on my shoulders.

“what happened?” He asked looking concerned.

“Scott I’m so sorry, I..” I started but was interrupted by Rafe McCall bursting through the front door.

“the guns, they’re all gone.” Rafe said looking at Scott.

“yeah we know.” Scott growled.

“No I mean they were distributed. Distributed to the citizens of Beacon Hills.” He said looking at all of us.

distributed? they were supposed to be destroyed.

“guys.” Lydia said but no one was paying attention.

“GET DOWN!” she screamed.

the first bullet shattered the window making us duck for cover but it was no use they poured in one by one. I cried out before everything became one big blur.


“Y/N!” I screamed as she rolled down the hill.

Liam growled coming at me, I tried to move past him but he threw me back. I couldn’t see where she was and it killed me.

“Liam I have to get her!” I said

“THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT.” Liam growled coming closer to me.

He was in full werewolf form backing me to the wall. I flinched as he punched the wall directly beside my head. He kept punching it again and again but never directly hit me. Suddenly Liam fell limp on the ground. Another guy stood behind him glaring directly at me.

“I’d run.” He said.

The other guy grabbed Liam dragging him off. I had to find her. I jumped up quickly trying my best to walk down the steep hill but I fell and went rolling too. I hurt my ribs on the way making it hard to breath. I hit the bottom feeling pretty rough. I was a little ways away but I could see everything. Monroe had the gun pointed right between her eyes.

“you know I always thought of myself as a bit of a psychic, I had a feeling you were going to die, and well it looks like my prediction came true.” Monroe said moving her finger to the trigger.

I tried to protest but I got the wind knocked out of me on the way down.


the other hunter turned to where the guy from earlier was and started shooting at him. Y/N grabbed the barrel of the gun Monroe was holding before hitting Monroe in the face with her head. Monroe fell backwards clutching her nose.

“I thought you were a psychic, bitch.” Y/N said kicking the gun away from her.

“watch out.” I croaked but it was barely audible.

the other hunter was reloading his gun about to shoot her. Y/N removed her belt which I now know was a sword all along. She clicked it in place before swinging it. I watched in horror as the man’s head was severed by her blade. The man’s body fell limp and his head right next to the body. She jumped back in awe of what she did.

“oh my gosh.” She said dropping the sword.

The other guy came over pulling her away. Monroe got up examining the body of the hunter. She soon noticed me laying in the dirt. She came over helping me up.

“this is who she really is Nolan.” Monroe said pointing at the dead hunter.

I couldn't get the image of the hunter out of my mind. I couldn’t get the image of her doing it out of my mind either. I laid awake all night thinking of it. What bothered me most is her killing him did nothing to me. I still wanted her, I still wanted to help her, protect her, love her.

I walked in to school exhausted from everything that happened yesterday. I managed to make it through my first three classes but there was no sign of Gabe anywhere. I got up when the bell rang dragging myself to the next class. Gabe suddenly appeared blocking my way. He had a cut on his face with blood still seeping out of it.

“we have a problem.” He said grabbing my arm.

He led me to the locker room showing me the cracked mirror.

“what happened?” I asked.

“Liam and Theo, they were here asking about what happened at the McCall house.” Gabe said looking at me.

I gave him a confused look.

“what do you mean what happened at the McCall house?” I asked.

Gabe looked down guilty.

“Gabe what did you do?” I asked.

“I did it for you.” He said.

“Gabe what are you talking about?” I asked again.

“I shot up the house, but I told Monroe it was you. All of them were inside except for Theo and Liam.” He said.

I immediately thought about Y/N.

 "why did you do that?“ I growled.

"you should be grateful, you’d be dead if it weren’t for me.” Gabe said getting in my face.

I took a deep breath taking off. I could feel the tears cloud my vision. She didn’t escape Monroe just to get killed by Gabe. I quickly got in my car driving to Beacon Hills Memorial. I ran up to the front desk asking if there was anyone with the last name Yukimura there. The nurse said no sending me away. More tears fell down my cheeks as I got back in my car. I refused to believe she was gone. I drove to her house seconds away from a panic attack. I ran to her door throwing it open.

“Y/N?” I called up the steps.

no answer. I quickly ran up the steps in her room but she wasn’t there either. I fell to my knees letting the tears roll down my cheeks. Suddenly the door slammed making me whip around. Scott stood there with his arms crossed in front of him.

“I knew you’d end up here eventually.” Scott said looking at me.

“where is she?” I asked.

“I can show you, but I’m going to need you to do something for us.” Scott said negotiating.

If I said yes there was no going back to Monroe.

“okay.” I said without hesitation.

“follow me.” Scott said walking out her door.

I followed behind him keeping my eyes on the ground. He led me to a blue jeep signaling for me to get in. I nodded my head getting in the passenger seat. To say this was an awkward situation was an understatement.

“what do I have to do?” I asked.

“you’ll know what to do when the time is right.” Scott said glancing at me.

what the hell did that mean?

“how did you know I would show up?” I asked.

“because I’ve been in love before, and I know what it looks like. You’ve never hurt anyone Nolan because deep down you’ve always known she was different but you loved her anyways. Now you just know what makes her and the rest of us different..” Scott said not taking his eyes off the road.

I took a minute to take in what he was saying. It was true, I always knew she was a little different but that’s what made me fall in love with her in the first place.

“She killed someone and I didn’t even care.” I said glancing at Scott.

“yeah Theo told me. He also told me how she proceeded to panic and then threw up afterwards. She would never mean to hurt anyone Nolan, I know her and so do you.” He said pulling in the parking lot.

I looked up to see the sign for Beacon Hills Animal Clinic. I gave him a confused look.

“we couldn’t take her to a hospital.” He said getting out of the car.

I followed after him. He opened the door before stepping to the side. She was laying on metal table, Liam was there holding her hand. His head snapped up as soon as I entered the room.

“what’s he doing here?” Liam growled.

“easy Liam, he’s here because he cares.” Scott said standing in front of me.

“whatever. I keep taking her pain but it isn’t doing anything.” Liam said.

Scott walked over leaning over her. She wasn’t moving.

“Is she dead?” I choked out.

I could feel a single tear run down my cheek.

“no but she’s going to be if we can’t get her to heal.” Liam said looking to Scott.

I walked closer to her. She had three bullet holes in her chest. I felt angry. I wanted to make Gabe pay for this.

“how do we get her to heal?” I asked looking at both boys.

“I don’t know, she needs to command the fox inside of her to heal itself but she can’t exactly do that right now.” Scott said.

“taking away her pain isn’t working either.” Liam said grabbing her hand again.

“can I try something?” I asked looking at Scott and then Liam.

Scott nodded his head moving out of the way. I walked to the side of her looking down at her perfect facial features. I took a deep breath before pressing my lips to hers. I kissed her with everything I had in me. I didn’t know if it would actually work but I needed to try.

“look.” Liam said.

I pulled away looking down at her. The three holes in her chest were healed over, like they were never there. She gasped shooting up off the table.


I like cliffhangers so you can have one more. Beaten coming soon xoxoxo


Hello guys well i felt inspired so i wrote this haha, please let me know if you like it and feel free to request! Check out “Unstoppable”!

Genre: Romance, Fluff, Smut.

Length: 2k

One shot

Summary; “Chanyeol was known for being a very strict teacher”

“Okay students you can now leave” said your math teacher getting her things and leaving the classroom. 

“Hurry up y/n i don’t want to be late for Mr. Park’s class!” of course she wouldn’t want to be late, it was Mr. Park’s class he was known for his amazingly good looks but also known for being very strict, so basically he had all the girls swooning for him… including you, you immediately had a crush on him since the first day you saw him. 

“Okay, okay let’s go” You said putting the last book in your backpack and headed to the door with her.

When you arrived to Mr. Park’s classroom you saw that he was talking to your brother Baekhyun, he was also a teacher there but unlike Mr. Park that was new, your brother already had 5 years giving classes in school. 

You tried to walk fast past them but your brother was fast enough to notice “Where do you think you're going missy” Busted. You stopped at your tracks and turned around to look at him. 

You noticed that Mr. Park was also looking at you so that made you nervous since his gaze was always very strong, your cheeks reddened a bit. 

Baekhyun made you a motion to get close to them. “Are you just going to act like you didn't see me and not say hello?” he asked in disbelief. “Baekhyun i see you everyday at home” You answered crossing your arms over your chest making a ‘are you serious?’ type of look. 

“But i didn’t speak to my baby sister this morning, i went to see you but you were still sleeping” He pouted. “Do you know you drool in your sleep?” he asked while pulling your cheek lightly. You wouldn’t have minded what he said if you were alone but Mr. Park was listening to everything so it did make you flush in embarrassment. “Gosh Baekhyun that's one of the reasons i act like i don’t know you, you have no filter” You said putting one of your hands in your face. 

“Each day you get more rude” he said moving his head in disappointment way. You were about to retort but the bell rang signaling it was time to start class. Baekhyun said goodbye and got out of the classroom while you went to your seat.  

“Okay everybody i just want to see pencil and eraser in your table put everything else in your backpack and turn off cellphones”

You turned to look at your best friend in horror and whispered “Oh my gosh is the exam today?” she nodded her head. “I told you twice yesterday but you were just daydreaming y/n” she whispered back. 

You were doomed, you were already failing this subject and with this it was just worse. 

Mr. Park passed the exams to everyone and once finished he said “Okay you have the whole hour, good luck” he sat at his desk and started checking some exams from the other group. 

You stared at the paper intently searching for something you could answer but your mind was just blank, you looked at your best friend for help but she just shrugged.

50 minutes and your paper sheet was still white, there were only three students left in the classroom including you. You turned around to look if someone could help but they were concentrated in there exam then you turned your eyes to look at Mr. Park but he was already watching you. 

Your mouth opened a bit at the surprise and your cheeks started to feel hot so you fastly looked at your paper sheet again in embarrassment.

10 minutes and you were the only one left in the classroom, so you stood up decided to just give up and give him that blank paper sheet. 

“Why is the paper sheet blank Mrs. Byun?” he asked looking at the white paper and then raising his eyes to you.

You looked down to the floor and answer sincerely “I forgot to study and well i didn’t know anything” you sighed, he was your crush and you were just making a fool of yourself.

“Are you consent that your failing my class right?” you nodded your head in agreement “Mr. Park i really don’t want to fail this class can’t i do the exam again tomorrow please?” You asked looking at him with hope, you were pretty sure he would say no since he was known for being strict but he got you off guard when he said “I want to see you here tomorrow at 4 and don't be late” 

“Thank you so much Mr. Park i promise i’ll do my best!” you got your things from your table and left the classroom in a hurry.

Next day.

You arrived to the classroom at 3:55 and Mr. Park wasn’t there yet so you decided to write some notes in your leg just in case you forgot since you didn’t want to fail.

It was 4:05 when Mr. Park went inside the classroom “Sorry for the tardiness” said that he gave you your exam “Good luck”

You already where more than halfway from finishing the exam when you got to a question you didn’t know “What event took place on July 10th 1951 that started a two year long process to peace?” suddenly you remembered you wrote it on your leg so you raised you head to look at Mr. Park but he looked very busy writing down notes, so you decided to lift your skirt a bit to look at the answer.

“What are you doing Mrs. Byun?” Shit. You hurriedly fixed your skirt and tried to look normal “Nothing Mr. Park” you smiled nervously. 

“Come over here” You hesitated to get up but you saw how serious he was so you gave up and went towards him.

“I want you to lift your skirt up” Your eyes widened in surprise. “N-no i’m not going to do that” you stuttered a bit. 

“Fine” He pulled you with force towards him making you sit in his lap, he put his hand on your leg and raised your skirt, showing him the notes you had made. You looked at him in shock it was too much to register since it happened so fast. “I-i can explain” he looked at you smirking.

“I give you the chance to redo the exam and you just do this…bad girl” one of his hand grabbed your face making you turn to look at him. 

“I think you need a punishment” he said whispering to your ear. Your eyes widened and you gasped, that’s when he took the perfect opportunity to connect your lips together.

You where shocked, you never expected him to do this you had daydreamed of this a lot of times before but you never thought it would actually happen in real life. 

You started to move your lips in sync with his, the kiss was rough and passionate, his hands started to wonder around your body stopping at one of your breast while you started to unbutton his shirt but he stopped you. “I never ordered you to unbutton my shirt baby” you put your hands down to your lap and nodded. 

He chuckled and then his lips went towards your neck starting to give you light kisses to finally suck on your sweet spot leaving a big hickey. “I don’t want you to cover that okay?” A slight moan escaped your lips and he smiled at your action and then kept sucking, you took a grab at his hair and pulled lightly moaning “Mr. Park, t-this is wrong” 

“If this is wrong…” his hand moved your underwear to the side and started to touch your clit “then why are you so wet?” 

You were going to answer but a loud moan left your mouth when he inserted two fingers in your core and started to move them in and out fastly.

“Do you like this baby?” he asked looking at you expression of pleasure “Ye-yes please keep going” you took the opportunity to unbutton your shirt and toss it to the side leaving you in your bra, starting to touch your breasts. “Faster!” You moaned

He obeyed and went faster adding a third finger, making you scream in pleasure. “Look how i have you with just my fingers, imagine if it was my dick, love”  your core got tight at his words making you feel close to orgasm. 

You were so close to letting go when he abruptly took his fingers out of you. You turned around to give him a mad look but you saw him licking his fingers clean that making your core feel wet again. 

“Take all your clothes off” he ordered. You opened you mouth to retort that he was still fully clothed but he cut you off by saying “If you’re not going to use your pretty mouth to suck me off then i don’t want to hear you say a thing” You closed your mouth and just stared at him, you knew he had a strict personality but wow this was different. 

You started to take your clothes one by one while he just stared at you with lust. When you finished he said “Bend on the desk” you nodded your head and bent on the desk clearly showing him your most private part. 

You felt nervous since you didn’t know what he would do but the thought was replaced when you felt his wet muscle on your clit and a moan escaped from your mouth “Oh my god” you said while taking a hold at the sides of the desk. 

His tongue moved expertly in your clit making you clench your back in pleasure, you could actually say that you felt in heaven Mr. Park definitely knew what he was doing. 

You turned your head to the side and looked back at him seeing that he had already took his dick out and was jacking himself off, this action made your walls clench it was very hot sight to see especially since he had a very big size.

“AH!” You shouted finally having your first orgasm letting your juices out.

“You taste nice” he said standing on feet, you were going to turn around to get your clothes but he held you back in your place against the desk. “I never said we were over love” he started to undress and when finished he placed his dick at your entrance rubbing it up and down your core softly. “Are you virgin?” he asked in curiosity. 

“No, i’m not” said that he plunged hard inside you making you let out a long moan. 

He started to go fastly in and out inside you not letting you adjust to his size, making you a moaning mess “You're so tight baby” he said while giving your ass a light slap, he then pushed deeper and that’s when he found your g-spot “Yes Mr. Park there!” you screamed, you just felt in ecstasy.

“Call me Chanyeol” he said to your ear moaning and hit your spot harder making you scream in pleasure. 

“Faster Chanyeol!” you felt your second orgasm starting to build up fast and and he felt it too since your walls started to clench around his dick.

“I’m close chanyeol, don't stop” one of his hands went to your clit and started to rubbing it fast. 

“Yes, yes!” You shouted in pleasure letting your orgasm free, he then fastly pulled out of you and let hit seeds spill in your back letting a loud moan from his mouth. 

He pulled out of you and let himself sit in the ground in exhaustion, you lifted yourself off the desk and followed him to sit beside him. 

He turned his head to look at you and you smiled at him, surprisingly he smiled back making you lose your breath for a second at the sight of this beautiful man.

“So… is it true that you drool in your sleep?” he laughed.

“Stupid Baekhyun”

The small Dork and the Artist pt.2

I wanted to continue what @That-Punny-Cookie started, even if it was my other account that I deleted, I had a feeling nobody would believe me and all.
Just saying, the One-Shot wasn’t supposed to be submitted, it was a draft ;w;
But, just saying, the day I found out you replied…




Error poked the chocolate softly.

It looked yummy.

And Error wanted to eat something.

Error gently picked up the chocolate while Ink watched, curious for what his rescuing to chocolate will be. Error took a small nibble of the chocolate (that wasn’t wrapped) slowly and cautiously. His eye lights lit up slightly at the sweet taste. Instead of chomping down the chocolate greedily, Error instead took quick but small nibbles of the chocolate. Ink giggled at the small glitchy child.

”Hey, what’s your name?“ Ink asked, “I’m Ink. You can call me anything but shorty.”

Error looked up at Ink, blinking a little, putting down the (very tasty) chocolate bar.

Error sat down a little more properly, sitting on his bum. (Is that more proper, or does it not make a difference? I don’t know, whoops-)

“My NaMe iS Error,“ Error murmured softly. Ink leaned in a little, humming in question. “What did you say?” Ink asked politely. Error tooonin a deep breath and looked Ink straight in the eye with slight bravery.

”Error,“ Error repeated confidently, “My NaMe Is Error.”

Ink smiled brightly, crawling closer to Error. ”That’s a great name! Do you mind if I call you … Hmm … RuRu, perhaps?“ Ink asked. Error rose his ‘eyebrows.’ “WhO Is ’RuRu’¿” Error asked back. Ink giggled, scooting a little closer to Error.

“Your RuRu, silly!“ Ink smiled, pointing to Error. Error pointed to himself, “mE¿ bUt, I’m ErRor!” Error protested, “nOt rUrU!”

Ink grinned, “If I call you RuRu, you can call me anything you want. If you like, you can call me shorty, even if I’m taller than you,“ Ink suggested, scooting until he was normal length from Error.

Error puffed his cheeks and and crossed his arms, “I-i’m nOt GonNA aLwAyS bE shOrT! I-i’lL grOw Up!“ Error huffed, “i’lL grOw Up TO bE tAlL!”

Ink rolled his eyes playfully. “Suuuuuure. Hehe. Anyway, want to leave this awful place?“ Ink asked Error. Error gasped and stood up quickly, “yEs PleAsE, InK!” Error smiled, which Ink returned. The artist stood up, and realized how short Error was. Even wearing shoes, Error was just a little shorter than Inks elbow.

’Oh my gosh,’ Ink squealed internally, ’He’s so short!’ Ink internally fangirled at how cute Error is. ‘But, I also wonder, will Error be able to go through the portal himself?’ Ink asked himself. He shrugged and opened a portal using his paintbrush. Almost immediately, Error hid behind Ink.

“WhAt Is ThAt… ?” Error asked nervously, grabbing onto Inks clothes. Ink turned a little, looking down at the nervous child.

“That, RuRu, is a portal. It will take us away from here,” Ink smiled happily. Error still hid behind Ink.

The artist turned around completely, grabbing Error and placing him onto his hip. Error squeaked and grabbed onto Ink for his dear life.

Ink looked at Error, “Are you ready? We’re going to walk through the portal.“ Error nodded, grabbing onto Ink even more tightly.

’He might fall asleep when we go through the portal,’ Ink thought, ’Probably because of his unsteady magic.’

After that thought, Ink stepped through his portal, entering his guest room in his home.

Which was thankfully not covered in enough papers to not be considered a room anymore. The room was quite plain. If had a twin sized bed in the middle of the room, pressed against the wall. On the right of the bed was a desk, papers and pencils scattered around the wooden surface. It was a plain looking room as mention earlier.
Ink turned to check if Error had fallen asleep.

Yup, he is.

Ink picked up Error and placed him onto the guest bed, tucking him in.

Ink sat next to Errors bed, just in case Error wakes up and gets scared, or something along those lines. Ink wants to be next to the glitchy skeleton, he wants to know if he’s okay, he wants to make sure nobody is messing with Error.
The artist stroked Error’s head in a comforting manner, hoping too sooth the skeletons nervous nerves from going through portal earlier.

“I will watch over you, no matter what. Your my small little dork.”

Before y'all start screaming about stuff I messed up
I thought that Error wouldn’t have hapephobia(? Is that his you spell it?) because he wasn’t stuck in the void for a heck of a long time. So he didn’t mind the touching. (Or, maybe I didn’t want to write angst/feels ;w;)

(I’ve gotten sucked into child!error x Ink to the point where I’m drawing them in class XD)

Submitted by  ask-error-and-ink-the-nerds

Unu says: You didn’t have a title so I felt free to name the story, haha. I’m good at naming things, did you know that? |D

Anyway, this is just so cute! You guys keep submitting so cute fanfics to me and just… hnnngh <3<3<3

Thanks for continuing the story. And you’re welcome for the response, I guess? Though I’m still recovering from that train hitting me last time and stuff~

anonymous asked:

hi i know you're writing that supercorp story (which is my entire life btw you're amazing) so i don't know if you're taking random prompts. if yes can you do a supercorp + the classic having to share a bed? i don't know the context. And in my mind they are clueless about the others feelings

the conference starts really well. she’s managed to convince one very nice waitress to leave a tray of spring rolls at her table and, even better, the table happens to be at central city’s biggest conference of the year. which she is covering. which means, best of all, that she gets three days out of the office and away from snapper, who still—in his own words—thinks she’s “a boring, beamish, biased blabber-mouth” and, unlike with cat, kara is pretty sure that he means every word of it. and he isn’t even pleased at his own alliteration! who isn’t pleased by alliteration? she doesn’t get it. but that’s who he is, and she just has to buck up and remember that literally nothing pleases him and she just has to work twice as hard to make sure that the article she writes about this conference will be worth something.

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Hi Steph! I'm new to the fandom, could you please share with me the best Johnlock fanfics (in your opinion)? There is so much of them I'm lost... and I don't know which are the 'legendary' and 'must read' ones. Thank you so much! <3

Hi Nonny!

First of all, WELCOME!! I hope you are enjoying your time here!! OH GOSH, okay so funny thing, I’m actually currently making a list of ALL of my favourite fics ever, because someone else asked me ages ago, and now I have 5 other people asking me LOL.

As I explained in this post here, many people have already made great lists of “the best fanfics” in the fandom… But of course I’m stupidly picky about my fics.

Anyway, since I’m already working on an entire list of my biggest most fave fics ever in every place everywhere, how about for now, since I’m due for it, I give you my last bookmarked fics since I last did a list last month? I hope these will tide you over Lovely! In the meantime, you can also check out my ‘my fic recs’ blog tag, and I’ve a tonne of lists, some of which you can see here

I-J’s Last Bookmarked Fics (July 2017)

Upon Reflection, Tenable Frippery by emmagrant01 (T, 1,299 w. || John’s Beard, First Kiss, Fluff) – John was, inexplicably, growing a beard.

Gigantic by BubbleGumLizard (E, 2,135 w. || Size Kink, PWP) – John seems to avoid Sherlock seeing him naked. Sherlock wants to fix that.This is porn. Part 19 of Mystrade NaNoWriMo 2015

What He’s Like by magikspell (E, 2,919 w. || Love Confessions, Fluff, First Time, Inexperienced Sherlock) – Realistic first time. They love each other so much.

Straight Shooter by nefariosity (E, 3,249 w. || Est. Rel., Light Dom/Sub, Military Kink, PWP, Bottomlock) – Sherlock has a military kink. John indulges him.

The Prize We Sought Is Won by deathfrisbees (E, 4,610 w. || First Time, Mild D/S, Oral, Military Kink, Bottomlock) – Sherlock’s in love, or in lust, or both–unfortunately, the object of his affections is not only his completely oblivious flatmate, but said flatmate would probably run screaming into the hills should he find out. John’s been invited to a wedding–unfortunately, the groom used to serve under him back in Afghanistan, and requests that John wear a uniform he’s honestly not sure he fits into. Unfortunately for both flatmates, Sherlock’s got a military kink the size of Kandahar and John wants to know if he actually can fit into this uniform or if his eyes are deceiving him. It goes from there.

Facade by distantstarlight (M, 4,715 w. || Fluff, John’s Beard, No-Shave November, Grumpy Sherlock, Clueless Sherlock) – Sherlock is highly irritated with a challenge John has agreed to undertake. Why does he need to grow a beard anyway?

Telling the Bees by siennna (G, 5,174 w. || Fluff, Beekeeping, POV Sherlock, Love Confessions) – It took a beat of silence for the words to settle in, before both of them realized what John said. “You—” Sherlock started. “I—” John said at the same time. “Love me? You love me?” Sherlock asked faintly. Part 3 of sienna’s favorites

The Death of Doubt by Gingerhermit (E, 6,584 w. || Alternate Canon, BAMF John, POV Sherlock, Sherlock’s Mind Palace, Hurt/Comfort, Angst/Drama, Meddling Mycroft) – Mycroft asks for John’s help in rescuing Sherlock from his Serbian captors.

Illogical, even. by magikspell (E, 9,119 w. || Grey-Ace Sherlock, Character Study, Growing Up, Victor Trevor, Romance, First Time/Kiss, Sherlock-centric) – Five reasons Sherlock never believed in love and one reason he does now.

With This Ring by Quesarasara (E, 9,121 w. || Est. Rel., Marriage Proposal, Angst and Fluff and Smut, Idiots in Love, Embarrassing Hospital Visits) – Sometimes even the best of plans go wrong. And sometimes wrong turns out to be exactly right.

The Painted Man by jinglebell (E, 9,894 w. || Tattoos, Scent / Tattoo Kink, Rough & Tender Sex, Fluff and Smut, Obsessive / Jealous Sherlock, Touch Starvation) – Here stood John Watson – middle name, Hamish, ex-RAMC captain and field medic, favourite brand of jam: Duerr’s, preferred toothpaste: Mentadent. Loyal, steadfast, interesting John had just done the most unpredictable thing merely by being.John’s body was covered, neck-to-waistband, shoulder-to-elbow, in tattoos.

Confidential by sussexbound (M, 10,654 w. || Epistolary, John’s Journal, First Kiss / Time, Fluff, Self-Acceptance/Discovery, John’s Sexuality) – When John accidentally stumbles upon the Confidential file Sherlock’s been keeping on him he is both angry and curious. What he learns about himself, though–well, that changes everything.

At the Edge of Desire by philalethia (E, 16,375 w. || Post S3, Pining, Arse Worship, Humour, First Kiss / TIme, Sexual Fantasy, Awkwardness) – While helping John move back in to the flat, Sherlock discovers a strap-on among John’s things. He finds the discovery considerably difficult to move past.

Tomorrow’s Song by agirlsname (M, 24,645 w. || Post-TRF, POV Sherlock, Angst with a Happy Ending, Virgin / Repressed Sherlock, Love Confessions, Slow Burn, Pining) – How can he think a relationship with me would be a good idea? I am the sort of person to take a break from my life and when I come back after two years, I expect to find it exactly as I left it. In reality I find it shattered to pieces. (I actually equate you with my life. When did I start doing that?)

Where Else Would I Be? by cwb (E, 34,910 w. || Retirementlock, Domestic Fluff, Falling in Love, Parentlock, Fluff and Smut, Reminiscing) – John and Sherlock’s five-year-old granddaughter spends the weekend with them in Sussex. Sherlock happily indulges her whims, and John takes care of them while quietly revisiting the past thirty years of their lives together.

Left by lifeonmars (M, 45,153 w. || Magical Realism) – John Watson is left-handed. He’s tried not to let it affect his life, but as any Lefty knows, that’s almost impossible. {{for some reason this wasn’t bookmarked??? I’ve loved this story for years and apparently I didn’t bookmark it??? News to me.}}}

Bridging the Ravine by SilentAuror (E, 58,883 w. || Post S4, Couple For a Case, Bed-Sharing, First Times, Confessions, Awkwardness, Sex Trafficking) – Sherlock and John go undercover at Ravine Valley, a therapy centre for same-sex male couples in an investigation into a possible human trafficking ring. As they pose as a couple and fake their way through the therapy sessions for the sake of the case, it quickly becomes difficult to avoid discussing their very real issues. Set roughly six nine months after series 4.

anonymous asked:

i feel like today was a ; "too rough & i need some fluff"day. So could you maybe do a prompt?? The one where Stiles is colour blind and can't see Derek's Red Alpha eyes. But Derek doesn't know that so that causes sooo many misunderstandings. - just felt like i needed this today

I wrote this as fast as I could for you, nonnie (so I hope it doesn’t entirely suck). But I hope you are still up and awake to read it and that it makes you feel a little better anyway <3 *all the Sterek snuggles* 

“What do you mean I just asked him to marry me?” Stiles hisses, turning away from the seriously pissed looking werewolf.

“Dude, he flashed his eyes at you and you still approached him,” Scott says, eyes wide. “What did you think was going to happen during a pack recruitment ceremony?”

“I thought the point was to make friends!” Stiles yells, unable to help looking back at- Darren? Danny? Because in any other circumstances Stiles would be trying to convince- Darryl?- that letting Stiles climb him like a tree would be the best decision they would both ever make. Ever. “Wait, what do you mean he flashed his eyes? That doesn’t mean anything!”

“It does if he’s an Alpha.”


“But Alphas have red eyes…”


“But D- uh?”

“Derek,” says the- wow, Stiles really didn’t think it was possible for someone to look that pissed and blush at the same time. It’s kind of adorable, really.

Which. You know. Not helping.

“Right, Derek. Uh, thanks,” he says awkwardly, turning back to Scott. “Derek’s eyes aren’t red!”

“I’m right here you know.”

“Dude,” Scott says again, face serious as he takes hold of Stiles’ arm, turning him completely away from his apparent groom-to-be. Which is probably for the best because even though Stiles is aware he is freaking the fuck out right now, he can’t help but think Derek is kind of perfect. In a Carly Rae Jepsen crazy sort of way, maybe, but still perfect. Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad if they-

“Look at me and tell me what colour my eyes are,” Scott says.

“What difference is that going to-” Scott’s eyes glow bright, cutting him off, and Stiles gulps.

Oh no.

“They’re a weird…beige colour?”

Scott sighs. “I knew taking that book from Deaton was a bad idea.”

Stiles frowns, realisation dawning on him a second later. Shit. The colour spell from this morning. “It was supposed to enhance my vision, not change it!” he cries. He had taken precautions, goddammit. Sure, it hadn’t been the easiest spell to start with and the book did kind of did state not to perform it alone, but Stiles had been so sure.

Well, fuck.

“Wait, does this mean you really didn’t mean to propose to me?” Derek asks then, his voice suddenly small, nervous.

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The First Thing He Said to You - *Request*

Here you go! Requested anonymously and by @heartattackfandom! I hope you enjoy it!


☼D A N I E L☼:

‘On the bright side, you’ll smell delicious all day!’

You were invited to the Seavey’s house for dinner by Anna, Daniel’s little sister. You were a year older than her, but she clung to you and you had to admit, she was a pretty awesome person. So, naturally, you accepted the offer.

When you walked in the door, you were greeted by a bright-eyed boy with a tooth gap in his wide smile.

As he started to say something, the boy tripped, somehow, and the pie landed right on your chest, making your nice shirt now blue from blueberries. The boy’s eyes widened in shock and horror as you stood there, arms outstretched as you gaped at your shirt.

“On the bright side,” you looked up as the boy spoke, “you’ll smell good all day!”

And it blossomed from there.

↠J O N A H↞:

'Oh my gosh! Lucky!’

You had always been a huge fan of baseball; your dream was to travel to every MLB park. This trip, you finally got to go to the one park that was literally blocks from your house: Dodger Stadium. You’d lived in Anaheim your whole life, yet that was the one stadium you hadn’t been to. It was funny, really.

What was also funny was that a band, Why Don’t We, had come on the same day, right next to you. Of course, you had no idea who they were and was just trying to ignore the rambunctiousness of the curly-headed one and the small one.

At one point, a foul ball flew right towards the two of you - seeing as Jonah was sitting one empty seat away. He went to catch it, but it bounced off the tip of his mitt and hit you square in the eye, giving you a black eye.

“Oh my gosh!” At first, you thought Jonah was concerned. “Lucky!”

Not so much, but out of that, you got a foul ball hit by Yasmani Grandal and a new contact in your phone.

⍟Z A C H⍟:
(Y/F/F- you’re favorite food)

'Suit yourself, shorty.’

Being 5'1", you weren’t ever the tallest person in your class - hence why grocery shopping was something that always got you riled up. The worst part was Y/F/F was on the top shelf, and you could never reach it. This trip you were determined to not let your height get the best of you, seriously. You weren’t going to have to climb onto the shelf or ask a random stranger for help; you were going to do it.

With that in mind, you got all your things before heading to the dreaded isle. As you walked into it, five boys were arguing about chips further down the isle. You tried not to listen, though it was hard hence their volume. Once you reached the shelf that always got you, you took a deep breath before trying to get the box. You tried not to draw attention to yourself, but it was also hard considering the physical activity required to do this. All of a sudden, another arm reached up and grabbed the box, holding it out to you.

You looked at the boy, who was wearing a beanie with skinny jeans and Vans. He was about six inches taller than you, easily.

“No thanks, I can get it myself,” you said to both him and yourself.

He just shrugged. “Suit yourself, shorty.”

You scoffed as he put it back on the shelf and stood there as you tried to grab it. After five more minutes, you sighed and looked at the ground in defeat.

“Can you grab that for me?”

◇C O R B Y N◇:

'Oh my goodness do you use the lip kit?’

As a makeup junkie, you were always on top of the newest things and constantly in Sephora or Ulta whenever you got the chance. Of course, with your spendy lifestyle, you had to get a job. Luckily, there was a spot open at the newest Applebees in town. You snagged the job quickly and grinned when you got your first paycheck.

One particular night, a group of five boys and a tall, muscly dude came in and sat at one of the tables you waited. You dropped a few drinks off at another table before heading over to that one.

“Hello, my name is Y/N, and I’ll be you-”

“Oh my goodness, do you use the lip kit?” One of the boys, a blonde with bright green eyes, asked out of nowhere.

“What?” You didn’t expect an eighteen-year-old boy to know about the type of lip kit you used.

“The Kylie Jenner lip kit?” He asked. “My friend uses it, and I just recognized the color. Do you?”

You nodded, and out of the spontaneous clip of conversations came a whole lot more.

☾J A C K☾:

'Will you stop messing with that?’

You had been sitting outside a restaurant in their outdoor seating area, waiting for your brother. He was always late, no question, and you were getting quite bored of just sitting there and drinking strawberry lemonade.

All of a sudden, a curly haired boy sat down in front you. You had been messing with your straw, twirling it around in your almost-empty drink, and you stopped as he startled you.

“Um… excuse me?” You looked at the boy. He didn’t answer, seeing as he was staring off into space or something. You tried to follow his gaze but saw no one.

After a few more tried attempts, he didn’t answer so you went back to playing with your straw. You sat with your face propped up in your hand until he finally spoke.

“Will you stop messing with that?” He asked quietly. You furrowed your eyebrows.

“Excuse me, but you just came and randomly sat at my table!” You told him in the same tone.

“Yes, because there’s a creeper watching you from across the street!” The boy explained harshly, and, when you looked, there was indeed a man about forty standing there.

“Oh…” was all you could say.

The boy gave you a reassuring smile and grabbed your hand as an act, and, needless to say, at one point, it wasn’t an act anymore.

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(((hi!! i really love your headcanons and gosh u just put so much character into these dorks ur amazing))) can i ask for MC getting drunk after a fight w/ Seven + V + Saeran, finding her and driving her back home? (Extra points if she sleeps in the car on the while the boys apologize lmao)

I wasn’t too sure on where to go with this, so it might be a little all over the place. I also hope you don’t mind I did headcannons, thank you so much for saying that, it means a lot. 

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Patton the Villain Wrangler Part 6

I am NOT procrastinating an essay. Why on earth would I do that?

Word Count: 1229 (No, I don’t care that it’s long. You shouldn’t either)

Warnings: cats. just cats. (if there’s anything else, let me know)

Tag List:  @silly-aesthetic-me, @here-to-vent, @memelovingsun, @kitsuneprideleader, @bbcanimefangirl, @bbcanimephangirl, @4-forever, @sillylittleraindrops, @broadwaytheanimatedseries, @whitewinery, @sea-blue-child, @01001100-01010011, @theoneandonlyfangirlofpower, @storytellerofuntoldlegends, @cochroachkappa-blog, @amazable01, @ilovemyspoopydad, @justanotherpurplebutterfly, @thatcraxygirl15, @agentflash15, @dusk-lunari, @princeyssash (just message or ask me if you want to be tagged in future installments)

“No. Absolutely not.”

“Kitty, please!”

“No. I’m not gonna meet with some random guy you found on the street.”

“First of all, he found me, and second, he’s got some important stuff to say! Just- just give him ten minutes. That’s all I ask.”

The Alley Cat had a skeptical look on their face.

“Just hear him out. For me?”

The Alley Cat sighed. “Fine. But just ten minutes, and I’m only doing this because I like you.”

The Vigilante sighed in relief. “Thank you. You won’t regret it.”

The small supervillain just rolled their eyes. “When does he want to meet?”

“Uh…” The Vigilante hadn’t thought that far. He thought that they would suggest a time to meet. “How does, uh, Tuesday at nine sound to you?” he asked slowly.

“Fine. That’s great.”

“Where do you want to meet?” the Vigilante asked before they could.

“I don’t know. How about your lair?”
“No. He doesn’t want to shadow travel, and that’s the only way he’s getting in there.”

“Fine. How about here?”

The Vigilante pondered this for a moment, looking around the well-lit room. “This should work fine.”

“Alright, Tuesday at nine. Ten minutes.”

“Thanks Kitty!”

“Don’t call me Kitty.”

“You know you like it.”

The Alley Cat rolled their eyes. “Yeah, I do.”

The Vigilante grinned and disappeared into the shadows.

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part 1 of an oc (Theo) fic with a little bit of fluff, a little bit of torture, a little bit of me not knowing wtf I’m doing.

EDIT: oops, I should probably also mention that my ocs have abilities & you can read about them here. c:


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Edmund the Insane

Edmund was… broken.

What the Witch did to him was unspeakable - and he wasn’t able to speak about it anyway. Jadis planned to keep him alive so she could lure the three others before killing them all.

Oh sure, she wanted the little brat dead and buried deep underground, to keep her throne safe. Jadis loved power. More than this, she needed power more than anything. She didn’t care about the Narnians or the land in itself. No. 

She just wanted a place to rule, a territory to conquer and to own. So Narnia was hers and she wasn’t gonna let it slip away from her, especially not to children.

Jadis was awoken by two children, a long time ago, when she was still in Charn, the first country she tried to rule - and destroyed in the process. She wasn’t gonna let four other brats defeat her, big lion Aslan to help them or not. 

 So, yes, she thought about killing that first one. He was useless, right? But still. That kid was a weapon she could use against the three others - and she was gonna use all the weapons she could. She decided to keep him alive. But keeping alive didn’t mean to keep him safe, right?

Jadis made sure that Edmund would never be able to rule her kingdom. Didn’t killed him, no. Tortured him? Yes. To insanity.

And she was so bored. Trying her spells on him, making him scream and cry and beg for mercy, and playing with him? Well. That was one Hell of a distraction.

When Lucy found him back, her armor still fresh of blood and the head of Jadis in her hand, chained in the Witch’s castle he calmly looked at his sister. Blinked a few times. And laughed. 

 He didn’t know who she were, and why she was looking at him with such painful eyes. He did not understand what was happening and why she hugged him.

Everything is gonna be okay Ed, I swear.

Why was she calling him Ed? He was nobody. He was a void. Voids don’t have names. 

We will protect you, you’re safe now

 Safe? Oh no. No, no, no. No one could ever protect him, even this three children looking at him with so much pain and love in their eyes. He knew that more than anything else. 

His mind, his ability to be rational and to think? They were gone. But he knew he was never gonna be safe, he knew that he wasn’t ever gonna be able to run away from the danger, the pain and the fear - thanks to the Witch, they were deeply rooted in his mind now. 

Unable to speak, Ed only opened his mouth to scream, cry or laugh insanely. Whatever they told him, he knew the truth, somewhere in his damaged, burned, sick and twisted soul. 

He was simply a walking piece of painful flesh and memories.

Nothing else.

Head Over Heels||Zach Herron||Why Don’t We Imagine

Prompt: “I think I’m in love with you and that scares the crap out of me.”

“Babe, you’ll be fine!” Zach chuckles at your scared expression. “It’s not even that bad, I swear!” He tugs you by the arms toward the ice skating center, but your feet stay firm on the ground. 

“I’m not going, Zach! It’s too scary! What if I fall?!” You shout trying to wiggle out of his grasp. The WDW boys were spending Christmas in New York and Zach, your boyfriend of five months, invited you to come along. After doing a radio interview that morning, Zach was free for the rest of the day so he decided to take you out exploring the city. But of course, the first thing he wanted to do (after getting Chipotle) was go ice skating in Times Square, which just so happened to be one of your greatest fears. You thought you would fall on the ice and break through it into the icy cold water. 

“Zachary, do you want me to die?! I’m going to drown!” 

“Y/N, it’s ice! You can’t drown on a solid object!” He lets go of your hands and you think you’ve won, until he wraps his arms around your waist and carries you into the skating center to get ice skates. 

Ten minutes later you have lavender purple ice skates strapped to your feet and Zach has black ones. He holds your hands and gently guides you towards the ice. You never thought about the possibility of ice skating, let alone ice staking in Times Square where there are hundreds of people who could laugh at you. 

“Baaaabe!” You whine. “I don’t wanna do this!” 

“You haven’t even given it a chance, Y/N/N. You’re not even standing on the ice.” Zach says, pulling you a little closer. With one big tug, he pulls you onto the ice and into his chest. 

“Zach!” You shriek, suddenly scared out of your mind. The two of you start sliding on the ice from the momentum. You breathe heavily and stick to Zach’s chest like glue, refusing to let go. Zach turns around on the ice, so he’s skating backwards and you’re skating forwards. 

“That’s it, princess! Just move your feet like that, good!” You smile at his motivation. When you start to get the hang of it, you pull yourself away from Zach’s body, but still hold on to his hand in case you fall. The two of you glide around the ice smoothly, a smile spreading wide on your face. 

“I’m doing it! Oh my God, I’m doing it!” You laugh as you look down at your skates in disbelief. You let go of Zach’s hand, having new found confidence in your skating skills.

“No, no, babe! Careful! Look where you’re going!” Zach shouts before skating directly in front of you so you both crash into the barrier. When you open your eyes, you find yourself on top of him,his back against the plastic barrier. 

“Oh my gosh! Are you okay? I’m so sorry!” You say, getting off of his body. He cringes as he opens one eye. 

“Ouch.” He says, pushing himself up on his elbows. You hear loud laughter and look up to see Christina and the boys standing behind the barrier. Christina has her vlog camera out, holding it steady as she laughs with the guys. 

“Did you get that on camera?!” You yell at her, your face turning red. She nods as she continues dying of laughter, leaning into Corbyn so she doesn’t fall. 

The five of them get skates, and join you and Zach on the ice. You find that Christina is practically a pro skater, her doing a bunch of jumps and spins on the ice. You also find that Jack’s skateboarding skills do not transfer to his ice skating skills, him falling on his ass just as much as you do. 

After what felt like hours of skating, you and Zach split from the group to go to little cafe on Lexington Avenue. You sit outside, sipping your espresso, Zach eating a sandwich. You catch him staring at you several times, “What’s wrong?” You ask, taking another sip of your drink. 

“Nothin really.” He responds, finishing off the last of his meal. He stands up, his chair scraping against the concrete. He takes your hand in his and rubs the back of it with his thumb. 

“What are you doing?” You ask, laughing under your breath. He smile down at you, not answering. 

“You have my focus, I can’t control it

I find your magic in every moment

No slight of hand, cause you’re my truth

And when in love the ordinary just won’t do” You cover your smile with your other hand, shaking your head as your boyfriend serenades you in the middle of Manhattan. Just when you thought that this couldn’t get any more insane, the rest of the WDW boys come around the corner, Daniel’s guitar in tow. You see Christina vlogging the whole thing. 

“You look so beautiful, you walked out of a dream

I’ve never felt this way before, your eyes are all I need

To make forever feel like just a little while

I swear I’d walk, I’d run, I’d even learn to fly

Just to see you smile”

The boys continue singing your favorite song off of their first ep and by the end you’re smiling like an idiot. Not to mention that quite a large crowd had gathered around to witness this public display of affection. When they’re done, you stand up and pull Zach into a long kiss which earns several whistles from the crowd. 

When everyone disperses, and the boys and Christina go into the cafe to order, you sit with Zach, him still rubbing circles on the back of your hand. 

“What was that for?” you ask, your face still red from all the attention. 

“I don’t know.” He shakes his head. “Y/N… I think I’m in love with you, and that scares the crap out of me.” He confesses, scratching the back of his head. Your smile widens even more, your cheeks starting to hurt. 

“Zach, you have nothing to be scared about.” His eyes snap to yours and his smile mirrors yours. 


“Really, cause I think it’s safe to say that I’m head over heels for you, country boy.”

He leans back in his chair, clearly relieved. “Oh, thank God!” He says, making you laugh. 

“I love you.” You manage to say before the rest of the gang walks through the door. You and Zach smile at each other from across the table. You could tell that Christmas was going to be good this year. 

kotyonoksnz  asked:

oh mY GOSH how dare you offer this! I can't resist! (I'm not a strong person) def my fav, “Never mind, I know that look. They’re/you’re not done yet.” with Viktuuri? c: I don't mind who the victim is.. just.. let the power of snz take you where it may ~

[!!! featuring: sniffly yuuri, very observant viktor, and me not knowing when to stop typing]

[also lyubimaya and dushen’ka both mean darling in russian!!]

Viktor starts to suspect in the morning, worries throughout practice, and has a solidified ball of nerves in his chest by the afternoon. There’s nothing definitively wrong with Yuuri, no specific action to point to besides a collection of mumbles and tired smiles over coffee (which is eighty percent of their mornings anyway, so really, Viktor doesn’t know why he’s so worked up). The cold Russian air makes both of them congested, even on good days; Yuuri is always warm and sleepy in the mornings, draping himself on top of Viktor until he gains enough energy to change into workout clothes; practice is often quiet with the exceptions of Viktor’s soft commentary and the ever-constant slicing of ice.

None of this helps to uncurl the anxiety resting against his lungs, especially not when Yuuri skates over to the boards, breathless and cheeks flushed. This is a normal reaction to exercise, Viktor reminds himself, but just enough of their day has been slightly off and it’s slightly too early for Yuuri to be this flushed and slightly too late for him to still be congested from outside.

“Drink some water.” Viktor says instead of Do you want to go home? Hands him his water bottle instead of pressing a hand to his forehead (not that it would be accurate at the moment, Viktor reminds himself).

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nylona02  asked:

If you don't mind me asking, were you gonna right a sonamy fanfic for the song you wrote with the sirens and Amy having to save the boys? I love the plot and your singing is lovely!

(x) Used with Artists permission, please support her as well!

References this song: (x) Siren’s Song dedicated to Sonic Boom.


The team is once again enjoying… well, as much as they can, a Meh Burger as Sticks pokes at her food.

“Eh, I swear it moved.” she squints her eyes and peers into the hamburger, lifting a bun up to double-check…

“Hey, have you guys heard about those sisters who arrived here recently? They say that they’re professional performers!” Amy showed a poster of what looked to be a girl’s singing and dancing group.

“What? Great, more competition for Dream Boats…” Sonic folded his arms, not liking the ‘new group’ at first, leaning back in his chair.

Tails saw one of the girls and gasped, pulling the poster from Amy’s grasp and scanning it more thoroughly.

“Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh!!!” Tails’s eyes kept shaking and shrinking as if he recognized her…

“What’s a gosh?” Knuckles scratched his head, putting his half eaten burger down.

“It’s Amber Titan!” Tails turned it around to reveal the one he recognized. “She did a promotion for Hello Doggy! I didn’t know who she was at first, but hey! If you’re hired to sing the Hello Doggy jingle, you must be great!” he then shook his head and looked a little guilty, “I never did see the airing… but I heard they sold the most products off that commercial for a year! I don’t recognize the other girls though…” he looked back at the picture and rubbed his chin.

“Let me see, let me see!” Knuckles pawed over the table, leaning obnoxiously and making Tails fling the paper around before Amy swiped it back.

“Aww…” he looked disappointed as he sat back down, before his eyes lit up at seeing another one of the girls. “Ah! Praise the great gosh! That’s Tiffany Titan!” suddenly turning into a fan-boys of sorts, he jumped and did a ‘gotta use the bathroom’ like dance with his feet and squee’d his his fists up by his face. “She’s on my body-workout videos! When I hear her sing the pacing, it’s almost like I can’t control how many sit-ups I do!… or leg ups… yeah, that’s right. I do them!” he put his hands to his hips and glared at Sticks, as she rolled her eyes.

“Sounds like they get around…” Sticks didn’t seem to like all the attention towards the girls,… that’s when-

“Wait a second- they can’t all be-” Sonic swiped the paper as Amy glared and growled, not liking how they were just taking her flier like that.

“Great GOSH! I DO recognize one!” At first disbelieving, Sonic suddenly shook his head and blinked again, “This… it can’t be!? I knew I recognized the ‘Titan’ name but… Merida Titan!!! She’s the number one Air-gear rider! It’s like everyone she goes against is stunned by her wicked moves and sick singing chords! She can shred the skate-park AND a guitar..!” he excited grinned, before suddenly looking up, very seriously, drooping his eyes slightly to show the sudden shift of character.

“We have to meet them.”

“HELP! HELP!” The old monkey man came franically darting around left and right into Meh Burger, “Someone has to help! Three girls got stuck in a cave!”

“Three?” the three men suddenly perked their heads up, as Amy put a hand to her head and let it rest on the table, looking annoyed.

“I wasn’t even able to finish what I was saying…” She complained, as Sticks glared intensely at the burger, before smashing it down with her boomerang. She then happily smiled and began to eat it again, not seeming to care.

“What were the girls names?” Sonic zoomed over.

“Any you’ve seen before?” Tails popped over.

“Yeah! One with amazing crunches!?” Knuckles looked worried but more interested in if it was…

“Hmm… let me think… Does it matter?”

“IT MATTERS!” the boys heads completely, and aggressively, grew bigger in front of the old man as he cowered below.

“Woah! Geez! Kids these days and their caring about looks… back in my day-!”

“Great. First Gosh, now there’s a Geez?” Knuckles looked confused. “Why don’t I know these people!? I knew a Titan..?”

“Spare the lecture old man and tell us if they looked like this?” Sonic lifted a hand up and then pulled the flier to his face.

“Hmm… well, all I can say is there was cries of help, and they were… strangely beautiful too… Strangely alluring and … melodious.”

“It’s gotta be them!”

“Or did I mean mischievous?”

“We’ve gotta save them!” Tails turned excited to Sonic as he returned the gesture with his fists raised in anticipation of meeting the idols.

“Or perhaps… malicious?”

Amy’s head suddenly perked up, “Malicious? How could cries of help sound malicious?”

But before the old monkey could answer her, Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles fist pumped and ‘yeah!’d together, jumping up and smashing their bodies together in a ‘teamwork/friends’ way and took off.

“Maybe I can get her to sign my abs!” Knuckles was heard shouting out as Amy once again shook her head, getting up and throwing her hands down by her sides.


“Idols..?” Sticks’s eyes suddenly widened, “Oh no! People worship idols! These girls must be up to no good! Come on, Amy!” She grabbed Amy’s arm and dragged her behind as she ran after the boys. “There’s only a handful of caves on this island, they’ve gotta be in the deepest, darkest, most murkiest one!”

“That’s all of them!” Amy cried out, trying to get at least a ‘foot’ on the ground. “Ugh! Why does everyone just lug me around!? I can WALK, darn it!”

Upon reaching the cave, the boys panted in exhaustion.

“This… is the last… one.” Tails wiped some sweat from his brow and arched his back from hunching over. “Phew…”

The boys shook their heads, “Snap out of it, team! Put on your brave hero faces! We’ve got some damsels to save! With marketable signatures...”

They shook themselves into more ‘daring’ poses before Tails threw up his Hello Doggy notebook and pen, clicking the pen before charging inside.

Once in, they called out to see if anyone would answer, but instead, they heard… singing for help?

That’s when their eyes began to change color and they felt their bodies moving strangely to the music.

“Someone’s gotta be here!…w-woah…” Tails was the first to feel woozy. “Ah! What’s happening???” his body began to dance on it’s own, as Sonic and Knuckles also fell under the spell.

“It’s like my body can’t fight the power!” Knuckles started doing something ridiculous as Sonic questioned him with an odd expression.

“Knuckles? That’s not even dancing! Why can’t we stop?” He then looked to his feet….

(Song Starts here, but before Amy’s lyrics come in to play…)

Amy and Sticks dashed into the cave, seeing the lights and party music, they looked up to see the girls dancing in silouettes, and their shadows locked onto Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles from the floor.

At this point, the team were like zombies, and their essence of energy was like sparkles in the air, drifting over to the girls and giving them power.

“Witch doctors!” Sticks jumped and clang to Amy’s head, making her stumble a bit, but both weren’t seen.

“I told you! Idols require sacrifices from their followers! And right now, our friends are giving them a strange, voodoo dance to satisfy their strange tastes in dancing genres!!” Sticks’s nails dug into Amy as she ‘ow’d! and ripped her off, holding her out as Sticks pulled in like a kitten being held by one hand.

“No, Sticks! They’re under some kind of… of brain-control or something!”


“No, more like-”

(music and ‘bom-da-booms’ play)

Amy glares at the girls, stepping forward. “…Sirens.”

She looked to her friends, “But how do we?”

Sticks took out, her battle-cry fierce but the girls saw her coming and Sonic sped out to stop her.

Sticks screeched to a halt and went on all fours, hissing, but Amy pulled her back.

“They’re being forced to defend them!”

“Then there’s only one thing to do!” Sticks sucked in air.

Amy plugged her mouth, “What are you doing!?”

Muffled noises were heard before Amy looked annoyed and moved her hand.

“-And so by that logic, we HAVE TO SING TO FREE THEM!”

“…come again?” Amy blinked, a little hesistant before Sticks cleared her throat and got up.

Again, Amy stopped her.

“No, Sticks! You’re singing put a rock down, but I don’t think it will help draw out everyone’s true selves… no offense.” she bent her ears slightly.

Sticks folded her arms, “None taken… hmph.” she turned her head away. “Alright, Angel of music, you sing.” Sticks teased, and kicked her forward.

(Amy’s part. Ending of song)


Snapping out of their delusions, Sonic and the team shook their heads, feeling weak.

“W..what was that?”

“I… I think it was Amy?”

“Impossible! You sing like a karaoke fanatic!” one of the girls swished out her hand, her long tail mimicking the action.

“How could you stop our spell? We were almost youthful again!” the other sister stated.

Amy looked back and noticed how Sonic and the team seemed to age a little… Tails grabbing his back and Knuckles unable to do a push-up, crying out, “nooo…!” and shaking his fist in the air. “Darn you, Geez! Darn you…!” he then fell flat on his face, starting to snore.

“Give my friends back their youthful energy, or else!” Amy brought out her hammer.

The more buffer of the girls stepped forward, “Or what?”

Amy grinned, and spun her hammer to point to Sticks. “Hit it, Sticks!”

Sticks started to sing and the girls gripped their ears, in great pain they suddenly shot their hands out and the sparkles of energy returned to their friends.

“Amy…” Sonic tried to keep himself awake, before Amy caught him from falling down.

Sticks caught Tails who’s fur was turning back to normal again, not grey or white like it was fading too.

But when she looked up… she saw Knuckles falling, and whimpered with a ‘Oh great…’ as he smashed down on her.

Her free foot twitched at the impact.

Sonic shook his head one more time, patting whatever was holding him as Amy felt the strange pats on her back, shoulders, and finally on her face.

“…Are you quite done waking up yet?” she mumbled under his hand as he lazily looked up.

“…AH!” he jumped away.

“Where… where did you come from..? Where are the girls!?” he looked around, before glaring at the sirens who were on their knees.

“Make it stop! It’s in my head! It’s in my head!” the three suddenly burst into sparkles of light, and Amy coughed.

“Ah! I feel younger and yet… some of it’s in my mouth! pah, pah!”

Tails slowly got up, “I don’t know what exactly happened… but I have a feeling those girls weren’t real to begin with…” he rubbed his head and tugged Sticks a few times to get her out from under a resting Knuckles.

She took a huge swallow of air as her head came up from below him, “Air… I taste air! Sweet air…” She then shook off her body like a dog and glared back at Knuckles, before turning to the rest of the team and putting her hands to her hips.

“Next time when I warn ya of the supernatural… don’t look at me like I’m the crazy one.” she dusted herself off from all the sparkles, before she felt her face and suddenly smiled. “Hey, I think my face just got lifted.” she pulled her cheeks up. “That means ten years added right?”

Knuckles turned his head, “Emm… I dreamed there were other people like us… but less bandages and chili-dogs instead of burgers… Hey! You had paige arms!” he pointed to Sonic. “Strange dream…” his eyes looked droopy and he suddenly went back to sleep.

(something like that, lol xD it was meant to be a ‘sonic boom’ episode, but here’s more sonamy, haha)

“I wonder what broke us from the spell?” Tails wondered, coming back as Sonic’s mouth turned to a fine line.

“I remember hearing Amy’s voice… and then seeing her trying to dance… you know, she’s not half bad.” Knuckles smiled, pointing a finger up. “Maybe I should get her autograph!”

“What about you, Sonic? I remember Amy’s voice drowning out the sirens too! It was… sweet… full of care and concern for us.” Tails smiled sweetly, looking up at the sky before Sonic swung his hands out, shutting his eyes closed with great intensity as he spoke quickly and abruptly.

“I-I don’t what you’re talking! I broke out of that spell myself! Amy just was there!” Sonic folded his arms.

“…” the two looked over him to each other and smiled, passing him and linking arms.

“So pretty~ like a little siren herself!”

“But a good one! And those hips don’t lie!”

Sonic twitched, before shaking a fist and following after them. “Wa-wah-what we’re you doing looking at her hips!? H-hey! Q-quit talking about Amy behind my back!”

He chased after them before mumbling to the side..

“I guess she was kinda pretty…”


“Her voice or her hips..?”


“Hahaha!” they both laughed as Sonic embarrassingly looked away and pouted to the screen.

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Um, I don't have a specific prompt(I like too many of them), but could you do one with SF Papyrus? I absolutely love the way you write him.💜

♥15: “I don’t want to hurt you”

(This was defiantly one of my favorites to write so far)

     There was nothing but darkness but Rus felt a strange feeling of home in this lifeless void. The kind of pleasure the makes you sick because deep down, you know that you shouldn’t be feeling it. There was a figure a ways ahead of him, and all he knew was that he had to head for it. As he walked closer an unnaturally twisted rage grew in his soul and all he knew was that it was directed towards the figure. The figure was a gray blur in the rough silhouette of another person and when he stopped in front of it, it seemed to reach out to him. There was something familiar about it’s aura but he pushed that thought to the back of his mind, he wasn’t thinking very clear as it is. Rus slowly moved his hands toward it, placing it on its “shoulder” gradually moving closer to it’s neck and his other hand followed suit. He wrapped his hand around it’s neck, squeezing lightly. The silhouette didn’t react, it just looked up at him, he squeezed harder. That feeling of rage returned to him along with the twisted pleasure, he squeezed harder and the silhouette squirmed and let out a pained moan dropping to its knees. He knelt down with it, not letting go, he squeezed harder. It seemed to be attempting to fight back, and he just smiled at how feeble it was. He couldn’t control himself, he squeezed harder -CRACK- it went limp and he felt something wet leak through his fingers, “W-what?” What did he just do? He looked back down at the figure and it wasn’t just a figure anymore, “Oh, nonononononono…”, it was Y/n. He looked at his hands still wrapped around your neck, your blood seeping to the floor from him digging into you flesh so hard. He pulled his hand away in horror, they were covers in you blood, “Oh gosh, no!”. He lifted you up, “Y/n?!? Y/n, please!”, but your eyes were empty and cold. He couldn’t breath, he felt like he was going to throw up. He held onto your body burying his face into your neck and sobbing, you were so cold. Something grabbed his wrist and he pulled away looking at you. Your hand was holding painfully tight to his wrist, your face pale, your neck bleeding out and hanging limply yet your cold glassy eye looked direct into his and you yelled something in a voice that wasn’t even your own,“MURDERER!” Everything disappeared and he was falling through the black nothingness and the guilty sickness that was growing in his stomach at the beginning of all of this over took him. The image of your lifeless body was seared into his mind and your words were ringing at a defining volume, “MURDERER! MURDERER! MURDERER!” Rus wrapped his arms around his head trying to shut out the voices, but you can’t quite something that’s inside your own head. He was on the brink of madness, he just wanted to die already! Then, something cut through the darkness, grabbing his attention. It was a voice, “Papyrus! Papyrus, please wake up!”
     Rus shot up in bed, his magic going crazy. Things were flying around the room and as dangerous as it was, you had come to wake him up from what you assumed to be another nightmare. He frantically looked around the room trying to grasp that this was reality. You grabbed his face and made him look at you, “Look at me, Papyrus! Everything fine, it was just a nightmare”. Both of his sockets were glowing and seemed like he was about to throw you off of him until he focused on your face. It was you, you were warm, you face was full of color, he could see the life in your eyes and he could feel the strong resonance of your soul…you were alive. He quickly backed away from you, looking at his hands, he could still remember the feeling of the life slinking out of you as he squeezed harder and the snap…oh gosh the snap. What durning the nightmare felt deathly satisfy made him want to claw at his bones. You looked at him, eyes full of concern and set a hand on his shoulder, “Papyrus?”, he pulled away again, “P-please get away!”, you pulled away, “Why?”, he was tearing up, “I-I don’t want to hurt you…” You smiled softly and moved in front if him, “Papyrus, you would never hurt me…” Rus was literally shaking as you took his hand and pressed it to the side of your face, “See?”. He kept looking from your face to his hand, the image of his hands wrapped around your lifeless body were flashing in his mind. You placed your other hand onto the side of his face, “It’s alright, you would never hurt me”, you said again. Rus was still afraid to move, but he wanted to be close to you. He wanted so bad to feel your warmth, to feel the life flowing through you and to hear your heart beating. He leaned into your touch and brushed his hand down your face. Before you knew it, he wrapped his arms around you tightly and his breath hitched as he feels your soul resonating with his and he began to purr brokenly. You were here, you were his and and most importantly, you were safe, alive and happy, and he’s swears on his soul that he’s never going to let anything change that.

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Hmmmm Lance with intrusive thoughts?? If you don't know anything about intrusive thoughts you could do,,, I dunno,,, something langsty (because we all love that haaaah) Oh! How about something fluffy? Platonic hugs?? Or lance getting sick or really badly hurt???? Gosh Also stay hydrated please. Your headaches gonna be killer in the morning. Rip you :(

(I do know about intrusive thoughts, I have them myself actually! Mine tend to be more of the sexual kind but sometimes they’re violent too. But I’m only 21, and I didn’t start drinking until I turned 21 so I don’t get hangovers yet! My sister said I have until I turn 25 before those happen since that’s when she started getting hungover lol)

The atmosphere of the control room was absent of noise, and how everyone was sitting at their stations working diligently could fool a passerby into thinking everyone was relaxed and hard at work. That was, however, far from the truth.

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So, my best friend @gayjackkelly 's birthday is on May 24th, and they would love a super fluffy jackcrutchie prompt with lots of cuddling, tickling, and nose boops. I want him to be super surprised, so don't tell him I told you

I may not have technically included all of those things, but this is definitely one of the fluffiest things I have ever written, so there is that. Anyway, happy birthday @jackhasdreams !!!

Jack awoke to the smell of smoke. He lay in bed, his nose crinkling in surprise at the sudden scent, trying to figure out what would be causing the smoke. Jack only had the opportunity to ponder that particular enigma for a few brief seconds, before the fire alarm went off. “Shit,” Jack muttered, jerking up into a sitting position. “Crutch,” he began, reaching over to wake up his boyfriend, but the other half of the bed was empty, much to Jack’s surprise. “Crutchie?” Jack asked, pushing the blankets aside, and forcing himself out of bed.

“Crutchie?” Jack repeated, as he made his way out of the bedroom and into the living room. His feet padded quietly against the cold tile, the soft sound all but completely drowned out by the alarm. The fire alarm continued to beep frantically. Across the living room, Jack could make out Crutchie waving an oven mitt over the oven, where black smoke billowed into the air. “Uh, Crutchie, what’s going on?”

“It was going to be a surprise,” Crutchie admitted. “And then, I got distracted and now they’re all burnt.”

“What?” Jack asked, coming up behind Crutchie and resting his hands at Crutchie’s hips. He peered over Crutchie’s shoulder, observing the blackened remains on a pancake griddle.

Crutchie scraped the spatula against the griddle, collecting the burned batter and dumping it into the trash. “I was going to make pancakes,” he explained. “Then we could have breakfast in bed and it would be the start of a wonderfully relaxing Saturday together. But, the stupid alarm woke you up and – you can SHUT UP NOW!” Crutchie shouted at the continually beeping fire alarm. “It won’t shut up, stupid alarm,” he muttered.

Jack reached up, removing the batteries from the fire alarm. “There you go. All fixed.” He returned to Crutchie’s side, nestling his face into the crook of Crutchie’s neck. “Breakfast in bed sounds nice,” he whispered, his lips moving gently against Crutchie’s soft skin.

“I know, it would’ve been. This is the first day that we’ve both had off in over a week. But, now you’re awake. And the pancakes are burnt.”

“We can make new pancakes,” Jack reassured his boyfriend, bringing his arms to wrap around Crutchie’s waist. “And, if you want, we can even get back in bed to eat them. Both problems can be easily fixed.”

Crutchie shrugged. “I know, but it’s not going to be a surprise anymore.”

“I can close my eyes, if you want,” Jack suggested, grinning as he rested his chin on Crutchie’s shoulder.

“Whatever, smartass,” Crutchie muttered, jabbing Jack in the stomach with his elbow. “You can head back to bed, if you’d like. I’m just gonna make some pancakes quickly.”

“Nah, it’s fine,” Jack said, gently kissing Crutchie’s neck. “I don’t mind staying out here with you.”

“Okay, but you’re severely limiting my range of motion and if I burn another pancake again, you’re eating it,” Crutchie warned.

“Fair enough,” Jack agreed. He watched as Crutchie drizzled the pancake batter onto the griddle, creating a thick squiggle. As the pancake began to bubble, Crutchie flipped it open, somehow managing to maintain its strange form. “Is that a worm?” Jack asked.

Crutchie scoffed. “A worm? Jack, this is clearly the Loch Ness Monster.”

“I guess, it’s a good thing I’m the artist of the group,” Jack commented.

“Oh. My. Gosh,” Crutchie said, breaking out of Jack’s arms. “You do not get a single pancake.”

“C’mon, Crutch,” Jack whined, trying to wrap his arms back around Crutchie’s waist. Crutchie gently pushed him back. “It was a joke,” Jack tried. “It’s the best goddamn Loch Ness Monster I’ve ever seen.”

“I don’t believe you. You’re just saying that,” Crutchie said, removing his pancake creation and pouring more batter onto the griddle, this time in the shape of a distorted triangle.

Jack pointed at the new pancake. “What’s this one?”

“That’s an Egyptian pyramid,” Crutchie explained.

“I should’ve guessed.” Jack nuzzled Crutchie’s neck again. “I guess I’ve got competition in the artistic department, huh?”

“You stick to paints, and I’ll stick to pancakes,” Crutchie suggested, flipping over the pyramid pancake over.

Jack idly watched Crutchie make a couple more pancakes, all various shapes and designs. Some were obvious: a heart, a flower, a rainbow–not a smiley face because that would require eyes, Jack, as Crutchie had indignantly explained. As Crutchie poured a squiggle onto the griddle, Jack smiled. “Do we get matching Loch Ness Monsters?”

“This isn’t a Loch Ness Monster. I’m offended you would even think that.”

“But–” Jack frowned. “What is it? A worm?”





“Jack.” Crutchie turned around, hitting him lightly in the shoulder with the spatula. “This is clearly a caterpillar.”

Jack leaned forward, inspecting the supposed caterpillar. “No,” he finally announced. “That is most definitely the Loch Ness Monster.”

“There’s only one Loch Ness Monster, so clearly,” Crutchie pointed out, “this cannot be a second Loch Ness Monster.”

“Says who?” Jack challenged.

“Says me. And the scientific community.”

“I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the scientific community says that there is no Loch Ness Monster.”

“Their bad,” Crutchie murmured, flipping the pancake onto the plate with all the others and turning off the griddle. He handed the plate to Jack, instructing him to take it back to bed, while he grabbed a second plate and the syrup.

Once they had returned to their bed and Crutchie had split the pancakes between the pair, Jack leaned his head against Crutchie’s shoulder. “I love you,” he whispered.

“I love you, too,” Crutchie replied, kissing Jack. He grinned at the taste of syrup on Jack’s lips. “You taste good,” he whispered, his lips moving softly against Jack’s.

“Not as good as your Loch Ness Monster,” Jack said.

Crutchie smiled. “Nothing can compare to my Loch Ness Monster. But, you are a close second.”

Jack carefully set his plate to the side, before laying down and dragging Crutchie down with him. “Let’s go back to sleep. And maybe this time the fire alarm won’t wake us up.”

Graduation Imagine
  • It's been a long senior year and you've finally made it to graduation. You're laying in bed, excited to finally start your life. But then you realize; (TC's name) will no longer be your teacher. You get this intense feeling of dread in your stomach.
  • You: (thinking) fuck. I can't believe it's over. How am I going to get through this? It's the last time I'll see him. School isn't the only thing that's going to be over with... Tomorrow is the last day I'll ever get to see his smile, his eyes, his everything. I'll never hear his voice again.
  • You start to panic and you end up falling asleep because all the stress made you sleepy.
  • You wake up the next morning and you instantly remember TODAY is the last day. You get sick to your stomach but you pulled yourself together.
  • You: (thinking) Well today's the day... I should have prepared myself for this. I knew it was going to happen but time flew by so quick. This can't be happening.
  • You get ready for graduation and you look beautiful as fuck. You and your family drive to the school and on the way there all you can feel is your stomach turning. Wishing time would stop or you could relive the last couple of months. When you and your family arrive at the school, you don't want to get out of the car. You just use the excuse that you don't feel good to stay in the car just a little longer. But then it was time to go in. Time to face your reality.
  • You walk into the school and out of all people who could have been standing 10ft in front of you helping your soon to be former classmates, it's (TC's name). You immediately stop and look at him and his eyes lock with yours. He smiles at you but you can't even smile back because you know what is about to happen.
  • You: (to your parent/sibling) oh my god I'll be right back.
  • You run into the bathroom and lock yourself in.
  • You: (thinking) This can't be happening. How dare he smile at me when he knows it's the last day I will ever see him. Gosh, I fucking hate this. How can he be so calm about this? Why isn't he showing any emotions? Maybe all this time I was wrong. Maybe he doesn't like me at all. Maybe I don't matter to him.
  • You start having a panic attack but you hear a knock on the bathroom door. You pull yourself together and wipe the tears off your face. You open the door and pretend like your fine. It's your best friend.
  • BFF: What the hell? What's wrong? Why have you been crying? Are you okay? Who do I need to kill?
  • You: (slight laugh) Nobody. I'm just emotional that this is the last day of high school. I'm really going to miss this place. It's actually over.
  • BFF: Who cries this much over school? I've known you for years, all you wanted was for school to end. Are you sure there's nothing else going on?
  • You: (thinking) Yeah, I wanted school to be over with. But that was before I fell in love with (TC's name).
  • You: ... Nothing is going on ...
  • BFF: I can tell when you're lying to me so tell me the truth, please. I want to help you.
  • You: You'll think I'm a freak or think it's gross.
  • BFF: C'mon if I thought you were a freak I wouldn't have been your friend for this many years. It can't be that bad. You can trust me.
  • You: Fine... I'm in love with (TC's name) and today is the last day we will ever see each other.
  • You: (however many years or months)... I don't just like him. I love him.
  • BFF: Does he know?
  • You: Of course not. He'd never feel the same way about me so why would I risk everything we have and make everything complicated?
  • BFF: Tell him. What's the worst that can happen now? The worst thing that could possibly happen is that he'll reject you but that's his loss. You're an amazing beautiful woman. If he can't see that then you need to find someone who will see that.
  • You: I can't just tell him... He'll think I'm weird.
  • BFF: Here, lets go. We are going to be late if we don't hurry up. We will think of something.
  • You and your BFF go get your graduation gowns from (TC's name). You and (TC's name) make awkward eye contact and you both smile at each other. You and your BFF start walking to where all the other students are.
  • BFF: He totally likes you. I can tell.
  • You: Please don't get my hopes up like that. I don't want to be let down even more.
  • BFF: I'm sorry...
  • -To save time I'm skipping to the part where you walk across the stage to get your diploma.-
  • You walk up on stage and you're more nervous than you've ever been. You walk up to (TC's name) and he gives you the brightest smile ever.
  • TC: (Your name), congratulations.
  • He hands you your diploma and you two get close together so the photographer can take your picture. The photographer takes the picture when suddenly...
  • TC: (whispering in your ear) I know you like me.
  • You: Oh my god what? (Your face turns really red)
  • TC: Congratulations again!
  • You are in shock. You walk off stage and sit back down in your chair.
  • You: (thinking) What just happened? Did I hear him right? Did he just tell me he KNOWS he likes me? What the fuck?
  • The graduation ceremony ends and you're with all your friends and family in the lobby taking pictures together. (TC's name)comes up to your group.
  • TC: Mind if I have a picture with the new graduate?
  • BFF: SURE!
  • You: (thinking)Oh my gosh, why is all this happening? Why does he want to take a picture with me?
  • You and (TC's name)smile for the picture.
  • TC: can I see the picture?
  • BFF: Yes!
  • TC: (takes your phone and sets a reminder to pop up on your phone for 10pm) Awesome picture!
  • Your TC smiles and walks away. You noticed he was typing while he was supposed to be looking at the picture but you can't find anything. So you forget about it. You and your family go home and have a home celebration. There's gifts, cake and family. You are very tired from the stressful day so you cut the party short and get ready for bed around 9pm. You take a shower and put your night clothes on and you get all comfy in bed. You're laying in bed and you feel your phone buzz. You roll over thinking it was another text from someone congratulating you for graduating. But you were wrong. Your TC put a reminder on your phone to go off at this time. You read it and your heart stops for a good minute.
  • Reminder:
  • I've been waiting a long time to kiss you. Come kiss me.(Address).
  • -(TC's initials)
  • ---------------------
  • This was my first ever long imagine so please, give me some credit lol. I tried my best.
  • Main blog - @tcwes

Special request by @leanwithitwriting. If you have time, send a little love their way today.

Warnings: death, anxiety, childhood abuse, drug use, alcoholism

After fifteen years, you’d think the wound would burn a little less. Sure, sometimes you daydreamed about all the classic “dad moments,” the ones you’d never experience: high school and college graduations, your wedding, finally growing into the person you’d always imagined yourself to be. But you buried those thoughts as quickly as they came, and soon the sting regressed to a dull throb, alongside your steadily beating heart. 

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