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drunk peter headcanons

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for the wild ass spiderjizz gals bc our gc was full of sad headcanons and we need to stop being SAD

author’s note : don’t yell at me and say peter is too young 15 year olds get drunk and do a lot of shit they shouldn’t be doing trust me k cool enJOY

  • ok so if u don’t think peter is a lil lightweight u would be wrong sir
  • he becomes about fifty times clumsier than he already is
    • “OWWWWWW”
    • “y/n y/n y/n i hurt my fooooot kiss it better”
    • “peter benjamin parker get your foot out of my face and away from my mouth or so help me gOD”
  • you refuse to drink with him bc peter alone is like watching over an awfully curious child but peter drunk is like trying to keep track of a two year old with the attention span of squirrel
  • so you’re watching over this ridiculous idiot 
  • and he is the clingiest baby ever
    • “ummmm y/n baby baby baby you’re so far away from meeee” cue pouty face and outstretched grabby hands as he reaches for you even though you’re only a little bit away in front of the tv trying to put on a movie
    • “i’m two feet away peter”
    • “oh my gosh you are so drunk my friend”
    • “did you just friend zone me” and then he tears up a little and you spend the next twenty minutes trying to convince him that he’s not just a friend
  • he is completely ridiculous but it’s fine he’s adorable
  • also he is always yelling
  • for no reason
  • he just yells everything when he’s drunk apparently?????
    • “yes peter i know what a cookie looks like you donut”
    • “donut i love doNUTS”
    • “askfgsjfg peter no
    • “PETER YES”
  • then he can’t stop laughing and he laughs for ten minutes and then he gets tired and stretches out across your lap like a sleepy angel/cat
  • he’s a very ramble-y drunk too and he doesn’t know what he’s saying half the time
    • “y/n i’ve got a suuuuuuper big thing i gotta tell you i gotta tell you it like right noooowwwwww okay”
    • “okay peter baby what is it”
    • “i love youuuuuuuuu did you know that i love you because i do me peter loves you y/n and i wanna maybe marry you and have babies with you like reallyyyyyyyy cute ones bUT don’t tell you”
    • “peter what”
    • “don’t tell yourself!!!!” and this nerd says it so matter-of-factly with a smartly placed smirk on his mouth as he stares up at you with big brown doe eyes that all you can do is sigh and shake your head 
    • “okay i won’t tell myself”
    • “peter the yelling”
  • he keeps trying to sing and usually he’s pretty good (that’s a whole different imagine) but he sounds like he’s scalping a cat as he tries to serenade you
  • he curls up against you because clingy an grabs your hands and holds them to his face and randomly claps them against his cheeks it’s weird he’s weird
    • “what are you doing”
    • “i’m singing the friends theme in my head shhhh you’re ruining my vibE babe”
    • “RUDE you’re a mean drunk”
  • but then he gets really kissy and just wants to love on you repeatedly
    • he starts by kissing your hands and your wrists really daintily 
    • and suddenly this former nerd is kissing up your collarbones and really slowly kissing your neck and then he bites you but he’s trying to give you a hickey but it’s not working he’s just biting incessantly 
    • “peter you can be sexy in the morning you’re just acting like damon salvatore at this point”
    • cue his sad face “why won’t you love me back”
    • “you’re drunk and it’s like taking advantage of you so we can do this another night okay?”
    • “uuuuuugggghhhhhh now i’m sad”
  • you roll your eyes and wrap your arms around him anyway and he smiles up at you all lovingly with little crinkles by his eyes and dimples by the corners of his mouth and he’s clearly not sad anymore he’s just needy 
    • “can you - can you pet my hair baby love”
    • “yeah pete of course”
  • and now he’s sleepy but he’s still curled up in your lap like some sort of kitten nd his eyes keep opening and closing but he has a really firm grip on your hand and refuses to let go ever
    • “y/n y/n y/n i love you”
    • “i know peter”
    • “shhhh no you don’t you don’t understand”
    • “peter-”
    • “no no like i really really love you and if i don’t marry you i’m gonna die like die die like deaD 
  • and then he rolls over and puts your hand against his cheek again and passes the fuck out with his mouth still slightly open and he’s lowkey drooling and it’s kinda gross but you can’t move bc there’s a huge boy laying on top of you and??????
  • he’s heavier than he looks?????
  • and the truth is that he’s heavy as fuck and he’s crushing you but you can’t move him bc???/ the cuteness is too much and he was highkey wasted and he needs some sleep
  • he wakes up in the morning with a killer headache and he kinda wants to die because ow his foot hurts and his brain feels like it is pounding against his skull with tiny little Thor hammers
  • but he sees that you’re sleeping and he feels bad bc he’s been splayed out on top of you all night drooling on your knee???
    • “ugh that’s disgusting”
    • “peter i know my face in the morning is scary but-”
    • “oh god why did i yell my head hurts so bad ughgsgk”
  • he takes 3 advil tablets and asks if he did anything stupid last night
  • you tell him no, that he was just pretty adorable to spare him the pain 
  • later on you’ll tell him that he said if he doesn’t get to marry you he’ll die
    • “well they do say that drunks are the most honest people”
    • “i’m peter and i wanna marry you or else i’ll die”
    • “you make me so upset”
    • “why”
    • “shhhhhhhhh”
  • drunk peter is a sweet peter but all peters are good !!!
  • lol
  • goodbyE i miss peter and i’ve never even had him to begin with
Wanna One reaction to: you being shy at first

Hey there! may i request a wanna one reaction to you being very shy at first but opens up to them very quickly because you like them and they can kinda tell? hope you get it lol ❤️ Have a jolly good dayyy~☘️


He’d think you’re completely adorable and would try to make you open up to him more; he’d show you that you can trust him. Would be extremely protective over you and would try to keep you away from the boys so they don’t ‘wreck’ you.

“Why are you so cute y/n?”

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He’s pretty shy at first too, so he understands. But once the two of you open up to each other you won’t be able to stop talking, the conversation just flows. Within 24 hours of knowing each other you’re already best friends.

“Wow you really did that?!”

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Like Jisung, he would be very protective of you as he didn’t want to make you feel uncomfortable. He’d probably tease you a little to help you feel more at ease, not to the extent that it would offend you though he’s too sweet.

“Ah look you’re blushing!”

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Do I even need to say that he’d be a constant tease? To be honest though, he only teases you to hide how overwhelmed he is by your cuteness. Be prepared for nonstop jokes and pranks once you open up to him.

“Do I really make you that flustered? I know I’m hot but damn.”

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Highkey awkward at first. But once the conversation gets going and you’re more care free, expect his psychotic laughter as the two of you share inside jokes and make fun of the members.

“Oh my Gosh look at Minhyun’s face in this!”

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He could sense your awkwardness; to make you comfortable he’d compliment you a lot, but ultimately it just made you an even more shy. However, when you burst out laughing at some cheesy shit he said he’d love your laugh and would continue making cheesy ass jokes. like that stuff he said on happy together

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Bit shy at first too, so he may even feel better knowing that you’re similar. May start off awkward at first, but once you talk about something you’re both interested the conversation wouldn’t stop and someone would probably have to tell the two of you to shut up.

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Would go to all lengths to make sure you’re as happy as possible. Want food? He’s got your favorite. Want a blanket? He’s already built a fort. He’d do so much stupid crap to make you laugh, it’d be like you’ve known each other your whole lives.

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Y’all would probably bond over how shy the two of you are. The members would make fun of the two of you, and you’d both laugh and it would lead to hilarious conversations between the two of you later.

“Your face went so red! It was so cute.”

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He’d completely fawn over you, thinking you’re the cutest person he’s every seen. He’d feel like he had accomplished something once he got you to open up to him and he would be so sweet to you all the time and ugh I’m trying not to get too dramatic about this but omg he’s so freakin’ sweet.

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He’s either super confident or super awkward, and around you he’s the latter. He probably asked your friends what you liked, so when he puts your favorite movie on he’d act surprised when you say you love it, then the two of you would just talk about anything and everything.

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Sorry this is so bad, I’m supposed to be revising but I’m just tired and I rushed this.

kang daniel | prince au! part 2

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member: kang daniel 
genre: fluffy
summary: prince au! after your night of cuddling and daniel’s realisation that he’s madly in love with you something is bound to happen
requested: yes
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 (final)

  • daniel wakes up and has a very slow realisation
  • “shit
  • y/n
  • is
  • cuddling
  • ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
  • he has like a mini freakout but he tries not to wake you up at the same time
  • he ends up just lying back down and just admires how cute you look
  • your hair all messy, your eyes closed with disheveled clothes
  • he also notices
  • and how you pout your lips out when you sleep
  • making him want to kiss you really bad but he won’t
  • just because he wants you to both enjoy your first kiss
  • he smirks a little at the thought
  • he can’t help but grin at the sight of you
  • after a bit of time telling himself it isn’t a dream and just admiring you
  • he slowly and cautiously gets up not wanting to wake you and make you breakfast
  • because he could tell you weren’t sleeping or eating as much as you needed and you weren’t taking care of yourself
  • because of how much you constantly had to do 
  • the problem is
  • he can’t cook for shit
  • but he wanted to try for you anyways
  • so he went to his own private kitchen
  • spoilt prince hehe
  • he starts cooking bacon luckily he doesn’t completely burn it up
  • haha i’m so funny i’m rly not just cringing at myself 
  • but the sunny side up eggs is a whole entire different story
  • he literally completely burns one
  • messes up the yolk in one of them
  • and then one he ends up cracking and half of it gets on his shirt
  • luckily the last one he finally gets right
  • he is literally sweating buckets trying to cook the egg
  • staring at it constantly
  • he toasts some bread and prepares some fruit and yogurt
  • as he admires the work he literally realises and groans
  • “ugh fuck i didn’t make enough for the two of us”
  • just as he realises that you wake up yawning super loudly
  • his face literally lights up at the sight of you
  • in a baggy t shirt your hair sticking up everywhere
  • and you uglily yawning then slumping your back cause you were so tired
  • “good morning, y/n, did you sleep well?” he asks sweetly
  • your eyes widen and you literally look like a deer in headlights cause you totally forgot you were slept in daniel’s room
  • “oh shit, i’m so sorry daniel, i didn’t realise i fell asleep, thank you for letting me stay especially in your bed, wait why am i in your bed oh whatever” you say quickly then continue
  • “and i slept well the super expensive bed is probably the reason why” you end cheekily
  • “or maybe the fact you slept near me” daniel said jokingly in return
  • you blush at the thought of cuddling with him and going back to sleep after kissing him on the nose
  • “but i prepared breakfast!” daniel exclaims proudly
  • “really? didn’t you say you couldn’t cook for your life??” you said suspiciously
  • “ahhh well i tried really hard to cook everything well because i knew you haven’t been eating because of how much you had to stay at the palace” he said shyly
  • your heart warmed at the thought he cooked for you to make sure you ate sufficiently and you were healthy
  • you grin brightly back at him and head towards the small table where daniel set up breakfast
  • you looked down confused at the small portions
  • “uhhh daniel are you sure this is going to be enough??”
  • “well umm i kinda messed up 3 of the eggs and yeah…”
  • you giggle and say “well i’ll see what i can make”
  • “bu-but i was supposed to cook for you” he says disappointedly with a small frown
  • you can’t help but think how he looks so cute pouting you say sweetly
  • “daniel i’m gonna eat your food but you gotta eat mine how does that sound??” you say brightly
  • he brigtens up and exclaims “ohhhhh like a couple breakfast?!!”
  • “y-yeah i guess” you shyly saying trying to stop yourself for being so affected by him saying couple
  • you end up cooking pancakes and of course daniel insisted on flipping them
  • you have a blast cooking and eating and you have a mini freakout when daniel basically drowned his pancakes in maple syrup
  • “well i love maple syrup which is why i’m using so much duh”
  • “you’re impossible”
  • he then grins at you like a 5 year old boy just as you groan
  • he is literally 5 i can’t
  • daniel then puts like tablespoons of nutella and you look at him like he’s an alien
  • “daniel you’re eating way too much sugar you are literally going to get diabetes”
  • “nahhhh i’ll be fine don’t worry”
  • you then proceed to take the nutella away from him
  • which he then ends up chasing you all around his room for
  • he ends up whisking you up from the back with both of you laughing and smiling
  • he then puts you down
  • you smear a bit of nutella on his cheek
  • and he looks at you in fake shock and you grin cheekily
  • he then gets some nutella and smears it on your lips/chin
  • and before you could wipe it off
  • he grabs your hand sharply and sets it back down softly
  • and wipes the little bit of nutella off with his thumb
  • but staring intently at your lips
  • making your heart flutter so much
  • you look at each other and your heart is racing so fast
  • he slowly leans in and so do you
  • your lips meet and you literally feel like fireworks are going off
  • he deepends the kiss
  • it was passionate and sweet
  • and he smiles as he’s kissing you and you couldn’t help but deepen the kiss as he does
  • you part after the best kiss either of you ever had and he gives you the biggest and happiest smile ever which you obviously return back
  • he then says to you in huskiest shyest sweetest voice ever
  • “if you haven’t realised, i am so completely madly in love with you and i can’t believe i didn’t realise this till yesterday” *cue adorable chuckle* “and i’m a complete idiot for not asking sooner, y/n will you be my girlfriend?”
  • you laugh in just pure happiness, telling yourself it isn’t a dream, you tell him “wow you just realised your feelings gosh i’m really gonna have to wear the pants in this relationship” you giggle and he smiles brightly 
  • you continue “but if you didn’t realise daniel or just didn’t listen to seongwoo, i am totally and completely madly in love with you too”
  • he laughs and whisks you up which you squeal at and then he whispers softly
  • “i love you” making your heart melt you reply while snuggling into the crook of his neck
  • “i love you too, daniel”
  • making him feel like the luckiest guy in the world
  • just as you finish your sentence
  • seongwoo bursts in the room and shouts disappointedly while smirking
  • “FUCK, YOU GUYS AREN’T HAVING SEX, tut tut i’m disappointed daniel i thought you had more moves than that”
  • with a murderous glint in your eyes you whisper dangerously low
  • “ong seongwoo you are going to die”
  • he says pretending to be innocent “whoopsie daisies i just ruined the moment huh?”
  • and takes one look at you and sprints out of the room with you hot on his tail
  • and daniel just laughing his heart out at you two
  • after you hit seongwoo enough times and he begs for your forgiveness
  • he turns super serious all of sudden 
  • and quickly hugs you making you genuinely surprised not used to seeing this side of seongwoo
  • he says gently pleads to you 
  • “y/n you know we’re technically engaged and i know we’re both in love with different people, your parents would be fine if daniel proposed to you instead of me. who wouldn’t prefer the crown prince over the half brother” he says slightly bitter
  • you can’t help but hug him back knowing daniel had the choice of bride while he didn’t making him slightly bitter against his parents but of course not daniel
  • he sighs deeply and continues “you know i love daniel and i want him to be happy and i genuinely don’t think he’ll be happier with any other girl other than you so my ultimate question is would you be ready for an engagement with daniel? if so i can quickly and publicly propose to y/b/f/n which means my parents can’t do anything about it. so would you say yes?”
  • you’re shocked not even registering you really did have to get married soon but as you thought about it more
  • you’d happily marry daniel
  • any day
  • you’ve never felt this way about anyone else and you knew even in these few months of knowing him you would love to spend the rest of your life with him
  • especially since you knew your parents would never allow you to marry someone that you actually love
  • except daniel since he’s the crown prince
  • and you knew you were truly in love with him
  • and if seongwoo and y/b/f/n can get their happy ending as well
  • you knew you would 100% say yes to daniel if he proposed
  • you tell seongwoo who looks super hopeful
  • “seongwoo, i would say yes if daniel proposed and if you an y/b/f/n can get married too i’ll be so so so happy” you say brightly with a smile
  • seongwoo bursts into the biggest grin and says
  • “thank you so much y/n i genuinely would have no idea what i would do if you said no”
  • y'all they’re so cute they have such a brother/sister relationship
  • you end up saying goodbye to daniel and seongwoo and going home
  • of course daniel ends up stealing a kiss from you making you blush bright red as seongwoo oooooed at you two with daniel shyly grinning at you
  • but you and daniel text quite a lot until you get to see each other again
  • your parents thought you were at sleepover with y/b/f/n so they didn’t care as you entered your house 
  • at the palace daniel and seongwoo discusses the engagements and how and when to propose and end up with an elaborate plan
  • they also secretly end up picking rings
  • and they’re suits
  • they’re literally like excited school boys
  • and just grinning cheekily and laughing a lot 
  • you on the other hand
  • tell your best friend the good news and she’s over the moon
  • she and seongwoo literally thought about having a baby to prevent the engagement
  • you were so shocked at that cause that’s a big deal
  • but you’re also super happy that she gets to marry him
  • she’s also has a royal status of a lady which means she’s the daughter of a duke
  • this isn’t accurate whatever deal with it
  • so she is eligible to marry seongwoo thankfully
  • since the ball was that weekend you guys end up going ball gown shopping
  • that would be sm fun
  • after hours of shopping you decided on a gorgeous strapless red ball gown which would be a show stopper
  • also signifying the kingdom’s colour which was red
  • you had to wear hells so you decided some black strappy heels
  • and picked out jewellery with pearls which would complement the dress
  • your best friend picked out a royal purple fitted at the top with gorgeous detailing and a long flowy bottom
  • she chose the colour not only cause she looked amazing it but it was the royal’s family colour
  • trying to appeal to the king and queen 
  • she also chose the same black heels as you 
  • but mostly silver jewellery
  • you both looked like princesses 
  • which you would be in just a few more nights 
  • you and daniel couldn’t help but think about each other
  • how your wedding would be like, your kids and just your future in general
  • you fall asleep smiling thinking of being engaged to daniel
  • but daniel
  • falls asleep with the thought of your first born
  • he decided he would be a boy 
  • he’d have your gorgeous eyes and his smile 
  • he’d be perfect 
  • just like you 
  • and the amazing future ahead of you two

lol so funny story i kinda wrote pt2 and thought it was around 4k guess what IT WAS 8K+ so i’ve decided to split it in two even tho i said i’d only do 2 chapters lmao BUT AT LEAST I’VE WRITTEN THE NEXT CHAPTER and yeah no ball yet  :(( BUT THE NEXT CHAPTER WILL BE OUT TOMORROW and that has the engagement and stuff, this is just boring build up lol BUT I TRIED TO MAKE IT FLUFFY cause like no big plot points. ANYWAYS HOPE Y’ALL ENJOYED i love all of you who sticked around for this part

also considering making either a prelude or an epilogue i’ll tell you my ideas the next chapter hehe 


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Can I request RFA reacting to MC proposing to them? c: Was thinking about that earlier today !! lol

I’ve read this HC before and I loooooovee ittttt sooo much I love this headcanon aaaaa I hope you guys like it as much as I do!! -Green


-honestly, it wasn’t planned at all. Kinda. You did have a whole plan for a date, very romantic and a night to remember for sure.

-but when you woke up and saw Yoosung right there, sleeping so peacefully, you just had to do it. God, you just had to marry this man. Right now .

-so you get out of bed as quietly as you can, and you whip him up a sweet cup of coffee that he taught you from his barista club, and some strawberry pancakes with whip cream 

-this boy loves sweet things so you write on the side of the plate with caramel ‘will you marry me, baby?’ 

-you did some basic latte art on his coffee, just a simple heart but you thought it was cute 

-you put it all on a small tray and brought it over to the bedroom, where Yoosung was still sleeping 

-you set the tray down on the nightstand, and sit right next to him, petting his hair and kissing his shoulders and cheeks to wake him up 

-his lil sleepy eyes are so cute that you wanna ask him right then and there but you SomeHow resist 

- “I brought you some breakfast in bed, honey” you give him the tray and he’s already surprised because !!! he loves your cooking, but what’s the occasion???

-first yoosung smiles at your cup art and drinks some of that, complimenting how cute you are and how good you are at making coffee!!! maybe even better than him?? ooo

-when he looks at the plate to see what you made, he almost misses the little words by the side. but he does see it

-at first he thinks it’s a joke. were you reinacting one of your books or something?? 

-but when he looks back at you to see you on one knee by the bed with a ring in your hand he actually screams

-without even thinking he totally throws the breakfast off the bed the coffee is safe on the nightstand thank god and jumps into your arms 

-making the two of you fall on the hard floor but he doesn’t care because “yeah!!!! yeah!! yeah, i wanna marry you!!” he doesn’t even say YES he just keeps saying YEAH. because. YEAH!!! we’re getting MARRIED! 


-saeyoung deserves the best of the best okay

-so you make a GAME out of it 

-you make him search for the ring and it’s so complex that you honestly forgot where you put the ring

-you hid it the other night and woke up at the butt-crack of dawn, waking up your soon to be fiance along with you 

-he’s cranky about it, but once he hears that you two are going on a scavenger hunt he’s BLASTING OUT THE ROOM 

-saeyoung please put on clothes we’re going outside 

-it’s really fuckin cold in the morning so you guys have to dress up warm, which to Saeyoung means 707 layers of jackets heheh

-the puzzle was made to be really challenging because you know how smart Saeyoung is, even if he pretends he isn’t 

-it’s kind of like his Valentines Date (DLC) except a lot less romantic ,, and more adventurous 

-one moment your in the bathroom until he breaks it apart to find a key, and the next moment you’re in the garage unlocking one of his babes. inside there you find a tub of ice cream, so you go to Saerans room! You find a bouquet of flowers, so now your suddenly at the supermarket! Just like that, and it goes on FOREVER  

-the last stop (where the wedding ring is) is at the top of the hill in a small dog park where the two of you had your first date. by the time you get there it’s the middle of the afternoon 

-Saeyoung isn’t even TIRED. he’s having so much fun!!!

-he has to climb one of the trees to find the ring, and you’re down on the ground and you kinda just go “o. that’s where i put it” because, again, you fucking FORGOT 

-he hangs from one of the branches and hands the ring to you, and you see the confusion on his face, but also the playfulness 

- “what could it mean??? i don’t remember a ring in our relationship. hmm… you truly are a master, because frankly, I’m stump-ed.” bu-dum cccchhhh 

-you join on in, observing the ring curiously even if you knew what it looked like.

-it was a beautiful ring. you didn’t want it too flashy, that didn’t really match his personality. it had a diamond in the middle, with two moonstones shaped in crescents to hug the diamond on each side. one reason because it was his birth stone, the other because. it was a moon stone. spaaaace

- “hmm, the only time I remember there being a ring in our relationship is when I proposed to you??” 

-Saeyoung laughs because it’s like lololol funny joke MC but then all the sudden your getting on one knee and he’s kinda just like. w h a t 

- “don’t tell me you’re going to say no and ruin the adventure already? we still have to go to the moon, you know.” You try to be cocky but your voice is trembling. you’re literally proposing to Saeyoung who is hanging upside down from a tree like a damn monkey 

-he falls off the tree 

- “OH MY GOSH, ARE YOU OKAY??” you try to help him but he’s scrambling away from you. Your heart breaks a lil bc of that,,

-and then you see that your boyfriend is crying and he’s trying really really hard for you not to see and you don’t know if that’s a good sign or not 

- “are you crying because you love me or because you’re hurt because I’m really worried about both” a legitimate question you have to ask

-AAGAHHH it’s cause he loves you!!!! hell yeah he wants to marry you!!!

-that’s what he wants to say but he’s crying so much it comes out as a bunch of nonsense. “h yeh.. wa -nanabb… maaaarrRRYYyy-mmm y-yo-uugh-ouuu ehhhehHH!!!

-after you get him calmed down he kinda just bursts into tears at random times the rest of the day because he’s so overwhelmed with LOVE FOR YOU 


-you don’t even beat around the bush with this fuckin dork. You’ve TRIED. it DOESN’T WORK Y’ALL 

-if you don’t tell him outright about something, he’ll never know what you mean 

-you’re out at a very very fancy dinner. You don’t want to propose there because of paparazzi. you figure that the dinner will help the romantic mood though 

-after the dinner, you two go out to his private garden, and you spend the rest of your date there, walking and talking

-at one point you stop the two of you at a small little bench and request to sit down

-you continue talking while you make a flower crown for the both of you because he’s a very pretty boy and you can’t resist.

-also you need something to do with your hands because you’re so nervous and jittery 

-by the time you’re finished with them, you place one crown on your head and then offer him his 

- “would you like to be my prince, Jumin?” 

-he smiles at you, because gosh. u are… so cute. Of course he wants to be your fuckin prince !!!

- “forever. be my prince forever, okay?” 

- “okay, MC. I promise.” 

-you place the crown on his head, and without really thinking about it you place the ring on the top of his head too 

-Jumin is like “?????” 

-very confused

-when he picks it up, and sees it is an engagement ring, he almost laughs because when Jumin looks at you again you are struggling to get on one knee in the grass 

- “are you asking me to marry you, MC?” 


-Jumin full out just giggles. He’s got a little blush on his cheeks and everything. he looks damn beautiful. It’s like the guy is shining under the moonlight 

- “please god marry me Jumin Han” kinda just slips out of your mouth before you can think about it 

-he brings you up to him and gives you a very deep kiss before putting on the ring. 

- “MC, if you need me to, I’ll be your king.


-you had brought the whole RFA together at your apartment for a casual get together and game night

-and you planned to propose with everyone there 

-you just wanted it to be fun and memorable for the both of you, and to have your RFA family with you sounded amazing

-you were. v v nervous but you couldn’t tell anyone because literally everyone in the RFA would snitch without even thinking about it they’re terrible

-the party was finally at that calm, but fun air you wanted it to be. Yoosung and Saeyoung playing Just Dance on the TV, Jaehee and Zen chatting about their daily lives and his musicals while you were preparing food with Jumin.

-I think out of everyone in the RFA, Jumin is the happiest for you two, whether he say it or not

-and really…. he was the only one who wouldn’t snitch…. 

-so while you were pouring drinks for everyone, you told Jumin you planned to propose to Jaehee tonight but you weren’t sure when the best moment would be

-surprisingly he gave you a?? side hug??? 

-he was so proud of you guys aaaaa

-Jumin wasn’t the most romantic person, but he did give you good advice. Let it come naturally. Don’t think of her saying no, just think of her saying yes, because she will. Jaehee will say yes

-and that was such a relief to hear that you gave Jumin a big ol hug and a smooch on the cheek before bringing out the food 

-an hour goes by and you all are playing monopoly 

-Saeyoung and Jumin are getting all the expensive houses and constantly competing for each others cards. No one knows how Saeyoung got so much money. 

-Yoosung is making a little home with all the really cheap blocks and Zen is pulling his hair as he has to pay Jumin yet again

-then there’s you and Jaehee who watch the fire burn and maintain a normal board of moderately expensive houses. 

-and you just feel so good at the moment. You and Jaehee cuddled in a blanket with your friends all around you 

-so you turn around, kiss her on the forehead, bring out the ring and ask her to marry you


-the fighting IMMEDIATELY STOPS and everything is so quiet



- “DAMMIT JAEHEE IF YOU DON’T SAY YES, I WILL” Saeyoung SCREECHES at the top of his lungs and he looks like he’s gunna c r y 

-Jaehee does finally find her words and says yes, then the two of you kiss and everyone is standing up and cheering for the two of you 

-they force you to do a slow dance together and really you wouldn’t have it any other way 


-you don’t want to do it in public, because of paparazzi, but… Zen does love attention..

-so you decide to propose to him after one of his shoes back stage 

-you watch the whole performance with a nervous heart and shaking hands 

-the whole time you just stare at Zen and you watch how beautifully he sings and preforms. He’s amazing at what he does. You just… feel so proud of him

-you really, really hope he’ll say yes. You need him to. You don’t think you could ever get over it if Zen said no. 

-When the show is over, there’s usually a meet-and-greet with all the actors so you have to act quickly before he leaves for that and is too tired for a proposal 

-you greet him with a big hug and a kiss, which he appreciates a Whole Lot

- “hey, Zen, I was.. wondering something today.” 

- “yeah? what’s that?” 

- “would you ever… in the future.. would you ever like to get married?” 

-you catch him off guard and now he’s blushing like a FOOL 

-of course!! especially if it’s to you, and he winks. He’s just casually flirting but you’re just like THE TIME IS NOW 

-you slam down on your knee so hard that you actually start crying and Zen is just ????!!!!!! what h a p p e n e d 

-you explain in tears while bringing out the ring that you wanted to propose but you got too excited.. 


-Zen just laughs, picks you up and gives you a really big SMOOCH on the lips. pretend i didn’t say smooch because it was actually really romantic 

-he dips you, what a nerd 

-god, he loves you. he’s looking at you with such a sparkle in his eyes as he says ‘yes’ and putting on that ring, you forget all about your injury and go in for another kiss as he spins you around

-after he smugly shows all his fans the ring in pride

geekyyoungblood  asked:

Do you have any evak + the boy squad headcanons that you feel like sharing? I need more of that in my life

Omg I live for this

  • So lets be real. Even fits into the squad perfectly. He is literally the perfect mix. He talks about political issues with Jonas, whips up the best waffles in the entire world for Mahdi while giving him a lovely dick joke that makes him LOL haaaaard. And then of course there is Magnus - who just omg Magnus has never held so much love and admiration for anyone as much as he does for Even. Like I imagine it being similar to Eskild and Isak’s bond but slightly different because Magnus is just like completely in love with Even. not even kidding, if he has a problem he will just be like omg Eveeeen what do I doooo? and then he will say something like “oh just tell them how you feel Magnus, be straight up.” And Magnus will be all “OMG you are a genius!” and then Jonas is literally standing there completely bewildered like “I just said that! what is this? wheres my love? where’s my attention? where’s my respect?!” and then Isak is just like “chill, Even is his guru” But I digress…
  • Okay but sometimes Isak gets a little ??? jealous. Like he is just all “give me back my man Magnus.” Seriously these guys are all over Even, sometimes it leaves Isak craving for attention. Magnus is telling Even everything he did that day, from the moment he brushed his teeth to the awkward 3 seconds in history where he accidentally brushed his hand against a girls boob. and Even is listening intently, while also listening to this new song Mahdi found and wanted to get his opinion on and reading the new article Jonas wrote about the oppression of women in society today. Like the boy is swamped. And Isak just wants to !!! love his boyfriend. Like guuuuuys stop. Sometimes he just gets so done, he will like pout and squint his eyes and make those very annoyed loud huffing noises that only irritated married couples do haha until Even realises that his baby isn’t getting enough attention and he will like stop everything he is doing and pull Isak gently towards him, sit him on his lap and wrap his arm around him. And then he just casually goes back to everything he was doing, now with Isak sitting contently in his arms. Then Magnus will just stop what he was saying and gush over evak and asks questions about how they are doing. Until he gets super inappropriate and starts asking things about the kind of sex they do because he saw this documentary the other day that talked about this thing he never heard of so he googled it and it came up with-  “Magnuuuuuus stop We are not telling you how we have sex. Please just drop it” Isak would say super annoyed, his cheeks turning a bright pink while Even laughs and mouths something super cheeky to Magnus over Isak’s head. haha oh gosh I love those two. 
  • Of course Evak can get super cute and loving and flirty and the boys are just like “oh mah gawd we get it you guys are cute. Stop rubbing it in our faces. ugh couples” And then Isak is just like ummm excuse me this is my baby right here, imma love him all I want and ya’ll can just mind yourselves because he mine. and then he just gives Even another nose kiss just to spite them haha. Omg I actually live for thirdwheel Jonas because can you imagine him getting a taste of everything Isak went through with him and Eva in season 1? Ahhhh what if there was like a  repeat of that scene where Isak walks in on them except…it is Jonas walking in on Isak and Even! ahhhh i’m screaming. I’m sorry I am getting too excited about this but what an experience that would be for all of them? Jonas would just be like “oh fuck sorry guys” and just like smiling all proud for his bestie while Isak turns into 40 shades of purple, and Even is literally laughing his freaking head off. ahhh he loves seeing his baby awkward and shy. It’s so cute because he has nothing to be shy about. and it’s just ahh it’s a funny journey. And then of course Isak will come to school to see Jonas talking in hushed whispers to Mahdi and Magnus, who of course is listening super intently. They all sit up straight and stop whispering when Isak reaches them and Isak hits them all with his squinty eyed ‘I smell bullshit’ meme face and then Magnus begins looking him up and down, his mind trying to imagine everything he just heard and Isak is just like ‘ahhhh gawd!” and like hits Magnus on the head and hides his face in embarrassment. ahhh I love them.

Okay this got super long and I think I wrote more about Magnus and Evak but haha I love him. I hope this was okay 💚

Sweet Dreams, Love.

A/N: Hello! this is my first little drabble! I got this because Taron always looks super tired in pics and that bb needs sleep ;o;

Summary: Eggsy has been working non stop for the past two weeks, and you notice he’s becoming incredibly tired. He comes home after his last mission and you have a night-in to let him recoup.

The door slammed from behind you, followed by a long yawn and a few curses muttered under an exhausted sigh. Eggsy had been on missions constantly the past two weeks. It was just one at first, but Kingsman kept buzzing him in, asking him to take someone’s place on a mission or to go as an extra precaution. After each one, he’d come home, more tired than ever, and curl up on the couch for an hour or two, before being notified again that he was needed. It was painful to watch, and you’d ask him to stay home for a few minutes more and sleep. It was so evident in his dazed eyes and the bags that got extra crinkled when he’d give you a sympathetic smile that he need rest. However, he’d pass it off, saying that he was fine before kissing your forehead and trudging out the front door.

So when he came in, you stopped writing the email you were sending to your boss, and ran to meet him at the front door where he was hanging his coat. He looked terrible. Of course, he was wearing a suit, which helped him appear sharp, but the man underneath was exhausted. He didn’t even notice you were there.

“How was your mission?” You asked quietly.

His posture jolted up at your voice, but sank down once again as he recognized it was you. “It went well. They said I could take the next few days off, if I wanted to.”

You walked over to him and caressed his cheek, trying to get a better look at his condition. Not only was he tired, but he now had a black eye and a deep gash on his forehead, along with a few stray scratches.

“Jesus, Eggsy.”

“You don’t have to say my name twice, (Y/N).” He gave you his award winning smirk, causing you to roll your eyes, but you still felt the corners of your mouth giving in. He took your hand and held it in his own, lacing your fingers together as he gave you as soft peck on the lips.

“I really am sorry, Love. I probably had you worried sick.” He murmured.

“Yeah, you really have me in a tizz, and not the good kind. You’ve been so tired recently and now you’re hurt… I understand Kingsman is your job, and I’m so, so proud of you knowing everyday you walk out the door you’re going to save the world. You don’t need to apologize for that, okay? You just need to start taking better care of yourself and you have to establish your limits so that you don’t wear yourself out too much.”

“So that we can use that energy for…?” He sing-sang as he wiggled his eyebrows.

Your cheeks turned red as your cast your eyes to anywhere but his face. “Go get washed up, I’ll order a pizza. You look like shit.” You over exaggerated a sniff and added, “ Ew, you smell like it too!” as you waved in front of your nose.

“Breaking news, I have a five year old for a girlfriend.” He snickered as he walked past you towards the shower, giving your butt a a soft tap as he walked by. 

You stuck your tongue out at him in retaliation as you dialed the pizza place. So much for those manners.


“Oh my gosh, I hate you.”

You looked at Eggsy like a deer in headlights, one piece of pizza hanging out your mouth and another in your hand as you sat criss-cross on the couch.

“It came before you got out!” You tried to say with a full mouth. While Eggsy had been in the shower, the pizza man came with the pizza. You tried to resist opening the box until he got out, but you were weak.“Sorry, babe.”  

“I’m kidding, but I will have to say, part of the reason I’m forgiving you is the fact you have a Salvador Dali marinara mustache on your face.” He grabbed a slice from the box.

“Ugh, you’re kidding me.” You groaned.

“Nope.” He laughed, taking a picture of you with his phone as he sat down next to you.

“You are so mean, you know that?” You pouted.


You gave him the evil eye as you stuffed another slice in your mouth as you grunted a “Whatever, loser.”

Eggsy turned silent, and after a few minutes, you noticed he was sleeping, his slice of pizza resting on his blue, cotton shirt. You took a quick picture of the scene before gently putting the piece of pizza in the box and put the box in the fridge. You gently smiled at him as you contemplated waking him up to bring him to the bedroom or to let him sleep on the couch. You decided he probably wanted to wake up tomorrow morning without a neck cramp, so you gently shook his shoulder, causing his eyes to flutter open.

“Hey, sleepyhead.”

“How long was I out?” He murmured, rubbing his eye with his fist, his hair cutely sticking up every which way.

“Not long, maybe fifteen minutes. But let’s get you to bed, Eggs. You must be really tired” You whispered, placing a kiss on his cheek.

“Mhm.” He said, slowly getting of the bed with your help. You held his hand as he stumbled down the hallway and into your bedroom. Before you knew it, he was in the bed, his mind out like a light.

You giggled as you crawled in next to him, trying to steal the covers back from him. As you did, he opened one eye at you.

“Having trouble?”

“Yes.” You said in a small, high pitched voice.

“Come here.” He said, patting the spot next to him. “Be my little spoon.”

You blushed as you cuddled up next to him. “How can express your emotions so bluntly and not get embarrassed?”

“My mum says it’s because I’m just naturally cheeky. Now go to sleep, love.” He mumbled into his pillow as he draped his arm over your waist.

You sat there for a few minutes until you heard his breathing even out. Your face heated as you let the words that had been circling your mind the whole day slip from your lips.

“I love you so, so much, Eggsy. Please be safe. I don’t know what I would do without you… ”

You felt your muscles relax as you said it, but immediately felt a pair of lips of your neck press a loving kiss against your soft skin.

“And I love you, (Y/N). More than you could ever know. And don’t worry. I won’t be leaving for a long time. Now, sweet dreams, love.”

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just wondering if you had bruiseshipping headcanons cause i know you like glacier too

Oh bro I have so many???? Dude ok here we go I’m gonna do this *big finger guns*

  • Jay: honey it’s pretty muggy outside today
    Cole: I swear if I go outside and all our mugs are on the lawn I’m leaving you
    Jay: *sips coffee from a cereal bowl*
  • *Mid battle*
    *Throws himself headfirst into a group of warriors screaming bloody murder 3 seconds later*
  • Cole: man I hate jay he’s so annoying
    Anyone: oh yeah me too haha
    Cole: what the hell did you just say??? you take that right back now or I will avenge my boyfriends name-
  • Jay is so smol. So smol. Sometimes cole will just pick him up and hold him mid air
    • Jay: what. are you doing.
      Cole: I’m giving you a hug loser
    • Jay wearing Cole’s jumpers??? And drowning in them??? Heck ya
    • Lots of forehead smooches
    • Jay stands on his tiptoes all the time and Cole makes himself stand taller cause he thinks it’s super freakin cute
  • Cole: oh look I’m jay I’m so funny wanna hear a joke?? My life hahahahahahahahhqhahahhshaha
    Jay: oh I’m Cole and I’m so BROODING and COOL and I listen to nothing but “mad world” on repeat all day
    Cole: shut up that’s a good song
  • Kai: so what’s it like dating cole
    Jay: one time when he was mad at me I asked him for a glass of water and he brought me a glass of ice and said “wait”
  • Cole: happy one year!
    Jay: :D???? Babe I’m 27 18?? :D
  • Cole is like pls let me brush your hair and jay is like FINE and he regrets it because it’s just. a giant frizz.
  • Selfies?? Selfies.
  • “Babe. Sweetie. Sugar. Hon. Baby. Darling. Love of my life. Apple of my eye. I know you said “you can’t do this you don’t know what you’re doing” but trust me I totally know what I’m doing”
  • Jay: do you think pigeons have feelings
    Cole: it’s 3am go to sleep
  • “I bet I can hold hands better than you” “oh it is ON IM SO GOOD AT HOLDING HANDS”
  • Cole is like the first guy jay has ever had a crush on and he just like, forgets how to speak around him?
    • Cole: hey jay can you pass me the salt
      Jay: oh can I ??? Don’t you mean,,, can’t I hahahah I can definitely pass salt I mean what kind of a person can’t pass the salt across the table I always pass salt I’m really good at it come to think of it I’m always the salt passer I’m just always near the salt maybe I’m a salt attracter I’m too salty maybe I love salt too much or maybe salt loves me too much haha.
      Cole: … So… Can you… Pass me the salt…
  • Lloyd is the ultimate shipper
    • “Hey Cole those are some nice pants. I bet they’d look even better on Jay’s floor” “are you hitting on cole… For me??” “Jay I need to take matters into my own hands you have no hope”
  • First time cole comes out with his hair tied up jay is like !!!!!!!!! ABORT MISSION SEND ME TO MY GRAVE
  • Jay: how do you notify NASA of new constellations? Cause I see stars in your eyes *finger guns*
    Cole internally: oh my gosh he thinks I have pretty eyes what the hell i can’t believe this I’m crying he’s so cute oh my gosh does this mean he likes me I’m in love with him he’s so cute what did I ever do to deserve him in my life is he joking?? is he serious?? he would actually take time from his day to write to NASA to say he found stars in my eyes I love him Google how do I make this man my husband without letting him know I have a crush on him?? oh no I haven’t even said anything I’ve just been staring at him he’s gonna think I’m a weirdo say something cole say literally anything
    Cole externally: ew
  • Jay: *smells Cole’s hair when he gives him a hug*
    Cole: dude did you just sniff my hair
    Jay: n o,,, I’m just, a, heavy breather???
    Inner jay: you liar you smelled his hair and he smells of meadows and you loved it
  • Cole: ugh I hate EVERYONE
    Jay: everyone? :(
    Cole: *sigh* except you
    Jay: :D
  • Cole tries to make him breakfast. He really does. But he was making toast and he got distracted smiling at jay cause he looks really peaceful when he sleeps and then he set the toast on fire
    • Jay: what kind of a boyfriend can’t even cook toast
      Cole: the kind that’s gay for your STUPID PRETTY FACE, THAT KIND
      Jay in a squeaky voice: oh ok
  • Jay: babe does this mean I can unironically say “bench me babe”
    Cole: no.
    Jay: babe :((
    Cole: fine.
    • does push ups with jay on his back like a PRO
  • They have the most stupid contests that don’t even make sense. One time they were having a staring contest across the table and jay, without breaking eye contact, just picks an ice cube out of his drink and crunches it. Cole screams.
  • Cole is a toasty boy and jay is always cold so jay is like “help I’m cold hold me” and cole pretends to be annoyed but he secretly loves it
  • Cole will be like “I am so hyped I’m never going to be able to sleep” but 5 minutes of laying his head in jay’s lap while he plays with his hair and he will be snoozing
  • Jay: what’s up why are you sad
    Cole: you said you were in love with Mulan and I’m worried you’ll leave me for her :(((
    Jay: cole she is not even real what are you-
    Cole: :“”“(((
    Jay: *sigh* no Cole I will not leave you for Mulan.
  • Absolutely 100% makes jay sing Les miserables with him all the time. Jay sucks at singing sorry jay but cole doesn’t mind he just wants to sing with his boyfriend
  • Jay will combust whenever cole is just singing to himself while doing some chores and combusts even more when cole spots him and starts singing to him and then makes him dance with him, honestly jay.exe has stopped working
  • Jay: lmao remember when you liked nya
    Cole: lmao I actually liked you that’s why I was mad

Ask me ninjago headcanons!!!

anonymous asked:

Heyy! I really liked your first HC, can I request a scenario when the RFA and Saeran meet MC working as a bartender on a club or at a bar before she joined the RFA? And like, they’re a little tipsy from the drinking and open up to her, but they don’t recognize her at first when she appears in the chatroom? I don’t know if I made myself clear, but something like this? Tnx

Hi! Thank you so much! I think I got it hahah. Such an honor to take my first request A_A So… that got very looooong, I hope you have patience to read till the end lolololol 

RFA + Saeran meeting bartender MC


  • His college buddies finally managed to make him forget LOLOL and go out that week
  •  They went to one of those sports bars, they really wanted to make him get drunk just to see how he would look like
  • You watched as they tried to make him choose some really heavy drinks, he looked like a light weight, and the scene make you feel… uncomfortable
  •  You made your way close to them in the balcony . “What can I get you, boys?
  • “Something really strong to make this boy here get turnt!”, one of them said shaking Yoosung’s shoulders
  • Yoosung looked really embarassed, he glanced quickly at you and looked to the floor again, you felt really bad because he obviously didn’t want to drink.
  • “You got it! Why don’t you guys go sit over there right next to our new cool TV and I’ll see what I can do for him?” they nodded as they went to the sits a little far from the balcony.
  • You looked at him and gave your sweetest smile: “What can I do for you, cutie?”
  • He blushed a little, looked at the menu and pointed some random drink quietly
  • “This is pretty strong, are you sure?”, “Yes, I am…” “Well, I’m sorry if I’m being nosy, but you don’t look like you really want it, can I get you something lighter or maybe a virgin version of this one?“
  • Yoosung looked at you, you were very pretty and looked really nice, but he didn’t like how you were felling pitty for him, he was a man, he could take this drink! So he refused.
  • “Okay… coming right up…” you answered reluctantly and went to prepare the drink. It was an expensive one, why did you care if he really didn’t want to drink? You handed over his drink and proceeded to service another customers
  •  A few minutes later, you looked at him, the boy looked very dizzy, you could tell he was going to pass out any minute.
  • “Hey… can I get you anything? Some water?”
  • “Could you tell me why I’m so pathetic?” Oh boy… you dealt with drunks all the time, just put them on a cab! Why were you so interested on what he had to say? He didn’t look pathetic to you, he just looked lonely and vulnerable…
  • “Excuse me?”
  • “I’m such a lame boy, am I not? I’m always worried about what other people think of me! I just came here because I didn’t want being called a loser, I took this because I wanted to impress you… I’m just… ugh…” well, he definitelly was making an impression
  • What could you say to this poor drunk guy? “Hey, listen to me: there’s nothing wrong about wanting to fit in with your friends and… impressing girls, but you have to speak up your mind so people can like you for who you really are, you can’t be a people pleaser all the time, or else you’re gonna lose your mind.”
  • “But it’s so f… so damn hard.” He whined, you tried to hold back a chuckle when he refused to swear. “How can I do that?”
  • “Well, there’s no set answer, but… just so you know, I really like how you’re not afraid to look vulnerable in front of me right now. It takes guts to show your insecurities, you know what I mean?” he nodded, you’re not sure if he is actually listening as he’s laying down his head on the balcony, oh shit! He’s gonna throw up!
  • You called his friends back and went with them outside until they got a cab, you couldn’t help but worry about this cute blonde guy.
  • “Bye, pretty ladyyyyy! I would kiss you if I hadn’t thrown up , so I hope you enjoy your tip”
  • It wasn’t a big tip, and yeah, a kiss wasn’t the best he could give you right now, but you appreciated his words.
  • The next day, he reminded talking to a nice girl, actually, he reminded making a fool of himself to a nice girl, so although he really would like to see her again, he felt really embarassed and never took courage to go to the sports bar again. Little did he know you would meet up again in the chat room a few weeks later.


  • It was a model’s agency event. Although he was really trying to stablish his carrer as a serious actor and take some distance from modeling jobs, his manager insisted that he had to attend
  • So there he was, listening over and over how handsome he looked. Not that he didn’t like being complemented on his looks, but… haven’t anybody in this lounge ever watched him on stage?
  • He went to the bar, he needed some drink to make this event bareble. He ordered whisky, since beer was not being served. It was a really fancy party.
  • You couldn’t take your eyes off of him, he looked strangely familiar, but… why?
  • He noticed you staring at him, and of course he thought you looked really pretty. “Hey… what’s up, lady?”
  • “Oh… sorry, I didn’t mean to stare, I…”
  • “You couldn’t help to think how good looking I am? Well, it happens…” he grinned.
  • “Yeah, so good looking and so modest too…” he gagged a little on his whisky “Oh my god! I’m so sorry! I was… just kidding. Shit, my boss told me I need to learn how to keep my mouth shut, I’m really sorry, sir…” he laughed at your despair and said it was fine, actually, your spontaneity was very refreshing in such a shallow environment
  • “But tell me… a gorgeous lady like you working as a bartender? You could easilly be one of those models right there, maybe even an actress!”
  • “I think you have to be tallented to be an actress, no? It’s not only about looks…”
  • “Yes, sure, but looks can help a little. I know it helps me, at least.” and now you were staring him again. “I KNEW IT! YOU ARE AN ACTOR|! I’VE SEEN YOU BEFORE!” he was surprised at first, but you looked so fascinated that he couldn’t help but smile “What are you even doing here? This is a model’s event”
  •  “Yeah… well, as I said, looks help a lot. I’m not that famous as an actor…” “Yet” you interrupted him and he blushed a little “Oh… yeah, yet, so… sometimes I just take these modelling gigs, but if I could, I would only work as an actor, even with all the struggling and the sacrifices on my personal life… did you know I don’t go out on a date for five years?.” Why was he suddenly talking about this? Maybe the whisky was stronger then he thought.
  • “Oh… don’t worry, I know one day you’re gonna find someone  who will help you with your struggle.”  “Maybe I just found her?” he thought, admiring her
  • He would stay the whole night talking to her, but his manager dragged him to meet new acquaintances. When he returned to the bar, you weren’t there anymore, maybe you got replaced because you couldn’t keep ypur mouth shut, he thought and chuckled a little. But he were really frustrated he didn’t even get your name.
  • So when you visit him during his route, you recognized each other immediately, and he knew this was fate and you two were meant to be.


  • It was a saturday and she decided to go to a quiet and small bar one of her colleagues talked about, they even served alcoholic drinks made of coffee, so that caught her attention
  • She ordered one of them, and you noticed when she pulled some papers out of her briefcase and started to work, very focused. You were impressed that she was working on a saturday,but felt bad since this was supposed a place to relax.
  • She picked her phone. “Yes, Mr. Han, I’m already on it… I’ll send to you tomorrow morning tops… what do you mean ‘a new cat project’? Right now? Ok, I’ll do a research and report to you asap. Goodbye.” Gosh… her voice was beautiful… even when she sounded so tired…
  • “Stop staring at the clients and focus! Why are you distracted?” your boss nagged at you  “S-Sorry,sir, I’ll…” “I let you at the balcony because the male clients come to you, but if you don’t focus, I’ll move you to reception. Actually, you’ll work on the balcony today and reception tomorrow, double shift, understood?” Great, now you working sunday night too… “Yes, of course”, what can you do? You really need the job…
  • The lady already finished her drink, so you went to take her glass, she ordered another one, and she observed you, your eyes locked when you were finishing her drink. “Tough day, huh?” you asked, “Tell me about it…” she replied and you both chuckle, sharing this subtle and bothering bond.
  • “Sorry you had to see this, I’m… I’m still new at this job and… well, who cares? I’m just here because I’m cute,apparently… oh, sorry, I… pretend I didn’t say that, I’ll…” you stop talking, pull yourself together!Why are you talking like this to a customer? To her?
  • “Hey, don’t… don’t feel bad about what your boss said about you attracting male customers. You’re very competent to your job, it’s not about your looks… I know that because this is really good” she pointed at the drink you made, you blushed and smiled, she seemed so cold at first sight, who knew that in addition to being beautiful, she was really nice and sympahetic?
  • “And don’t let your boss get to you, ok? He’s giving you this much job because he probably trust you’re gonna do a good work. Well… at lest that’s what I tell myself about my boss, that’s the only way I can endure him…”
  • “Oh right… you’re working right now, right?” and then she procceded to tell you this was one of the weird cat projects, which you couldn’t believe it was actually a thing, you two were laughing and telling stories about the bizarre things you had to do in your jobs because of your bosses. She was having fun with this smart, witty and sweet bartender, but… she had to go back to work.
  • Without thinking much, you took two shot glasses, poured some vodka and handed one to her. “To our bosses” you made an ironic toast and chugged, she did the same and laughed.
  • You talked a lot and you were living when she flirted a little to you, but when she started to tripping in her words, you realized she was too drunk  and called her a cab, wondering if she would remember you.
  • She had a vague memory of a really nice and beautiful lady, but wasn’t sure if it was real or a trick of her drunk mind, but decides to never go back to that place because the drinks were really heavy and she got too distracted from her job.
  • So when you two meet, she thinks you’re familiar somehow, but it took a long time for her to realize you were that bartender (and you were real!), which made her even happier about opening a cafe with you, because not only she got rid of her stressful job, she saved you from yours too.


  • It was an engagement party for his father. Maybe the second or third in less than two years? He didn’t know…
  • Always the same thing, the same compliments, the same futile people, the same women…
  • Trying to avoid these people, he sat on a corner of the bar, he noticed that the bartender were taking too long, then he saw you, looking through a little gap on the kitchen door, were you spying on something? Someone? Oh… what difference does it make? You should be working!
  •  He coughed to get your attention, and you promptly went to him, a little flustered
  • “Sorry, sir. What can I get you?” “Wine. And maybe a more focused bartender.” You were scared, oh shit! He looked like someone powerful enough to get you fired with a simple nod… “Yes, of course, I deeply apologize… It won’t happen again and…”
  • “MC! You’re missing! He’s gonna tell her the truth! He’s gonna tell her the truth!” one of your colleagues said, putting his head out of the kitchen, then he realized you were actually working. “Oh… nevermind, sorry.”
  • You poured his wine, but you looked aprehensive, which oddly surprised him, what was going on?
  • “What’s happening?” he asked casually. You thought you shoudn’t really talk about it. “Oh… nothing. Don’t worry, sir. Can I get you anything else?
  • “The truth. What’s happening?” you trembled a little, his tone was monotone and cold, but you were scared as if he was yelling. “Oh… it’s just… this soap opera… we were watching on the kitchen.”
  • “Which soap opera?” he asked looking at his glass of wine, you said the name and he finally looked at you, his eyes widened a little “He’s going to tell her he’s not really rich today?”
  • You were surprised and confused… “Y-Yes…she found the documents that prove his bankrupticy… and now she’s confronting him because she loves him, but he was lying this whole time!” you were surprised at yourself about how much you got carried by the plot, and apparently so was he.
  •  “Yes… it must be a shock, right? Thinking your partner is finnancially stable and then… find out he’s not.”
  • “Well, yeah… but I don’t think it’s about the money, it’s just… she loves him and really trusts him, if he lied about such a trivial thing, what else could he be hiding?”
  • “Trivial” he couldn’t hold back a little scoff “You think money is trivial?”
  • “No, of course not… I need money to live, but… it’s not the most important thing when it comes to relationships… specially the romantic ones, otherwise it’s just…”
  • “Business” he was following your thread of thoughts and chuckled “My dad’s fianceé could learn something with you.” What was he saying? He didn’t even drink this much wine…
  •  You didn’t know how to respond, but something in his eyes said he was really… sad, such beautiful dark eyes… He noticed you staring at him, you blushed furiously and looked away, which he thought it was very… amusing. “So… I’ve been very busy and missed a great amount of episodes, can you catch me up on the soap opera?”
  • “S-Sure.” You obliged, still afraid of being fired, but you really enjoyed talking about it for some reason. Whenever someone would approach you waiting for a drink, he would just glare and that person would walk away, scared of Chief Han’s son. And you went on to tell him everything. He was mesmerized, you talked so passionately and your eyes were so bright… he could listen you talk about whatever through all the night.
  • But he had to work the next day, so he called his driver and let you a generous tip, even though this wasn’t a regular bar and you both knew you did a poor job that night.
  • He though of you from time to time, but he never saw you again working on any of these events. Probably you got fired because you kept watching TV during work hours.
  • So when you go to this house during his route, he couldn’t be happier, this was just… perfect! He would hear you talk about everything, and there was no bartending job on the way this time.


  • He had this mission on a bar, apparently some business men were meeting there once in a week to seal some shady deals.
  • You noticed this redhead guy coming there every wednesday, he never ordered any drink or talked to anyone, he just ordered Dr. Pepper and stared at his phone.
  • You handed some random drink in front of him, he looked at you. “You’re gonna look very suspicious if you don’t order something with alcohol.” You whispered as you took a quick glance at the business men’s table, he looked too and noticed he was being observed. “Oh… thank you…” he genuinely thanked, how did he not notice he was being watched? And how did she notice?
  • “You’re welcome, officer” oh… she thought he was a cop! Probably she saw a lot of cops around here and noticed some pattern in their behavior, wow… she was smart! And really cute too.
  • “Oh no… I’m not… what you thinking, I’m…” whoa, what was he going to say? “I’m just…”
  • “Don’t worry, I don’t need to know” Right you were! “But I’m glad someone’s putting a stop to this. These guys are really rude! I’ve seem a bunch of thugs here, but these are the worst! I can’t believe the police didn’t shut down this place yet! Oh… I should stop talking, I know what happens to snitches” and you walked away from him, he knew you were doing the right thing, but… he didn’t really want to stop talking to you?
  • “Hey, can I ask you something?” he said while you washed some glasses, you looked at him a little concerned “Don’t worry, it’s not about them, it’s just…” he took a sip of the drink you gave him. “You… why does a girl like you work at a place like this?
  • “A girl like me?” “Yes, you look… so nice and… good, what are you doing here among these… guys?”
  •  “Oh well, I… didn’t know I don’t have the right look for this place”, he looked flustered, “Relax, I’m joking!” and you laughed, God, your laugh was really something…
  •  “I mean… there isn’t a look for a good person, right? A good person can look like me, you, that guy over there… oh, nevermind, he looks really evil”, he laughed, and you enjoyed making this cute guy laugh.
  •  “I don’t think I’m even close to looking like a good person, let alone actually being a good person…” he looked down, “Why do you say that?” you asked.
  • “Well, I… did awful things in my past…” “Well, haven’t we all? We all did something we’re not proud of. Doing bad things don’t turn you  in to a bad person right away, and… if you really regret it, then you’re really not bad, you’re just human.”
  • “Even when you hurt another human?” what was he doing? What was in this drink?
  • “ Well, I don’t know what happened to you, but… it looks like you really got hurt too, so… maybe you’re not that bad? Maybe you’re just… lost?”
  • He received a notification on his phone, indicating that he got all he needed, which made him relieved or soon enough he would be the one talking too much. What was with this girl and why he wanted to keep listening to her? Although she sounded a little naive, she was pretty smart, he would really like to know her thoughts about a lot of things in life.
  • He didn’t say anything else, just paid her and let a good tip. You felt confused, and a little sad, but you knew you crossed a line there.
  • He wanted to see you again, he didn’t even need to talk to you, just… see how you were doing. And he got a little concerned about your safety working on a filthy place like that, but the place shut down a couple of days later as you predicted and he never saw you again.
  • Until you ended up on the Messenger and he immediately recognized you, his heart skipped a beat and he knew he had to protect you, because yes, you were smart, but yet very reckless.
  •  And you tried your best not to cross that line with him again, but… we know you failed.


  • He was looking for the perfect target to proceed with the plan to destroy the RFA, it was a long hunt that night, but nobody met his expectations.
  • So he ended up at this pub, really frustrated, he sat at the balcony and you promptly went to him.
  • You poured his order and let a glass of water aside, explaining it was a very strong drink, so he better be careful and drink that water right after.
  • “Why do you even care?” He thought.
  • You went to attend another customer, and he saw the guy was drunk and trying to touch you, he even cat called you. You were very uncomfortable, but didn’t react.
  • When the guy tried to touch your boobs, Unknown lost it! He got up and went to the guy, he had a very threatening look, which shocked you, because he looked so calm and quiet.
  • He grabbed on the guy’s shirt and was about to punch him, but you stopped him.
  • “Please, it was nothing… I’m fine.”
  •  “No, you’re not! He was trying to touch you, why would you let him treat you like that?”
  • “I don’t want any trouble, please, let him go!” He looked at you, the pleading in your eyes hipnotized him for a little time, time enough for the guy to react and punch him instead, he felt confused and now even angrier.
  • “Okay, that’s it! I’m calling the police on both of you!” the guy ran away, scared. He was about to run too, but you grabbed his arm. “You’re bleeding”
  • “It’s nothing. I’m fine.” He wiped the blood of his mouth, but it kept on bleeding.
  • “No, you’re not! Here… sit here, I’m gonna get the first-aid kit, but you have to promise me you’ll go to a hospital later, ok? I’d go with you, but I can’t leave the work”
  • “Why would you go with me? You don’t even know me!”
  • “You don’t know me either, but yet you stepped up for me, right? It’s the least I could do. But… since I can’t, let me at least clean this for you” You took a gauze and wiped the wound on his upper lip. He was shivering with your touch and with the little distance between you two.
  •  “Why didn’t you let me hit him?”
  • “You two are customers, I can’t let two people getting hurt because of me.”
  • “Why do you even care about drunk assholes?”
  • “Well, it doesn’t really matter if he’s a drunk asshole. Nobody should get hurt if we can solve this in a different way, right? Would you let me fight for you over a silly thing like that?”
  • “You would probably lose, anyways. Ouch!” You pressed his mouth a little too hard. “Oops, sorry… my bad.” You said with a smirk, and he noticed you did on purpose, what an interesting girl…
  •  “Ok, you’re good to go, at least till you get to a hospital. Thank you for your help! Oh… and your drink is on me, sorry for the trouble.”
  • “Don’t be ridiculous!” he paid much more than the real price of the drink and what would be considered  a reasonable tip. What a weirdo…
  •  He never went to a hospital. Instead, he followed you to your house and managed to hack into your phone.
  •  You were the perfect bait!  Cute, caring, naive and took responsabilities easily,it will be great to have you in Paradise by his side when that time comes!
By Your Side | Renjun soulmate AU

In which whatever you mark your skin with appears on theirs as well, let it be bruises or sharpies

Genre: AU, Fluff

Word Count: 4615

Aesthetics: The slamming of lockers, the sharp smell of sharpies, the fluttering sensation of a crush, fingers tangled together, red ribbons, secret messages

*Y/b/f= your best friend

You often found little doodles on the inside of your arms. Circles, hearts, and this little character you had found to be called Moomin.

Honestly, it was adorable, and you looked forward to whatever they would doodle next. It often captured your attention in class, and you spent many an afternoon just tracing the shapes on your wrist, or watching them form.

“What did your soulmate draw today?” Your best friend asked as you joined her for lunch.

You unzipped your lunchbag, taking your time with your food. Honestly, you weren’t even sure if you should show her.

Lately, their drawings had gotten somewhat…personal. 

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Strangers At A Wedding

Prompt: Envy. 

Summary: You’re stuck in the rut. Everyone around you seems to be moving forward with their lives and you’re not. You’re a little jealous to say the least. To help you your sister in law is trying to set you up. 

Pairing: Bucky x Reader 

Words: 1619

Tags/Warnings: Swearing(?), awkward moments, a lil bit of angst, lots of fluff. Reader has a case of the green eyed monster, my not so great writing 

A/N: This fic is for @sanjariti Caro’s Game Of Prompts challenge! I want to apologise first and foremost if this is terrible. 

Envy is the art of counting the other fellow’s blessings instead of your own.” ~ Harold Coffin

Originally posted by mebeingbored1

You took a sip of your wine and leaned back in your chair as you looked at those who surrounded you. You were surrounded by people, mingling, dancing with each other and just having an overall good time. Their cheery moods were a direct contrast to how you currently felt. Miserable. And guilty. This was your brother’s wedding, his special day and instead of being happy for him you were at side, quietly moping.

It wasn’t that you weren’t happy for him because you definitely were. Probably the happiest out of all your family members. You felt a small twinge of pride when your brother said his vows and his now wife had gotten your seal of approval. Her name was Hannah and she was, pretty, smart and the perfect match for your brother. However, Your brother getting married only served as a reminder on how unexciting your life felt. It were as though everyone you knew was getting somewhere with their lives whilst you were stuck in the rut.

You knew people who were getting promotions, having children, things that were moving their life forward. As happy as you were for them, you were also extremely envious. You were single (lord knows your mother loved to point it out), living alone and working in a job you wasn’t sure you even liked.

“Hey nerd!” You heard your brother call, he came over to you, grinning as he took a seat next you. “Whatcha up to?”

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*Note: in this fanfic, I’m writing as if the KOL Concert is the first time Taylor saw Joe, which isn’t correct but we’re not familiar with their timeline so I’m writing this well aware that they had met before. Enjoy :)*

Music was blasting through the speakers and people were dancing like never before. Kings of Leon were playing a concert in NYC that night and Taylor couldn’t miss it for the world. She gathered a group of friends together and they made their way to the location, going through a private back entrance obviously. All of Taylor’s friends had been separated during the concert and were dancing with other people, fully drunk yet fully enjoying the moment too. Taylor was with Martha at a table near the bar. She wore a tight black dress, with a see-through top that made her black bra underneath visible because of the flashing nights. Her hair was tied up in a cute little pony tail and she looked hotter than ever in her black combat boots that she was obsessed with. They had been taking shots of tequila as a celebratory task, just as an appreciation for their friendship.

“So what is this, 4 years now?” Martha asked, taking another shot of tequila. 

“Who even fucking knows at this point?” Taylor stuttered as they both laughed amongst themselves, clearly starting to get very tipsy. 

“Come on T, take my hand, let’s dance!” Martha exclaimed, pulling Taylor away from the table and closer to the bar counter where there was some space for them to dance. 

“Just like a reverend, like a reverend on the radio!” They both sang loudly at the top of their voices, as they moved their hips to the music. 

“Your heart will never say so!” They both sang to each other, giggling away as if they were in their own little world. Once that song ended, they both made their way back to the table, fixing their hair slightly after the outburst they just had to the music. 

“You know what” Martha spoke as she poured herself and Taylor another shot.
“Who needs boys when you have good fucking music and tequila?“ 

"I agree!” Taylor shouted as they both took the shot and started to feel the alcohol kicking in. 

As the night continued on, Taylor and Martha danced like nothing else mattered. They didn’t even know where the rest of their friends were, probably busy dancing with others they assumed. Taylor was starting to get really intoxicated and slightly unaware of her surroundings, that was until her eyes locked with a certain fella who made his way over to the bar counter. The only thing she could notice was that he was tall and blonde, and his ass looked great in those jeans, she thought to herself. He stood a few feet away from Taylor and Martha and looked back at them a couple times. Taylor watched as the man with luscious golden blonde hair and a skin tight top smirked at her before turning around to order a drink. Her heart skipped a beat as she stared at him without blinking. Her mind was all over the place at this point, but one thing she was certain of, was that he was gorgeous from what could tell from that far back. His smirk sent her mind wandering off in thoughts she wish she could avoid. 

“Duuuude, who you staring at?” Martha nudged Taylor as she looked over to where she was looking. 

“Oh fuck me….” Taylor sighed with exhaustion, still constantly looking over at the man who was clearly checking her out at this point. 

“Go ask him to then” Martha exclaimed as she finally understood who Taylor was staring at with heart eyes. 

“Martha!!” Taylor slapped her arm slightly.

“Okay, but what just happened to the whole ‘I don’t need a guy’ talk? Just drop it he’s probably a douche” Martha told Taylor, trying to turn her away from staring at him. 

“But he’s so gorgeous…..” Taylor whined, stamping her feet like a child having a tantrum. The alcohol was really starting to kick in at this point. 

“So is every other guy in this club!” Martha exclaimed, pouring herself a shot. 

“These guys aren’t worth it, they get close just to screw you off later and leave you to deal with the heartache alone. You should know that better than anyone” Martha was less drunk than Taylor so was still in her right mind. 

“Ugh for fucks sake, I need a drink” Taylor sighed, taking the bottle from Martha and pouring herself a shot, then taking it. 

Martha noticed that Taylor was peering over her shoulder. 

“Oh my gosh, are you really that intrigued? He literally looks like the type of guy who’d take you to his room once than disappear from the face of the earth” Martha put both her hands on Taylor’s shoulders and looked her in the eye as she spoke, knowing that Taylor was clearly drunk and whatever she was thinking was not a good idea. 

“I know, I know but…..” Taylor trailed off as a confused look surfaced on her face.

“What?” Martha asked, looking over at where Taylor was looking to see Garrett, a friend of Lily’s walking over to the blonde guy and sitting with him for a drink. 

“Wait, how do they know each other?” Taylor questioned, fully confused as to what she was seeing. She watched as he and Garrett chuckled loudly, sipping their drinks. Martha looked around for Lily, spotting her not to far away from them dancing, and pulling her over. 

“Lily, who is that guy?” Taylor asked desperately, as if her life depended on it. 

“What guy?” Lily asked, confused as to why her friends were acting so weird. 

“That blonde over there talking to Garret” Taylor tilted her head to the right to get Lily to look over. 

“Oh, that’s Garrett’s co-star from his recent film” Lily explained. “Why?” She questioned curiously. 

“Because Taylor’s in looooove” Martha mocked her, giggling. 

“Oh shut up! I’m not!” Taylor raised her voice slightly to make herself seem stable in her thoughts, when she clearly wasn’t. 

“Awww that’s cute Taylor, but weren’t you just preaching yesterday how every guy is a douche?” Lily giggled, seeing her friend completely head over heels for someone who is a stranger to her. 

“Will you two stop, all I’m saying is that he’s just really pretty okay, I don’t wanna get in his pants or anything” Taylor shrugged her shoulders, trying to sound as believable as possible. 

“Ooookaaayyy……” Martha rolled her eyes slightly, clearly not believing a word her drunk friend was saying. 

“Do you want to talk to him?” Lily asked Taylor. 

“No!” She responded immediately, knowing she would make a fool out of herself in this state. She looked over to the two men at the counter, and noticed that they were both looking back at her. She watched as they both got up from their stools and started making their way over. 

“Oh fuck, they’re coming here, um” Taylor began fixing her hair, trying to look as decent as possible. 

“Oh calm down, I thought you didn’t care anyway?” Martha joked, seeing how flustered Taylor looked. 

“Lily!” Garrett greeted her, with the blonde following behind him. 

“Garrett, how are you?” Lily asked. 

“I’m doing great, thanks! Lovely to meet you ladies, I hope you’re having a splendid evening” he spoke to Taylor and Martha, but Taylor was in her own little world. She had made eye contact with the guy once, and looked away suddenly. He was beautiful, he really was. So much better looking closer up. His eyes were a gorgeous blue colour, the type you only see at the beaches in the Bahamas. His lips were beautifully pink and plump, making Taylor breathe in deeply to compose herself. 

“Hey ladies, I’m Joseph, or Joe for short” he spoke. Taylor’s heart literally sped up so much she felt like she had just ran a marathon. He was British, and he had the most soothingly sexy voice that sent Taylor’s mind In a spiral. The way his words flowed, she couldn’t contain herself, it was like he was deliberately speaking knowing well enough that she was checking him out too. 

“Nice to meet you Joe, I’m Martha and this is my friend Taylor” she greeted him by shaking his hand. 

“It’s lovely to meet you, Martha and Taylor” his deep voice echoed in Taylor’s mind, as she processed how he said her way in the most attractive way possible. She was drunk at this point and was struggling to fight the urge to act normal. 

Tayyyy-lahhhhh” Taylor repeated in a crappy British accent and giggled like the happy drunk she was, mocking Joe’s accent as a coping mechanism to not blow her cover of clearly being so attracted to him. Martha shot over a ’what the fuck’ look at Taylor. This caused him to chuckle, his laugh sounded so beautiful in Taylor’s mind. 

Just then, the rest of Taylor’s friend all ran over to join them, causing Garret and Joe to move closer to Taylor to give the other girls space to stand, forming a circle. Joe was stood right beside Taylor, and it was causing her to go crazy. What was even happening right now? Who is this guy? Why am I so attracted? Taylor’s mind filled with endless thoughts of how she ended up in that situation. He was stood so close to her that she had even accidentally brushed her arm against his, feeling his tensed bicep, that literally made her heart begin to flutter. His side profile was absolutely gorgeous. He was perfect, and Taylor knew deep down that she wanted him. She did her best not to make any eye contact with him and just ignore him entirely, but the thought of touching him wouldn’t leave the back of her head. 

The music volume increased at this point and people began raving to the music, all of Taylor’s friends and Garrett began dancing to the music. Taylor was dancing a little bit but couldn’t focus on anything other than Joe next to her, who she still hadn’t looked over at. Just then, the hairs on her hand stood up as she felt something brush up against it. She looked down, to see Joe slowly touching her hand and grabbing a hold of it. Taylor made direct eye contact with him, finally, and he smiled the most sweetest smile she had ever seen. Her heart was beating like crazy at this point. Was he actually trying to make a move on her? Not that she minded it, but still. Taylor noticed that she hadn’t let go of his hand either, and they both just stood there, gazing into each other’s ocean blue eyes with lust, his tender touch making her go crazy. 

“I saw you looking” he finally spoke up, smirking at her and breaking the silence between them. Her heart stopped for a second as she realised her cover was blown and she had clearly made it obvious that she was checking him out. Taylor opened her mouth to speak but no words came out, she just looked down shyly, biting her lip, and slowly let go of his hand, which she noticed were huge, sending her drunk mind into thoughts she wished she wasn’t having at that point. She was so nervous by how gorgeous he was that she couldn’t even say anything, especially not to his face. What was she supposed to do at this point? Ignore him completely, or give in and exchange numbers? Maybe she should invite him over? She suddenly stopped herself as she had that thought, thinking she was going insane. She had literally just met the guy and now she’s already thinking of jumping into bed with him? Come to your senses Taylor, she thought to herself, but was aware that her drunk mind was far different and much more inappropriate then when she’s sober.

Just then, Garret spoke and Interrupted her train of thought.  

“Hey bro come on, I’ll introduce you to Caleb” he said to Joe. 

“I’ll see you around” Joe mouthed to her, then smiling as he walked away. Taylor watched lovingly as his gorgeous physique walked away, her heart feeling so warm and fuzzy. She couldn’t deny that she was very attracted to him, but was it lust because she was drunk, or was she genuinely falling for him? 

The rest of that night consisted of Taylor and her friends dancing, and drinking even more to a point of becoming completely wasted. As much as she tried focusing on the present situation, she couldn’t stop thinking about Joe and his beautiful face, and accent, and that smile. Oh my gosh, am I really falling in love with this stranger, she thought to herself.

Taylor was now back at her NYC apartment, her bodyguard had dropped her off safely and made sure she was okay before he left. She sat on her bed, her hand on her head that was aching from having drunk so much. Meredith and Olivia were sat on the bed in front of her. She sighed to herself, replaying the event of that night in her head. Joe. That’s all she could think about. His face, the way he spoke so elegantly. The way he said her name, and she cringed to herself remembering how she must have made a fool of herself when she mocked his accent. 

“What do I do now?” Taylor began speaking to her cats. She usually has drunk conversations with her cats quite often. 

“He was so pretty I just…..I couldn’t help myself from staring. And I literally made it so obvious too. Way to go Swift.” She sighed, feeling slight embarrassment but also annoyance at how head over heels she was for Joe. 

“I shouldn’t trust him right? He could just be trying to get with me because I’m, well me" 

Meow. Olivia purred and Meredith shifted slightly, making herself more comfortable. 

"Yeah you’re right, I should just forget about him. We all know what’s gonna happen. He’ll probably hook up with me once and I know I’ll be left devastated and wanting more. The cute guys are always the worst” Taylor threw herself back on her bed, and then unexpectedly threw a pillow across to the other side of the room. 

“But he’s just so gorgeous arrggghh!!!!” She shouted at the top of her voice, she hated how conflicted she was feeling right now. She knew in her gut that she shouldn’t trust random people, that she was smarter than this, but deep inside, her heart was telling her the opposite. Go for it, have fun, see where it leads.

She lay in bed that night, cuddled up under the covers, feeling hungover and so much more worse than she had imagined. She had never drunk THIS much, but seeing Joe made her lose all self control. It was her way of dealing with the situation of not being able to get to know him, just drink it away, she thought. But that clearly hadn’t worked. 

I’ll see you around, his soothing voice echoed in a loop, haunting her mind for the rest of the night before she finally dosed off to sleep

dating nct mark!!1!1!

• idek where to start tbh
• ok so since marks very, very looked up to by the baby rookies, they treat you with full respect and love you
• ofc he loves you and you love him too but y'all BICKER LIKE THERE’S NO TOMORROW
• ok mark gives the. best. hugs. ever.
• esp when you’re sad and you’re crying he kind of, pulls your head towards his chest and pats your back and says “it’s okay, you’ll be okay, im here for you”
• ok all the gushy-ness aside, y'all are so dumb like
• “wait, what’s that.”
• “oh snap idk??? what is it???”
• and donghyuck in the back just, face palm and just “IT’S A FLY SWATTER. YOU. DUMBOS.”
• mark loves you so much and he treats you like a little sister sometimes, jk he treats you like a lil sis all the time, but you love it
• you guys watch nct life in paju/ nct life 단합대회 together and you continuously make fun of mark like “mark you- YOU CANT PLAY HEAD TENNIS LIKE THAT.”
• marks such a fluff ball ugh
• you guys get competitive over weird things like you could be watching a variety show w him and suddenly you’d both hear IU’s good day as bgm and then mark would suddenly be like “LETS SEE WHO CAN DO THE THREE OCTAVE NOTES IN GOOD DAY THE BEST.”
• you guys once was walking the boardwalk of a beach
• he saw a juggler
• he was so very impressed, he kept clapping and saying “oh woah”
• he saw some ice cream, and was like “oh, we’re gonna go get some ice cream” and when you two went to the ice cream stand and when he dug into his pockets, there was no money
• he slowly turned to you “…babe”
• “mark. i got you.”
• but mark made it up to you by winning you a super cute teddy bear
• lol you guys go shopping together all the time and it always goes the same. exact. way. every time.
• mark shimmy shams towards you and tries to be slick and sneak something into the cart
• and you turn into a strict mom and you’re like “mark. no. put it down. what is that behind your back.”
• xuimin loves you both so much oh my gosh
• ok at first he was like “…guys you do know how this will possibly end right? especially with mark being so popular and new”
• you try to rap to his rap part in mad city and it… it doesn’t end well let’s just leave it there.
• donghyuck’s hatred for you went from 494859696 to 4495959904959596.
• he always asks you to watch the nct music videos and he’s like, shy about it but he gets super happy when you compliment him
• k every morning you sleep over or vise versa;;;
• you guys eat ceral together in front of the tv, eyes glued to some morning cartoon that’s on tv in the wee hours of the morning.
• at night you guys are dancing to every single exo song ever and pouring your hearts out dancing to super junior and free styling to tvxq dances. it’s lit.
• and when you two calm down, you guys sit on the bed and eat some more ceral together.
• you guys don’t talk about deep things or anything bc bless mark’s heart he will somehow turn it into something really stupid like you guys could be talking about what color mirrors really are and he’d say something like “wait aren’t mirrors clear?”
“mark, if mirrors were clear we’d see through them” “…what” and then it continues on from there into a void of total confusion
• you guys talk about your concerns though. you guys give each other pep talks and talk about the hardships and the biggest worries in your minds at the moment and yeah, that’s when shit gets real.
• mark is such a modest baby he’s so modest about everything and it really makes you happy, although he can be a little more confident in his skills, being modest and not letting fame get to his head is good.
• you guys react to new music videos together
• some of the members love your selfies w mark so much that they make it their profile pictures for like, kakao and put something like “my children” as their message and it’s honestly so cringe to both you and mark
• mark’s lockscreen is a picture of you and him standing beside a really pretty cherry blossom tree, totally caught off guard and just smiling and standing next to each other holding each other hand. yuta took it. ofc yuta took it. yuta takes all of the off guard couple pictures. but they’re all super nice.
• his home screen is a selfie you took with you just smiling with a cat filter (or the dog filter, whatever you prefer). he loves it. he thinks you look adorable.
• ok talking about HOLDING HANDS HMMMM OK.
• literally. JISUNG. pushed him to hold your hand bc he was taking so long to make a move.
• donghyuck just told him to man up and DO IT.
• and when he finally got the courage to hold your hand when you two were out walking together, you didn’t make a big deal out of it, you knew how nervous he was around you so you just looked at him and smiled and held his hand tighter and kept talking and walking.
• “i am, your favorite nct member, right?”
• “of course you are!!!! it’s not like it’s jaehyun or anything!!!! love u mark.”
• you want mark to be HEALTHY. and HAPPY. so you feed mark a lot and make sure he gets the rest he needs.
• ok you feeding mark a lot. LET’S TALK ABOUT THAT.
• you always feed mark and he’s like “ahhhh what”
• but he likes you feeding him and all but he’s so embarrassed since he’s like, a younger member but the oldest out of the younger members and it’s kind of…idk new??? to him.
• HE’S JUST KINDA “are u sure u’ll be ok”
• he just wants you safe and that’s so rjrrjkgt
• he’s the type of boyfriend that has no idea how tampons/pads work or what they do or why anyone needs them, but he carries around a few just in case you need them.
• mark the type of boyfriend that’s willing to fail his own test in order to help you study for your test
• but if someone is a danger to you and/or bothers you, he takes you away from them and just takes you somewhere else, away from that person.
• you’re his angel
• he asked you out by getting his guitar and singing to angel by exo
• so cute it was the cutest thing omg
• you were so overwhelmed and started tearing up and he hugged you and freaked out and ok that was kinda funny
• ok before you guys dated you were both trainees and it was just kinda like “you speak english??? OH GOD ME TOO. HEY.” and you guys were just close friends who leaned on each other and relied on each other through tough times and everyone teased the two of you and both of you were like “ugh stop it gosh we’re friends alright.”
• but you guys were like “…friends. yup. just. friends.”
• and jaemin almost exploded bc oh my god it’s so obvious stop being so stupid guys.
• so he pushed mark so hard, so hard, until mark confessed to you and gosh it was a good day.
• oh god ok on your one year anniversary he got you a cake and couple rings and got the younger ones to sing lucky by exo w him and i swear mark is so extra in the most lowkey way.
• you guys share everything like, skittles, candy in general, chopsticks (when one of you are like “nah i don’t want to eat” but want a bite of food or something), water, hats, jackets (ok you just take his hoodies but he doesn’t mind), ev e r y t h ing
• mark is good at everything and it boggles your mind how someone THIS PERFECT LOVES YOU WITH ALL HIS HEART
• you could be the best vocalist ever or the absolute, hands down, worst vocalist ever, he still loves your singing.
• duets w mARKKKK. he would play his guitar and you two would just sing to random songs and honestly, couple goals.
• marks so shy and he doesn’t say “i love you” that much but he tells you that he loves you, a lot surprisingly and it makes you feel special and marks all about that so he’s like sdjjff yes i love her
• you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to him, and he’s the best thing that’s ever happened to you
• he always gives you one of his ear buds so you two can listen to music together
• well. mark can’t cook very well, he can cook ramen and other simple things so he tries to cook for you the best he can and that’s so sweet tbh

• he cusses but not TOO MUCH. YOU KNOW.

• KINDA LIKE “oh damn”



Fake Love (part two)

Bucky x reader

Summary: Bucky comes to reader for dating tips and doesn’t know reader has feelings for him, reader starts a fake relationship with Sam in order to show Bucky what he’s missing out on

Chapter summary: Reader is feeling jealous about this girl that Bucky is trying to take on a date and decides to come up with a plan

Warnings: jealousy & sort of anger, more dating advice

Author’s note: How do y’all like it so far? I feel like it’s going in a good direction, but I don’t mind any feedback

Originally posted by seabasschino

“Yeah Nat, and he came to me for dating advice! Like, who the fuck does that?” I practically yelled, holding a glass of wine. “I mean, you basically let him,” Nat responded coolly, taking a sip of her drink. “I know,” I muttered glumly. “But it still hurts.”

Suddenly an idea came into my mind. “I’ve got a plan!” I announced, looking at Nat waiting to see a reaction from her. “No, Y/N. Your plans never end well,” she said with a little smirk. She was right, but I wasn’t going to back down. “You’ll see,” I said with a cocky smile.

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Periods with BTS

It’s that time of the month for me and I just wish /I had a BTS member as my boyfriend rn to be there for my needy, emotional, and weak self lol.


You and Jin were just chilling at the dorms. He had no schedule for today and he wanted to cook with you. You were laying on their couch,  searching for things to watch as Jin finished up in the kitchen. You suddenly had this feeling in your stomach and you felt something in your underwear. Freaking out, you run to their restroom. You sat there and found a red stain on your panty. You started freaking out because you had no pad(or tampon, which ever you use lol) because obviously, these boys wouldn’t have any.

“Oppa?” you hesitantly called out. “Babe!” you screamed. Jin came running to the door and knocked. “Babe are you okay?” he asked. “um…I got my period.” you said. “he sighed in relief. “Can you get me some [insert what you use]?” Jin chuckles and responds, “Yeah I’ll head out. Just wait a bit because I’m almost done cooking.” You then thank him.

A few minutes later you hear shuffling and another knock on the door. “I’ll go get it now. You’ll be okay?” he asks. “Yes, thank you I love you!!” you respond.

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(UGH he looks so boyfriend here I can’t)


It was the time of the month and Suga let you stay with him in his studio as he worked on songs. You were sitting on the couch while his back was to you. You often get bad headaches so you laid down, facing him while on your phone. You had a glass of water near you to help ease your pain. 

Your pain started to become unbearable and you really wanted to hug Suga so badly. You started to sigh and whine in hopes to catch his attention. You didn’t want to bother him so you tried to subtly call out to him so he’d come to you on his own will. Suga knew what you wanted and waited a bit to tease you. After a few more whines, he smiled and turned to you. He grabbed your cup and left to refill it. He then came back and pulled you up from your laying position. He sits next to you and places his arms around you. You snuggle into him and he starts to massage your head. 

Suga had his laptop on the couch arm and started to continue working. You eventually fell asleep and he let go of you while you rested on his lap. From time to time he would check on you and massage your head or stroke your back before returning to work.

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You were hanging out but you were in so much pain because you were on your period. You actually started getting very irritated at Rapmon for something stupid but your hormones were making you go crazy. 

It started because you both had just finished eating brunch. You told him you wanted ice cream and he said, “but we just ate? I thought you were full?” you took this as an offense and thought he was calling you fat. You started to argue with him and get all defensive so you yelled at him.

Rapmon left to buy your ice cream and it took him a while. He actually stalled a bit because he knew you needed some time to cool down. You eventually fell asleep on your couch and your back was facing out. Rapmon returned and found you fast asleep. He just chuckled at how cute you were and placed the ice cream on the table. He walked over to you and moved your hair out of your face. He started to rub your back and whisper, “babe, I got you ice cream.”

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(omg this gif….idk UGH MAJOR boyfriend feels)


This period you were very emotional. You actually didn’t have anything to cry about but you wanted to cry SO BADLY. So you binged watch every romcom and sad movie you could find. 

Jhope actually stopped by your place after practice and found you crying on your couch with a bowl full of ice cream. When he entered, you looked over to him and started sobbing. He rushed over to you and gave you a hug. He went over to your restroom to grab some tissue and found your opened box of [insert whatever you use] and everything made sense. 

As he walked back out, he went to the kitchen to grab himself a spoon. He sat back down with you with a box of tissue and a spoon in his hands. He pulled you close and ate the bowl of ice cream with you. He watched and cried with you the whole night. 

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You and Jimin actually had a date planned for today but you had to cancel because your period cramps were killing you. You were laying in bed wrapped in your covers on your back. You were massaging your tummy with your eyes closed trying to ease the pain until suddenly your doorbell rang. You walked over to your door and found Jimin with a bouquet of your favorite snacks. You were thankful but you groaned at him because he made you get up.

So you let him in and walk back to your bed. You got back into your covers and Jimin followed you in. He let himself in your bed and big spooned. He followed your hand that was massaging your tummy and massaged it for you. You then turned to him and hugged him. You were both laying, eyes closed, in each others arms. He then massaged the back of your head and let you rest 

Your emotions started to get all over the place and the pain wasn’t helping. You started to cry because of Jimin being all nice to you and the pain. Jimin got up to go get your snacks and a jar full of warm water. You laid on your back eating a bag of chips with the jar resting on your stomach. Jimin was laying next to you and smiled at your sudden change of emotion.

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(This be what you guys were doing UGH so jealous of V rn)

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(him in your blanketHAHA sorry he’s my bias so he gets two gifs)


Taehyung was actually an annoying boyfriend when you were on your period.  You two were at the dorms doing homework. You were both on your laptops facing each other and Taehyung wasn’t focusing. He kept messing with you, trying to get your attention. You gave him a glare and he stopped messing with you. He didn’t last long and he started dancing around you. 

You started to get frustrated at him and at your homework because you didn’t understand what to do. You were a person who cries when frustrated so you started crying. Taheyung started to laugh at you and grabbed your face. He wiped your tears with his thumbs and made the same faces you were making.

“What’s wrong babe? Here, I’ll help you” he said as he looked at your screen. He tried to help you with the problem but was just as confused as you.

“Let’s take a break. Maybe your brain needs to rest a bit.” he says as he pulls you to the couch and you two watch a little bit of TV.


You fell asleep watching BTS practice. Jungkook woke you up and told you it was time to go. As you stood up, you stretch a bit and Jungkook caught a little red stain on your butt. He rushed over to you and gave you a back hug to cover your butt from the other members. He walked you, still in his arms, over to his sweater and he wrapped it around your waist.

As everyone walked out and entered the van, Jungkook asked the manager to drop you guys off at your apartment. 

“oooOOOoOO!” the other boys teased. As you arrived at your place, You and jungkook head up to your room. He unwrapped his sweater off of you and tossed it into your laundry basket. 

“Babe, you leaked. Go wash up and change. Manager hyung will wait for us, unless you wanna stay here.” he said.

You twisted to look at your butt and you looked back at jungkook with an embarrassed smile. 

“Oh my gosh, I’m so embarrassed.” you said as you hid you face in your hands.

Jungkook walked over to you and smiled at your cuteness. He grabbed your shoulders and looked you in the eyes. “Babe, it’s ok haha this is normal. I’ll let them know we’ll just stay here, ok?” he said.

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(UGH THIS IS SO BOYFRIEND. and lol I legit looked up “jungkook boyfriend” for gifs and it was all gifs of Jimin or the both of them haha)

The Small Things//Jisung Scenario

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Title: The Small Things
Pairing: Reader x Jisung
Word Count: 930+
Request: Jisung scenario with his short girlfriend!
A/N: So I’m calling this a scenario, but I guess it can be considered a drabble because it wasn’t over 1.5k, but it’s still the style of a scenario so idk! This is a lot shorter than my normal scenarios, but I just wanted to get a cute little something up for all of you! I also just want to apologize to the anon who request this for taking 900000 years to post! I got caught up in my Yuta 3-shot and completely abandoned my scenario requests, but I’m hoping to get some up this week! Anyways, I hope you guys enjoy! Requests for both fake texts and scenarios are open, so please feel free to request!

The strain pulls at your muscles as you try to reach up a tiny bit more in order to reach the glass in the cabinet. The tips of your toes are throbbing by now, though its only been a few seconds, because your height limits your ability to do simple everyday things like grabbing a cup. Legs quivering, your feet finally fall flat on the floor, the discomfort of standing on your tippy toes overbearing you. 

“Jisung!” You yell with slight sadness in your voice, not wanting to have to succumb to asking your boyfriend for help.

“Yeah?” He answers. Jisung walks into the kitchen and automatically smiles at your adorable pout. “Can’t reach the cups again?” He says with a smirk.

“I don’t know why you guys don’t just move them down a shelf! What are the vertically challenged people that visit the dorm supposed to do when they need a cup?” You ask, playfully crossing your arms.

“You’re the shortest person that comes here AND the only one that can’t reach them y/n! There’s no point!” He responds, laughing and rubbing the top of your head gently. 

“You know, I really don’t appreciate this disrespect.” You say, watching him reach into the cabinet and grab the cup with ease. He hands it to you with a small smile.

“It’s not disrespect! I respect that you can’t grow!” Jisung says, grunting when you hit the side of his arm lightly. “I’m kidding y/n, you know I think you’re height is adorable.” He says sincerely.

“It’s not adorable, it’s just inconvenient! I’m too small to do anything!” You say.

“That’s not true! You could fit into tiny spaces that no one else can fit into, you don’t have to bend when walking into tiny houses, you never have to worry about clothes being too short, there’s so many advantages to your shortness!” He says giggling.

“Ugh…” You say walking into the living room and grabbing Jisung’s sweatshirt from the couch to put on. The sweatshirt falls all the way down past your mid thigh, almost to your knees, and the sleeves are so long you feel as if you could fly away. “Y/n! You look so adorable!!” Jisung says, running up to you and pinching your cheeks. “Another advantage! You look absolutely adorable in your boyfriends clothes!” He says, pulling you into his arms. In that moment, the door opens and the many voices of Nct Dream fill the room. Mark immediately looks at the two of you with wide eyes.

“What are you kids doing?! Why isn’t y/n wearing any pants?! Jisung, what did I tell you about doing things like this in the dorms?!” Mark asks frantically, while the other members are just laughing in the background. Red flushes over your face in embarrassment, and Jisung, though additionally embarrassed, is laughing along with the guys too. 

“Mark! She’s just short! My sweatshirt is too long on her!” Jisung says giggling.

“Oh thank gosh!” Mark says putting his hand against his chest and sighing in relief, “I thought I was going to have to have the talk with you guys!”

“The talk?!” You say, bunching up the sleeves of Jisung’s sweatshirt and covering your face in embarrassment, the guys in the background now laughing even more.

“Stop it, you’re not my mom!” Jisung says, just as red as you. 

“Hey! Listen to mom younger child!” Donghyuck says, completely amused by the whole situation.

“You don’t get to tell Jisung to listen to me when YOU don’t even listen to me!” Mark says rolling his eyes.

“I don’t have to listen to you, you’re not my mom!” Donghyuck refutes crossing his arms.

“You JUST said that he’s the mom!” Renjun says.

“He’s JISUNG’s mom not my mom!” Donghyuck says as he walks away into his dorm room.

“Well, have fun you three!” Jeno says with a smile, grabbing Renjun and Chenle by the wrists and dragging them with him. 

“I can’t with them.” Mark says sighing and putting his hand on his forehead. “Well anyway, sorry for the misunderstanding kids, you two get back to hanging out!” Mark says. 

In less than a minute, the two of you hear the rest of the dreamies sneaking back into the living room from their rooms.

“Can’t you guys leave us alone please?” Jisung asks pleadingly.

“I can’t, Mark said we to stay!” He responds.


You reach over and gently rub up and down his arm. “I hate to break it to you babe, but Mark is kind of Nct Dream’s mother.” 

“Ugh whatever,  you’re still short.” He says winking and pulling you down onto the couch with him.

“Jisunggggg” You whine, hiding your head in between his head and shoulder.

“See! This is another perk of being short! You’re the perfect cuddling size!” He says, your body almost immediately snuggling into his.

“Yeah, I guess your right.” You say with a soft smile. Jisung smiles back and leans down to place a gentle kiss upon your forehead.

“Aweee!” The three guys say, the click of his someone’s phone camera sounding through the room.

“GUYS!” Jisung says annoyed.

“I’m sorry! You guys are just too cute, I couldn’t not take a picture!” Chenle says smiling.

“Being the youngest sucks.” Jisung says, making you giggle. You strain your neck up to place a kiss on his cheek, making him smile once again. 

“Make sure you don’t pull your neck out or anything when you try to kiss me!” He says, winking.


By Chance (Pt. 1)

Member : Chanyeol

Genre : Fluff

A/N : Okay so this is really crappy since it’s… yeah.. no I have no excuse it’s just crappy I’m sorry, just read at your own risk you’ve been warned!

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, Part 8, Part 9, Part 10, Part 11, Part 12, Part 13, Part 14 coming soon

You couldn’t help but sigh in content at the warm feeling that embraced your body, it felt so nice and addictive and you wanted more. You rolled to your side and let your arms fall over what ever was making you feel so good. You heard a grunt upon the contact you made followed by a satisfied sigh.

Ugh it even sounded like heaven! What was this…this thing that made you feel like you were on cloud nine and taste ecstasy in all its forms? You forced your eyes open to peek at the source of your delight…and there he was…his peacefully heaving toned chest was the first thing that your eyes laid upon.

Gosh his recent efforts did pay off was the first thought that popped into your head, his body looked like the sculpted works of an angel! You slowly lifted your head in hopes of not waking up the sleeping man next to you, you wanted to see him and know who he was, his fiery red hair was messily cascaded over his eyes and his lips were formed into a small pout.

Wait..! You know this hair, those sleeping eyes and this pointy nose, and those perfectly kissable lips!!

This was non other than Park Chanyeol of EXO!

And as if he heard your low realization gasp, he slowly woke up and blinked a few times before his head dipped down at your direction and his sleepy dreamy dark brown eyes met yours. He lazily smiled and said: “good morning baby girl”.

Baby girl? What? When? And most importantly how? You wanted to say something back, ask him why he called you baby girl, or at least greet him back, you knew yourself as anything but rude, but the constant buzzing that you felt along with the nudging completely stopped you from saying anything.

And suddenly his smiling face and his tight embrace started to fade and you couldn’t feel him anymore, and all that was left for you was the annoying buzzing and nudging that were now accompanied by a familiar girl’s voice who kept telling you to get up. Get up? From where?

“Aish! How many times do I have to come here and wake you up? Get up already” the female’s voice said in a grumpy clearly fed up tone.
Your mind was in a state of haze or what the Korean variety shows that you watched so attentively described as “mong”.

What was this person even talking about? And more importantly.. Who was she?

As your mind wandered into discovering the answers to all your questions, you heard loud footsteps and the female’s voice returned “Y/N seriously wake up!

Did you come all the way here to Korea so you can sleep in?” the voice that you recognized as your friend’s Lee Han Byul said, and you felt your warm covers being taken away from you.

Lee Han Byul was a friend who you met at the company you worked in. She was pale, cute and sweet with dark hair and a fringe. And her most obvious characteristic was her short temper, and you liked her so much because she was incredibly friendly towards you when you first started working at the company.

You groaned and slowly opened your eyes trying to read in your surroundings and adjust the light that burned your tired eyes. “Oh it’s you… Why are you yelling? Geez!” you said with your sleepy broken voice and sat up rubbing your eyes.
“I wasn’t yelling the first three times I came in here…now get up already and take a shower so we can go out!” She said as she kept yanking at your arm til you fell off of the bed head first while your lower half still remained on the bed.

Lord what a mess you were! “I had a dream about him…again!” you said with a ridiculous smile and a giggle. “Who? Oh please don’t tell me… Chanyeol?” God leave him alone" Han Byul groaned at you.

“You don’t get it Byul-ah! He was so hot in this one!! And I actually felt him!” you said as you embraced yourself with both of your arms like an idiot in love. “A- I do get it because I’m an EXO-L like you remember? And B-GET UP ALREADY!!!!” she snorted back.

“Alright alright jeez!” you said with a pout and you stuck your tongue out at her as you made yourself comfortable in a sitting position.

“Where’s my phone? I need to check my feeds” you said looking around for your phone that you dramatically call your son.

“Nope! I hid it away. Go shower so we can go out! It’s the weekend and the weather is amaze-balls today” Han Byul told you as she walked away to her own room.

The streets of Seoul surely did not disappoint, they were clean and organized. Trees of all kinds filled the neighborhood you and Han Byul walked in, and the aroma of the newly blossomed flowers mixed with that of coffee and freshly baked cakes and pastries filled your nostrils. It was refreshing and relaxing.

And Han Byul didn’t lie when she said the weather was amazing, because it was just the right amount of cloudy and it was crispy and warm, and the small circles of dew fell over the leaves and flower petals that appeared in various shades of different colors, creating pictures that are worth taking and keeping.

“I’m so glad I finally came Korea” you said as you closed your eyes and took deep breath inhaling every scent that loomed in the air. “Me too” Han Byul replied as she sweetly smiled at you.

Your outing today consisted of walking around the streets with minor shopping here and there and trying the various street foods that were steaming hot and so deliciously displayed.

“Let’s go check out that store” Han Byul pointed taking your attention away from the numerous shopping bags that you held in both of your hands and were organizing for a more comfortable hold on them.

“Uhh.. Sure, just once I get these in order” you said through almost clenched teeth as the shopping bags refused to cooperate with you. 

Once you held them comfortably, you lifted your head and started walking only to be surprised by the fact that Han Byul was out of your sight. You slightly panicked because the street was crowded with people and shops and Ahjummas and Ahjussis yelling to sell their goods, it was overwhelming and you absolutely hated losing your friends or anything for that matter in the crowed.

Your head shot left and right looking for her as you paced down the streets and took turns here and there, and when you couldn’t find her, you decided to get your phone and call her.

But conveniently, your phone was practically buried inside your purse that was full of items you didn’t even need but were too lazy to take them out.

Your fingers searched and struggled inside your purse to get a hold on your phone, you kept looking for it with one hand while the other was busy holding the shopping bags and your legs never stopped moving, until you suddenly bumped into something or someone you didn’t know, because you instantly fell to the ground and your things followed along spreading all over the side walk.
You groaned at the pain that landed at your butt and you heard a man speaking and asking if you were alright.

“Miss?… Are you okay? Oh my God I’m so sorry, I wasn’t looking where I was walking and I…” he spoke from under the cap he was wearing as he kept trying to get your things back into their bags.
You didn’t say anything, you just stared at the flustered man who sounded annoyingly familiar. He wore an over-sized black sweater that had red writings over it which you weren’t quite able to read, a pair of black shorts, black shoes and a back pack that seemed rather expensive for a regular man.

“I’m… I’m fine, are you alright? I’m sorry I was the one who bumped into you, I was just trying to look for my phone so I can call my stupid friend who suddenly disappeared” you felt yourself unnecessarily explaining as you tried to ease up the awkward situation. You heard him chuckle a bit before he said “Ugh phones! They’re a real trouble! I was busy with mine when I bumped into you” and lifted his head and flashed a full toothy smile that you were all too familiar with.

“I know right? They always…” you responded but were immediately cut off once your eyes landed on the man’s face. Your eyes widened once you realized who you were speaking to, and who was gathering your things and now helping you get back up on your feet.

“Y…you’re..” You tried to say something but your shock wouldn’t allow your tongue to respond to your brain signals. He chuckled again and said “Where are my manners..I’m Chanyeol, Park Chanyeol” he said and extended an arm towards you.

You froze in awe and your reaction was a bit slow, you took his hands and said “I know.. And I’m a fan.. No! I’m not.. I mean… Uh I mean my name is [Y/N]”.

He slowly shook your hand and kept an amused grin on his face as he stared into your eyes. “So are you a fan or?” he said never breaking eye contact nor letting your hand go. “No no! I am! Don’t get me wrong!” you said blushing completely embarrassed at not being able to brace yourself in front of him.

“So Y/N are you sure you’re not hurt any where?” he asked and the sound of your name coming from his mouth made goosebumps creep all over your skin. “Yeah… No I’m totally fine, thank you for gathering my things” you said shooting him a thankful humble smile and a small bow.

“That’s a relief” he said as he stared deep into your eyes. You expected him to leave after that but he didn’t. Instead he just stood there and stared at you with that same amused grin that never left his face with his hands in his pockets.

“Is.. Is something wrong with my face?” you asked him feeling slightly uncomfortable with his staring. He smiled showing you his pearly white teeth and shook his head before he said “Nope… I just think you’re really cute”.

“You what?” you said not believing that Park Chanyeol would actually say that to you. “You look like Pikachu… You’re cute!” he said it again.

Before you could say anything, you heard a voice of a slightly older man who called for Chanyeol from afar.

His head shot to the direction of the sound and he looked back at you and said “Well, looks like I gotta go, I’ll see you around…Pikachu”. He said and went on his way.

You stood there not sure how to interpret and register what he just said to you or what just happened. Was he just being nice? Or was that just part of his fan service? You honestly wouldn’t know, so you turned on your heels and walked the opposite direction.

“Hey Pikachu!” you heard his voice call out the nickname he decided to give you without your approval. 
You turned your head to see him jogging towards you. “You forgot this” he said handing you a small paper that resembled one of the many receipts you had in your bags. He leaned in and said “I’m glad you lost your friend, or else I wouldn’t have been able to bump into you”.

And with that he just left.

You opened the piece of paper curious and wondering why he had to come all the way back to hand you one of your receipts, or so you thought until you flipped it and saw a bunch of digits and a note written at the back of it that read: I couldn’t just leave like that and not ever see you again… you’re just too cute! This is my number.. call me. Oh and please don’t distribute this.. I trust you..Pikachu.

You couldn’t believe it!! Park Chanyeol actually gave you his phone number! You looked at it almost ready to jump out of happiness. Just then you heard Han Byul calling for you.

“Ugh! There you are! Where did you run off to?” She said catching her breath from all the running she did to find you. You didn’t answer her as you kept looking and smiling at the cute note Chanyeol handed you. “Why are you smiling by yourself? What did I miss?” She asked confused at your lack of response and the smile that was plastered on your lips.

You looked at her and said “I met someone”, and grinned like an idiot for the second time today. “Who? And how?” She asked excitement evident in her voice. “Someone… special… we met by chance!”

You said holding the note to your chest close to your heart as you smiled towards the direction that Park Chanyeol ran off to.

High School Headcanons: Yoosung

And we’re back again! This week I bring you the star prince, Yoosung

Hope you like this! ^^

  • He is a very hardworking student, and he’s really nice and friendly, so he’s that cool kind of nerd.
  • He has a crush on you since middle school, you live in the same neighborhood, so he always sees you at the bus stop or around the block
  • However, he never had the guts to talk to you, you seem totally out of his league. President of the debate club, homecoming queen… yup, too much for him.
  • But he’s always longing for meeting you at the bus stop, until one day you weren’t there…
  • Then he feels his heart ache when sees you passing by at this guy’s car. Oh yeah… there were some rumors about you dating the new substitute chemistry’s teacher.
  • The guy is a prick, from what he can tell. Rude, full of himself and definitely a player, you’re probably not the only young girl he’s hitting on.
  • Yoosung is worried about you, you’re so smart, why would you let someone so disgusting come even near you?
  • He’s thinking of you a lot more than he’s used to, so he yelp when he sees… you at his house? At night?
  • “Hi! Yoosung, isn’t it? I’m babysitting your sister, your mom asked me because she didn’t know what time you would come home. Don’t mind me, okay?” you say sweetly, he’s shocked, he doesn’t even answer, he just runs to his room.
  • Oh god… you’re here! So close, yet so out of his reach… he’s jealous of his sister, he wishes he could hang out with you like this and…
  • He listens your voice near his bedroom, are you talking to him? No, your voice is a little muffled. He knows it’s wrong, but he can’t help listening your conversation.
  • “Are you serious right now? You’re really breaking up with me over the phone? God… you’re such a prick! Well, at least the sex was good, since I like small dicks! Fuck you!” WHOA! This is a completely image than he had at you, now he’s kinda relieved you don’t sound… too perfect. But you’re still the girl of his dreams…
  • When his parents come home, his mother asks him to accompany you to your house. He’s so flustered, but he would never disobey his mother.
  • So here you are, walking side by side, in a dreadful silence… until you come to your house, he’s not ready to say goodbye yet. “So, uhm… see you at the bus stop tomorrow?” WHAT? NO! Now you know he listened to your conversation about breaking up with the guy and probably not having a ride to school anymore.
  • “Yeah, I guess…” you shrug, he nods a weird goodbye and starts walking. “Yoosung?” you call him, and he’s shivering when he hears his name like this. “Y-Yes?”
  • “How much of that conversation you listened?” SHIT! “Uhm… I, I… not mu-much, I… small dicks, and… WAIT! I… pretend you didn’t hear that, I… will stop talking now.”
  • You laugh, he’s adorable. How come you never noticed? You knew he was nice, you could tell by the way he greeted you at the bus stop every single day since middle school, but you never noticed how cute he is…
  • “Sorry you had to hear this. I… I, you probably think I’m such a stupid bitch, right?” “What? No, ne-never! I… heard the guy is an asshole.” Whoa, now he’s cursing too? He feels kinda cool… “Just… know you deserve better and move on, okay? And don’t date teachers! It’s… weird!” wow, he’s being so sincere… both of you are impressed.
  • Next day, you two are at the bus stop TALKING, he’s been dreaming about this for so long… gosh, your laugh is adorable. You can’t believe you had this really cool guy so near all these years and never tried to talk to him…
  • But your smile fades away when your teacher stops his car in front of you two. “Want a ride, kiddo?” Ugh… he’s so gross, how did you not notice before? “No, thank you.”
  • “Ah, please… come in and let’s talk, I know you didn’t mean what you said last night about my…” he notices Yoosung and stops talking.
  • “She already said ‘no’, professor, I think you should go.” “And who are you? Wait… you already traded me? For this loser? Oh, come on, MC… I knew you were a little slut, but not like this…”
  • You just see Yoosung standing up and staying in front of the guy’s car, he tries to accelerate, but Yoosung doesn’t move.
  • “Yoosung, what are you doing? Get back here!” you beg him. “Come on, hit me over! Then you’ll be a murderer in addition of having sex with minors!” “YOOSUNG!” you scream, going to him and dragging him away from the car.
  • You glare at your teacher and yell: “Go away, dude! I’m sure the teacher’s council wouldn’t like to hear anything about this. Oh, but the whole school would love to know about your little, very little friend and…” the guy goes away, you roll your eyes, men are so predictable.
  • Except from this one in front of you, he’s not predictable at all, actually, he keeps surprising you since yesterday, he’s much more than you thought…
  • But you still need to scold him for being so reckless: “Don’t ever do something so stupid like that! Why would you even do it?” “BECAUSE I LIKE YOU, OKAY? HAVE LIKED FOR A LONG TIME NOW…” whoa, he’s still in an adrenaline rush.
  • “You… like me? But…” he hugs you and pulls you for a very timid and fast kiss. “Do you want to skip class today? I… I’ve been wanting to do this for a while…”
  • “Yeah, sure. Where do you wanna go?” “Don’t laugh, but I… I would like to dye my hair. Do yout think you can help me with that?” Yup, still surprising you, not that you’re complaining, he can keep surprising you like this whenever he wants…
This is Spiderman (Peter Parker x Reader)

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Word Count: 1354

Pairing: Peter Parker x Reader

AN: So in this the reader is Tony Stark’s daughter because I love Tony. Hope you like it :)

You were a Stark. Yes, that came with a lot of problems, such as trying to keep yourself safe from anyone who could use you to hurt your father since he was also Iron Man. So, not many people knew you existed, well, as a Stark anyway. Your dad made sure you kept a low profile because he couldn’t bare to have anything happen to you. At school you used a fake last name and kept to yourself and your few friends. Your life wasn’t that exciting, until you met Peter Parker.

It was a Sunday morning and you really didn’t feel like getting out of bed, so you didn’t. You were watching an anime series when you heard your dad come home. You knew he would be at your door any minute now.

The door opened to reveal your dad and, an attractive teenage boy?! You were so shocked and surprised that you, well, you fell off the bed. There is an attractive teenage boy standing in your doorway and you’re in your pajamas that have a stain from the cereal you split on yourself earlier that morning and your hair resembled a birds nest. Abort mission abort mission!

“Y/N? What are you doing on the floor?” Your dad gave you a strange look.

“Gosh dad can you knock next time? You’re worse than Vision!” You finally stood up, pulling at your hair and clothes, trying to make yourself look more presentable. 

“Anyway…I’d like you to meet our newest recruit Peter Parker, also known as Spider-man.” Your eyes widened at this. Not only was this guy extremely attractive, but he’s also Spider-man?! You’ve secretly had the biggest crush on Spider-man ever since you saw him swinging around on the web (hehe get it).

You started to get all nervous, you couldn’t believe this was happening. He finally spoke up. “Um-hey, i’m Peter. It’s really nice to meet you.” He shyly said as his cheeks flushed red. “Gosh he was so cute.” You thought to yourself.

“Oh-um-i’m-ugh-” Your nerves were getting the better of you, but Tony interrupted you anyway, realizing what was going on here. He knew what this was. Two teenagers acting nervous around each other, blushing and Y/N finding difficulty in telling Spiderling her own name. He wouldn’t let this happen, not with his daughter!

“Yes and you’re Y/N. My daughter. Who is off limits to you Spiderling so don’t get any ideas.” Tony was frustrated now and was adamant on keeping you two apart.

Both you and Peter blushed even more now, embarrassed at Tony’s words. Trust Tony to ruin any chances you have of dating.

“I wasn’t…uh.” Peter was at a loss for words.

Thankfully Tony put an end to the awkward tension in the air. “I need to make some upgrades to your suit, come one.” Tony gestured towards Peter, who began following your dad to his lab.

“see ya around Y/N.” Peter shyly said before he left.

A few seconds later you awkwardly shout out. “Ugh-bye Peter!” You cringe at yourself for being such a dork. You were terrible at talking to guys. But hopefully you’d be seeing more of Spider-man. 

Overtime, Peter came to the tower more frequently and you tended to avoid him. It’s not like you were avoiding him because you didn’t like him. It was actually the opposite, you did like him and that was problematic because every time you’re around him you turn into a nervous and mumbling mess, honestly just embarrassing yourself.

 One night your were staying up late, watching the fourth Harry Potter movie (because it was your favourite) and eating cereal on the couch. You were watching and reacting to the movie as is you had never seen it before, when in reality you had watched it probably 100 times. You were too busy laughing at Ron wearing his hand-me-down dress robes, that you didn’t hear Peter walk in.

So when he said “hey” you fell of the couch muttering a “holy shit!”, being jump scared by Parker, or should you say Spider-man? Why do you keep falling off things in front of him? You’d never actually seen him in his suit up close, it was, amazing. Why was he wearing his suit around anyway? Peter’s laughter cut off your thinking, he pulled off his mask.

 “What the heck Peter, you scared the hell out of me.” 

He ran his fingers through his hair, still laughing at your reaction, but managed to stop his laughter to ask. “What are you doing up?”

“Watching Harry Potter, eating cereal, apparently being jump scared by Spider-man.” You huffed and crossed your arms, annoyed at Peter for scaring you like that. “Anyway, why are you walking around in your Spidey suit?”

Ignoring your question, he continues. “Cereal at night?”

“Cereal is amazing Parker.” 

“I won’t fight you on that.”

“Lucky for you because i’d win.” You don’t know where this confidence came from, but you liked it.

Peter smirks “Oh really?” 

“Yup. Anyway you didn’t answer my question.”

“I was just testing out an upgrade to my web shooters.” 

“Is it fun? Swinging on webs from building to building I mean?”

“Why don’t you find out?” Peter said with a mischievous grin.

You were hesitant at first. Yes, swinging around the city sounded fun but you also didn’t feel like being accidentally dropped to your death tonight. “Oh no-I couldn’t.” 

“Don’t worry, I promise you, no, I swear to you on my life that I will not let anything happen to you.” His words earned your trust, you hesitantly nodded your head, both of you walking to the balcony.

“Just, make sure you hold on tight.” You obliged, shyly wrapping your arms around his waist, him wrapping an arm around yours. Oh god you were really close to him right now and your cheeks must be so red.

“What if-” But your words were cut off, as you Peter jumped off the edge, taking you with him. You instinctively clung to Peter and buried your head into his chest like your life depended on it, because, well it kind of did right now. Then with a thwip! he launched his web shooter to the closest building. 

Finally looking up, you were left in awe at the sights in front of you. Everything looked so small from up here and so beautiful. Peter kept shooting his webs from one building to the next, but was moving a little slower than usual since he had you with him. You couldn’t even form any words, you were left speechless. This was the most incredible experience you’ve ever had. 

Once you both landed back at the balcony you turned to Peter and jumped, embracing him in a hug with your arms around his neck. “That was amazing, honestly that was so much fun! You invented that webbing?! That’s so freaking cool Parker I don’t think you even know.” 

Realizing you were still wrapped around him you quickly took a step backwards, embarrassed at your actions.

Peter chuckled, he thought you were extremely cute. “Thanks. We can do that again sometime-if if you want to that is?” He nervously asked, you always seemed to make him nervous.

“I’d like that.” You smiled up at Peter, him blushing like crazy.

“But for now, do you want to maybe-I dunno, watch the rest of this movie with me?” You pointed back to the TV which was still playing Harry Potter. Peter nodded and you both spent the rest of the night curled up together in blankets on the couch. You had accidentally fallen asleep on Peter towards the end of the movie. 

Once it ended, he looked down at you taking in all your features as you silently slept on his lap. “Gosh you’re so beautiful.” He said quietly to try and not wake you, not knowing that you heard everything he just said. He leaned down and kissed your forehead, laying you down on the couch and covering you with the blankets. Peter muttered a quiet “goodnight” and left the tower, also leaving you with butterflies in your stomach.

boomerang // Jonah [c]

part c

(2,088 words)

{ part a ~ part b }

(a/n): a HUGE thank you to @yep-thisisme for helping me out big time, I love you Pebbles <3 and excuse me for making this so long lol it’s like a thousand words longer than part b oml no chill... anyways, hope you like it! (:

“This is Daniel, the most talented guy you’ll ever meet.” Jack points to a boy sitting on the couch of their home with bright blue eyes and a cute tooth gap. He smiles and waves at me. I wave back.

“This is my little bean, Zachary,” He continues on, shaking out Zach’s hair.

“Hey, this ‘little bean’ is 16 years of age, ya know!” Zach rolls his eyes as he smacks Jack’s arm away from his head.

“Still 2 years younger than me so shut up, Dean,” Jack laughs and motions towards another boy that has bleached hair and pretty gray eyes, “This is Corbyn, or Meme King.”

Suddenly, Corbyn looks up from his laptop and shoots a sly smile as he pulls out some kid-sized glasses and slaps them onto his face crookedly, “Yesshh,”

I laugh and wave at Corbyn.

“And this here is my boy, Jonah.” Jack says. I look away from Corbyn’s funny face and as soon as my eyes hit Jonah, I can’t stop staring. Jonah looks up from his guitar and his eyes widen. For a few seconds, we stay gazing at each other while Jack looks back and forth between us, confused.

“Hello,” I shake my head, pushing away the trance I was in, “I’m (y/n).”

“I’m…” Jonah mumbled, still staring at me, jaw hanging, “Uh… I’m J-jjjjjjj,”

“You good, Jonah?” Daniel laughed from the other couch.

“I’m- ye- yeah.” He smiles, “I’m Jonah.”

“Nice to meet you- all.” I grin shyly and turn to them, “I didn’t even know you guys were a band until Jack told me a few days ago.”

“He’s talked about you a lot, (y/n), about how you’re really chill and funny,” Zach smiles from his seat next to Daniel, “We said, let’s invite her over and see for ourselves.”

“Well, here I am.” I laugh.

“What would you like to do?”

“Anything you all would like to do, I’m down for whatever.” I smile.

“I have first say!” Zach stands up before anyone and approaches me but then Jonah stands up and takes my hand, instantly flattering me.

“Nuh, uh.” Jonah smiles and my heart melts, “Oldest calls the shots.”

“Ah- DANG IT!” Zach stomps his foot, seemingly upset that he wasn’t able to meet up with me first, which is sweet although I didn’t even think of trying it out with Zach. Jonah was the only thing on my mind.

“Would you like to hang out?” Jonah whispers, biting his lip nervously.

“Sure,” I laugh.

“On one condition:” Daniel stands up and pushes Jonah away jokingly, “We get to spend the day with (y/n) and get to know her well, and you can spend the night with her.”

I giggle, “That’s a perfect idea.”

Jonah’s cute eyebrows furrow together and he rolls his eyes, “Ugh, fine. This day better go by fast…”

I hide a smile behind my hand as Jack links my arm with his and pulls me outside, “Let me show you around the house.”

Quickly, I glance back to Jonah and see him smirking, his arms crossed as he shakes his head impatient for the nighttime. I smile and give him a look that tells him the feeling is mutual.

After hours of dancing around to music, playing hide-and-go-seek like 7-year-olds, and talking - lots of it, the sun sets on the beautiful city of Los Angeles and it’s time for me to say goodbye to the boys and hello to Jonah.

I walk back into the home and see that Jonah is standing in the middle of the living room with a bouquet of beautiful scarlet roses. When he realizes that I’ve entered the room, he straightens up, standing taller than he already was, and displays his best smile for me.

“These are for you.” He says, pushing the flowers towards my face awkwardly and I hear muffled snickers behind me, coming from the boys.

“They’re lovely.” I smile and grab them. He smiles and lets out a little sigh that I can barely hear.

“Would you like to go to the park?” Jonah suggests with a grin on his handsome face.

“Of course.” I turn around to the boys and wave before walking out of the house with Jonah by my side.

We talk and talk until the moon is at it’s high and we realize it’s very late - 12:28 am, to be exact. We rush to the car and I give him the directions to my house. Although he was a terrific driver, he kept missing the streets I would tell him to take… gosh, we had been so sleep deprived. When I finally got home, Jonah escorted me to my door. He told me he would love to spend another night with me again. I nod and I’m about to say goodbye, but he stops and stares.

“What?” I laugh.

“You’re so beautiful.” He says, jaw lowered and eyes glued to mine.

“Thank you, Jonah.” I smile but it’s not enough of me for Jonah, I thought, since he leaned in very closely, his nose brushing mine.

“You are the most beautiful human being I have ever seen, (y/n).” He says. The air in my lungs is taken away and I blush heavily. I feel Jonah’s breath against my skin and a chill dribbles up my spine.


“Can we please see each other again… I mean, I know I sound like a creep right now, but I promise I’m not.” He pleads, grinning. His crystal blue eyes stare into my eyes and I suddenly feel a pop in my heart.

I place my hand on the back of his head and pull his face to mine. Our lips touch and the connection is automatic.

My description of the night ends and Jack is watching me carefully in the driver’s seat.

“Wow, you remember it that clearly, huh?” Jack rubs my arm.

“Yep…” I sigh, “I just wish it were like that once again.”

“Tell you what… We’ll go to the emergency room and get you all healed up, then we can take you back to the house. We can take this slow and easy so you won’t get hurt anymore, darling.”

“Okay,” I mumble hesitantly.

“Atta girl,” Jack encourages, “You’ll be fixed up in no time, love.”


We pull up to the house and pain strikes my throat. It’s hard for me to breathe for a few seconds but I regain my cool and calm myself before another panic attack can settle in my brain.

I walked into the dark house with only one light from the kitchen illuminating the area. I held Jack’s hand for support, mental and physical since the stitches were still very tender. Suddenly, a tall figure walked to the living room and turned to Jack and I. “Oh my God, (y/n), is that you?”  He looked at me with desperate eyes that I knew cared about me, but I didn’t want to admit it.

“Jonah, don’t get near her right now,” Jack pushed me behind him and I watched Jonah carefully over Jack’s short shoulder. “She needs some space.”

“Who are you to say that about my girlfriend?” Jonah shoots back, still wanting me to be in his arms again, but a fire ignites in me. I press my chest against Jack’s shoulder so I won’t accidentally run to Jonah and smack him silly.

“I’m her best friend, excuse me!” Jack shouts and I see Zach out of the corner of my eye, scared and confused, his eyes red from crying. My heart sinks when I see a dark spot on the side of his eye.

As Jonah and Jack continue arguing, I subtly grab Zach’s attention and open my arms. He checks and makes sure that they aren’t looking, then he runs to me and hugs me hard.

“Are you okay?” He asks shakily against my cheek.

“Yes, I’m okay. What happened when I left?” I ask.

“Jonah got really, really mad and he threw a fit. He was breaking stuff and was screaming and Daniel and I were trying to stop him, but I got in the way. He hit me.” Zach whispers.

I can’t breathe, “Is that the bruise that’s on your face?”

He pulls away and nods, tears flowing down his red cheeks.

“It’s okay, I’ve got you.” I pull him in for another hug, but it doesn’t last long. I look up and see Jack swinging at Jonah.

Jack grabs Jonah’s silky brown locks and pulls sharply towards the ground.

“NO!” I scream as I try to run towards the two loves of my life, but two arms wrapped around my torso stop me from going any further than a few steps, “Zach! What are you doing?!”

I turn my head to the 16-year-old boy behind me who suddenly got extremely strong, “Corbyn, Daniel!” Zach ignores my screaming and calls the other boys. Daniel runs in with very alert, bright blue eyes. He finds Jack and Jonah fighting then pushes them apart as Corbyn also shows up, splitting the battle. Daniel throws Jack to the ground with the force of his shove as Jonah is pinned to the side of the staircase by Corbyn. “What the heck? What’s wrong with you, Jack?!”

“I didn’t- I wanted to- I just didn’t want J-Jonah saying stuff to (y/n). She’s my…” Jack says but his voice fades away and his eyes open wide. Daniel still holds Jack to the ground, his forearm on Jack’s heaving chest.

“Your what, Jack?” Jonah spits from the other side of the room, “What is she really to you?”

I look over to Jonah, his face red with anger, “He’s my best friend.”

“Are you completely sure about that?” Jonah glares at Jack, his words still directed at me, “Because it seems like you love Jack more than me.”

I turn to Jack, his freckled face covered in red scratches. His big brown eyes are so full of question and hurt, I want to look away but I don’t. Without breaking eye contact, I walk towards the middle of the room, Jack and Daniel to my right, Jonah and Corbyn to my left and Zach in front of me, his face showing his downright confusion.

“(y/n), it’s simple. Do you love Jack more than me?” Turning to Jonah, my eyes water and everything becomes fuzzy. Jonah’s lips, in which I would kiss over and over, hours on end, never getting tired of the sweet taste it would leave, are split open with warm drops of blood decorating the wounds. I think about the amazing nights we would spend together, when we would go star gazing or out to eat ice cream. All the memories I had made with Jonah were beautifully vivid - but he hurt me, although it was an accident, it scarred me deeply. And Jack, oh wonderful Jack, was there to protect me when I truly needed it. I knew he loved me as a best friend. Maybe even more than that, but I was in love with Jonah and I wanted to commit to that.  

If I chose Jonah, Jack would be hurt forever and if I chose Jack, Jonah would be hurt forever.

“(y/n)?” Jack whispers breathlessly.

I look around at all their expectant faces, so many thoughts running through my head. I take a deep breath and calmly turn to Jack. Then to Jonah. I smile at both of them, tears trailing down my face, “I love you two. Please remember that.”

With that, I face the door and grab the keys to my car from the ground where Jack had dropped them and walk out calmly, pushing Zach to the side gently so he wouldn’t hit the door. As soon as I got outside the house of boys, I started bawling.

I climb into the car and shakily insert the key into the slot and turn the car on. I back up slowly and drive away from the Why Don’t We house.

Jealous BTS




[It’s so hard for me to imagine Jimin as a jealous boyfriend lol like yeah I think he would be one at certain times but dang its so hard to actually see it]

You and Jimin would be out on a date. It was just lunch, very casual. You both entered and were seated. Jimin noticed the waiter being too nice to you. When he would talk to you, his eyes lingered a little too long yet he barely even looked Jimin in the eye. He noticed the subtle way the waiter would “accidentally” touch your hand when you gave the menus to him.

“This is for the beautiful young lady” the waiter would say as he places the food in front of you. You being the nice person you were, you smiled and thanked him. The waiter then just placed Jimins food in front of him. After the waiter left Jimin just ate his food angrily while watching you.

“He’s flirting with you.” he would say.

“oh? really? I didn’t notice.” You would respond.

You two would continue eating and talk about random things. From time to time, Jimin would complain about the restaurant or the waiter saying, “The food’s not even that good,” or “look at how long his arms are, that’s so weird” or “why is he smiling like that?”

“Jimin are you jealous?” you would ask.

“no…I just won’t come back here again. He’s not getting a tip either.” he would respond. You just giggle at how cute he was acting all childish. 

“Babe, I didn’t even notice him because I’m here with you. I don’t care about him so you shouldn’t either.

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You two were hanging out with a group of friends. You were sitting next to each other but you both were immersed in a conversation with other people. After a while, Taehyung’s conversation with his friend ended but you were still into yours. Taehyung started to get bored because no one was paying attention to him so he placed his hand on your thigh. He started tapping his fingers but you weren’t paying attention.

Taehyung just decided to listen to your conversation and laugh whenever you laughed. He started to feel left out because he couldn’t think of a way to enter your guys’ conversation. He started to play with your hand then played with the sleeve of your shirt. No reaction came out of you so he started to play with your hair. He started braiding it then “accidentally” tugged on it a little too hard.

“Babe! ow!” you would say.

You finally looked up at him and he just smiled at you. Your friend left and you looked at him with an annoyed face.

“What are you doing?”you ask.

“Nothing, I just miss you.” he would respond.

“Tae, I’m like right here. Literally sitting on you.” you would answer.

He’d just giggle and start messing with you, happy he got your attention. 

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(I honestly see V as a clingy boyfriend who wants your attention all the time haha)


Someone from a booth stopped both of you and started to talk to you. The guy handed you something so you let go of Jungkook’s hand. He started to explain what was on the flyer and one of his coworkers came by and noticed you.

“Y/N?” he asked.

“Vernon?” [lol shout out to seventeen] 

“hey! it’s been so long!” he would say in English as he walks up to you with open arms. The guy you were talking to left and let you two talk. You were both catching up you almost forgot about Jungkook. Jungkook would do that thing where he starts looking around moving his tongue around in his mouth. Eventually, Vernon would look behind you at Jungkook. 

“Oh my gosh I’m so sorry” you would say and grab Vernon’s arm, “this is Vernon! An old friend of mine” you said to Jungkook.

He didn’t even look at you when you were introducing him and he just smiled at Vernon and nodded his head (as a little bow). 

You grab Jungkook’s hand and say, “this is Jungkook, my boyfriend. It was so nice seeing you!”

“Yes! I actually have to get back to work but text me! I still have the same number” he would say.

“Will do!” you say as you and jungkook walk away. 

“Will you?” Jungkook asks you.

“Babe, he’s like a brother you don’t need to get jealous omg” you smile at him and pinch his cheeks. 

YOU ALL KNOW WHAT IM TALKING ABOUT HAHA UGH idk if he’s actually low-key jealous when he does this but its so hot I can’t handle.